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The Horus Centre
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The HORUS CENTRE is a non profit organization founded by Carlo Dorofatti whose goal is to promote the research about philosophic, esoteric and socio-spiritual subjects, through seminars, meetings, conferences and courses.
It is also designed to be a school and a repository of knowledge, where students learn the principles of occult science and the various elements of esoteric philosophy.
The teaching includes both abstract concepts as well as their more practical applications.






Perception and Reality

Reality surrounding us is made of what we normally perceive and live. This reality is not the whole reality, that is the ultimate and complete concept of Being and of Real in the absolute sense.

Our plain of existence is just one of the possible manifestations of the Being defined by the meeting between "what that is" and our senses.

The modern scientific holographic paradigm perfectly demonstrates this creative process and the absolute evanescence of our illusory material reality.

Between the two extremes - the reality coming from our senses and the Real - there are different intermediate levels of reality which are the pillars of the bridge towards the Absolute.

At the beginning of this theoretical bridge there is our personal opinion of what the reality is. In our jargon this is called "quasi-real". It is the subjective reality related with each one of us, mediated by our personal interpretation of events and meanings.

The next level regards the consensual reality defined by our physical perceptions which are elaborated by our mind according to the current abilities of our species on this planet. This level corresponds to the so-called plain or existence, that is the reality filtered and translated by our senses.

Also the physical reality in itself is something wider in respect of the portion perceivable by us. Investigating the borders of our reality means to explore the borders of our perception. If we could be able to develop a different and wider sensitivity, then we would dramatically modify the reality since our reference plain of existence would be changed and extended.

Esoteric Physics says that our Universe is a field of laws through which the Being finds a possible expression. There are many universes and each of them is a manifestation always original and unrepeatable of the Absolute.

Any universe is one expression of the Real which is mediated by "laws".

According to many myths there are elevate forms of Consciousness (primeval divinities) which expand and evolve through universes as different opportunities of experience of the Being.

Our Universe is the Universe of the Forms and the Humankind, as a spiritual essence, is that primeval divinity which, through the forms and their whole meaning, has to explore and comprehend the experience of the multiplicity and of the becoming in order to integrate itself again in a more evolved expression of the Consciousness.

The Myth of the Mirror tells that the primeval divinity was a big mirror and broke up into multiple pieces inside forms. Each fragment, in spite of its partiality, is able to reflex the completeness of the Whole. All the parts of this mirror must be reintegrated so that the transcendent primeval mirror could be unified again into a higher dimension, thanks to the experience acquired through the conquest of this universe.

It is like the light (Being) which passes through a prism (Universe) and decomposes in many different colors (forms). The original light must be recognized by observers (divine sparks) through multiplicity: each observer will discover that the whole of the colors recomposes the primeval white light but with a new perceiving experience: that of colors. This means that each observer could grow by having a new experience of the Being.

The act of will expressed by the primeval divinity of Humankind creates that anomalous perturbation which produces that singularity we call universe of forms and all its possible material worlds, dimensions and plains of existence.

The main characteristic of the universe of forms are: multiplicity, diversification and dynamicity. Our universe is made of many different worlds, with specific density, dimensions and temporal directions, vibrating on specific frequencies.

All the different possible worlds coexist and are distributed in different states of perception: they are separated but compose, in their whole, the same universe, by sharing its fundamental laws and evolutionary direction.

We live in one of those worlds and determine our plain of existence, within its specific parameters.

Each world is based on particular ratios of laws since the universal laws find a precise and exclusive combination which is functional to the manifestation of that precise possible expression of forms.

In jargon those ratios are called "temporal matrixes" and are the codes of functioning of the universal laws in an oriented time.

The knowledge of those matrixes is fundamental for the esoteric physics, magic technology and alchemy.

Each level of reality has got its own science. For example, psychology and humanistic sciences explore the processes of the quasi-real, just like physics, chemistry and biology investigate the mechanism related with space/time and material forms as they are manifested in our plain of existence (nuclear forces, electromagnetism, gravity).

Beyond this façade, it works the wider nature of our specific world according to our temporal matrixes which refer, in their turn, to the fundamental constitutive laws of the universe. The esoteric physics deals with this deeper level of reality, beyond the sensorial and material illusion, and the endoteric physics investigates its meanings related with the human being.

Inside and beyond the universe and its worlds, throughout the threshold (an intermediate state between Forms and Real), the Being is, and knowledge and experience transmute into the completeness of the Consciousness: where the Magic works.

The human being, thanks to its spiritual essence, by working on itself and its reality, can and must be the bridge between the matter and the Absolute: the forms and their ultimate meaning.


