by Goro Adachi
Oct. 16, 2002

from Etemenanki Website



Danger Signs

'Crop circles', while beautiful and puzzling, had never been something I would actively investigate.


Like ghosts, I felt that the phenomenon was a dead-end street; tangible answers were just not likely to come from it. So it was a strange development when I personally facilitated the entry of a certain crop formation in England into the ongoing drama surrounding Cydonia (see the Endgame: Odyssey and the Martian Trojan Horse article).


The link was not explicit, but there were striking, multi-layered associations and hints that I just found difficult to ignore.

For some reason, the crop glyph seemed to suggest that they were to be tied in with NASA's Odyssey IR image mysteriously acquired by Richard Hoagland's Enterprise Mission team on July 25, 2002 in the United States.





Previously, we noted that both the 'SETI response' crop glyph and the Cydonia issue involved the idea of 'First Contact' with extraterrestrial intelligence, and that the timing of the crop formation directly overlapped the initial stage of the Odyssey picture controversy that straddle the month of August.


Curiously, August was also exactly when Signs, the Hollywood film about crop circles, was released - as if to underscore the significance of the events in this time window.

I also pointed out in the Endgame 1 article that the disk in the alien glyph was likely an allusion to the golden disk onboard the Voyager spacecraft (launched 1977) which carried encoded SETI messages, intended for some potential ET civilization out there.


I considered this postulation plausible because of the fact that the other crop formation created exactly one year prior (Aug. 14, 2001) in a nearby field was clearly stylized as a response to the SETI message transmitted by the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974.

This context then nicely related back to Hoagland, as it was him - then an adviser to NASA - who first came up with the idea of sending a SETI message on spacecraft (Pioneer 10, 1972).

Strengthening the Martian connection further was the message found encoded on the disk of the 2002 alien crop formation:


Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts



but still time.


There is GOOD out there.





A 'false gift' designed to deceive would archetypally be embodied by the Trojan Horse of Greek mythology.


To get inside the city of Troy, the Greeks constructed the wooden horse and left it as a gift in front of the city. The Trojans, though initially suspicious, eventually dragged the horse through the gate into the city, not realizing that it was a big military operation carefully designed by the Greeks.


At night, the soldiers who were hiding inside the wooden horse came out, opened the city's gates from inside, and a bloody surprise attack on the city ensued. Thus Troy finally fell. And it was all thanks to the 'false gift' of the Trojan Horse.

Who was the genius that concocted this scheme against the Trojans?


It was a figure named Odysseus, whose adventures are detailed in Homer's great epic, The Odyssey. Needless to say, 'Odyssey' is the very name given to the NASA Mars probe currently orbiting the Red Planet and giving us intriguing Infrared images - including Hoagland's Cydonia picture presently at the center of controversy.

The name 'Odyssey' also nicely correlates with the underlying theme of 'Contact' - with alien intelligence. Exoterically, the name is an obvious reference to the popular book/film written by Arthur C. Clark, '2001: A Space Odyssey', that deals with the subject of contact with higher intelligence. Consequently, I speculated in my first Endgame report that the Odyssey's controversial Cydonia data might represent some kind of a 'false gift' as well.

While this is still a real possibility, I was actually also quite certain that there were larger messages hidden in the 'coincidences'. There had to be. The whole scheme seemed just too grand just to give a subtle warning to those investigating the Martian enigma.

But I didn't anticipate the bigger message to be so disturbing.

After writing Endgame: Odyssey and the Martian Trojan Horse, I was to be incrementally made aware - through a series of inexplicable 'coincidences' - of certain dark forces that are operating behind the scenes, below the surface of society, preparing, apparently, for some kind of resurgence.




The second phase of my investigation began to unfold late September when I saw the following comparison:





The image on the left was an old graphic from the 'Watcher' website, a curious site that discusses prophecies and conspiracies from a Christian perspective.


The resemblance between the two images was obvious. The light/shadow effect on the alien's head observed in both pictures made it abundantly clear that the crop glyph's design was borrowed from the 'Ultra-Tech' logo. (I was told that 'Ultra-Tech' was a computer consulting company started by the 'Watcher' guy's brother and that the logo was created in 1996.)

This initially perplexed me. What was the message conveyed here? After some contemplation, however, I began to see the coherent logic behind this - and it was pretty simple. It turned out that the central subject discussed on the 'Watcher' website was Mars - or more specifically, Cydonia. Yes, Cydonia!

Needless to say, I saw this as a very strong confirmation of my postulation that the alien crop glyph was somehow connected to the ongoing Cydonia/Odyssey controversy.


