Corporate Gestapo-Gate Now Fully Operational

as Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate Declares Martial Law
by Tom Heneghan
nternational Intelligence Expert

October 08, 2008

from TomHeneghanIntelligence Website


HIGH Treason Against the American People by TRAITORS George W. Bushfraud, et al...

American Taxpayers, forced to bail out the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate money laundry corporations, loose TRILLIONS of their Retirement Pensions and 401K savings as the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate loots the U.S. Treasury


Retirement accounts have lost $2 trillion
By Julie Hirschfeld Davis

WASHINGTON (AP) — Americans' retirement plans have lost as much as $2 trillion in the past 15 months, Congress' top budget analyst estimated Tuesday. Full story


Tuesday October 7, 2008
United States of America – It can now be reported that because of the financial meltdown of the United States economy, the UN-elected Bushfraud, along with TREASONOUS Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, informed the U.S. Congress last week in a SECRET session that the United States of America's Constitution has been suspended and that 'martial law' is now in effect.

Clarification of Martial Law decree:

This decree is for financial purposes giving Bushfraud and the conspiratorial [privately owned] Federal Reserve absolute authority over all financial transactions, including banking and wire transfers in and out of the United States.

The Martial Law decree at this time is being kept secret from the American People and will only become public at the time the criminal occupation government decides it is time to directly attack the American People.

That is why it is paramount for the American People to launch a preemptive strike against the outlaw treasonous occupation government that is now out of control.

The SECRET session of the U.S. Congress was not only attended by all of its members but by none other than Bushfraud's father, George Herbert Walker Bush, and his little bitch and Mena, Arkansas business partner, AIDS positive, SERIAL RAPIST Bill Clinton.

Reference: Remember folks, this 'bailout' of these criminal money laundry corporations are tied to Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate policies and rule over the United States for the last twenty (20) years.

Here are the listed items in the 'martial law' decree, which the criminal occupation government is using as an excuse for 'martial law':

  1. The imminent collapse of U.S. financials and banks by February of 2009

  2. The possibility of Civil War and Revolution inside the U.S. as a result of this collapse

  3. The advance roundup of insurgent U.S. Citizens who oppose this New World Order TREASON

  4. The illegal imprisonment of patriotic insurgents at Rex 84 Gestapo Internment Camps situated across the American West.

There is a tremendous fear among the ruling elite, which is, of course, the occupation government and its corporate media whores that there will be violent retaliation once the American People realize their Constitution has been destroyed and their Treasury looted by TRAITORS of unspeakable proportions, i.e. the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate.




As to end run Patriots in the U.S. Military who continue to confine Bushfraud to house arrest inside the District of Columbia, the Bush-Clinton TREASON gang have employed Israeli Mossad, British MI6, Red Chinese and East German DVD operatives and mercenaries on American soil to assist the corporate Gestapo occupation government in the identification of alleged American dissidents and possible revolutionaries.


The foreign mercenaries have been given high-level laser and satellite technology, that are transmitted from satellite signals, which can be used against American Citizens for the purpose of destabilizing them, physically and mentally, .

As reported in previous intelligence briefings, members of the U.S. Military have been targeted by this TREASONOUS mercenary filth, which has actually led to the assassination of twenty (20) U.S. Military Flag Officers who oppose this on-going junta against the American People.

Thomas Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert aka Paul Revere of the American Revolution in the 21st Century

One, if by land, and two, if by sea;…

So through the night rode Paul Revere;
And so through the night went his cry of alarm
To every Middlesex village and farm, --
A cry of defiance and not of fear,
A voice in the darkness, a knock at the door,
And a word that shall echo forevermore!
For, borne on the night-wind of the Past,
Through all our history, to the last,
In the hour of darkness and peril and need,
The people will waken and listen to hear
The hurrying hoof-beat of that steed,
And the midnight-message of Paul Revere.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


It is time, folks, to be ready and prepare for total resistance against foreign mercenaries!


