by Goro Adachi
April 26, 2004

from Etemenanki Website

October 24, '03 'Babylon Is Fallen...'

[...] First, let me go back to the issue of Schwarzenegger playing the role of the 'Destroyer' (Antichrist/Beast). Arnie is the 'Terminator' and 'Conan the Destroyer'. In the Bible, the 'Destroyer' reference (i.e. Abaddon/Apollyon) is found in Revelation 9:11.

And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

The numerical coincidence of '9:11' is more than a little curious. This is so especially when added that a very similar passage is found in Revelation 20:3 which says:

And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season.

The numerical significance here is that '20:3' would correspond to 3/20, i.e. March 20. This is when the US invasion of Iraq began earlier this year - a direct consequence of 9/11... an 'echo'. As I repeatedly explained before, Mars has a roughly 2-year orbital cycle and is thus related to the 2-year cycle pattern that is behind the stargate window. Looking at the Red Planet's positioning in the sky relative to the background stars as viewed from Earth, however, we realize that it returned to the same place where it was on 9/11/01 earlier in March '03, the month of the beginning of the Iraq war.

Looking at it more closely, we realized that the '9/11 return' of Mars came on March 7. This was about two weeks before the actual date of the war's beginning. [The] 13-day discrepancy precisely corresponded to a half cycle (13.5 days) of the Moon's sidereal orbital period around the earth (27.32 days). This means Earth would be exactly at the same position as the Moon of March 20 in relation to the background stars, if Earth was seen from the Moon 13 days before March 20 (i.e. March 7).

On that basis, I [could] conclude that the Red Planet's '9/11 return' on March 7 and the Iraq war beginning on March 20 were connected very coherently. The fact that March 20 was the spring equinox and that the Great Sphinx at Giza, a 'Martian monument', faces due east to directly stare at the equinoctial sunrise underscored the validity of the linkage. (And of course, Mars is traditionally the planet/god of war.)

Because March 20 can be seen as a '9/11 echo date', Revelation's 20:3 passage (= 3/20) echoing the 9:11 passage (the beast of the 'bottomless pit') in the same book could not be more appropriate. True, the order of the numbers used for establishing the corresponding dates are reversed (9:11 for 9/11 and 20:3 for 3/20), but it's actually the former approach, 9:11=9/11, that's the exception. As we'll see, the 'standard' method turns out to be consistent with the 'day:month' format.

For starters, turning 9/11 into 11:9 will lead us to Genesis 11:9 which just happens to be a passage mentioning the tower of Babel, the archetypal model for the WTC twin towers destroyed on 9/11!:

Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the LORD scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.

'Babel', from which derives 'Babylon', means 'gate of God' - i.e. a 'stargate'.

Notice that Genesis is the very first book in the Bible whereas Revelation is the very last. Alpha and Omega. Beginning and end. It's somehow these two books that continue to give us passages that fit right into the pattern of our dates and themes.

A good example is Revelation 14:8 which mentions the destruction of 'Babylon' (a la 9/11):

And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

The passage number here '14:8' gives us 8/14, i.e. August 14. One of the biggest events of the stargate window this summer was the massive blackout of the US eastern coast, prominently affecting NYC, the American 'Babylon'. The date? August 14!

What's more interesting is that August 14 is exactly 13 days away from August 27, the climax of the Red Planet's historic close encounter with the Earth. So like the two 9/11-related dates, 3/7 and 3/20 separated by 13 days, August 14 was also a 'Mars day' and this is somehow acknowledged by our 'Genesis-Revelation code'.

13 days... Could there be more to this than what we've found? Well, it turns out... Yes! Today we use the Gregorian calendar, which replaced the less accurate Julian calendar. As it happens, there is now a 13-day difference between the two calendars! So... the March 20 of the Gregorian calendar is the March 7 of the Julian calendar. Hence, March 20 equals March 7, and August 14 equals August 27!

[T]hrough this scheme it could easily be said that the Iraq war did start on the precise date pinpointed by the '9/11 return' of Mars. The Martian connection is clear there. But what about the blackout of August 14? Why should it be associated with the peak of Mars' close approach to Earth on August 27?

The first potential answer here has to do with, again, the Moon, i.e. the celestial object closely associated with the 13-day offset of the dates. We find that the climax of the Mars light show coincided with a 'New Moon' - meaning there was a 'blackout' of the Moon on Aug. 27 because it was situated exactly between the Sun and the earth. This will become more meaningful later.

The second connection, which I find both compelling and implausible, involves the alien-disk crop glyph, i.e. the driving force behind... the Endgame series. I'm of course referring to the remarkable (and likely man-made) crop glyph mysteriously created in England last year... on August 14.


As discussed in the Endgame articles, the design of the crop glyph was probably borrowed from a logo used on the 'Watcher website', which deals with the subjects of prophecies, Mars/Cydonia, the Antichrist, etc. (See image comparison below.)

The masterfully created glyph was the third one in the 'ET Contact' series that apparently began in 2000. The three glyphs all appeared in the same field and practically on the same date (around Aug. 14) three years in a row.


Because of this continuity, expectations were high this year that we would see an incredible fourth installment of the series. But what happened was - nothing. Not just this 'Contact' series. There was a very unusual total blackout of crop circles in England this summer. Most observers were simply perplexed.

Personally, I couldn't help but think that the Aug. 14 blackout in the US was on some level conceptually linked to the crop glyph 'blackout'... especially in light of the precise 'Aug. 14' connection.

An unwarranted hypothesis? Not really. We only need to take a look at how it relates to the calendrically shifted date of Aug. 14, i.e. August 27 (= Julian Aug. 14).

In the first Endgame article, I discussed what appeared to be a 'leak' by an 'insider' posted on the former message board of Richard Hoagland's Enterprise website. (Hoagland is the author of The Monuments of Mars, a popular book about the 'Face on Mars' and other anomalies of Mars/Cydonia.)


The post by 'KBS' included only a series of numbers that was hyperlinked to a webpage displaying the 2002 'alien disk' crop glyph. Soon another poster there (perhaps the same 'insider') decoded the numbers and found the following encoded message: 'HaPPy AnNiVerSaRy, HoAglAnd'.

In Endgame IV, I explained [its most likely] meaning. The key: the message was posted on August 27 ('02). And with the mention of 'anniversary', meaning 'returning with the year at a stated time', it became clear to me that it was pointing ahead to the August 27 of the following year, 2003 - the exact date of the Mars climax day! Since Hoagland is [the famous 'Mars/Cydonia guy'], there was no question that this was the intended message.

The implication is remarkable: it directly unites the dates August 14 and August 27! The alien crop glyph, to which the coded message was hyperlinked, was created on Aug. 14 (= Aug. 27 Gregorian); and the message itself was posted on Aug. 27 (= Aug. 14 Julian) and pointed ahead to the Aug. 27 of 2003.

There is now virtually no doubt left that the 'blackout' of Aug. 14 was a 'Martian' event that's to be seen together with Aug. 27.

But I'm not done yet. On [or very near] the predicted 'Hoagland anniversary' day (8/27/03), Richard Hoagland happened to publish his new paper presenting a new picture of the 'Face on Mars' taken by the Odyssey spacecraft currently orbiting Mars. ('Odyssey' as in the film, 2001: A Space Odyssey.)

