by Mark Patrick Gibbons

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What Are Ley-Lines?

A ley-line is a straight fault line in the earth’s tectonic plates; this is a scientific fact. What science though refuses to believe is that through these, cracks in the earth’s tectonic plates the magnetic energy released are very powerful indeed.


In fact many people have claimed to have felt the energy surge up their body, and some of them claim that they have blacked out as the surge was that powerful.



How Long Have Human Beings Known About Ley Lines?

Our ancestors have known about these lines for many hundreds of thousands years.


Every race and culture on the planet has known about these lines yet every one had different names for these lines. Many people here in the UK tended to think that the druids found these lines; this of course is complete and utter nonsense. All we need to do is to look at the ancient cultures of the earth.


Take the native Indians of the United States; they used to call ley lines spirit lines and their Shaman’s used to use the electro-magnetic energy in these lines to help them contact the spirits.


They even designed their medicine wheel on the spirit lines, as they knew that these lines followed a straight round line. How did they know about these lines and the energies that they give off? The answer’s simple: the sky Gods told them.

Whilst here in Europe we are lead to believe that the druids called them mystical lines, in Wales they used the same name as eastern countries; they called them dragon lines. We know that Eastern countries called them dragon lines as the sky Gods flew in dragons along these lines (I will draw on the Wales, Eastern connection in the next sub-heading ).

The aboriginal people of Australia called these lines dream lines, once again they claim that knowledge was passed on to them from the sky Gods.



Do Ley-Lines Emit Positive Or Negative Energy?

Yes, ley lines can give off positive or negative energy.


"How?" I hear you ask.


Well if a coven have gathered and practiced black rituals they can blacken the line from giving off positive energy to negative energy. Is there any proof for this? Yes, in the nineteen seventies, in the small Yorkshire mill town of Todmorden, a coven practiced in a small woodland area in the district of Cornhome. The woodland has four ley lines running trough it.


After the coven had stopped practicing there, the wildlife had disappeared from the area and did not return till nineteen ninety-six, after white witches had performed several cleansing rights there.


Also, the occult and paranormal author Andy Collins in his book the Black Alchemist claims that the people of hex are going round blacking ley lines. And through them doing this lead to the gales and great damage that ripped through the UK in nineteen eighty-seven.

This brings us back to why the Welsh call ley lines dragon lines. The Welsh called them this as the white dragon represented all what is good and wholesome in the world. Whereas the black dragon represented all that is bad and evil in the world, which then in turn brings us back to the Eastern philosophy of Ying and Yang the dark and the light.

One interesting fact is that the Swastika stone on Ilkley moor in Yorkshire is the oldest known depiction of a Swastika in Europe.



Swastika Stone : Ilkley. Map Ref: SE09554696
Some think it likely, that the swastika was carved by one of
the Lingones Celts during the Romano-British period.

The cups in this design align north-south and east-west.

The northern line points directly towards Simon’s Seat on the northern skyline.

The eastern axis points directly at Almscliffe Crag, above which the equinox rises from here.

This is probably the most famous carved rock on the moor,

the Swastika Stone is generally considered to be later than the other carvings here and to date from the Iron Age.


The stone is believed to have over twenty ley lines intersecting through it.


A colleague of mine who reads Sanscrit claims that the Swastika on the stone is actually an old ancient Sanscrit of a Star/Planetary system map. That once again brings in the link to ley lines and the sky.


He also claimed that a Shaman would have used the rock in his ritual and religious ceremonies, and that it, with out doubt, predates the druids and their knowledge of ley lines.



How Does This Lead To The UFO/Abduction & Paranormal Connection?

As I now enter my twenty-first year of researching the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon, for the past fifteen of those years, I have started to notice how a lot of the phenomenon happens over areas saturated in ley lines.


At first I just thought it was all just coincidence. Then we I looked at the data I were collecting, by interviewing witnesses to these events. As well as during my research I read Maurice Crosse’s findings on the Enfield poltergeist and how he found that thirteen ley lines intersected the house. In his mind, that’s why the family were experiencing the activity.

I went back over all my cases with a fine toothed comb, and ninety- five percent of the sightings/activity all had taken place on ley lines. How can I prove this? Well, since being a young child I have been able to dowse for ley lines.


For my own piece of mind I brought in a gifted psychic whom I know, and took them to the sites to see what they could pick up.

Before I knew they had picked up that there were several ley lines running through the area, as they were in a trance like state, they point the lines out exactly where I had previously dowsed for them and found them. At no time did I tell them why we were going to the area. The only information I gave was that several people had been seeing an apparition at the site.


They even gave the description of the apparition, which had been witnessed there. We then went to two sites where UFOs had been observed. Once again they were drawn towards the ley lines first.

I also took them to places that didn’t have any ley lines and they confirmed that there were no ley lines there, yet the witnesses had observed something there. And they went into great detail as to what they had seen, though it was not as prominent as the things witnessed at the ley lines sites.

With this independent psychics’ findings, as at no time did I tell them what I was looking for, it confirmed what I was already beginning to suspect. Ley lines played an important part in what and why people were reporting more UFO/Paranormal events over ley line sites.

Then in nineteen ninety-six, when I began my research into the abduction phenomena, I found the parallel between abductions and ley lines. As most abductees seem to live on or around heavy ley line sites, I began to look at my own abductions and contactee experiences. I also noticed how I lived on heavy ley line sites.

