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Is David Boothís Vision the True 3rd Vision of Fatima?

Psychic David Booth claims that Sister Lucia has confirmed to him that the prophetic vision he announced to the world on Coast to Coast AM radio show with George Noory, is in fact, the true 3rd vision of Fatima. He further claims that he is in possession of a home video, showing him with Sister Lucia, that substantiates this claim.

  • Is David Booth a true psychic?

  • Has God truly singled him out to bring the world this calamitous message of prophetic doom?

  • Or, is he a genuine psychic with a vision that has been trumpeted on several radio shows, who has become a disinformation operative for the government, as Wayne Green now suggests?

In this tell-all interview with Wayne Green and Dale Caruso, we not only ask the hard questions, but we also reveal a private recording of David Booth and his true intentions that may shock you.

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Program # 141


Original Air Date: 06/27/04 - Airs Through 07/07/04

Guests: David Booth and Wayne Green

IMPORTANT: This transcript of the David Booth/Wayne Green interview on Out There TV is provided free of charge.


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Kate: Welcome, David and Wayne

Kate: Weíve had many new viewers since you were on the show last, so David, weíd like you to very briefly fill us in on what your latest dream/vision was, and what you think it might mean.

David: Well, the last vision that I had was only the second one in my life. It was in March of 2003 and itís fairly well documented what I had, and basically what I see is the Planet Earth from the perspective of being in space. I see a large planetary type object coming towards the South pole and my vision focuses in on the planet Earth and there is a large, gargantuan explosion in the western part of the North American continent and looking down I can see the gray clouds and the orange flames. And then thereís a ripple that goes all around the earth and itís just as simple as that.

Kate: And thatís the end of the vision.

David: Thatís the end of the vision.

Richard: It was this vision that prompted you to get on national television and radio programs back a few months ago, because this is what everyone was concerned about. The vision about something happening. Where did the, in your book, Code Red book, which is no longer available folks,... Where did the 2004 year come from thatís quoted on the cover of your book, "Code Red"?

David: Well, since I, when I had the vision, the first thing that I did, was to do like Iíd always done, was to start researching and seeing that, if there was a basis in reality for this, then there was somebody else that knows about it and is preparing for it. And my research led me to a number of startling conclusions that, prior to 2003 I hadnít even been aware of it. But subsequent to that vision that I had that I began to see that, yes indeed, not only the United States but other countries around the world had been preparing for a cataclysmic, earth changing disaster that is going to be in our future. The reason that I picked 2004 was because of all the indicators that showed me that thatís what the old saying the powers that be were looking at and, you know, digging hard and digging deep and digging fast.

Richard: Wayne, are you there?

Wayne: Yeah, Iím here.

Richard: Listen, thank you for joining us tonight as well. Folks, this is Wayne Green. Wayne, I really want to thank you. Youíre the one we talked to you about a week ago and youíre responsible for getting this interview with David Booth tonight. Thank you for that. You want to just recap real fast how you came across David Booth and what your connection is to him.

Wayne: Well, I saw an ad in the paper for organic food and I eat raw, organic food and so I immediately got in touch with him to get on his list of customers for organic food. We got to talking and I told him about twelve different ways that you can grow greater crops that I have chronicled in one of my books and by January of this year weíd gotten pretty good friends, and talking a lot, and he told me about his vision that he had last March. And asked me what I thought he ought to do about it. And I said, "Well, for goodnessí sakes, the idea is to get the word out to as many people as possible because a few will take action and try to preserve themselves." Because the information that he gave about Yellowstone boiling up and being reported by a number of geologists and vulcanologists and so forth and reported in papers in Europe but not in the U.S., and about the heating up of the various planets just as Jim McCanney predicted in his book on Planet X, everything looked like it made sense. And Iím a journalist, I do the research then I try to get the word out to people on what Iíve discovered. And Iíve been doing that for fifty years now.

Kate: So you convinced David that he had to get it out and helped him figure out a way to do that, and part of that was by getting on talk television and radio and that sort of thing.

Wayne: Exactly. I knew he could not get any coverage on the major news media because they like bad news, but not very bad news.

