by Goro Adachi
September 17, 2002
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'H-Bomb' or Misfire?

On September 5, Richard C. Hoagland of the Enterprise Mission - author of The Monuments of Mars - disclosed what he had described as an 'H-bomb' that would finally settle the Cydonia controversy. The existence of artificial structures on Mars, Hoagland had predicted, was to be no longer mere speculation, but an undeniable fact.


After a number of frustrating delays, he finally posted his analysis of the Cydonia IR (infrared) images from the Odyssey spacecraft (released by NASA on July 24/25) on his website, then went on the Art Bell radio show to announce his discovery to the world.

  • Was Hoagland's assessment correct?

  • Was his new discovery an 'H-bomb' that would open the floodgate at last?

The current answer is: 'err.. maybe...'

[First image shows the processed IR image of Cydonia;

second image compares the 'blockies' in the image to aerial view of cities on Earth.

Both images are from The Enterprise Mission.]

Yes, the carefully processed images Hoagland provided are quite striking and do strongly suggest that there are artificial structures, or a 'city, at Cydonia. But the problem is that there are a lot of uncertainties attached to the Cydonia IR photograph obtained by the Enterprise Mission.


Namely, the image was not exactly the one officially released on NASA's website, but one mysteriously obtained by Hoagland's associate through the guidance of someone who would turn out to be a member of the NASA Odyssey team.


This one contained more visual data than the official picture, and the striking 'underground' features were discernable only in the "real" image provided by the insider. The obvious question is: Is the "real" picture really real? How can we be sure that it hasn't been doctored? Hoagland and his associates have provided a number reasons why theirs is likely the real image, but we have not yet seen any positive proof to settle this issue one way or another.

Perhaps due to this murkiness surrounding the origin of the image, the mainstream media chose to completely ignore the news for the most part (no surprise there), except for MSNBC which published a brief and almost reasonable story on this matter. It is interesting to note that the website, which is a pretty 'straight' site dedicated to all things Mars, came out strongly in support of Hoagland's stance. Perhaps the tide is slowly turning at this time, and maybe when the more complete paper on the new findings is published, the projected 'explosion' will really begin...

Or maybe the 'H-bomb' will unexpectedly explode in Hoagland's face.


Behind the Scenes

Almost more intriguing than the data itself is the twisted drama unfolding behind the scenes. In his article, Hoagland suggests that the new Cydonia image leaked to him is likely part of a carefully coordinated operation designed to either help or discredit him. This may sound unrealistic to some, but the more you try to get a clearer picture of the situation, the more conspiratorial it actually gets. If anything, it's at least very entertaining to just follow this drama - it's like watching a good 'X-Files' episode.

For me, it was the 'inside' communications made public by 'spacecatfish', one of the frequent posters in the Enterprise website's conference room, that turned my amusement into fascination. I learned that 'spacecatfish' was initially only trying to get the original THEMIS IR image obtained by the Enterprise Mission team (which turned out to be a surprisingly difficult task). But for no clear reason, 'spacecatfish' was soon sucked into the apparent 'operation'.


He was contacted and given some enigmatic information by some mysterious figures online, and before long he was to be in close contact with the Enterprise team, exchanging information and speculations. Not knowing who's telling the truth and who's out to decieve, 'spacecatfish' eventually got fed up and decided to put all the information he had on the internet. This he did - despite protest from Hoagland - on/around Sept. 14 as he told 'his story' on a web page he created for this purpose.

This disclosure of the private communications certainly intrigued me, as unfiltered information like this could easily shed some helpful light on the hopelessly confusing situation surrounding the "real" THEMIS IR image. As I began to closely examine the information, I found myself becoming increasingly captivated by the irresistibly mysterious open-ended story.


In some way, the tale was similar to the grand Rennes-le-Chateau mystery popularized by the bestselling book Holy Blood, Holy Grail. In both, there is a shadowy group leaking puzzling but valuable information as if to gently lead investigators to some revelation by setting up a 'game'. And there are esoteric aspects to the activities. For the Cydonia saga, I began to sense the familiar esoteric aura when 'spacecatfish' revealed the following sequence of events.

