by John Lamb Lash

February-April 2010

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Part 1
Contra-Violence in the Cause of Peace

10 February 2010 Andalucia

In May 2008 I launched the category of Rite Action on with an orientation essay on the basics of contra-violence and warrior ethics. The essay was incomplete and cursory.


At that time, conditions overruling the site did not allow me to present a more complete view of contra-violence and its applications, including ritual magic of protective and lethal intent, but now is the moment to set out that view in clear and certain terms.

Andean Puma:

sacred power animal of contra-violence
Notice the strong black teardrop markings.

My review of the film Avatar suggests some points that can serve to reintroduce contra-violence and point to its necessity as a means to world peace in our time. In that review I declared "open season on predators."

At the outset, let me make it abundantly clear that contra-violence would be directed toward human predators who prey on their own kind through globalist orchestrations, and may never be used for a private cause.


The individual target of transpersonal rage cannot be a person you know, but someone known to you totally outside personal contact: this is a key principle of warrior ethics in the Gaian perspective.


Doing the Right Thing

In The Hero - Manhood and Power, I suggested that you can define a hero by what he's up against.


This is a way to determine heroic motivation in the individual case. If humanity has an heroic aspect, including the capacity to fight in its own defense and defeat whatever threatens its survival, this focused definition might now apply generically or universally.


So what is the human species up against that would require an heroic response? Answer: predation from its own kind, from within the species.


I am proposing that contra-violence is ethically appropriate response to such predation.

In Buddhism, the eightfold noble path comprises eight kinds of right things to do: right speech, right livelihood, right action, etc.


But who defines what is right to do? And on what basis? Is JLL (John Lamb Lash) personally defining what is right to do under the cover of what he calls rite action, making a deliberate allusion to the eightfold noble path?


No, JLL is not defining what is right to do about surro-predation: he is showing that in this unique instance, the situation that threatens the human species globally must define what is right to do. The threat itself defines the right response to it. Hence the imperative need to discern and diagnose the threat of orchestrated social evil in our time (i.e., the topic of Telestics).

This author is no authority figure and certainly not a moralist who would tell others what to do, or propose high-toned principles such as the eight rights of Buddhism, which are pacifistic in nature.


Be it noted that these eight guidelines have absolutely nothing to do with the quest for enlightenment, the main aim of Buddhist practices, meditation, whatever, and such guidelines are not even preparatory to that quest. The eightfold noble path is the false track of Buddhist teaching.


This comment requires a brief digression:

It may be remembered that the 6th century BC teachings of Prince Siddharta were a heresy against Vedic and Brahminical doctrines, and regarded as such at the time. In the eightfold noble path, Siddharta - or, more probably, those later responsible for his public relations - took an adversarial stance against the warrior ethic pronounced by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, the pulsing heart of Vedic-Brahmanical scriptures.


In that poetic discourse, Krishna (presumably an incarnation of divine love) advised his charioteer Arjuna to accept the warrior's mission and fight on the battlefield.


Doing so, Krishna did not advocate war or endorse violence for its own sake, but as the right and effective thing to do in the situation Arjuna was facing.

Krishna instructing his charioteer Arjuna
on the battleground of Kurukshetra while
the opposing armies wait.

In its time, the eightfold noble path was a detour from the ancient warrior standard of Lord Krishna, a liberal turn toward pacifism and ethical passivity.


The eightfold noble practices seem to be altruistic, but in reality they are purely self-interested. They keep practitioners on an ethical treadmill, safe and secure from the challenges posed by 3-D orchestrations of social evil. They are self-serving, self-interested platitudes, rather less harmful than the Beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount but conceived in the same vein of psychosocial appeasement.


They are ultimately anodyne and distractive from spiritual liberation. The path to enlightenment in our time runs elsewhere, and Siddharta knew it: hence, he gave secret oral teachings to his cousin and close disciple (incidentally or not, perhaps, named Arjuna) about the exceptional approach to liberation suited to Kali Yuga.


(I noted in the 2012 writings that Kali Yuga began with the death of Krishna in 3012 BCE and ends in 2216 CE, with the lifetime of the historical Buddha falling exactly at the midpoint in this period of time.)

The intention of this exposition of warrior ethics is neither to preach nor propose what others ought to do.


Far from it. It is to make explicit what may have to be done, and can be done, against predation on the human species coming from its own kind. The right thing to do in this instance is the action that will really be effective for species self-defense. The stated aim of rite action is the same as its actual aim: to defeat the 3-D machinations of division, deceit, and domination used by those who deliberately orchestrate social evil, counting on others to execute it for them.


The right thing to do in this case would be contra-violence against the chief parties of orchestration as well as those who execute their aims, be it in naive complicity or otherwise.


There are no innocent by-standers in the psychodrama of social evil, and there can be "collateral damage" in a contra-violent attack on globalist predators.

Contra-violence is the use of violent rage for species defense and the defeat of predation, through ritualized application of such rage - for example, spells for killing at a distance. In all cultures in all ages down to our time, shamans have been known equally for their ability to heal and to harm. To my knowledge, the current revival has totally ignored the latter aspect of shamanism.


Obviously, it makes shamanism look bad to bring up the fact that a shaman who can commune with nature and cure cancer can also kill, using the magical technology of plants or "magic darts," as research in this field attests. It will certainly be objected that by directing attention to that aspect of shamanism - up-scaled into Gaian eco-sorcery, as I call it - I endorse and advocate harming others, even killing others.


Here is a reckless proposition from an unsound might, you might declare.


Moreover, this nut case, whom we formerly took for a sober-minded scholar, is now proposing the use of ritual magic, some kind of Gaia-inspired voodoo, to harm and kill. This is a call to madness and superstition. Such an appeal will lead society straight back to the dark ways of the past, with shamans battling each other in vicious forays, evil and immoral, black magic gone out of control.

Do I appear to be delusional in proposing a magical approach to defeat orchestrations of social evil? Worse still, do I seem to be proposing one form of evil to cure another?


How to answer such an objection?

  • First, I would suggest that we as a species may already be deeply immersed in the equivalent to shamanic war on this planet. If not something far worse, and immensely more damaging than a thousand tribal squabbles. There is a war on for your mind, some people say.


    And what if psychological warfare has been used against the population since the days of 1950s, the era of the Manchurian Candidate? What if we are already living in a world where "black magic" has gotten out of control?


    If so, it would be wise to know who the magicians are (coming up in the fast lane of Kalika instruction), what their methods and intentions are on all sides (to be eminently clarified), and how to define the rules of engagement (hang on to your panties).

  • Second, bear in mind that shamanic squabbles in tribal societies always involved a personal or private agenda. Consider the many accounts from Aboriginal lore of Australia. In that culture, people believe that death does not come naturally but through murderous intent from someone with the means to affect it, usually by using magical darts.


    The Aboriginal medicine man who lethally attacks another individual knows that person directly, and has an axe to grind, or stands in kinship relation to him or her, via intermediaries, etc. There is always a traceable personal link to the target.

