Part II

LCROSS' (and LRO's) Secret NASA Mission to the Moon...

October 2009


The pre-impact NASA public relations campaign was irresistible... and everywhere.

For perhaps only the second time in its history (the first was Deep Impact, but that was MUCH further away...), the Space Agency was publicly inviting "ordinary people" - from every class, economic strata and age-group - to participate in a unique, extraordinary, literally once-in-a-lifetime personal space experience--

The spectacular crash of a "NASA spaceship" directly into the surface of the Moon... with millions of Americans watching LIVE with their own eyes as it took place (below)!





At least, that's what everyone (with more than a bit of help from some spectacular NASA and contractor animations - above) thought they were being invited to observe....

In fact, when both LCROSS spacecraft did hit the Moon - early Friday morning, October 9th, at 7:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time...

No One... anywhere on Earth - from the most psyched amateur to the professionals at the largest terrestrial observatories, even to the Hubble Space Telescope itself in close Earth orbit - none of these folks or instruments saw ANYTHING actually hit the surface of the south pole of the Moon!

Instead, despite literally millions of Americans eagerly watching... straining to see something... in reality, the only "direct observer" of this entire, over-hyped NASA affair, was... NASA!

Which has left a LOT of "ordinary folks" very unhappy with the Agency right now... and, an even larger percentage simply baffled by the "public fizzle" of its much-ballyhooed "LCROSS Lunar Impact Experiment"...; as one very leading lunar and planetary scientist, Dr. Paul Spudis, pointedly observed in his daily blog:

"... alas, the promised giant plume of impact debris [NASA said would be created by LCROSS, as it hit the lunar surface traveling much faster than a rifle bullet] was invisible from Earth, leaving a receptive public feeling cheated..."


Before this "non-event" (and the intense negativity it has engendered...) even the Obama White House had become involved.

The 44th President of the United States, ostensibly as part of "The International Year of Astronomy - 2009," coincidentally chose the night of October 7th - just one night before the Main LCROSS Impact Event - to host the first public "star party" in the history of the American Presidency... with almost two hundred middle-school students, celebrities, amateur astronomers (and probably as many reporters and TV cameras...) personally invited to look through "a couple dozen small telescopes, and several NASA mini-planetariums," set up on the White House South Lawn...





All obviously, carefully, planned to further increase the percentage of Americans who would actually get up "at the crack of dawn" on Friday morning, to see with their own eyes NASA deliberately,

"...ram a spaceship into the surface of the Moon."




This blatant NASA "PR" prime objective re LCROSS - to involve as many "average Americans" as possible, in personally viewing the Climax of this NASA Lunar Impact Mission - was readily admitted by Jennifer Heldmann, NASA-Ames Coordinator of the "LCROSS Observation Campaign":

"... one of the early goals of the mission was to get as many people to look at the LCROSS impacts in as many ways possible, and we succeeded. The amount of corroborated information that can be pulled out of this one event is fascinating..."


When NO ONE on Earth... with any instrument... saw ANYTHING?!

Just a few days before impact, the LCROSS Project Scientist, Anthony Colaprete, officially reassured everyone:

"... this is very observable from earth, so we'll have lots of eyes on it..."

The almost physical let-down for all those millions of disappointed Americans... when they DIDN'T get to see this "promised NASA spectacle," is perhaps most aptly summed up by a blunt headline the day following the NASA event, appearing in the normally very pro-NASA San Jose Mercury News:

"... NASA Ames' moon show is much ado about nada...."


One obvious reason for this widespread negative reaction to the "results" from LCROSS can be traced, ironically, to a previous, clearly spectacularly successful NASA celestial impact experiment... the widely-covered "Deep Impact Mission" to Comet Temple I, culminating with a spectacular "comet crash," the night of July 4, 2005.

In that climactic space event (below), even though it was too far away to be visible on Earth - either to the naked eye or in a telescope - a lot of the people on Earth DID see the NASA impact of Temple-I... on the Internet and NASA Television, if not on the broadcast and cable news television networks...

And no one was disappointed then with all the "hype".....





Totally unlike LCROSS...

