"Some of these (electromagnetic) emissions may be reaping irreparable damage to the ionosphere and earth, which threatens our very existence."

Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher,

Particle Physicist


Chapter Eight



Independent scientists seek 'return to sanity'

William van Bise of Nevada is a scientist who is passionate about the safety of his children and grandchildren, and he can't understand why some high level military planners seemingly are not. According to documents about the HAARP, the military's disrespect for dynamic natural systems hasn't changed much in the decades since nuclear bombs were the favored research tool for studying Earth's geomagnetic field.

Van Bise, an electronics and biomedical engineer, says bluntly "They're suicidal!" He made the comment after reading about HAARP, the military's plan to pump unprecedented levels of radio frequency power up through the upper atmosphere to heat parts of the unpredictable ionosphere. His concern is that the experimenters admit they do not know what the outcome might be.72

Surprisingly few scientists know about ionospheric heaters.

"Why in the world would anyone want to heat up the ionosphere? It's already hot enough," said one head of a large university's physics department.

Co-author Manning gave him the benefit of the doubt, but as it turned out, he was not joking. Other department heads at universities with sizable atmospheric physics departments had heard about ionospheric heaters but said their knowledge of the research was vague.

The University of Alaska's geophysical department knows what an ionospheric research instrument is, because their university is directly involved in HAARP funding. But although "auroral research" involvement of the University of Alaska is played up in press releases, HAARP's internal documents say the goal of the experiments is to control ionospheric processes so that they can be exploited by the Department of Defense.

Concerned scientists such as van Bise are doubly discouraged, because the people who want to control the electrojet or make "nuclear-sized explosions"73 or an "artificial cyclotron"74 in the upper atmosphere are the most difficult to stop. Traditionally they have held the biggest handfuls of taxpayers' money. Their power base includes mega-corporation defense contractors and their lobbyists.


Few physicists are willing to risk their livelihood (government contracts) by contradicting these people.


72 Telephone conversations Between William van Bise and co-author of Angels Don't Play This HAARP Jeane Manning, May 1995.
73 U.S. Patent No. 4,873,928 "Nuclear-sized Explosions without Radiation".
74 U.S. Patent No.4,712,155, "Method and Apparatus for Creating an Artificial Electron Cyclotron", among patents assigned to APTI.


Elizabeth Rauscher has a Ph.D., a long and impressive career in high energy physics, and has been published in prestigious science journals and books.75 Yet her warnings apparently go unheeded. For example, in 1984 she presented scientific findings at a Pentagon briefing and then tried to address the colonels and generals person to person about global environmental issues.


They refused to respond to her blunt question,

"Don't you worry about your children and grandkids?"

Seven years ago Rauscher and her partner William van Bise wrote a paper76 that discussed the earth's magnetic field emanations in technical language, but ended with a strongly worded warning.

Earth and life forms on it vibrate and resonate in harmony, they noted; radiant energy from the sun and materials and vibrations of the earth support life.

"Is there a symbiosis between the earth and the life forms upon it?"

After mentioning chemical and radioactive pollution of our life support systems, they injected a less-publicized concern,

"some of the electromagnetic waves generated by man may have global significance..."


The paper had discussed natural sources of electromagnetic waves such as Earth's mechanical rotation, earthquake and volcanic activities, solar wind and solar "broadband noise activity". Manmade sources, the two experts said, are disturbing the harmony.

"Some of these emissions may be reaping irreparable damage to the ionosphere and earth which, in turn, threatens our very existence."

Societies and nations must examine what we are doing and develop a new awareness, the two scientists warned, or destruction of life will inevitably result.


As if predicting the goals of HAARP, they noted that most recent technologies have been aimed at shielding people from nature,

"to 'conquer' and control her, while designing ever more dangerous weapons systems with which to more efficiently strip all life from the planet."

Rauscher and van Bise ended the paper with a suggestion that society examine why we have moved toward such insane motivation, and then go forward to again pursue mutual life enhancement and sanity.

75 Relevant publications include, "Application of Soliton Physics to Plasma-MHD and Superconductivity - BCS: Theoretical Implications for Primary Energy" report prepared for Primary Energy Technology LA; "Ambient Electromagnetic Fields as Possible Seismic and Volcanic Precursors', by W.L., Van Bise and E.A. Rauscher, in Electromagnetic Phenomena Related to Earthquake Prediction edited by M. Hayakawa and Y Fujinawa, Terra Scientific Publishing Co. Tokyo; "ELF Signatures Arising from Space Vehicle Disturbances of the Ionosphere" by E.A. Rauscher and W.L. Van Bise, unpublished paper from Electromagnetic Signal Laboratory, Golden

76 "Fundamental Excitatory Modes of the Earth and Earth-Ionosphere Resonant Cavity" by Dr.Elizabeth A. Rauscher and William L. Van Bise of Technic Research Laboratories, Reno, Nevada, article published in The Proceedings of the 1988 International Tesla Symposium.