But in contra-violence, there are not even remote intermediary links to the targeted individual (TI).


In Gaian eco-sorcery, lethal or harming intent cannot be directed to anyone known personally to the practitioner. Warrior ethics demands that the intent of such ritual be purely transpersonal, detached from any private aim or agenda. With this principle observed, it would be impossible for rite action to degenerate into the old-fashioned mayhem of shamanic vendettas and power-plays. Planetary magic has an entirely different scope from tribal shamanic magic of the past, and its effectuation is likewise vastly different.

For my part, I would not even bother to talk about shamanism today, peddling fast to keep up with the chic vulgarization of the topic, without bringing attention to the capacity of a genuine shaman both to heal and to kill.

With Gaian eco-sorcery, the lethal arts of shamanism can no longer be ignored, for the human species today requires these arts in its self-defense. So I am declaring open season on predators, but in doing so, making it clear that contra-violence is not a call to violent uprising for social change, bloodshed in the streets, assassinations, satanic battles, or anything like that.


Contra-violence is a call to protect the human species and the habitat provided by the mother planet, where the tribes of that species and their non-human kin can survive and thrive in a symbiotic pact of peaceful coexistence.

A great deal of social change can be accomplished through non-violent dissent, modeled by Thoreau, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and others.


Indeed, such dissent raises and sustains the "ramparts" of peaceful social transformation. But where that method does not and cannot apply, contra-violence is an alternative. The direction of murderous rage toward a human subject is the appropriate response to predators who remain out of direct reach, operating through a system of relegated authority.

It might be thought that such rage, even if it were not intentionally focused in a ritual, can serves as a potent cathartic, releasing toxic emotions. It can do that, certainly, and more. The aim of contra-violence is to affect the target, not merely to appease those who are facing acts of predation, itself a force of murderous intent.

In Rite Action where I explore the dynamics of contra-violence, I attempt to show how it is not merely retaliatory, leading to further escalations of violence - this being one of the main objections to using violence against violence. Contra-violence does not merely retaliate or "seek justice" by inflicting harm on perpetrators, giving them a dose of their own medicine: it neutralizes and eliminates them.


Such, at least, is the objective I am about to propose. I submit that it is more than obvious at this tender moment in the 21st century that a society that tolerates intra-species predators cannot survive.

On the dicey subject of termination see the commentary on the lunar shift of Matangi who presides from February 15 to March 15, 2010.


At this moment, the globalist masterminds are using HAARP to trigger natural disasters: an 8.8 earthquake in Chile. It might be thought that no force humans can muster would be strong enough to resist, counter, and defeat such sinister technology.


But if HAARP affects the earth, contra-violence is affected through the power of the earth, insuperable power.




Kali = Deliverance


Kali is the expression of the wrath of Gaia, the living earth.


She delivers the human species from ignorance and enslavement through divine rage. Hence she is called Durga, "fortress," indicating her formidable powers of protection.

MahaKali Yantra

It can be objected that Kali is a degenerate Hindu goddess, as much a product of collective pathology as the masterminds of social evil on whom I declare open season.


This is certainly true of the form of Kali worshipped with senseless and slavish devotion by millions of Hindus today. I totally reject the popular Kali whose shrines I have visited in Calcutta and elsewhere on the sub-continent. The burning ghats are stinking crematoria where the natives sacrifice chickens to Kali Ma in a frenzy of supplication. The devotees are miserable slaves of misfortune who think the warrior goddess Durga will intervene for them.


This stupidity is laughable. I don't party with that pathos.

My experience of Kali has been intimate since the age of four. I can tell you how I see her and how I believe she is to be seen by Gaian warriors, practitioners of contra-violence in the service of the earth. Kali is the patron of such warriors, not the savioress of the teeming masses who slobber at her feet. To Kali, such people are rubble.


She loves only the brave who along with her would defend the sacred ways of Bhudevi, the earth goddess - to cite one of her many names pronounced in the Gaian Tantra Vow. Kali detests weak, gullible, and obsequious people.

It can also be objected that Kali or Bhudevi or Gaia-Sophia or any other goddess I name is just a figment of imagination, and perhaps a sick, fevered, pathological imagination. Do I believe such goddesses are physically real?


I certainly do, as much as I believe that the Jet Stream is physically real. Or photosynthesis is physically real. Or the hexagonal benzene ring is physically real. These goddesses are not permanently and physically real in literal embodiment, however: as if they could manifest sensorially like standing holograms.


They do not manifest in that manner except in extremely rare instances of intervention with certain individuals, never for a collective show or mass spectacle. We may conceive them imaginatively as projections of human emotions and standing wave-forms of the emotions of the planetary mother animal, but they do not merely have imaginative existence, either.


They are supernatural forces operating at the boundary between nature and psyche where the unseen depths of the natural world intrude upon the psyche.


They are great vivid heaving expressions of the Nagual, the otherworld that is denied by narrow rationality and excluded from view by the rationally defined limits of perception.


But in the practice of Gaian eco-sorcery, those limits melt away and the parameters of perception undergo a permanent shift.

Mystic warriors call this change of perception the blue shift, by allusion to a known phenomenon: light approaching the viewer tends to shift toward the blue end of the visible spectrum, while light receding shifts toward the red end. Through the ages shamans and visionaries have detected the supernatural equivalence of this shift, giving rise to the tradition of picturing divinities like Krishna as blue-skinned.


In When the Impossible Happens, Stan Grof describes the mystic phenomenon of the Blue Pearl, an omen or signal of this shift. He speaks first-hand about the Blue Person encountered by some practitioners of Siddha Yoga. In the 2012 essays, I describe my encounter with the Maya Blue Face, galactic itinerant shamans who are permanently in this shift.

Something inspired James Cameron - by his own account, a dream - to depict the Na'vi hunter-gatherers of Pandora with blue skins. Like the devotees of Kali, the Na'vi of Avatar are shamanic warriors who fight to preserve their way of life in deep immersion with Eywa, the Gaia-Sophia of their planet.

When I speak of Kali I do not indulge in make-believe or ask anyone to join me in a grandiose fantasy game.


You can test the reality of these goddesses, or turn away, disbelieving - at your risk.

"When the supernatural and irrational are banished from consciousness, they are not destroyed, rather, they become exceedingly dangerous"

(George Hansen, The Trickster and the Paranormal).

The disbelief of agnosticism and materialistic atheism is also a pathology, and just as bad in its way as fanatical faith in a creator god or a messiah.

When I invoke any goddesses, particularly that pair, Kali and Gaia, I neither request nor expect a response of consenting belief: I call you to an experiment, a challenge of visionary intent. I call you, the individual, to behold the fate of your species.

Kali = Deliverance. This goddess is the greatest protector of human beings, but she does not protect humanity in general. She protects those who protect humanity. And to those in her camp, mystic warriors for Gaia, Kali gives deliverance from the human condition.