With this current NASA PR fiasco, not only did the general public NOT get to see anything even,

"remotely resembling 'Deep Impact' when the LCROSS Centaur rocket plowed into the Moon (even on the Internet or NASA TV...)," the largest telescopes on Earth didn't even detect anything "careening into the lunar surface"... a quarter of a minute after the LCROSS rocket was supposed to have hit the ground with the force of "a ton of high explosives," and raised a "plume" almost ten miles high...

There was no "flash"... no "upward-jetting, gigantic plume of lunar ice and dust... hovering over the lunar landscape like 'a huge, inverted cone of light'"...





Nothing like that happened.


The lunar south pole "just lay there" in the video and observatory images... even seen through the largest telescopes on Earth... totally unchanged (below)....





This was NOT what we all paid for!

Neither was it, in fact, what the vast majority of dedicated NASA scientists and engineers, those directly involved in the LCROSS Project, thought they'd "paid" for either - certainly, with their combined decades of personal space expertise and professional experience, all invested in this one NASA lunar mission--

To find a usable reservoir of water on the Moon.

For each member of the LCROSS team knew the growing economic and political realities of "space" - and the upcoming Obama decision vis a vis the very continuation of the human spaceflight program:

That - IF this didn't happen... if LCROSS didn't "confirm the presence of water ice, in a permanently-shadowed polar crater, on the Moon," then the current ambitious (but primitive...) NASA program of "chemical, rocket-based plans to return to the Moon... or, to go anywhere else with human exploration of the solar system..., was dead."

The "space age" (certainly the expensive, human part of it...) would literally be over... and after only ~50 years.

If, LCROSS did NOT find precious water on the Moon..., so, the future of a NASA "manned space program" - if not NASA itself - firmly rested on the figurative shoulders of LCROSS that Friday morning....

Thus, if anyone was to feel "snookered" by the lack of "immediate, plain, and highly visible positive results for 'water' from the LCROSS impact"... it HAD to be this team of NASA scientists!


What Enterprise has finally figured out over this past, extremely hectic couple of weeks - through a whirlwind of calls, e-mails, and intense "signal processing" of all the developing "hints" - is NASA's real lunar objectives for this "low-cost lunar mission"....

As we ourselves strongly hinted from the previous set of clues... at the end of Part I... LCROSS' secret lunar mission turns out to be, in fact, designed - from the beginning - as nothing less than,

"an official, clandestine, NASA multi-sensor search for... and scientific characterization of... artificial ruins on the Moon"

This objective, of course, being deliberately complimentary to the primary "hidden mission" (again...) of its companion lunar spacecraft... LRO (what did you think the "reconnaissance" part of "LRO" really stands for...?)

Intriguingly, snippits of this primary "LCROSS/LRO hidden agenda" were deliberately leaked - and from inside the LCROSS Project itself... - in its first close-up "lunar swing-by" observations of the Moon last summer, on the morning of June 23, 2009.

At that time (again, as we reported in Part I), some astonishing infrared images were released (leaked...?) by the LCROSS Team itself (below) - which revealed for the first time hard, scientific evidence for the existence of "a semi-transparent, heat-radiating substance..." stretching over (and along) much of the Farside lunar limb...





In other words, some kind of "ancient lunar dome... or domes" - precisely as we have been describing....

In this official LCROSS image comparison (above), the left-hand view is from the LCROSS "shepherding satellite's" visible light camera - showing a section of the Moon's Farside (the hemisphere never seen from Earth) taken during LCROSS' critical lunar "swing-by" maneuver; the image on the right is a false-color version of the same scene taken, however, in the "mid-infrared" (the heat part...) of the spectrum.

As can be seen in comparing the visible light image with its infrared counterpart:

  • the Moon's surface temperature totally ignores all local surface features - mountains, craters, impact basins, etc., etc.

  • instead, the temperature distribution runs smoothly from the extremely cold, pre-dawn value of -250 F. (the blue-violet portion of the Moon, at the bottom of the image - below), to the "red hot" +250 F. of "high lunar noon" - seen as one approaches the upper, curving lunar limb.

And yet, in this "textbook" temperature distribution radiometer image... there is one MAJOR, glaring "flaw"...

That curving yellow line... arcing just above the actual red (high temperature) surface of the Moon...





What's producing that?!

