by E. Noh-Ra Amrani
June 25, 1997

from InnanaReturns Website

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Countless channels channeling countless entities...

For more than ten years I have been a consciously practicing metaphysician. During these past ten years I studied, participated, became a 'professional' (if you will), channel, energy worker, writer, transpersonal hypnotherapist, minister, and much more.

I've read numerous books and articles on spirituality and written my own, (on the evolution of consciousness and how to be a responsible metaphysician), how we create our own realities, extraterrestrials, religion, history, cultures, and was involved in my own experiences with ET contact, past life recall and public speaking on these topics.

I have seen countless channels channeling countless entities. Although I respect channels (after all, I am one, too) and their entities and the information they bring through, as I believe all things are truth and aspects of The Source, I have been discerning; agreeing with some and not with others as to how it fits into my own truth.

Even though channeling is a art form that takes some training, practicing and is always in a process of refinement, it is also something that we all do several times a day when we go into slightly altered states of consciousness and allowing ourselves to be more connected to our own essence, therefore the essence of God, or The Source and let whatever comes through us. This can be in the form of ideas or anything creative.

One need not channel another entity to be channeling, but that is an option and can be another useful tool.


Speaking with aliens...

Speaking with various beings representing a variety of ET civilizations, and from personal experience with some of them, I had a mostly positive attitude, was accepting and even looked forward to a future in which we can co-exist peacefully as a united, universal civilization on Earth with the Greys, the Martians, whomever it was. After all, we ARE all part of God and wouldn't that be utopia?

However, it has come to my understanding that I, and thousands of others, have been fed a mixture of information, misinformation, and disinformation from both ETs and humans through the government and the media. And so few of those sources have been willing to take full responsibility for what they have put out. In fact, often it appears that much of what is considered to be "fact", isn't. This includes some channeled information brought through channels who had the best intentions but were unaware of their entities' agendas.

Many people participating in the channelings have not been educated in being discerning about who is being channeled and if the information is truly from a reliable source with the intentions of the highest good for those listening. Nor have many people been able to tell the difference between one entity from another. And there is such a vast array of entities from other dimensions, other places.


Not feeling equal to the entity...

Unfortunately, the tendency has been for many in the audiences to put the channeled being in a place of high esteem, above themselves, or even the channel, not feeling equal to the entity. People tend to believe that the entity is more knowledgeable or is a more evolved being (which is not always the case), and give their power away to it/her/him and not question the information given.

This defeats the entire purpose for channeling which, when given from a high source, is to empower and enable listener to gain a new perspective on things to ultimately be more compassionate, understand our multidimensional and multifaceted selves, have more choices and responsibility in being conscious creators.


Interference: how much information was permitted...

I became intrigued with something I found happening within certain channelings. Some extraterrestrial beings have come through channels giving helpful information but would only answer questions to a certain point and no more; some refusing to answer altogether. It wasn't because they weren't capable accessing the data. There seemed to be some kind of interference from another entity controlling, manipulating, how much information was permitted to get through.

Why was that happening and who is responsible for that? It didn't feel to me as if it came from the channel.

Nevertheless, we have heard various beings instruct us how to welcome the ETs who will eventually be here on Earth, how to accept them (when, ironically, we have trouble accepting our own neighbors on Earth). They have spoken on how we have been assisting in the physical and genetic evolution of certain species (willingly or not; gracefully, or from lack of respect and through brute force), all for the supposed betterment of our civilization and theirs.


Prompted and Primed?

Have we been prompted and primed for something? Is it really going to be so rosy according to certain specific agendas, as it has been made out to be for us all? Whose agendas?

Recently I underwent a major transformation within myself as to how I now see and accept much of what I witnessed specifically related to ET experience; how all the years of my exposure and education to these various phenomenon led up to my new self.

In my earlier articles I was given information to share regarding the time when we will hear different sides of issues and we don't know who or what to believe, so we have to connect within ourselves to our Source as that is how we connect with our own truth, guidance.


Roswell, Phoenix, etc.

How timely it is now that with so much information suddenly spewing out all sides of the Roswell Incident, Phoenix sightings, The Ultimate Secret, Mars expeditions, environmental issues, the Omega Agency because everything suddenly fell into a new slot for me in comprehending what that education was all about and how it may be leading to our very near future.


