by Dana Rasinova

Czech Exopolitics

March 2012
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About the Author
Dana Rasinova was born in Prague, Czech Republic, 1980. After graduating the high school she studied at a school of nutritional therapy. She has been interested in extraterrestrial civilization since 1997 and was a member of local Czech ufological group and than member of the FIGU Swiss group, which formed around the contactee Billy Meier. At present she is a member of Czech Exopolitics and Czech UFO abduction Project Alfa.
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The Czech Exopolitics Network brings the groundbreaking, in-depth analysis of Dana Rasinova, who since 1997 has been dealing with the case of contactee “Billy” Meier.


She has been a member of FIGU for some years, which is an organization created around Billy Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM).


This analysis explains the logic leading to the conclusion that the Pleiadians (Plejarans/Plejaren) of Swiss contactee Billy Meier deliberately don’t tell us the truth. They explicitly and strategically lie, feign or disinform.


I cannot exclude the fact that they may have good and serious reason to do that.

Editorial Comments

Whilst some see aspects of the alien Other as containing an inherent ‘trickster’ element many others see the visiting ET presence as representing a higher form of intelligence and assume that this implies they are beyond reproach in their ethics and operation.


In fact the situation is far more complex and this is why this particular examination of a highly complex Swiss contact case is long overdue and welcome.

The Billy Meier case is decades old, has some of the most dramatic visual evidence ever recorded and the contacts claim to be ongoing to this day. This article by a member of the Czech Exopolitics team also strangely synchronizes with the release of a rare statement by Meier’s oldest son.


His comments link nicely into the core questions that are raised here i.e.: not that the Meier contact case is a hoax, his son known this not to be the case - but instead we enter the shady ground in-between and are asked why both Meier and his ET friends appear to be changing statements over time? Surely a water-tight contact case should reflect an unwavering flow of ‘their truth’?


Instead, the more you encounter those contact cases we could assume to be authentic, the more you come to be aware that a multitude of high-strangeness layers are woven into the narrative.

In addition to the simple notion that both human experiencers and the various ET groups they encounter are as fallible as the rest of us, some other ideas can also be advanced for the often bizarre turn-arounds and deceptions that appear in longer term accounts. In Meier’s case he interacts with a rather unique type of human-like ET group.


Although they make profound contributions on a technical and spiritual level, they often also appear humorless and verging on the Puritanical. An interesting response to their approach is that they layer situations with ‘plausible deniability’ meaning that the uber-sceptics will simply find an aspect of the case incredulous and this facilitates this group a ‘way out’.


For all we know such a tool has worked well for them in previous planetary scenarios.


In a case with such vast dataset [Meier’s voluminous contact notes] such a policy is at least worth thought and in fact occurs in regular terrestrial intelligence disinformation ploys in a slightly different manner.

Another possibility lays in the fact that many ET groups, who adhere to the presumably ethical ‘first directive’ of non-interference in developing worlds, are obviously playing a fairly tight game between nudging the evolution of an individual/culture/planet and conversely having things accelerate in the wrong direction - such as being taken for intervening ‘Gods’ perhaps.


It is also possible that they may see this delicate disclosure balance tipping and have to somehow reverse the process by a few degrees - thus what was once a ‘solid fact’ is self-debunked or wholly denied.

Whatever the overlaying agenda for shifts in the evidentiary base of cases such as Billy Meier’s it never seems to detract sufficiently from the positive or central tenets of the narrative sufficiently to make the scenario so laughable that it withers away from view.


Instead is seems more likely that we should get used to such contradictions in the clash of human-alien cultures as they’re maybe just a currently poorly understood aspect of impending integration with new worlds of knowledge.

David Griffin, M.Sc.
Exopolitics UK


In this analysis I’ll try to explain what leads me to the conclusion that the Pleiadians (Plejarans/Plejaren) of Swiss contactee Billy Meier don’t tell us the truth deliberately.


I assume that they explicitly and strategically lie, feign or disinform. I cannot exclude the fact that they may have good and serious reason to do that. This analysis is not at all intended for skeptics who have not understood yet that Billy Meier is a real contactee. This text they will probably consider as particularly absurd.


I conclude from the fact that Billy Meier provided sufficient number of proofs of various types:

  • metal samples

  • photographs

  • beamship video footage

  • biological samples

  • dozens of eyewitness,

...and diverse additional circumstantial evidence confirming the veracity of his contacts (for example: the exact prediction of events concerning Earth which have occurred).


This analysis is intended for people with open minds, who already have a bit of knowledge about the Meier issue. Also I’m not saying that I am necessary right in all items of this study.


However my suggestion is to lead others to think it over at least. It is also possible that for some of the readers, information of this analysis is not going to be new.

To be sure: based on the given evidence and on my personal experience as well, I think Meier is surely a real contactee - this cannot be doubted anymore.


In no case do I belong to the debunkers and adversaries of the FIGU mission like the biggest debunker “American Colonel“ living in Prague Kal Korf who “exposed“ Meier as a swindler with Meier's photographs which - according to Korf - are a pure “model factory“ - models suspended on fishing line.


Moreover my knowledge is that, the spiritual teaching put forth by Meier, has an enormous positive significance for global earthlings. This teaching has resonated with me and I appreciate it a lot. I also agree with an idea that Billy Meier is the prophet of New Era.


However there are some things I cannot agree with. It is his specific information about ufology, policy and military activity on Earth.


Here are some of them:


1) He is believed to be absolutely 'the only' genuine contactee with extraterrestrials on Earth

The Pleiadians standpoint
Pleiadians during their interaction put forward inconsistent claims regarding the existence of other contactees except him.

  1. First in 1975 they claimed that except Meier there exist many different contactees all over the globe and the physical and telepathic contacts with extraterrestrials occur. In the 38th Contact from 1975 we can learn that there are contactees with considerable importance: Daniel Fry from USA who was allowed to fly in a flying saucer.