"That" is the combined effect of "countless numbers of semi-transparent, heat-radiating, ancient lunar structures..." all blending together... along a substantial section of the horizon of the Farside of the Moon....

They have "given themselves away" by their intrinsic thermal heating from the Sun... and then, re-radiation of that heat back into space... which the sensitive LCROSS' IR cameras immediately picked up - and then displayed as that "room temperature" yellow-arc stretching above the real, higher-temperature (red) lunar surface.

The potential extent of these artificial lunar structures - stretching along a major segment of the total visible horizon! - may surprise some new to our lunar investigations; it shouldn't.

Mike and I first predicted this possible major extant of the "Farside lunar domes," based on analysis of a visible light Apollo 15 image (AS15-88-12013) - which showed MAJOR "back-scattering," stretching all along the lunar limb, in visible light... recorded as Apollo 15 was climbing away from the Moon (below); we published our preliminary analysis of this crucial Hasselblad image in the original editions of Dark Mission - as "Color Figure 16."





Based on analysis of this striking Apollo 15 image (above) - if a suitable set of infrared sensors were to observe the same horizon features (we reasoned...), if the optical scattering observed above the surface were real, future IR observations would inevitably detect the heat emission from this same, highly demolished (but still physical) set of "elevated lunar structures" seen on the visible film...

Thus, in a stroke, confirming our "lunar dome model" - from a totally different (and essentially indisputable...) direction, which is exactly what LCROSS has finally been able to do - and during its first lunar observation session... back in June!

Thus scientifically proving that there are, indeed,

"ancient lunar domes and ruins on the Moon..." - apparently, a LOT of them...

In this way, the LCROSS IR cameras easily confirmed not only the domes' physical existence (from their unconcealable thermal emissions...), they revealed a startlingly-wide surface distribution of these structures... apparently, covering much of the lunar Farside!; curiously, the same "farside" hemisphere which is SO visually different from the one that we've been staring at for tens of thousands of years... the Nearside... with all those dark, enigmatic "maria."

This startling Clementine lunar mosaic (below) - presented from the perspective of "looking down" on the lunar north pole - really demonstrates the drastic difference between the two opposing lunar hemispheres - the "Nearside" always facing Earth (bottom), and the lunar "Farside"... turned perpetually away (top)....





When the first LCROSS IR images were leaked, in June, we also realized that these striking IR confirmations of our "ancient dome model" were only the beginning....

It was at that point, that we began to seriously entertain the idea that the entire LRO/LCROSs mission could well be a "shaggy dog story"; that, ostensibly created to "look for lunar water at the poles," in fact, the real mission-profile for LCROSS made it the perfect spacecraft to explore in-depth "the structure, composition, distribution... and perhaps even origins"... of any lunar ruins better-preserved near the lunar poles....

In only four short months (from the June "lunar swing-by," to impact in October...), if we were right, the LCROSS instruments would get their real chance to reveal the truth behind these (to some) "impossible claims of lunar domes and ruins..." as LCROSS would literally dive "down among them"... into the Moon, following the planned Centaur impact...

In so doing, it could not help but hurtle directly THROUGH the upper parts of at least one of these "surviving dome-like structures... " (judging from the swing-by IR images... ), and thus, would be in the perfect position to send back priceless live imagery and spectral readings - on everything from "the domes' geometric construction properties..." to "their basic chemical constituents..."

Relayed back from nine, carefully-chosen, multi-spectral instruments... designed (we were coming to understand...) to answer as many questions about the fundamental nature of these ruins as possible... in one "emergency" NASA mission...

Even as the rest of the world - deliberately invited to "participate" in this whole farce - was still being told that "this is just another (maybe somewhat farther-out...) NASA search for water in the solar system...."

Talk about the perfect cover story....


The major political implications underlying this scenario are these:

That some CURRENT folks in NASA are attempting (with the sudden LRO/LCROSS missions...) to "come up to speed... and soon - regarding the very existence of 'ruins on the Moon....'"

That implies, in turn, that "these" NASA folks were NOT the "original NASA folks," the ones who found out all about this "stuff on the Moon" decades ago (even before Apollo)... and then assiduously covered it up (as documented in Dark Mission)!