I am not saying I believe everything in these reports but they do make me question what is going on from all sides.


They can survive in Earth's atmosphere...

Let me offer this possible scenario that seems to have something to do all of this: There is a group of extraterrestrials, who, in their own fears and illusions of separation and not believing that they are eternal, think (because they really don't FEEL very much of anything) that their only way to survive is through physicality, through genetic input and close contact with a civilization (Earth/humans) most like their own.


Earth has an atmosphere in which they can survive and human bodies have the DNA that they need. And with all of these items aiding in their own evolution of consciousness, also assisting their spiritual growth, they can also make a shift into a higher dimension.


...keep people confused!

How can they accomplish this from humans without fear or resistance?

To work with individuals, organizations, through abductions, through some channels, by subtly telling us that we were once them, or will be them, or are them now; through governments of various countries offering technology in exchange for human being guinea pigs, or donors. Maybe to work with agencies staging events to test the population as to how well ETs will be received, but not state definitively that they do exist?

To keep people confused or in fear, thereby feeling powerless and divided?

Or, perhaps working with the governments to create a perfect planet in which their species, and possibly humans, can thrive?

Maybe they are saying that humans have messed up the planet (which they really feel is theirs) long enough so, "we will save you all and the Earth and all you have to do is follow our rules, agenda"?

Sure, when we humans see how our planet is suffering (with starvation, poverty, disease, contamination) we want to welcome with opened arms any way to heal and save it, right? How do we know if many of these diseases, for example, were not created intentionally in order to weaken our civilization in order that we will eagerly accept their cures, thereby fulfilling their desired outcome? Who can say?


But, it sure poses a reality check for us all.


Do we need their technology?

Even though our planet is in need of help do we actually need their technology to save our planet? No. We have already developed many new forms of energy that can clean up pollution everywhere within three months time. We have technology that can provide enough electricity and water that is free and helpful, not at all harmful, to the environment.

We have the means to feed, house, clothe, educate, heal, love and care for this planet and all life upon it. WE ALREADY HAVE IT ALL and can always generate it from within ourselves, by connecting to the Source. We just have to start using, doing it.

We can have our armed forces working to restore our planet, plant trees, flowers and food instead of learning only to kill. They can still have their fun in specific locations, if need be. But for us to begin taking our planet seriously so we will be completely self-sufficient, autonomous and not be at the mercy of certain groups that may want to control us, with what may be their own form of legitimized martial law, for their selfish agendas.

Have we reached a point within our own evolution and willingness to cooperate with one another and become conscious and responsible creators of our lives here? Are we now at a place where when WE feel the time is right WE WILL CHOOSE to extend our welcomes to extraterrestrials who resonate with OUR HIGHEST GOOD and GROWTH, HONORING OUR FREE WILL?

When WE are ready, NOT when we are told by a select group that we must or when we must?


Take responsibility for our planet now!

Even if the ETs and any group assisting them can help our planet - is it worth giving up our personal freedoms for it? Do we believe that we are our own saviors and the time is NOW for us to take responsibility for being our own saviors?

This is what I have come to see as my truth of what has been happening on our planet for the past fifty plus years. And what has been the agenda of SOME ET groups (but certainly NOT all) all along - to get us to accept them, see them as benefactors instead of invaders and controllers. And I feel we have let it go on long enough.



Proud of being human...

A message for the specific ET group(s) and those aiding them: It doesn't matter if we were once part of your civilization, engineered your species, how much fluid or guts you have taken from us for yourselves, or how many children you have created with our DNA; we are NOW human and proud of it.

I respect you and that you are also an aspect of All That Is, your right to exist and your free will, too; BUT JUST NOT HERE, because you are not here honoring our feelings, free will, sovereignty, nor for our best interests.

So HIT THE ROAD and TAKE IT ELSEWHERE, because I'm reclaiming my right to live on this planet as a responsible, aware creator, loving, self-empowered, free human being!

Perhaps this is what all of the chaos, misinformation, has been about for us as humans - to finally get the message from the other entities, (light beings, whatever you care to call them), from within ourselves, from The Source, and even from these ETs: to wake up, take responsibility for ourselves and our beloved Earth, and creating our OWN future from our own inner guidance.

A divine message comes through many doors. So, thank you all for assisting in this process, as I (and hopefully, we) now have much more clarity!

Love, light, joy and freedom to you all.