Kate: They have to temper their bad news.

Richard: All right, listen you guys, here we go. A whole bunch of questions from us and from our viewers. A couple of months ago, the last time you both appeared together was on a national, late night radio talk show. And the host ended the interview and basically kicked you both off the air because David would not divulge what happened with Sister Lucia. Now, David, weíre not going to ask you tonight what happened with Sister Lucia. What you talked about, because we do respect the privacy issue. If you can tell our viewers why you couldnít say anything about it, it might clear up some of whatís gone down and at least have some of our viewers understand why you couldnít talk about the meeting you had with Sister Lucia.

David: Okay, but I have to back up for a second, Richard, and Kate, that there is a larger picture that everybody keeps missing on this, and let me just tell you exactly what happened during that. And the program youíre referring to is Coast to Coast. George Noory was the host. That Wayne and I were invited on for the guests for that program based on the information that George Noory assumed that I was going to be giving. I had not said I would be giving that information and neither did Wayne.

Richard: So you didnít clear this before you went on the air, with George, that you were going to talk about the actual discussion youíd had?

David: That was with the producer that Iíd talked to prior to that. And hereís an interesting thing, too. That remember... during that interview, Wayne was doing that interview... Wayne was in New Hampshire, I was in Paris. And when the program ended, now to Wayne and I weíre just on a telephone, you know, like we are with you. And then it just ended. And we both got dial tones. And it was morning time for me in Paris, so I just went and got in the shower. The phone rang for me a few minutes later and the producer was back on the phone and my wife called me out of the shower and talked to the producer and they thanked me for being on and everything like that. Wayne didnít get that kind of call.

Wayne: No, what I got was slandered by George Noory who called me a crook and I'm told the audience of millions that I was just in it to sell books, and that hurt a lot because I have been writing books for years and there is not one book that Iíve written that I wrote with the idea that, "Hey, I can sell this book and make money."

Richard: Wait a minute, though,...

Wayne: Iíve been publishing magazines for almost fifty years, ...

Richard: ... Wayne, Code Red wasnít even your book, that weíre talking about.

Wayne: No, and, you know, and, not one magazine that I started was for the purpose of making money. I started magazines because they needed to be done, and my magazines made it possible for us to have cell phones, my magazines started right at the beginning with personal computers when they were nothing but a little kit for hobbyists, and built that into an industry... because I saw the future of these things.

Kate: So youíre purpose in doing that show was not to sell books. It was to try to get out information and help warn people, and thatís the same reason you are both on here tonight.

David: OH, make no mistake about it, I mean, you know, I had told Wayne right after I told him last year, or earlier this year about what had happened to me and what I had gone through back in the nineteen eighties from my first, you know, precognitive experience, the only one Iíd had prior to this one. People donít care. People do not care. And the position that I had found myself in was one where, you know, I was actually talked to sternly, like a principal talking to an errant student, that I have to be careful about what I say because too many people were listening to me.

Richard: Who told you that again?

David: That happened in Paris ... boy, I really have to dance around the ... you know, the thing here with what I can say and what I canít say. The Pittsburgh post Gazette...
Did I quote that right, Wayne, that publication, itís a main stream paper in Pittsburgh that did an article this past Sunday. The bottom line to this, Kate and Richard, this is a space, this is subject matter that is so frigginí controlled it is beyond belief.

Richard: All right, so, we have to go to a commercial break right now, so what youíre saying David, is that these gentlemen or whoever they were in Paris that came to talk to you basically reinforced the fact that if you spoke, youíd be in trouble or somebody else would be in trouble.

David: No, no, itís very simple. Itís called the Patriot Act, and it is the law of the United States. If you say or do anything that has the possibility of inciting the American public, you have just put yourself in jeopardy.

Richard: Well, then WE should be in Guantanamo Bay.

Kate: Weíve got to go to a commercial, guys, weíll be right. Stay where you are, everyone. Weíll ask a little bit more about what happened in Paris and Patriot Act as far as Davidís concerned, but what we really need to get into is whatís happening on the planet. We need to get further into that. Stay tuned. Weíll be right back with Out There.