Hoagland begins the paper by stating:

This startling new image of the well-known "Face on Mars" (above [right]) may ultimately be regarded as one of the most important photographs of the entire Space Program. For, after almost 30 years of acrid controversy and debate, a "whole new side" to this perplexing Martian mystery - and the profound social and scientific questions it continues to present - has now literally dawned...

He goes on to discuss how the lighting of the rising sun reflected on the eastern side of the 'Face' reveals a new mystery, an inexplicable amount of reflectivity. The paper is all about the brightly lit right half of the Face.

Well, take another look at the alien crop glyph. Does it not show only the right side of the face lit by light? The correspondence is unmistakable. This effect is even evident in the alien logo from the 'Watcher website' shown earlier... Can you say 'prophetic'?

Ah, but there is more.

So far we've analyzed two sets of dates, the March 20/March 7 paring and the August 27/August 14 paring. Now let us move on to another pair... October 25/26 and November 8/9. In the previous updates I explained in depth why these two dates are to be considered 'Mars days'. And, yes, they are separated by 13/14 days - making them calendarically equatable dates.

The significance of Oct. 25/26 derives from a combination of several things. First, there will be a Sun-Moon-Earth alignment (i.e. New Moon) on Oct. 25, meaning there will be a total 'blackout' of the Moon in the night sky. Second, the Sun-Moon conjunction will occur exactly at the spot where the Moon was positioned on March 20 and where the Earth was on March 7 (as seen from the Moon).


This alone is enough to make Oct. 25/26 a 'Mars day'. Third, the causeway of the Great Sphinx (identifiable with Mars), angled approximately 14 degrees (or 13.5 deg.) south of due east, will align with the sunrise of Oct. 25/26. Fourth, on the same day (Oct. 25/26), Mars rises at the same point on the Giza horizon as the Sun. Fifth, Mars rising on the eastern horizon on Oct. 25, perfectly aligned with the Sphinx causeway, will coincide with the 2-hour window of the Sun-Moon conjunction which in turn will be occurring at the March-20 position of the Moon.

And here are a couple of additional coincidences I just discovered. When viewed from the general area of NYC, i.e. the 'Babylon city' that
experienced the 9/11 attacks and the 8/14 blackout, the Sun-Moon alignment of Oct. 25 (a 'Moon blackout') will take place exactly when the Sun and the Moon are seen rising at the horizon! Not only that, the Moon's rising point will be ~14 degrees south of due east - i.e. the exact angle of the Sphinx causeway!

There is no question that October 25/26 is a 'Mars day'. If you're not yet convinced, this should do it: On Oct. 25, there will be a conference held at the Univ. of Wisconsin called 'God, Man, and E.T.' which will deal with religious implications of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. The lecturers will include Richard Hoagland and David E. Flynn from the 'Watcher website', i.e. the website of the 'alien logo'!

Okay, now, moving 13/14 days forward from Oct. 25/26... bringing us to November 8/9. Like Oct. 25, there will be a 'blackout' event of the Moon on this date. This time not a New Moon, but a total lunar eclipse. In addition, there will be a very rare astrological configuration on Nov. 8/9, dubbed the 'Harmonic Concordance', that will coincide with the lunar eclipse.


It's a perfect hexagonal form depicting the 'Star of David' - the star shown on Israel's flag.

In Endgame V, I discussed how the Star of David can be viewed as the two-dimensional representation of two interlocking circumscribed tetrahedrons - the geometric configuration from which derives the 'hyperdimensional number, 19.5°, i.e. the key number encoded into the layout of the 'monuments of Mars' in the Cydonia region according to Hoagland.


This 19.5° angle is now widely considered the 'message of Cydonia'.



It could be said that the Star of David, or the interlocking tetrahedrons, represents a 'stargate/Babylon configuration'. And the date producing this astrological arrangement, Nov. 8/9, is quite clearly another 'Mars day'.

I might as well mention too that the Star of David symbolizes the Holy Grail, or 'Blood Royal', signifying the union of Jesus and Mary (Magdalene) or God and Goddess (masculine and feminine). The triangle pointing upward represents manhood and the one pointing downward represents womanhood. I believe many people are now aware of this symbolism thanks to The Da Vinci Code, the hugely popular book this year.

What is not yet widely known, however, is that the 'Face on Mars', as well as the Sphinx, embodies the same theme. I presented this view in Endgame III written back in Nov. 2002. Endgame III even revealed how the 'Face' - actually a combination of the body of Virgo/virgin and the head of Leo/lion - was... mimicked by the Shroud of Turin, the sacred cloth on which is shown a shadowy image of a man widely thought to be Jesus himself.


I even discussed the plausible idea that the Shroud was actually made by Leonardo Da Vinci and the image is that of his. Yes, Da Vinci as in The Da Vinci Code. [...]

October 29, '03 Burning Bush

This is quite amazing what's happening now. Since Oct. 16 I had been pointing at the date Oct. 25/26, along with Nov. 8/9, as a special 'Mars day' echoing the time (March) of the beginning of the Iraq war. How fitting that what transpired over the weekend (Oct. 24-26) is... all about fire! While Mars is the planet/god of war, it is also traditionally the planet of fire, after all.

As I wrote in the post of Oct. 21: 'Oct. 25 is a clear echo-date of the beginning of the Iraq war on March 20'. [...] The [war/Mars 'echo'] came in the slightly transposed form of 'fire'. On Oct. 24/25, one of the leading news stories was a major solar storm directly hitting the earth. This was an unexpected event since the Sun is currently supposed to be quieting down - having already reached the sunspot cycle peak in 2000.

The Sun is a major player in the pattern we've been following. Just take a look at the titles of my articles: 'The Two Suns of Election MM', 'The Labour of the Sun', and 'The Message of Cycle 23' (Cycle 23 = solar cycle). And the subtitle of the most recent Endgame article (Endgame V), 'On the Chariot of the Sun'. I also seem to have dropped a 'hint' at the very end of Endgame IV: Stargate 2003, where I wrote 'I sense a big storm coming...', immediately following which was a picture of the sun. Go take a look at it for amusement.

The Sun is woven into various themes we've been tracking, but the oldest and most consistent one is that of the 'two suns'/'double sun'. And this directs our attention to the double-ness of the current solar storm, as reported on a article titled 'Seeing Double - Astronomers Amazed at Two Huge Sunspots':

An unusually active Sun has professional astronomers amazed while amateurs revel in backyard sightings of two Jupiter-sized sunspots. Meanwhile, a heavy dose of space weather buffeted Earth midday Friday, and more stormy weather is on the way.

The mention of Jupiter is conceptually hyperlinked to another space news [that came out during the same period]. It has to do with a 'mystery spot' observed on Jupiter.


As reported on

Astronomers have spotted a strange, obvious and inexplicable black spot near the equator of Jupiter. A picture of the object (below image) was circling this planet electronically this week as researchers scratched their heads about what they'd found.

Now, isn't it curious that Jupiter is inseparable from the notion of 'two suns' via [the film '2010'] in which Jupiter is transformed into a second sun? The fact that the Oct. 25/26 window is related to our 'stargate window' (summer/fall '03) which in turn is an 'echo window' of the year 2001 (~September) makes this something hard to ignore.


And I had already associated the plutonium-carrying Galileo spacecraft's 'suicide' plunge into Jupiter's atmosphere on Sept. 21 this year with the 2001/2010 movie theme. I even associated it with the autumnal equinox (Sept. 23), which was another 'Mars/Horus day'. (See Oct. 16 update.)