It can and must learn to spiritualize all the events and comprehend the divine language of the Great Work which brings back all the parts to the Whole, all the moments to the Eternity, and the becoming towards what-that-is.



Structure of the human soul

The theory of individual personalities, coming from many ancient and modern spiritual teachings (from Egyptian and Greek Mysteries, Shamanism, Lamaism, Theosophy till to Jung, Crowley and Gurdjieff) says that many personal souls which can support their own potential evolution in the same space-time context with the same criteria, share their incarnation in the same unique physical body and alternate themselves at its management, in a more or less evolutionary way.

This means that more "individuals" compose a complex spiritual structure referred to the same psycho-physical vehicle (the body) which consciousness is organized by more or less mechanisms of awareness, so that each part can express itself, perceive and participate to the reality and, thus, potentially evolve.

During the "current incarnation" the experiences of the personalities coagulate and a new identity (called "personality in formation") is born.


This forming personality is particularly related with the current life and its specific meanings.





Let's call "soul" the whole structure composed by those individual souls sharing the incarnation in the same body, that we simply call "personalities".





The individual soul is an organized structure basically composed by two parts: the whole of the personalities and a spiritual essence which, in the jargon of the esoteric physics, is called attractor.

Just to refer to a well known tradition, from the kabalistic point of view the terms are the following:

  • Jechidah: the individual divine spark, of which we are going to talk later.

  • Chiah: the individual spiritual mission.

  • Neschamah: the inner Spirit that esoteric physics calls "attractor".

  • Ruach: the personalities.

  • Nephesch: the conditioning due to the instinct, education and environment.

The attractor is a principle of absolute intelligence. It is an aspect of the Real permeating each form as a part of the Being.

The name "attractor" has been given according to the particular function that this spiritual principle expresses inside each soul structure. In fact, at the moment of the formation of the soul structure, some days before the physical birth, the attractor attracts and assembles those personalities which, potentially, would be able to obtain a perfect synergic integration in order to achieve the best evolutionary result during the incarnation.

The attractor is an immanent aspect of the Absolute (the Real, or the Being), and it must not be confused with the concept of the primeval divinity that is the principle of consciousness which is applied to the Being but substantially different from that.

Attractors are, in their turn, attracted by any opportunity of complexity and are "activated" in order to combine matter with its energetic, psychic and subtle expression.


We can imagine that one attractor pulses or "comes" from the Real (its natural kingdom) and join the form by crossing the threshold where find and assemble different personalities (quanta of information, memory and complexity) which have the right characteristics to enter that form (incarnation, or better re-incarnation) in order to evolve and complete themselves inside the suitable material context.

Of course nothing "moves" but it is rather an activation of states that "precipitate" in this plain of the being, inside multiple forms and individual entities.

At the physical death of the individual, the soul leaves this world: the attractor "gets back" to the Real and the personalities are released in what we normally call as "netherworld" (the threshold) where they follow different possible destinations accordingly with mechanisms which are quite far from the general religious or superstitious belief (even though these believes can actually originate coherent subtle environments where people could find themselves during a certain period after death, according to their interpretation and expectation).





What is the divine spark?

The divine spark is a fragment of the mirror potentially aware of itself.


It is an active aspect of the primeval divine essence related with species which are evolved at a sufficient level of psycho-physical complexity.

Forms which are carrying a divine sparks and all its spiritual attributes (free will, inner senses etc...) are called as "bridge-forms" since they should mediate the meanings between the material experience and the spiritual and re-integrate the divine essence.

On this planet, our current human species is still a bridge-form.

Below a precise level of complexity the divine principle participates to forms just as an unaware passive aspect, which is immanent and present into each thing. In this case the divine principle is not leaded towards the evolution by its consciousness, but through the mechanism of the universal laws following the development of the complexity. The attractor is the only intelligent reference until the complete awakening of the divine consciousness inside the matter.


Evolution is a natural process to support and consolidate the universe as an expression of the Being: the divine principle accumulates experience and, ideally, at a certain point, starts becoming active.

The divine component grows through the mechanism of the forms and "switches on" when the physical vehicle reaches an adequate level of perception and interaction with the reality so that it can represent a convenient vehicle for an active higher experience. Therefore the divine spark knowingly participates to the nature of forms and events and progressively experiments its distributed immanence.


It must untangle itself into the labyrinth of different possible choices inside a complex environment of interacting multiple forms and options and recognize itself through diversified references.