Richard: Hi, everybody, welcome back to Out There with Richard and Kate. Our guests tonight are Wayne Green and David Booth. Gentlemen, are you still there?

David: Weíre here.

Wayne: Yep.

Richard: Okay, David, just to recap here before the commercial break youíd referenced the Patriot Act and that was one of the reasons why you determined that you couldnít tell what happened with your meeting with Sister Lucia.

David: No, that I determined? No, I didnít determine anything. I was told.

Richard: You were told what, not to talk about?

David: Oh, absolutely.

Richard: How .. I mean,...

Kate: Because so many people are talking about this...

Richard: Our viewers are really wondering about why this happened...

David: Come on, guys, listen, weíre big boys and big girls. This is not a naive space weíre in right here. We do not live in the world we grew up in.

Kate: No, we sure donít.

Richard: But, I mean, your message wasnít that of terrorism or of some banking fraud, it was about a conversation with a nun!

David: No, too simplistic there.

Richard: Okay.

David: No, it was about events that are going to be happening to us that are beginning to happen now that are going to continue to happen and at the same time that this is happening, look at the world, how itís changing around us.

Kate: Leaps and bounds. Now, Wayne, I spoke to you, or I guess it was an in an e-mail, we talked about how you know, the internet, itís a breeding ground for all kinds of conspiracy theories and so forth and you guys have been basically maligned and people have tried to disprove everything youíve said since this last appearance or one of the later appearances anyway. But one of the things that struck me is that people are claiming you are, Wayne Green is a disinformation agent.

Wayne: (Laughs)

Richard: Even Iím laughing at that one, Wayne.

Kate: How must that make you feel?

Wayne: Well, of course, whenever one is slandered or libeled, they donít feel good about it and you know, Iíve spent fifty years building a reputation and all of a sudden, Iíve been trashed and um, Iíve been hurt deeply by George Noory on this and I felt that I was a totally innocent bystander. You know, Iím a journalist. I get the facts and I get those facts out to people. And Iíve been doing this for fifty years and Iíve never had to retract anything because Iíve always done my homework carefully.

Kate: Right.

Wayne: But of course in this case, I got blindsided by David Booth, who didnít give me any warning about what was going to happen.

Kate: David, how do you respond to that. I guess you couldnít really give him any warning, could you?

David: No, I could have given him warning.

Kate:... so..

David: But then again, why should I have?

Kate: Well, maybe to protect him from getting..

David: You know, Wayneís a big boy and weíve talked about this and weíve had some hard discussions about this

Richard: You know, David, I think youíre right. Maybe thatís how we have to look at this. You know, you both are full grown adults capable of doing whatever you want, as are we, as are the people youíve been associated with on radio shows in the past.

Kate: Okay, Iím sorry Richard, I just wanted to get that cleared up because of e-mails weíve received. As soon as we posted that you guys were going to be on the show, weíve had so many questions. I just would like people to know that you two are,... I hate to say the word "made up", or you know, youíre making up, but that you agree that events transpired that were sometimes out of your control, David, certainly you couldnít say something if you were basically threatened with jail or worse... um, if you said things, and Wayne, you guys have worked it out, and guys, we wanted to get that cleared up.

David: Kate, NO, we havenít worked out anything. I only agreed to do this because I owed Wayne for Paris.

Kate: Gotcha.

David: I only ... and only on this show.

Kate: Okay, we understand.

David: ... and thatís the only reason. Period.

Richard: David, let me just say one more thing about your meeting with those individuals in Paris. If this is really happening, and I firmly believe you and I ...

Kate: That must have been so scary.

Richard: ... and this is the tip of the iceberg then. If they can confront you about not speaking about the information you were about to divulge, I mean, it really is the tip of the Patriot Act iceberg. Theyíre going to go after everybody.

David: Look...uh...listen, again, w.. your words, youíre dancing on the head of a pin. I mean, the reality is that I got off lucky. How many people are being killed?

Kate: Or thrown in jail or worse...