...And we are presently awaiting the imminent arrival of the second, much more powerful (the third biggest on record) solar flare/CME produced by [sunspot '486']. (The one arriving at the beginning of the weekend was from Sunspot 485, if I'm not mistaken.) The scheduled time is sometime today.


This is what posted yesterday:

EXTREME SOLAR ACTIVITY: One of the most powerful solar flares in years erupted from giant sunspot 486 this morning at approximately 1110 UT. The blast measured X17 on the Richter scale of solar flares. As a result of the explosion, a strong S3-class solar radiation storm is underway. Click here to learn how such storms can affect our planet. The explosion also hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) toward Earth. When it left the sun, the cloud was traveling 2125 km/s (almost 5 million mph). This CME could trigger bright auroras when it sweeps past our planet perhaps as early as tonight.

So clearly, the Sun is going crazy at this time. And as the graphs below show, [all this] began on/around our 'Mars day', Oct. 25/26!

Now, in my last post (Oct. 24), I wrote this near the end:

...I'm already beginning to hear some interesting things. Major solar flares (or coronal mass ejections) are headed our way, scheduled to arrive this weekend... George W. Bush is also scheduled to fly back into the United States, back from his 8-day tour of Asia, later today.

At the time I couldn't quite put it together into a unified picture, but now I'm beginning to detect a coherent 'story' encoded into these events. And this may be very much relevant to the 'twin date' of Oct. 25/26 - i.e. November 8/9. (See previous updates for explanation.)

First, let me remind you that Bush in my model is a 'Sun king' [or] Phaėthon, the son of the sun-god Helios... The story [of Phaėthon] goes like this:

The chariot of the sun was owned by his father Helios, who wouldn't let his son ride it because this was just too dangerous. But Phaėthon strongly insisted and was eventually able to get his father's permission. The result was inevitable – he quickly lost control, and now the world was in danger of being set on fire. This dire situation prompted Zeus to strike Phaėthon with his thunderbolt, which threw him off the chariot. And like a shooting star Phaėthon fell into the stream of Eridanus. The Eridanus thus became the grave of Phaėthon.

Like Phaėthon, the Bush administration with its war-like ways has certainly created a situation where the world is facing a serious threat of being 'set on fire' - symbolically speaking. And this imagery is now being intensified by the great California fires which have become a major disaster situation over the weekend, i.e. during our 'Mars day' window. This was yet another major 'fire' event to emerge during the 'day for fire' (remember: Mars = 'fire planet').

Undoubtedly, the spreading California fires became one of the the biggest international stories starting last weekend (Oct. 25-26). The outgoing California governor Gray Davis even described it potentially the worst disaster ever experience by the state.

Along with the sun flares, the west coast inferno asserted itself as the 'signature event' of the big 'Mars/fire day'. It is certainly very fitting that... Arnold Schwarzenegger, the newly elected [California] governor getting ready to replace [Gray Davis], is someone I had quickly identified as an 'antichristic' figure comparable to the 'sun-king' Bush. In the previous post, for instance, I made this observation:

Immediately before leaving for Japan, Bush met with Schwarzenegger on Oct. 16. This was also in the midst of the Pope's 25th anniversary celebration week. To me, it almost seems as if Bush's meeting with Arnie and leaving the United States was symbolically conveying the idea of passing the torch of 'kingship' (well... 'antichrist-ship').

And as mentioned earlier, Bush's return to the US from his 8-day Asia tour on Friday coincided with the beginning of the chaos on the Sun and in California. There is something eerily ritualistic about all this. [W]e can't miss the connection between [the California fires] and Phaėthon, the 'son of the sun'..., almost setting the world on fire by riding the 'chariot of the sun' across the heavens which he could not control. Bush flying around for eight days in Asia is very much evocative of Phaėthon riding the heavenly sun chariot.

[We can easily] conceptualize that the California fires were set by the out-of-control sun (chariot), in terms of symbology. Bush the sun-king was flying around on the plane - the 'chariot' - and just as he returns to the US, the Sun hurls a major flare/fire at Earth, and California is set on fire... [There is even] the nice 'burning Bush' pun lurking there... [...]

It should be mentioned that the 'Mars day' weekend saw major attacks against the occupation forces in Iraq. It began with rocket attacks on a big hotel where US deputy defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz, one of the neo-conservative architects of the Iraq war, was staying. It appears it was the first major and very public assassination attempt against US leadership. And it was followed by numerous bombings in Baghdad leaving many Iraqis and others dead. This was one of the most violent series of events experienced since the 'end' of the war prematurely declared by Bush on May 1. Well, I'd say fitting events for a 'Mars/war day'. [...]

Adding to this is the rapidly growing pressure exerted on the White House to release certain 9/11-related documents. [On Oct. 25 the news reports stated] that the chairman of the federal commission investigating 9/11 was losing patience with the stonewalling tactics of the White House and that he was preparing to subpoena the documents soon. Clearly, the White House has something to hide (everyone know it, come on now), and of course they still have the justice department probing them over the deadly serious Wilson/CIA leak incident.

If the hidden facts are finally revealed, the White House will be exposed as an utterly incompetent, irresponsible, deceptive, dangerous, and treasonous group of people (especially Dick Cheney and his neo-con minions). They would fall. [...]


November 7, '03 Ramadan Fire

[...] I have discussed how the consistent 'double sun' theme underlying today's events directly relates to the storyline of 2010 in which Jupiter is transformed into a second sun ('Lucifer') using the mysterious 'monoliths'. We also discussed how the plutonium-carrying Galileo probe's suicide descent into the atmosphere of Jupiter on September 21 this year could easily be viewed as a reenactment of the 2010 scenario... especially because there was some buzz about the possibility of the Jovian atmospheric pressure causing Galileo's nuclear material to detonate and potentially turning Jupiter in to a sun.

...On Sept. 23, just two days after the Galileo event, Bush addressed the United Nations and asked for international help on Iraq - making official the administration's decision to soften its unilateral war policy. This was a major geopolitical event event and it occurred on the day of the autumnal equinox (a 'Mars/Sphinx day'). [T]he UN building where Bush made his speech is almost identical in shape to the monolith of 2001/2010!

...[U]ntil just recently the 'second sun'/nuclear detonation theme was largely [symbolic]. Well, I'm not so sure any more.

As mentioned in the Oct. 29 update, there were recently reports concerning a mysterious dark spot observed on Jupiter (discovered on Oct. 19) near the equator. Some people inevitably speculated that it could be related to Galileo... And at least the location was consistent with this theory.


But it wasn't until I read Richard Hoagland's article... that I began to seriously consider this incredible possibility - that the dark spot was the remnant of a literal nuclear explosion caused by Galileo's plutonium!

What really got my attention was his explanation for the time delay - i.e. the one month period separating Galileo falling into Jupiter (Sept. 21) and the appearance of the inexplicable dark 'splotch' (Oct. 19). Basically Hoagland showed that... the thick atmosphere of Jupiter [slowed down] the spacecraft so much that it would have taken about one month for Galileo to reach the depth where the atmospheric pressure was strong enough to (potentially) initiate a nuclear chain reaction!