First, he had a strange encounter with a guy in an online chat room (presumably at the Enterprise Mission website):

[18:53] <Jerry> spacecatfish?
[18:53] <Jerry> that's you?
[18:53] <catfish> yep :)
[18:54] <Jerry> did u see who deep space is?
[18:54] <catfish> no, not yet. do you know who it is?
[18:54] <Jerry> someone must have got fed up with hoagies games...
[18:55] <Jerry> and put his piccy up on the bbs
[18:55] <catfish> where?
[18:55] <Jerry> better be quick...
[18:55] <Jerry> "an insider speaks"
[18:57] <catfish> i think that post looks like a joke, kbs was trying to be funny i think
[18:58] <Jerry> oh, if that's what u think.. ;)
[18:59] <Jerry> "plausible deniability"
[18:59] <Jerry> you should know after the IR fiasco...
[18:59] <catfish> can i ask who i am speaking too?
[18:59] <Jerry> well, must be goin'... it's been nice chattin
[19:00] <Jerry> jerry
[19:00] <catfish> do you post in the forum at all?
[19:00] <Jerry> maybe, i'm a bit like MR, always stoned.. so i forget
[19:01] <catfish> what name do you post under?

Session Close: Sat Sep 07 19:47:51 2002

"Deep Space" mentioned in the conversation is a nickname given to Hoagland's now famous 'insider source' (i.e. his "deep throat"). In any case, 'spacecatfish' then tells us on his web page:

"Jerry" left before I could get any answers, so I decided to PM a KBS from the thread I just had read. I asked two questions, who was that in the picture in the thread, and who are you...

The answer he got was:

"Do you think Hoagland knows all the rules but doesn't play the game? Do not reply, this account is now abandoned."

And attached to the message was also a strange picture:

Obviously, the image has practically nothing to do with Cydonia, at least on the surface. But I was - almost subconsciously - struck by the almost religious overtones of the depicted scene (the figures could be interpreted as two priests and a pope).


This was when I began to suspect the potential involvement of some esoteric intelligence in this, which in turn would have meant that there might be a larger context and a larger game being set up. Just a wild speculation, but it was enough for me to start scanning all the information for more clues.

'Spacecatfish' then writes:

The next thing I did was make a cryptic post in the same thread, and I received a chat log that someone was told to send me.

The chat log, though confusing, is quite intriguing:

Session Ident: Sceptor

[11:08] Session Ident: Sceptor (
[11:08] <Sceptor> KBS
[11:09] <Os> Hi
[11:09] <Sceptor> Not him
[11:09] <Os> Ok
[11:09] <Sceptor> Replacement again
[11:09] <Os> ok
[11:09] <Sceptor> Relay final message?
[11:09] <Os> ok
[11:09] <Sceptor> DS has been outted
[11:10] <Os> By KBS on the boards?
[11:10] <Sceptor> Tell them they can thank Bara for that
[11:10] <Sceptor> The guy should not answer "yes" when he means to say "no"
[11:10] <Sceptor> Pass that message on..
[11:10] <Os> To Richard?
[11:10] <Sceptor> Yes
[11:10] <Os> ok
[11:11] <Os> Is that what Cat was on about earlier?
[11:11] <Sceptor> What he did he say?
[11:11] <Os> Just asked if anyone knew KBS
[11:11] <Sceptor> And?
[11:11] <Os> I asked if it had to do with that post where he put a pic and said he was DS and Cat wouldn't say more right now.
[11:12] <Os> Said he might if he finds out more.
[11:12] <Os> I would hardly imagine anyone would believe that post.
[11:13] <Sceptor> That's the whole point.. only the insiders get it
[11:13] <Os> You're surely not saying that CAT is an insider?
[11:13] <Sceptor> Relay message to spacecatfish?
[11:13] <Os> Sure
[11:13] <Sceptor> No.. he was tipped off
[11:13] <Os> By one of us?
[11:14] <Sceptor> We tipped him off
[11:14] <Os> Oh. Okay.
[11:14] <Os> So why not tip me off?
[11:14] <Sceptor> Because he has no idea what's been going on the last few days
[11:15] <Os> Okay. But the contact with me here Tachyon seemed surprised that I didn't know who 'WE' are. He said Hoagland would know.
[11:15] <Os> But I asked Robin, and she said they didn't know.
[11:15] <Os> So can you tell me? If it isn't any big secret?
[11:15] <Sceptor> Message to sc: do NOT relay last information to Hoagland
[11:15] <Os> That all? Will he understand?
[11:15] <Sceptor> Last info was for HIM only
[11:15] <Os> Right.
[11:15] <Sceptor> Yes...
[11:15] <Os> He will ask me where I got it from
[11:16] <Sceptor> Also, tell him subject referred to (person) is NOT IN PHYSICAL DANGER
[11:16] <Os> Okay. What do I say when he asks me where I got the message from?
[11:16] <Sceptor> The "event" has already occurred
[11:16] <Os> And he WILL understand?
[11:17] <Sceptor> Finally, tell him NOT to relay this information to the subject, he is not intelligent enough to comprehend it and will most likely panic
[11:17] <Os> Okay I will do. Are you not going to answer any of my questions?
[11:17] <Sceptor> Which question first?
[11:18] <Os> Lol
[11:18] <Os> I think most importantly how do I answer Cat's obvious queries to me.
[11:19] <Sceptor> You don't.. that's all he needs to know
[11:19] <Sceptor> But email him NOW... imperative!
[11:19] <Os> Like who told me this? How did I hear about it? Who am I? and what do I know? Etc.
[11:19] <Os> Okay.
[11:19] <Sceptor> He won't ask... trust me, he'll know what you're talking about
[11:19] <Os> I don't have an email address for him. I was going to DCC it when he comes back
[11:19] <Os> Do you have one?
[11:20] <Sceptor>
[11:20] <Sceptor> Please do it now
[11:20] <Os> Okay. Thanks I'll do it right away. I just need to edit out the relevant bits of your message.
[11:20] <Os> Is that it?
[11:21] <Sceptor> Yes.. make send the full info
[11:21] <Sceptor> Yes.. but send the full info
[11:21] <Os> You mean everything you have said to tell him. But not this whole chat?
[11:22] <Sceptor> Just send the log
[11:22] <Os> Okay.
[11:22] <Sceptor> Thank you OS, again.
[11:22] <Os> Okay. Thanks to you.
[11:22] <Os> Lol
[11:22] * Os chuckles