    Prof. Joao Freitas de Guimares from Brazil who also obtained permission to fly. Another person is for example Ray Stanford from US. Telepathic contact with extraterrestrials include Austrian design engineer Victor Schauberger, Austrian writer Gustav Meyrink or Swiss philosopher Rudolf Steiner.


    In direct contact with extraterrestrial intelligence were Albert Einstein and physician Albert Schweitzer. Forcefully contacted (means abducted) were Betty and Barney Hill from USA, Charles Hickson form USA and Calvin Parker from USA.

    In general, there have been 3,110 persons involuntarily contacted by 1975. The other contactees or contacted were Yuri Gagarin (Soviet Union astronaut), Wilbert B. Smith from Canada, Horst Raps from Germany and many others. These are people who were only allowed to be named. [1] Moreover, in the 39th Contact from 1975 we learn that: In contact with extraterrestrial living forms are 17,718 earthlings whether consciously or unconsciously. [2]


  2. Later, the new attitude surprisingly has begun to form. Meier wrote:

    There are not existing (except Pleiadians) any other personal contacts with terrestrials and so any people claiming they have extraterrestrial contacts they are swindlers, hoaxers and frauds... The same goes for media, channelers who are usually nothing more than conscious liars, cheaters and deceivers or persons suffering from heretical beliefs, schizophrenia and psychopaths...


    It must be admitted there are exist some exploring (examination) contacts where apparent extraterrestrials take possession of terrestrials in order to examine and study them. But it has nothing to do with such claims and nonsense that extraterrestrials are making terrestrial women pregnant and having sex with them.


    This absurdity is hysterically spreading especially in America together with heretic claim that extraterrestrials slaughtered farmer’s livestock. [3]


  3. Finally, a radical shift occurred in the Pleiadian’s approach: The newly proclaimed Billy Meier is definitely the only contactee in touch with extraterrestrials on Earth.

    I think this is deliberate disinformation and we can find it in the 424th Contact with Ptaah from 2006:

“There is only one real case of genuine contact between extraterrestrials and terrestrials. This case is between you and us." [4]

Now Pleiadians claim that other contactees having some kind of contact with extraterrestrials are all liars.


For example, on the German FIGU forum on Dec 3, 2008 Achim Wolf, who is a member of German FIGU, stated:

“Pleiadians said clearly that all other terrestrials saying they had maintained contact with intelligent extraterrestrials are not true“.

In the mentioned 424th Contact it was suddenly said:

“All events in the past we have thought as true - contacts between terrestrials and extraterrestrials, abduction of earthlings - thanks to our latest turned out that these events have been false and untrue.”

And they added:

“The claims of having contact with extraterrestrials of many persons and that they carry on these contacts at present and also claims of being taken abroad a cosmic ship to take a ride...are nonsense and illusions.”

Here Pleiadians all of sudden declared Daniel Fry has not been a contactee. He is said to have been the victim of misleading reality having been inserted into his brain. Pleiadians also said that the Hill’s abduction case had never happened and they couldn’t have been contacted (abducted) any longer.

  1. Except above mentioned, Pleiadians declared many people as frauds and false contactees.


    They are as follows:

    • Karel Michalek

    • George Adamski

    • Harushi Tsukamoto

    • Jerrold Baker

    • Reinhold O. Schmidt

    • Carl A. Anderson

    • Orfeo Angelucci,

    ...and many others. [5]

The Counterarguments

George Adamski

with painting of Orthon

Based on my own opinion, the reality is exactly opposite to what Pleiadians say now.


It is my belief that countless contactees with extraterrestrials exist on planet Earth. I think these are contactees with different levels of contact, various abilities and who are also in contact with diverse civilizations - positive and negative as well.


Some of these contactees talk openly, while others keep silent. Some are well known, others work on local level. Some have seen extraterrestrials personally, maybe even a ride in a ship has been offered to them, they have been given a message, others have maintained telepathic contact only.


The evidence, par excellence, is the growing number of persons who say they are contactees, and at the same time they don’t attempt to cash in from their position, achieve fame either. The stories of these people were introduced by German UFO researcher Michael Hesemann in his books and by Wendelle Stevens in his e-books. Moreover, it was not only Billy Meier that presented hard evidence of his contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.


Apparent evidence or testimonies of other contactees are also available.

For example:

  • George Adamski: he was a contactee with Venusians who submitted film footage of flying saucers, starship photographs, a piece of a flying saucer. He also put forth six witnesses supporting the reality of his contact under their sworn affidavits. [6]

  • Daniel Fry: He submitted starship photographs, film footage of ships and physical evidence - a circular disc 8 cm in diameter made from unusual elements. [7]

  • Howard Menger: He submitted photographs, starship footage, a plant with extraordinary characteristics. He also claimed that he had witnesses at his disposal. [8]

  • Carlos Diaz: He filmed starships. [9]

  • James Gilliland: He has submitted UFO footage, [10] and there are many witnesses who are routinely watching UFOs over his ranch in Washington, USA. [11]

Many contactees have not been allowed or are not enabled to prove their contact unambiguously by their alien contacts for various reasons, such as security.


Apparently it concerns the arranged global extraterrestrial tactics for their operation on Earth. Naturally, there does exist swindlers and false contactees, but I think the real ones are more than one as they say.


This is also the question of logic that suggests more than one.

I consider the Pleiadians want to attract more attention to themselves - steal the limelight so to say - and to Billy Meier, and to their spiritual teaching on the very beginning of their mission.


The Pleiadians are prepared to subordinate their interests for the above mentioned reasons. They don’t want to shatter their supporters‘ attention to someone else. That’s why they expediently divert attention from other contactees especially from those who are significant.


That’s precisely the reason why they proclaimed directly important contactees such as George Adamski as deceivers. They argued that he had manipulated his witnesses and that he never photographed any spacecraft. [12]


Finally they also labeled other contactees of key importance, e.g., Daniel Fry, to be the victim of a misleading reality being inserted into his brain. [13]


They have cast doubt on Fry’s book too!

