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The concept of a Power Animal is universal to all cultures.


Tribal cultures will recognize a Totem for the tribe, one for the clan one belongs to, and one for the family that one is born into. In the United States, and in other countries, the Tribal and Clan Totem still exists, although it is thought of in a slightly different manner.

There are also totems for our adopted cultures, such as clubs or societies which we may belong to, such as the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, the Loyal Order of Moose, and the Lions Club.

Even Christianity, the prevalent religion of this country, has maintained two Totem animals, these being the Fish and the Lamb. Specialized Totems are also seen in organized sports, their names being reflected in the team names. Example: Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Falcons

The next type of Power Animal or Totem is that which is personal for the individual. These Totems are protective spirits which help us in our everyday life. Everyone has such a Totem. Even today most parents give a special protective Power Animal to their children and tell the child that it will be protected over night by that Power Animal. They don't realize that is what they are doing when they give a teddy bear to their little one.

We often unconsciously recognize the Power Animal affecting someone, and use terms which give away our unconscious recognition. Our heavens/zodiac include animal references (Leo - Scorpio - Cancer - Taurus).




The first item of business for a potential Shaman is to learn to travel in the other worlds, then to discover his Totem or Power Animal. That knowledge is necessary in order to start the long process of learning.

Power Animals are usually a reflection of your deepest self and also represent qualities which you need in this world, but which are often hidden or obscured. A mistake that people often make is to be dissatisfied when they find that their Power Animal is some non-ferocious animal like a mouse.


We tend to think that a mouse is not very powerful - that it is meek and afraid. What they forget is that spirits are not limited to physical reality and that size is irrelevant. Your Power Animal may be a tiny mouse, but in times of need this mouse can and will change its size and deportment to that which is appropriate to the occasion.

There is nothing weak of meek about a 500-foot tall mouse! Your personal Power Animal (as opposed to your family, clan, or tribal spirit) may change several times in your lifetime, depending upon your specific needs. If you are dispirited, your animal is far away from you and needs to be brought back, or a replacement found.

When you make your first exploratory journey you are likely to encounter spirits which may represent themselves as being your Totem or Power Animal. If you are already aware of your spirit that spirit may greet you and give you additional power.

All mammals and birds are positive spirits. Any positive spirit may be your Power Animal.


Your Power Animal may also be a mythical animal, such as a unicorn or Pegasus, or even one which does not exist in myth or legend.






LESSON 1 - Meeting Your Power Animal

We all have power animals - spirit animals - that are connected to us as protectors.


Many power animals are our spirit guardians that exist in other realms. Some animals were with us from past lives but may have been another physical form.


Example: We might have had a wolf or other wild animal as a friend or protector. In this timeline the animal incarnates as a dog.

Time to find your power animal.

Find or quiet place or just relax at your computer. . .

Relax your mind . . .

Feel the muscles in your body relaxing . . . your head . . . your shoulders . . . your neck . . . your jaw . . . the torso of your body . . . your arms . . .

Close your eyes . . .

Take 2 long slow deep breaths . . . breathing in through your nose . . . holding the breath as is comfortable for you . . . exhaling slowly through your mouth . .

Still your thoughts.

You are going to watch the screen just behind your eyes . . .

You may see a pretty color . . . or shape . . . coming into view . . .

Telepathically ask your power animal to show itself to you on the screen in your mind.

Be patient! Your third eye (pineal gland) must open before you can see images.

Soon the image of an animal will appear.

It may - or may not - be the animal you are expecting - so have no expectations.

The image may come all at once or appear to move towards you.

You may see the front view of the animal or see it at another angle.

The animal may not be your favorite animal!

Just allow the image to manifest before you!

Once you see the animal - watch it carefully to see what it does.

Listen with your thoughts to get a telepathic message from the animal.

It may seem funny to get a message in a human language - from an animal - but it can happen.

Your animal may appear in a scene that is significant for you.

Focus as best you can . . .

Note the colors around the animal - colors have significance.

When the image fades . . . slowly open your eyes and write - or draw what you have seen.

You may see more than one animal.

You may see an animal that seems mythological vs. animals in our reality.

You may find that another day brings a different animal with a different message.

Things to consider:

Have you ever dreamed about this type of animal? What happened in the dream? Ask the animal to come to you in tonight's dream time and interact with you.

Why would such an animal appear to you?

Perhaps you must seek the meaning of this animal.




LESSON 2 - Working with your Power Animal

Prepare to meet your power animal - as you did in the first lesson.

You can try this while at your computer - or in a place you meditate.

Out in nature might give the best results!

Relax your mind and body.

Now close you eyes and take two long deep breaths - breathing slowly in through your nose - holding the breath as is comfortable for you - and breathing out slowly through your mouth!

Connect with your power animal as your third eye begins to open and shows you images . . .

If you can see the animal in movement - follow the animal to see where it takes you and what messages it wishes you to learn.

If you are having trouble following the animal - first visualize the animal - then see it moving away - perhaps through time and space - perhaps on the Earth plane . . .

Once you have connected with the animal - mentally tell the animal that you wish it to take you on a spirit journey so you can learn more about your soul journey at this time.

It will take you on a journey . . .

Make notes about your journey when you return.



LESSON 3 - Meditating with your Power Animal

Shamans are spiritual beings with the ability to heal, work with Earth energies and 'see' visions.

The ability to consciously move beyond the physical body is the particular specialty of the traditional shaman. These journeys of Soul may take the shaman into the nether realms, higher levels of existence or to parallel physical worlds or other regions of this world. Shamanic Flight, is in most instances, an experience not of an inner imaginary landscape, but is reported to be the shamans flight beyond the limitations of the physical body.

Today you are going to become a Shaman - in the sense that you will connect with your power animal to heal and bring light to the planet.

Please take your time . . .

As you are now seated at a computer - begin by calling your power animal to you and establishing a connection.

'Tell' the animal you wish it to remain with you today so that you can connect at various times to experience.

If you can physically go into nature - or even make contact with a tree (indoors or outdoors) - this would enhance your experience.

You may use music to enhance your experience.

The use of any kind of mind altering drugs is your option - preferably not to be used today.

Once you are ready - close your eyes.

Take two long, slow breaths (inhaling through the nose and - exhaling slowly through the mouth).

Feel totally relaxed.

Disconnected from your physical environment.

See yourself slowly shape-shifting from your physical form - to that of a Shaman Healer.

(Shamans sometimes have the ability to shape shift).

Experience your physical body - its age, skin color, 'make-up' you may have applied, your geographic location, your confidence to heal, your personal power returned, the secrets you possess from the ages -

Become one with that person - and experience.

Slowly shape shift again - this time into your power animal. . .

Feel each cell in your body changing . . .

Go into nature - physically or telepathically!

Move through nature as your power animal would.

Listen to the sounds. Experience all of the sensations of nature - on a higher level.

Listen to the animals communicating with each other.

Sense portals that open to other realms.

Observe how they open and close.

You stop near a tree. Make a connection - physical or telepathic.

Pull in the energy of the 'white light' from Source.

Feel the 'white light' surging through all that you are - the power animal, the shaman, your physical expression.

Allow yourself as a shaman/power animal - to see what needs to be healed today.

Heal by illuminating what you 'see' in 'white light'.

As you heal with the 'white light' - send the energy out to the planet.

Connect with the healing of the shaman energies of the indigenous people around the world.

Allow the other shaman to show you how they heal.

This may result in your initiation into higher realms of spirit and healing.