The free will, the doubt and the choice are born: from that moment, thanks to the bridge-forms, if an ecological and holistic vision of the reality prevails, then the universe can be definitely leaded towards the Being and "get back" to the Absolute.

At the opposite, if the functional characteristics of the universe are negated, the awareness of the reality is lost and illusion, sense of separation, fear, egoism and violence prevail, then universe is leaded toward its destruction, together with the related evolutionary opportunity. This is the way to disenchant, and the renounce of the soul and eternity.

Free will is a double-edge power.

Until that moment any form could not do anything but obeying to the laws of its own nature, but now, thanks to the power related with its level of complexity, it is involved in a game of interferences between the divine aspect and the human identity, spirit and matter, relativity and completeness.

Inside a bridge-form, the divine spark is the element that magnetizes the various personalities on the attractor and merges in each one of them. Ideally the divine spark should attend the personalities in a more and more active way toward the physical and spiritual evolution.

Through our inner personalities, the divine aspect participates to the dynamics of the forms until the complete realization of the Consciousness, reintegrated through our material experience. Actually, we are not human beings which have to become "divine", but rather divine beings which explore humanity through this possible universe.

That inner force (divine spark) develops in parallel with everything e it is not something motionless: it wants grow.

At the beginning we have inherited the seed of that power and, even we don't understand this, we have chosen to be "used" in order to increase its knowledge: every time we learn, it learns as well. It is inside of us.


It is us.





Each personality represents the experiential content of a series of lives; it is an "individuality" which, inside a soul system, takes into a precise function by expressing talents and abilities through its actions.

The whole of our personalities makes our soul structure. According to our usual awareness, we are not fully aware of their presence.


Our aware part (the one which makes us saying: "I am") is managed in turn by one personality (which in that moment we called "dominant") of which we are normally aware for a 0.2/0.3%: the rest is the "unconscious".





Personalities dominate the individual in turn, according to a circadian rhythm.


On one hand, each one of them tends to consolidate itself, even by subduing the others; on the other hand, it tries to find a harmonica integration and balance in order to find a common direction towards the integration of the experiences and of the divine essence.

If the first attitude prevails, then inner conflicts will occur, with consequences, progressively heavier, regarding mind and body.

Each personality is related with subtle parts of our being and with physical organs of our body as well. Sometimes, in order to keep the dominance, one personality enters in conflict with another one and "attacks" the correspondent physical organ.

There are specific psycho-therapeutic and NLP methods which are specialized in acting on the individual personalities in order to re-harmonize this kind of inner conflicts and sort out the related diseases.

From the esoteric point of view it is also possible to directly act in the soul structure in order to integrate or compensate its dynamics through particular subtle and energetic actions made by spiritual healers.





Basically, the human being has got three fundamental natures which are three converging and integrated bodies composing the microcosm: physical body, subtle structure (soul) and spiritual essence.


Each one of these bodies has a complex structure: the physical body has its organs and systems, the soul has personalities and divine spark in evolution and the deep spiritual essence, the intelligent attractor, brings back the whole microcosm to the macrocosm (the Real).

These three natures converge and set the individual in each his physical, subtle and spiritual part, which are coordinated by chakras which connect the various bodies and refine and manage all the spiritual, subtle and vital energies which are indispensable for existence.

Personalities compose the subtle and energetic structure of the individual.

According to the rhythm with which each personality guides the person, we can distinguish:

  • main personalities: they assume command according to a precise rhythm;

  • minor personalities: they join main personalities as "passengers" which are present and aware in the "pilothouse" but don't manage;

  • marginal personalities: they are occasionally present during extremely particular situations.




Historical personality is the elder member of the group, that on which the major number of experiences have been stratified and that represents an existential continuity.

  • Male and female personalities are those that express the related principle and correspond to different ways to manage perception and interpretation of reality.

  • Incomplete personality, even if it is a main personality, is the youngest one and the most immature. It is quite easy to recognize it.

  • The personality in formation doesn't dominate, but its presence is active and triggers a very important mechanism which we'll understand later.

  • This simple scheme shows only the fundamental components. Soul structure is more complex and includes lots of different minor personalities.

  • Each personality has at its disposal its own specific sector of the individual memory which mainly is kept in the sub-conscious.

  • Information, data, knowledge and experiences are recorded by the dominating personality according to its own criteria.

  • The access to all the information is available to all the personalities, regardless that personality which recorded them during its domination.

Each personality has got its own method of filing. The dominant personality can directly collect that information which has been recorded by it. Otherwise, if it looks for information that has been recorded by a different personality, then it has to scroll all the files in sequence, affecting the reaction time.