David: Right. I mean, if you want to compare the time that we live in right now, 2004, I mean, you just go back to 1935 Germany ... itís the same thing.

Kate: Yeah. It is the same thing.

David: Of course itís the same thing! Tell me that Iím wrong!

Kate: I wish I could, but unfortunately...

David: You look at the parallels that weíre living in right now. You either toe the line or you get disappeared.

Kate: Yeah. So... one of the reasons we wanted you guys... now, how afraid are you going to be or how much can we even reveal tonight. Because, you know, weíve been talking about Yellowstone. I just sent you an e-mail yesterday, David, with stuff that Iíve been receiving. The BBC is coming here to do a documentary...

David: And Kate, I sent you back. I sent you back the e-mail that Winnie from the BBC had sent to me. Right. There was no way I was going to be on that program. I was the first one that they picked. There is no frigginí way.

Richard: You know, David and Wayne, we just had a big story tonight about the Patriot Act and we talk about this just about every other week. And this really is one of the scariest things thatís ever happened to our country and, you know, a lot of people out there listening to and watching this program should be very concerned about what is going on.

What are you doing these days, David? I mean, are you, obviously youíre not doing any radio interviews anymore.

David: No, and again, Richard, with all due respect. Of what importance is that? Whatís that question for? What does it matter? What does it mean?

Richard: I guess I want to find out if youíre having any more visions or if youíre talking to anybody about the things that you see coming up.

David: I agreed to do this program so that Wayne could get his, and this is one thing that I donít understand.. why Wayne even wants to put himself out there any more.

Kate: Good question. Why do you, Wayne?

Wayne: Because the same reason that I have done everything in my life, and that is to try to help people. Here we have this information about Yellowstone. We have the information about Planet X. If we donít get the word out there, Iím not going to be able to help people.

Kate: Wayne, has anybody ever said to you, "Shut up about this, donít try to scare people." Has anybody ever said that to you?

Wayne: No, they have not bothered me yet. Of course, I feel kind of disappointed because, you know, other people have contacts with ETís, and theyíve never bothered me. And the government agencies or agents or whatever they are have not bothered me on this yet, but I expect one of these days thereíll be a knock on the door.

Richard: Well you know, David, with all respect to you, I canít imagine how horrific this must have been, I mean, when you get pulled aside with that kind of a....

Kate: threat

Richard: ...threat, I guess it would shut us up, too, thereís no other easy way.

Kate: We had a guest a couple of years back, Neal Kruse, Iíll never forget it. He said to me, "Kate, if somebody comes to you with an offer you canít refuse, donít." So I guess..

Wayne: I got blindsided on this. Dave didnít mention the Paris warning, and then when I did talk to him, after George Noory said that theyíd called the convent and the convent said he hadnít been there, I said, "Do you have any pictures of you with Sister Lucia." And he said, "Yes, we had a lot of pictures." And he promised me that he would post one on his website, "what does it mean" when he got back. I passed that along to people and of course he didnít do it so again, I was a liar and then he said he was going to take all of the pictures he took at the convent and David, am I exaggerating?

David: No

Wayne: You said you were going to put those on a DVD along with the interview with Sister Lucia and make it available to me and the public. And you never did that!

David: NO, I did not, because I want to LIVE.

Wayne: Well, you told me you were going to do that!

David: Yes, of course I told you I was going to do that. But what am I supposed to do? I mean, where are Justin (my son) and Sharmili (his wife) right now? They canít even be with us anymore because we had to get them out of here.

Kate: Whoís that?...

David: Right, and youíre sitting over there in your forty room frigginí house on your two hundred and five acre estate and I, Iím holed up here..

Wayne: Right...

David: ... in my compound.

Kate: Okay.

Wayne: Right. Iím out there every day wandering around enjoying the incredible wildflower...

David: Wayne, Wayne, what did I tell you before?

Wayne: Right

David: Okay, look at what they did to you!

Wayne: Yep.

David: Look at what they did to you.

Wayne: Yep. No, my reputation got destroyed in front of millions and millions of people...

Kate: ... aah, so they did that ...

David: Because they donít care...