The astounding paradox of this goddess is that she protects humanity through those whom she delivers from its species-specific limitations.


How does Kali deliver? By the destruction of illusion, especially the illusion of compassion. In her way, she is a nurturing mother: she nurtures courage most of all. But the one thing Kali does not nourish is human illusions. These she destroys and wholesale, along with them, those folk who cannot be divested of their precious, self-serving illusions. Including pretenses of goodness and charity.


In that respect, she makes no distinction between victims and perpetrators bound together in a pernicious collusion, sharing the leveraged illusion of the wronged versus the righteous. Warriors dedicated to her cause likewise do not hold to that distinction, although they can recognize some victims who are not in collusion with those who perpetrate on them.

No one needs to believe that the goddesses Kali and Gaia exist in some inflated make-believe game of divinities.


Consider what I have written against religion, consider my vocation of comparing myths and deconstructing the beliefs they encode, consider the method of meta-critique I propose for rigorous examination of belief-systems, and you might infer that I am the last person in the world to demand any such belief.

Do not believe anything I say about Gaia and the Divine Feminine, and do not even believe in my ability to know what I'm talking about, based on first-hand experimental mysticism.

What you need to believe is your own capacity to encounter, naked and first-hand, those divine supernatural powers that pervade the ordinary world. The challenge of visionary intent, living and acting in the lucid dream of Gaia-Sophia, is to know yourself engaged to that divine and supernatural dimension, interactive with it.


From there Kali emerges. She comes to protect and deliver. She invites you into her presence.

This long outburst on goddesses may seem out of place in the current exposition.


I can get carried away with that subject, but my intention in this case is clear and sober: to signal you that contra-violence cannot be practiced by humans on their own, without the supernatural connection. Especially the connection to Gaia and to Kali, who carries the wrath of Gaia.


As brilliantly shown in the film Avatar, the planetary animal mother does not take sides, does not intervene in human affairs:

"she only acts to protect the balance of life," Neytiri talls Jake.

Kali intervenes in the human condition, but Gaia herself reaches toward humanity in its darkest moment through the matrix of animal powers.

It is impossible to practice contra-violence without the intimate assistance of Kali the Deliverer and those animal powers which are embodied expressions of the protective fury of the planetary mother. Hence, I invoke the goddess Kali to accord with Gaia's purposes, for the planetary animal mother has selected those members of the feline species with particular markings to bond with humankind in the cause of achieving a more peaceful, morally balanced world.


She has selected the cats with tear-drop markings.


Harm Intended

Contra-violence is a way for those who are against violence to use the capacity for violence in a ritually implemented attack on wrong-doers.


You may reject physically enacted violence as a means of control and domination, a way to hurt or overpower others, and so forth, but if you accept violent action as an accessory to self-defense, you would be qualified for this practice. If, however, you are someone who would not defend yourself if attacked in the street, contra-violence is not for you.


It requires recognition of the capacity for violence in oneself.

Contra-violence is the use of violent capacity in a selfless and benevolent manner against those who are violent for evil and selfish purposes. It is a path of action intentionally taken against (contra) violence, by contrast to the non-action of letting violence have its way, or passively resisting.


This path veers sharply beyond the ethically acceptable tactics of passive resistance and non-violent dissension.


Gandhi drew his ethic of non-violent resistance from the Jain concept of ahimsa, harmlessness. Warrior ethics embraces the necessity of meeting violence and the orchestrations of evil that need violence to be accomplished, with a counteracting force. Anyone who believes that social orchestration and deliberate evil can be overcome by love and passive resistance is welcome to their conviction.


You might as well believe that a schoolyard bully can be overcome, and prevented from doing harm, by taking a beating from him and loving him for it.

Contra-violence is not harmless: it can intend harm, even lethal harm. The operative word is intend. Contra-violence channels and focuses the intent to harm in the cause of species-defense and for the purpose of eliminating surro-predators, humans who prey on their own kind. The first rule of rite action, the ritualized release of transpersonal rage, is that it never used on anyone you know in a personal connection.

Contra-violence is harm intended to those who harm for selfish purposes in such a way that the harm proliferates globally.


Using rite action, the individual who practices contra-violence intends violence without undertaking the physical means to achieve it, without using any kind of physical weapon or material instrument such as a poison, without any direct contact assault whatever, and without acting through an intermediary (hired killer) or a network of intermediaries.


Contra-violence uses "action at a distance" with no traceable physical link from the practitioner to the IT, identified target. When the intent is lethal, it results in a magical kill. Shamans have conducted actions at a distance for ages in tribal societies.


Contra-violence is the practice of shamanic aggression on the planetary scale.

If it seems objectionable in any case whatsoever to intend harm to others, consider this: intending harm is an inescapable posture that arises within the human condition, an innate disposition highly exploited by some, and denied or abnegated by others who regard themselves as better people than the former (assuming "the higher moral ground").


But if intending harm to others is bound to occur, as it surely is among some members of the human race, then it could be viewed as a responsibility to intend harm for no other purpose than to counteract and defeat those who do so on purpose, pursing selfish ends such as acquisition, control, and domination. To practice contra-violence is to reciprocate the harm done for self-serving ends.


This particular and crucial act of reciprocation brings the moral center-point back into social order. Balance is restored by contra-violent actions, but to refrain from intending harm toward anyone just on principle, categorically insisting that doing harm to others is unacceptable, keeps the scales tilted in favor of the perpetrators who do not have any such scruples.

Harming others is done all the time on this planet.


What makes a difference is who's harming who, and why. The objection that returning harm with harm will only breed an escalating cycle of violence does not work for contra-violence: because the course advocated is not violence to match violence, but violent intent directed toward its equivalent. It is possible to hold violent intent and still be a loving person.


However, the love so felt is never directed toward the object of violent intent. Love is not the ultimate solution for world peace. It would be if everyone wanted love. But plainly, everyone doesn't. Love has no persuasive power over deviant and insane human beings who intend harm, orchestrate social evil, and prey on their own kind.


Caught in terminal and lethal insanity, they turn against the species and project upon it their monstrous conceit of superiority, even godhood.


They seek to destroy humanity physically so that there is nothing left to show them the absence of humanity in themselves. Love does nothing for such people. It cannot reach them or inspire them or magically convert them to better people. Contra-violence is the way to eliminate them. Any society that cannot detect and eliminate such perpetrators and predators is doomed by its own moral weakness.

Rite action, the ritualized expression of contra-violence, does not involve harming anyone who does not harm, or intend to harm, others. This path involves no indulgence in pseudo-Satanic power games. Practitioners do not conduct animal and human sacrifices in the performance of these rituals. They do not induct and abuse children. They do not use women for degrading rituals of sexual empowerment. As the preceptor of contra-violence, I utterly condemn all such practices..


