by Benjamin Nowland
11 April 2016
from Wakeup-World Website


Benjamin Nowland (Honors Mechanical Engineer, Grad. Cert. Environmental Management, Cert. IV Training and Assessment, Certified Health Practitioner and Yoga Teacher) shares original perspectives on health and spirituality.

Ben is the best-selling author of Playing GOD Biological and Spiritual Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation - a book created to stretch perceptions whilst easily digested by the householder.

He has spent two decades exploring human potential, the infinite and eternal. His writing conveys revelations with rawness and simplicity.





The Biological Similarities

Between Microwave Radiation and Drugs



The 1998 US Army document 'Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons' says,

"investigators are even beginning to describe similarities between microwave irradiation and drugs regarding their effects on biological systems.


For example, some suggest that power density and specific absorption rate (SAR) of microwave irradiation may be thought of as analogous to the concentration of the injection solution and the dosage of a drug." [1]

And, as the 'volume' or power density is turned up on microwave transmissions, with increased antenna towers, Wi-Fi, Wi-MAX, mobiles etc., we now receive a microwave dose often millions of times higher than what was studied 20 years ago.




History in a nutshell


Post WW-II military radar applications led to the 2.45 GHz household microwave oven.


The same microwave radiation is now used to communicate. Recently Australia's spectrum was sold off to telcos. Desirable blocks including 700 MHz or 0.7 GHz (penetration), 900MHz and 2.6 GHz (data throughput) bands were acquired. [2]


Microwave exposure limits around the world in 2016 are based on obsolete military-derived thermal effects limits. According to the standards if your flesh does not cook you are 'safe'.


Yet adverse biological effects occur at exquisitely low levels of exposure. [3]





Suckled on the microwave teat


Like a drug, the wireless paradigm is alluring.


We have access to information wherever we are. We are constantly 'connected'. Higher power density (radiation) 5G is coming in 2020, enabling the simultaneous wireless download of 20+ videos rather than 'only' one or two.


The downside is, as technology burgeons a growing number of us are getting sick (3-5% of Europeans). [4]


Chronic illnesses (for example bacterial infections) are amplified. Background radiation alters our biology (analogous to passive smoking). Our unique signature electromagnetic field and brainwaves are overlayed and potentially 'entrained' in a similar way that a binaural beat hypnotic track helps us to doze off to sleep.


Transhumanism is here!


Why don't we just get on with it and embed a 24/7 radiation emitting smart chip in every newborn? [5]


I call spiritual effects of microwave radiation: the sense of confusion, separation and being without intuitive guidance. When we are in that state we feel 'uncentered' or 'disconnected.'


Yogis are aware of this distorted state and link it functionally to the sixth and seventh chakras. Anatomically these chakras connect to the pineal and pituitary glands. The pineal gland is tucked deep inside the skull and has blood flow second only to that of the kidney. [6]


It produces the serotonin derived hormone melatonin, crucial for sleep modulation and creates biochemicals tryptophan, tryptamine and pinoline. Due to structural association to melatonin DMT (dimethyltryptamine) may be made in the pineal.


DMT has been described as the Spirit Molecule and is connected to mystical experiences and visions reported by near death experience survivors. Recently DMT (dimethyltryptamine) was found in the pineal gland of live rats to supplement this association. [7]


I also consider spiritual effects from the perspective of electromagnetic field entrainment. Our body-mind is constantly transmitting-receiving electromagnetically.


Someone walks into the room and suddenly we get a tingle up our spine.


This is an electromagnetic transmission. Our DNA is a fractal antenna and therefore receives all frequencies on the spectrum. This phenomenon also makes DNA susceptible to electromagnetic radiation pollution.


Nature (including us as part of Nature) produces non-linear sinusoidal waveforms.


If they are overlaid with linear-synthetic, rectangular pulsed modulated radiation emissions from antenna towers and devices it may lead to an incoherent, discordant (think noise!) personal energy field.


This is particularly evident in those with energy fields which are not robust or in other words those susceptible due to existing illness. [8]


Wellness begins in our energy field!







Cumulative effects and project bizarre


A biophysicist at Northrop Space Laboratories in California prepared a paper called 'Biological Entrainment of the Human Brain by Low-Frequency Radiation'.