Kate:... they did that to you, Wayne, to cast dispersions at all of this information, too. By making you two seem like youíre at odds, by creating that maelstrom of disinformation, they succeeded where they couldnít have if theyíd just said, "Wayne, shut up."

Richard: Okay,

David: Kate, Kate, listen to me. Wayne, Wayne, his motives are good. But he comes from a generation, I mean, heís eighty-two frigginí years old, and he comes from a generation where people are honest, where people are moral, where people are right. But this is not the world that we live in, Kate, and you know that, and Richard knows that. Wayne still hasnít got that through his thick skull, that thatís the way the world is. He believes that people are all honorable. He believes that if you search for the truth and you find the truth and you put it out there, then people will listen and people will believe. But he still doesnít get it. Even to this exact point in time, he doesnít get it!

Richard: All right, gentlemen, ..

Wayne: Iím still trying to get the facts out there for people, and think that this is all a bunch of distraction to keep people from noticing and thinking about whatís going on with Yellowstone.

David: But what you did, Wayne, what you did to me and my family, you know, you came into my life, you came into my family.

Wayne: (chuckles)

David: And I believed you. Now, thatís my fault. Iím a grown boy. Thatís my fault.

Richard: Gentlemen, we have to go to a commercial break here...David, hang on with me. Gentlemen, hold the line just for a second.

Kate: Weíve got to take a commercial ,,, pay the bills.

Richard: Yeah, sorry, two minutes and weíre back to you. Youíre watching Out There with our special guests David Booth and Wayne Green. Weíll be right back.


Kate: Hi, guys, weíre back. Hello, there. Weíre back with Wayne Green and David Booth and this is probably one of the hottest shows "Out There" has ever had. You guys are very animated and I appreciate the open dialog. Youíre being very honest with our viewers and we appreciate it. David, one of the things you said is that the world is not the way it was when Wayne was young, and we are going to have to face up to that. We couldnít agree more. You know, we are immersed in it. This is what we do for a living.

Richard: And you know, Wayne, I think David is right on the money there, sorry to say. I really do. That I donít think people are going to get it and, uh, David, youíve had this vision and the one that you had previously in 1979 was documented. The vision came true, and thatís why Kate and I believe the vision youíve had over the last year and a half, and it scares us, and we donít know what to do. And after weíve gone through the book and weíve heard you now a couple of times, I guess the question is, what do people do? What can we do? Is there anywhere to be safe? We need some answers for our viewers tonight.

David: The...There are no answers other than, I said it before and Iíll say it again. Thereís ready.gov and thereís Fema.gov. Listen to the government. Listen to the government.

Richard: Arenít they going to mislead us?

David: No.. and Richard, seriously, even you and Kate. Fine, You want to say something? The moment that you say something and the moment that somebody starts to do what you tell them to do, youíve violated a law of the United States of America, called the Patriot Act.

Kate: So if we said to people, okay, you need to, you know, stock up on food, you need to find a safe place, and, because this is coming, you mean weíre in violation of the Patriot Act by doing that?

David: Absolutely. Read the darned thing.

Richard: Well, wait a minute..

David: Section 801 or 802 specifically.

Wayne: Well, now, I had a call today from someone who said the Lakota Indians are digging an underground sanctuary for themselves, and theyíre doing it right now.

Richard: Where are the Lakota Indians, Wayne?

Wayne: Out in the Midwest.

Richard: Okay.

Kate: Well, if Yellowstone goes, and the e-mail I sent to David, by the way, folks, and Iím going to ask Richard to post it on the website, it was from a lady whoíd done extensive research on whatís happening at Yellowstone... now, sheís kind of gone to the wall claiming that someone is planting charges that will actually make it go off, you know I have no way of proving or disproving what she said there. However, the point is, if it goes, itís a good thing for those who would like to keep us under their thumbs. Uh, So, maybe itís best that we donít prepare, I donít know, if thatís the whole idea behind it.

Richard: But if David is saying we canít even talk about preparing, well, if you go to the FEMA or READY.GOV, they ARE telling people that they should have three days of supplies..