Hoagland writes:

At this point, one of the capsules randomly implodes … and initiates, via the resulting shockwave and intense neutron shower, a runaway nuclear chain reaction in all the other surviving capsules, now spread in a spherical falling “cloud” a few tens of miles across ~700 miles below Jupiter’s visible “surface.” The resulting cascade nuclear detonation of all the surviving capsules totals several tens of kilotons …

So this means the dark splotch of Jupiter happened to appear at the right location and at the right time...

While I'm not necessarily convinced, this is not something I can simply ignore either. And Just think about the implication - the first nuclear detonation in space by mankind. If true, that's a huge event indeed. [...]

November 12, '03 Nuclear Perspective

[...] Because of the recent Galileo 'nuke' event evoking the '2010' scenario of turning Jupiter into a second sun, we now have Jupiter as a big component of the double sun theme. The nuke theme... then brings our attention to the 'antichristic' figure [Arnold Schwarzenegger] whose dramatic announcement, revealing his decision to run, came on August 6, the 58th anniversary of the nuking of Hiroshima. ('58' is a curious number...)

[Interestingly] the position of the Sun (a celestial body powered by nuclear reaction) on [the day of Galileo falling into Jupiter (September 21)] coincided with the position of 'Zavijava', one of Virgo's stars. [This happens to be] the very position of Jupiter on Aug. 6, 1945, when the first atomic bomb was used on Hiroshima. So we observe here a Jupiter-Sun overlap and this jives well with the... 'Jupiter turning into a second sun' storyline.

After detecting these correlations, I eventually arrived at the thought that the union of Galileo and Jupiter, as occurred on Sept. 21, was on some level an instruction telling us that we should view the planets and stars from Jupiter. After all, the astronomer Galileo, after whom the NASA probe was named, [was famous] for his heliocentric claim... So, I had to infer that the Galileo probe going into Jupiter was potentially an allusion to a Jupiter-centric perspective.

Thanks to astronomy software like Starry Night, we can now easily 'go to Jupiter' and see what the heavens look like from that perspective. [And] I was surprised to discover that Earth and Mars have stayed very close to each other since April when viewed from Jupiter. Mars is of course the planet of 2003 and it is inseparable from Schwarzenegger/the California recall election...

Upon further examination, I found that Mars and Earth will unite perfectly (i.e. a precise Mars-Earth-Jupiter alignment) around November 20. Now, this will not only closely coincide with the coming solar eclipse and potentially more major solar flares, it will also overlap Schwarzenegger finally becoming the governor of California (Nov. 17), i.e. the completion of the 'Total Recall' election process. The timing here can be calibrated further by adding the Moon into the mix.


[T]he Moon will pass over Jupiter on Nov. 18 - thus producing a Mars-Earth-Moon-Jupiter alignment! [...]


November 15, '03 Death of the Sun

The more I look into it, the more it appears that the 'fall' of Bush may hit the fan probably as early as this month in some form. Not sure whether it will begin or complete in November, but I'd have to say there is much to suggest, in terms of symbology, that the 'fall' is a prominent possibility in this period. This projection parallels that of the Pope in accordance with the close presidency-papacy correspondence we've been discussing for a long time now here at Etemenanki.

[...] Let's start with the Mars-Earth-Jupiter alignment mentioned in the previous update. This precise planetary lineup will take place around November 20, and from the viewpoint of Jupiter the conjunction of Mars and Earth will be placed in the constellation of Aquarius. More specifically, the [planetary] unification will mark where the water is imagined to flow out of the jar held by the 'Waterman'. In other words, it will be at the 'water gate'.

Aquarius has been associated with Moses who was 'saved from water' (Allen, Star Names, p.46), as well as with the Nile. Moses, of course, is a biblical figure we have already identified with Bush...; and the Nile in ancient Egypt was personified by Osiris who in turn also corresponds to Bush in [our] model... Together with the 'water gate' symbolism, we begin to wonder about the intensifying investigations into the White House's role in 9/11, the manipulation of pre-war intelligence on Iraq, [etc.]. It is also noteworthy that in Mesoamerican culture, the term tl or atl means both 'water' and 'war', as in Mars the planet of war.

By adding the Moon into the planetary alignment..., the pinpointed date becomes Nov. 18. This closely coincides with Arnold Schwarzenegger... taking office as governor of California. Because the rise of Arnie in the political scene is analogous to the birth of Horus..., we have here another omen for the Osirian king, Bush, since mythologically the birth of Horus and the death of Osiris are designed to take place simultaneously. As Horus is born, Osiris dies, and vice versa.

That the name 'Arnold' means 'the eagle rules' also meshes well with the prominent role Jupiter plays in the celestial alignment because [they] are very closely linked in myth. Napoleon, the first so-called 'Antichrist', had 'L'Aigle' (the Eagle) as one of his nicknames...

[The inclusion of the Moon is also] pertinent to Bush's upcoming visit to London, the home of Princess Diana (= Moon-goddess), to meet with Blair and the Queen. [...]

Note the [timing of the] unwelcome trip... - November 18-21. It starts with the aforementioned Mars-Earth-Moon-Jupiter alignment on Nov. 18 and then directly overlaps the precise Mars-Earth-Jupiter alignment occurring around Nov. 20! [This is] not a good sign, especially given what immediately follows next.

[There will be a total solar eclipse on Nov. 23]... an omen [especially since the 'black sun' is associated with Osiris].

Solar eclipses can be perceived as the Moon overpowering, or 'killing' the Sun for obvious reasons. Bush is [our 'Phaėthon', a 'Sun king']... So... I don't think I have to spell out the implication (which doesn't have to be literal).

The notion of the Moon killing the Sun is striking here also in that, in Greco-Roman mythology, it is Diana the Moon-goddess who ends up killing Orion. The constellation of Orion represents Osiris, thus also Osirian figures like Bush. And the god who tricks Diana into killing Orion is Apollo, a sun-god.


Apollo is even traditionally sacred to the British Isles...

Further, in another version of the story [Orion is killed by a scorpion conjured up by Diana]... The total solar eclipse will take place right at the head of the constellation Scorpius, i.e. the Scorpion!

Ah, but there is more... [This same heavenly Scorpion is said to have scared the horses of Phaėthon's Sun-chariot and as a result it began running out of control, threatening the world below.] In Endgame V I compared this story to Bush's careless neocon/PNAC/Cheney-driven foreign policies threatening to 'set the world on fire'...

And it is Zeus, or Jupiter, who finally strikes down Phaėthon with his thunderbolt to protect the world. [This resonates with Galileo crashing into Jupiter, potentially causing a nuclear detonation in mid-October. And around the beginning of November we also had the record-breaking solar storm which hurled many CMEs (coronal mass ejections) - or 'thunderbolts' - directly at Earth.]

So, on many levels, the next anticipated event in the very near future is the 'fall of Phaėthon'...

[...] And the endgame of this will be the termination of the United States... and the Church. It is my position that, one way or another, the US will end within a decade or or so.

Horus is rising, and so Osiris will fall... The ageless story of life and death.


November 22, '03 Sol Invictus

[...] True, I was expecting some distraction to pop up to draw people's attention away from Bush's unwelcome visit to Britain which is supposed to be America's strongest and pretty much only ally. People like Karl Rove could've easily understood the power of this imagery in the news.


Seeing so many Britons passionately hating Bush as demonstrated by the mass anti-Bush rally joined by 150,000 participants in London this week, many Americans would have easily started to question their perception of the leader, carefully engineered by the controlled media.

