by Tim Bolen
Consumer Advocate

October 2011

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Part One
October 4, 2011

I've been working on this story for months. There are so many parts and paths to it, and the information I have gathered is so shocking, it is simply difficult to write.

Maybe it is taking so long because I don't want to be the messenger.

And, I am going to have to break this story up into several parts.


Starting Point...

A man named Brian Hooker PhD has recently filed a lawsuit in Federal Court in Washington DC against the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) demanding that the CDC quit stalling on his Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and provide him with the public information he is looking for.


Hooker has been making specific FOIA requests to the CDC since March 11, 2005 on the subject of the CDC's five "Thimerosal in vaccines studies." The CDC claims, falsely, that these five studies prove the safety and efficacy of Thimerosal.

Hooker had adequate reasons to be suspicious of the CDC, and their Thimerosal position. I will give you those details in another article.

Hooker is a scientist and knows how studies are supposed to be done. When he examined those five CDC studies he found a number of serious credibility issues with every one of them. So he began asking questions, and it wasn't long before the CDC shut the door. Illegally.

The CDC simply did not want a real scientist asking them pointed questions.

Hooker wants the details, including all communications between the parties involved in the studies' communications (letters, emails, etc.). He has accumulated, over time, a massive amount of information on the subject, and is insistent on getting, and examining, every last piece of paper, email, whatever. The CDC is falling all over itself trying to keep records away from Brian Hooker.

Hooker has a thirteen year old son with Autism. As usual, Brian Hooker's son was just fine prior to being vaccinated.

I have seen what Brian Hooker has already gathered and on the basis of that alone I can easily reach the conclusion, as you would, that:

The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous Vaccines Are - and Has Covered It Up...

What I am going to tell you about in this article is that the anti-vaccination movement is absolutely right in their concerns about the vaccine situation, and, in fact, many parts of the movement would be far more upset if they knew what I NOW KNOW.

The situation is far worse than you can imagine.

So, let's begin...


Where we are...

There is a massive vaccine construction based in the United States that controls an integral part of the world-wide health care offering.


That construction is, rightfully so, a major subject for argument. That "vaccine construction" is made up of an unholy alliance between Federal/State agencies and the vaccine industry. It operates without ANY oversight. None. All efforts to even monitor it are blocked. All efforts.

To balance that there is, world-wide, a significant "anti-vaccination" movement made up of very solid, concerned people. This movement, itself, is diverse in its interests and focus. Often there is disagreement among advocates about the problems and possible solutions.

What everybody, whether pro-vaccination or anti-vaccination, knows, and recognizes quite well, is that since the implementation of an increased mandatory childhood vaccination schedule, major health problems have arisen within the population base served by those vaccinations. The point - the more vaccines there are the more problems we have.

And, as Anne Dachel of Age of Autism (AOA) says, those problems are affecting our society at large.

According to the anti-vaccination movement there are many different concerns about the safety and efficacy of vaccines. Those advocates, rightfully, make demand of the government agencies put in place to monitor health programs to INVESTIGATE and FIND SOLUTION to those issues. And that's where the problem becomes exacerbated - those agencies.


They are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. They are NOT really investigating and they are certainly NOT finding solutions. They are doing exactly the opposite.

There is something else, entirely, going on here.


Let me simplify the problem by breaking it down into its components...

Every government agency is set up by simple formula. In short, when an agency is created by Congress, or any other means, it is given a Mission, funding, and oversight. That agency is subject to standard US law, including those laws set up to regulate all agencies.


And, the employees of that agency are expected to perform their duties according to the law, and the Mission of the agency.

  1. Mission

    "THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES (HHS) is the United States government's principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves." The CDC is part of the HHS.


  2. Oversight

    One basic policy that agencies must conform to is "oversight."


    There are several ways agencies are subjected to oversight, but the one we are interested here we will call "basic citizen oversight," demonstrated by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or the Data Quality Act (DQA). In short, "we the people" have the right to examine an agency's daily activities. And, we can do that in several ways. One of those is by FOIA Request.

    The idea of FOIA, and similar laws in individual States called "Public Records Acts" is fundamental. As an example, just below, is an excerpt from the State of California Public Records Act, enabled by California GOVERNMENT CODE SECTION 6250-6270.


    It says:

    • 6250. In enacting this chapter, the Legislature, mindful of the right of individuals to privacy, finds and declares that access to information concerning the conduct of the people's business is a fundamental and necessary right of every person in this state.

    • 6251. This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the California Public Records Act.

    Every State in the US has similar law in effect.

    It is easy to see that "we the people" intended, right from the beginning, to control our agencies by observing their daily activities - and that we mean to observe those agencies on a "right now" basis.

    In a FOIA situation, for instance, the government agency is required, by law, to respond within twenty (20) days.

    Twenty (20) days. Not six (6) years as in the Hooker v CDC case... Keep reading.

    Why did "we the people" set in place such laws? Because, simply, "we the people" know, quite well, that we need to control government agencies. In order to control them we need to know, on a daily basis, what they are doing.

    Often we hear the statement about an agency being "out of control." An agency hiding what it is doing from the public, unless "we the people" authorized them to hide certain things, is certainly "out of control," for that agency has removed a primary control mechanism.

    If an agency is, in fact, "out of control," then it is reasonable to assume that every action it undertakes is NOT in the interests of "we the people." Why else would they operate in that manner?


  3. Malfeasance

    Another important factor is the understanding of what the legal term "malfeasance in office" means in regard to Public employees. Malfeasance is considered to be a corrupt act, a crime, and is punishable by imprisonment.


    A simple explanation is below, an excerpt from the Louisiana State Law:

    1. Malfeasance in office is committed when any public officer or public employee shall:


      1. Intentionally refuse or fail to perform any duty lawfully required of him, as such officer or employee; or

      2. Intentionally perform any such duty in an unlawful manner; or

      3. Knowingly permit any other public officer or public employee, under his authority, to intentionally refuse or fail to perform any duty lawfully required of him, or to perform any such duty in an unlawful manner.

    2. Any duty lawfully required of a public officer or public employee when delegated by him to a public officer or public employee shall be deemed to be a lawful duty of such public officer or employee.


      The delegation of such lawful duty shall not relieve the public officer or employee of his lawful duty.

      1. Whoever commits the crime of malfeasance in office shall be imprisoned for not more than five years with or without hard labor or shall be fined not more than five thousand dollars, or both.

      2. In addition to the penalty provided for in Paragraph (1) of this Subsection, a person convicted of the provisions of this Section may be ordered to pay restitution to the state if the state suffered a loss as a result of the offense. Restitution shall include the payment of legal interest at the rate provided in R.S. 13:4202.

  4. Intentional Obstruction of Justice

    Constance V. Vecchione writing for the Massachusetts Bar of Overseers talks, below, about the spoliation of evidence.


    Why is this important? Because the Courts have held that the Exemption (Exemption b5) rule that CDC uses to deny requests parallels the Rules for Discovery in Civil cases.


    Vecchione says:

    • To the spoliator belongs the victory? Not in the post-Enron/Andersen, post Sarbanes-Oxley world. And not in the wake of recent Supreme Judicial Court decisions clarifying the scope of the obligation to retain evidence and the penalties for failure, even negligently, to do so.

    Mass. R. Prof. C. 3.4(a), adopted in 1998, prohibits lawyers from unlawfully obstructing another party's access to evidence or unlawfully altering, destroying, or concealing a document or other material having potential evidentiary value.


    The rule further provides that lawyers cannot counsel or assist another person in such acts. The comment to the rule emphasizes its purpose to insure “fair competition” in the adversary process and to secure opposing parties’ procedural rights of access to evidence through subpoena or discovery.

    US Courts are taking destruction or withholding of evidence seriously with both serious civil and criminal penalties. Vecchionne also says:

    Beyond civil sanctions, lawyers and clients should also take note of applicable criminal statutes. The federal crime of obstruction of justice is defined by 18 U.S.C. § 1503 to include conduct that, among other things, corruptly endeavors to obstruct or impede the due administration of justice.

    More, US Attorney General Eric Holder, on orders from the President, issued a 59 page legal opinion in 2010 on the use of Exemption 5. You can read the whole thing by clicking here. In short, the CDC has no legal leg to stand on withholding information.


    Just below you will find the opening lines to the Opinion:

    • "Exemption 5 of the Freedom of Information Act protects "inter-agency or intra-agency memorandums or letters which would not be available by law to a party other than an agency in litigation with the agency."


      Courts have construed this somewhat opaque language to "exempt those documents, and only those documents that are normally privileged in the civil discovery context."

    When administering the FOIA, it is important to first note that the President and Attorney General have issued memoranda to all agencies emphasizing that the FOIA reflects a,

    • "profound national commitment to ensuring an open Government" and directing agencies to "adopt a presumption in favor of disclosure."

  5. CDC Funding

    10 billion dollars a year from taxpayers - and there is severe criticism. Watch this short NBC video called CDC Misusing funds. More, take a look at the Congressional Report they are talking about called "CDC Off Center."


    The report's first page says:

    • "A review of how an agency tasked with fighting and preventing disease has spent hundreds of millions of tax dollars for failed prevention efforts, international junkets, and lavish facilities, but cannot demonstrate it is controlling disease."



Where's the Beef?

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a US government agency relied upon by, not just the US, but by the entire civilized world, to give guidance and leadership on Planet Earth's health issues.


It's opinions and strategies are never questioned and, for various reasons, primarily its control of funding, the CDC, in the US, sets policy on health issues from Washington DC, right through individual State's Public Health structures, down to each and every American citizen.

It's pronouncements are as from God. And if you are in the health care system, you better be a believer.

In the world, most governments look to US CDC policy, assuming, as we have now found out is simply not true, that the US CDC really is a truthful, knowledgeable, source for health information. Especially on vaccines.

It is, we have found, anything but truthful and knowledgeable.

In roughly 1998 certain management employees at the US CDC became aware, through their own official investigation, that there were significant problems with the use of Thimerosal (mercury) as a preservative in vaccines, and that those problems were being exacerbated by the increased vaccine schedule. One of their top researchers was telling them so and had given them a Draft Report.


Decisions were made to cover up the report, keeping it away from the public eye.

More, because of what happened next, those CDC employees went on to hire one fake "study" after another countering the results of the original Draft Report. The author of the first of those studies, the so-called Danish Study, is now being indicted for fraud in the US.

Worse, those high level CDC employees, to cover up what was happening, violated, and conspired to violate, several major US laws designed to prevent rogue employees from just this sort of activity.

Those CDC employee's actions had horrible consequences - for a whole world believed them, and relied on their words to establish their own vaccine policies.


The consequences in terms of Autism, alone...

By US government calculations 104 million children, a year (4 million in the US and Canada, and 100 million in the rest of the world), are born into the world covered by the US CDC recommended Childhood Vaccination Schedule.


We know, for instance, that since the increased Childhood Vaccination Schedule went into effect that Autism rates in the US went from one in ten thousand (1 in 10,000) to one in one hundred ten (1 in 110). A disaster.


The CDC response,

"we don't know why that's happening".

A lie - they did know, and they do know.

Most countries do not yet keep comparative records regarding autism and/or neurological issues. We can only, using the US numbers, extrapolate.


Children are a nation's largest asset...

So let's ask the question "How many children were actually affected?" Let's do the numbers...

World wide (not counting the US and Canada) - From 1998 to 2011 - Autism - (1 in 110) = 0.9% of 100 million children = 900,000 children - every year.

Let me say that again - 900,000 children, world wide, EVERY YEAR from 1998 to 2011, became Autistic, for a total of eleven million, seven hundred thousand, (11,700,000) children between 1998 and 2011.

Supposedly, Thimerosal was removed from US/Canadian Childhood Vaccines in 2004. So, from 1998 to 2004, using the same formula, one hundred eighty thousand (180,000) US children became Autistic.