We will be coordinating with you later within the next 48 hours the exact location of the criminal occupation Israeli-British-Chinese-East German units currently parked on American soil.

The order will then be given to those in the U.S. Military still loyal to our Constitution, along with a friendly ally of a foreign government, which loves the American People beyond all, to target these foreign enemy units ILLEGALLY on our soil and take them out.

There is NO other choice at this time, folks.
They have left us NO choice!

P.S. We must also look forward to the simultaneous removal of the corporate controlled American media filth's ability to broadcast their lies.

They must be immediately neutralized since they are a trumpet of propaganda, which can only help and aid the foreign mercenaries who are targeting the American People.


P.P.S. A massive ponzi scheme is now taking place inside the [privately owned] Federal Reserve linked to Wachovia, Wells Fargo and Citi Bank involving TRILLIONS of dollars of currency derivatives tied to Luxembourg and the Philippines.

A major Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate brokerage firm called Alex Brown Securities, a division of none other than Deutsche Bank, is being used to launder Euro currency to various secret bank accounts in the nations of Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden.

Alex Brown Securities is also the New York firm, which currently handles the account of both daddy Bush and his little bitch, Bill Clinton, involved in alleged hurricane relief, but is nothing more than a front for currency derivative fraud.

Note: It did not take daddy Bush's little bitch, Bill Clinton, long to start once again doing business with his 'handler' daddy Bush, in fact only two months after his lesbian in-the-closet wife's defeat sociopath Clinton was back doing business with sociopath daddy Bush.

P.P.P.S. It was the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) that ruled Citi Bank has the legal authority to buy Wachovia.

It was only after Wells Fargo, an alleged solvent bank, received $30 BILLION in 'bailout' money from the U.S. Treasury, did Wells Fargo make a new bid for Wachovia at the expense of Citi Bank's bid.

As we reported in a previous briefing, folks, Bushfraud and his criminal co-conspirators want to use Wells Fargo to hide and cover up the Deutsche Bank derivatives, which are linked to major alleged Al Qaeda terrorist cells operating in the German Republic who have major secret accounts at the Deutsche Bank.

How dare you, you conspiratorial
tyrants and kings and notable queens!

Final note: Both unelectable closet homosexual Barack Obama and Keating Five bank dick, John McCain, voted for this TREASONOUS $700 BILLION 'bailout' of Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate offshore corporations, which have looted the U.S. Treasury.

Accordingly, this election is joke and a farce as MARTIAL LAW is declared under the radar screen at the same time.


We shall proceed with Revolutionary Mode at full speed to protect our life, our liberty and our sacred honor and our beloved Constitution of the United States of America.

Therefore, stay tuned for the next briefing in which we will give you the location of all of these foreign mercenary units ILLEGALLY operational on American soil.


"The Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and ALL of their co-conspirators face unprecedented, monumental prosecutions for massive HIGH TREASON against the American People; thus, before the 2008 election, they are plotting 'False Flag Attacks' in the U.S. with expectations of nullifying and eradicating individual and States rights and freedoms protected by the U.S. Constitution, via martial law and subjugation of the American People, in order to stay in control of the compromised U.S. Justice Department to continue sealing Federal Grand Jury (We the People) indictments and hiding them from the American People to avoid convictions and public punishment with due prejudice."
Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

"Al Qaeda is nothing more than an extension of the apparatus linked to U.S. intelligence that was allowed, by script, to remove itself as a rogue breakaway entity of the U.S. government; allowed to de-compartmentalize from oversight, and was run instead by Gary Best's rogue black ops specialists for scripted activity outside the U.S. government, with its funding being orchestrated through the Pakistani secret police—an entity of the U.S. government."
Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

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Wednesday October 8, 2008

8:10 a.m. EST

Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate

We reported in our previous briefing that the U.S. Military prevented Bushfraud and Pelosi from declaring martial law in the [secret] Congressional session that took place roughly a week ago Thursday.