And It also reinforced the notion that the crop formation was not an extraterrestrial message from 'out there'.


Clearly, the intelligence responsible had to be humans with sophisticated technology (required to create the complex design quietly in a very short amount of time). And together with the new 'Ultra-Tech' association, there appeared to be a message encoded here which seemingly said "this alien warning concerns very advanced terrestrial technology."

I looked at the Ultra-Tech logo again and saw the "Personal Computer Service" part, and then the computer chip inside the 'disk'.

High-tech, computers, Trojan Horse, the alien disk encoded with computer ASCII language code, the crop alien appearing 'digital'...

Then it hit me. Could the alien warning be about, at least on one level, some kind of computer virus, particularly the type known as 'Trojans', which, like the mythical Trojan Horse, infiltrate computers by passing itself off as something else? Could this perhaps be how the terrorists might attack the United States or its allies next?

Then, strangely, the notion of a virus brought my focus back to Mars.



Cosmic Virus

According to the growing opinion of the scientific community today, meteorites can literally be 'seeds'.


This increasingly popular view contends that cosmic rocks flying through outer space may be carrying microbial life - or perhaps "virus" - and that they are capable of seeding planetary bodies with this extraterrestrial life.


Of course, many environmental conditions must be met for the alien life to survive and flourish. But to a receptive and nurturing 'garden', this cosmic seed would be the beginning of life or the introduction of a new form of life. It would be, in a way, the moment of 'creation'.

This theory got a big boost when NASA announced triumphantly in 1996 that a Martian rock, labeled ALH84001, contained fossils of bacteria-like organism that may have lived on the Red Planet billions of years ago.





Thus we learned that the meteorites theoretically responsible for seeding Earth may well have come from the Red Planet.

By far the most plausible [cosmic seeding] mechanism involves microbes hitching a ride aboard rocks hurled from one planet to another following impacts by asteroids and comets… [Is] it possible that live Martian microbes could have lain sheltered inside some of them?

A few years ago, such an idea would have seemed preposterous, but today it is being taken quite seriously by members of NASA’s astrobiology and planetary-exploration programs.[1]

So, could the alien glyph's allusion to 'virus' be a subtle reference to this cosmic seeding model?


Seemingly supportive of this association, I soon realized, was the chronological correspondence. First, the 'Ultra-Tech' graphic was displayed in 1996, the very same year NASA made the Martian rock announcement. Secondly, the NASA announcement took place in the month of August, i.e. the month of the alien crop glyph(s).


Next, I saw that the idea of a cosmic rock infected with "virus" falling down on Earth would nicely relate to the familiar theme of the heavenly stone found in ancient traditions. In ancient Egypt, for example, there was the Benben Stone - thought to be a meteorite - which was closely associated with the notion of Creation, seeding, resurrection, and fire.


Other cultures also had similar stones variously called the omphalos/navel stone, foundation stone, etc.


I then recalled that the heavenly stone theme was inseparable from another theme, that of the 'fallen angels' found in various ancient traditions. In the Book of Enoch, these beings are collectively called the "Watchers." (The striking coincidence here was obviously that, as mentioned, the 'Ultra-Tech' image was from the 'Watcher' website.)

In the Old Testament, the 'fallen angels'/Watchers become the 'Nephilim' and/or the 'sons of God'. The term 'Nephilim' means 'those who have fallen', referring to their fall from heaven, indeed like the heavenly stone.

In Genesis we read:

There were giants [i.e. the Nephilim] in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

This is a typical English translation of Genesis 6:4 that contains some errors, including the last phrase, 'men of renown'. It may be more accurately rendered as ‘the people of the shem’.[2]


What, then, is the 'shem'?

The persistence of biblical translators to employ "name" wherever they encounter shem has ignored a farsighted study published more than a century ago by G. M. Redslob… in which he correctly pointed out that the term shem and the term shamaim (“heaven”) stem from the root word shamah, meaning "that which is highward."[3]

The shem was also closely linked with fire and a stone; the shem thus was a 'highward fire-stone'.[4] In other words, it seems to be a reference to none other than a 'heavenly stone'.


Strongly corroborating this is the fact that:

Shems were particularly associated with something called an-na, which meant 'heavenly stone', a term that was also used to define a shining metal.


The use of the word shem in respect of its 'shining' aspect is apparent in the alternative name for Prince Utu, brother of Inanna… His epithet was Shem-esh: the Shining One.[5]

As 'Shining Ones' is another epithet for the Watchers, it can be inferred that the Nephilim were the 'people of the shem'... or that the 'fallen angels' are to be considered the 'people of the heavenly stone'.


