“Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abysses nature leads, Or you shall learn nothing.”

George Leonard

"Somebody Else Is On The Moon"



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George Leonard uses NASA photos to show that the moon has been colonized by an alien race who left the surface littered with huge structures and machines (is littering a interplanetary offense?).

Either NASA is too blind to see it, or is covering it up (and neither is an absurd assertion these days). The paperback edition's photos are not very convincing. Those who have seen the larger hardback seem to be more convinced.









"Somebody Else Is On The Moon"

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It does not really matter where we start with George, for those who are into Moon Artifacts are familiar with George's work, "Somebody Else Is on the Moon".


So, let's just randomly pick a Leonard photo reference and begin our re-evaluation as to whether there is anyone else on the Moon!


Plate-2 of page 122



**Plate-2 shows what George says is a site in The Sea of Tranquility filled with manufactured objects and some alien vehicles. The NASA photo used is 66-H-1612, as shown here from his book. It can be crossed referenced to, L.O. II. H-42. He says, the little round objects are "Oval" shaped and look artificial.

"The perfect oval, the evenly spaced rear struts, the perfect peak", absolutely impossible for this kind of irregularity. It is admitted that such shapes are seen.


Nevertheless, shadow and light can play weird tricks on the eyes, and if the imagination is predisposed to looking for alien machines, no matter what, the results can be deceiving.


He sketches what he sees on page 101



Moon V. by LO. page 49



**Other references show us quit different 'machines', for we see in these more detailed photos that they are just piles of rocks, many of which form circular ring like patterns on the Lunar surface (image left); probably the results of ancient crater ongoing deterioration and erosion.

Rukl's Atlas shows us it is located in the Sea of Tranquility, in a part of a low ridge area. The surface is strewn with rocks and boulders, some blocks and others making up circular ring formations.

**The 'Sea of Tranquility' (click below image) is another one of Leonard's special areas for the alien artifact hunter.



Kopal, Pl. 211, page 290



The large area called a Mare or 'Sea' bed, as seen in The Gazetteer, Frames: 66-1, 73-1, 78-1, 85 is strewn with weird shapes and objects. All crater and volcanic ejecta!





**Craters (image above) have weird things in them, according to Leonard. They hide space ships and Alien constructions of all kinds: Diggers, Dozers and Dirt Buggies!




**Crater Tycho (image above) is also a hiding place for Alien machines and construction sites. Tycho is located south and a little east from the great Mare area we see with our eyes on a Moon-light night.




**One of the USGS Quadrants (click image above) is named after Tycho. USGS I-713, Tycho Quad. Map. Leonard says that he sees many mechanical relics laying around the Crater floor in, out and in between the boulders and rocks.


Gleaming white hemispheres?, domes?, irregular mounds with craterless at the peak?, round mound shapes that never vary from location to location? He says, they are 1/8 to 3/4 of a mile in diameter, or 400 yards, and usually never differ in size.

In one location in Tycho (below image), there are about 30 of them clustered together.


Photo. 67-H-1206 p.128   -    67-H-1179 p.136



**Leonard's sketches describe what he sees, p.61. He is also kind enough to give us the traditional scientific geological explanation for them; that these mounds are the results of the upward movement of magma which has warped the overlaying rock.



Leon. p. 120. photo of Alpine Valley



**What about GIANT Screw devices (click image above)? Or, better still, what about giant screw devices used to stitch together the ripped crust of the Moon's surface?


As suggested by this so-called large crustal rip. Could Aliens be trying repair their giant Moon Space ship with Screws?


What a screw job that would be if it were true. Abandoned alien giant digging screws? Or, more volcanic activity?



Leon's sketch, p.124



**What about LAVA (image above) that has been forced through a spiral opening and then solidified?



Above: sketches page 128 p. 129.


Left: Leon. plate 19, page 136 & Plate 20, page 137



**In the highland areas north of Tycho (click images above), Leonard says there is an area seven square miles in size,... ALIVE with construction and activity."


There is symbolic glyphs, and artificial objects, some power source plate with knobs and a cord, some gas sprays, etc. My God, it's a Disneyland of Alien activity!


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