by Peter Tremblay
19 November 2007

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Have you ever wondered why representatives and authority structures seem to vehemently deny the UFOs, and numerous reports of historical and on-going contacts with Extraterrestrials?


There have been numerous reports from millions of witnesses, of not only distant sightings of apparent alien spacecraft in the sky, but both apparent hostile and apparent peaceful direct contacts of the "third kind" with many races of Extraterrestrials.

Christian elites tend to present some "creative" spin, similar to the spin by the U.S. government.


This has included the elite propagated suggestion that people who have seen alien humanoids, up and close, actually saw crash test dummies. Millions of people who report having witnessed apparent alien saucer and other unusually shaped spacecraft, have also been provided with pre-packaged explanations of having actually seen "weather balloons".


Apparent alien spacecraft have also been “explained” by government agencies backed up by elites associated with the Christian organized religious interests, as being simply distant but apparently wildly moving planets that can bounce or zig zag in the sky.

Christian elites, have even sought to blame UFO and alien contact experiences, as being the work of "UFO enthusiasts" like Shirley Maclaine dabbling in "strange New Age" cults which constitute some kind of conspiracy against the Church (see UFOs, ETs and The New Age - A Christian Perspective).


According to this manipulative official Christian elite spin, people see UFO and witness aliens, and experience abductions, because they have been indoctrinated through "New Age" linked occult induced states, as a result of their not having properly accepted "Christ", and the "righteous" teachings of the Church.

Accordingly, Christian elites spread the notion that UFO witnesses and alien contactees, are all self-delusional people, as a result of their turning their back on worshiping a "Christian" God.


However, when these kinds of debunking techniques have failed, these Christian elites have sought to simply treat the subject of UFOs as "forbidden", or as taboo.

Priests, ministers, bishops, and other clerics, will at the same time state that they do not deny the possibility of Extraterrestrial life, but humanity still has not found it. Interestingly, such a conclusion is also supported by government agencies which are apparently still watching and listening for signs of intelligent life, somewhere out there in the universe.

In order to assume that such official testimony is necessarily truthful, humanity would also need to make a fundamental assumption. That premise would be that, the politicians who have worked with such religious clerics toward the development of oppressive Empires, have historically tended to conduct themselves with complete integrity.

Humanity would therefore need to ignore proven historical accounts of documented lies, by these clerics and other ideologically affiliated elites. This includes the false elite allegations of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in Iraq, that was used to instigate an on-going horrific war; and also representation of an elite driven cover-up that has been exposed by scholars and experts on 9/11.


These ‘9/11 Truth’ scholars and experts conclude from detailed evaluations and testimonies, that the World Trade Center was subjected to a “Controlled Demolition“, and view the implicated Muslims as scapegoats, used by a neo-fascistic elite.

The apparent "community of denial" among Christian elites and modern governments (in the U.S. led industrialized West), may very well reflect common roots, as indicated in John Lash's related research on the ancient Gnostics.


The Gnostics, had sought to warn humanity about reported attempts by demonic Extraterrestrial Consciousnesses, to manipulate humanity.

The ancient Gnostics, also apparently sought to help inspire humanity to embrace our critical faculties of reason and observation. At the same time, the Gnostics were apparently vitally concerned about attempts to blind humanity, through substituting such critical human faculties of reasoning in favor of "blind faith" within a mass deception agenda, which is executed within the context of organized religion.

Judeo-Christian elites and their oppressive ideology (which also drove European Empires), led in turn to the development of modern Western civilization.


Therefore, the prejudices by official institutions in Western civilization, (against the free and open discussion of UFO phenomenon and varied human contacts with intelligent Extraterrestrial life), can be illuminated by appreciating Gnostic insights on the alleged motivations of the Judeo-Christian-guided Church which backed founders of Western civilization.

John Lash, in illuminates, that the original attempt to cover-up and to deceive humanity on reported UFO-related phenomena, is the result of the use of organized religion by the aliens that sought to create opportunistic blinders to critical human awareness of the reality of alien contact.


John Lash specifically traces the origins of the cover-up of UFO related phenomena, to the represented Manipulative Extraterrestrial infiltration of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Indeed, interestingly, the denial of UFO related phenomena including alien sightings tends to be more pervasive in societies where these particular organized religions of Christianity, zionistic Judaism, and fundamentalistic Islam, have been dominant.


In China, for example, were Buddhism has been relatively dominant, governments, and the state controlled mass-media in contrast, have been more open to the reporting of UFO phenomena. The traditionally Hindu societal milieu of India has also shown more "tolerance" to reporting on UFOs, than in the West.

Aboriginal and indigenous societies which include those in Africa, and other parts of the world, (who have been able to maintain an independent spirituality from the West), continue to very openly relate historical accounts of varied forms of contacts with UFOs and aliens.

John Lash specifically cites what Gnostics referred to as "the doctrine of the aliens". That is to say, the ensemble of beliefs at the core of Judaic and Christian religion - and, by extension, Islam.


All three of the "great world religions", derive from the revered Patriarch Abraham, thought to have lived around 1800 BCE.