The personality which collects "its" data is able to receive the complete information made of perception and original related feeling. At the opposite, a different personality is not able to collect the original feeling and can receive only the mere information (perception) and complete it with the feeling of the current moment.

There are also elements which are generically and directly available and used by all the personalities: they correspond to those basic programs of psycho-physical management of the person. This means that the generic behavior, the way of moving and talking, gestures, are not aspects that distinguish one personality from another. Distinctive elements are talents, attitudes, trends, some aspects related with taste and the way of reacting to intense stimuli.

According to our current possibilities, since personalities turn in relation with subconscious mechanisms, learning is a non-sequential process which cannot be stratified on one specific personality. This means that our knowledge is not streamlined and optimized and our performances are not 100% effective.


We have lacks of information and, on the other hand, the same information has been recorded many times by different personalities. All the personalities must share some precise basic information; however, if we knew how to knowingly manage ourselves, then we would be able to specialize each personality in order to obtain a synergic and controlled system of turning.

Through specific techniques of hypnosis we can learn how to become "lucid medium" of ourselves and maximize our evolutionary processes.

  • What's that element which prevents a personality to simply reproduce its "character" even if in different situations and circumstances?

  • Is it enough that the geographical and temporal environment and context change in order to produce different reactions?

  • Are we so available to change and to overcome our limits and prejudices?

Let's go through what really allows us to potentially change and evolve.

The dominant personality of the moment, which is "driving" our conscience, is never alone. In fact, in the "pilothouse" there are other "passengers"; at least one: the personality in formation. The dominant personality's availability to listen to the advices coming from the other passengers depends on the level of integration achieved; nevertheless it cannot avoid interacting with the personality in formation which is the true leading role of the current embodiment.

This unconscious mechanism triggers on the doubt, which ideally is the most important factor of transformation and evolution.





"Male" personalities, which are more techniques, rational and used to logical and sequential processes, prefer using the left hemisphere of the brain. At the opposite, "female" personalities, which are more creative and related with art, imagination and intuition, tend to use the right hemisphere.

The personality in formation automatically uses the complementary hemisphere in respect of that which is used by the current dominant personality. This is just to intensify the mechanism of the doubt and to promote the use of wider logics.

Moreover, take into consideration that only the age of the personality in formation matches with the biological age of the individual: the others can express a different level of maturity which conventionally corresponds to different ages. This creates consequences on the behavior and, through the related physical parties, on the body. For example, we can have a strong and healthy heart which corresponds to a young personality.

When we sleep, there isn't a specific dominant and all our memory is directly manageable by all the personalities which, during this particular status, work through different mechanisms related with the oneiric plain. When we get up, the dominant personality of that precise moment activates itself and re-composes, remembers and interprets our dreams.

Sometimes it happens that some sensations, related with particularly intense experiences, trespass on the current dominant personality and affect all the other personalities and the whole structure. This is the case of traumas.

In order to cure the consequences of a negative traumatic episode, it is needed to act on the dominant personality which suffered it by containing and re-structuring the original feelings.

Beyond hypnotic, self-hypnotic and psycho-therapeutic techniques, through the suitable magical and alchemical knowledge, it is possible to intervene on the individual soul by adding compensative personalities (in order to re-establish the balance) or by acting on the related characteristics and talents to promote the resolution of inner conflicts and the perfect integration.

For example, when a reincarnation is programmed, one specific personality is selected and recalled by intervening on the incarnation path. The attractor will compose the whole structure accordingly.

Of course I am talking about a very complex magic and theurgical rituality which cannot be deepened in this context.


Moreover, the theory of the soul and of the personalities involves many aspects in the field of hypnosis, therapy, NLP and in the more specific and exclusive field of esoteric and initiatic pathway.



When a soul has completed its own experience inside forms, it doesn't follow just a sort of orbit on the threshold in order to come back into the material world accordingly with the reincarnation processes, but, technically speaking, merges itself with the attractor and "go" to the Real by taking all the richness - developed during its vital cycles - to the divine consciousness.

Now, we have to deepen the process which leads to this supreme realization which is not as linear as we ideally would, but that, nevertheless, can potentially be achieved in one life.

Remember that personalities are real individualities.

Each personality has got its own experience, formation paths, memories and ways of thinking and of interacting with the reality.

Incarnation by incarnation, we are an always different complex of personalities which, more or less, can find a shared evolutionary line which is coherent and continuative in proportion with the level of synergy actually achieved.

Ideally, it should be possible to find a precise leading thread which is represented by a consciousness in evolution from one life to another.





The continuative individual line is potentially represented by the personality in formation.