Making the World-wide Autism Grand Total - From 1998 to 2011 = 11,880,000 children.


And, that's not the worst of it

The one in six numbers...

In an earlier article "Some Words About Bobbie Kennedy Junior
..." I had discussed reading what Kennedy had said earlier about the CDC. There was a reason I was researching what Kennedy Jr. was saying about vaccines.


Kennedy had said that,

"1 out of 6 children are diagnosed with a developmental disorder and/or behavioral problem."

What? One out of six?


I was looking through Kennedy's stuff to see where HE got those numbers, and what I found was a page (Kennedy's source) called "AUTISM A.L.A.R.M." which says:

"This project is funded by a cooperative agreement between the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."

And, right there on the top page it says:


Autism is prevalent
• 1 out of 6 children are diagnosed with a developmental disorder and/or behavioral problem
• 1 in 166 children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder
• Developmental disorders have subtle signs and may be easily missed


Listen to parents
• Early signs of autism are often present before 18 months
• Parents usually DO have concerns that something is wrong
• Parents generally DO give accurate and quality information
• When parents do not spontaneously raise concerns, ask if they have any


Act early
• Make screening and surveillance an important part of your practice (as endorsed by the AAP)
• Know the subtle differences between typical and atypical development
• Learn to recognize red flags
• Use validated screening tools and identify problems early
• Improve the quality of life for children and their families through early and appropriate intervention

• To Early Intervention or a local school program (do not wait for a diagnosis)
• To an autism specialist, or team of specialists, immediately for a definitive diagnosis
• To audiology and rule out a hearing impairment
• To local community resources for help and family support

• Schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss concerns more thoroughly
• Look for other features known to be associated with autism
• Educate parents and provide them with up-to-date information
• Advocate for families with local early intervention programs, schools, respite care agencies, and insurance companies
• Continue surveillance and watch for additional or late signs of autism and/or other developmental disorders

In short - the CDC not only knows about the problem, it has discussed it and made recommendations.


The One in Six Numbers...

Doing the numbers: Once again since most countries do not keep records we must extrapolate from US numbers.

  • One hundred four million (104,000,000) children born every year times thirteen years = 1,352,000,000 children born, worldwide, between 1998 and 2011.

  • One in six translates to 16.7 %. So 16.7 % of 1,352,000,000 children = 225,784,000 children.

In other words, according to this government agency website, world wide, 225,784,000 children have been "diagnosed with a developmental disorder and/or behavioral problem."

Two hundred twenty five million, seven hundred eighty four thousand children have a,

"developmental disorder and/or behavioral problem?"

That's the equivalent of two thirds of the population of the United States.


And the CDC, the supposed health experts, say,

"we don't know why that's happening."



So who exactly is this CDC?

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a branch of the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).


It's Mission, given to it by legislation, is supposedly, as follows:


CDC Mission
Collaborating to create the expertise, information, and tools that people and communities need to protect their health - through health promotion, prevention of disease, injury and disability, and preparedness for new health threats.

CDC seeks to accomplish its mission by working with partners throughout the nation and the world to

  • monitor health,

  • detect and investigate health problems,

  • conduct research to enhance prevention,

  • develop and advocate sound public health policies,

  • implement prevention strategies,

  • promote healthy behaviors,

  • foster safe and healthful environments,

  • provide leadership and training.

Those functions are the backbone of CDC′s mission.


Each of CDC′s component organizations undertakes these activities in conducting its specific programs. The steps needed to accomplish this mission are also based on scientific excellence, requiring well-trained public health practitioners and leaders dedicated to high standards of quality and ethical practice.

High sounding words - right? It would be even better if any of it were true - which it is not. The reality is something totally different, making the CDC in its entirety, an enemy of the American people. In fact, America's worst enemy.

In short, Americans cannot trust ANYTHING the CDC says or does. It has no credibility, whatsoever. Why? It has made certain that it is accountable to no one, and that it has to explain itself to no other entity. Certainly not to the American people.

How do I know this? Because I am in possession of legal documents designed to force the CDC to, once again, answer to the American electorate. I'll show you these documents shortly, and explain them in detail.

In 1998 the CDC Staff compiled a Draft copy of an exacting internal CDC study on vaccines which clearly pointed out all of the dangers of those vaccines, in detail, with explanations of why that was true. CDC management went into shock, forced the head of the study out of the CDC, changed the data and the findings of the study, and brought it out as proving the opposite, even using the original researcher's name on the now faked study's title.

That started a brouhaha.


The original researcher would not back down, and loudly, via email, complained about CDC management putting his name on the fake study, reversing his original findings.


He did so by addressing the largest, at the time, meeting of the CDC and what they call their "stakeholders," with the REAL results of his study at a place called Simpsonwood, and the reactions to his address had far reaching results

It is those email communications, and others like it, where Brian Hooker began to unravel the CDC plot.


Congressional Oversight ignored...

In 2003, even the US Congress began to smell the CDC stink and investigated.


A Report, after a three year investigation, prepared by the Staff of the Subcommittee on Human Rights and Wellness Committee on Government Reform United States House of Representatives called "Mercury in Medicine - Taking Unnecessary Risks" made startling conclusions.


Like this:


A. Findings - Through this investigation of pediatric vaccine safety, the following findings are made:

  1. Mercury is hazardous to humans. Its use in medicinal products is undesirable, unnecessary and should be minimized or eliminated entirely.

  2. For decades, ethylmercury was used extensively in medical products ranging from vaccines to topical ointments as preservative and an antibacteriological agent.

  3. Manufacturers of vaccines and thimerosal, (an ethylmercury compound used in vaccines), have never conducted adequate testing on the safety of thimerosal. The FDA has never required manufacturers to conduct adequate safety testing on thimerosal and ethylmercury compounds.

  4. Studies and papers documenting the hypoallergenicity and toxicity of thimerosal (ethylmercury) have existed for decades.

  5. Autism in the United States has grown at epidemic proportions during the last decade. By some estimates the number of autistic children in the United States is growing between 10 and 17 percent per year. The medical community has been unable to determine the underlying cause(s) of this explosive growth.

  6. At the same time that the incidence of autism was growing, the number of childhood vaccines containing thimerosal was growing, increasing the amount of ethylmercury to which infants were exposed threefold.

  7. A growing number of scientists and researchers believe that a relationship between the increase in neurodevelopmental disorders of autism, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, and speech or language delay, and the increased use of thimerosal in vaccines is plausible and deserves more scrutiny. In 2001, the Institute of Medicine determined that such a relationship is biologically plausible, but that not enough evidence exists to support or reject this hypothesis.

  8. The FDA acted too slowly to remove ethylmercury from over-the-counter products like topical ointments and skin creams. Although an advisory committee determined that ethylmercury was unsafe in these products in 1980, a rule requiring its removal was not finalized until 1998.

  9. The FDA and the CDC failed in their duty to be vigilant as new vaccines containing thimerosal were approved and added to the immunization schedule. When the Hepatitis B and Haemophilus Influenzae Type b vaccines were added to the recommended schedule of childhood immunizations, the cumulative amount of ethylmercury to which children
    were exposed nearly tripled.

  10. The amount of ethylmercury to which children were exposed through vaccines prior to the 1999 announcement exceeded two safety thresholds established by the Federal government for a closely related substance - methylmercury. While the Federal Government has established no safety threshold for ethylmercury, experts agree that the methylmercury guidelines are a good substitute. Federal health officials have conceded that the amount of thimerosal in vaccines exceeded the EPA threshold of 0.1 micrograms per kilogram of bodyweight. In fact, the amount of mercury in one dose of DTaP or Hepatitis B vaccines (25 micrograms each) exceeded this threshold many times over. Federal health officials have not conceded that this amount of thimerosal in vaccines exceeded the FDA’s more relaxed threshold of 0.4 micrograms per kilogram of body weight. In most cases, however, it clearly did.

  11. The actions taken by the HHS to remove thimerosal from vaccines in 1999 were not sufficiently aggressive. As a result, thimerosal remained in some vaccines for an additional two years.

  12. The CDC’s failure to state a preference for thimerosal- free vaccines in 2000 and again in 2001 was an abdication of their responsibility. As a result, many children received vaccines containing thimerosal when thimerosal- free alternatives were available.

  13. The Influenza vaccine appears to be the sole remaining vaccine given to children in the United States on a regular basis that contains thimerosal. Two formulations recommended for children six months of age or older continue to contain trace amounts of thimerosal. Thimerosal should be removed from these vaccines. No amount of mercury is appropriate in any childhood vaccine.

  14. The CDC in general and the National Immunization Program in particular are conflicted in their duties to monitor the safety of vaccines, while also charged with the responsibility of purchasing vaccines for resale as well as
    promoting increased immunization rates.

  15. There is inadequate research regarding ethylmercury neurotoxicity and nephrotoxicity.

  16. There is inadequate research regarding the relationship between autism and the use of mercury-containing vaccines.

  17. To date, studies conducted or funded by the CDC that purportedly dispute any correlation between autism and vaccine injury have been of poor design, under-powered, and fatally flawed. The CDC’s rush to support and promote such research is reflective of a philosophical conflict in looking fairly at emerging theories and clinical data related to adverse reactions from vaccinations.

More, the Congressional Report made Recommendations - which were BLATANTLY ignored.


As follows:


B. Recommendations

  1. Access by independent researchers to the Vaccine Safety Datalink database is needed for independent replication and validation of CDC studies regarding exposure of infants to mercury-containing vaccines and autism. The current process to allow access remains inadequate.


  2. A more integrated approach to mercury research is needed. There are different routes that mercury takes into the body, and there are different rates of absorption. Mercury bioaccumulates; the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) clearly states: “This substance may harm you.”

    Studies should be conducted that pool the results of independent research that has been done thus far, and a comprehensive approach should be developed to rid humans, animals, and the environment of this dangerous toxin.

  3. Greater collaboration and cooperation between federal agencies responsible for safeguarding public health in regard to heavy metals is needed.


  4. The President should announce a White House conference on autism to assemble the best scientific minds from across the country and mobilize a national effort to uncover the causes of the autism epidemic.


  5. Congress needs to pass legislation to include in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) provisions to allow families who believe that their children’s autism is vaccine-induced the opportunity to be included in the program. Two provisions are key: First, extending the statute of limitations as recommended by the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines from 3 to 6 years. Second, establishing a one to two year window for families, whose children were injured after 1988 but who do not fit within the statute of limitations, to have the opportunity to file
    under the NVICP.


  6. Congress should enact legislation that prohibits federal funds from being used to provide products or pharmaceuticals that contain mercury, methylmercury, or ethylmercury unless no reasonable alternative is available.


  7. Congress should direct the National Institutes of Health to give priority to research projects studying causal relationships between exposure to mercury, methylmercury, and ethylmercury to autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorders, Gulf War Syndrome, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

So, where are we going with this?

The problems caused by the CDC employees that covered up the Thimerosal issue are just about beyond belief. It is time for a formal investigation of certain key people now, or formerly, at the CDC.





Part Two
October 13, 2011

In late 2004 Biochemist Scientist Brian Hooker PhD had had enough.


He'd been looking, carefully, through the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s so-called "Evidence" that Thimerosal was "Safe and Effective" as a preservative in vaccines. Having read all of the then available CDC studies making that claim, he, as a PhD Scientist, couldn't help but shake his head "NO."


To him, none of the purported proof was anywhere near being scientifically adequate. Far from it.

So, like any math teacher would do to a student he began to communicate to the CDC his questions. In essence he was saying "Show me your work. Show me how you came up with these answers" - a reasonable question series among scientists, teachers and students, and frankly, the population of Planet Earth.

What was CDC's response? STONEWALL - a six year knock-down, drag-out brawl to get that information. Brian Hooker would not let up. Neither would the CDC.