UFO Beamship

filmed/photographed by Carlos Diaz

This couldn’t explain, however, other contactees‘ physical evidence and film footage.


In the case of Carlos Diaz, the Pleiadians have accused him to be a liar. [14] It is typical for them to accuse the whole mass of people all over the world of lies and fiction. Otherwise, I am able to understand personally that the Pleiadians intend to support their own mission and spiritual teaching, but I resolutely cannot agree with such manipulation over the truth of other contactees.


Perhaps it is a targeted strategy which under their point of view has its justification.

2) Draconians (Dracos) and Reptilians are believed to not exist

The Pleiadians standpoint
Pleiadians claim that Reptilians don’t exist.


We can read this in the 443rd Contact interview between Billy and Ptaah from 18 February 2007.



"[S]uch beings are pure fantasy of scribblers... Reptoids or serpent creatures as described in the foolish books don’t exist in the whole universe as well as in different universe and dimensions neither on Earth nor shape shifted to human.“ [15]

In this context is good to see that the Pleiadians, or the FIGU organization, like to denounce as deceivers directly or indirectly all persons who claimed to be the contactees of, and simultaneously talk about, Reptilians. These persons are labeled as “critics of FIGU and Billy Meier.“ [16]


Particularly it concerns 3 persons at least:

Oscar Magocsi: He claimed that extraterrestrials had told him:

“From ancient times there has existed beside the benevolent “Interdimensional Confederation of Free Worlds,“ a negative “Imperial Alliance.“

Humankind from Earth has their origin in area of Pleiades. Thousands years ago they moved away. Since they have fallen into ignorance, both sides struggled for humankind.


The Interdimensional Confederation waged war with evil forces from the constellation Alpha Draconis. The Alliance has its own “land forces” in the form of a global conspiracy of “Illuminati“ while Confederation has a network of “Light workers“ and “silent revolution“ on Earth“. [17]


He was stamped a FIGU critic.


Barbara Marciniak: She warns about "Saurians" who are manipulating with planet Earth and mankind. [18]

Ivo “Ashtar“ Benda (Czech Republic): He warns against the situation when Saurians are going to microchip people on Earth in order to control them totally. [19]

The Counterarguments
In fact Draconians and Reptilians exist both in the cosmos and on Earth.


Significant numbers of witnesses and experts have already broken silence and confirmed their existence. Billy Meier himself - is inconsistent with above mentioned information from Ptaah, and admits in his book, that there are kind of human beings having an animal appearance. [20]


In the FIGU Bulletin no. 50 (December, 2004) he added that there are kind of “people” having attributes or appearance of reptiles and he wrote there are another type of beings who are able to metamorphosis - to shape shift! [21]

Moreover, in the English FIGU forum we can find following information:

“Billy said that there had been Reptilians in cosmos, but not on this planet.” [22] It continues: “Billy has been once visited by a woman with amphibian features.”


  • David Icke: This specialist in the terrestrial Reptilian agenda submitted a number of logical arguments concerning their existence. [23]

  • Credo Mutwa: This African shaman stated that Earth is being controlled by Reptilian beings and they know how to mask themselves as people. [24]

  • Arizona Wilder: This woman has allegedly witnessed the physical change of some well known public figures into Reptilian beings. [25]

  • Melinda Leslie: She is a MILAB and UFO abduction researcher. She had a first hand encounter with Reptilian. [26]

  • Lacerta Files: The witness from Sweden described his close encounter with female Reptilian and her message. [27] By the way, the moderators of German FIGU forum consider this testimony as pure sci-fi literature.

  • Jim Sparks: The American citizen has been repeatedly abducted. On one occasion he has seen snake-like Reptilians and they talked to him and pushed dangerous thoughts into his brain. [28]

  • Thomas Colman Sheppard: The U.S. Navy soldier claimed that he had witnessed top secret files where he saw photographs of a snake-like or serpent entity. [29]

  • Thomas Castello: He was a former Dulce Base security officer who was working there. He stated that he had seen two kinds of Reptilians working there: terrestrial and extraterrestrial ones. [30]

  • Cathy O’Brien: This woman reportedly has seen George Bush, Snr, shape-shift into a Reptilian creature straight before her eyes. [31]

  • Pamela Stonebrooke: This woman claimed that a Reptilian had visited her home. [32]

  • Christoper Davis: This man claimed that he had met with an aggressive Reptilian creature in 1988.

  • Australian Aborigines: They claimed that an unknown snake-like civilization had been abducting them and strange operations were conducted on them.

And many others all over the world, as for instance: Alex Christopher, police officer Herbert Schirmer etc.

Where discrepancies appear in the Pleiadians or Billy‘s information we can expect they have something to deny.


Pleiadians deliberately delay the disclosure of Draconian or Reptilian activities under various reasons. They could be so dangerous that Pleiadians rather don’t talk about it.


The key goal and contents of Billy mission is not to wage physical war with Draconian-Imperial Alliance, but to bring spiritual teaching to earthlings.


3) The Grays are almost taboo

The Pleiadians Standpoint
On the very important question of Grey aliens’ existence, Pleiadians skillfully double-talk.


Billy Meier answered and confirmed in the English FIGU forum on 18th Feb. 2005, that the Roswell UFO Crash was real. The Grays had been found there, and were said to be bio-organic androids from Zeta Recticulum, but in accord with their creators concerns, they were keeping silent. [33]

In another place the Pleiadians claimed, in a big change, that the Grays in fact look absolutely different than they are depicted and described by witnesses all over the world. They said that these masses of people were simply wrong. Ptaah´s statement in the 441st Contact from 2007 put the whole thing into a different picture.


He stated that the little Grays had been modifying earthlings into robots by means of hypnosis, surgery and by consciousness changes. This statement totally denies the existence of Grays as an alien race.

In the 37th Contact from 1975 - I suppose the Pleiadians have already confused us by claiming the alien eyes (probably Zetas) are some form of contact-lens! [34] Generally speaking the overall standpoint and summary of Pleiadian claims might lead to their supporters even thinking that Grays in essence don‘t exist at all.