Session Close: Sun Sep 08 11:23:01 2002

All that can be inferred from this is that some people are playing some kind of game - though how serious its purpose is remains unclear.

Connecting the Dots

In my article, The Message of Cycle 23 (May 24, '02), my 8-month long investigation into the symbolic nature of '9-11' culminated in a time-code that could be used to project some key future events. In particular, the pattern analysis suggested that the 'window' for the next big event was December 2002.


And my interpretation was that the projected event would involve the exit of a major leader, such as Pope John Paul II, US President, etc. Curiously, I was recently informed that Richard Hoagland might potentially be aware of the December window as well. This was at least what his 'speech reversal' indicated.

What the hell is a 'speech reversal'? As some of you probably know, there is a fascinating phenomenon discovered by David John Oates called 'reverse speech', a phenomenon that is claimed to reveal hidden thoughts of the speaker. Basically, if you record someone's speech and then play it backwards, there would be some discernable words and sentences that actually relate nicely to what is said in the forward speech.


For example, Oates has shown that Neil Armstrong's famous words uttered on the Moon,

"That's one small step for man" would say "Man will space walk" in reverse.

It seems to be one of the many subtle ways the unconscious mind can transmit information, and having an extensive experience with 'remote viewing' (another psi phenomenon) and knowing its reality, I personally don't have any problem with the mysterious phenomenon.


(Of course, like remote viewing, reverse speech seems to be only good enough to establish its existence; or in other words, these psi phenomena are not yet very useful on a practical level because of their imprecise and interpretive nature.)

In any case, Oates was asked to do RS analysis of Hoagland's recent appearance on the Art Bell show (Aug. 29, '02) and as he did this he found one particular reversal on Hoagland that said "December warning." What was his unconscious trying to communicate there? Of course, I found it most interesting because of its apparent correspondence with my own pattern analysis of world events (i.e. the December window). Indeed, the issue of Cydonia/Mars was actually a major component of the pattern I had found.

My casual interest was turned into intense curiosity when I realized that there is another reference to December... in the earlier quasi-religious picture sent to 'spacecatfish'! Take a look at it again.


Just under the word "Deloscollasvios," we find the word "Villcanota" (the animal in the picture is supposedly being sacrificed to the 'spirit of Villcanota'), and according one website, this word denotes "House of the Sun of the December solstice":

The pilgrimage of other Tarpuntay priests took the same whole month to reach another temple of the Sun, in the same direction from Cuzco as Huanacauri but far outside the valley. The place was called Villcanota "House of (= where ) the Sun (had been born) of the (= during a) December solstice".