As a matter of fact, this personality, since about 70/90 days from the physical birth, progressively develops during the existence and, finally, should welcome in itself the experiential synthesis of all the personalities of the structure, this way representing the whole meaning of the incarnation.


This is a sort of evolutionary distillate.





This way, it will be able to be present, together with other attracted personalities, in the successive soul system as a complete personality carrying complexity in evolution (it should be the historical dominant personality).





And so on: another personality will be created and will get, together with the others, the result of a new incarnation till the completeness of the consciousness. From a theoretical point of view, a bridge-form should be able to complete the process in only one incarnation, by properly using the power of the free will.

Unfortunately, this is not what that normally happens.

Due to the current human condition on this planet, in order to develop the described process it is needed a complex initiatic pathway of "awakening".

If, during the experience of life, the different personalities - making the individual soul structure - integrate themselves, create a balanced inter-relationship and find a common evolutionary direction, then, at the physical death - when they are released in the threshold - they will be connected and merge in that personality that during the life was the so-called "personality in formation".


This way, they will be present (through one unique mature personality) in the next soul structure, in order to participate to a sequence of stratified experiences, memories and values.

Nevertheless, normally, some of them disperse and their destiny will follow different pathways on different attractors. In general, this is due to the fact that our individual personalities don't achieve - during the vital dynamics - that attunement which potentially the structure is based on.


This means that the ideal spiritual harmony - due to the natural compatibility between the personalities in order for them to share an evolution in that specific context - must be supported by the natural dynamics of incarnation and of life, the exercise of the free will and the growth meant as a conquest.





Unfortunately, this is a mechanism which our way of living got accustomed to and we consider as normal those inner disharmonies which cause our cyclic spiritual dispersion in the time and which - during our life - cause conflicts that can even generate serious psycho-physic diseases.

Each personality produces its own karma and carries specific talents and aptitudes. Each dominant personality - in its moment of driving - elaborates thought and acts.





The so-called "soul weighing" - after the physical death - regards the personality in formation which, more or less, has integrated in itself those personalities which are in harmony: it is the witness and the carrier of the actual growth which has been achieved during that specific incarnation.





According to the esoteric physics, the "soul weighing" is a universal mechanism: the individual complexity is compared with the average complexity of the events in its temporal package: this way it is possible to measure its level of growth or reduction and to determine the direction of its next life inside a commensurate scenario.

It is a natural process in which basically each one is the unique and the final judge of itself, even if there are wider spiritual mechanisms involving divine forces, which can be more or less attuned with the human development, and disembodied entities called as "Masters of Karma", about which it is not possible to explain more in this book.

The personality in formation which carries the essence of other personalities and those personalities which have not been integrated and must proceed on different soul structures, must be embodied in that space-time which is suitable from the point of view of the evolutionary opportunities, chronologically in the future or even in the past in respect of the incarnation which they come from.


In fact, this process occurs outside the time regardless any conventional sequence of time and human idea of progress, and involves measurements strictly related with the process of the spiritual evolution.





Personalities are not scattered - and unable to stratify their development - only because of the reasons described above, but they are also subjugated by predatory forces of different level which participate to the subtle and divine ecosystem but are not in harmony with the natural and human evolution anymore.

When - by using different possible techniques - we do a research of the past lives, usually we work on the historical personality. This research is useful in order to know those aspects of ourselves which can help us to understand and face some aspects or problems of our current life. In doing that, we must consider all this complex mechanism and find out the pathways of our personalities in different soul structures where they shared experiences also with parties that don't belong to us now.

The research of our current lives, of how to knowingly manage our personalities and to properly identify ourselves with our spiritual essence is a pathway toward a deep attunement with ourselves, acceptance and love.

Love, meant as acceptance and communion, is the keystone to achieve a complete union and integration of our inner personalities. It is an emotional process of inner union overcoming any form of ego.

Actually, at the moment we are dominated by our personalities and our body, our thoughts and emotions are subjugated by the dominant as we are somnambulists. In order to join the consciousness we have to learn how to knowingly lead ourselves.





The needed pathway in order to be more aware of ourselves and of what we really are is:

  • Know our personalities

  • Define their talents and experiences

  • Sort out inner conflicts by reciprocal acceptance and by finding and sharing a common evolutionary direction

  • Create a functional relationship

  • Identify each personality and the whole structure with a more complex identity and essence

This work starts from the self-observation and develop thanks to specific techniques.

Of course it is needed a concrete relationship with what is outside of us: the others and all the events of our daily life, inside a concrete context which make us able to really measure our change regardless our personal conviction.