If the body's biological clock was related to electrical impulses called alpha rhythms then could electromagnetic fields alter that clock? [9] The file went to the acting director of the Advanced Sensors program of the Advanced Research Projects Agency.


Project Pandora was initiated to discover whether very low level microwave signals could direct the mind. [10]


A research facility was assembled and a signal of 2.2–4.0 GHz (common emission frequency from antennas around the world) with power levels up to 5mW/cm² generated. These were exposure levels lower than the US limit 10mW/cm². The chimp had been trained to perform specific tasks.


After the first week of 10 hours per day exposure the chimp successfully completed the tasks.


On the twelfth day a slowdown of the chimp's work function occurred. On the thirteenth day the test animal stopped working and appeared to be in a deep sleep for two days until the radiation was turned off. It then returned to the work function over the next five days.


The radiation signal was again switched on and this time the chimp slowed down in eight days and stopped and went into a deep sleep. They left the chimp like this for three days and when they ceased irradiating it did 'not return to normal'. [11]


Given the results the new code name became Project Bizarre.


Researchers noted 'potential of exerting a degree of control on human behavior by low-level microwave radiation' and that the US needed to overhaul radiation exposure standards to take into account 'non-thermal damage potential'. [12]





Mitigating health damage with exposure limits 100 times lower


In the 50s the Soviets developed the LIDA machine to match brainwave states of sleep and hypnotic receptivity.


The LIDA frequencies could be adjusted to keep people awake and agitated. Sending the opponent to sleep or veiling them with beta frequencies (anxiety, cognitive activity, we do not sleep in beta) are both potential war-time advantages. [13]


Insomnia was one of the first symptoms I experienced when I moved into a higher radiation exposure environment. In the 60s the Soviets beamed microwaves into the US embassy at exposure levels 500 times lower than US worker limits. [14]


Evidence suggested chromosomal changes, haematological changes and increased cancer incidence in Moscow embassy employees compared to non-employees. [15]


Understanding biological effects of radiation, Russia mitigates harm to its citizens by regulating microwave radiation exposure limits 100 times lower than most other countries. They could reduce levels further however at least they've taken a technically feasible first step which allows for the continuation of the wireless paradigm until choosing to create a healthier system.


In Australia we've recently called on the Prime Minister, Minister for Health, the Minister for Communications and President of the Australian Medical Association to reduce microwave radiation exposure limits by a factor 100.


Currently there is no recognition of microwave radiation as an environmental pollutant and one of multiple environmental factors contributing to health deterioration. Australia will have regulatory reviews later in 2016.


This is the year to demand telcos turn down the 'volume' on the antenna tower in your suburb, reject smart meters and share awareness on the topic with local council, state and federal parliamentarians, school parent and teacher groups and friends.


We went mainstream with the airing of an ABC Catalyst episode 'Wi-Fried'. Word is getting out on this topic!


Friends who have read Playing GOD Biological and Spiritual Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation are now unreachable on their mobile devices! A local school has switched off Wi-Fi.


Our combined voices are making a dent! 






Playing God - Biological and Spiritual Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation





Benjamin Nowland moved to inner city Sydney in 2013 and soon after experienced acute symptoms of electromagnetic radiation pollution sickness.


His physical, mental and spiritual health were profoundly affected. The only place he functioned was away from Wi-Fi, towers and mobile devices in a Zero EMF Sanctuary.


In his search for truth, Ben questioned the suppression of scientific evidence.


He asked,

  • Why adverse health effects of Wi-Fi, mobile devices, and telco (Telephone company) and NBN microwave towers are not shared with the public? Microwaves are altering our DNA, 24/7.


  • What don't telcos and mobile manufacturers want us to know?

In what he called the Sydney EMF Experiment he used himself as the subject to correlate effects of electromagnetic radiation.


Insights were substantiated with extensive research. Tens of thousands of dollars in products and mainstream and alternative therapies were tested during his two-year journey.


In his book, Playing God - Biological and Spiritual Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation, Ben provides a streamlined path to discover the invisible, delivering clear revelations around electromagnetic radiation that will enable you to achieve optimal physical and mental health, and inspire empowered action.






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