The U.S. Military prevented Bush and Pelosi from implementing 'marital law' at that time although the declaration of that decree is in effect...

At this hour U.S. Military Flag Officers have charged Bush with TREASON of the highest order including:

  • Theft of the U. S. Treasury

  • Waging a war in Iraq based on a lie

  • Illegally spying on the American People

  • Complete complicity in the 9/11 orchestrated BLACK OP attacks on the American people

Bushfraud continues to use foreign mercenaries and intelligence teams to hold on to power in defiance of the U.S. Constitution, the Rule of Law and the Naval Code of Justice.

A major Federal Judge in the District of Columbia is now also sitting on the 'smoking gun evidence' showing Bush's presence in the White House is a fraud upon the Court aka a fraud orchestrated by a now discredited U.S. Supreme Court.


The evidence compiled by current associate Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens clearly shows the criminal conspiracy in Florida in the year 2000 presidential election to prevent then Vice President, now duly elected President Albert Gore Jr.'s election certification.

Bushfraud Declares National Emergency as Anthrax 911 Gate Escalates

TRAITOR Antonin Scalia
This includes the bribery and blackmail that was orchestrated by Mussolini Gestapo grease ball supreme court justice Antonin Scalia.

AnthraxGate is now AG MukaseyGate Part 1 - U. S. on the brink…


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U.S. Federal Reserve and British Monarchy Short the U.S. Stock Market
by Tom Heneghan

International Intelligence Expert
October 10, 2008

HIGH TREASON Against the American People
TRAITORS: Submissive Bushfraud with British Monarchy; KHAZARIAN Jews Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke enjoy conspiring with Bushfraud (center)



Thursday October 9, 2008
United States of America – It can now be reported that the over 600 point decline in U.S. stocks today was effected by a massive infusion of short positions by major British and Israeli hedge funds headquartered in the Cayman Islands.

Note: A 'short position' is effectively playing the market to go down.

This has become a financial 9/11, which can now be called a 'Financial World War III' with global implications.

September 21, 2008 intelligence briefing

"Once this financial ponzi scheme takes place one can predict that the Federal Reserve would lower interest rates one more time as to re-inflate the value of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family credit swap derivatives."


October 8, 2008

Fed, central banks cut rates to aid world economy

AP - The Federal Reserve and six other major central banks from around the world slashed interest rates Wednesday in an attempt to prevent a mushrooming financial crisis from becoming a global economic...

The $708 BILLION of American Taxpayers' money, in alleged 'bailout' funds, authorized by the TREASONOUS U.S. Congress, has been turned into one-half $TRILLION in bogus derivatives using the British-Chinese money laundry Bank of Hong Kong, and the noted British Intelligence financial nest, Sherwood Investments.

The American financial link to this TREASON is the noted Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate front corporation, Alex Brown Securities, which is of course, a division of the noted East German DVD terrorist-funding Deutsche Bank.

Also participating in this financial TREASON against the American People is a New York City securities hedge fund administered by Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of unelectable LOSER lesbian in the closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton and daddy Bush's little bitch, SERIAL RAPIST and AIDS positive, Bill Clinton.

Reference: The criminal British Monarchy have intentionally raised their interest rate as to wreck the U.S. economy for the purpose of selling off the American assets they still control to the RED COMMUNIST Chinese government knowing that the British-Chinese ponzi scheme will enrich both countries given the fact that they both control the conspiratorial TREASONOUS [privately owned] U.S. Federal Reserve administered by their KHAZARIAN Jew puppets Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy
in Paris before L'Arc de Triomphe
renommé le grand

Item: The British government's preemptive raising of their interest rates comes on the hills of the heroic action by the President of the French Republic and the European Union, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy, who froze the terrorist-related derivatives of the Deutsche Bank as to relieve the pressure that was being levied against U.S. Banks.

The British Monarchy's reaction to this was to nationalize their banks, raise their interest rates and immediately begin an all out attack against U.S. equities aka stocks.