So, in a sense, the Watchers are the personification of the heavenly stone.

At this point, then, the implication would emerge that the 'false gifts' mentioned in the 2002 alien message might also relate to the 'fallen angels' in some way. Actually, this cannot be more fitting because the key function of these angelic beings in ancient tradition was to impart the 'gift' of advanced knowledge to mankind.


In Greek myth, this story is repeated by Prometheus giving 'fire' to mankind, immediately followed by an unfortunate event involving Pandora's Box, a 'false gift' sent by Zeus. These, we are told, led to the corruption and suffering of man.

Traditionally, the forbidden distribution of knowledge paves the way for the Great Flood - a drastic measure taken by 'God' to eradicate the 'virus' in the system.

Turning back our attention to our own time, note that the biggest event witnessed in the year of 'Odyssey', 2001, was the 9/11 terrorism. And as those who have read my previous articles would know, the destruction was in many ways the modern version of the Great Flood (see Mystery, Babylon the Great, etc.). The parallel was very clear on many levels.

So, the point made here is that the alien glyph of August 2002 seems to represent a remarkable collage of coherent symbolic allusions carefully designed to convey a deep message.

And at this point, we have only deciphered a portion of the message.



Babylon Revisited

Immediately following the tale of Noah's Great Flood in Genesis is the famous story about the Tower of Babel, the modern version of which was the destroyed twin towers in NYC, as explained in my previous writings.

And here, too, appears the shem, i.e. the 'gift' of the heavenly stone:

…let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a shem, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.[6]

Again, the shem is directly associated with heaven, and it is here additionally associated with the top of a tower – just as the Egyptian shem (Benben Stone) was placed at the very top of a pyramid or obelisk.

Note that the Babel story also closely parallels that of the 'fallen angels' who were punished by 'God' for overreaching.


In the succeeding passage in Genesis, we similarly read that 'God' did not approve of the building of the tower and as a preventive measure he deliberately confused man's language:

And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded. And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.


So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city. Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the LORD did there confound the language of all the earth…[7]

The term 'Babel' denotes 'confusion', which in turn relates to the word Kabalah/Kabbalah that similarly implies confusion; and, to corroborate the underlying theme, the latter also happens to denote 'that which is received', i.e. 'gift'.[8]

Now let's shift our attention to the geography of 'Babylon' - the site of the Babel tower. In the context of today's world, people have often viewed NYC and Rome/the Vatican as corresponding to the great city which is, as suggested by the biblical prophecy, destined fall in a dramatic fashion.


The destruction of the WTC towers, therefore, could easily be interpreted as the beginning of the apocalyptic event (see Mystery, Babylon the Great for more detailed discourse on this subject).


And the Vatican - the Church - is also experiencing a major crisis which began soon after 9-11.

In the post-9/11 era, many priests, the self-appointed mediator between God and people, have been publicly exposed to be pedophile, sexual predators, who have habitually terrorized countless innocent children.


This situation is remarkably evocative of the deeds of the shadowy 'fallen angels'.

As written in Genesis, "the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men," or in other words, the angels - the mediator between God and man - had an inappropriate sexual relationship with young members of mankind.

The parallel is quite striking. And it entails the imminent destruction of the Church - because the extension of the parallel brings up the Great Flood as the next event. Since the purpose of the Flood is the total annihilation of corruption, what is implied here is the dramatic collapse of the institution of the Catholic Church. Like the 'Babylon' of the New World, then, this European counterpart is facing a religious "9-11" event.

'Babylon falling' - this seems to be one of the key themes of the current time window in history. If valid, this would mean that the original site of Babylon should be facing a similar situation.

So, where was ancient Babylon?





It was in Iraq (Mesopotamia), of course - where, today, the reign of Saddam Hussein appears to be in its final hour, due to the impending aggression from the New-World Babylon, the United States!

Presently, therefore, 'Babylon' is indeed collectively falling.

Okay, well, everything must come to an end sometime. What goes up must come down, as they say.

It is what seems to be in the process of rising, however, that is very worrying. In the shadow of all the destruction, silhouettes of dark forces are slowly emerging. And this Beast, this King of Terror, seems to be quietly moving into position in an attempt to replace the coming Age of Gold - a clean start for human civilization - with the Age of Terror.


Black Christmas

Christmas - a special time of the year, filled with joy, love... and gifts.


And as the embodiment of Christmas we have Santa Claus, the 'bearer of gifts', who comes from the North Pole on a gravity-defying sled. All good boys and girls are promised a nice gift from this generous fat man in red.