Perfect integration of personalities involves an alchemical process of union of the male and female principles which are kept inside each one of us, in order to re-integrate the mythic Androgen. This is the integration of the two perspectives from which we express our vital energies, perception and interpretation of reality.

This is a fundamental step toward the complete consciousness, without which it is not possible to really comprehend ourselves and the reality, to awake the power of our thought, to be truly free and realize
the Real.


Evolution of the human soul

Each form holds in itself the completeness of the universe and only through the filter of our senses manifests itself as apparently separated from the whole.


Regardless it is a stone or a complex biological body, it is always the receptacle of a spiritual principle which affirms the Being.

Each thing expresses functions and values according to the context it finds itself, and it is made of a physical structure (mass/energy/time), a commensurate soul structure and an essential spiritual principle. This simple scheme matches with the parts of the macrocosm: Forms, Threshold and Real.

Basically, the soul of each thing is a whole of experiences, information, memories and functions we call as "knot of complexity".





Each form - regardless its level of complexity - participates to a temporal flow and to an individual cycle of existence inside which it develops complexity.

On one side there is the evolution of the forms according to the universal laws, on the other side the evolution of the complexity, that is the subtle meaning, more or less evolved, expressed by forms in terms of functions and experiences. During this process, what we called "knots of complexity" - related with simple forms - become "personalities" - related with bridge-forms like the human being.

Each form has got a soul structure which reincarnates and evolves according to universal and spiritual laws.

At the moment, the human species on this planet is (still) a bridge-form, even if there is a serious lack in consciousness which makes it unable to express its natural divine possibilities. This is due to complex reasons related with terrestrial and extra-terrestrial occult history of this planet and humanity.

It is possible to list the main steps toward the whole of the consciousness, according to many traditions, religions and myths. This is just a way to describe the pathway toward the re-composition of the divine mirror and the divinization of the matter.

It is a mystic and magical reawakening which goes beyond any theoretical scheme.


Nevertheless, it could be useful to conventionally describe the steps of this wonderful alchemical process through the following ideal achievements:

  • Conquest the power of the free will as a concrete divine faculty, by overcoming all our conditionings and feel/find/chose our own pathway

  • Achieve a status of real stratification of knowledge, memories and experiences from life to life and a complete attunement with all the natural, human and divine ecosystems. This step corresponds to the INITIATION

  • Re-compose and integrate our own personalities (ENLIGHTENMENT)

  • Free ourselves from the cycle of reincarnation, stabilize the reached evolution and transform the experience in consciousness (METAMORPHOSIS)

  • Reawaken the Inner God (divine consciousness), that is the reawakening of ourselves

  • Divinize the material reality, re-compose the divine mirror at a higher level and realize the Real

Knowledge and, especially, experiences needed to proceed along this ideal trail of transformation and trans-substantiation are acquired through the initiatic way that - in the case of the Endoteric Order for the Global Ascension - is called as "Thelemic School of Meditation" which is a very practical and concrete system of realization.

The evolutionary process described above involves the development of a consciousness which progressively allows us to knowingly act and change the reality.

Each tradition developed its own system of evolution: i.e. the alchemical phases, the progressive reawakening of chakras or the cabalistic pathway through the Tree of Life.

Once we have understood how much our soul and its mechanisms are complex, it is normal to put an important question:

"… at the end of the story, who am I?"…

The possible answers to this question change according to the achieved level of consciousness.

If we reduce ourselves within the limit of our current physical perception and the reality within the mere material manifestation, then our SELF is just identified with our material body, with the duration of our physical life.

In this situation we are at the mercy of the dominant personality at that moment (which we are not aware of) and tend to a very superficial "one-way reading" of reality.

Nevertheless, even if we are stuck in a restricted vision of reality, we still hold a deep spiritual essence able to lead us toward more authentic orientation. This "voice of the conscience", which is often source of a precious uneasiness, is that stimulus which leads us to seek, to put questions to ourselves and to look for more complete meanings of our existence.

When we allow this principle to guide us and our action, we can develop a more lucid vision of reality and give room to our free will not interfering with our deepest being. This process helps us to make the right choice.

Is there one right choice?

Which is the key to cross our existential maze?

The achievement of the consciousness is in the completeness off all the possible experiences, nevertheless, at the same time, there is a precise direction in order to find the best way to exercise what we can call as the "intelligent good".

Endoteric physics says that one action can be right, wrong or… aware.

Often we look for the right key outside of us, in a doctrine, in a method or religion, without considering looking for the solution inside of us. Actually, we have to work on our inner lock so that everything can become a key: any choice, any action and everything we experience can be part of the key and open us to the Real. It depends on us.