This can be seen in English FIGU forum. [35]

The Counter-arguments
The Grays exist and in fact they are very active.


They are collaborating with the U.S. Government; in particular, maybe, under leadership of Reptilians (Draconians). They are - like in the Reptilian case - an extremely dangerous race.


Here are the witnesses of their presence on Earth, I’ll name just some of them:

  • Phil Schneider: He was a former government civil engineer who was involved in building underground military bases around USA. He claimed that he had met tall Grey aliens in an underground complex and that he killed two of them. [36] However the moderator of English FIGU forum (probably Christian Frehner) in September 14, 2007 declared Schneider to be a pure case of schizophrenia! That is absolutely irresponsible.

  • Thomas Castello: He was a former Dulce Base security officer. He said that he had known two types of Grays working down the base: Little Grays from Zeta Reticulum and tall Grays from Rigel and Orion. [37]

  • Clifford Stone: A former Army sergeant said that he had been working on top secret clandestine projects for 22 years. He met in Pentagon with Grey alien in 1969. [38]

  • Dan Burisch: A civilian worker, microbiologist of the Top Secret facility S-4 in surroundings of Area 51. He stated that he had worked with some sick biologic entity from the Grey’s race called J-Rod. [39]

  • Dr. Michael Wolf: A whistleblower describing one military conflict between Grays and Delta Force in USA. [40]

  • Patrick Hübner: A German citizen claiming he has been abducted by Grays. He is a founder of It is a co-operative internet group of people from Germany and France who are convinced they have been abducted by aliens.

And many others also, such as Alex Christopher or Captain Bill Uhouse, former member of U.S. Marine Corps.

Pleiadians disinform us dramatically when in the 37th Contact from 1975 they lead us to think that this race (Grays) is benevolent.


Let’s quote:

“They are peaceful humanoids“.

In general, Pleiadians evidently want their supporters interested in spiritual teachings which are supposed to strengthen them.


The Pleiadians don’t want their supporters drowning in fear of negative civilizations, therefore they wish supporters would stop talking about Grays. On the other hand the Pleiadians strategy doesn’t seem to me to be very suitable because the FIGU followers are isolated from the reality and truth by them.

4) The film “Alien Autopsy” is believed to be a Hoax

The Pleiadians standpoint
In the 253rd Contact from 1995 and in the 256th Contact from 1996, Pleiadians, Florena and Ptaah claimed that in regards to the famous Santilli alien film, it was not about the alien, but the figure of a 16 year-old girl having been abused to make the autopsy film. [41]


According to them the girl is supposed to suffer from the strange illness “proteria, and this illness has nothing to do with the illness more widely known as “progeria."

The Counterarguments
In my opinion the reality is that these are real shots of a grey alien.


In the film you can see the great big black eye socket, and white that would have been wrongly faked. The entire eye area of the scull is larger. The figure has six digits on its hands and feet. The excessively large head and very small or rudimentary ears come to our attention. The very existence of “proteria“ disease is quite controversial.


Czech Exopolitics failed to find any information regarding this disease in any medical book.

Commentary: Why would Pleiadians in this case lie? It may be for the reason that they consistently avoid encouraging earthlings´ attention to Grays. They don’t want FIGU members and their supporters dealing with U.S. Army activity and the Grays. Apparently for security reasons.


5) Alien abductions are believed to not exist. Hypnosis is said to not work

The Pleiadians standpoint
Another tactically evident Pleiadian lie is their claim about UFO abduction.


The alien abductions have never existed and don’t exist to this day. In the 424th Contact with Ptaah from 2006 we learn the following: “As to me, married couple of Hills - and the same goes for all others who are saying to have been abducted by aliens or tortured by medicine procedures or inserted implants and talked about it in hypnosis - we can say that these things never happened.


It is in accordance with illusions, delusions, shameless lie as well as schizophrenic visions and disorder of consciousness caused by disturbing the electromagnetic field of Earth...


Hypnosis is not the tool by which is possible to find the truth at all and in no case.“

The Counterarguments
However the reality is completely opposite.


Plenty of mass abduction of citizens have happened or are still happening on planet Earth. Most of them are by the Grays. Moreover there are also military abductions (MILAB). Hypnosis is very effective means to regain the victim’s memory.


Who are making a claim like that?

Prominent personalities among world-famous UFO abduction researchers:

  • John Mack (former U.S. professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Pulitzer Prize winner).

  • David Jacobs (U.S. professor of History at Temple University).

  • Budd Hopkins (USA).

  • Johaness Fiebag (geologist, ufologist and writer from Germany).

  • Linda Mouton Howe (USA).

  • Melinda Leslie (U.S. MILAB researcher).

  • Mary Rodwell (Australia).

  • Philippa Foster (Great Britain).

  • Dr. Roger Leir (U.S. implant surgery expert).

Alien abduction witnesses:

  • Travis Walton (USA)

  • Whitley Strieber (USA)

  • Christa Tilton (USA)

  • Judy Dorati (USA)

  • Myrna Hansen (USA)

  • Patric Hübner (Germany)

  • Yukia Hatoyami (former Japanese Prime minister’s wife)

And many others abducted all over the world that are joined together in support groups, Czech Republic is no exception.

Initially Meier's Pleiadians themselves: in the 37th Contact from 1975 even said:

“The Earth is being visited by civilization unknown to us... they captured two earthlings (Betty and Barney Hill) just for study reasons. They took them to their cosmic spacecraft and subjected them to the physical-chemical analyses... Their origin is from the constellation Zeta Reticuli...The memories are only put deep into the subconscious in order to be released later... by strong hypnotic anti-block.”

In another context in the 34th Contact from 1975 they mention again:

"...For these abductions of people are mainly responsible the leading forces of Gizeh Intelligence and also time travelers and another elements from this Universe.“

In the 441st Contact from 2007 they also admit the reality of military abductions.