Let's take another look at the message of the alien glyph:

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. EELRIJUE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)

  • False gifts and broken promises?

  • Could this be a subtle allusion to Santa/Christmas?

  • Is the message warning us about some kind of coming deception by an 'anti-Santa' flying in from the South Pole on a heavily armored high-tech spacecraft, bringing with him gifts from hell to terrorize the children?

Well, probably not.

But what gives some seriousness to this humorous interpretation is the December timeframe. As explained in The Message of Cycle 23 and Endgame 1, there are various indications that the coming December of 2002 could be an important time window for something big. Tentatively, in fact, I postulated that this window might see the exit of the Pope or the US President - both being the leader of 'Babylon'.


And we can also plausibly add Iraq and Saddam, i.e. the ancient Babylon, to the list. Whatever the case, it is eerie to see how the 'alien warning' relatable to Christmas, the time of 'gifts', would nicely fit into the projected time window. There may well be something to the Christmas connection.

Does the alien glyph contain additional clues to shed some more light on the specific nature of the potential 'anti-Santa' event? Could there be subtle information encoded there regarding the identity of the 'anti-Santa' figure?

The answer, unfortunately, is yes. I say 'unfortunately' because this is where things begin to get very sinister and uncomfortably plausible.



Echoes of Terror

It is quite well known that the Nazi regime, especially the infamous SS squad, held bizarre mystical beliefs and was driven by them.


Indeed, the Third Reich was the first state in Western history since ancient Rome to be based mainly on religious/magical principles. It was a big 'anomaly' in modern history and the world today still deeply feels its impact after all these years.


Most of us sincerely hope that we will never have to deal with such a ruthless and able killing machine again.

From the hard lessons learned, the world since the war has been careful about not allowing the rise of another Hitler, and so far Saddam Hussein and the like are pretty much as close as we have to that, and compared to Hitler they're quite tame. So, while today's world has its share of tyrants, there isn't a big 'anomaly' on the radar.


The Cold War was serious, but the danger there came largely from the potential use of nuclear weapons; it wasn't like the nations involved were cold-blooded aggressors.

  • But what if the 'anomaly' existed 'underground'?

  • What if it was able to evade 'radar detection' by quietly moving in the shadows?

  • What if it was the secret continuation of the Third Reich?

Though seemingly the stuff of wild conspiracy theories flying around out there, the idea of the Reich surviving the WW 2 defeat is really nothing new.


And, in fact, on various levels their continuation is very real. At the very least, it is no secret that the remarkable technological aspect of Nazi Germany was allowed to continue in other countries such as the U.S. and Soviet Union.


For example, we know that many of NASA's founding fathers and leaders of the aerospace industry - such as Wernher von Braun (director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center), Walter Dornberger (vice president of Bell Aircraft Company and Bell Aerosystems Company), Dr. Kurt H. Debus (director of Kennedy Space Center), Richard Gompertz (head of NASA's Chrysler space division) - were former Nazi scientists/officials.


Many of these former Nazis were connected to one of Germany's most secret weapons programs, the V-2 rocket.


Their contribution to the US space program was such that it would not be an exaggeration to state that without the the technological 'gift' from the Reich, the Apollo missions to the Moon, one of the greatest achievement of mankind, would not have been possible.


In a sense, interestingly, the intense space race between the US and Soviet Union, which also acquired many Nazi technological secrets at the end of the war, was collectively the continuing legacy of Nazi technology.

It was in 1945 or so that the United States began a top-secret operation to recruit valuable Nazi scientists and specialists. Under this ethically questionable project, code-named 'Overcast' before evolving into 'Paperclip', many hundreds or thousands of those deemed valuable were brought into the United States. Officially, Operation Paperclip was cancelled by September 1947.


In actuality, it is reported that the project only hid itself in the ultra-secret 'deep black' realm and continued its recruitment activity until the mid-1950s. The covert activity is understandable when we consider how advanced Nazi technology and scientific ideas were, compared to the rest of the world at the time (many years, if not a century, ahead).

Through this process, 'seeds' or 'viruses' of the Third Reich were transported to other powerful nations, most notably the U.S. and the Soviet Union. The victorious nations, in a sense, made deals with the devil.


And the head of this devil was Hans Kammler, in charge of all secret high-tech weapons programs of Germany, who cleverly viewed those weapons and specialists as his ticket to freedom.


In this light, the unknown fate of Kammler after the war, who mysteriously disappeared and is scarcely mentioned in official documents anywhere including the Nuremberg war crimes (despite being one of the most influential Nazi figures) is certainly suspicious.