No, these recent actions by NASA were definitely those of "a group of newbies to all this ET ruins stuff..." - but, who nonetheless, apparently created "a fast-track, scientific, inexpensive means to TEST this far-out hypothesis...."... with LCROSS.


This "change within NASA" really began back in 2004... when President George W. Bush suddenly showed up at NASA Headquarters one January afternoon, and dramatically announced - after a 30-year "pause",

"Americans are going back to the Moon... and then on to Mars."

It was at that point that literally decades of NASA stagnation... in both the direction and pace of the human spaceflight program... took a dramatic turn... toward "exploration" once again.





It's like, as I have said in other venues, a,

"switch had suddenly been thrown... and all the visionary dreams of 'ultimate colonization of the solar system, and the explosion of new wealth that would be generated by the industrial utilization of its vast resources back here on Earth... - discussed at length in the 40's and the 50's, before Apollo - had suddenly been turned back on...."

And, unlikely as it seemed, it was George W. Bush - 43rd President of the United States - who was the one suddenly throwing that switch, setting in motion plans which could ultimately wind up literally inheriting "the riches of the solar system"... for all Humankind.

A plan, however, which originally... did NOT include a mission called "LCROSS."

As noted in Part I, LCROSS was quietly "piggybacked" on NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) mission sometime after these initial plans to "return to the Moon" had been announced by President Bush; LCROSS was belatedly attached (both contractually and physically) to the lead mission... LRO - the first new NASA spacecraft to return to the Moon in literally over a decade ("Clementine" was DOD), as the initial phase of President Bush's just-announced Grand Vision....

However, someone apparently realized after a while that, to successfully carry out the President's new "NASA vision," would require far more specific information about the Moon than even the Space Agency possessed, in 2004, even after all the pre-Apollo unmanned lunar missions (Lunar Orbiter... Ranger... Surveyor), and the almost 900 pounds of lunar samples the astronauts had personally returned to Houston from Apollo itself; totally new and much more in-depth global lunar information was going to be essential, if NASA was to attain the capability - unlike Apollo's severe landing site restrictions, limited to essentially the Nearside lunar equator - to send future astronauts at any location on the Moon... even to the poles.

To do so successfully, would require another "in-depth, unmanned reconnaissance of the entire Moon" - carried out with 21st Century, state-of-the-art information-gathering space technology.

Ergo: LRO....

It was not until 2007 (so the official story goes...) - literally years past the initial NASA/LRO Proposal - that the quiet addition of a second unmanned spacecraft to the mission (called "Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite" - LCROSS) was officially approved.


Ostensibly designed to be an incredibly inexpensive (~$79 million dollar...), simple "add-on" lunar mission "to look for water...", the core idea behind this (as it turns out...) clever "misdirection"... was elegantly simple.



Take the third-stage Centaur rocket (which would boost both LRO and the attached LCROSS on their final push to the Moon)... and, after the LRO spacecraft had successfully separated from the Centaur... use the still-attached LCROSS "sheparding spacecraft" to direct the now-empty Centaur rocket-stage (like a celestial cruise missile...) into a "free," specifically-targeted impact on the lunar surface.


Ideally - at the bottom of a "permanently shadowed lunar crater... where there might be frozen water," around one of the two lunar rotational poles.

After "final trajectory corrections," at the appropriate time (launch + four months...), carefully separate LCROSS from the empty Centaur "missile" several hours before impact.


LCROSS would then lag behind... ultimately by several hundred miles... before flying into perfect position to observe and report back - live - the effects of the massive Centaur impact just ahead of it - scientifically recorded and analyzed by means of a broad suite of precisely-picked "off-the-shelf" multi-spectral instruments, before the LCROSS "shepherding satellite" also hit the Moon, and was destroyed.

At some point, this previously almost ignored, "low-key unmanned lunar mission..." - using something as basic as a falling rocket to create a small explosion on the Moon - became MAJOR world-wide news; at which point, NASA suddenly "pulled out all stops" - and began to promo and hype "the heck out of its upcoming LCROSS Lunar Impact Mission to the Moon!"

Thus ultimately setting "an almost impossible goal" for NASA... and LCROSS:

To be both scientifically... and dramatically... exciting! Which was impossible...