  • Giovanna Podda from Italy: This woman provided physical evidence of having been regularly abducted by grey aliens: video footage and documentary photos of spacecraft. She suffered from hybrid miscarriage - something between human and Grays or Reptilians - which has been filmed. She had physical traces on her body and an implant in the brain and the remains of strange silicon fluorescent substance which is not possible to make it home! [42]


  • Ed Walters from USA: This man has been abducted by Grays. He took many pictures of spacecraft.


  • Betty Hill from USA: After hypnotic sessions she recollected being abducted by Grays. She drew a star map of an unknown constellation in those days which had been shown to her by them. It was later proved that it is the constellation Zeta Reticuli, whose appearance was at the time of drawing to ordinary citizens, still unknown. In addition, to draw a star map is not easy; and Betty, a social worker, had not the slightest knowledge of astronomy.


    In my opinion the truth is obtained in the first Pleiadians‘ testimony in the 37th Contact from 1975 where they confirmed the reality of Hill’s abduction.


    On the contrary, the 424th Contact with Ptaah from 2006 sounds like an infamous lie maybe strategically, where they have attempted to deny Hill’s experience as following:

    • “In case of Hills, the starter of their false memory and experience has been the disturbing electromagnetical field of Earth.“


  • Project ISIS: The sect of “Followers“ (people who were interested in extraterrestrials) has disappeared in Egypt, it is not known where.

Even though Pleiadians initially admitted the UFO abduction phenomena, they have attempted to calm us down by their claim it involves the “examination contacts“ of peaceful beings.


I think the main reason why they keep us in the dark about the true situation is different. If they had acknowledged mass abductions of people by Grays, the Pleiadians‘ authority would have dropped rapidly.


This is because they don’t do enough to prevent it, and even avoid talking about it publicly. Maybe they have no permission to tell us such sensitive information directly. We are supposed to find it out by ourselves.


Most probably the Pleiadians want to prevent panic, fear and paranoia emerging on the revelation of the truth concerning UFO abductions.


6) a) Eisenhower is said to have not negotiated with aliens
    b) No extraterrestrials are said to cooperate with governments
    c) Underground bases are believed to not exist

The Pleiadians standpoint
Pleiadians and the FIGU members keep on claiming: “No cooperation between terrestrials and any government exist neither officially nor unofficially.“

And added:

“The important method of American UFO cover-up strategy was and still is the propagation of gossips, talk tales and false stories about the theme.“ [43]

According to the 357th Contact report from 2004 they said that no contact with president Eisenhower had ever happened before and everything is totally fabricated. [44]

Furthermore, in the 443rd Contact report from 2007, Ptaah indicated as follows:

“If anyone says the (Reptilians) or other alien beings from ancient or current history have been living on Earth or even been active in governments, that’s the lie...“

The FIGU member, moderator (probably) Christian Frehner of the English FIGU forum again, with the full authority of FIGU has written as follows:

“And these “underground bases” are fictions (March 23, 2006)...Forget all the nonsensical stories about Reptilians, underground firefights etc. Everything is just foolish and untrue affairs (September 14, 2007).”

The Counterarguments
In my opinion the reality is completely opposite. President Eisenhower met with the aliens. Our governments are cooperating (or are being ruled) with negative aliens for the most part, Reptilians including. Underground bases exist all over the world.


Let’s give a few arguments to support this at least.


  • Gerald Light: He worked for CBS and he wrote the famous and well known letter saying the contact between U.S. Government and extraterrestrials was a reality.


  • Don Phillips: A former Air Force engineer said that film footage of Eisenhower meeting with extraterrestrial had been shot. [45]


  • The Count of Clancarty: A member of British House of Lords published in 1982 the confidential report of the former top U.S. test pilot having been one of the six people present at Eisenhower’s meeting with aliens. He stated that they looked like humans. [46]


  • Bill Kirklin: A former Holloman Air Force medic confirmed the secret meeting of president Eisenhower with some of extraterrestrials.


  • Charles Suggs, Snr: A former U.S. Navy Commander claimed that in 1954 he had been physically present at the President Eisenhower meeting with two Nordic looking beings who had blue eyes, and came from a different solar system, and they asked our nuclear testing. [47]


  • Robert Charroux: A French writer talked about a young lieutenant who witnessed Eisenhower's contact with extraterrestrials. [48]


  • Gordon Cooper: The U.S. astronaut who confirmed in the interview with writer Timothy Green-Beckley, that he had watched a film while on duty showing a UFO landing on some California Air Force base at beginning of 50's. [49]


  • Milton William Cooper: A former member of U.S. Naval Security and Intelligence upon which he based his information, was one of the first authors to point out that negative aliens cooperated with the U.S. Government against civilians. Cooper also revealed that money from the black budget was used for building underground facilities. He also corroborated statements of others that the Eisenhower meeting with aliens did really happen. [50]


  • James Casbolt: A former English intelligence officer said:

    • “There is an underground base in Dulce, New Mexico; Beacons in Wales; Los Alamos, New Mexico; Snowy Mountains and Pine Gap in Australia; West Kindu and Nyala Range in Africa; Mount Blanc in Switzerland; Narvik in Scandinavia; Gottland in one of Swedish islands and many others.


      These places are under top secret projects involving the UN as well. All over the world we can find at least 1400 bases, big and small, of which 131 are on U.S. soil. The construction of each one costs approximately between 17-20 billions dollars.


      The financial resources are siphoned through international black drug markets ruled by MI-6/CIA... A former member of the NSA confirmed the presence of an alien intelligence “snake-like“ character in Los Alamos.“

  • Dr. Frank Stranges: He achieved a PhD in Theology in USA and claimed that had been in contact with a man called Valiant Thor who is reported to have been a citizen of underground city of Venus, and mission leader since 1957 to 1960 of an attempt to influence the U.S. Government, President Eisenhower, Nixon and Pentagon. [51]


  • Pleiadians themselves: The suspicious sign that the Pleiadians concealed information about joint activity between military and extraterrestrials we can find in their statement in the 249th Contact from 1994.