A Gaian warrior does not use lethal power on anyone except surro-predators, humans who prey on their own kind. No harm intended to those who do no harm is a primary principle of warrior ethics. Love your enemies, turn the other cheek, and do good to those who harm and persecute you, are definitely not principles of this path. Gaian warriors view such platitudes as schizoid ploys of perpetrators who rely on victim-perpetrator bonding to keep the upper hand and succeed in their game of division, deceit, and domination.

Perpetrators of social evil work against the human species and the symbiotic unity of planetary life.


In their endgame scenario, currently showing across the globe, they madly conspire to decimate the human race. Eugenics is their signature, bureaucracy their cover. In their insanity they view themselves as a special race endowed with the right to enslave humanity or annihilate it, depending on how their agenda looks on any given day.

Those who believe they can control the world cannot control themselves. Those who spread terror through the hoax of terrorism live in a state of perpetual fear. They require elaborate measures of protection and secrecy to persist in their psychotic fantasies of domination. They are weaklings who cannot stand alone in the moral sense.


They have no autonomous power but must rely on cadres of support and complicity. They acquire their power from the passive consent of people who are not smart enough to get on to their game. They are at liberty to prey on their own kind as long as there are not enough human beings with the guts to go after them.


Not just expose their machinations, not just prattle on endlessly about how clever they are in their deceits, not just accuse them of the obvious evil-doing and entertain the futile dream that they will one day be brought to accountability, but go for the kill. Bring them down. It's the end of Kali Yuga, folks. It's open season on predators.

What is the naturally selected prey of the human species? Answer: we are the one animal who can prey on any species, but we have no naturally selected prey. That is what makes us different from other species: not superior but different, exceptional, in a way. It also accounts for the weird perversion by which humans come to prey on their own kind.


Surro-predation involves a substitute prey.


The masses become the prey of individuals who turn on their own species rather than destroy themselves, yet they, the surro-predators, are in the grip of terminal self-destructive insanity. They substitute others for the prey of their own murderous impulses, rather than let those impulses consume them. In a sense, they make humanity the sacrificial offering to their own insanity.

This twist can be difficult to understand at first sight. It is something that has not been pointed out before, to my knowledge. Understanding it properly requires a close look at the victim-perpetrator bond, a purely human proposition, by contrast to the prey-predator bond, one of the more sublime laws of Gaian symbiosis.

Along that path of inquiry lies the domain of the great predatory felines, the killer cats with tear-drop markings...


Part 2
Naming the Game of Intra-Species Predation
The Gaia Mystique in the Planetary Shift
Countermagic to the Globalist Power Scheme

4 March 2010 Andalucia

The preceding part of this essay presented a statement that needs some clarification.

Question: What is the naturally selected prey of the human species?
Answer: We are the one animal that can prey on any species, but we have no naturally selected prey.

What do I mean by naturally selected prey?


Looking at nature in all the kingdoms, including animals, insects, reptiles and birds, you see immediately that each creature from the robin to the cobra to the Siberian tiger has its selected prey. No animal preys indiscriminately on other creatures - except the human species.


The Siberian tiger eats certain animals within its domain, as does the cobra in the depths of the jungle, or the scorpion in the desert. Gaia provides the prey within the limits of the habitat specific to each creature: she matches predator and prey. A tiger will attack and eat a human being, but this is an anomaly. An asp will sting and kill a human being, as will a scorpion.


But humans are not the prey of asps and scorpions.


A condor or pelican dives for certain prey, and might, in some extremely rare instance, plunge at a newborn child, but this is an anomaly, an exception of the closely defined limits of predation.

Contra-violence is the use of violence by people opposed to violence who, nevertheless, regard a non-violent response as inadequate in certain situations. The term "contra-violence" signifies action taken against violence, equivalent to it in strength and effectiveness, not passive non-violent resistance.


But the action so taken does not involve direct-contact physical enactment of violence. Rather, it involves activating aggressive and lethal force equivalent and superior to the violence opposed.

To understand such force and how to apply it requires first a close look at the nature of the violence to be defeated, that is, the unique deviant behavior of intra-species predation

Andean Puma:

power animal of contra-violence


The Hunting Code

Only the human animal has the latitude to prey on any creature whatever, from ants to whales, even microscopic entities such as amoebae.


The capacity to prey on all creatures indicates one of Gaia's exceptional conditions for her problem species: they have no pre-selected prey. Because humans can adapt to any environment, from the Arctic to the Sahara, they can range far and wide in search of prey. They can hunt the animals specific to any habitat they explore. No other animal can do this.

And there is more to the unique status - exceptional, but not superior - of the human species regarding the prey-predator relationship. For all other creatures prey is hunted to be eaten. Gaia sets up instinctual programs coded with specific prey-predator bonds so that the predators can survive on the guarantee of having other species dedicated to their nourishment.


Lion-gazelle, for instance. The gazelle population far exceeds the lion population. Lions are guaranteed a due portion, a quota, of the gazelle population, given they keep their hunting skills honed to high capacity. The arrangements of these bonds, lion-gazelle, lion-zebra, lion-jackal, are closely and delicately calculated by Gaia.


These bonds may also be called pacts because they comprise a cross-species agreement with specific boundaries binding to both parties. There is much to learn about how these bonds or pacts are leveraged (next essay in this trilogy). That is, how Gaia plays the odds.

Exceptionally, human predators have the latitude, not only to seek any prey they choose, but to prey gratuitously, without the need to so do for nourishment. they may do so for sport, in the spirit of play, or to satiate murderous lust. It is often said that humans stand at the top end of the food chain. This is an arrogant and precarious claim.


If indeed humans do occupy this position, they do so at their own risk, due to the danger of violating the balance of nature posed by such a presumption. Through history, and more and more into modern times, humans have acted as out-of-control predators who kill for the thrill of it, without respect for the prey and without needing the nourishment the prey can provide.


In the American West, native people honored the buffalo as a sacred animal who supported their life in many ways:

giving nourishment by its flesh and organs (preserved for shaman-warriors of the hunt), providing clothing with it skin, offering ritual and practical uses for its antlers and bones.

Everything of the animal was used. The prey-predator bond of buffalo-human was deeply integrated into the cultural and spiritual life of the people.

But when the European white man came to America, he indiscriminately slew the buffalo herds, leaving their bodies to rot on the plains. Men shot the animals from moving trains just for the kick of it.

In Avatar, the Artemis-like huntress Neytiri teaches Jake Sully how to kill for survival and thank the slain animal for the trade of its life. She calls the kill of a forest wolf "an execution." The hunting ritual depicted in the film follows the norm of all indigenous peoples. Hunting by the human species observes the symbiotic order of Gaia, the planetary animal mother (PAM, if you like). Or at least it originally did.


Because the human species has no naturally selected prey, it can choose intentionally what creatures to hunt and not to hunt. Selection of prey is the mark of the human species which, among all creatures, has no pre-selected prey. Among all indigenous cultures, selection of prey and exception to predation are the two conditions that determine the strict parameters of the hunting code. Exception to predation means that the totemic animal of a clan cannot be hunted except in special instances.


