by J.S. Chiappalone
November 24, 2001

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These words are given to assist readers in understanding the rather harrowing situations which have developed on Earth.


To those who make the spurious accusation that I am running some sort of cult, a reminder is given: No one is being forced to believe any of this. You know my motto: Take it or leave it. Such a motto does not leave much room for brainwashing, does it? Well, let us forget the nasty, evil and very much doomed jerks, who are obviously threatened by these revelations, and move on.

It has often been stressed, as if we needed constant reminders, that Humanity is "one". Particularly the religions stress the Brotherhood of Man.


And yet, the so-called Founders of Religions have stated no such thing.

  • Moses came to separate the theomorphs and other viables from the evil rabble. The story, of course, has been distorted into the Jewish Exodus.

  • Jesus came with a sword to cut away the viables from the non-viables, and he identified, in no uncertain terms, the ontology of a particular groups, as we read in John 8:44.

  • Manichaeus distinguished those with the Light within and those of Darkness.

  • Not one word of what is sold to the masses as Buddhism is original, so much has it been distorted from what Buddha taught. He taught detachment from the illusions of this temporary evil world and a minimization of contact with the demons and their robots. Nothing was written of his philosophy until 500 years after his death. You can well imagine how pristine the Gautama's wisdom remained after recitation and modification by demons for half a millennium.

The texts of the Nag Hammadi Library describe three types of beings in Humanity, which I had identified, before even being aware of these texts, as,

  • Theomorphs

  • Robots

  • Demons

Mohammed had written about the ones of Light and those of Darkness. How many know that the Kaliph Othman had his writings changed after his death to make them into the nonsense that has survived to this day?

The Dead Sea Scrolls speak of the Sons of Light battling the Sons of Belial. The Ramayana, the story of Rama, is all about the Good fighting demons in human form. The Gnostics spoke nothing but about the Battle of essences and the differing consciousnesses in humanity.


For this they were slaughtered mercilessly whenever and wherever they appeared, as the history of the early Gnostics, the Cathars, the Bogomils, etc., demonstrates.

  • Why are the religions so forgetful of these things?

  • Why in particular is the New Age philosophy so adamant about Oneness?

Their error is on purpose.


They are projecting the programming of Untruth in order to keep minds locked in Darkness and Ignorance.

And yet, empirically and pragmatically, we see the different facets in humanity being very, very different, with a forced "Oneness" which is hardly working. We see many factions which are anything but human in their attitudes and behavior. They manifest anything but the so-called milk of human kindness.

What follows is going to be very difficult for those who have dismissed the Duality of existence to understand, even conceptually. Of course, we are made of a physical body and something else - the consciousness - which uses the body but can exist beyond it, and survives physical death.

These words are given to assist readers to understand the situation. No one is being forced to believe any of this.

Realize also that, for brevity's sake, I am giving a very simplified version of what I see as Truth in this. The matter is very complicated, and too much detail can tax the lower mind which is already a product of an evil system which wants to reject any Truth which exists beyond the physical.

Long ago, Escapees (alien beings) from an aspect of a Galactic War (which was also part of the Correction) came to this region of the Solar System and hid in the environs of Earth which was still rather ethereal as were its theomorphic inhabitants.

With stolen plans, these escapees experimented and eventually managed to create a form of biology with which we are now familiar. Realize that as beings, these were, and are, far superior to the power of what we today call human technology.

The DNA building blocks were created from lower forms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc., and each step experimented upon to reach the point where we are now. They were also able to coax the initial beings, who were trapped by them, into the bodies. The bodies were nothing but suits of manifestation to be used for the changed conditions.


Eventually the escapees were able to create artificial intelligence which was embedded into the bodies.


These were biological robots, and they still exist today.

As time passed, many eras of such experimentation eventuated, and with each, the filtering mechanisms of the body became stronger and stronger, so that eventually a consciousness could reside in the body and forget the duality, the temporary use of the body, the mechanism of manifestation, etc., and believe it was the body.


This is where we are today, with many people whose awareness has dropped to this level.

While all this was going on, Workers of Light from whom the escapees had escaped, came into the sphere and also waged war, in a spiritual sense, with the escapees.

This scenario developed under the power of Darkness whose leader in Judeo-pseudo-Christian culture and its literature was Yahweh.


Jehovah, a local manifestation, is actually a seventh generation of that manifestation in the region of Earth. These manifestations are of essences. There were Good and Evil Essences described in all cultures, and various names were assigned to them. Readers can refer to the Myths, Hierarchies and opponents of such beings as Zeus, Odin, Isis, Enlil, Marduk, etc., etc.


Unfortunately, the human mind, by the process of anthropomorphosis, attempts to make the essences humanistic in most ways so as to understand them better.

Nonetheless, as any book on Mythology will demonstrate, all sections of humanity have ideas of these Principles of Good and Evil, and their respective representatives in their basic belief systems. It is a particular curiosity of this Endtime, when Evil is finally being eradicated, that evil ones can actually deny the existence of an evil component, as the New Agers do.

Other roaming groups of aliens who were not restricted to the physical manifestation visited this Earth and also interfered in unique ways with the pre-existing biological experiment.


They and the original escapee aliens were able to use the bodies also. Some 100,000 alien races have visited Earth and interacted in this way.