    Ptaah said:

    • “I am not allowed to talk about information concerning some things from official business or military affairs especially relating to contact with extraterrestrial human intelligences.“ [52]

I assume that Pleiadians, on this issue of cooperation between terrestrial governments and aliens, were strategically maneuvering their position.


Apparently the main reason is probably the security aspect. They want FIGU members and interested persons in Billy Meier's case to be protected by their own ignorance of negative influences. It is kind of strategy of how to maintain functionality of the FIGU organization and filling Billy’s mission.

Besides, I must mention I don’t like it at all that FIGU members and interested persons in Billy Meier's case are being kept in ignorance even for good reasons. Just imagine how much risk the whistleblowers had to go through in order to inform the general public about secret military information on the extraterrestrial presence.


Therefore it makes me wonder why so stupidly, irresponsibly and arrogantly some FIGU members handle this information. They are denying whistleblower efforts.

Another reason why Pleiadians are keeping back such information is apparently question of “nonintervention“.


We are probably supposed to figure out these backstage agreements all by ourselves without being told by the Pleiadians. Here, the aspect of loss of authority enters the game again.


It’s clear that, if the extraterrestrial presence had been disclosed, the terrestrials would surely have wanted Pleiadians to intervene against the negative ones.


7) a) No imminent danger from outer space is believed to exist
     b) The conspiracy is nonsense



The Pleiadians standpoint
In the 441st Contact from 2007 it is claimed that information about the danger of negative aliens is just fabricated and staged by certain interest groups of humans.


In the 376th Contact report from 2005 it is claimed that all conspiracy theory is as follows:

“...nonsense spreading through the books in order to stir up fear and disseminating false information for people to believe. Indeed, in this respect it’s only a sheer invention being spread into the world by irresponsible book scribblers...”

This report continues to specify the books regarding to Illuminati and Zionist conspiracy as nonsense.

The Counterarguments
However, on the other side of Billy Meier's Pleiadian teachings we can read something completely different:

  • 1st Contact with Semjase from 1975: “You should be aware of them because they often attack and destroy everything that gets in their way. Many times they have even destroyed whole planets or forced their inhabitants into bondage. It is one of our missions to warn the people on Earth of these creatures. Let this be known to the Earth people because the time is approaching when a conflict with these degenerate human beings (creatures) becomes unavoidable.“ [53]

  • 31st Contact with Ptaah: “In fact there are malevolent intelligences from outer space who visiting your Earth or wandering into there but they are not enough to prevail here.“ [54]

The book, And yet... they fly! Here we can learn that according to Pleiadians' data the barbarian beings of 16th planet wanted to exterminate earthlings in order to gain the planet Earth as their new home planet. [55]

The warning of Billy Meier to all European governments:

“At first, this modern enslavement of people (chips) will be launched by the USA and later UN...the human and civil rights will be drastically limited by this process what it had been planned before during establishment of EU.


Consequently, people are supposed to get rid of their legal capacity completely and they will have to be subjected to the government without having the right to decision making on any state affairs and resolutions.“ [56]

The above mentioned, in my view, clearly confirms the reality of possible mortal danger on the part of some extraterrestrials and the reality of outrageous conspiracy in high political circles against ordinary citizens.

I believe that all statements or hints of Pleiadians in terms of meaning there will be no danger for earthlings; that negative aliens don’t exist; and conspiracy is nonsense, are willful tactics how to calm down the earthlings. I think the situation of inhabitants of Earth is, on the contrary, very serious. It is highly probable that we are in the middle of a conflict between at least two extraterrestrial military contingents: peacekeeping troops of Galactic Federation and the pirate forces of the Imperial Alliance. The pirate forces of Draconians, Grays, terrestrial based Reptilians, Military-Industrial-Extraterrestrial Complex (MIEC) and Illuminati (and may be the Masonic, black mages, Zionists, Bilderbergers etc.) are seeking power and total control over terrestrial human resources. As an example, through a sophisticated network of tracking and monitoring technology (satellites, transmitters, HAARP, the internet and computers control etc.) this is supposed to lead to hypodermic microchip installation to every ordinary earthling.

The reasons for the deepening of terrestrial slavery is as follows: disproportionately increasing the number of earthlings, and due to the gradual spread of truth on the planet, there is the real danger of “slave revolt” against Draconian leadership - the earthlings have become rampant.


Draconians, Reptilians and Grays want to keep the planet Earth as a food source, they also want terrestrial biota [?] and mankind as a source of genetic material for experiments, creating hybrid races; eventually they want mankind as slaves on other planets, as well as the raw materials, water etc.


Considering that one of the key concerns of hostile aliens is that of “humans as a food source” or corpses of people as the genetic material for which we are being warned by whistleblowers, witnesses and activists:

  • Milton William Cooper: A former member of U.S. Naval Security and Intelligence writes in his file from 1989 as follows: “More significant was the finding and discovery of the parts of human body in alien spacecrafts.” [57]


  • Phil Schneider: A former government civil engineer who before his strange death, claimed that the earthlings are of interest to almost a dozen extraterrestrial cannibal races! In underground facilities he saw many human working slaves being used by aliens and many of those are children. He also said that when children reach a point where they are no longer able to work they are slaughtered and consumed. [58]

  • Aero mar from Brazil: A man who before his final disappearance claimed he had been abducted by alien Reptilians, who were able to look human, controlled him at a distance and showed him abroad their ship a storage of human corpses - hanging by hooks like meat. [59]

  • Thomas Castello: The whistleblower who in 1987 released to UFO researchers physical and written evidence of the existence of a joint government-extraterrestrial base in Dulce in New Mexico, where people were been used as laboratory animals (cold storage of people merged in tanks with strange fluid) and serving as a food source for some of the aliens: using human body parts as source of nourishment. [60]

  • The U.S. witness: a man abducted by Reptilians: the man in question claimed he had been abducted on regular basis by Reptilians and he saw them eat children. [61] In this context, it is also interesting the announcement of Pleiadians that: “...the main reason for their and their allies’ final withdrawal from Earth must remain confidential at least for now.” [62] Our task in the whole affair in any case will be to outrightly join the positive extraterrestrials and try to join them spiritually, politically and militarily, whether this is the Galactic Federation or other groups.