At the CDC, the smell of corruption couldn't be masked, anymore, with air freshener. CDC employees, backed by CDC attorneys, dug in deeper, surrounding themselves with a wall-of-silence, removing themselves from public scrutiny. It was, without doubt, the CDC that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder had in mind when Holder issued a 59 page Legal Opinion (here) just on this subject.


It started out by saying:

"When administering the FOIA, it is important to first note that the President and Attorney General have issued memoranda to all agencies emphasizing that the FOIA reflects a "profound national commitment to ensuring an open Government" and directing agencies to "adopt a presumption in favor of disclosure."

Obama and Holder were, no doubt, provoked by an earlier Congressional Report titled "CDC Off Center," which is summarized, below, with an opening statement:

"A review of how an agency tasked with fighting and preventing disease has spent hundreds of millions of tax dollars for failed prevention efforts, international junkets, and lavish facilities, but cannot demonstrate it is controlling disease."

So, what was provoking Brian Hooker? What, specifically, were his concerns?

I asked Hooker about this situation. I asked him to explain to me in layman's terms, what was wrong, for example, with the very first study, known as "The Danish Study?"

Hooker didn't hesitate. He even wrote it down for me. Then he carefully took me through the scientific jargon representing the scientific method (considering my college days were forty to fifty years ago).


Here is what he said about the study known as “Thimerosal and the occurrence of autism: negative ecological evidence from Danish population-based data” by Kreesten Madsen et al. 2003, published in the Journal of Pediatrics.


He said:

This critique will consider each publication from two perspectives: (1) the scientific quality and (2) any anomalies based on information obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention via the Freedom of Information Act.

“Thimerosal and the occurrence of autism: negative ecological evidence from Danish population-based data” by Kreesten Madsen et al. 2003, published in the journal Pediatrics.

The publication reports an ecological study based on the reported autism incidence in Denmark as recorded in the Denmark National Center for Registry-based Research (NCRR) database.


Denmark phased thimerosal containing vaccines out of circulation in 1992. The authors’ premise is that if there is a causal relationship between autism and thimerosal containing vaccines, then the prevalence of autism should decrease in subsequent years. Instead, the study showed a dramatic increase in the number of new autism diagnoses in the years following thimerosal removal, in age groups 2-4, 5-6 and 7-9 years old.

This paper has two severe methodological flaws.

  • First, the Denmark NCRR database changed diagnostic criteria for autism diagnoses in 1994 from ICD8 to ICD10. This led to a greater number of autism diagnoses overall.

  • Second, the Denmark NCRR database changed the accounting of autism based on outpatient visits in 1995, whereas up to 1995, only inpatient (i.e., Hospital) visits were accounted. This led to a significant increase in autism cases counted beyond 1994.

In a separate publication, the ratio of inpatients to outpatients accounted for by the NCRR database has been reported to be 13.5:1 (Madsen et al. 2002).


These two data artifacts (changing diagnostic criteria and inpatient/outpatient reporting) show a misleading jump in the prevalence of autism after 1995. However, when these are corrected for, the actual autism rates in Denmark decreased by as much as 4 times upon the phase out of thimerosal-containing vaccines (Trelka et al. 2004).


Although the raw data from the Madsen et al. 2003 publication has been requested, the authors chose not to release it, creating significant difficulty in confirming this decrease.

It is apparent from emails released by the CDC via the FOIA, that the lead author of the study, Dr. Kreesten Madsen, was well aware of the issues with the Denmark NCRR database.


In fact, in a June 2001 email to then acting Deputy Director of the National Immunization Program (NIP) of the CDC, Diane Simpson, Dr. Madsen stated of the increases in autism rates after 1993,

“Yes, but not very dramatically and there could be more reasons for that. First of all we had a change from ICD8 to ICD10 in 1994 and furthermore our outpatient clinics were registered in our surveillance from 1995.”

It wasn’t until after Dr. Diane Simpson visited Denmark to forge a collaboration with Madsen’s supervisor at Aarhus University that this publication went forward.

In addition, an additional email obtained from the CDC indicates that the autism rates in Denmark decreased between 1999-2001:

from Dr. Marlene Lauritsen a coauthor from Aarhus University to Dr. Diana Schendel, a scientist in the National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) of the CDC,

“I need to tell you that the figures in the manuscript do not include the latest data from 2001. I only have these figures as a paper version and they are at work. But the incidence and prevalence are still decreasing in 2001.”

These data were excluded from the final publication.

Finally, although the CDC claims that this is an independent publication, co-author Dr. Poul Thorsen was in residence at the CDC at the time of the study. In addition, Dr. Thorsen made a specific request that Dr. Jose Cordero, then director of the NCBDDD write a letter to the editor of the journal Pediatrics for expedited review and publication of the Madsen et al. 2003 study.


Dr. Thorsen in April, 2011 was indicted by the U.S. Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia for embezzlement of funds from a CDC grant to his institution, the North Atlantic Neuro-Epidemiology Alliance.

I have, attached, as a link, Brian Hooker's email to me with his critiques of all five of the original CDC studies, plus his analysis of the CDC's 2010 study.


They are damning.


So, in short, what in the world is going on?

Brian Hooker is smart. Not just science smart, but street smart.


He wasn't going to let a simple STONEWALL keep him from finding out what he needed to know. He just made a few calls, and recruited some other people, around the country, to make CDC FOIA requests, masking, as it were, his original DENIED requests in other batches, from other people. That worked - and he began to build the pattern.


Now, as it were, he is at the point, like in doing a jigsaw puzzle, where he can see what's missing - and he is being specific.

Then Brian Hooker PhD met well known Kentucky based attorney Bob Reeves, who introduced him to famous Washington DC based attorney Jim Turner. It wasn't long before there was a Federal lawsuit on the doorstep of the CDC.

Smile here... it is about to get even better.


Before I give you the details of the lawsuit, itself...

I want to tell you what has already happened, besides the fact that the case was filed and served, and the CDC answered. (start an even bigger smile)

On Friday, September 30th, 2011 in the Brian S. Hooker v CDC Federal court case, Judge Amy Berman Jackson more or less told the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to show her a schedule indicating exactly WHEN the CDC would comply with Hooker's FOIA information request.


The exact words in the Order were:

"Before the Court in this FOIA case are a complaint and an answer. The requirements of LCvR 16.3 and Rule 26(f) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure appear to be inapplicable. Defendant shall file a dispositive motion or, in the alternative, a report setting forth the schedule according to which it will complete its production of documents to plaintiff on or before - October 28, 2011. SO ORDERED."

In layman's language the Judge is saying to the CDC:

"You better show me a damn good legal reason why you are withholding this information. Frankly, I doubt that you have one. If I don't see one by October 28th, 2011 you better start handing over all the data Brian Hooker wants or face Contempt of Court charges."


The Smoking Gun...

In short, very very soon the CDC situation is going to heat up - one way or another.


Why? Because all indications are that those emails and communications are the "smoking gun." showing exactly why, how, and who, covered up the fact that the CDC knew how bad vaccines were, and are. And, who, why, and how the fake studies were arranged, paid for, and published.

Why is this important? Because the whole world of health care has come to rely on the integrity, and reliability of the CDC - which this information strongly contradicts.


The issue of mercury, a deadly toxin, being used in vaccines, and protected by the CDC is monumental.


The Exact Wording of the Lawsuit...

You can read the entire lawsuit, in its legal format, by clicking here.


Below is an excerpt:


Violation of the Freedom of Information Act for Wrongful Withholding of Agency Records

13. Defendants have wrongfully withheld agency records requested by plaintiff. Defendants have wrongfully extended 5 U.S.C. § 552(a)(4)(B) exemption 5 to parties outside of CDC by redacting email replies from researchers not employed by CDC and not acting as "consultants" (Klamath Water Users Protective Ass'n v. Department of the Interior, 189 F.3d 1034, 1038 (9th Cir. 1999), aff'd, 532 U.S. 1 (2001)).

14. Defendants have not conducted an adequate search as no records were released from the CDC's National Immunization Program. Later FOIA requests to the CDC yielded significant numbers of correspondences between Dr. Diane Simpson, then acting Deputy Director of the National Immunization Program, and Dr. Kreesten Madsen, the paper's primary author (documents will be submitted as an exhibit). Thus, it is apparent that the CDC did not thoroughly search National Immunization Program records for this particular FOIA request.

15. Plaintiff asks that any application of the (b)(5) exception in this case be waived upon the judge's discretion based on the important and timely nature of the connection of thimerosal in vaccines to neurodevelopmental disorders including autism. Although the CDC consistently denies a causal relationship between thimerosal and autism, there is a mounting body of compelling scientific literature that supports this relationship including: (see footnote)

16. Plaintiff has exhausted the applicable administrative remedies with respect to defendants' wrongful withholding of the requested records.

17. Plaintiff is entitled to injunctive relief with respect to the release and disclosure of the requested documents

Violation of the Freedom of Information Act for Wrongful Withholding of Agency Records

22. Defendants have not provided adequate documents for applying the OMB circular 110, rev. 99, section 36 which states that documents must be released sufficient to repeat the analysis that led to the results of the publication, for a publication that has the force and effect of law. The publication in question, "Thimerosal-containing vaccines and autistic spectrum disorder: a critical review of published original data" by Parker et al. has been used by the CDC to justify the continued use of thimerosal containing vaccines.

23. Plaintiff asks that any application of the (b)(5) exception in this case be waived upon the judge's discretion based on the important and timely nature of the connection of thimerosal in vaccines to neurodevelopmental disorders including autism. Although the CDC consistently denies a causal relationship between thimerosal and autism, there is a mounting body of compelling scientific literature that supports this relationship including: (see footnote)

24. Plaintiff has exhausted the applicable administrative remedies with respect to defendants' wrongful withholding of the requested records.

25. Plaintiff is entitled to injunctive relief with respect to the release and disclosure of the requested documents.

Violation of the Freedom of Information Act for Wrongful Withholding of Agency Records

30. Defendants have not provided adequate justification for applying the (b)(5) "predecisional" exception to over 300 pages of documents. This standard appears to be applied only to documents pertinent to a single publication, pertaining to thimerosal in vaccines and its causal relationship to neurodevelopmental disorders including autism.

31. Plaintiff asks that any application of the (b)(5) exception in this case be waived upon the judge's discretion based on the important and timely nature of the connection of thimerosal in vaccines to neurodevelopmental disorders including autism. Although the CDC consistently denies a causal relationship between thimerosal and autism, there is a mounting body of compelling scientific literature that supports this relationship including: (see footnote)

32. Plaintiff has exhausted the applicable administrative remedies with respect to defendants' wrongful withholding of the requested records.

33. Plaintiff is entitled to injunctive relief with respect to the release and disclosure of the requested documents.

Violation of the Freedom of Information Act for Wrongful Withholding of Agency Records

39. Defendants have not completed a thorough search for agency records requested by plaintiff, including especially the email replies by Dr. Robert Chen.

40. Defendants have not searched for records within the time period June 27, 2001 and August 10, 2001.

41. Plaintiff asks that any application of the (b)(5) exception in this case be waived upon the judge's discretion based on the important and timely nature of the connection of thimerosal in vaccines to neurodevelopmental disorders including autism. Although the CDC consistently denies a causal relationship between thimerosal and autism, there is a mounting body of compelling scientific literature that supports this relationship including: (see footnote)

42. Plaintiff has exhausted the applicable administrative remedies with respect to defendants' wrongful withholding of the requested records.

43. Plaintiff is entitled to injunctive relief with respect to the release and disclosure of the requested documents.

WHEREFORE, plaintiff prays that this Court:

A. Order defendants to disclose the requested records in their entireties and make copies available to plaintiff;

B. Provide for expeditious proceedings in this action;

C. Award plaintiff its costs and reasonable attorneys fees incurred in this action;


D. Grant such other relief as the Court may deem just and proper.



Up in the text of the lawsuit above you will find a place where I typed (see footnote) several times. It was a lot of material to be repeated exactly the same each time, so I decided to put it down here. Read it if you want.