Because the history of the ancient Hebrews is taken as exemplary or symbolic of humanity as a whole, our species' "sacred history" begins with Abraham, but Gnostics considered that Abraham was a dupe, the psychological "vector" for the intrusion of alien infiltrators and deceivers.

Western governments, their agencies, and modern private institutions (allegedly associated with the "alien cover-up") can be therefore viewed as a further institutional vector of the original attempts to deceive humanity, by the same institutional groups which had once declared the world to be flat.

Elite biases in the West, against UFO and Extraterrestrial disclosure, (that are totally free of propaganda, and other disinformation), would be likely shared by the members of prevailing elites which owe their influence to a mix of shared Judeo-Christian-inspired power structures.

These Gnostic-criticized apparent infiltrated structures on which Christian and Zionistic Jewish elites draw, include financial-equivalent "wealth" and territory-seeking militaries. These oppressive institutions were marshaled to support the original religious missionaries and other similar "crusades" against other non-Christian societies on Earth.

In the article, entitled "Christianity - Extraterrestrial Religion?" learned author John Lash, further uncovers evidence which suggests that Manipulative Extraterrestrials were the 'masterminds' behind the evolved reality of modern Christianity.


Such an apparent deduction would generate the kind of vehement sustained denial among Christian elites.

However, this is the kind of denial that would be consistent with the circumstance of thieves who are doing an "inside job". Such thieves who seek to perpetrate an "inside job" would likely also seek to throw off the scent of unsuspecting innocent by-standards from their criminal scheme.


Indeed, John Lash, in association with the scholarly oriented Marion Institute, exposes Christianity as an attempt to highjack human inner-spirituality, through mind control techniques, and through other related forms of manipulation, via organized religion.



Prayer among Christians


Even the act of prayer among Christians, and other correspondingly apparently Extraterrestrial orchestrated organized religions, is an apparent Manipulative Extraterrestrial ruse.


In the context of John Lash's research, prayer, can be viewed as an attempt to manipulate humanity into conceiving God as some kind of "supernatural" being, whose existence is toward the sky.

Such a conception of God, appears to be constructed in the image of alleged Manipulative Extraterrestrials.

Gnostics rejected a required context of 'blind faith' associated with praying to an apparent Extraterrestrial contrived God; in favour of alternatively seeking to critically appreciate as "cosmic scientists", the God of our universe, and that exists as the interconnected inner-spirit of humanity, expressed through companionship for each other, and nature.


Prayer, is an alleged Extraterrestrial manipulation; and it can be viewed as an act which is constructed to deny the presence of the cosmic God within ourselves and nature; rather than "up there" someplace, in the sky.

Lash illuminates that these apparent Manipulative Extraterrestrials, which the Gnostics referred to as 'Archons', sought to accordingly turn humanity away from its vital inner spirituality, and into being entities who are worshipping an "impostor God", that has been constructed in the image of the Manipulative Extraterrestrials.

This ancient Gnostic and aboriginal/indigenous societal appreciated inner spirituality, is expressed, in part, though a context of companionship that humans have for each other, and for nature. That also in turn, inspires a context of self-motivated social responsibility for each other, and for environmental stewardship in protecting our planet Earth from venal exploitation.

Gnostics viewed Manipulative Extraterrestrials, as seeking to act as puppeteers against humanity, through the social psychological prisms that are all linked to the originating source in the "doctrine of the aliens".

An as individual, you might say, you are "secular" and are neither a Christian, nor a follower of the other such orchestrated and oppressive organized religions; and therefore so what?


However, Mr. Lash's representation is that Manipulative Extraterrestrials have not only orchestrated organized religions, but also the corresponding oppressive political economic systems and conventions in the West, (that in turn dominate Earth).


The values of crass materialism, for example, associated with global capitalism that reeks havoc on our planet Earth, therefore arguably has its roots in "ideologies of progress" that are spawned from alien induced manipulation.

Accordingly, if Mr. Lash is correct in his Gnostic representation about modern Christianity, then it would further appear that Manipulative Extraterrestrials may be the driving force behind the prevailing self-destructive context which has been associated with West.


The apparently perpetuated oppressive and exploitative context of Western civilization may be the result of attempted elaborate social engineering by Manipulative Extraterrestrials, that have been operating on us like how humans train dogs.

Therefore, according to Mr. Lash' apparent representation about the Gnostics, Christians, and non-Christians alike appear to have been generally conditioned in Western civilization into a mentality of oppression and exploitation.


This was originally constructed through how Christianity, evolved, under the alleged influence of how Manipulative Extraterrestrial orchestrated religious sensibilities.

Apparently secular Western Civilization, has its roots in the very acts of genocidal wars of oppression and exploitation, which Mr. Lash links to a Manipulative Extraterrestrial process of social conditioning through religion.

Mr. Lash, eloquently further explores the extent to which Christianity has been apparently masterminded by Manipulative Extraterrestrials. Specifically, Mr. Lash illuminates how the Christian Father God, having origins in the Biblical presentation of 'Jehovah', is not a reference context for empathetic appreciation, and is instead, a context for dominance.