However, six major races of late have had most to do with the continual experimentation.

  • The strongest of these has been the Reptilian Race which set the experiment up

  • The second most powerful are the Vulturites who are their bitter enemies, and constant losers

These alien factions have been fighting ever since they can remember.

So, on Earth today, using these same bodies, with physical detail differences given by sex and the genetic coding, we have diverse groups of consciousnesses. Those whose special vision is being restored are starting to see the consciousnesses in the bodies as distinct entities.

The matter is complicated by the fact that bodies can be snatched, the original consciousness can be kicked out, and another of differing ontology can take its place; a second or even third, or more, consciousnesses can occupy the body simultaneously (this is the case in possession). I like to use the analogy of the body being like an automobile which then needs a driver to operate it. It may have other occupants also.


Unlike an automobile however, the body has a basic consciousness which allows it to operate at a basic level without "higher" consciousness being present. This basic consciousness expires with the body.

So, in human bodies, we can have the following consciousnesses:


  • Original theomorphic class 4 human consciousnesses

    I have stated previously that if these were viable, they have nearly all been evacuated from the physical plane



  • Evil Aliens - of many classes

    These are of the demonic class of beings



  • Robotic consciousnesses - created by the escapees to be the workers for them

    These are referred to as sheople, goyim, etc. All in this class who have been judged as being viable due to their willingness to be of service against Darkness are the ones having modifications in preparation for evacuation off the planet. Remember - it is the consciousness, not the physical body which is being modified and evacuated!



  • Alien consciousness,

    who are the Sons and Daughters of Light assisting the modification process and evacuation

Hence, anyone you meet is either a demon, a robot or a theomorph. There are many classes of demons, some more virulent, and therefore more dangerous, than others. There are also many classes of theomorphs and of rescuers.

There are other categories of beings - I listed 10 in earlier books.

The Archons I have often referred to are the demons who have usurped the power and authority on this Planet. They control the robots rather closely with all sorts of mechanisms of programming, pollution and indoctrination.

As the controlling mechanisms are dissipating, due to the action by Light Beings of limiting the energy supply which the archons (demons) can exploit, robots are about ready to see through this whole mess.

At present on Earth, alien Vulturites have taken over the USA, the most powerful and technically superior country, and are using the robots in it whom they control to attempt a takeover of the whole planet. They want to control the lot. The USA had been built up by the Reptilians who left and went to the Chinese population for reasons I may expand upon at another time. Before that they had been in control of the Nazi regime.

They are now in the process of building up China, and will soon enough confront the Vulturites whom they have always defeated. As this is occurring, the control on robots is failing, and these robots will revolt against their evil masters soon enough.

In pragmatic terms, while viables are being evacuated, one can see the actions of various aliens groups around the planet. One can also discern the programmed robots who are very much like frightened lemmings at the moment.


'They' are programmed to be fearful and obedient by the various aliens and their mechanisms. Aliens are in positions of power. As I have predicted, this programmed control will dissipate shortly.

The constant war between alien clans - as between the Vulturites (USA) and Reptilians (China) will become obvious soon enough.


Of course there are mixtures of consciousnesses in all populations. Hence, in the US administration there are still Reptilian aliens. It is just that the Vulturites have the numbers in control. The presence of others will lead to Civil War soon enough as the higher and lower ranks, as well as civilians, revolt.

As well as fighting amongst themselves, manifesting in earthly wars for prosaic reasons (such as the oil and drugs of Afghanistan in the current violence) the evil aliens are becoming increasingly aware of the Elohim - good ones, divine aliens who are closing in on them. These Elohim are the ones who have been doing the evacuation of viables.


While the evil aliens still think there is a chance that they can hold off the Elohim and therefore escape capture, the truth is that there is no chance.

As the realization of no escape enters their minds, these evil aliens will manifest even more overt madness, and, being extremely violent, there is a chance that they will knowingly blow the whole planet up. They have done this often enough in other planets, and escaped by other means.


But, there is a Green Energy net around the globe and the solar system, imposed by the Elohim (divine) occupants of the Sun Cruisers with which most of you are now familiar.


(Those of you aware of the Alternative Plans for the Elite to escape the planet, and the apparently jocular remark by President Ronald Reagan about alien invasions, may appreciate the fact that fears of capture of these evil alien escapees - they are convicted criminals - exist in the psyche of some sections of the population. The evil archons - as consciousnesses - are quite prepared to waste the robotic masses, for they see them as no more than cardboard boxes, dispensable robots that they have created. That is why the evil archons have no qualms about bombing them mercilessly, starving them, poisoning them, irradiating them with spent uranium, etc.)

While all this activity is going on, the whole system of Earth is running short of energy and collapsing.


I detailed this collapse in the Terminal Madness essays. You will also remember that in an earlier article I said energy is needed to drive everything - even the smallest unit, the atom - in order to maintain stability. Now, with energy shortage, all things and all sections of the illusion, will collapse - the physical, emotional, mental and pseudo-spiritual!

This fragmentation of the evil aspect of this illusional dimension is what I was referring to in the essay of 'The Beast Unleashed'. In anticipation of this, all viable consciousnesses are being evacuated from the dimensions in and around Earth.


Being aware of other classes of consciousness such as the Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Classes, apart from the Human Class, will assist in the understanding of the Corrective Process.