Our inner spiritual reference gives us back the reins of our destiny and the relationship with the values of the sacred. Nevertheless, we have to take into consideration a particular interference which, due to our current spiritual position, prevents our soul to grow from one life to another.


This interference is caused by those "forces" which, in our complex ecosystem, exercise a predatory action with our vital energies, during our life and especially after our physical death, and affect the natural process of the evolution of our experiences and the mechanism of the reincarnation.

As long as the human being is "sick" in the current condition, gods will get life from its disease, like energetic fields sucking nourishment from the attention given to them. But when the human being will be able to re-project in itself those forces, taking them back to the Principle which created them, then they will be controlled again by their Primeval Lord.


Human being has to reconcile these gods, inside and outside itself.

We have to give concrete expression to our inner voice and exercise the power of our free will. Each one of us should not just seek but find its own way inside a suitable context of knowledge and especially of energy able to create a relationship with the Beyond and to develop, share and safeguard the natural and spiritual evolutionary ecosystem.

To enter in contact with this kind of reality means to access the possibility of the Initiation: it is the meeting with the Master, inside and outside.

At this point, it is possible to meet that knowledge which, if applied, leads us to a progressively wider vision of the reality and of our own identity.

We'll learn how to recognize the dominant personality, to comprehend and manage the mechanisms of our soul and to be aware of our personality in formation which is our "becoming self" during our current existence.

This way, the long Journey to find and re-compose our parts, know ourselves and our deepest nature begins.

We have to completely identify ourselves with the completeness of our soul structure and investigate what our True Will is:

  • our program

  • the orbit of the star we are

  • the position of our "fragment of mirror" inside the mosaic of the multiplicity

The initiatic choice is a sort of little enlightenment: the Initiate knowingly chooses to take the responsibility of the power of the knowledge, for the others.
It is a real reborn. It is an action of free will which involves and orientates all our personalities.

From a certain point of view, it is fear to say that the complete Enlightenment snakes through different phases and doesn't correspond with only one moment.

To be aware of our soul structure and its different parts is one phase of the enlightenment as well as the reunification of our inner alchemical male and female principles: the royal marriage between the Sun and the Moon which the hermetic tradition talks about.

Moreover, the integration of our personalities leads us to another fundamental awareness: our simultaneous extension in the Time. In fact, all the experiences and memories related with each of our personalities' past lives can be reawaken: we access the Memory of our past lives not because we remind them, but rather because we are living them. We are aware of our dimensional and temporal identity. Windows open on our past lives, which can also be located chronologically in the future, and on real parallel and future possible lives.

The dimensional and temporal completeness of ourselves is the natural step toward our Metamorphosis.

The progressive evolution toward the reawakening of the inner God involves the rehabilitation and the development of the inner senses, that is that deeper sensitivity which makes us able to harmonically build, inside and outside of us, the bridge toward the absolute.

Inner senses allow us to project on the reality our inner light in order to perceive and extract superior meanings beyond the illusion of forms, space and time. The whole concept of reality will be completely revised by our superior consciousness.

We'll be more aware of our subtle and spiritual parts and will be able to give a wider meaning to our emotions. We'll know the real power of our mind which is infinitely inter-connected with the entire universe.

We'll extend our simultaneous perception on ourselves inside the different times of our incarnations and will be able to investigate the subtle worlds and the threshold, to use the power of our will and of our thought and act on the synchronicity. We'll be connected with the experiences of all the other human beings and will perceive our divine origin by entering in relation with superior forces.

In order to fully support these possible perceptions, which otherwise are removed by our mind or reduced as superficial sensations, it is possible to use precise techniques and methods of rehabilitation, just like in a gym. Of course we have to follow a precise plan and use specific instruments (magic tools), which are able to anticipate some effects and, at the same time, to promote the exercise of our latent faculties.

All this must be pursuit inside a harmonic and concrete ethical and spiritual context.

Metamorphosis is a dive in the completeness of the Being, the unification between the soul (as a loyal reflex of the Whole and reverberation of our True Will) and the eternal Spirit.

Once the individual is identified in the completeness of its soul structure and has completed the experiences and all the meanings through this universe, it overcomes the threshold of its identity as a "drop" in order to be the entire "ocean".

Personalities are now something complete and merge themselves in the completeness of the attractor (the Real inside).





It is a process which involves a total transformation of our body, our mind, and our vital and spiritual energies.

As a matter of fact, our material form is not the most advanced expression of the complexity: there are many other levels up to those big multi-dimensional geometries (superior Beings) we can call as "divinities".