Gaia does not lay down these parameters in human instinctual programs, but relies on the genius of the species to devise them.

Thunderbird totem pole with ancestral images,
illustrating the cross-species continuity of
totemic animals in tribal identity.

In the 2012 essay on the Manitu, the Guardian of the Wilderness, I proposed the term symbiotropism for the natural tendency to move toward and bond with that which enhances life by the sharing or exchange of life.


Native peoples in Australia, for instance, exhibit symbiotropism that allows each Aboriginal clan to identify its totemic animal and bond in symbiosis to that animal. they do not eat their totemic animals except on special occasions, feast days, moments of special commemoration. The bonds formed by symbiotropic affinities are held to be sacred in all societies where humans have developed in close proximity to, and attunement with, nature.


Our species does not have strictly bounded instinctual programs like other animals, but Gaia provides us with symbiotropic affinities as guidelines or schemata in forming inter-species bonds. Such schemata (multivalent "floating indicators" in the arcane language of anthropology) are loaded with symbolic and magical cues and skills.


Real, effective magic is only possible to the human species through its bonding with animal power, the animations of the kingdoms of Gaia.


Left to ourselves alone, fixated by the drama of self-reflection and trapped in the maze of cultural constructs, we cannot achieve shamanic magic.

The constellation of the Manitu (astronomical Aquarius)

presents the mythic image of the Master/Mistress of animal powers.

In the Shakti Cluster, this is the Mahavidya Matangi, a supreme shamanic figure who leads

the vision quest of humanity toward recovery of its sacred connection with the animal powers.

The Manitu shown with a bow recalls Artemis, goddess of the hunt,

and her cinematic counterpart in Avatar, Neytiri.

(Woodcut by Hilaire Hiler, author's collection.)

Intention also plays a huge role in the ritual and supernatural magic associated with animals hunted, including specific "power animals" such as the jaguar, eagle, bear, salmon, stag.


Whole tribes have ancestral bonds with such power animals: the totem-pole illustrates the "backbone" of trans-generational, cross-species bonding. Within the tribes, individuals have specific relation to power animals. One of the aims of the vision quest undergone by adolescents in the America, comparable to the "walkabout" of Australian Aborigines, is to meet a power animal who imparts a mission to the young seeker.


To the indigenous mind, you cannot know your role and capacity in human society if you are ignorant of your power animal. Mine is the Andean puma.

Intent is also the signature of contra-violence:

not brute force or direct-contact aggression, but the directed intent of violent capacity.

Needless to say, if you find no capacity for violence in yourself, this practice is out of your reach! Not to mention outside your taste.


However, if you find yourself on some days full of rage against people you do not know personally, but who are widely known in the world at large, and deeply exasperated at their flagrant claim to impunity, and disgusted to see them gloating arrogantly over their power, you may be a candidate for Gaian eco-sorcery.

In this practice, the IT, identified target, is carefully selected. The practitioner of contra-violence determines the marks of the human prey by telestic inquiry into the enactment of social evil.


Rite action, which is contra-violence expressed in ritual form, is not concerned with personal evil: a father sexually molesting his daughter, for instance.


A local bank manager or realtor who screws people for profit, neither. That is a matter for personal attention from the circle of family and friends, or business associates. A case for local vigilante action, as well. Personal evil is a challenge to those who do not allow denial to mask it from them. This challenge is ever-present in the last two centuries of Kali Yuga when degeneration of the human species runs to lurid excess.

Contra-violence is transpersonal in aim and scope. The IT is never known personally to the practitioner. The realtor who screws and even murders people for profit, as in the case of the insurance on the Twin towers, cannot be targeted by anyone in his personal or professional entourage, and would not likely be, of course. But he can be targeted by those who know of him without knowing him or anyone he knows.


Telestic inquiry reveals if the behavior of the prospective IT fits certain strict criteria, mainly on two points: the behavior is blatantly self-serving and produces proliferating social effects that harm others and ruin lives. (For more on how to determine the marks of a IT, see the ongoing essays in Telestics.)


Most of the social problems in this world are deliberate, intentionally contrived - stock market crashes, for instance, wars (triggered by false flag tactics), epidemics (contrived to sell medicines) and much, much more.


And now, with HAARP, even natural disasters can be orchestrated to fit the agenda of globalist predation.


Armored Predators

At this point I hear another objection, two at once, a double whammy.

  • First, isn't it just basically wrong for humans to prey on other creatures? In particular, to kill for meat? Isn't vegetarianism a sane option, the only real moral choice for our species?

  • Second, if humans come to prey on their own kind, horrible as this situation may be, doesn't the call to prey on those who prey on their own kind make the situation even worse?

I will leave aside the argument about meat-eating until the next essay, and try to answer the second objection, thus:

Humans who prey on their own kind are surro-predators, a blatant exception to Gaian symbiosis.


To my knowledge, examples of intra-species predation outside our case are extremely rare. Certain simians genetically close to the human species exhibit alarming social violence at times. I can think of no other species with such excessive behavior.


You have to look closely at the definition of prey to define the formula for human predation: when humans who can prey on any species turn on their own, they make their fellow creatures into prey by substitution. It is not easy at first sight to grasp this concept, or understand how the substitution works.


For the sake of investigation, let's consider that surro-predators substitute their own kind in the place of other creatures that would under normal conditions be hunted for survival. (I gave a different slant in the preceding essay, but the subject needs to be viewed from several angles at once.)


After preying on all the non-human creatures of the planet, some humans get to the point of predatory excess that turns them on humanity itself.

Unlike other creatures hunted for nourishment or clothing, human prey has no survival or ornamental value.


Weird exceptions of cannibalism, or serial killers who dress in the skins of their victims (The Silence of the Lambs), are grotesque extremes that may and do occur; but these sensational cases distract from the basic phenomenon to be investigated here.


Intra-species predation by humans is a pointless display of murderous lust, undertaken largely for the hell of it.

Surro-predators operate through the deceitful machinations of social evil.


They rarely see or meet their human prey. They do not eat their victims in order to live. In recent times one hears stories of the globalist elite feasting on the adrenal glands of young children who have been scared into a state of high hormonal excitation. I have seen no solid evidence for this claim, but I wouldn't doubt it for a moment.


At the current stage of toxic degeneration, intra-species predators may have to resort to such horrific behavior ("Satanic rites" of sacrifice) to keep the thrill up and running high.

By and large, though, intra-species predators keep well away from those they would kill for the sake of acquisition and control, i.e., ruling over society like gods.


A dictator like Josef Stalin may be titillated by ordering the murder of selected acquaintances or the hapless chauffeur who offends him by smoking in the parked car, but the predation accomplished by such a criminally insane individual unfolds on the larger scale of social life where individual victims are relatively insignificant.

Stalin was an arch surro-predator who orchestrated the deaths of millions of people by fiat, by the threat of torture, by fear, surveillance, terrorism - familiar tactics of surro-predation now used by the US government to establish a police state in the homeland. Such insidious, calculating behavior is unique to the human species.


