by Barbara Marciniak

"Family of Light"
September 2, 2015

from RiverbankOfTruth Website

Spanish version





"In a quiet moment imagine there is a purpose to being.


Everything is designed and planned in an impeccable, synchronistic order, and you are involved in it; you are not purposeless little molecules struggling in a meaningless world; you are part of the significant plan, which can be seen from many different angles.


The greatest of covert operators may discredit the idea of an immense plan because, no matter how finely they are tuned, they cannot conceive of a greater energy that designs existence.


Likewise, many people cannot conceive of this immense order because they lack the intent of love or goodwill at the core of their beings.


The universe and all you experience are inherently built on love, a love so grand that it allows evil its own reign, knowing that even within evil there is a purpose.

The storms may appear to be here to destroy you. In actuality they unplug a system of control based on electronic and interdimensional tyranny, a dark occultism, a wizardry gone bad. The darker energy chases you and would do anything to divert this great power that rises in you, yet it is in dealing with the darkness that you find your power.


Otherwise, dear friends, we see in the Book of 'Earth' that many have been lazy, many have chosen fear or simply turned their backs on a great opportunity. And so the shadow that chases you actually defines your light.

Crisis creates an opportunity designed to shatter patterns of rigid behavior, which do not fall away simply because you get up on a quiet morning and say,

'Ah, today I will give up everything.'

That is a logical decision; the change we speak of occurs through your feelings, often through creating a crisis where you must use your will, heart, and mind to redesign your life.


Crisis shatters your impenetrable field, which is like the casing around a young seed, and you must learn to trust that, when the casing opens, you will have a sprout to shoot up. Not all seeds sprout, you know.


And in all fairness, not all humans grow to the fullest of their capabilities.

Begin to trust your belly. Imagine that the intuitive part of yourself feels from there. You must learn to use all of the brain in your cranial area as well as the brain in your belly, the feeling place where you identify and relate to the outside world.


This is the key to producing the frequency of love.


If you do not permit yourself to be honest with yourself and to deal honestly with the simple things in life, then how can you produce love? Instead you will produce resentment because you will not mean what you say.


By naming and dealing with the feelings that arise in this center, you can always move back to love by addressing what is really occurring.


It is important to understand the reason why you may be receiving messages through your body about your health.


Your body is the easiest way for spirit to talk to you when you will not listen. Signs, symbols, and messages are all around you, and you must learn to interpret them.


Your body is working with you, not against you, and right now, no matter what it is doing, your body is assisting you to learn something. Perhaps you are speeding up or slowing down. Do not judge. Allow yourself to feel lousy if you feel lousy, get in touch with it and really feel lousy.


Learn to express the feelings that come up from inside of you, and in this way you can be your own healer. Energy exists around you, and if you would let it in, it would cleanse and revitalize your body no matter how toxic the world may be.

It is important to understand that in healing your physical form, by making yourself grounded and whole and learning how to build a firm foundation of health, prosperity, and love in your vibratory field, you can then stretch out the branches of your blossoming self and grasp what is happening in the rest of existence.


Without firm roots into the living life of Earth, you will be blown away in the winds of change. And yet the energies that would knock you over and shake you up are, in actuality, here to fortify you.


You must find the grace to accept with dignity and gratitude the great lessons that you are creating. Learn from them.


The solutions are always very simple and are usually right there in front of you, and they often involve doing the one thing that you resist doing the most.


Your lessons often involve humbling yourself, saying you were wrong or asking for or giving forgiveness. These are some of the hardest tasks for humans to perform.


Given ten thousand guns, you would gladly go out and fight a war.


But forgive yourselves or someone else? A momentous task..."