If our 'friends' hate the Bush administration so much, that's something that makes us think. And real thinking and questioning is the last thing the puppet masters want their lowly subjects to be doing. And so Bush's state visit was an event with great potential - a chance for more Americans to wake up from their illusion.

To say that I was frustrated by the virtual media blackout, enabled by the tabloid news about Michael Jackson's arrest, would be an understatement. Bush's trip to London began on November 18. The stupid media coverage of Michael Jackson began exactly the same day as the California police raided MJ's 'Neverland' ranch. The historic anti-Bush demonstration in London took place on November 20. Michael Jackson was arrested on the very same day and the media covered the development like it's 9/11. On CNN and everywhere else, we were forced to watch the wall-to-wall coverage of the Michael Jackson situation and practically nothing else!

Now, was this a carefully orchestrated event designed to hide the events in London surely damaging to the Bush administration? Perhaps, perhaps not. All we know is that it was timed perfectly... [...]

[And then I] began to detect some very interesting symbolic clues embedded in the blatant 'distraction'.

...Jackson's last CD which was titled 'Invincible' (2001). I knew that the term 'invincible' was associated with the Sun in esoteric tradition, and the 'Sun' is of course [already associated with the date] November 20 (see previous post)... [i.e.] 'the death/fall of the Sun'. [And so MJ's] dramatic fall now in progress could be seen as a twisted manifestation of [this] theme.

Previously I speculated that the 'fall' was quite likely to be that of Bush, our 'Sun king'/Phaėthon (a 'Babylon leader'), or his administration. So far it seems that the manifestation... is remaining largely symbolic (including the dramatic toppling of the Bush effigy in London, a la the Baghdad statue of Saddam back in April, who is/was the literal 'Babylon leader'). [...]


While I don't think the American 'Sun king', or other 'Babylon leaders' like the Pope, is out of the woods yet, it seems that the threat level may have been reduced or at least delayed. [...]

[It is interesting] that November 18, when the police first raided the 'Neverland' ranch, was the very day [MJ's] new greatest hits album 'Number Ones' was released. [I]t relates not only to November the '11'th month but also the familiar theme of 'II' - two or eleven, i.e. two 'number ones' - associated with the Sun (having a 11-year sunspot cycle) and the current window stemming from 9/11 (two towers) two years (or 'two suns') ago.


[...] We also recall that the number '11' is closely associated with the notion of 'bankruptcy' (federal statutory law Title 11 Chapter 11) as discussed here on Oct. 12...

In any case, [I was told by] a fellow seeker up in Canada, Glenn, ...that Sol Invictus, or 'Invincible Sun', was one of the Tarot cards [or at least associated with the concept]. [...] [Then] I recalled that I [was familiar with] the term 'Sol Invictus' from its association with Constantine the Great, the fourth-century Roman emperor. He was a follower of the Sol Invictus cult.


Indeed, Constantine was a 'Sun king'. [Fittingly enough MJ is the 'King of Pop' - making him a 'Sun king' also.] [...]

[The above connections correlate] with my projection pointing at mid-December as a period to watch... [It was] Constantine who designated December 25 (or the winter solstice) as the day of Christmas in order to combine Christianity with his Sol Invictus worship. The winter solstice is the Sun's lowest/weakest point, signifying the death and rebirth of the Sun. This of course corresponds perfectly with our theme of the death and resurrection of the Sun - reenacted in politics by Bush (Osiris) and Schwarzenegger (Horus) - i.e. the very theme deemed underlying the current period around mid-November.

This inevitably makes us wonder about the prevalent 'echo effect' we've been witnessing this year. I'd say get ready for a more dramatic manifestation of the same theme around mid-December/winter solstice.


Recall that on October 16 I wrote: 'I'm actually looking at mid-December as a sort of climax window for the coming events' (see also the Nov. 12 post) and associated it with the Pope in particular, who is one of the 'Babylon leaders'/'Sun kings'. [...]


December 11, '03 Santa's Special Delivery

[...] During mid-December, Jupiter will be positioned just 'under' the constellation of Leo, the lion/sphinx. The Sun and Leo/lion are closely associated in tradition [and relate to] the theme of 'Jupiter as a second sun' discussed [before]. [Remarkably] Jupiter's position during this period will precisely mark where the Sun was on 9/11, 2001. (See image below.)


This not only strengthens the Jupiter-Sun connection, it conforms to the 2-year cycle theme.

One of the key dates found is December 16. On that day, the Moon will pass right over Jupiter (at the 'solar 9/11 position'); and at the same time Mars, situated on the opposite side of the sky, will be positioned at the vernal equinox point where the ecliptic and the celestial equator intersect. (See image below.)


Recall that the equinoctial points are inseparable from the Great Sphinx (Leo) which, facing due east, aligns with the rising sun on the days of the equinoxes. [...]


What's more, this year's spring equinox coincided with the beginning of the Iraq war (Mars is the god/planet of war).

After this the Moon will move quickly along the ecliptic... to reach the Sun.


The Moon and the Sun will be aligned on December 23 [which is] only a day after the winter solstice and the Sun will be at one of the 'stargate' positions where the Milky Way and the ecliptic cross.

...The 'Sun-king death' theme is [echoed here again] in that the winter solstice is traditionally when the Sun - being at the lowest position in the sky - 'dies' and is 'reborn'.

The death/rebirth of the Sun is also the story of Osiris [and] intimately linked to Saturn, the Roman death-god (just as Osiris is the Egyptian death-god). In fact, the festival of Saturn [called 'Saturnalia' is traditionally] associated with the winter solstice and Sol Invictus... The [Saturnalia festival], Dec. 17-23, also closely corresponds with the period defined by the Moon's alignment with Jupiter (Dec. 16) and the Sun (Dec. 23).

[W]e have the following as the icing on the cake:

On New Years Eve the Lord of the Rings will be closer to Earth and brighter than at any time in three decades. All month long skywatchers can enjoy Saturn at its finest. A similar opportunity won't come again for another 30 years.

If in 2003 we had the Summer of Mars, this will be the Winter of Saturn. [from]

In other words, this December happens to be a 'month of Saturn' that comes only once in 30 years! And of course, the final installment of the 'Lord of the Rings' film series will open this month on the 'Saturnalia day', Dec. 17. It will be subtitled 'The Return of the King'. Well, the theme of the resurrection/return of Saturn (Osiris), i.e. the lord of the ringed planet, is obviously reinforced here. [...]

Waiting for Santa's special delivery...


December 14, '03 'Babylon Leader' Fallen

Saddam Hussein, the former leader of Iraq, was finally captured yesterday. This marks the end of an era in Iraq, the ancient land of Babylon.

Saddam is/was the literal 'Babylon leader' [and indeed] he reportedly saw himself as the reincarnated Nebuchadnezzar, the legendary Babylonian king. [I]n my post of Dec. 11, I projected that the theme of 'Babylon leader falling' should manifest this month, with 'mid-December' especially being a key period.

[Note: Saddam being a 'Babylon leader', paralleling Bush etc., is something I have discussed many time in the past. See for example: Endgame II, V, and my Nov. 22 update. Also in the June 9 update I wrote: 'the fall of Bush - a 'Babylon leader' along with Saddam, the Pope, etc. - is one of the likely scenarios projected to manifest in, or in association with the '"stargate window"'.]