Instead..., when LCROSS ultimately "bombed the Moon" that Friday morning... none of the literally millions of Americans (in both Americas...), who went out to actually look up... saw anything.


The problem, of course, was not just with NASA "way over-hyping" this, it was fundamentally also with... the Moon.

In many respects, NASA's much-hyped LCROSS experiment was very similar indeed to "a targeted cruise missile strike "; despite the accuracy of the targeting, the visible effects LCROSS was expected to create depended more on the random nature of the objects (or surface) that it contacted on impact... than on the object impacting....

However, given all that NASA - from its literally decades of first-hand, spacecraft observations of the Moon thought it understood - the "impact rules" for LCROSS "driving the Centaur into the lunar surface" were expected to be relatively simple.




The size of the resulting "Centaur impact crater" (above) - key measure of how much "lunar ice and dirt" would be thrown up at impact... - should, according to the NASA calculations, depend on only two parameters:

  • the mass of the impacting Centaur (~2.2 tons)

  • the angle of the impact (~80 degrees)

(The velocity at impact was a "given" for any object falling to the Moon from "infinity" - a little over 1.5 miles per second.)





For equal impact velocities, then, it was the mass that was falling - combined with the angle at which it fell - which would determine the ultimate nature of the resulting impact crater - certainly, the total volume of material kicked up at impact.


For, the amount of material ejected upward in "the plume," determined to large measure whether the "sheparding spacecraft" could, in fact, gather enough data on that "plume" to successfully analyze its composition and send that vital data back to Earth... before LCROSS itself was totally destroyed on impact.

All in its purported "search for water..."

The "rule of thumb" for NASA then, for "predicting the effects of ballistic impacts on the Moon... like LCROSS" went like this:

"Hard, rocky surface... bright, extended flash; soft, powdery surface... small flash, but a 'highly energetic plume - blasted literally miles above the impact point...."

It was all about something called "equipartition of energy."

"How" the kinetic energy of the empty Centaur rocket, falling onto the lunar surface, would be sub-divided at the moment of impact; if the underlying surface was hard, unyielding bedrock, overlain by a thin layer of dirt and frozen ice (the expected NASA model...), the colliding rocket could produce a very bright flash - as most of its kinetic energy was suddenly converted into raw heat and light.


But, that would leave little excess energy for creating "a high vertical ejection of shattered surface debris" in its characteristic "inverted cone-like formation".


In some pre-impact NASA calculations, that "milli-second flash" at impact on a hard surface was estimated to be "bright enough to light up the entire interior of Cabeus (!)," if, for just an instant... and would therefore also be nicely visible in the largest telescopes, watching in real-time, from back on Earth....

On the other hand (NASA's calculations went on to say), if the underlying lunar surface was covered by a thick layer of "soil" (the so-called "lunar regolith..."), all mixed up with eon-old ice - the models said the resulting impact flash could be "highly muted"; much more of the kinetic energy of the in-coming Centaur would, under those conditions, be converted to kinetic energy of individual soil particles... with a resulting, substantial plume of surface regolith blasted vertically aloft... in that "inverted cone" (below).





However, no one - in this "post-LCROSS impact controversy..." - seems to have foreseen a third alternative (at least, before the "non-event" itself...)

That the lunar surface inside Cabeus would simply (somehow...) absorb most of the falling rocket's ~1-ton TNT equivalency..., and not produce much of anything visually - neither a flash, nor a towering impact plume - that would be easily visible, certainly from Earth!

But... how could THAT happen?

Simple..., if the falling Centaur punched a hole directly through the roof..., of some massive, ancient lunar structure... located on the pitch-black floor of Cabeus!





And, as a result, the Centaur's enormous kinetic energy was literally directed downwards... into "breaking walls... shattering interior structural supports... and creating a lot of debris... inside a 'layered' underground bunker-like lunar complex..." which, unfortunately, was hidden from external view by several overlying floors...

Just like the endless "bunker-busting" videos (below) the Pentagon has been showing us for decades...





As can be seen (above), even with open concrete sides and normal atmospheric pressure (not a vacuum!), while a raging firestorm goes off inside the "dome-shaped aircraft bunker" as a result of the roof-penetrating missile... on the outside (and from above...), except for a small puff of black smoke, nothing gives away the inferno taking place just a few feet below the bunker's massive roof....