It demonstrates a uniquely human form of cowardice:

no surro-predator who pursues a fascist agenda under cover of battling terrorism, or enforces eugenic aims via bureaucracy, ever gets close to a victim (except in the rites suggested above). Nor would such a person be able to stand confrontation by anyone, man or woman, who recognized the monster for what it really is.

Stalin with his withered arm was a wimp. Hitler was an an exasperated dilettante with one testicle, and a strict vegetarian, please note.

As Reich observed in
The Mass Psychology of Fascism, the baffling influence of such weak but heavily armored individuals consists not in some mysterious power they generate, but in the power vacuum they occupy.


Reich brilliantly argues that military and mystical tendencies coalesce in a toxic mix in the armored individual - so-called because their body and behavior resist the spontaneous streaming of pleasure that come in surrender to orgasm. For such people, it is an agony to feel natural pleasure, expressed in tenderness and sensuality, yet their very resistance to it generates a kind of visceral thrill of its own.


Sociopath and psychopaths enjoy the thrill of sadistic emotion but they cannot bear genuine, harmless enjoyment except in trivial and vulgar forms: Hitler wept when his parakeet died. Vacuum-sealed from the disarming currents of harmless pleasure, armored individuals develop military and religious or (I would say pseudo-) mystical personas.


Reich observed:

In reality, the religious man has become completely helpless. As the result of the suppression of his sexual energy, he has lost his capacity for happiness as well as the aggressiveness necessary to deal with life's difficulties. The more helpless he becomes, the more he is forced to believe in supernatural forces that support and shelter him.

(Ibid., p. 147).

This observation is pertinent to how superhuman power comes to be attributed to predatory individuals, even though they are in reality gutless wimps who cannot even exhibit normal aggressiveness when it is appropriate - only deviant and excessive aggression.


A really formidable obstacle to a genuine encounter with the supernatural, e.g., the animal powers of Gaia, is just that: the projection of an aura of supernatural power upon the predators, leaving victims dazzled and disempowered.


I will return to this twisted projection below.


Two Can Play

Intra-predators are violently dangerous but pathetic people cannot stand alone in any situation.


They require elaborate protection by others, body-guards, assistants, handlers, and a massive battery of surveillance tools. They must rely on intermediaries (sadly, often kind and well-meaning people) to accomplish their intentions. Stand a surro-predator like Stalin up one to one with a sane human being capable of self-defense and the monster cannot last for the blink of an eye.


Taken out of their hierarchal control grid, perpetrators are weaklings, vulnerable and wretched wimps. If the spell of insanity breaks around them, they crumble, as Hitler did. As LBJ (Lyndon B. Johnson) did. And others who cannot stick out the climax of their own insidious game are now doing.

To make my point, surro-predators are not the prey of ritual lethal aggression in the same way as prey naturally selected for nourishment or totemic bonding: they are not symbiotic prey but targets selected purely for elimination.

Rather than assigning it a pre-selected prey, Gaia leaves to the human species the special option to eliminate selected members of its own kind. To strike the perpetrators of social evil with murderous rage is not to become like them, far from it. The difference resides in intention and, equally, in the ambient field of emotionality that supports the rage.

Rite action is not predation on the species itself, not a continuation of the m.o. of the targeted individuals: it is the use of predatory force for selective elimination of a deviant strain of humankind.


Those who orchestrate social evil can be eliminated by rite action, the ritual expression of transpersonal rage.


The practice of rite action, even the very declaration to practice it, cuts across their false margin of impunity. As fear-mongers, predators are highly susceptible to fear, especially fear of free-roving, dangerous human animals openly dedicated to their extermination. They can be driven to the edge of their madness and neutralized by the mere threat of such competing predatory force.


Do they control and persecute by fear? Two can play at that game. But for different aims. Imagine how surro-predators (who know who they are, count on it) would react upon hearing that the hunt is on.


Can you imagine what would happen to their vaunted assurance of unreachability upon public knowledge of even one successful hit among their ranks? Wild speculation? Am I making reckless and unfounded claims?


We'll see about that. The proof is in the practice. To trick is, to have the right passion for the practice of rite action. The passion to harm those who deliberately harm. Not to help or heal them, certainly not to love them.


But to exterminate them.


Globalist Hype

On objection about becoming as bad as the predators, I will have more to say about that tricky issue, but right now I want to voice a concern of mine about giving too much power to the masterminds of social evil.

Since 911 some dedicated people have accomplished enormous feats of research and investigation into the orchestration of social evil. 911 was an emergency call, but more so, a wake-up call.


The message was,

"Wake up to what is being done before your eyes to deceive and control you. Question what you are told about what you actually see. Notice if the narrative that comes with events fits the events. See if the stated intent matches the actual intend. Ask who benefits, and on whose authority an agenda or action is executed."

Since 911 many, many people are waking up and learning how to question the official version of events along telestic lines.


With 9/11 the "official story" is the conspiracy theory:

a ragtag bunch of Islamic terrorists with box-cutters hijacked passenger jets and flew them into buildings, causing them to collapse.

If you still believe that is what happened, you are supporting the 9/11 conspiracy theory. The facts of the conspiracy required to plan, execute, and cover up the horrific events of that day are totally different and generate another story...

The Internet throbs with densely researched exposes and commentaries on

Lethal as hell, of course.

In the great deception of globalist fascism, the hoax is the occasion for the horror. The two fit together as scabbard and sword.

My partial catalogue of social evils driven by the crypto-fascist agenda of globalization is tritely familiar by now, as if anyone could come habituated to such madness. These insane programs do not happen by themselves.


They require a huge effort to stay up and running, especially the effort to control public perception and opinion through mass media. But the globalist program is now out in the open. Through alternative media, many people are calling the game of the globalist predators. Since 9/11, even the masterminds of the game are no longer concealing their aims. In their arrogance, they believe they can deceive and dominate with impunity, telling the world up front exactly what they plan to do.


Apparently, they assume is only a few people protest to their declared agenda, they can proceed to implement it free of resistance or opposition... We'll see about that.

So, there has been fantastic progress in exposing social evil since 9/11. The problem that concerns me is that some investigators, such as David Icke, are propounding a scenario that makes the surro-predators look superhuman by comparison to us mere mortals.


Icke and others who elaborate on the Illuminati conspiracy and the associated "reptilian agenda" of the New World Order, would have us believe that the globalist masterminds are occult adepts who control the world through secret techniques derived from the Mysteries.


They point to Egyptian magic symbols in corporate icons, Satanic rites among the ruling elite, shapeshifting reptilian families, occult powers of mind control, and so on. They elaborate on the problem to the point of tedium, in my view.

Testimonial from self-confessed CIA mind control slaves such as Arizona Wilder presents a lurid picture of the predators enacting perform satanic rites, exercising diabolical techniques of mind-body control, practicing the black magic of symbolic manipulations on the masses, and more.