What it is is a list of REAL, independent, peer reviewed studies that contradict the CDC crap.


Here is the list:

Olczak M, et al.. Persistent behavioral impairments and alterations of brain dopamine system after early postnatal administration of thimerosal in rats. Behavioural Brain Research (2010), doi:10.1016/j.bbr.2011.04.026,

Hewitson L, et al. Delayed Acquisition of Neonatal Reflexes in Newborn Primates Receiving a Thimerosal-Containing Hepatitis B Vaccine: Influence of Gestational Age and Birth Weight. J. Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A 2010; 73: 1298-1313,

Dorea JG. Integrating Experimental (In Vitro and In Vivo) Neurotoxicity Studies of Low-Dose Thimerosal Relevant to Vaccines. Neurochem Res. 2011 Jun; 36(6): 927-38. [Epub 2011 Feb 25],

Olczak M, et al. Lasting Neuropathological Changes in Rat Brain After Intermittent Neonatal Administration of Thimerosal. Folia Neuropathologica 2010; 48(4): 258-269,

Geier DA, et al. Blood Mercury Levels in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Is There a Threshold Level? Acta Neurobiology Experimentalis (Warsaw) 2010; 70: 177-186,

Elsheshtawy E, et al. Study of Some Biomarkers in Hair of Children with Autism. Middle East Current Psychiatry 2011; 18: 6-10,

Kern JK, et al. A Biomarker of Mercury Body-Burden Correlated with Diagnostic Domain Specific Clinical Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Biometals 2010; 23: 1043-1051,

Majewska MD, et al. Age-Dependent Lower or Higher Levels of Hair Mercury in Autistic Children than in Health Controls. Acta Neurobiology Experimentalis (Warsaw) 2010; 70: 196-208,

Minami T, et al. Induction of Metallothionein in Mouse Cerebellum and Cerebrum with Low-Dose Thimerosal Injection. Cell Biology and Toxicology 2010; 26: 143-152,

Olczak M, et al. Neonatal Administration of Thimerosal Causes Persistent Changes in Mu Opioid Receptors in the Rat Brain. Neurochemical Research 2010; 35: 1840-1847,

Ratajczak H. Theoretical Aspects of Autism: Causes - A Review. J. Immunotoxicology 2011; 8: 68-79,

Hewitson L, et al. Influence of Pediatric Vaccines on Amygdala Growth and Opioid Ligand Binding in Rhesus Macaque Infants: A Pilot Study. Acta Neurobiology Experimentalis (Warsaw) 2010; 70: 147-164,

Lakshmi Priya MD, et al. Level of Trace Elements (Copper, Zinc, Magnesium and Selenium) and Toxic Elements (Lead and Mercury) in the Hair and Nail of Children with Autism. Biological Trace Element Research 2010 Jul 13 [Epub ahead of print], and

Wyrembek P, et al, "Intermingled Modulatory Neurotoxic Effects of Thimerosal and Mercuric Ions on Electrophysiological Responses to GABA and NMDA in Hippocampal Neurons" Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 2010; 61: 753-758


More Coming...

This is a five part series.


This was number two. In number three I will give you access to EXACTLY what documents, outlining EXACTLY what information, the CDC has had all along - and should have publicly relied on.

More, remember that article I wrote called "The Federal 'Data Quality Act' Is Our Friend
..." Well, in the third article I will be showing you, also, some things the CDC got from an authoritative public that fit the Data Quality Act requirements - that the CDC refused to even look at...

In other words - not only were CDC employees blocking access to information about their studies - but they were knowingly STONEWALLING changes, as required by the US Data Quality Act.





Part Three
October 22, 2011

Today, I am going to talk about what US government agencies involved in vaccine regulation knew, and when they knew it regarding the problems of Thimerosal in vaccines.


First though, I will talk about why this is important information to have.

In articles part one and two I showed you what Biochemist Brian Hooker PhD has been doing with his time since late 2004. Hooker has been trying to get public information about the five studies the Center for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) claims it ordered, and now relies on, claiming that mercury in vaccines is safe and effective.

Here is what I said:

"In late 2004 Biochemist Scientist Brian Hooker PhD had had enough. He'd been looking, carefully, through the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s so-called "Evidence" that Thimerosal was "Safe and Effective" as a preservative in vaccines. Having read all of the then available CDC studies making that claim, he, as a PhD Scientist, couldn't help but shake his head "NO." To him, none of the purported proof was anywhere near being scientifically adequate. Far from it.

So, like any math teacher would do to a student he began to communicate to the CDC his questions. In essence he was saying "Show me your work. Show me how you came up with these answers" - a reasonable question series among scientists, teachers and students, and frankly, the population of Planet Earth.

What was CDC's response? STONEWALL - a six year knock-down, drag-out brawl to get that information.


Brian Hooker would not let up. Neither would the CDC.

Of course, as we know, EVERY American is entitled to review EVERY government agency's actions and deliberations, with few exceptions - and Hooker eventually ended up filing a federal lawsuit against the CDC, and it is becoming VERY clear that the CDC employees, like it or not, are going to have to cough up all of their internal memos on the subject.

I suspect, after that, that all hell is going to break loose for, without doubt, with what internal memos Hooker already has gotten, it is already clear the in an order of magnitude, EVERY one of those CDC studies was faked with the intent of covering up the facts about how dangerous vaccines really are.

Let me repeat that - EVERY one of the CDC studies showing the so-called safety of mercury in vaccines has been intentionally faked, so as to lead the American Public, and every entity worldwide that relies on the CDC for information, to believe that mercury in vaccines is safe - it is not.

Why did the CDC employees do that? I will explain below.


Keep reading.


Why would anyone knowingly cover up the dangers of Thimerosal in vaccines?

Here is what I suspect.


There are THREE main reasons:

  1. What I call the "Vaccine Construction" is a combination of Federal/State Agencies and Vaccine Manufacturers banned together into a HOUSE OF CARDS made up of certain foundational beliefs.


    The construction's whole current premise is made up of the idea that,

    1. vaccines are safe

    2. have always been safe

    3. they can be relied on

    4. the agencies can be trusted to look out for the public good

    5. that vaccines have an overlying wonderfulness that acts as a "Prevention" of disease, since, as they falsely claim "Vaccines have eradicated most diseases."

    If it can be shown that even one of these foundations is false, or even in question, the house of cards could blow over. This assault, questioning the validity of the original Thimerosal Studies, substantially attacks four of the five foundations (1, 2, 3, and 4).

    This would, without doubt, lead to the very end of the US Vaccine Program - and, most likely, the world vaccine program. Frankly, that's a good thing.

    On October 1, 1988, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (Public Law 99-660) created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). Specific situations were set down setting exactly how, why and when vaccine injuries would be compensated for under this program.


    In short, when this story unfolds, one result will be the end of this compensation program - and the new lawsuits, justifiably filed, will do to the vaccine manufacturers what happened to the tobacco and asbestos industries - and that, frankly, is also a good thing.

    The pharmaceutical industry is currently in big trouble financially, and frankly, is relying on those Federal/State agencies to bail them out with an INCREASED Vaccine Program. That won't happen if the American people no longer trust the CDC, nor the Federal/State Agency with Vaccine Manufacturers "Vaccine Construction" - and they should not.

    The end of the vaccine HOUSE OF CARDS.


  2. Vaccinology has become a religion in every sense of the word. This attack, as seen by the "Vaccine Construction" is an attack on their very basic beliefs. I'm going to do a separate article on this.


  3. All aspects of the Vaccine Program, whether US/Canada, or worldwide, would come into question. For instance - the increased schedule itself, with, or without, Thimerosal is certainly questionable.


What would happen if the vaccine manufacturers

...simply, right now, removed Thimerosal from vaccines and replace it with another preservative?

Two things:

  1. The cost of individual vaccines would go up $.0001 (a tenth of a cent)

  2. Autism (1 in 110), and other neurological issues (1 in 6) would, as the original Danish study ACTUALLY showed, go down radically worldwide

What would this do?


The positive benefit to parents would be obvious. The Attorney Firms would have a field day because those five original fake studies have been used to defeat their arguments. Not any more.


Here is what Brian Hooker told me in response to my questions about the big picture...

When I first started to research the Vaccine/Autism situation I was overwhelmed with the magnitude of the problem.


The people that I was using to gather information from had been involved in the issue sometimes for years. It became clear that this problem had been growing for twenty-five years.


Just below is Hooker's email to me. It says a lot.

"I wanted to give you a brief explanation of how the current suit against the CDC ties to the technical issues in the 5 studies.


To step back and look at the overall picture, the CDC not only had to recruit scientists from Denmark, Sweden and the UK to do these studies, but they also had to work to make sure that the outcome of all studies was to exonerate Thimerosal from any harm.


The former issue is very apparent in the emails that have already been released via the FOIA.


We have shown that the CDC was tied to all 5 epidemiological studies in question both from a personnel as well as a financial standpoint. In other words, the CDC "underwrote," in some way, shape, or form, each study.


Some of these were directly funded (Verstraeten et al. 2003, Stehr-Green et al. 2003), some of these were quid pro quo (Madsen et al. 2003, Hviid et al. 2003) and in one case, CDC funneled money (I believe - this needs to be further confirmed via emails from the suit) through the World Health Organization to the U.K. research group (Andrews et al. 2004).

The link that is alluded to but hasn't been fully established is that the CDC was involved in the "suspect techniques" and out-and-out fraud used in these studies to exonerate Thimerosal.


The connection in the Denmark studies are clear (Madsen et al. 2003 especially): the Danish authors withheld causal data on Thimerosal and autism in order to change the results of their study, with the full approval and knowledge of the CDC. However, the other connections are a bit murky.


Full emails from top CDC officials, that in context would suggest that they were point blank ordering CDC minions to exonerate Thimerosal at all costs, have been completely redacted (covered by black marker).


Emails from Roger Bernier (CSO of the National Immunization Program of the CDC) and Walt Orenstein (Director of the National Immunization Program of the CDC) are consistently fully redacted. If we get at all the email traffic, I believe we will more clearly see the collusion to commit fraud on all the studies.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...


The CDC was funding the Institute of Medicine to "use" these 5 studies to exonerate Thimerosal. The fact is that the CDC paid the IOM ($2.7 million) to find that vaccines were "generally safe on a population basis" (taken directly out of the IOM ISR Committee's closed-door transcripts).


In order to close the loop, the CDC had to provide the 5 manipulated studies to the IOM for their ISR committee to declare that Thimerosal is safe."


Timeline regarding knowledge of damage due to Thimerosal in infant (and other) vaccines


  • 1988 - Sweden phases out Thimerosal from vaccines

  • 1991 - Dr. Maurice Hilleman memo. Maurice Hilleman is a well-known vaccinologist who in his 1991 internal Merck memo advised his colleagues to reduce Thimerosal exposures especially in pediatric vaccines and look for alternatives for Thimerosal. This memo was not heeded by Hilleman’s industry colleagues (memo attached)

  • 1990 - 1998 - There are 45 VAERS reports of vaccine adverse effects related to Thimerosal exposure in infant vaccines

  • 1999 - There are a flurry of emails issued in late June - early July among FDA, CDC and AAP officials. This is the first time that we see U.S. Government health officials have officially responded to the Thimerosal issue.


    This leads to a joint AAP-PHS statement on Thimerosal, issued on July 7, 1999.

    1. Starting in Jan. 7, 1999 as indicated in an email between FDA officials Frank Varrichio and Leslie Ball, these health care workers started to become concerned about the cumulative Thimerosal exposure to infants in their vaccinations. In looking at the National Library of Medicine website (i.e., Pubmed), Varrichio finds 7000 references to Thimerosal. Rather than examine all of these references, Varrichio recommends looking at the summary of every 100th report (email attached).


