by Isotrop

8 October 2009

from DiscloseTV Website


This Friday, October 9, 2009, NASA is bombing the Moon saying they are searching for water.


But the surprise here is that may not be the only intention of this mission - they have known about traces of water on the Moon since 1971. India beat NASA to the punch, by being 'first' in disclosing the discovery of water on the Moon. So there is no reason really to detonate the 'alleged kinetic bomb' on the surface of the moon seeking traces of water anymore as India discovered this already.

So what may be the other purpose...?

As you may know there are many hidden bases on the moon. They are huge. The other theory is that NASA is gravely worried many other countries like China (who have planned missions to the moon over the coming years) may find physical evidence of such bases during their future missions and NASA wants these bases conveniently destroyed before they get there.


It's interesting to note that the LCROSS Lunar Impact is not going directly into the pole of the moon but to a scrutinized crater called Cabeus that lies near the moon's south pole and is enveloped in perpetual darkness. Is it no coincidence that this is where these bases also apparently are? - on the dark side of the moon.

Please send this video out to everyone you know. I want President Obama to hear about it and to view this film.


There is no excuse for President Obama to not have access to a computer to see this.









Aliens Shot Down NASA LCROSS Probe Before Impact
by Pindz
9 October 2009

from DiscloseTV Website


Before seeing this video, take a look at "NASA Moon Bombing"...