Exactly like LCROSS' curious "lack of visible evidence" of its actual impact on the Moon on Friday morning.

In preparing this Report, Enterprise consulted (among others...) a retired Air Force BDA ("bomb damage assessment") expert.


His reaction was quite telling:

"Given the anomalous visual nature of the LCROSS impact, there aren't many reasonable alternative explanations for what didn't happen; I've personally seen this type of "suppressed energy release" repeatedly occurring in BDA... with 'hardened targets'...

"If it is built really well, the stuff goes in... and not much comes back out."

According to NASA's immediate LCROSS "after-action" report, the only visible indications of the Centaur impact in those first critical seconds following impact, were "a few glowing pixels" on the mid-IR camera images (below), and on the infrared and ultraviolet spectrometer images - taken by the trailing LCROSS "sheparding spacecraft" in its own last few seconds... just before it hurtled into the same pitch-black, unknown surface...





And here, the NIR/UV/Vis spectrometer view... "A few glowing pixels...."


Not exactly what NASA promised the tax payers...





It wasn't until seven days after the LCROSS Impact Experiment... one full week... that NASA finally "found" the much-hyped plume from the LCROSS impact.

A full week....

To produce this (below):





This official NASA image release (above) is the product (according to the caption) "...of three co-added, stretched LCROSS Visible Light Camera images..."

The "fuzzy object" in the center of the red circle (on this totally washed-out, high-contrast LCROSS image "stack") is purported, then, to be "the Centaur impact plume event"... measuring about "4 or 5 miles in diameter."

A close-up of this circled "plume" (below), reveals just how tenuous this "official identification" remains...





And yet... this conclusion - ostensibly based on an intensive analysis of this ambiguous NASA visual composite - is the claimed result of applying,

"the fastest NASA computers on the planet to the LCROSS data..." using "state-of-the-art NASA computer image-processing algorithms" - that "can pull the glow of a firefly... over a hundred miles away... out of a pitch-black night..."

And yet..., it took the LCROSS team a full week... to come up with... this?

And then, I realized something else... that was REALLY wrong with this peculiar LCROSS image... something VERY strange indeed..., because - this "official, NASA presentation image... of the intensely-searched-for Centaur impact plume"..., was being released upside down... and backwards!






Talk about "the gang that can't shoot straight...."

Or..., was deliberately mixing up the images... as part of a subtly-coded message "look carefully at the imaging orientations (i.e. geometry)...?"

After appropriate geometric correction (simply flipping the released image over, and reversing it...), the comparison between this "seven days late... overly-stretched NASA video composite..." - and a suitable IR frame from the same time-interval (processed by Enterprise to the same degree - below) - revealed,

"a stunning array of blatant, repeating, 'geometric anomalies!'"





The newly-released NASA frames (above) looked "way over-exposed," yes... but also, after being properly reversed... They contained regions which were definitely... intensely... geometric.

And, when brightened just enough in the computer to allow one to see "down into the shadows"... clearly, there was definitely "something" there; like, the outlines of some kind of,

"mega-scale geometric engineering... dimly-lit, deep under 'an over-exposed, lunar surface layer'..."

The "right-angle," inescapable geometric evidence of "artificiality on the Moon" was in THIS LCROSS image; now undeniable... and overwhelming (below)!





In fact, this official NASA image (we'll get back to that crucial little detail in a moment...) reminded me of none other than..., that epic scene, directly from "Forbidden Planet"(!) - when "Dr. Morbius" shows the officers of the,

"Federation Cruiser C-57-D" firsthand "...the 20-mile deep, Krell automated 'super-engineering cube'...",

...extending downward... level after level... into "the forbidden planet."





Exactly as we were seeing in this official LCROSS image (below)... of the darkened floor of Cabeus... extending downward... into the surface of the Moon...!

It was almost like looking at the planned remake of "Forbidden Planet"... but early, and for real.





Dr. Anthony Colaprete, LCROSS principal investigator and project scientist - the man who authorized the release of these extraordinary images - himself called specific attention to "the floor of Cabeus"... in his equally official October 16 NASA/LCROSS press statement.