So, not only 'December', "Villcanota" is also inseparable from the Sun - just as my decoding of the event pattern which led me to the window of December '02 was very heavily associated with the Sun (see the Cycle 23 article).

This was not the end of strange 'coincidences'. A poster in the Enterprise Mission forum soon (almost too quickly...) claimed that he had found a website that had this same image. It turned out to be a site dedicated to llamas (supposedly the animal depicted in the picture). So far, so good - no 'conspiracy' here. But, of course, the coincidences just wouldn't stop.


It was subsequently found that the same website also had a manipulated (and humorous) 'face on Mars' image...

Now, this was weird. What do llamas have to do with Cydonia???


I was moved to email the owner of the site and ask about the image. I got the following reply:

"It is there just for fun, hopefully to get a smile out of people. There are a whole set of "strange" llama sightings linked from that page. A lot of our pages are serious with information on llamas but that series of pages is strictly for entertainment."

Okay... sounds almost plausible enough. And yet, in the larger context of the THEMIS IR image saga, the coincidence still seems just too meaningful to simply ignore.


Signs of Deception

One of the biggest movies of the summer of 2002 was Signs which deals with the mysterious crop circle phenomenon. In real life, appearing almost concurrently with the film was a remarkable crop "circle" in Hampshire, England depicting a cartoonish alien holding up a disk.

The disk formation was quickly (almost too quickly) found to be a cipher and a specialist's swift decoding yielded the following message:

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. EELRIJUE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)

It is quite apparent that the crop message is from a terrestrial source, not from some gray aliens from far, far away. But this does not mean the message itself is not valuable. Actually, considering the great amount of trouble, planning, and ingenuity that must have been gone into making the formation, it seems more natural to infer that the message is important in some way.

Indeed, that the crop formation is saying something meaningful to us is already apparent from the fact that it came into existence on/around August 14, which is exactly one year after another very similar formation appeared at Chilbolton Radio Observatory just few miles away (see picture below).

These crop glyphs got a lot of people's attention - even Richard Hoagland discussed it extensively - as it seemed to have been stylized to be a 'response' to the interstellar SETI radio message transmitted in 1974 from the Arecibo radio telescope to a potential extraterrestrial civilization out there.

The original Arecibo message had a pictorial section where Earth was pointed out as the home planet of the race that sent out the signal; but on the crop glyph, which was nearly identical to the original message, not just Earth but Mars (and apparently the theoretical 'exploded planets' between Mars and Jupiter, Planet K/V) was also marked - as if to say that mankind is actually an 'interplanetary' race that has a close connection to the Red Planet (and the 'exploded planets' which are now the asteroid belt).


Hoagland wrote:

An alternative interpretation is that this line represents this solar system with additional, now missing members … including an unknown fourth and fifth planet, the latter orbiting where the current asteroid belt resides. As noted earlier, the timing of this glyph is startling – and highly "suspicious." In our recently published "Tides" paper, the original fourth and fifth planets have been destroyed. This destruction then releases Mars (a satellite of one of these former worlds) to become a new “fourth planet” on its own.


This identical scenario eerily seems to be depicted in the Chilbolton glyph. Why? And … why NOW?

[...] In such a horrific scenario, these catastrophic events might have triggered a desperate attempt to survive by sending refugees to Earth (the only inhabitable planet remaining in the solar system). So, is the glyph trying to tell us that an effort was made to implant the dying populations genetic code in terrestrial life forms here on Earth – thus accounting for the inference of "genetic engineering" higher in the glyph … ultimately resulting in ourselves?

It has also been pointed out that the suggested Martian link is seemingly reinforced by the accompanying 'face' glyph which is quite evocative of the 'face on Mars'.

This apparent Cydonia connection then seems to shed some light on the meaning of the 2002 'ET' crop formation message:

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. EELRIJUE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)

"False gifts" and "deception"... Could this warning possibly be related to the recently released IR image of Cydonia taken by the Odyssey probe orbiting Mars? Was Hoagland given a 'false gift' from a NASA insider for the purpose of 'deception'? The very strange circumstances surrounding the acquisition of the "real" IR image by the Enterprise Mission certainly makes this a plausible enough scenario.


What makes this interpretation more intriguing is the following. In the 2002 crop formation, the coded information was found on the depicted circular disk held by a 'gray alien'. Why use a disk? Why not continue the format of the 2001 crop glyphs - i.e. in the form of ETs responding to our SETI message?


Well, I believe the format is continuing.