    2. On June 29, 1999, Peter Patriarca, the then Director of the FDA Office on Vaccine Research and Review, issues an email to CDC officials (including Roger Bernier, Chief Science Officer of the National Immunization Program and Jose Cordero, Director of the National Immunization Program) discussing how to handle the Thimerosal crisis. Patriarca expresses fears that the FDA, CDC and vaccine policy makers will appear to have been “asleep at the switch” for decades allowing Thimerosal (a potentially hazardous compound) to remain in childhood vaccines. Further, there is fear because no one did the calculation of cumulative mercury exposure as the policy makers continued to recommend more and more vaccines be added to the schedule. Finally, the email at the top of the page indicates that there had been an “interim plan” in place for many years to remove Thimerosal from vaccines. Only now that there was public outcry did these officials consider implementing the plan (email attached).


    3. On July 2, 1999, Peter Patriarca addresses his colleague at the FDA in a confidential email, echoing the concerns of his previous email to CDC officials. He also outlines “talking points” defending the FDA’s actions and explaining the use of Thimerosalas a preservative in infant vaccines (email attached). This email was leading up to a public announcement by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Public Health Service (PHS) regarding Thimerosal containing vaccines on July 7, 1999.


    4. Also on June 2, 1999, Dr. Ruth Etzel, USDA Division of Epidemiology and Risk Assessment, writes and to the American Academy of Pediatrics team involved with the July 7, 1999 public announcement. Dr. Etzel recommends a parallel path to the response of Johnson and Johnson to the 1982 outbreak of tainted Tylenol tablets: (1) act quickly to inform pediatricians that the products contain more Thimerosal than we realized, (2) Be open with consumers as to why they didn’t catch this earlier, and (3) show contrition (email attached). Dr. Etzel also alludes to the fact that despite these issues, the PHS will not show a preference to Thimerosal-free products.


    5. On July 3, 1999, Ben Schwartz of the National Immunization Program in the CDC, issues an email outlining an alternative position to Dr. Etzel, where he claims that EPA and WHO guidelines for cumulative mercury exposures have not been exceeded. (This is totally wrong when you consider that vaccines are dosed immediately and not cumulatively over 3 or 6 months - a total CYA on the part of the CDC). This approach is nothing but trickery, meant to defend Thimerosal while sacrificing children (email attached).


    6. On July 7, 1999, the Joint AAP - PHS Statement is issued. Here is an excerpt, which far minimizes the panic of the associated vaccine policy agencies:


      • "The recognition that some children could be exposed to a cumulative level of mercury over the first six months of life that exceeds one of the federal guidelines on methyl mercury now requires a weighing of two different types of risks when vaccinating infants. On the one hand, there is the known serious risk of diseases and deaths caused by failure to immunize our infants against vaccine-preventable infectious diseases; on the other, there is the unknown and probably much smaller risk, if any, of neuro-developmental effects posed by exposure to Thimerosal. The large risks of not vaccinating children far outweigh the unknown and probably much smaller risk, if any, of cumulative exposure to Thimerosal-containing vaccines over the first six months of life.

        Nevertheless, because any potential risk is of concern, the Public Health Service, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and vaccine manufacturers agree that Thimerosal-containing vaccines should be removed as soon as possible. Similar conclusions were reached this year in a meeting attended by European regulatory agencies, the European vaccine manufacturers, and the US FDA which examined the use of Thimerosal-containing vaccines produced or sold in European countries." statement attached)


  • Late 1999 - The CDC initiates its own study on the incidence of autism resulting in children exposed to various levels of mercury in Thimerosal containing vaccines. Dr. Thomas Verstraeten is the lead researcher on the study. In a Dec. 17, 1999 email (entitled “it just won’t go away!”) to his colleagues in the NIP, Verstraeten reports that all the damage is done in the first month of life (email attached). In “Generation Zero” of his data analysis, it can be seen that the children that receive the highest dose of mercury in the first month are 7.62 times more likely to get an autism (2990 on the chart) diagnosis (data file attached). The Verstraeten study went through 5 more data iterations, using alternative HMO datasets, stratification methods and statistical “Olympics” all designed to obfuscate the 7.62 number seen in the “generation zero” study. This took over 4 years as the final paper was not published until 2003. Even then, Verstraeten himself said that the study was “neutral” and did not exonerate Thimerosal, but indicated that more study was necessary (as recorded in his 2004 letter to the editor of the Journal Pediatrics, also attached).

  • September 2000 –The Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academy of Sciences is commissioned through an Intra-Agency Agreement (IAA) between the CDC and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to conduct 8 separate meetings leading to 8 reports on vaccine adverse effects, including a meeting and report on Thimerosal containing vaccines and autism (IAA attached). The IOM is paid a total of $2,043,000 to conduct these studies. The IOM Immunization Safety Review (ISR) committee is formed to preside over the meetings and write the subsequent reports. Closed door meeting transcripts of the IOM VSR committee include statements by the chairperson Dr. Marie McCormick (Harvard School of Public Health) such as “[CDC] wants us to declare, well, these things [i.e., vaccines] are pretty safe on a population basis” (p. 33, closed door transcripts from 1/12/2001) and “we are not ever going to come down that [autism] is a true side effect” (p. 97, closed door transcripts from 1/12/2001). Transcripts are available for perusal.

  • June, 2001 - A relationship is forged between the Private Health and Life Science (PHLS) agency in the UK, represented by Dr. Elizabeth Miller, and the CDC, represented by Dr. Thomas Verstraeten and Dr. Robert Chen, to investigate any correlation between Thimerosal containing infant vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders including autism. The funds for the study were granted by the World Health Organization, but email correspondences made it clear that Dr. Verstraeten and Dr. Chen had decision authority on the funds granted (emails attached see page 2 of the attachment).

  • July 16, 2001 - The IOM holds a meeting on Thimerosal containing vaccines. In this meeting, data are presented primarily to support at least a correlation between autism incidence and Thimerosal exposure. At the conclusion of the meeting, the CDC anticipates that the IOM report will conclude that a correlation between autism and Thimerosal containing vaccines cannot be ruled out, due to the inadequacy of data at the time of the meeting.

  • August, 2001 - The CDC, through NIP Deputy Director Dr. Diane Simpson contacts research groups in Denmark and Sweden to initiate studies on the incidence of autism as related to the phase out of Thimerosal in Denmark in 1992 and in Sweden in 1988. The email traffic around these correspondences is highly redacted but is included as an attachment.

  • Oct. 1, 2001 - The IOM ISR committee issues a report stating the evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between Thimerosal containing vaccines and autism (summary attached). By this time, relationships had been forged in Denmark, Sweden and the U.K. with the CDC NIP. Relationships with Denmark and the U.K. were tied financially to the CDC.

  • Aug., 2003 - A publication supporting the use of Thimerosal in vaccines, coauthors by a CDC employee (Diane Simpson) and a CDC consultant (Paul Stehr-Green) appears in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine (AJPM). This paper compiles separate datasets from Sweden, Denmark and California to attempt to deny a causal relationship between Thimerosal and autism. Severe methodological flaws include the use of Denmark data that exclude key information showing that autism rates actually decreased after the removal of Thimerosal in vaccines, the use of inpatient cohorts for the data from Sweden (which do not accurately reflect overall population trends), difficulties in comparing the low Thimerosal exposure levels in Denmark and Sweden to the much higher levels in the U.S.. and misrepresentation of increases in autism rates in California that mirror the rise in the uptake of Thimerosal containing vaccines in this State. Emails obtained from the CDC via the FOIA show Dr. Simpson and Dr. Stehr-Green scouring the world for data that would be “helpful” for publication. Dr. Simpson in an email to Stehr-Green writes “It is possible that the data won’t help us at all, but we won’t know until we see it.” One must infer that helpful data would be those that exonerate Thimerosal (email attached).

  • Sept., 2003 - The first Denmark publication appears in Pediatrics. This is after the publication was rejected by the New Eng J Med (NEJM) and the Journal of the American Med Assn (JAMA). In order to get the publication accepted in Pediatrics, Dr. Jose Cordero (at the request of Dr. Poul Thorsen) writes a letter requesting expedited review in the publication. The publication omits key data showing that autism diagnosis rates in Denmark actually decreased after Thimerosal was phased out of infant vaccines in 1992 (email attached). This was fraud was perpetrated with the full knowledge of the CDC.

  • Oct., 2003 - The second Denmark publication appears in the JAMA. This publication recycles data from the first Denmark publication, uses a flawed database where 10-25% of the older cohorts disappear from the records and skews the data to favor younger children that didn’t receive Thimerosal. Reanalysis of the publication by the group Safeminds shows a 2.3 times greater risk in receiving an autism diagnosis among the children receiving Thimerosal containing vaccines.

  • Nov., 2003 - The CDC’s own publication from the Vaccine Safety Datalink (a compilation of data from 9 separate U.S. HMOs) appears in the journal Pediatrics. This study represents 5 iterations in which the relative risk of an autism diagnosis in children exposed to Thimerosal has reduced from 7.62 times to a level beneath statistical significance[9-10]. In the actual publication, autism risk data are not shown but are explained as statistically insignificant. The lead author, Dr. Thomas Verstraeten left the CDC in July, 2001 and at the time of publication was employed by vaccine manufacturer Glaxo SmithKline. This represents a gross conflict of interest as GSK had produced Thimerosal containing vaccines implicated in the autism increase worldwide. The CDC has refused to release email traffic between NIP officials and Dr. Verstraeten relevant to this publication, after the point where Verstraeten became a GSK employee. Subsequently, in 2004, Dr. Verstraeten, in a letter to the editor of Pediatrics, explains that this study is a neutral study and cannot be used to rule out a relationship between Thimerosal containing vaccines and autism. This is despite the fact that the CDC widely touts the publication as exonerating Thimerosal.

  • Feb., 2004 - The CDC very hastily commissions the IOM VSR committee to complete a 9th and final analysis of “Autism and Vaccines”. This is despite requests from many officials from the autism community including Dr. David Weldon, a U.S. Congressional representative from Florida (letter attached). In the IOM VSR meeting, data are presented from the 4 previously mentioned publications representing epidemiological data only. In addition, unpublished data from the U.K. are presented to exonerate Thimerosal (Dr. Elizabeth Miller of the PHLS).

  • May 14, 2004 - The IOM VSR committee report on “Vaccines and Autism” summarily dismisses any link between Thimerosal exposure and infant vaccines, based solely on the five epidemiology studies, each essentially commissioned and funded by the CDC (only one study considered the more aggressive vaccination schedule used in the U.S., the Verstraeten et al. 2003 CDC study). This report is widely touted to “shut the door” and the Thimerosal/autism debate and is used in Vaccine Court (NVICP) to deny claims of harm due to Thimerosal exposure (report attached, see page 7).

  • Sept., 2004 - The Andrews et al. U.K. study, which was presented in draft form at the Feb. 2004 IOM VSR committee meeting, appears in print in the journal Pediatrics. This study again denies any relationship between Thimerosal exposure in infant vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism. Funding for the study was controlled in part by the CDC[11].

  • Summer - Fall, 2007 - Three test cases in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program are heard in “Vaccine Court”. Each of the three cases is dismissed due in part to the five aforementioned, flawed, fraudulent epidemiological studies.

  • 2009-2011 - A new IOM Immunization Safety Committee is formed to investigate adverse effects from infant vaccines. The IOM stands by the May 14, 2004 report on vaccines and autism and refuses to reconsider a potential causal link, despite the huge preponderance of new biological and epidemiological evidence from researchers not tied to the CDC.


Here is what I said in an earlier article...