At this time I was investigating the many UFO sites over the Scammonden area of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, as many people had reported seeing UFOs heading over to the area from the Todmorden and Halifax areas.


As my database grew, I decided to map out all the UFO/Abduction and paranormal reports on a map, and where the ley lines were.


I noticed how they formed a perfect equilateral triangle. From Scammonden to Todmorden through to Ilkley, I had the report and findings published in UFO Encounters magazine. The article was called The Yorkshire Triangle.

By this time my mind was made up strongly for the ley line link with the UFO/Abduction and paranormal phenomenon. All what were left for me to do was to find out why the phenomena are drawn to areas saturated with ley lines.


This is the first time that my conclusions have been printed, due to the fact that when I have given lectures on the phenomena and brought in the ley line connection, most of the people have gasped in disbelief. I only hope that you are more open minded to my ley line theory, than those who have heard it in the past.


I am not saying that it is a fact.


Only that is a big possibility that ley lines are drawing the phenomena to them as a magnet does iron filings.




As stated when I first came across the ley line connection, I thought it was coincidence for these things to happen where there are ley lines.

I checked all the sites and data I had collected over the years. Then I rechecked. I noticed that ninety-five percent of the incidents I had investigated happened where there are a heavy concentration of ley lines.


I asked myself why this were so? I realized how every ancient culture claimed that ley lines gave off positive or negative energy.





Then I began to notice that a lot of abductions by the grays and poltergeist activity where happening on ley lines that had been blacked, by occult practices.


I only found this out by going back to the drawing board and researching incidents which been reported over the centuries. As I did, I noticed how there were reports of witchcraft taking place on or around these sites, and I was finding too many reports for it to be coincidence. I even managed to track down some of the people who had witnessed some of these events in the last century.


Granted, a lot of them were old age pensioners but they could still remember what they had witnessed.


Then I remembered the Alan Godfrey abduction, which happened in Todmorden in nineteen eighty. The spot were he was allegedly abducted was on a blacked line. It was one of the lines that ran from the woods in Cornhome, which is about a mile and a half up the road from the spot were he was abducted. The evidence then was just too strong for me to dismiss the ley line connection.

I found the opposite with the contactee side of the UFO phenomenon. I found that these experiences happened on ley line sites that were not blacked and gave off positive vibes as my psychic friend put it when they walked on positive ley line sites.


This was unlike where they began to feel pain and anger on blacked ley lines.


On one blacked ley line site in Todmorden, they fell to ground and lay unconscious for ten minutes and refused to go back there until it had been cleansed. There are also less paranormal appreciations witnessed on positive ley line sites. If there has been a violent incident on the ley line, it seems to be why appreciations are seen on positive ley lines. They seem to be replaying the events which occurred there.

The orange balls of light phenomena, that certain UFO investigators such as Andy Roberts and Paul Devuox claim are earthlights, are from my findings mainly seen over positive ley line areas. And according to the witnesses I have interviewed, the earthlight theory can be ruled out. The witnesses claim that they seem to be intelligently controlled.


The earthlight theory is an interesting one.


Ley lines do run on the earth’s tectonic plates fault lines, which according to Roberts and Devroux release earthlights during stress on the fault lines before an earth quake. If this was the case, the Scammonden would not be here as the orange balls of light are seen there often. Which now leads me to ask why these things are attracted to ley lines.


As I have explained, ley lines give off positive and negative energy, the same as a magnet has a positive and negative poles. Ley lines run on the Earths’ tectonic plates.

The blacked or negative ley line attracts negative experiences, and apparitions as well as alien abduction experiences. Due to the negative energy that the lines are emitting, it’s the same as how negative people attract other negative people. I believe that they all feed off each other, so the negative ley lines draw these things towards them so that they can feed off the negative energy, which is being put out by them.

I came to this conclusion as most people who have been abducted by the grays claim that it has had negative implications in their lives, as well as the experience on board the grays craft being on the negative side.


During my research, I found that around ninety five percent of abductions with the grays happened where there are blacked or negative ley lines.

On positive ley line sites, I found the opposite that ninety five percent of the incidences that happen on these sites are positive in nature. People who have spent time on these positive sites have had positive things happen in and around their lives.

Take the Swastika, for example, on Ilkley Moor. Many of the people who have visited the stone have felt positive energy’s surging through their bodies. I know of a few people who have suffered with pain walk up to the stone and stand on it. They have also felt energy surge through they’re bodies and a few hours later, their pain has rescinded and has not bothered them for a few months.

I also know that this has baffled their doctors, as a trough of them suffer from arthritis.


Even though it is extremely active in their body, they should be in immense pain and should not be able to walk as they are doing. I even know mediums that go up there to charge their psychic batteries, so to speak. Once again most of the contactee experiences happen where there are these positive ley lines, and I believe yet again that the positive energy released from them are attracting these positive beings so that they can feed and recharge their positive energy.

The only proof I have for this connection is from the painstaking and long years of research I have done on the subject. Further proof comes from talking to the many witnesses to these phenomena, as well as the occurrences on the sites.


Most Paranormal, UFO and Earth mysteries investigators say that there is no connection between ley lines and the activity. All I can say in defense of my findings is this; do as I did.


Recheck all the data you have gathered, then collate it with known and unknown ley lines in the area. Then look into what has taken place on the sites and then look into your case files. You will find that all the negative reports and cases happen on negative ley lines. And all the positive cases such as contactee experiences happen on positive ley lines.


That’s all what I did, and the evidence I dug up confirmed what I had already begun to suspect.