TRAITOR KHAZARIAN Jew Henry Paulson was complicit in this TREASON, in fact appearing on national television today within a one-minute timeframe of the hedge fund short position attack against the U.S. stock market. The U.S. Dow Jones industrial average plunged as much as 700 points in the last hour and a half of trading.

You see, folks, who your REAL friends are and who your real friends are not...

The most lethal enemy of the American People and the American Republic and the American Revolution in the 21st Century remains America's oldest and current enemy, the corrupt British Monarchy aka the East German DVD Deutsche Bank House of Hanover.

British Duke and Duchess of Windsor and NAZI Adolf Hitler

On Oct. 20, 1942, the US government ordered the seizure of Nazi German banking operations in New York City which were being conducted by Prescott Bush.

Documents in The National Archives and Library of Congress confirm that the Bush family continued 'Nazi' dealings well into 1951.


GWB's grandfather, Prescott Bush and his 'Nazi' colleagues - a 'secret web of Thyssen-controlled ventures' - routinely attempted to conceal their activities from government investigators. This web including former New York Governor W. Averell Harriman and younger brother, E. Roland Harriman and the New York private banking firm of Brown Brothers Harriman, presided over a 'quarter-century [1924-1951] of Nazi financial transactions.


These activities included a financial relationship with the German city of Hanover and several industrial concerns. They went undetected by investigators until after World War Two.

(The Origins of the Bush Regime in Hitler's Third Reich)

Reference: It was Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate patriarch Prescott Bush and British Queen Elizabeth's uncle, the Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII who abdicated his throne to marry an American divorcee, who conspired to aid the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler with sophisticated armaments and weapons under the radar screen that would eventually be used in the noted Blitz Kreig that would conquer most of Europe in the beginning of World War II.

P.S. The 'bailout' party of AIG (American International Group), which just took place in California, at the expense of American Taxpayers, included $10,000 an hour professional prostitutes that were there to entertain AIG executives and CEOs.

Guess what folks, two days later AIG got another $38 BILLION in more 'bailout' funds from KHAZARIAN Jew, Hank Paulson, U.S. Treasury Secretary.

This brazen activity comes after U.S. Taxpayers were forced to 'bailout' the Hank Greenberg 9-11 compromised AIG to the tune of $123 BILLION thus far.

How dare you, you conspiratorial
tyrants and kings and notable queens!

P.P.S. Remember folks, Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama is a noted British Intelligence agent, whose real birth place may be Hawaii, Indonesia or Kenya.

Senator Richard Lugar and Barack Obama in Russia

He once traveled to Russia with Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana to conduct espionage against the Russian Federation on the behalf of British MI6.

Lugar and Obama were actually held in Moscow under house arrest for 48 hours.

Both Obama and his opponent in the 2008 Democratic presidential election, unelectable LOSER and closet lesbian, Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, were promoted by British Intelligence rag, Newsweek magazine, and its KHAZARIAN Jew editor, homosexual in-the-closet Jon Meacham, for the purpose of ensuring a Republican presidential victory in the 2008 election.

Since neither came from the South, neither one could ever go to the house, i.e. the White House.

When it comes to John McCain folks, he is a Federal Reserve compromised Keating Five bank dick who was actually knighted by the Queen of England and has had a long-lasting, almost personal relationship with the British Monarchy.

Final note: It is obvious that the British-Yiddish box gang that occupy America have now decided to loot every last dime in the U.S. Treasury and destroy every 401K and retirement account held by every American Citizen.

At this hour, U.S. Military forces from Fort Bragg, North Carolina are moving towards the U.S. capital, Washington D.C. It is time for them to do their duty and arrest this TREASONOUS ILLEGAL occupation government of Bush and Pelosi.

Stay tuned for the next briefing, which will include the exact locations of the British MI6, Israeli Mossad, East German DVD and Red Chinese forces ILLEGALLY stationed on American soil...


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