It is worth repeating:

In short, very, very soon the CDC situation is going to heat up - one way or another. Why? Because all indications are that those emails and communications are the "smoking gun" showing exactly why, how, and who, covered up the fact that the CDC knew how bad vaccines were, and are.


And, who, why, and how the fake studies were arranged, paid for, and published.

Why is this important? Because the whole world of health care has come to rely on the integrity, and reliability of the CDC - which this information strongly contradicts.


The issue of mercury, a deadly toxin, being used in vaccines, and protected by the CDC is monumental.








Part Four

November 5, 2011


Let me start with this, and put everything into perspective.

A retired attorney friend of mine, one who I discuss legal, and other, issues with, pointed out something terribly important one day. We were talking about the vaccine issues. He said "Children are a nation's greatest asset."

It was a simple statement, but it stopped me cold with the realization that, in those simple words, Bill had gotten to the meat of the discussion - the one thing that, for whatever reason during what is called "the vaccine discussion," seems to be left out. When, in fact, it is both the guiding, and the deciding, argument.

So, let's say it again:

"Children are a nation's greatest asset."

In the vaccine debate no other argument prevails - not,

"the cost of vaccines, nor how much good they supposedly do, certainly not how many people are employed in the Vaccine Construction, for sure not how much money they make for the drug industry, not how much it might cost to remove mercury as a preservative, nor how the industry might be destroyed if they had to maintain their own legal liability. None of that..."

There is only one argument that is important: "Children are a nation's greatest asset."

For whatever reason (and WE DO KNOW that reason, don't we?) one in six of our greatest asset, our children, are developing neurological disorders. One in one hundred ten are developing Autism.

We are living in a world where our so-called medical system finds no problem with, nor will it even look at the possibilities of, the fact that this is happening. It is of no concern to them, and it is not something they will even entertain in their consciousness. The "Vaccine Construction" is so callous, so immediately self serving, that it can not, and will not look at the effects of their actions.


More, it, as we see with the expose Brian Hooker PhD brings to their door, they endeavor, not only to cover their tracks, but they act to damage those that expose their calumny.

We, in our society, without even conscious thought, understand that it is our job, as adults, to raise children to be well educated, well trained, responsible adults - for it is they, today's six-year-olds, who in 30-40 years will takes the reins in our world, and be responsible for the massive undertaking that we, humanity, have created. In order to even begin to do this we must keep those children safe, not just from predators, hunger, and mishap, but we must keep them healthy and sane.

The problems we are allowing the "Vaccine Construction" to create in our future societies are mind-numbing.


Not only will we not have full capacity of the one in six neurologically disadvantaged, but the "Vaccine Construction" will have loaded the future with the full care, until death, of the one in 110 Autistic victims. And it will probably get worse.

I am going to say it again - it does not matter whether or not we are talking about India, Tonga, the Philippines, Belgium, Venezuela, Mongolia, South Africa, Senegal, Canada, Ireland, or the United States - wherever - "Children are a nation's greatest asset."


We, the human race, instinctively know that.

Except, of course, if you are a card carrying member of the "Vaccine Construction." To them children are just somebody small to inject a foul toxic substance into - for money, position, or something so trivial as a trip to a conference.

That's what the "Vaccine Construction" REALLY does...

Now, the vaccine people will not explain what they do in this way. They will tell you, in grandiose pronouncement, that they are saving America, and the world, from infectious disease. (Insert rude noise here).

They will tell you, as you will see below, that they, in their wonderfulness, have figured out how to prevent disease, and save us all from pestilence. Below, I will give you their exact words - what they claim they are doing.


Are they really doing it? No, they are not...


Who, exactly, is the "Vaccine Construction?"

Very good question - and very difficult to answer.


Because the "Vaccine Construction" is NOT transparent - intentionally I think, to avoid responsibility.

But what we do know is that the construction is made up of a consortium of what are called "stakeholders:" vaccine manufacturers, Federal and State agencies, and so-called public interest groups.


Notably, there are no vaccine victim groups ever invited into the dialogue.

Vaccine manufacturers

There are five that control US vaccine issues:

According to the authoritative source,


"Virtually all licensed vaccines in the United States are produced by just a handful of pharmaceutical companies:

  1. GlaxoSmithKline

  2. Merck

  3. Novartis

  4. Sanofi Pasteur

  5. Wyeth

These companies account for 80 percent of the worldwide vaccine market.1


With a limited number of manufacturers and many recommended vaccines produced by only a single company, vaccines are susceptible to large fluctuations in supply and availability.2

Thirty years ago, the vaccine market looked remarkably different. At the time, 35 companies produced vaccines for use in the United States, and similar departures from the international vaccine market have also occurred in the intervening years. Between 1988 and 2001, 10 of 14 global vaccine manufactures partially or completely stopped production of traditional childhood vaccines.3


Health policy experts and economists attribute this trend primarily to market and financial considerations - namely,

  • sparse profits

  • costly research, development and production

  • liability concerns"

Federal Agencies

Virtually every aspect of vaccines is controlled by one master agency, the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).


The head of the DHHS is appointed by the President. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), who everyone ASSUMES is completely responsible for vaccines is just one sub-department of DHHS. Click on the name above to see the DHHS and/or the CDC flow chart.

The fact is that the CDC has PRIMARY, but not complete control over the US vaccine situation.


The chart below, courtesy of the 2000 Institute of Medicine "Calling the Shots" report, explains the actual structure. How it actually works - from Federal to State agencies.


Below is an excerpt from the same 2000 Institute of Medicine "Calling the Shots" report:

"CDC provides annual immunization project grants to 64 separate grantees, including 50 states, the District of Columbia, New York City, Chicago, Houston, San Antonio, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of Belau, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands.


Immunization grant funds are intended to supplement but not supplant ongoing state and local immunization efforts.


Each grantee’s funding level is contingent on a number of factors, including historical funding levels, the population size, the size of the state and local public health infrastructure, the size of the grantee’s immunization program, the geographical area of the grantee, the proportion of the childhood population served by the public sector, the level of state and local support for the immunization program, the occurrence of vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks, and the grantee’s ability to develop programs and expend funds..."

The State agencies

Once again I refer to the 2000 Institute of Medicine "Calling the Shots" report:


Immunization Infrastructure - The Michigan Example
Michigan received $6.4 million for “infrastructure” in 1999, about $20 per child under age 3. These funds support efforts associated with direct service delivery, infectious disease prevention, surveillance and assessment, efforts to improve coverage rates, and programs to strengthen system performance.


Additional federal support pays for the state health department’s immunization program staff. That staff includes two public health advisers (employees of CDC) - one on the Michigan state central staff and one assigned to the city of Detroit.

More than half the infrastructure grant funds support service delivery. The state allocates funds to 43 local health departments based on the number of young children who live in the area. Local health departments are free to pursue the strategy they choose to ensure timely immunization.


The most common use of the funds is to pay staff to administer vaccines.

The infrastructure grant supports a central immunization program staff and two four-person field staffs - one that works with local health departments and another that works with the VFC providers who work in the private sector. Both field staffs work with providers on the logistics of obtaining vaccines and proper vaccine storage and handling.


The field staff working with local health departments assists when outbreaks occur. It also reviews assessments of coverage levels among children immunized by local health departments. This group is responsible as well for working with schools to ensure compliance with school entry immunization requirements.


The field staff that deals with other VFC providers tries to retain and recruit new providers.

The core of the central staff comprises the program manager, a series of individuals with specialized functions, and support staff. A surveillance coordinator focuses on epidemiology and surveillance through activities such as visiting localities experiencing outbreaks and gathering reports of vaccine-preventable diseases.


An outreach and education manager and staff work broadly through a newsletter with a circulation of 8,000 and annual immunization workshops conducted around the state that attract 800 people a year. This group targets efforts to improve service delivery, such as a peer-to-peer physician education network and distribution of an immunization provider toolkit.


The assessment coordinator oversees two contracts designed to provide immunization assessments - one for clinics and physician offices in the Detroit area and the other in 22 community and migrant health centers.


This individual also conducts assessments outside Detroit. Assessments use the CDC-developed Assessment, Feedback, Incentives, and eXchange of information (AFIX) methodology. This activity has produced an average of 10 percent higher coverage levels at the time of the second follow-up assessment. The state staff also includes an immunization registry coordinator, although the costs of operating the registry are paid with state funds.


One person focuses on reducing perinatal hepatitis B transmission, following up on possible cases of transmission by mothers to their newborn children.

Federal funding for infrastructure supports other outreach efforts as well. These include contracts to answer calls to a toll free number for immunization information, and to conduct outreach to day care providers in an urban area with a history of outbreaks in day care centers.

Below, are the six things they claim they do:

  1. Assure the purchase of recommended vaccines for the total population of U.S. children and adults, with a particular emphasis on the protection of vulnerable groups.

  2. Assure access to such vaccines within the public sector when private health care services are not adequate to meet local needs.

  3. Control and prevent infectious disease.

  4. Conduct population wide surveillance of immunization coverage levels, including the identification of significant disparities, gaps, and vaccine safety concerns.

  5. Sustain and improve immunization coverage levels within child and adult populations, especially in vulnerable communities.

  6. Use primary care and public health resources efficiently in achieving national immunization goals.

Sound great?

Don't be fooled. All of this is something entirely different than it is made to appear.


Everything they do is based upon the false foundational premise:

What I call the "Vaccine Construction" is a combination of Federal/State Agencies and Vaccine Manufacturers banned together into a HOUSE OF CARDS made up of certain foundational beliefs:

The construction's whole current premise is made up of the idea that,

  1. vaccines are safe

  2. have always been safe

  3. they can be relied on

  4. the agencies can be trusted to look out for the public good

  5. that vaccines have an overlying wonderfulness that acts as a "Prevention" of disease, since, as they falsely claim "Vaccines have eradicated most diseases"

If it can be shown that even one of these foundations is false, or even in question, the house of cards could blow over. This assault, questioning the validity of the original Thimerosal Studies, substantially attacks four of the five foundations (1, 2, 3, and 4).

This would, without doubt, lead to the very end of the US Vaccine Program - and, most likely, the world vaccine program.


Frankly, that's a good thing.

How could any of us, ever again, trust ANY of the members of the "Vaccine Construction?"


For they have demonstrated very clearly, over the Thimerosal in vaccines issue alone, their reality, by callously disregarding the guiding and deciding argument "Children are a nation's greatest asset."

But, it is all a House of Cards... It isn't worth saving. It is time to blow it over.


Why? Because, with the new 2011 vaccine plan, replacing the 1994 plan, those numbers (one in six, and one in one hundred ten) are going to increase rapidly - without question.


Read this below - once again from the 2000 Institute of Medicine "Calling the Shots" report:

Immunization Schedule
Ever since the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) offered the first immunization guidelines in the 1930s, scientific developments have led to regular changes in the recommended immunization schedule.


The rate of change has increased dramatically in the last decade and is likely to continue accelerating in the next 20 years (see Figure 2-1). Between 1938 and 1985, five vaccines (three childhood and two adult) comprising nine different antigens were available. In the next 15 years, the number of recommended vaccines more than doubled.

To complete the current harmonized childhood immunization schedule, 1 children must receive 15 to 19 doses of vaccine before 18 months of age and a total of 19 to 22 doses to be fully immunized by the age of 6 (see Figure 1-1 and Table 1-3 in Chapter 1).


During some office or clinic visits, the administration of 3 or 4 separate injections is indicated. Adolescents are to receive a tetanus shot between ages 11 and 15, as well as measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR), varicella, and hepatitis B vaccinations if these were not administered at a younger age.

Look at this chart:


If all of this is making you VERY AFRAID the next paragraph excerpt just below is going to have you shopping for a wind machine:

"In the next 20 years, the number of vaccines available could triple relative to those recommended today, almost a ninefold increase since the 1950s (when only polio, diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccines were recommended) (IOM, 1999b - see Table 2-1 above).