But I do not find such testimony supported by hard evidence that would stand up in a criminal trial.

I object to this glorified profile of the globalist masterminds, and not merely due to lack of material evidence. It gives them far too much power, and imbues them with an aura of mystery they don't deserve. In reality, they are a degenerate gang of control freaks who are dangerous, not because of occult power or an alien splice in their genes, but due to the advantages criminal insanity wields over the faculties of the ordinary, rational, well-meaning person.


Globalist perps have the hearts of bankers and the minds of serial killers.


They are dangerous on two counts:

  • first, because the logic of insanity outstrips the reasoning of honest, well-meaning people

  • second, because they represent a terminal deviation of our species in which our unique faculties, including imagination, are twisted toward self-destructive ends. Terminally, incorrigibly twisted

I object strongly to the magical aura woven around these monsters of fear and deceit, especially in regard to the shamanic power of shapeshifting.


Icke and others attribute this capacity to the Illuminati or NWO control-freaks, citing testimonial evidence, for what it's worth. In doing so, however, I have never heard Icke or anyone else point out that shapeshifting is a longstanding capacity of native Gaians, and exhibited by shamans in all cultures through the ages.


Why emphasize the terrifying shapeshifting capacity of the "reptilians" who threaten to enslave us to an alien agenda, and ignore the same faculty inherent to the indigenous people of the planet? The record of shapeshifting is impressive and belongs to the timeless legacy of our species. Yet it goes without mention and the reptilian powers get hyped to the skies. Why?

Shapeshifting belongs to the native shamanic art of alignment with the animal powers of Gaia.


It figures centrally in the prey-predator bond, a gift of Gaia to the human species. Surro-predators represent the deviance of that bond, so they cannot utilize its inherent gift: the invocation of animal powers.


Avatar shows the military-corporate aggressors armored like Robo-Cop magnified to the tenth power, attacking the Pandoran natives with a flotilla of massive bombers. But the predators cannot as flesh and blood creatures defend themselves against the savage animal powers of the mother planet. When Eywa releases her supernatural brood on the predators, the balance of power turns in favor of the natives.


Avatar is an ecoparable with a paramount message for our time, the motto of this site:

"Knowledge of that which lives can alone banish terror".


Mysteries Maligned

Icke and other investigators trace the evil power of sociopathic predators back to the Mystery Schools of pre-Christian Europe and Africa (particularly, ancient Egypt).


Here is more globalist hype, endowing the NWO with a mystical background.


On this claim, I would say that the investigators are dead center wrong. Speaking as a latter-day agent and teacher of the Mysteries, I protest the claim that the NWO is the brainchild of initiates in the Mysteries. Icke has done tremendous investigative work into globalist conspiracies, footnoting lavishly along the way, but when it comes to the Mysteries, he is simply ignorant of the subject.


He asserts that the mind control techniques attributed to the Illuminati or NWO masterminds derive from the Mysteries, but that is merely an inference he makes. Inference is not evidence.

There is no solid evidence for Icke's claim about the Mysteries, echoed by Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, and William Gordon.


Other sincere investigators of 9/11 including old-time christians who, despite their religious beliefs, do outstanding work in deconstructing the NWO agenda (listen to Chris White of nowheretorun1984 on YouTube).


Yet the christian sleuths totally disregard the Goddess mystique and have, at best, a sophomoric understanding of Paganism and "earth worship."


The view (voiced in Esoteric Agenda) that birth control in Pagan societies sets the precedent for the globalist scheme of depopulation, is lame. And would be laughable were it not taken on face value by many people who don't have a clue about the true practices and ethics of Paganism. A most unfortunate miscue, that one.

How can I be so sure these dedicated researchers are off the track here?


Well, in the first place, despite all their research, they don't know jack squat about shamanism. They go deeply into studies of history, sociology, psychology, and they dabble amateurishly in mythology, but tend to overlook the entire field of anthropology, social and cultural.


This omission puts a serious blind spot in current diagnosis of globalist pathology. But the topic of anthropology (including shamanism, nature worship, indigenous magic, and the entire spectrum of Pagan magical and mystical practices, not to mention ethics) contributes hugely to the solution to globalization. And it gets us - finally! - beyond analysis of the problem and peripheral speculation.


With their focus almost entirely on the problem, naming the game of globalist predation, current researchers tend to overlook that crucially significant field of knowledge.

Another factor in my objection to Icke's claim about the Mysteries:

it is a fact known to all scholars in the field, and a well-established as popular knowledge in antiquity, that participants in the Mysteries did not reveal what transpired in those sacred precincts and practices. There is no first-hand evidence, or artifactual or textual evidence, that mind control/behavior modification techniques were systematically taught in the Mysteries. To claim this was so is to assert a purely unfounded inference, not a fact.

Icke, who so meticulously footnotes his research, cannot provide evidence of this particular claim because there is none.


Although his inference is wrong, it raises a difficult issue in need of clarification: how certain members of the Mysteries did draw psychological insight from their experiences and applied it to social engineering and mass mind control.


Am I being disingenuous here? Saying that Icke is right after all, but putting another spin on his claim? Read it that way if you like, but this is not the case. My intention here is to specify a crucial point: the agenda of the Mysteries expressly excluded and forbade application of initiatory knowledge to social engineering and behavioral modification, yet experimental mysticism in those precincts did offer certain experiences from which such knowledge and methodology could be developed.


The game of social behavioral control was never on among the telestai, and was strictly forbidden (as far as I can recall).

The stated purpose of the Mysteries was the same as the actual purpose: to educate the the human race and foster human potential, one person at a time. It was not consistent with the guiding vision of Mystery adepts to practice or teach mind control and social engineering. Those many who remained faithful to the original purposes of the Magian Order did not meddle in politics.


But some of the colleagues chose to take that direction. And thereby hangs a tale better told in words than in print. For background on the split in the Magian Order, and the tricky problem of Gnostics versus Illuminati, see Origins of the Gnostic Movement.

In short, the telestai, those who were aimed by the Sophianic vision of the Mysteries, did not invent and manage theocracies. Nor were the rites of sacred kingship enacted in the theocratic psychodramas of Babylon and Egypt public displays of secret initiation procedures.


(I consider the assumption that kingship rites were initiatory procedures enacted for public celebration to be the single most serious error of scholars of religion - due, obviously, to the fact that these scholars lack direct initiatory experience by which to interpret ancient practices and paradigms.)


Secret, entheogenic rites at Eleusis and elsewhere were not represented in any external performances of this type. Nor did they generate sinister programs of mind control comparable to CIA Project Monarch and Project Bluebird. But some adepts who came out of the Mysteries did violate the sacred tradition and turn their initiatory knowledge to social engineering.


Hence the split in the Magian Order.


This is the crucial nuance I wish to emphasize.


Gaia Mystique

Social engineering techniques were partially derived from experiences in the Mysteries, exported and misused, but they were never the actual purpose of initiation in the goddess cults. This point is eminently clear from the scant testimony that survives about the effect of telestic initiation.