This time, the "ETs" are supposed to be responding to the SETI message sent onboard the Voyager spacecraft 25 years ago (1977). The twin Voyager probes are now the farthest manmade object from Earth and carrying a message to ETs on a golden disk (see below picture).

So, the alien depicted in the 2002 crop formation is holding up this Voyager disk and in effect saying:

"Okay, got it. Now, here is my message to you."

Now, like the Arecibo signal, behind the Voyager disk project was Carl Sagan (whose novel became the movie Contact). Originally, however, it was Pioneer 10 launched in 1972 that carried the first SETI message to potential ETs out there. Sagan was involved here as well, but the real originator of this grand idea was none other than Richard Hoagland (who took the proposal to Sagan).

The relevance of the Cydonia IR picture to this supposed crop-circle "SETI" communication has been further suggested by another strange message from 'KBS', the person who sent 'spacecatfish' the enigmatic 'llama & priests' picture. On Aug. 27, in the Enterprise Mission forum, 'KBS' posted a hyperlink to a page showing the 2002/'disk' crop formation.


The hypertext itself read:



The post was then followed by a comment from "Dr. Peter Martin":


I was fascinated by your link title however:

As it is obviously a code of some sort and as I have considerable experience with such things in addition to my interest with the crop circle phenomena here in the UK, I thought that I'd attempt to decipher it.


Eventually I figured out how it was composed and have decoded it to read:

HaPPy AnNiVerSaRy, HoAglAnd

This was achieved by grouping 3 digits at a time working left to right and interpreting them as the octal representation of an ASCII character code. [...]

"Happy anniversary, Hoagland"?


Whatever that really means, the 'insider' poster (?) 'KBS' seemed to subtly suggest that there indeed was some kind of link between the crop messages and Hoagland's work. Therefore there is now more reason to suspect that the 'false gifts'/'broken promises'/'deception' mentioned in the coded crop message had some relevance to the THEMIS IR picture, the 'gift' from the Odyssey spacecraft, that Hoagland revealed to the public on September 5.


Now, remarkably, September 5 was exactly the 25th anniversary of the launch of Voyager 1, onboard which was the disk bearing a message to ETs (which in turn was "answered" by the 2002 crop message)! So it is as if 'KBS', or whoever was working behind/through him, had the foreknowledge of the timing of Hoagland's revelation. What does that mean? I'm not sure.


But the plot is thickening for sure... There seems to be some mysterious force at work in all this.

To greatly reduce the possibility of all this being a series of mere coincidences, we have the following. First, it has pointed out that a curious crop inscription that appeared in England back in August 1991 seems to correlate nicely with the 2002 crop message.

1996 by Michael Hesemann

In August 1991 in the Milk Hill field near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, England, an inscription was placed in the wheat field which British author John Michell reported about in The Cereologist No. 9, Page 3, Summer 1993, based on two years of work by a committee of nine people, including a cryptoanalyst. The only solution that could be found were two ancient Latin words, Oppono Astos.


One translation is, "I oppose acts of craft and cunning."

The message, "I oppose acts of craft and cunning," is certainly reminiscent of,

"Beware the bearers of false gifts & their broken promises... We oppose deception."

But the additional information that follows the above commentary has more remarkable implications:

The Latin description of what the Greeks did with the Trojan Horse used the word astos to describe the gift of the Trojan Horse which was used to get an attacking army into the city of Troy.

So, it is implied here that the "false gift" and "deception" mentioned in the 2002 message relate to the famous mythological tale of the Trojan Horse. It is interesting to note that there were dire warnings given to the Trojans about the gift from the Greeks, just as the crop messages now seem to be warning us about some coming event.


And from what we have seen so far, the current 'warning' appears to concern the issue of the Cydonia image from the Odyssey spacecraft.

And here is the punch line. The great deception of the Trojan Horse that led to the fall of Troy and the end of the great war, it is written, was orchestrated by a figure named Odysseus whose stories are told in Homer's great epic - often called 'the greatest tale of all time' - titled The Odyssey, i.e. the very name of the spacecraft giving us the IR images of the Red Planet!

It has become quite clear, then, that we are somehow being warned about the "gifts" from the Odyssey spacecraft/team - i.e. the IR images - and that we are facing some kind of 'endgame' at the beginning of the new millennium.

Many questions still remain, but at least we're beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Hopefully, there is "still time"... perhaps until December, as in Hoagland's "December warning."