While all of the vaccines that become available may not be recommended for universal use, the schedule’s complexity is certain to increase, although the creation of combination vaccines may minimize the required number of vaccine administrations and office visits.2


Moreover, in addition to the creation of new vaccine types, new forms of administration are being tested, such as the use of live, attenuated influenza virus administered by intranasal spray (Nichol et al., 1999; Poland and Couch, 1999)."

Where we really are...

At first, in this article, I was going to explain what the " Vaccine Construction" actually is, how it works, who it benefits, where the shiploads of money are distributed, and where they intend to go - and why NONE of this benefits North Americans, And, why NONE of this benefits ANYONE on Planet Earth.

Since slightly before I started the "Geier Case Article Series" the Vaccine Construction has been conducting a massive public relations campaign trying, desperately, to convince the people, not only in the US, but everywhere, that Thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines is absolutely safe.


It was an uphill battle, they mustered all of their troops, and they attacked with a vengeance.

And they failed....

So right now, especially after what happened a few days ago, the US "Vaccine Construction" is in a high-blood-pressured, wide-eyed, stumble-when-they-walk, panic over the "Thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines issue."

Why do I say that? Several reasons:

  1. On the first day of the United Nations Environment Program - Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee to prepare a global legally binding instrument on Mercury (INC3) being held in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, the African Delegation, representing fifty four (54) of the one hundred fifty (150) total delegates rose and spoke to the Assembly stating EMPHATICALLY that they don't care a wit about the WHO recommendations, nor the US CDC positions on Thimerosal in vaccines, they want a word wide ban on Thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines right now.

  2. The word is out, and the US CDC is NOT going to recover from the "cover up" it manufactured in the late 1990s regarding the dangers of Thimerosal in vaccines. We are being nearly buried in media requests - and are handling every one in order.


    As an example, listen below to the Robert Scott Bell interview of Brian Hooker PhD. It is EXPLOSIVE:





  3. The CDC, itself, is in a panic over the Hooker v CDC Federal Court case, trying to delay giving up records. Last Friday, October 28th, 2011, they were supposed to, either, give up the records, or file a Motion indicating their legal arguments on why the should not.


    Instead, they showed up in Court on their knees, so to speak, asking the Judge for another seven days, until November 4th, 2011, to comply. There IS NO LEGAL ARGUMENT left. This is just a stall.

Why were they stalling?


Because they know that if we had those records we would be handing out copies, with summaries and explanations attached, to each and every of the one hundred fifty (150) delegations at the Nairobi, Kenya UNEP meeting this week. And that, my friends, would be THE END of the Vaccine Construction worldwide.

Will the stall work? No, we know where to find the delegates after the meeting.



What is this really all about?

In short, the drug lords need an increased vaccine schedule to make up for their patent-run-out losses.


More, for reasons internal to their operation, vaccines are not that profitable, individually. The drug industry, especially the vaccine component, takes in a lot of money. But, they have to put out a lot of money.


According to the authoritative source,

"The imminent arrival of the dreaded "patent cliff" has been haunting the pharmaceutical industry for years, and it's finally here. With patents on many blockbuster drugs about to expire, an estimated $250 billion in sales are at risk between now and 2015, according to data from EvaluatePharma.

Once drugs lose patent protection, lower-price generics quickly siphon off as much as 90% of their sales.


For consumers, the savings from generics can be substantial, as this price table of the top 25 brand-name drugs with available generic counterparts highlights. According to pharmaceutical analyst Sophia Snyder at research firm IBISWorld, generics now average about 30% of the price of the brand-name originals.

In 2010, the pharmaceutical industry had sales of $860 billion worldwide, up 3% from 2009. Just 133 blockbuster drugs accounted for $295 billion of those sales - about 34% of the market - according to IBISWorld.


Of those blockbusters, 13 are set to lose patent protection through 2013.

The pharmaceutical industry is currently in big trouble financially, and frankly, is relying on those Federal/State agencies to bail them out with an INCREASED Vaccine Program.


That won't happen if the American people no longer trust the CDC, nor the "Vaccine Construction" - and they should not.








Part Five

Using the Federal Court System to Uncover the Criminal Conspiracy ...

December 18th,  2011


Yes, you read that subtitle above correctly.

We the people of the United States formed a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people" a long time ago, and we fully intend that government to stay within our control.

There are those within our society who have every intent to abuse our systems for their own benefit. Often, history shows, those abusers work within that system, as employees, advisors, consultants, whatever.

That is not news, nor is it a new situation that we the people have to suddenly deal with. Our founding fathers (and mothers) understood the foibles of humanity and built into our political arena a system of checks and balances. That system is reflected at every level in our government; federal, state and local.

In the federal system, for instance, the founders divided our government into three distinct entities each watching the other two, insuring that none become despotic. Those divisions; the Executive, the Congress, and the Judicial, just by their design, perform that function.

More, there are redundant systems - meaning that there is usually more than one way to keep one of our created government units in line, performing the functions we intended for them in the way we intended. The Maryland Board of Physicians, for instance, has found out the hard way, recently, that those systems exist and can be readily activated to put a ring in their nose, so to speak, and lead them back onto the path of righteousness. Click here, and here, to read the two articles (so far) about this situation.

In the first four articles titled "The CDC has know all along how dangerous vaccines are - and has covered it up..."


I laid out, for the readers, the story parts:

  1. the Starting Point

  2. the Lawsuit Against the CDC

  3. What the Government Agencies Actually Knew

  4. What The "Vaccine Construction" Is and Does

In this fifth article of this series I will explain where this is all going, what is really happening here - the use of the Judiciary branch of the US Government to rein in the activities of an out-of-control federal agency - the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - a Division of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

And something more. Much more. It is time for criminal indictment.

The search for documents, in this court case, is uncovering a pattern of criminal activity. Whoever is running, making the decisions to withhold documents at CDC, knows where all this is going. I am certain that within the walls of the CDC, right this minute, certain CDC employees - past and present, contractors, and consultants, etc. are quietly being told to personally "lawyer-up," and familiarize themselves on how to make claim to the Fifth Amendment provisions of the US Constitution (taking the Fifth).

Is there really criminal activity here?

You bet there is. Major criminal activity. The people involved in this denial of the effects of Thimerosal in vaccines, and the cover up of the real situation, are some of, perhaps, the worst criminals in the history of mankind. Just look at the numbers of children damaged, and the cost to society - worldwide. This is far worse than anything the NAZIs, or Stalin, did. This overshadows any genocide effort in the history of mankind.

This isn't about simple fraud, the marketing of vaccines, or some comparison of preservatives in vaccines. This is about major damage to children. And it is all coming out.

And that's the bottom line.




The latest Plaintiff filing - the answer to the CDC's claim

"CDC Tells Federal Court - 'FOIA Means Nothing to Us. We'll Withhold Whatever We Want...'"

Yes, this case is about forcing the CDC to release information under the Freedom of information ACT (FOIA) about how they allegedly manage vaccines.


But, it is about a lot more than that. It's about setting the CDC up, in a trap, showing through their actions that certain employees, including CDC management, are KNOWINGLY conspiring to withhold public information for their own reasons.

What? Trapping the CDC? Yes. It was easy. How? Because Brian Hooker PhD, like a good attorney in court, was asking questions he already knew the answers to, just to see how the CDC would respond. And, they walked right into the trap.

What trap? Well, Hooker already had, from another source, a good part of the info he was demanding from the CDC - and the CDC was denying access to it, claiming it didn't say what it said - that it was deniable - when. of course, it was not. So, the trap was sprung, and this court answer shows how deceitful the CDC really is. A lie is a lie, is a lie...

Why is the CDC doing this? Because, I think, they are covering up criminal activity on behalf of employees and consultants.


Below is the introduction to the recent court filing:


This case, of course, involves FOIA requests by Dr. Hooker for information from the CDC relating to the use of mercury in the form of Thimerosal in vaccines and resulting publications about its safety.


Fortunately, Dr. Hooker was able to obtain from former Congressman Dr. Weldon unredacted versions of these emails which he has been able to compare to the redacted emails he received from the CDC. Clearly, the CDC has improperly redacted information. One example of that is presented here in this introduction.


An article published in Pediatrics in 2003 claimed that the Danish study proved that mercury in the form of Thimerosal was safe because the autism rate went up in Denmark after mercury was taken out of vaccines.

As this email proves, the opposite was true.

In comparing the redacted version [Exhibit 5B] and the unredacted version [Exhibit 5C] of emails between Danish (Madsen et al.) article coauthors and CDC employees, it may be seen that the CDC is withholding the fact that earlier versions of the Madsen et al. paper were rejected by The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and Lancet, prior to publication in Pediatrics in 2003.

Click here to read the emails mentioned on pages 2, 3 and 4 of the court document. In fact, you can read the entire court document if you want.

After mention of those emails the document summarizes what this case is really all about by saying:

"Thus, a deception was set in motion that has become the generally accepted consensus within federal bureaucracy including not only the CDC but the Institute of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, the news media and the public in general, that mercury is perfectly safe in vaccines despite Dr. Cordero description of mercury above as having “serious neurological effects”.


This information is an example of the improper handling of these FOIA requests by the CDC. The information above will be discussed in more detail below along with other factual situations."


The information that is being withheld points to, and details, the conspiracy...

One of the key parts, but certainly not the only part, of what is being revealed is the situation surrounding one Poul Thorsen - the CDC's vaccine "Poster Boy."

What's come out of the Poul Thorsen situation is very clear:

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark."

This phrase, from Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act I, Scene 4, was spoken by an Officer, Marcellus, after the ghost of Hamlet's father, the late King of Denmark had appeared.


The phrase means,

"things are unsatisfactory; there is something wrong."

And, this phrase couldn't be more apt explaining the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s so-called study, done in modern day Denmark, they claim disproves any association between Thimerosal and Autism.



All about Poul Thorsen

CDC's Vaccine Poster Boy...

The first words in the US Government's April 13th, 2011 criminal indictment of Poul Thorsen, the author, arranger, and originator of what is informally called "The Denmark Study," the very first of, and the basis for all other studies allegedly proving NO RELATIONSHIP between Thimerosal and Autism, are:

  1. Beginning on a date unknown, but at least by in or about February 2004, and continuing until in or about February 2010, in the Northern District of Georgia and elsewhere the defendant, POUL THORSEN aided and abetted by others known and unknown to the Grand Jury, did knowingly devise and intend to devise a scheme and artifice to defraud, and to obtain money and property by means of materially false and fraudulent pretenses, representations, and promises, and by omission of material facts, well knowing and having reason to know that said pretenses, representations, and promises were and would be false and fraudulent when made and caused to be made and that said omissions were and would be material.


  2. Beginning in or about 2000 the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Division of Birth Defects and Developmental Disability awarded grant money to Denmark for research involving infant disabilities, autism, genetic disorders, and fetal alcohol syndrome.


    The CDC awarded the grant to fund studies of the relationship between autism and the exposure to vaccines, the relationship between cerebral palsy and infection during pregnancy, and the relationship between developmental outcomes and fetal alcohol exposure.


  3. Defendant THORSEN worked as a visiting scientist at the CDC, Division of Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, when the CDC was soliciting the grant applications. Defendant THORSEN promoted the idea of awarding the grant to Denmark for studies related to infant disabilities.


    Defendant THORSEN scheduled meetings with the Danish Medical Research Council, Aarhus University, and Odense University Hospital about the proposed Danish research. In addition to initiating the meetings, defendant THORSEN provided guidance and ideas for the grant that the CDC ultimately awarded to Denmark.


  4. The CDC initially awarded the grant to the Danish Medical Research Council and then, beginning in or about 2007, to the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (DASTI), both of which were governmental agencies in Denmark.


    From 2000 through 2009, the CDC awarded over $7 million to the Danish Medical Research Council and over $4 million to DASTI, totaling over $11 million, for the Danish research studies.