Metamorphosis is a different "state" of the being related with the definitive stabilization of an evolutionary process of complexity and the achievement of a new order.

It is the overcoming of the Abyss: the renounce of your self for your Self and of the one inside the One.

Metamorphosis is a conceiving.

The completeness of the experience, achieved through the vital cycles of the personalities, seeds the attractor, the primeval cosmic egg. From the union between the totality of the meanings related with forms and the completeness of the immanent attractor, the inner God is born: the re-integrated conscience of the Being, evolved through the universal meanings.

Before this moment, the attractor was the element able to link the Absolute with the relative: now the whole of the consciousness is supported by the Divinity reawaken inside the matter.

At this point it doesn't make any sense to distinguish the individual in personalities (which are now merged in one unique Whole), attractor (which is a sort of "vicar force") and divine spark (which is simultaneously "drop" and "ocean").

What it was "possible" has become Real, abiding substance in the consciousness of the Primeval Divinity of the Humankind.

Now it is useless to distinguish the universe of forms from the threshold and all the subtle and spiritual beings, and these from the Real, which is here and now.

Forms are divinized and the Divinity is reawakened: the multiplicity and the dynamicity are now matching with the eternity: All is One and One is All. Change is stability, perception is infinite participation. Questions and answers coincide.

Who am I?

If - from one side - it has always been like that, only now I am God.

The Grail

The powerful and pure individual and universal crucible which can hold the trans-substantiation and the divinization of the forms is the Grail.

The esoteric concept of Grail is not necessarily (and only) matching with the saint chalice of the Christian tradition: it is a spiritual mysterious Force which embraces all the human, non-human and superior energies. It is an absolute inviolable ethic reference for the highest and sublime values which each being must tend to.


The Esoteric Orders

A complete universal Metamorphosis is needed to build and support the global considerable experience for the reintegration and the regeneration of the immanent and transcendent divine human consciousness.

The primeval mirror doesn't recompose through single human beings just like we know them on this planet.

The metamorphosis and the reawakening of the Consciousness is a personal achievement. Nevertheless, the autonomous individual metamorphosis is physiologically impossible due to the current physical and spiritual restrictions of the human beings on this planet. Therefore, in order to develop the complete pathway toward the metamorphosis, more complex living structures are needed, which can be able to support a complete material and spiritual progress.


The Esoteric Order (as an initiatic collective body) is the only virtual super-individual which, in its whole, can evolve and create the suitable context in which the individual - as a part of a more complex alchemical being - has got the realistic possibility to overcome the Abyss. Of course, it is not in principle like that (and what I said is not an absolute), but rather a concrete strategy.

We can also say that at the moment the "mirror" can be recomposed through precise collective alchemical structures (i.e. initiatic orders or spiritual brotherhoods) because they are enough complex to represent a meaningful piece of the recomposing mosaic.

Potentially each individual should be able to do this, but, in practice, now, the single individual cannot represent something sufficiently complete to support the whole process. This is due to genetic and spiritual limitations that the terrestrial human being suffered during its long story on this planet.

The "Order" is not just a group of people strongly motivated and linked by their initiatic status, but it must be a multidimensional "body" holding and integrating specific alchemical elements and be connected with particular manifestation of life, intelligence and complexity.

This way it become a macro-entity acquiring a specific identity which will accomplish the metamorphosis and trigger on a process involving each one of its parts (initiates).

The Masters and the Council of the Light

Often we talk about Enlightened Masters, which can be embodied or incorporeal. In general we can say that these Beings, which eventually have already achieved the complete freedom and realization, are aware that the divinization of the matter and the re-composition of the mirror are something more than their own consciousness: the Work is not finalized yet since it has to involve the entire humankind and universe or, at least, an adequate "critical mass".


This is the reason of their voluntary return: they take specific missions in a wider scenario.

These beings, at different order and level, are the Masters of the Council, the Great White Brotherhood, the Astrum Argenteum, the Council of Light or however we call them: a collective of Energy and Consciousness beyond time and space. These Masters (embodied or not, which is the difference?) participate - at different levels of knowledge and power - in order to lead humanity to its principle and aim.

And more after that.



In order to walk the ways of the universe, God has an extremely need of human being.


Only the human being can allow the integration and close the circle. Without the conscience of the human being, God cannot take conscience of itself and, human being, in its turn, cannot complete its existence without taking awareness from the Absolute: the centre and the circumference.

The generative and evolutionary process of the human soul snakes through the more complex universal realization toward the Real.

Here and right now.