The effect, says the Roman orator Cicero, was not to learn about the gods or how to become a god, but to become intimate with the secrets of Nature, the Great Goddess.

Which, by the way, is precisely what's lacking in Icke, Tsarion, and other male voices who would propose a solution to the scheme of the globalist masterminds: they don't have any sense of the goddess mystique.


No Shakti on board. No Gaia/Goddess connection at all, as far as this ass-licking Kalika can tell. At least one investigator, Alan Watt, appears to speak of women with barely veiled contempt, perhaps even to hold them as subservient creatures who do not have the right to choose what they do with their own bodies.


Birth control, Watt would presume, reeks of the globalist eugenics scheme - really? This kind of distortion by those who are attempting to expose the problem just adds to the problem and seriously compromises the way to solution.

Watt never mentions Gaia except to dismiss "Gaia (GEE-ah, he says) earth worship" as a ploy for the globalist objective of one world religion.


In that respect, men dedicated to fight the globalist scheme of domination are deprived of the most vital and inspiring element that makes a Gaian warrior: heroic dedication to the Divine Feminine in all its aspects, human and supernatural. To love Gaia is the highest calling of the human race.


Warriors love PAM more than life itself, and why not, since she is the source of all planetary life in the first place?


This does not mean, however, that Gaians advocate sacrificing the human species to the earth, as suggested by the globalist eugenics scheme of depopulation to 5 million people (announced on the Georgia Guidestones, the Stonehenge of those benighted stooges, American Freemasons).

Icke and others just do not know the story of Gaian shamanism and earth-based magic.


But the complete history of our planet in the last 6000 years must include the description of the suppression of benign sexual-telluric magic, and its resurgence, here and now, in the Kalika Path. Due to a split in the Magian Order (discussed in Not in His Image and on this site), some ancient adepts dissented from the sacred vow not to use the powers they acquired by initiation to manipulate others.


Doing so, they had to leave the Mystery Schools dedicated to the Great Goddess and found their own "privatized" institutions. The dissident Magians went to Egypt around 3400 BCE, later founding the Sethian and Osirian Brotherhoods of Luxor and Memphis, respectively.


Today these Brotherhoods survive in the Vatican gang and the so-called Freemasons, respectively. These are two main groups of demented control-freaks who are orchestrating social evil in our time.


They derive from the deviant initiates of the Magian split who chose to delve into social engineering, not from the initiates who founded and maintained the Mysteries in strict dedication to the Great Goddess, Gaia-Sophia.

So, in sum, I reject Icke's claim that the Mystery Schools were think tanks for the Illuminati of antiquity. I also object to his portrayal of the occult capacities of the perps of social evil today.


This looks to me like unwitting globalist hype coming from an expert demasker of globalism, alas.


It glamorizes the freaks and confers a magic aura on them, but whatever magic they may have is due not to occult powers they command, but to the innate gift of human imagination contaminated by fear and greed, and twisted to alien and destructive ends. As in the imaginative magic of Aryan Race ideology, to cite one obvious example.


The same imaginative magic of the Chosen People of the Old Testament, by the way.

The magic of the globalist predators is specious, lacking a real foundation in the earth, dissociated from the animal powers, but it is fed and sustained by human belief so that it appears to be greater than it is: the Wizard of Oz effect.


Sustained by faith, this pseudo-magic becomes a potent collusive pathology. True magic grounded in the matrix of animal powers, the supernatural presence of the Divine Feminine, is another force altogether.

True, effective magic for our species is based not on collective faith in massive doses but on the selective complicity of eco-warriors with Gaia and Kali. Voluntary and elective complicity.


The direct gateway to such complicity is the Gaian Tantra Vow.



I have said before, and it is my pleasure and privilege to say it again: recognition of the Divine Feminine cannot coexist peacefully with divine paternalism. A society whose natives are enslaved to an off-planet father god, or some other version of master race ideology, cannot attain planetary status.


Awe for the Goddess and authority from God are mutually exclusive paradigms. This is the war not chosen by peace-loving people, who are largely incapable of fighting it. Defeating divine paternalism is the cause that unites Gaian warriors of all genders on the Kalika Path, the way of Kali Ma, she who protects and delivers.

In closing, let me reiterate:

globalist hype about the shapeshifting powers of reptilians is not supported by genuine evidence that would, say, pass in a court of law for conviction of a crime.


Arizona Wilder can say what she likes, and she may be telling the truth, but her testimony, unsupported by physical evidence, is not reliable for forming judgments about social evil.

Telestics with its three deconning probes allows us to assess the workings of social evil without recourse to wild tales of Satanic rites at the "mother castle" in Belgium (hub of globalist evil, where I lived for many years), or sophomoric stunts staged for senescent farts at Bohemian Grove. Wilder's testimony looks sincere enough.


Perhaps is has been manufactured from memories of actual abuse in her personal life. Whatever the case, such lurid testimony engenders an inflated view of intra-species predators.

As I said recently in a Red-Ice interview, it's time to get off the problem and onto the solution. While investigation into the machinations of globalist evil ought to continue, it cannot dominate the mind at this crucial moment when the tide turns against NWO schemers. The key moment was in December 2009 with Climategate and the release of Avatar.


This is the moment to take back the planet. Whatever the black magic of the intra-species perpetrators may be, it cannot equal the power of the earth itself. Gaian eco-sorcery is a pact with the ferocious powers of the planetary animal mother, PAM.


Call her that if you find So-FI-uh a little arch.

Every time I hear about the extraordinary, near-supernatural abilities of the globalist mafia, mind control techniques, reptilian bloodlines with shapeshifting powers, and all the rest of the NWO fear-mongering, I wonder: If this evil magic is so strong, isn't its counterpart also strong?

I ask: Where is the counter-magic to the evil spell of globalist scheming?

Again I ask: Where is the benign, protective supernatural force to counteract the magic falsely attributed to psychopathic freaks who would claim this magnificent planet as their private theme park?

In reality, the monstrous people who imagine they can control the world, cannot control themselves, and they derive their power vicariously from the passive consent of their victims.


They get empowered through the victim-perpetrator bond, a pernicious human syndrome, not to be confounded with the prey-predator bond, a noble and Gaia-given aspect of all-species symbiosis. If I succeed in describing these two bonds, I will have succeeded in getting out the main message of Rite Action - short of presenting the ritual procedures themselves, which can only be transmitted orally.

Right now, in this fantastic moment when everything changes, it is intolerable and unacceptable to go on elaborating the problem and not cover the solution. But without Shakti, realized in fully body-mind merge with the Divine Feminine, there is no way to enact the solution.


So come on boys and girls, get some Shakti on board, bear down into your booty, take a ride on the delightfully infernal wave of supernatural magic that pulses across this planet - and let's cut to the chase.

Young Andean Puma:

sacred power animal of contra-violence






Part 3

Gaian Morality and the Prey-Predator Bond


Under construction...