  5. Aarhus University and Odense University Hospital administered the CDC grant under the direction of a principal investigator, who was assigned scientific and administrative


  6. In 2002, after CDC awarded the grant, defendant THORSEN went to Denmark and became the principal investigator, responsible for administering the research money awarded by the CDC to Denmark.


    Defendant THORSEN also held a faculty position at Aarhus University, where scientists performed research under the grant. In those positions, he submitted invoices for payment to Aarhus University and Odense University Hospital for work and expenses related to the CDC grant.


  7. In or about May 2007 and March 2008, defendant THORSEN submitted fraudulent letters to DASTI, purportedly signed by grant management officers at the CDC, that falsely stated that the CDC had awarded grant money, and that certain funds were available, to DASTI under the grant.


    Defendant THORSEN forged the CDC employees' signatures on the letters. Based on the misrepresentations in these letters, DASTI released funds for work and expenses that defendant THORSEN claimed were associated with the CDC grant.


  8. From or about February 2004 through in or about June 2008, defendant THORSEN submitted over a dozen fraudulent invoices, purportedly signed by a laboratory section chief at the CDC's National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, for reimbursement of expenses that defendant THORSEN claimed were incurred in connection with the CDC grant.


    The invoices falsely claimed that a CDC laboratory had performed work under the grant for which Aarhus University owed money. Based on the misrepresentations in these invoices, Aarhus University wire transferred hundreds of thousands of dollars to accounts held at the CDC Federal Credit Union in Atlanta, Georgia.


    Aarhus University believed that the accounts, which were identified in the fraudulent invoices, belonged to the CDC.


  9. In truth, the CDC Federal Credit Union accounts were personal accounts held by defendant THORSEN. He used the accounts to steal money under the CDC grant.


  10. After the money was transferred to defendant THORSEN,s accounts, he moved the money among multiple CDC Federal Credit Union accounts and eventually withdrew it for his own personal use.


    Defendant THORSEN purchased a home in Atlanta, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and Audi and Honda vehicles with the proceeds of his fraud. He also obtained numerous cashier, s checks made out to himself from the fraudulent proceeds deposited at the CDC Federal Credit Union.


  11. Defendant THORSEN obtained over $1 million from his scheme to defraud.

Poul Thorsen is the CDC's expert on the effects of Thimerosal in vaccines.


Got that picture? He is also being indicted in Denmark.

The day after Poul Thorsen was indicted in the US David Gorski MD, the one I call "Orac the Nipple Ripper" in his blog, wrote about how Thorsen's indictment had nothing to do with his research, blah, blah, blah.


To me, Orac's writings are indicative of the fear level generated in the vaccine industry by Thorsen's arrest.


Why do I say this? Because Age of Autism (AOA) author/editor Jake Crosby recently identified, in his article "David Gorski’s Financial Pharma Ties: What He Didn’t Tell You," that "Orac" is employed by, acts as the agent of, and is the spokesperson for, Sanofi-Aventis - the world’s largest vaccine maker. Certainly, Gorski, who writes in a neurotic panic-mode at most times, was even more strident and pedantic in his commentaries on this day.


Probably got a call from his paymasters?

Click here to read the Federal Grand Jury Indictment of Poul Thorsen. You'll get, from this, a sense of the reality of the ENTIRE vaccine construction, for Poul Thorsen epitomizes the vaccinology world.



Robert Chen

(At the time) Chief of the Immunization Safety Branch (ISB) in the National Immunization Program at CDC...

"Chen the Hider." Below, you will see why I call him that.

In the current court documents filed by the Plaintiff, over seven hundred pages including exhibits, is an interesting statement of facts.


It says:

"Dr. Robert Chen Did Not Retain His Email Replies in an Important Discussion with Dr’s Verstraeten and Miller, Regarding Whether to Grant WHO Money to Dr. Miller for the U.K. Thimerosal Study - CDC’s Claims of Search Are Insufficient. This begs the question, “Why did Dr. Chen not retain any of his email replies?”


Also, it is curious that these replies could not be obtained by some type of archival system as typically, emails are not stored directly on an individual's hard drive, but are instead maintained on a central server.


Given the definition of a record as laid out in 44 USC 33011, Chen's correspondences with Tom Verstraeten and Liz Miller about her WHO grant to look at Thimerosal and autism constitutes a record.


Chen's deliberation with Miller/Verstraeten would have been key to show how and why they moved forward with the U.K. work. Chen shows up in other emails (Exhibits 3A & 3B), therefore his replies may be on other hard drives."

The importance of this - Robert Chen says of himself, on the Emory University website:

"I serve as the Chief of the Immunization Safety Branch (ISB) n the National Immunization Program at CDC. We are perhaps the largest group of scientists in the world focused on making sure that immunizations, a relatively universal exposure for children and many adults, are as safe as possible.


Given the success of immunizations in eliminating their target diseases, maximizing the safety of immunizations is essential to maintaining public confidence in this critical public health intervention.

I've been working in the safety arena since 1988. Before that, I also worked primarily in immunizations on various aspects of the control of vaccine-preventable diseases. These include investigating outbreaks of diphtheria, measles, pertussis, and polio.


I've also worked on environmental health assessment for the California Department of Health and the AIDS programs in San Francisco in the past.

Research interests: My interests focus on identifying (or refuting) possible risks from immunizations, and if real (e.g., intussusceptions after rotavirus vaccine), what the risk factors or pathophysiology that might allow us to minimize the risk or make the vaccine safer.

Besides conducting epidemiologic activities related to the surveillance and evaluation of the safety of routine vaccinations, ISB also develops new surveillance methodologies (e.g., data mining, syndromic surveillance), assists policy makers in rational vaccine use, and identifies optimal ways to communicate vaccine risks and benefits.


More recently, ISB also began conducting surveillance for the safety of vaccinations used to protect against bioterrorism agents such as anthrax and smallpox.

ISB has developed the following important vaccine safety databases and assessment tools:

  1. the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), one of NIP's largest (>10,000 annual reports) and most complex passive surveillance systems

  2. the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD), CDC's largest collaborative project with Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), conducting active surveillance via linked computerized vaccination and medical records in 8 MCOs that enroll >2.5% of the US population

  3. the new Clinical Immunization Safety Assessment (CISA) network, where patients who may have had a serious or unusual vaccine reaction will be systematically evaluated at one of 7 referral centers to better understand the risk factors for and the pathophysiology of adverse vaccine events"

Robert Chen was, at the time, the lead person in the US in charge of vaccine safety.


He was part and parcel of the Thimerosal in vaccine dialogue. Of course Brian Hooker wanted to see Chen's emails on the subject.

But let's put this into perspective. Does anybody believe, even for a minute, that it is normal procedure for a high level CDC employee to ERASE his email communications? Of course not.


More, Robert Chen would not, at his level, have any access to the CDC mainframe records. Any erasure of his emails was not only intentional, but occurred with the approval and outright cooperation of CDC management.


The word here is CONSPIRACY, plain and simple. The phrase "Obstruction of Justice" comes to mind.

More, this wasn't Robert Chen's first effort to hide records. Chen brags, in his Emory University description of himself, that his department was in charge of two different vaccine safety databases:

  • The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

  • The Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD), CDC's largest collaborative project with Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)

Chen, for years, withheld any, and all, except for himself, access to the VSD hard data. It wasn't until Chen was physically removed from that post that anyone, other than Chen, got access.

In short,

"He who controls the vaccine safety data controls vaccines."

Robert Chen, during this period, controlled vaccines.

Robert Chen had set up what is known as the Brighton Collaboration, funded by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, blah, blah, blah...


As their website says:

"It all started in 1999 following a presentation by Bob Chen, the father of vaccine safety research. In his talk, he stressed the need to improve vaccine safety monitoring by developing internationally accepted standards.

Among the members of the enthralled audience were Harald Heijbel, Ulrich Heininger, Tom Jefferson, and Elisabeth Loupi. After the talk they approached Bob Chen with excitement. The 5 of them decided to start a project to develop a common language and standardized research methodology to improve the accuracy of vaccine safety risk assessment.

Thus, the Brighton Collaboration was formed. Since then we have become a global resource for vaccine safety. Here is a chronological list of our milestones:"

This is a BIG THING in this case, for it is very clear that the CDC management, and not just a few employees and consultants, is complicit in this cover-up activity - for it is not possible for one employee to erase his email records in the entire database.

So what was it that Chen, and the CDC management, found so damaging?

Assume the worst.



One last thing...

About those emails Brian Hooker already had. The ones used to spring the trap. Here is part of what the current court document has to say about those:


IV. Unredacted Versions of Emails Were Obtained From Dr. David Weldon’s Office (Former Member of Congress) [Exhibit 5]

These Emails When Compared to the Redacted Emails Furnished Hooker Cast Doubt on the Veracity of the Denmark (Madsen et al. 2003 Study) and Also Show a Pattern of Deception On the Part of the CDC.

In comparing the redacted version [Exhibit 5B] and the unredacted version [Exhibit 5C] of emails between Madsen et al. 2003 publication coauthors and CDC employees, it may be seen that the CDC is withholding the fact that earlier versions of the Madsen et al. 2003 publication were rejected by The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and Lancet, prior to publication in Pediatrics.


In spite of the two rejections, which would connote significant weakness in the research presented in the publication, Dr. Jose Cordero, then Director of the National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities of the CDC, wrote a recommendation letter [Exhibit 5D] for “expedited review and consideration” of the manuscript.


Dr. Cordero also wrote in his letter,

“The Danish study is a powerful epidmeiologic [sic] study of this issue…” and “Its findings provide one strong piece of evidence that Thimerosal is not causally linked to autism.”

Although the revelation that the Madsen et al. 2003 publication had been rejected by two front line medical journals may have caused significant embarrassment to Dr. Cordero and the CDC if this had been released via the FOIA, 74 FR 4683, the January 21, 2009 Presidential Memorandum regarding the FOIA [Exhibit 5E] states,

“The Government should not keep information confidential merely because public officials might be embarrassed by disclosure, because errors and failures might be revealed, or because of speculative or abstract fears.”

In addition, both the redacted and unredacted versions of the Madsen/Lauritsen emails make it clear that the Denmark coauthors with the CDC's full knowledge were considering removing 2001 autism incidence data that show a pronounced downward trend between the years 1999 and 2001 in all age groups (2-4 year olds, 5-6 year olds and 7-9 year olds) after the removal of Thimerosal.


The unredacted information obtained by Dr. Weldon's office includes peer review comments from the journal Pediatrics [Exhibit 5F] that state:

“The drop of incidence shown for the most recent years is perhaps the most dramatic feature of the figure and is seen in the oldest age group as well as the youngest. The authors do not discuss whether incomplete ascertainment in the youngest children or delay in the recording of data in the most recent years might play a role in this decline, or the possibility that this decrease might have come through the elimination of Thimerosal.”

In the final version of the publication [Exhibit 5G], the 2001 incidence data were removed from the figure, which obviated the downward trend highlighted by the peer reviewer.


This makes it appear that the Danish researchers, the CDC and the Journal of Pediatrics colluded to exclude the data showing a downward trend, substituting it with a claim of an upward trend in the Journal of Pediatrics 2003. This article has been the foundation for the claim and the widespread belief that mercury in the form of Thimerosal is safe in vaccines and has nothing to do with autism.


In contrast, if that article had accurately reported a downturn in autism in Denmark, that true statement could have only led to the conclusion that mercury in the form of Thimerosal is a factor in causing autism.



In Summary...

The court document sums it up very well.


It says:


As has been explained heretofore, the CDC improperly redacted information, may have redacted additional information and may well have improperly withheld documents.


This should be the subject of discovery and in-camera inspections.


The disappearance of the Chen emails, likewise, should be subject to discovery which might well include examinations of his hard drives and other data storage.