Here are relevant quotes from my Dec. 11 post:

- '...the mid-December window coming up shortly.'

- 'The 'Sun-king death' theme is again echoed clearly here'

- '...the 'death of the Sun-king' theme or the 'Babylon leader falling' theme (pretty much the same thing). [...] It will really be interesting to see how the 'Sun-king/ Babylon leader falling' theme will manifest this winter and particularly this December.' [emphasis added]

[...] So that's the quick update for now. [...]


December 19, '03 Projection Review

[Let's take a look] at what I've said in the past regarding Saddam being one of the 'Babylon leaders' projected to 'fall', how the projection was associated with the mid-December period, and also what the fulfillment of the projection implies in terms of what may be coming in the near future.
First, the issue of Saddam being a 'falling Babylon leader'. Given that Saddam was the leader of of Iraq occupying the ancient land of Babylon (Babylonian empire), this link is actually a no-brainer.


Back in Oct. '02 - before the Iraq war - I was already discussing this very connection in Endgame II:

'Babylon falling' - this seems to be one of the key themes of the current time window in history. [...and the historical Babylon] was in Iraq (Mesopotamia), of course - where, today, the reign of Saddam Hussein appears to be in its final hour, due to the impending aggression from the New-World Babylon, the United States!

Presently, therefore, 'Babylon' is indeed collectively falling.

Although lately I have been focusing more on Bush and the Pope as the 'Babylon leaders', I usually note that there are others like Saddam, as I did in my June 9 post:

...the fall of Bush - a 'Babylon leader' along with Saddam, the Pope, etc. - is one of the likely scenarios projected to manifest in, or in association with the 'stargate window'...

Next, it was as early as October of this year that I began to point to mid-December as a key time window. In my Oct. 16 update I wrote:

Whatever the case, I'm actually looking at mid-December as a sort of climax window for the coming events...

And about a month later I specifically attached the 'Babylon leader falling' theme to the December window. I wrote on Nov. 12:

...(I don't think [the solar eclipse of Nov. 23] will coincide with the Pope's exit but I strongly suspect that it will signal his reign coming to an end in the very near future... probably before spring, with December being a particularly interesting period [...])

Of course, the exit of the Pope belongs to the larger theme of 'Babylon leader falling', which is closely attached to the 'stargate window' of 2003. As mentioned many times before, the 'Babylon leader' is an epithet applicable to the leadership of the US, UK, Israel, and such.

Before December, I also detected certain other dates as being relevant to the same theme, the most significant being the time around November 20. This coincided with Bush making his unwelcome state visit to London (Nov. 18-21) and the symbolically intriguing 'fall' of Michael Jackson. As discussed in my Nov. 12 and Nov. 15 posts, this window was celestially pinpointed by such phenomena as a solar eclipse (Nov. 23) and a precise Mars-Earth-Jupiter alignment (Nov. 20).

In the Nov. 15 update I specifically associated this window with Bush:

The more I look into it, the more it appears that the 'fall' of Bush may hit the fan probably as early as this month in some form. Not sure whether it will begin or complete in November, but I'd have to say there is much to suggest, in terms of symbology, that the 'fall' is a prominent possibility in this period.

The 'fall' was of course still applicable to other 'Babylon leaders' who can interchangeably be called 'Sun-kings' (= Horus, Phaėthon, etc.). Thus I also wrote:

So, on many levels, the next anticipated event in the very near future is the 'fall of Phaėthon'...

Not surprisingly, what took place during that period was more symbolic than literal. The most striking was the toppling of a Bush statue by the massive anti-Bush protesters in Britain.


This was obviously meant to mirror the fall of the Saddam statue during the war in Iraq.

Shortly after the end of the Iraq invasion, I wrote the following in Endgame V (posted June 22, '03) regarding the Saddam statue event:

There was another ominous event emerging from Iraq. This was the toppling of the Saddam statue in Baghdad (another staged event for the media), which was meant to signify the fall of the Saddam regime. The 'Babylon leader' parallel we have been detecting between Saddam and Bush was seemingly acknowledged here by the US military personnel placing a US flag over the statue's head before bringing it down to the ground.


The Saddam statue was soon 'decapitated' and the detached head was dragged through the streets. Was this foreshadowing what will happen to Bush?

So it can be said that I had anticipated the fall of the Bush statue, which indeed took place during the mid-November window I had specifically associated with the same theme.

But I didn't stop there. I addressed this issue in the Nov. 22 post and went on to express my view that the same theme would be 'echoed' during mid-December:

Previously I speculated that the 'fall' was quite likely to be that of Bush, our 'Sun king'/Phaėthon (a 'Babylon leader'), or his administration. So far it seems that the manifestation of the detected pattern is remaining largely symbolic (including the dramatic toppling of the Bush effigy in London, a la the Baghdad statue of Saddam back in April, who is/was the literal 'Babylon leader'). [...] projection pointing at mid-December as a period to watch (I've called it the 'Hall of Records window' before... but it could also be dubbed the 'holy sh*t window' :) ). [...]

This inevitably makes us wonder about the prevalent 'echo effect' we've been witnessing this year. I'd say get ready for a more dramatic manifestation of the same theme around mid-December/winter solstice.

In other words, by November 22 I was already projecting an event for mid-December that would echo the Bush-Saddam parallel and the 'Babylon leader falling' theme.

Then came December 13 and, to most people's surprise, Saddam Hussein was captured by the US military! Saddam's statue fell back in April, but this time it was obviously a much more literal fall of Saddam. [...]

I should also mention that there was a similar 'December window' last year with the same 'Babylon leader falling' theme. As discussed in Endgame IV and elsewhere, ...the theme manifested in the form of twin resignations of leaders, Cardinal Bernard Law (archbishop of the Boston Archdiocese) and Trent Lott (Republican leader in the Senate). It was Law instead of the Pope and Lott instead of the President - i.e. slight transpositions occurred. But what's intriguing here is that Law's resignation came on December 13... yes, the very date of Saddam's arrest.


Lott on the other hand stepped down as majority leader on December 20. [...]


January 1, '04 Seeds of Tomorrow

So here we are... 2004. The way I view this new year is that it will involve an escalating movement in the direction set in 2003. I would say that... seeds of the next phase of the 'endgame' were sown [in 2003] and we are about to see them grow into the inevitable. Good or bad, the key choices were made and we went through a major 'gate'... The stage is set for the rest of the story - the 'endgame' - to just unfold like a roller coaster coming down from the peak.


That's the kind of imagery I would associate with 2004 and onward.

While 2003 was not a positive year in general, with the very questionable Iraq invasion being the biggest event and all, we could still say that we were very lucky that no WMDs - or anything remotely resembling them - were found in Iraq. Otherwise, the world would have witnessed the US, pushed by the increasingly confident and arrogant Cheney/neocon camp, [attacking] other nations like Iran and Syria as called for by the pre-9/11 PNAC paper (the neocon 'bible'). And chances are, if it wasn't for the complete non-discovery of WMDs, we would've [already seen nukes used] by the US...

Nonetheless, by invading Iraq through the... Nazi-like usage of 'big lies', ...'seeds' of the future were sown. In the past I wrote repeatedly about 2003 being the 'year of Mars' and the relevance of... the Benben stone/'All-Seeing Eye' (i.e. the apex stone of the pyramid - often associated with the New World Order). I'd like to point out here that the Benben stone is often consider to have been a meteorite and traditionally it was associated with the notion of sex/seeding.