In May of 1995 Dr. Rauscher was asked to comment specifically on HAARP.

"You're pumping tremendous energy into an extremely delicate molecular configuration that comprises these multi-layers we call the ionosphere," she replied.

The ionosphere is prone to catalytic reactions. In other words, she explained, if a small part is changed, a major change in the ionosphere can happen.77

In describing the ionosphere as a delicately balanced system, Dr. Rauscher shared her mental picture of it - a soap bubble like sphere surrounding Earth's atmosphere, with movements swirling over the surface of the bubble.

"If you've ever watched a large bubble closely, you see these rainbow-like patterns flowing over it. Then you see a black spot where the wavelengths of light are so short that they can't show the bubble. But it hasn't burst yet. Then a hole forms, and then it pops."

Project planners who experiment with the ionosphere do not agree with her model of what could happen, Rauscher said.

"But I strongly believe the ionosphere works that way."

When human activities make massive holes in the real ionosphere, the holes at the north and south poles migrate just like the shapes on the bubble. This is how a dramatic loss of the ozone layer happens to appear over Australia, for example. There have even been sun watches (ozone-hole watches) over high altitude states such as Nevada, where Rauscher and Van Bise live.

"(Decision makers) know the cause - the SST (supersonic transport) and the space shuttle and its Russian equivalent. I have the Russian report that calculates how many space shuttles it will take to destroy the ionosphere."

In a corresponding situation at a lower altitude, while anyone who ever used a spray propellant is made to feel guilty about holes in the ozone layer, scientists continue to send up rockets and launch satellites to study the ozone layer!


Each bum of rocket fuel destroys another part of a percent of the ozone layer.


Returning to the higher altitudes, we see that science journals in the early 1980's reported openly on the ionospheric disruption caused by scientists themselves. But how many outside of their specialty read papers on topics such as the High-Energy Astrophysical Observatories (HEAO) Hole in the lonosphere78.


77 Jeane Manning's May 1995 interviews with Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher and William van Btse.

78 Michael Mendilio, Donald Rote and Paul Bernhardt, "Preliminary Report on the HEAO Hole in theIonosphere" The American Geophysical Union, 1980.


The launch of one of NASA's High-Energy Astrophysical Observatories, on Sept. 20, 1979, for example, by an Atlas-Centaur rocket "produced an extraordinary opportunity to monitor a large scale, artificially induced depletion of the earth' ionosphere" the scientists exulted. They were being paid to study the impact of repeated rocket exhaust activity in the ionosphere.


Data showed the,

"HEAO hole followed the rocket's ground track, extending at least 2,000 km - and probably 3,000 km - to the east of Cape Canaveral. It's north-south extent spanned 600 to 1,000 km, and thus the overall disturbed region totaled 1 to 3 million km in effective surface area."

For about three hours the depleted area centered on the rocket's path, then moved northward. Within hours, evidence of the hole disappeared from the "affected region".


David Yarrow of Albany, New York, is a researcher with a background in electronics, and has spent countless hours exchanging ideas with physicist Dr. Daniel Winter, now of Waynesville, North Carolina.


Yarrow puts Winter's insights into simpler terms:

"Dan Winter... explained HAARP high frequency emissions can couple (heterodyne, in technical terms) with long-wave (low frequency, or ELF) pulses the Earth grid uses to distribute information as vibrations to synchronize dances of life in the biosphere. Dan terms this geomagnetic action 'Earth's information bloodstream'. Likely, coupling of HAARP HF (high-frequency) with natural ELF (extremely low frequency) can cause a dimension of unplanned, unsuspected side effects."

In his own words, David Yarrow described possible interactions of HAARP radiations with the ionosphere and Earth's magnetic grid:

"HAARP will not burn 'holes' in the ionosphere. That is a dangerous understatement of what HAARP's giant gigawatt beam will do. Earth is spinning relative to thin electric shells of the multilayer membrane of 'ionospheres' that absorb and shield Earth's surface from intense solar radiation, including charged particle storms in solar winds erupting from the sun. Earth's axial spin means that HAARP - in a burst lasting more than a few minutes - will slice through the ionosphere like a microwave knife. This produces not a 'hole', but a long tear - an incision." 79

"An acute concern here is Earth's thin shell of ionized molecular oxygen - the ozone layer..." 80

79 Letter from David Yarrow to Gar Smith, Earth Island Journal, August 18, 1995,

80 ibid. 81 Ibid.




