by Mike Adams

March 27, 2009
The Health Ranger
NaturalNews Editor

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Dr. Sherry Tenpenny speaks out against the dangers of vaccines in an exclusive audio interview published today on


Author of the book Saying No to Vaccines, Dr. Tenpenny is a well-informed, vocal opponent of mandatory vaccination policies and a well-respected educator on health freedom and vaccine exemption strategies for concerned parents.

In the interview, Dr. Tenpenny discusses:

  • The startling truth about dead animal materials used in the making of vaccines.

  • How many vaccines actually CAUSE the very diseases they claim to prevent!

  • Why vaccines are being pushed to treat symptoms caused by other vaccines.

  • How drug companies use medical quackery and fear tactics to push vaccines.

  • Why the idea that vaccines eliminate infectious disease is a medical myth.

  • How vaccines damage the immune system and can cause autism.

  • Why most children are given more than 100 different vaccines within the first six years of their life.

  • The shocking truth about how one doctor said children can be given as many as one thousand vaccines without any side effects at all!

  • How parents can protect their children from vaccines in any state or country.

  • Why doctors are so easily seduced by the vaccine pushers, and how you can protect yourself (and your children) from ignorant physicians.

  • The true history of vaccines and why vaccines became a favored form of Big Pharma quackery.


Get informed now

Don't you deserve to know ALL the facts on vaccines? Doctors, drug companies and health authorities only tell you one side of the story - the Big Pharma side. But there's another side that you're not allowed to learn: The real world side of the story.

In the real world, you see, injecting children with DNA fragments harvested from diseased animals seems utterly senseless. In the real world, the human immune system is an amazing system of biotechnology that doesn't need chemical assistance to function properly. In the real world, teenage girls are dropping dead within hours after receiving HPV vaccine injections.

Drug companies don't want you to know these facts, but intelligent, concerned parents everywhere are getting informed!

Inform yourself now by listening to this exclusive interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (below).


I have absolutely no financial ties with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, her book or her website ( This information is provided solely for the purpose of educating parents and saving the lives of children.

  • Vaccines are not the answer!

  • Children need vitamin D, sunlight, real food and real physical activity.

  • A healthy child needs no vaccines, period!

The healthiest children in America right now are home-schooled, non-vaccinated, well-nourished children with intelligent, informed parents.


Listen to the full interview