Other points of controversy
Except the above seven items where Pleiadians, in my view, strategically lie, feign and distort the facts, there also exist other suspicious claims that appears to be disinformation.

  1. 98% of all photographs of flying “apparatuses” are said to be hoaxes.

    Pleiadians came even with the claim that 98% of all the photos and film footage of flying objects are hoaxes. [63] As opposed to that, I think that the rate of real UFO sightings are increasing, an acclimatization process of people is underway, and extraterrestrials make themselves visible more and more often. Therefore, UFO photos are even more often real records.

  2. Kenneth Arnold is believed to have not seen extraterrestrial ships.

    Pleiadians at first claimed in the 2nd Contact from 1975 that “Kenneth Arnold wasn’t a deceiver because he really has seen our beamships.“ [64] Suddenly in the 424th Contact from 2006 they said the opposite: “ to Kenneth Arnold is concerned we have found out...he didn’t observe any alien spaceships, but single winged U.S. secret test aircrafts.“


  3. Is Ashtar Sheran dead?

    Another suspicious statement of Pleiadians is that Ashtar Sheran is dead. Allegedly in 1983 he attacked Asket's nation in the DAL Universe and was killed in battle, eliminated: “All of those who say he is alive, they are liars, deceivers, suffer from schizophrenia or fertile fantasy.“ [65]


    Ashtar Sheran is being introduced as dangerous criminal with negative intentions. [66]

    In contrast, there are many earthlings who claim that they met Ashtar Sheran in person, or communicate with him telepathically since 1983; and that it is a being with benevolent intentions. As a positive step we can also evaluate the radio broadcast, which could be genuine and by which Ashtar wanted reportedly to inform earthlings. [67]


    So the situation is not so clear. In addition, there are also indications that more Ashtar exist, it is just a name.

  4. The planetary evacuation is said to not be real.

    Pleiadians claim that: “All reports that the alien ships are circling round the Earth and waiting for us to be evacuated, are absolutely unreal.” [68] In direct contrast to this statement are reports of many individuals all over the globe who argue that benevolent extraterrestrials are ready to evacuate people of the Earth. [69]

  5. The channelers and telepaths are believed to lie.

    Pleadians claim that: “channeling is colossal nonsense and telepathy is not practiced by those who make such claims.“ [70] Billy Meier also states that: “Real contacts are the ones when oral or telepathic communication is taking place between extraterrestrials and humankind. No other man from Earth, me excepted, is able to do it.“ [71] This absolutist claims I consider as completely misguided.

  6. The UMMO case is said to be nonsense.

    Billy Meier says: “All accounts and claims as to alleged contact of people of the Earth with extraterrestrials from so called “Galactic Union“ (the group called UMMO)...are lies, deceits and schizophrenic illusions.“ [72] The absolutely opposite opinion presents, for example, from the Italian book of Stefano Breccia “Contattismi di massa“, containing testimonial commentary of Bruno Sammaciccia and his extensive experiences with Ummo race on the underground facility in Italy. [73]

  7. Crop Circles are said to be made by humans.

    Pleiadians indicate that: “...the fact is that crop circles are and were created not by aliens but earthlings” [74] The impulse for the opposite point of view can be the case of British police officer who was observing aliens viewing the crop circle in the Silbury Hill, Wiltshire. [75] Most probably crop circles are made by another (competing) faction of extraterrestrials to the Pleiadians.

  8. No life is said to exist on Pleiades.

    No Pleiadians are said to come from Pleiades constellation. FIGU inclined to believe that in constellation of Pleiades no life exists: “...they come not from Pleiades, because we now know there is no life there, neither physical nor spiritual form. These stars are too little, because they are still in their early developing stage“. [76] Actually, they are claiming no Pleiadians from Pleiades can operate on Earth.

    In contrast to that, there are those who report that they have had physical or telepathic contacts with extraterrestrials from Pleiades (or seven sisters). American contactee James Gilliland states that he has had personal, face-to-face contact with two women who projected into in his home and talked with him several times. He said they told him they had come from the Pleiades and that they looked like the contactors from the Billy Meier group, but they were from a different group. [77]

    A female contactee from Columbia, Amanda Ramírez, told she had been in physical contact with Pleiadians and with other civilizations: “I’ve been on board ship. Pleiadians took me in some different hall of records, where events on Earth are stored (past, presence and future). [78] Definitely, it is clear that someone is lying here - either Pleiadians or Gilliland, Ramirez and others.

  9. The presence of religion is said to indicate a false contact.

    Billy Meier said that: “There is a certain way how to distinguish the veracity of these Contact Reports: What is based on religion manner (not to mention sectarian), it is the lie and fraud, schizophrenia or fantasy of sick one.” [79] I think other contactees who are engaging religion can have real contact as well. On the one hand some of negative aliens deliberately keep them in religion and on the other hand the benevolent extraterrestrial during their contact with terrestrials can use some elements of religion - with regard to the level of terrestrials.

  10. Chemtrails are said to not exist.

    In the 445th Contact interview is reported that chemtrails are fictitious and books dealing with are labeled as idiotic. [80] Absolutely opposite viewpoint is shown by analyses of the Carnicom Institute in USA. [81] Their report cited the presence of poison in the air due to chemtrails made up of different heavy irons such as aluminum, barium, manganese, arsenic; and also they refer to the presence of ethyl dibromide which is a very toxic substance. A former FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson has since 2003 been talking about the spraying of chemtrails in the USA and very critically accused persons involved in these projects of crimes against humanity, against civilians and their freedom and rights. [82]

  11. David Icke, Zecharia Sitchin and others are believed to talk nonsense.

    In the 443rd Contact Report Pleiadians say: “...All books you mentioned of David Icke,... Zecharia Sitchin, van Helsing and Retyi are also coming from the realm of nonsense and feeble-mindedness of illusory and fantasy conspiracy theory...these books must be said to be absolute idiotic and schizophrenic product of heretical belief.” [83]

    I partly studied the authors’ works and have reached the conclusion that it is not really so easily dismissed like the Pleiadians say.