"Second concept: As Earth rotates, HAARP will slice across geomagnetic flux...a donut-shaped spool of magnetic strings - like longitude meridians (on maps). HAARP may not 'cut' these strings in Gala's magnetic mantle, but will pulse each thread with harsh, out-of-harmony high frequencies. These noisy impulses will vibrate geomagnetic flux lines, sending vibrations all through the geomagnetic web, even as a single thunderstorm's lightning flashes emit pulses felt globally by sensitive sensors. "81

"The image comes to mind of a spider on its web. An insect lands, and the web's vibrations alert the spider to possible prey. HAARP will be a man-made microwave finger poking at the web, sending out confusing signals, if not tearing holes in the threads. "82

"Effects of this interference with symphonies of Gala's geomagnetic harp are unknown, and I suspect barely thought of. Even if thought of, the intent (of HAARP) is to learn to exploit any effects, not to play in tune to global symphonies. "83


What is the condition of the ionosphere, after the rocket scientists went ahead with 15 years of burning through it with rocket exhaust and, puny in comparison, the early generation of ionospheric heaters? Is it damaged?

Manning found that scientists dislike the word "damaged"; it's too strong, one ionospheric physicist said.

"We say 'disturbed'... you know it is going to be the same as it was before. If you lose your leg, that's damage, but if it is just cut, that's not damage."

The head of his department set the tone for this attitude. Although there were ionospheric specialists on his staff, he told Manning that he has neither the interest nor the time to get too deeply involved in the topic of ionospheric heaters.

"Why are you interested (in HAARP)?"

The journalist replied that she had some questions about a reported multiplying effect from the new ionospheric instrument, and the tone of his reply was amused putdown.

"If you're concerned about the ionosphere over Vancouver vanishing..."
"I'm not trying to be an alarmist..."
"It sounded like it," he said.

No wonder the media doesn't push environmental topics, the reporter thought.


That department head would not welcome the views of Paul Schaefer, who sounds an alarm vigorously. His degree is in electrical engineering and he spent four years building nuclear weapons.

"But most of the theories that we have been taught by scientists to believe in seem to be falling apart," he says.84

82 Letter from David Yarrow to Gar Smith, Earth Island Journal, August 18,1995.

83 Ibid.

84 Letter to Jeane Manning from Paul Schaefer, Feb. 1995.

In a publication titled, "Energy and Our Earth", he synthesizes research about imbalances caused by the industrial and atomic age, especially by radiation of large numbers of tiny, high velocity particles,

"like very small spinning tops into our environment. These highly energetic particles radiate into the earth and its atmosphere, disrupting the natural balance, in a chain reaction fashion as they desperately seek a balance with their surroundings."

Such particles accumulate in the polar region during winter.

"When polar spring occurs, the repulsive effect of the sun's energy causes the entire mass of negatively charged particles to move toward the earth, creating a hole in the ozone layer."

The unnatural levels of motion of highly energetic particles in the atmosphere and in radiation belts surrounding Earth is the villain in the weather disruptions, according to this model, which describes an Earth discharging its buildup of heat, relieving stress and regaining a balanced condition through earthquakes and volcanic action.85


Among the technologies which produce clouds of particles - unnaturally elevated in charge - are transmission lines, electronic warfare systems, command, control and communications systems for space flights and testing of Star Wars weapon systems.


"One might compare the abnormal energetic state of the Earth and its atmosphere to a car battery which has become overcharged with the normal flow of energy jammed up, resulting in hot spots, electrical arcing, physical cracks and general turbulence as the pent-up energy tries to find some place to go."

In a second analogy, Schaefer says,

"Unless we desire the death of our planet, we must end the production of unstable particles which are generating the earth's fever. A first priority to prevent this disaster would be to shut down all nuclear power plants and end the testing of atomic weapons, electronic warfare and 'Star Wars'."

William van Bise and Elizabeth Rauscher note that orbiting hardware is praised as a way to study the ozone layer, but each time a space shuttle burns its way through the sky it destroys another increment of the ionosphere, just as every meteorite does.


Then as if rocket exhausts have not done enough, space capsules have ejected chemicals that dramatically interact with charged particles.

"They light up the aurora borealis (artificially), but when they light it up completely is when they kill off the ionospheric layers."

Meanwhile, the military builds its biggest ionospheric heater yet, to deliberately create more instabilities in a huge plasma layer - the ionosphere - and to rev up the energy level of charged particles.

85 Information from Paul Schaefer, Kansas City, MO 64110.

"We can artificially influence the earth's aurora with a relatively small amount of energy, and we know that outbursts of the northern lights do change weather patterns."

Gary Lockhart,

author of The Weather Companion86

"If the ionosphere is greatly disturbed, the atmosphere below is subsequently disturbed."

Charles A. Yost87

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