The term 'pyramid' is etymologically related to fire, as in Mars the 'fire planet', and the magnificent Giza pyramids are inseparable from the Great Sphinx [which is a representation of Horus/Mars]. Scientists today also realize that it could plausibly have been Martian rocks that 'seeded' earth in the distant past.

So the combination of [Mars and the Benben stone] certainly conjures up the concept of the Red Planet approaching close to Earth - as it did in mid-2003 - for cosmic 'seeding'. And as per 'as above, so below', the most significant world event of 2003 was the US descending onto Iraq - which was a very 'Martian' attack on a 'Martian' land. (And Mars is the god/planet of war.)

[T]he beginning of the 'war' coincided with the spring equinox (March 20) which is none other than the very special day when the Great Sphinx (a 'Martian' monument facing due east) aligns with the rising sun, the latter being another manifestation of Horus (= Sphinx/Mars). [T]he involvement of the Sun here resonates with the Benben stone whose traditional home in ancient Egypt was Heliopolis, literally the 'city of the sun'.

What's more, the lifeblood of Iraq, the Tigris-Euphrates river system, has its mouth exactly at latitude 30°N, i.e. the very latitude of Giza and Cairo (the 'city of Mars'). And, [this] river's mouth is situated exactly due east of Giza - meaning the eternal gaze of the Great Sphinx is directly 'looking' at the end point of the Tigris-Euphrates, thus in effect connecting the end/edge of the Nile (where the Sphinx sits) and the end of the Tigris-Euphrates.

As I revealed in my book..., this virtual 'bridge' represented by the Giza monument signifies a stargate-like shift in time - a 'jump' from the 'main stream' (the Nile) to the 'hyper stream' (Tigris-Euphrates). In the 'Time River Theory', this 'edge'/'end' point at 30°N, where time jumps, marks the 21st century (i.e. our own time) on the timeline encoded into the design of the Nile.


And the strongly suggested implication... was that the 'time jump' (or time bifurcation) would signify the timeline of human civilization moving on to the Red Planet, resulting in the creation of a new timeline quite separate from the original timeline flowing on Earth.

Consequently in the Time River model the river system of Iraq, the Tigris-Euphrates, has come to represent the 'Martian' timeline(s). The ancient land of Iraq, therefore, has become analogous to Mars. I should also mention that in the Time River scheme, the Tigris-Euphrates is an intelligently 'transposed' version of the Blue Nile and Atbara, which are the main tributaries of the Nile rising in Ethiopia and joining the main Nile in Sudan. (The Nile Decoded)


The confluence of the Euphrates/Blue Nile and the main Nile at Khartoum happens to mark on the encoded river timeline 4000 BC - i.e. the beginning of history when the first high civilization suddenly rose in Sumer, i.e. the location of today's Iraq!

So our immediate future is somehow 'hyperdimensionally' linked to the beginning of history... Genesis.


Some form of 'time travel' is actually a real possibility here. And it's likely to come about in connection with Mars. The increasingly plausible scenario is that history, or human civilization, was 'seeded' by future intelligence coming via the 'stargate' that is Mars. Oh my... I know this is very out there. But that's what the 'map of time' - i.e. the Time River scheme created by some mysterious 'intelligence' - strongly suggests! As I often say, going to Mars (as mankind is now just a decade or two away from doing) is analogous to going back to 'Genesis'.

That's the context in which the biggest event of the 'year of Mars', 2003, should be viewed. The Iraq invasion was a terrestrial simulation of man's imminent migration to Mars/Genesis that will result in a cosmic 'seeding'. And in this 'simulation' (or 'pre-echo') witnessed in 2003, its own version of 'seeding' took place.

Iraq is the land of Mars/Genesis, and the United States/invasion was the 'seeding'. By watching the development of the Iraq situation, we should be able to learn quite a lot about the nature of the coming interplanetary 'seeding' process directly involving the Red Planet, which is already beginning to take shape as we speak.


(Project Prometheus, considered to lead to manned mission to Mars, was announced early in 2003, and the Bush administration is now widely thought to be getting ready to announce, as early as this month, its ambitious plan to send man back to the Moon and then to Mars.)


[Update: The announcement was indeed made in Jan. '04.] Conversely, by applying the projected 'big picture', some recognizable patterns should continue to emerge from the development of Iraq, giving us a form of foresight.

Well, so that's the 'big picture' I'm now seeing. I wanted to begin the new year on Etemenanki by pointing out the grand context. Context, as they say, is king. [...]

I can't say I see a bright near future... but hey, shift happens.


And there you go. As you can see, the story is not finished yet. In a sense, it has only begun, and the pattern is continuing into 2004 with new twists. If you haven' already, you below to follow the continuing story.

Endgame VII is in the works. It will take the Endgame discussion to a whole new level...




January 7, '04 Martian Politics

Earlier yesterday NASA released the first color picture of Mars received from the Spirit rover. And it's all still... red - including the sky. While Mars is the 'Red' Planet, it's not necessarily 'normal' for the Martian sky to be so red on Mars. Richard Hoagland, for instance, has in the past discussed this issue of Mars' artificial redness as seen in NASA pictures.

Shown below is the new color picture from Spirit. The one on the left is the official NASA version, and the one on the right is an adjusted, or re-adjusted, version of the same picture in which there is reduced redness. Which appears more natural or real to you?

[UPDATE Jan 8: Canadian Press/Yahoo! News has posted the same Mars picture without the excessive redness that's almost identical to the adjusted version shown above!]

Of course, it could be that the Martian landscape is really as red as the NASA version shows.


But given that it's scientifically acceptable for the Martian sky to be more or less blue, combined with the fact that we have quite compelling photographic evidence like one shown below from the Viking missions exposing the excessive redness of the original pictures released by NASA (the adjusted version on the right shows the colors of the American flag accurately), it is not so farfetched to suppose that NASA has been deceiving all of us about the real appearance of Mars all these years.


[The 'correct' image below was produced by Barry Arneson in 2001.]

But why would NASA - or some small group within/behind the agency - fake the color of Mars, you ask? Good question.


And the answer here might have to do with the fact that the 'real' colors of Mars are too Earth-like - i.e. too inviting for humans.


If the timetable of the hidden 'master plan' was not yet ready for mankind's migration to the Red Planet, then there would have to be steps taken to reduce the general population's desire to explore the new frontier, the next New World, so that the eventuality might be delayed. And this could be achieved in part by making Mars appear 'alien' and inhospitable...

With this model in mind, the latest Mars picture would represent evidence that the 'game' - the deception - may be still continuing. Now let us recall the recent failure of the European Beagle 2 lander deployed by Mars Express, scheduled to land on Christmas Day. Beagle 2 would have been the first non-NASA probe to successfully land on the Red Planet and it would have given us first non-NASA pictures of Mars as seen from the surface.


IF, there was/is a NASA conspiracy to keep the true color of Mars secret from the general public, then Beagle 2 represented a big threat to those behind the conspiracy for obvious reasons. This context makes us wonder about the true nature of the failure of the European lander, doesn't it?