Through the creation of the context of "Jehovah" Lash further documents in, how 'archonistic' aliens sought to create the convention of "sin" to condition humanity to "believe" that being "saved" (another apparent alien contrived convention), required obeying religious doctrine.


Sin was apparently the context in which Manipulative Extraterrestrials sought to rule humanity, through the fear-based context of "sin".

Having critically appreciated Gnostic illumination of the role of Manipulative Extraterrestrials on human civilization, the sophisticated alien technique of using fear, also seems to have made its way into the "War on Terrorism", and into other areas of elite driven modern politics against Human Development.

According to Mr. Lash, Jehovah was (is) an 'archon', a deity of a lower level consciousness, which is not to be confused with the cosmic God of our universe. Mr. Lash presents Gnostic appreciation of the cosmic God that is expressed through the human interconnected consciousness that is in turn existentially linked with nature.

Whereas humanity, and the spirituality that Gnostic sought to observe and explore, comes from within the human soul, Manipulative Extraterrestrials used religion as an externally constructed and imposed ideology, to misdirect humanity's inherent spirituality into a pursuing mischievous and destructive alien-directed exploitative agenda.

Mr. Lash investigates the origins of the Christian-represented 'Father God', as Jehovah, and communicates that this entity is described by Gnostics, as a "blind, mad, and demented alien" who sought to mimic "God-like powers".


From time to time, these powers many allegedly manifest in apparent "miracles". that are designed to manipulate humanity into accepting 'Jehovah', and other Manipulative Extraterrestrial "incarnations", as 'God'.


Lash elaborates that,

"Although he does not create the world we inhabit, [the] 'Jehovah' [which the archons present] believes that he does."

"Opening his eyes, the chief Archon saw a vast quantity of matter without limit, and he became arrogant, saying, 'It is I who am God, and there is no other power apart from me.' " documents The Reality (Hypostasis) of the Archons.


"Of course, this is exactly what Yahweh-Jehovah says in the Old Testament."

However, Mr. Lash also documents that,

"Over and over again, Gnosticism presents a view of Judeo-Christian religion that turns it completely inside out."

The Nag Hammadi text, explains how the Archons induced a false plan of salvation into the human mind.


This "plan of salvation" is a counterfeit of the true path of self-liberation which we can take by developing our innate potential of Nous, in association with human "divine intelligence."

Mr. Lash further elaborates that,

"The Gnostic teacher, called Phoster or Illuminator, openly ridicules Abraham, Moses and the prophets for accepting the Archons as divine."

The Gnostics also criticize Christianity for putting faith in an impostor God who actually works against humanity.

The Gnostic Second Treatise, exposes Christianity as essentially,

the "doctrine of the aliens" and "a great deception upon the human soul, making it impossible for humans to find Nous, the self-liberating mind, and thus, come to know true humanity."

Christianity, in turn, substantively spawned the exploitative and oppressive capitalistocractic context of Western civilization whose governments deny the presence of Extraterrestrials altogether.

The Gnostics illuminate that the denial of UFOs and Extraterrestrials in Western governments, is rooted in a desire to perpetuate ignorance among humanity of alien intruders that have allegedly sought to be "puppeteers".

This operating strategy among allegedly alien influenced Earthbound elites, has sought to maintain ignorance about vast elements of Western civilizations (as well as about historical events), that portray and represent hostile alien instigations.

This promotion of ignorance about UFO and Extraterrestrials by various institutions, appears to be ultimately linked to organized religious agendas, that have roots in the alleged creation of alien influenced religious guided Empires on Earth, (that have been alleged by various scholars).


This includes the detailed research of critically acclaimed authors like Zecharia Sitchin who wrote the book entitled Journeys to The Mythical Past, and other publications, which documents alien intrusion during the Egyptian Empire.

Mr. Lash explains that Gnostics who were subsequently to be persecuted by Christian elites, thrashed the notion of a “Divine Plan”, overseen by Jehovah (as a Manipulative Extraterrestrial), and they also exposed Judeo-Christian "salvationism" (the Redeemer Complex) as an invasive extraterrestrial religion, that is alien to the Earth, and substantively hostile to human potential.

"Salvationism" is an apparent Manipulative Extraterrestrial attempt to retard, and to destroy a spiritual empowerment of humans.


Mr. Lash exposes Salvationism as an apparent Manipulative Extraterrestrial trick to get humans to put blind faith into praying of the sort which importunes an "impostor God" to rescue humanity, while Manipulative Extraterrestrials at the same time, implant "error" into the human psyche, as a strategy to plunder and pillage the planet in behalf of a hostile alien agenda.

John Lash illuminates apparent UFO and Extraterrestrial contact, and related cover-ups among Christian elites, as an apparent attempt to perpetuate ignorance of institutional collusions between aliens and humans that have essentially sold out humanity.


Indeed, thieves do not normally seek to disclose their activities, while they are in the midst of executing their thievery.

Christianity, as a religion, in relation to the Gnostic-represented "doctrine of the aliens", can thus, be viewed as an apparent attempt to deceive humanity from recognizing and understanding the ultimate demonic agents of their oppression, who operate by social engineering to execute the exploitation of humanity.