by Paul Fassa
May 3, 2013
from NaturalSociety Website

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The recent Texas Medical Board attacks on Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, who has been highly successful at curing hopeless cancer victims in his Houston research clinic, brought to mind an interview quote from Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez


He referred to the cancer industryís attitude toward treating cancer outside the medical mafiaís zone of standard care.

ďItís beyond a double standard. Itís more like the twilight zone,Ē he exclaimed.




The Double Standard of Care Principle


Put simply, when alternative practitioners or pioneering MDs start having success treating cancer outside mainstream medicalís approved standard of care set by governing medical bureaucracies to appease Big Pharma, they are hounded, persecuted, or prosecuted, while information of their successes is withheld.


Meanwhile, hundreds if not thousands die at the hands of the medical systemís standard of care cancer treatments.


A standard of care is a consensus guideline for treatments prescribed by medical board bureaucrats who comply with medical equipment and pharmaceutical companiesí demands to use their products only.


For cancer, itís either,

As long as those three are appropriately applied under standard of care guidelines, it doesnít matter how many die or get sicker from the treatment, or how few survive in remission for five years.


Of course, with the 90% or more who die from cancer or the treatments, thatís just the way it goes. Nice try doctor. Youíre protected from malpractice after discouraging your patient from seeking safer and more effective alternative treatment. Since you followed the standard of care guidelines, death by medicine is pardoned.


Next patient please...


After all, the cancer industry claims a real cure for cancer hasnít been discovered yet. Thatís why they go on fund raising for that elusive cancer cure.


Meanwhile, they pursue extremely expensive cut, burn, and poison approaches with their mantra that itís the only hope for survival, which easily frightens ignorant patients into submission.


Actually, there are already many alternative treatments for cancer, around 200, which are non-toxic, effective, and not nearly as expensive.


Their cure rates exceed mainstream oncology cures by 45% to 85% depending on the type of cancer, its stage, and whether or not they started after cut, burn, and poison from AMA oncology.


Here are just 4 cancer fighting foods to start you off - and there is much more information here.


Successful alternative practitioners have usually had to flee the country or be crushed by the AMA and the FDA, cutting of successful therapies and leaving cancer victims to die.





Mainstream Oncology PR Convinces Media and The Rich and Famous


Dr. Gonzalez and his partner Dr. Linda Isaacs are both highly intelligent and sincere MDs.


They have had the good fortune of benefiting from independent foundation research grants to allow FDAís approval for human level research on hopeless cancer patients using,

  • metabolic enzyme therapy

  • diet

  • liver detox through coffee enemas

They are fine tuning the basic principles of Dr. William Kelleyís treatment with the intent of getting FDA approval.


Dr. Burzynski had gone the same route at great expense, but because he didnít give in to the medical mafiaís attempts at stealing his patented procedures, the medial mafia continued to try shutting him down.


Doctors Gonzalez and Isaacs are having similar medical mafia issues with the Sloane-Kettering Cancer Institute. As an intern at The Memorial Sloane-Kettering Cancer Center, Dr. Gonzalez was assigned to research what Kelley was up to, probably with the intent of proving it didnít work.


But Dr. Gonzalez discovered that Kellyís treatments worked very well.


So he picked up the torch from a slanderously disgraced and fallen Dr. Kelley and got things in order enough to continue Kelleyís legacy with minimal harassment in NYC.


Dr. Gonzalez commented that whenever famous or wealthy patients die from cancer or standard of care, the doctor is publicly praised, along with the deceased patient, for heroic efforts in the war against cancer for merely delaying death for several months with painful treatments.


While interning at Sloane-Kettering, Dr. Gonzalez became aware of a hall with plaque filled walls acknowledging very high end donors to Sloane-Kettering. Those donors of six figures or more were relatives of cancer patients who had died while being treated.


His colleagues jokingly called it the,

ďhall of the grateful dead.Ē

So itís not surprising that the medical mafia wants to mess with Dr. Gonzalezís work to make it fail.


In his book, 'What Went Wrong, Dr. Gonzalez' chronicles the failure of the National Cancer Institute-NIH funded clinical trial conducted at Columbia University, which were improperly organized while deliberately ignoring Gonzalezís protocol guidelines.


Two government investigations have confirmed his allegations. This is nothing new for the medical mafia.


After all, they are the authority. If they say something doesnít work after intentionally misapplying it, thatís the end of it. And AMA doctors and the media buy it without question and sell it to the public.


Thatís why little is known of real cancer cures among the mass population.


Itís not part of the standard of care, which cares more for profit than patientsí welfare.