  12. AIDS is believed to have been caused by contact between monkeys and humans.

    Pleiadians state that AIDS disease was caused by contact between monkeys and humans. [84] It is interesting that in the world there appears also theories that AIDS has been created artificially and on purpose in order to limit overpopulation of mankind.

  13. The number of flights into Earth’s atmosphere is said to have been drastically limited

    In 2006 Pleiadians came up with indirect statement the earthlings are almost isolated: “The flights have been in the meantime drastically reduced to a few dozen per a year, but all flights are of ours including the visits with you.” [85] There are many persons all over the world who say absolute opposite. For example in the “Lacerta Files“ of a Swedish contactee, a female Reptilian contactee states that existing here are predominating agile activity of aliens and we have at a minimum 14 extraterrestrial types: “We assume the forthcoming war is underway between three kinds of enemy aliens or between you and one of them (or with all of them). This war will break out due to resources, hydrogen, air or DNA.“ [86]


The perspective of Colonel Wendelle Stevens

It is necessary to add that one of the first who referred to the discrepancies in the Pleiadians´ teaching was the now deceased and key UFO researcher Air Force Colonel Wendelle Stevens.


He led the first research team INTERCEP which in 1976 examined in detail Billy Meier´s case with help of the latest technological devices at that time. Within the frame of submitted evidence the INTERCEP reached the conclusion that all attempts failed to find that the case was a hoax or resulting from false activity. They tended to the conclusion that Billy Meier is a genuine contactee.


However, sometime later Stevens in the interview with journalist Bret Leuder for UFO Magazine (June, 2007) said that Pleiadians had lied:

Leuder: So why has Semjase changed her story so many times?

Stevens: “That has bothered me a great deal, because to me, she’s lying. As I look at it now, they had an objective for Meier and they didn’t want him to stray from their objective. So they told him what they wanted him to know and believe. ...So I think they have the entire truth but didn’t want him to be distracted by other interests.


For instance, they told him that George Adamski was a man, but he was a charlatan and liar. Then later they told him that it wasn’t Adamski´s story at all, and he was borrowing the story from another man. And they gave him a name for who really had those experiences. So Adamski was pirating the story.


Then later still they told him that maybe he did have those experiences, but they weren’t all very accurate. There are other examples. Every time he would find something interesting, she would discourage it.


Then later she (Semjase) would come along and say:

«Well, maybe there was more to it than that, but you don’t need to know anything about that».

So I’m convinced that they don’t always tell him the intrinsic truth. They tell him what they want him to believe.“

Colonel Wendelle Stevens also confirmed for Czech Exopolitics in e-mail posting his opinion that Pleiadians maneuvered with the truth.



Although Pleiadians of Billy Meier are bringing a lot of positive things for humans and fundamental information, I suppose the matters of ufology according to their story we must take it with big amount of criticism and step back it from.


I think his Pleiadians try to keep us cool artificially. That’s why they are keeping us in the dark about the serious situation of the existence of malevolent extraterrestrials. Maybe their reason is to keep FIGU Mission working calmly without being disturbed.


More evidence that the Pleiadians were strategically maneuvering with the truth is obtained in their former claim where they once have already lied about their origin what had been confirmed before. First they claimed they had come from Pleiades, later they changed the subject and said that it hadn’t been truth; and that in fact they come from the area called Plejaren, and said that they had deliberately told an untruth.

Ingenious sounding untruths is their tactics. My general impression of Billy Meier and based on my personal assessment of this situation, is that I have come to the conclusion that it is most probable that Billy Meier partly or fully knows about their disinformation and actively participate in it.


Indeed it reminds me of a brilliant chess game - chess is, as well known, a war game!

From a certain point of view we can say that his extraterrestrials act as a Galactic Intelligence Agency and an advance guard of Galactic peaceful forces. Therefore earthlings must keep their ears close to the ground not only in the face of the negative extraterrestrials, but in fact before anyone from outer space.


Otherwise, it seems to me very insufficient if FIGU members only refer to the possible chip totality (microchip totality) and this is all of their activity. I’m convinced that more active attitude is needed, because it is really a difficult situation on this planet.

Of course the FIGU organization is very active in the case of producing an astonishing amount of texts even if it concerns Earth welfare. Consequently this is the cause of FIGU members and interest people in Billy’s case are buried under with their study of texts and have a little time and energy to process information concerning worldwide ufology, exopolitics, different contactees etc.


Even they are so affected that they probably think those are all just nonsense and lies. Their attention is misled in one direction so that they miss the overall picture of the mosaic. It is not possible to believe everything in what Billy’s Pleiadians say. It is necessary for everything to be verified and try to get to know personally.


Otherwise, FIGU members become inconsistent with the very Pleiadians´ and Billy Meier’s spiritual teaching.

Still, I think that Billy Meier is one of the most important contactees on Earth, the man with a crucial task whose material, reports and activities are good to know. In his message the important and valuable spiritual teaching are prevailing which stands disproportionately higher that any religion, philosophy or cults.


As seen from the content of this analysis, a lot of Pleiadians' statements and FIGU members come into direct conflict with assertions and attitudes of exopolitics. For the future of humanity it would be beneficial, if these two groups understand each other. Perhaps the global strategy of benevolent extraterrestrials on Earth is to first create a large number of small incongruous groups across the globe, which will link informatively in the end.


Hence I don’t subscribe with the position of Michael Horn, FIGU's representative for the USA, who is fanatically attacking exopolitics. [87] The right way is that of harmony and mutual information exchange.

I hope this analysis contributes in bringing light the whole Meier situation.


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