But there is potentially an additional twist to the current situation - because the situation of the 'timetable' has likely changed at this time. In other words, it is now desired that the general public wants to go to Mars. As discussed repeatedly here on Etemenanki before, the 'endgame' now unfolding has much to do with man's invasion of the Red Planet, as indicated also by the global Time River system (marking the 21st century as the 'end of history' associated with Mars where the timeline of human civilization jumps/splits).

And even the neo-conservative agenda is heavily intertwined here... because in addition to their preemptive policy designed to remake the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East in order to maintain American supremacy, help Israel, get their hands on more oil, and create a global 'Pax Americana' empire, the neo-cons' agenda calls for American domination of space... militarily. [This is no secret.] The neo-con chickenhawk cult, which includes prominent figures in the Bush administration like Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Libby, Rumsfeld, etc., championed by Vice President Dick Cheney, want to militarize space.

This then brings us to the curious behind-the-scenes activities of Cheney who reportedly pushed for the release of Cydonia pictures some time ago, apparently for people like Hoagland and his followers. Why would he do this? The emerging theory is that the Cheney/neocon camp is trying to use the Cydonia issue (i.e. 'Face on Mars' etc.) as part of their covert propaganda campaign to generate public interest in going to Mars... and outer space in general.


The catch here is of course that the neocon agenda is not about exploration, but exploitation and militarization. They want the US to go to outer space so that they can put weapons there - a big step toward the global domination of the US (New World Order) which would be by then resembling a fascist police state.

Very curiously, there is a quite detailed article on the net discussing this very issue. Titled 'Do the Owls want to shut down Richard C. Hoagland?', this webpage maintained by 'John C. Haich' is ostensibly about Hoagland being an 'agent' for the neocon camp.


The executive summary included in the article states:

  • Richard C. Hoagland is an agent of influence for the Center for Security Policy.

  • Hoagland's handler is Dr. George A. Keyworth II, former science advisor to President Ronald Reagan.

  • The Center for Security Policy uses Hoagland and his "Enterprise Mission" to bolster public interest in Mars exploration in order to apply pressure to President Bush to support a significant increase in funding for the space program under the auspices of Project Prometheus.

  • The goal of Project Prometheus is the development of enabling technologies for the military control of space under the cover of peaceful space exploration.

  • The program has the backing of Vice President Dick Cheney and NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe.

The article reads very much like something written by a pretty meticulous person with some form of academic/scientific background. And there are many little clues inserted into the article that hint at the possibility of the author ('John C. Haich' likely being a pseudonym) being someone on the 'inside'... perhaps inside the intelligence community, and also the possibility of the article being a form of 'leak' disguised as an 'attack piece' against Hoagland.

My view at this point is that the hostility toward Hoagland in the article is largely 'fake', designed to make it not too obvious that the webpage is actually an anti-neocon 'leak' from an 'insider'. And if so, it may be significant that 'Haich' mentions me/Etemenanki quite prominently and refers somehow to the 'Time River' even though my Time River Theory itself does not directly relate to what he discusses in the article. Could this be a subtle acknowledgment from 'inside' that the Time River system, and its Martian implications I discussed above, represents an valid data point?

As for the little 'clues' suggesting 'Haich' knows more than he writes, I'll just quote what I wrote in a post to a message board elsewhere (November 17, '03):

"Well, it is my impression that the main, but somewhat disguised, purpose of the article in question is 'political', and it seems to be gently 'leaking' info about how the current US politics is intimately tied to the 'Mars' issue. Perhaps it's no coincidence that the article mentions me/my website (Etemenanki) since I've been actively discussing this aspect of the 'game' unfolding today.

"That 'owl' logo [displayed within the webpage] is taken from the logo of 'Bohemian Grove'. It's an annual elite gathering and the rumor has it that Schwarzenegger was chosen there, before the California recall election, as the next governor of that state. I've been talking a lot of Arnie on my website... but here let me just point out that one of Arnie's most popular films is 'Total Recall'. Not only is the title evocative of the 'RECALL election', it's all about - yes - MARS. And the storyline involves a big corporation trying to manipulate the flow of air/energy for selfish reasons.

"Notice that the recall election this summer was largely a result of the big energy crisis California had in 2000/2001, and also note that the election coincided with the big blackout on the west coast area (including NYC) and it's having a big effect on the new energy bill now going through Congress. Cheney is THE energy/oil/corporate guy in the Bush administration. And Cheney, following the imperial PNAC policy written down by the neo-con think-tank BEFORE 9/11, is the one who is most responsible for the Iraq invasion based on big lies.... Iraq is a land that has much to do with Mars. And of course Cheney was somehow, apparently, pushing for a manned Mars mission.

"The 'endgame' is about the rise of the new 'New World', the Red Planet, and the fall of the old New World...


Well, certainly, Cheney and his neocon minions have done a remarkable job of destroying the United States. It's still standing but... not looking good, is it?

"Next year is an election year... we can expect much to take place between now and the election (if it takes place at all). And Schwarzenegger... Isn't it curious that there is now an 'Arnold bill' in Congress trying make a foreigner eligible to become President of the US?

"Also, 'Odessa' (ODESSA) [part of the webpage's URL] would relate to a secret organization called 'Organization der Ehemaligen SS-Angehorigen', or 'The Organization of former SS members', which was created to orchestrate the escape of SS officers from justice. Curious, then, that both Bush and Schwarzenegger have a very strong Nazi background through family and mentality, isn't it?

"Can you imagine the establishment of the Fourth Reich on... Mars? The Nazis went underground at the end of WW2; the US became a useful host to the 'parasites'; and they are about rise up again just as Mars colonization is just around the corner. Quite a scenario... isn't it? :)"


"Just wanted to add that the '322' in the URL (http// of the webpage in question: Do the Owls Want to Shut Down Richard C. Hoagland? is almost certainly an allusion to Skull & Bones - the infamous secret society at Yale to which George W. Bush, his father and grandfather (who illegally financed Hitler) belong/belonged. Skull & Bones uses the number '322' as its symbol..."

So in any case let's go back to the issue of the Red Planet's real color.


If the above view is valid and there are forces pushing for the rise of the real space age (albeit from a military angle), it would no longer be necessary to make Mars appear so inhospitable. And therefore no need to make Mars so red (assuming they had been doing so in the first place). This creates a situation where they would want to show the 'true color' of Mars and yet this would have to be done 'gently' so as to not make it so obvious to people that there was a massive Mars 'conspiracy'.

One possible scenario that may unfold soon would be that 'they' will gradually make the new Martian pictures from Spirit/Opportunity less and less red and then comment - 'Hey look, it turns out that Mars is actually a lot like Earth... I guess all the pictures from the Martian surface so far had been affected by red dusts put into the atmosphere by storms... How interesting!' Well, I guess that just might work given how unquestioning the press and public have become these days. Who knows.

We can also probably look forward to a convenient discovery of strong evidence showing that there was/is indeed water and/or life on Mars. This would surely make headlines all over the world and get people excited.

Aside from those, there is the definitely related issue of the Bush administration presently considering kick-starting a program to send man back to the Moon and then to Mars. This announcement could come during Bush's State of the Union speech. (I'm sure Cheney is pushing this issue hard now inside the administration.)

So apparently the existing situation is such that we cannot wholeheartedly support the emerging push for more ambitious space projects - even though many of us do passionately want to see our space program try to go where no man has gone before.

Well, not that Mars is a totally alien land to mankind, of course.


And our Genesis calls to us...