"The images of the floor of Cabeus are... exciting." Colaprete said.

Dr. Colaprete has a serious gift for "understatement."

In an earlier Visible Light image, taken by the falling "sheparding spacecraft" from farther out... from just under 400 miles (and 4 minutes) above the Moon's surface... the crucial context for the extraordinary, repeating geometry seen in close-up on "the darkened floor" of Cabeus became strikingly apparent (below).

An even larger set of... "repeating, architectural geometries...!", but... on a scale to boggle the timid mind.





An enlargement of this image (below), reveals that this astonishing, repeating "rectilinearity" - innumerable walls... repeating right-angle alignments... overwhelming smaller geometric structures - is now showing us the obvious...





The remains of an amazing, ancient lunar city... on images officially released by NASA... from LCROSS.





A city covering... literally... thousands of square miles of lunar surface!


So, the obvious question has to be:

"How come!?

"How come we are being allowed now to see all this truly unbelievable, amazing, official lunar evidence... let alone, as it is being simultaneously released to all the media... by the NASA LCROSS Project Office itself!?"

Which led me back to my earlier, political speculations - concerning the real, long-term objectives of LCROSS... all the way back to its "sudden origins"... in 2007:

All the evidence we've now presented, increasingly supports the staggering idea that this, indeed, represents some sort of "rapidly accelerating LCROSS Plan... for the imminent disclosure of... 'Intelligently-designed ruins' on the Moon!"

Looking at all this extraordinary lunar data abruptly being officially released - from the "lunar water measurements" a few weeks ago (confirmed by three independent NASA missions...), to the startling LCROSS data on real lunar structures, from the current mission... one could only infer that the LCROSS Project - either with NASA Headquarters (and the current White House') concurrence... or without - was in the process of carrying out an extraordinary, "clandestine recon mission..." of actual artificial lunar structures....

While flying under the perfect cover-story..., the search for "...more water on the Moon."

Bottom line?

The ultimate objective of all this might finally be, indeed...

"the official DISCLOSURE of definitive scientific information revealing the reality of an extraordinary... and extraordinarily ancient... one-time civilization on the Moon...."

If this scenario was even half-way accurate... than, what had taken place so far - the clever "seeding" in the media of extraordinary, highly-"incriminating" official images and information on what is really on the Moon... - was, but "a pale echo" of what was yet to come.

For, in Part III, we'll present stunning additional close-up lunar images... further confirming the presence of this "ancient lunar civilization..." - obtained through telescopes on (and off...) the Earth!

Stay tuned....

*** BULLETIN ***
Just as this Enterprise Report on the LCROSS Lunar Mission was going to press, a group calling itself the "Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency" announced a fascinating new lunar discovery... of,

"... a deep hole on the moon [below] that could open into a vast underground tunnel...."




The official interpretation of this suddenly-announced discovery - "a potential entrance to an underground lunar lava tube... some ~65 meters across and perhaps ~80 meters deep..." - would not exactly be our first interpretation of this image....

Our attention would be drawn to the strikingly geometric remnants of an immense, apparent,

"curving, right-angle, double step-down wall... running around an even larger, shallow depression on the surface..." (above)

In light of what we've just found elsewhere on the Moon, our own preliminary impression of this new image and announcement might be...

"The hole... is a possible opening into another 'ancient, manufactured, underground facility...' The presence of the 'the step-down enclosure' on the surface hinting at potentially a much larger 'hollow geometric structure... with a sagging roof...' underneath"...

Part of a much larger set of above-ground ruins... located in this exact, same region - previously discovered (by one of our Enterprise colleagues', Steve Troy), in the same long-noted "Marius Hills" - where the new "black anomaly" is also located (below).





Obviously, the Marius Hills are NOT "volcanic" - as has long been assumed from astronomical observations made from Earth - but the above-ground remains of more,

"... ancient, artificial 'mega-ruins' on the Moon...!"

To me, the timing of this latest Japanese announcement re "Marius" - coming just days after the NASA/LCROSS mission officially published images (below), revealing an entire underground, artificial complex at the Moon's south pole - is, for my mind, just a bit too "coincidental"....

Someone REALLY wants us to "get" that there are also structures... IN the Moon.





More (obviously) to come....

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