And then there are the stories of the Nazis escaping to Spain, South America (especially Argentina), etc. More speculative, but there were also persistent rumors of Hitler's deputy Martin Bormann running a secret Nazi empire from South America. It is known that near the end of the war, August 10, 1944, Bormann held a meeting in the Hotel Maison Rouge at Strasbourg and told Nazi officials and German business leaders that it was necessary to prepare a postwar strategy to ensure eventual resurgence of Germany.


Thus was born 'Operation Eagle Flight'. With the help of major foreign banks and businesses, it successfully created hundreds of front corporations all over the world, enabling the continuation of Nazi activities in the postwar era.

Also, as a part of this scheme, a secret organization called ODESSA (Organization der Ehemaligen SS-Angehorigen, The Organization of former SS members) was created to orchestrate the escape of SS officers from justice. And, though very much in the realm of myth, it has been suggested by some that the Nazis had built a secret base in Antarctica where they sought refuge after the war.

Here, notice:

1) The term 'Odessa' closely resembling 'Odyssey'

2) Antarctica, i.e. the South Pole, being relatable to the 'anti-Santa' theme.

Together with the aforementioned NASA-Nazi connection, perhaps these may not be mere coincidence. Recall, also, that we have the 'Ultra-Tech' theme going, which would directly tie in with Nazi technology.

  • Could the warning of the alien crop glyph have something to do with the Third Reich?

  • Could the 'false gifts' relate to the technological legacy of the Nazis?




The Sun Disk

Although we did not hear any news about this here in the U.S., soon after the appearance of the alien crop formation in August, there was a major event in Germany that involved an ancient Bronze Age disk.





The story went that, three years ago, a group of people illegally excavated a site near the town of Nebra in east Germany, found the disk, and kept it a secret.



The police set a trap for the group in February [2002] by luring its members to meet what they believed to be a prospective buyer in the basement of the Hilton hotel in Basle, Switzerland.

The disc was handed to scientists at the Institute for Archaeological Research in Halle where it has been studied and subjected to carbon data testing.

The archaeologists had kept the discovery a secret for most of this year to prevent treasure hunters from searching the Nebra site.

Announcing the find last week [early October] Harald Meller, the institute's director, said:

"It is without doubt the earliest genuine depiction of the cosmos ever to have been discovered. It suggests that the site where it was found almost certainly functioned around 1600bc as an astronomical observatory, like Stonehenge in Britain."

It has been suggested that the disk is as valuable as Stonehenge or the pyramids in Egypt.

The illustration below shows how the disk's design nicely correlates with the movement of the sun.





The diameter of the disk is said to be about 30 cm (12 inches) - which is just about the apparent size of the crop alien's disk and also the exact size of the SETI golden disk carried by Voyager.


Could there be a connection here?


The proximity of the timing between the 'Sun Disk' and the 'alien disk' (summer/fall '02), as well as the mutual link with Germany, adds some weight to this speculation.





Furthermore, the sun association of the 'Sun Disk' also has some coherent correlations with the alien glyph.


For example, the 'heavenly stone' theme derived earlier relates to the sun in that the Egyptian Benben Stone had its home at Heliopolis, the 'City of the Sun'. Also, the pyramids, symbolically the extension of the Benben Stone, are often thought to have a solar significance in Egyptology.


Additionally, there is the interesting fact that NASA's Moon landing - in effect the crowning moment for the Nazis' technological legacy - was inseparable from the sun. The name 'Apollo' comes from the Greek sun-god.

Another thing I have noticed is the subtle geometry. The position of the crack in the Sun Disk seems to match the angle made by the lines going through the alien disk.





Interestingly, the 30-degree angle made by the 'crack line' reinforces its connection with the sun, as the angle corresponds to the sun's movement in two hours, and the ecliptic (the apparent path of the sun in the sky) is astrologically divided into twelve 30-degree segments, etc.

By extending this persistent solar symbolism, it is even possible to come up with a time reference.

First, it could be hypothesized that the 360 degrees of the disk (i.e. one complete rotation) corresponds to one year, i.e. one solar cycle. And then assuming a clockwise movement of time on the disk, it can be geometrically derived that the the 'crack line' precisely marks the beginning of December, as the following illustration shows.





Needless to say, December is yet another theme already attached to the alien glyph warning. Meaningful or not, this is a pretty freaky 'coincidence'.

And the more coincidences found with the German disk, the more likelihood there is that the 'warning' about false gifts and deception concerns the Third Reich.


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