David: Oh, Richard, ...

Kate: Three days!?

David:... Richard, exactly, you know, listen. Iíve seen it to where I am sick up to my throat of e-mails and internet accusations and innuendoes, etc. about fear-monger this and fear-monger that. Now, now listen to this. I dare anyone to say that Wayne Green is a fear monger. Now put him against Ashcroft, put him against Bush, put him against Rumsfeld, put him against any government official who are constantly, daily, weekly, monthly telling us weíre going to be hit, that weíre going to be nuked, a dirty bomb here, biological this... you know, FEMA, READY.gov, the whole government apparatus of the United States of America is designed. Every newscast is designed to do nothing more than to keep instilling fear in the American public! Oh, but, they want to say Wayneís a fear monger by telling the truth about what he knows?

Kate: And youíre a fear monger by telling what saw in your dream/vision, by sharing the information youíve spent so much time researching.

Richard: Well then this whole thing comes full circle because thatís the way that they got the Patriot Act passed, pushed through, you know, by telling the people...

Kate: with fear...

Richard: "..be afraid, weíre going to protect you". But to do that, we have to have the Patriot Act. David, all I can say is that whoever talked to you, they sure must have shaken you up a lot.

David: Huh! Listen, itís beyond "shaken up"! Again, you have, everybody has got to get it through their heads. We are NOT in Kansas anymore. If you want to know what we live in right now, go back in your history books and read what it was like in 1935 in Germany.

Kate: It wasnít a very nice place to be... as a matter of fact...

David: It wasnít a very nice place to be!? Holy Moses, look at the German people, they were happy, they were working,

Kate: Yeah, they were happy and they were working, but...

David: They had jobs for the first time in their lives. They had disposable incomes. There were freeways being built, there were cars, I mean, the cars, everybody, everything was great!

Richard: Sounds like the U.S. 2004.

Kate: Yeah, but for CERTAIN people it was great, but for many people it was already turning ugly. You know, there were already freedoms being taken away in 1935, that...

David: In 1935, the groundwork was being laid for what happened, what began to happen in 1938 and then culminated in 1939 when the war began.

Kate: So, weíre kind of in a situation now where, but you know it really isnít that great here right now. I mean, a lot of people lost their jobs...

David: Kate, Kate, listen, why do you think, more than anything else? Itís not that they want to silence me. Itís not that they want to silence Nancy Lieder or Ed Dames or Hazlewood. The person that they want to silence most of all is Wayne Green! Because out of everybody in this space, heís the only one thatís lived through the frigginí thing. I mean, darn, the guy was in World War Two in a submarine being depth-charged! He saw it all!

Richard: Yeah.

Kate: So, if anyone would be able to... But why threatening you? Why donít they just go to Wayne and say, "Shut up!" Why donít they do that to you, Wayne? Would you?

Wayne: chuckles

David: No, he wouldnít and he would be able to better articulate it.

Richard: Well, at Wayneís age, and what Wayneís been through, Wayne, I donít think youíd be quiet even if they did come to your door and tell you to shut up.

David: Wayne, What... what do you care about at 82 years old?

Wayne: Exactly, well, the main thing I care about is if nothing does happen, Iíve got things that Iíve got to do, that need to be done, but it is true. I donít care, and theyíre not going to shut me up and I think they know that.

Kate: So the best way they could think of to do it is to create this whole nonsense and distract everybody from the fact that there is something coming in from space maybe, weíve got stuff going on in the country that is taking away our freedoms, and the best way to make people ignore Wayne Green is to make him look like a liar and a sucker!

Richard: Thatís how they do it. The fact is, weíve had more asteroids and meteors hit the earth in the last month than at any time over the last five years, so something is going on, uh...

David: No, no, Richard youíre wrong! That is not true. I can tell you categorically that itís not true because I watch Tom Brokaw every night and I have not seen, ...

Kate and Richard... (chuckle)...

David: ....not one report on that. I read the New York Times every day... I have not seen one report on that. I listen to Paul Harvey....

Richard: Thatís exactly how it is.

David:....every morning. I have not heard him say one thing about it. So how can you tell me that youíre telling the truth?

Richard: Thank you, David.

Kate: Good point, very well taken and a wonderful place ...

Richard: And the truth is, that those stories do come across the mainstream news services, but you will never hear them, folks, on Fox or CNN. Well, listen, boys, thank you so much for joining us tonight. David, I wish we had another hour. There are some other things we wanted to ask you and some questions from our viewers, but weíve just simply run out of time.

Kate: Thank you both.

Richard: I wish you both well, and much peace.

David: Okay, thank you.

Wayne: Thank you!

Richard and Kate: Good night, Wayne.

Wayne: Good night, there, Kate.

Kate: Thank you. Well, folks, I felt a little bit like Maury Povitch at points. But, I think it was an excellent dialog and I think David got his point across.

Richard: Davidís annoyed at Wayne, and, you know, I donít know if Wayne should be taking all the heat on this or not, I donít know whether thatís fair, but it was thanks to Wayne that David Booth came to light in the first place.

And if youíre looking for this book,...

Kate: Too bad.

Richard: ..... Code Red, Coming Destruction of the U.S. Itís not available, itís banned or something, you wonít be able to get a copy of it.

Kate: Too bad because it had a lot of great information. But if you go to Wayneís website, Nancy Liederís, Blindsided, you will find the information you need.

Richard: Time to wrap it up. Next week our guest is Linda Moulton Howe, talking about Crop Circles and Cattle Mutilations. Thanks for watching. Good Night.


Comments re: Booth/Green Interview

by Kate and Rich

When Wayne Green first told us about David Booth, we were skeptical at best. You can imagine that, as producers of "Out There", we hear from countless people who claim to have the "inside track" on the future. Mostly their assertions are based on "psychic impressions" or dreams or messages from aliens. Therefore, we didnít get too excited about yet another prediction of gloom and doom.


But Wayne was persistent, and we decided to listen to the story.


In 1979, David had a dream/vision ten nights in a row, of an airplane crashing. His vision was recorded by the FAA, and when a DC10 crashed outside Chicago, the premonition was fulfilled. In 2003, David had a second set of dream/visions, in which something is incoming from the south, in space, which sets off some kind of explosion in the western part of the U.S.

Everything that David spoke about on the show, and the information in his book, "Code Red: The Coming Destruction Of The United States" is in line with what we already know about ongoing events on and around the planet. We know that there is a large possibility of the Yellowstone Super Volcano erupting. There are many objects in space that could easily cause any number of disasters on earth. The Pentagon has issued a massive report to the Bush administration on a potential "Climate Collapse", even FEMA and other government websites like www.ready.gov are urging us to prepare for some kind of disaster.

When David was unable or unwilling to reveal information he received from Sister Lucia (the last of the children to have received the Fatima prophecies) on a national radio show, a huge uproar ensued. Since then, accusations have flown around the internet and on the airwaves debunking him and Wayne Green and basically making a mockery of the very real warnings they were giving.

That is why we asked David and Wayne back on Out There Television. We hoped to clear the air, so to speak. We know that the questions we asked and the answers given will not satisfy everyone about the honesty of David Booth or the trustworthiness of his information. David only agreed to come on the show to help Wayne clear his name. He did not want to expose himself any more, stating that someone from the government warned him to stop talking. He seems to believe that his life and the lives of his children are at stake, and he would not elaborate on any more information about current events.

What we DID get out of this interview is that David Booth is frightened. Very frightened. Wayne Green is caught in the middle of a difficult situation, and somewhere there are agents in the government who have put the fear of God into David. What we donít understand is, why would they try to silence David Booth when so many other people are telling similar tales? The only reasonable explanation, if it is in fact true that David has been threatened, is because his message is too close to the truth. Why else would "men in suits" from a U.S. government agency, under the auspices of The Patriot Act, track him down in Paris, France and be so anxious to shut him up?

We canít answer those questions. We donít have lie detectors on when we interview our guests. All we can do is provide a place for our guests to share their information, allow you to read this transcript, do your own research, and make up your own minds.