by George LoBuono

Davis, CA

October 13, 2008

from OpenMindsForum Website


Like you I find the UN meeting reports and Source A’s account interesting.


Although you find that the reports still need independent confirmation, if we look at the reports from an If-then perspective we see some patterns consistent with earlier, unrelated reports.

For example, the Navy’s leading role in sorting out information for the public is something we’ve seen previously. I wonder whether a distinction is made within the Navy between Navy intel (intelligence) and the higher admiralty. The use of middle-rank officers is a good way to pose a measure of deniability.

The hostility of Saudi Arabia and some other Islamic countries to disclosure would be expected. Disclosure would remove a layer of elite management of religious phenomena that puts off public perception of Saud family fraud. In some other Islamic nations, disclosure would stimulate independent critical thinking, on the one hand, while also posing the possibility of alien use of religious themes in ways beyond official or clerical control. I wonder whether Dubai is more liberal in this regard, given their press.

But Germany’s reported hostility is a conundrum. I have a brother who has lived in Germany for about 16 years and he often complains of a resistance there to new ideas—especially alien-related topics. On the other hand, a manipulated post-war circumstance bred deep skepticism in Germany. Add to that German leeriness of US imperial sundering and you can also see where Germans may also fear a disclosure scenario that deals too strong a hand to US management of the subject.

I wonder why Source A would find India “impossible to deal with.” The East has long acknowledged the existence of aliens and a re-cycling universe cosmology, hence there are less ideological obstacles.


So I wonder whether India may be seen as TOO willing to open to the public. India’s ability to blend alien appearance with traditional outlook may cause US and European manipulators to fear loose lips in India. Disclosure immediately calls into question whether India would obey and conform to US military-industrial and nuclear agendas.


India may simply say it will manage its relations with aliens as it always has... Imagine the corporate reaction to that.

And if China wants the US to pay for disclosure, it might not be so much a financial concern. Instead, it may represent the fact that China can plainly see that the US has a certain agenda that China doesn’t want to be appended to as though in total agreement. The Chinese certainly know that a US black budget cabal has a deeper technological inroad, probably more extensive human-alien contacts of a technological sort, than does the Chinese government.


They may even fear breeding program infiltration of US elites, i.e. in the “tall white” and gray case (see the reports of Charles Hall, Corso, Robert Dean, Lt. Col. Steven Wilson, and Clifford Stone). Of course, as Naomi Klein writes, now that a Friedmanesque agenda has resulted in 94% of China’s billionaires being the children of former top Communist party officials, believe it or not, China may have black budget/cabal complications of its own.

Source A’s report that the Air Force handled contact with extraterrestrial life would tail with what Charles Hall and others say about the tall whites, for example. From the perspective of Col. Philip Corso’s colleagues, we can imagine deep concerns in the Navy and the Army about the Air Force being compromised (or even infiltrated?) as a result of those contacts.


That would parallel Corso’s old notes about how the Army felt that anything it told the CIA about aliens or alien technology would soon end up in KGB hands due to a web of loose-lips and compromises. In this case, the fear would be that vulnerable information in the Air Force goes straight to aliens and those dark eyed hybrids in black (rather than men in black), so to speak.


The Air Force role could be one of unbridled ambition to copy and have control of alien flight technology. Add stiff doses of alcohol and revolving door ambition (or a lust for power) and you can see how problems might arise in those reported off-world “junkets.”

The Navy’s reported concern about and investigations of “world” and corporate hostility to disclosure could suggest that the Navy suspects that there is more to the situation than simple human reticence. The presence of what David Jacobs refers to as late-stage/human breeding program operatives (also noted by Robert Dean) may be a wild card in the equation. The Navy and other informed observers on this planet are keenly aware of that. Infiltrated personae would not be trying to smooth tensions, at the moment—for obvious reasons.

Some readers may wonder why the Navy would have a discrete policy interest of long standing. It stems from that fact that, as Corso wrote, the different services each began programs to investigate and research downed alien technology (and more) after Roswell, perhaps earlier.


Because the Navy was selected to do the first early Idaho nuclear reactor research (ostensibly for submarine and carrier use), the Navy was the obvious early choice to research what was then suspected to possibly be alien use of nuclear technology—way back circa 1947. Of course we now know that alien technology is scalar and beyond, but back in 1947 scientific knowledge wasn’t so broadly based.


As a result, the Navy has long had a discrete interest in aliens and UFO’s.

Source A said that the,

“USAF has handed off to the US Navy responsibility for a specific contact project involving the extraterrestrials discussed in the February 12 meeting.”

That suggests that the Air Force may be either embarrassed at the depth and closeness it has allowed tall white and other aliens reportedly directly based inside the United States, or the Air Force is aware that the other uniform services may see a possible threat in direct, sometimes dutiful obedience of Air Force officers in both aiding and providing for tall white and other alien presence here.


The United States is on particularly weak feet during its current economic situation, hence the Air Force hand-off to the Navy may represent tacit admission that the Air Force is far over its head.

In addition, we have to wonder whether the situation is one in which compromised Air Force officers (and their corporate cohorts) may want the Navy to get a taste of their interactions with such aliens. The problem, of course, is that any breeding program operatives or aligned aliens would quickly try to treat Navy officers to a dribble of technology and special off-world buddy arrangements.


To date, the Navy has been the most independent of the services, hence this late-stage conspicuous contact almost suggests a measure of desperation on the given aliens’ part. Which aliens, we must ask?

Human-alien contacts have proceeded so far and to such explicit extent (even in my own case) that this last Navy-alien case seems very, very late in the entire process. The Navy probably knows much more than we see on the surface.

The reported threats to UN diplomats by international corporations may represent more than mere greed. All nations involved in this process, i.e. China, can easily see that alien breeding program operatives are an important human concern, especially when humankind is proceeding beyond a technological threshold that will allow us to derive competent scalar and inter-stellar flight and communications technology independent of the most visible of current alien interventions.


So it is very late in the day, in that regard, hence we see two competing factions in the reported UN meetings:

  • pro-disclosure vs. a narrow corporate

  • Saudi money elite

The fact that some in the military clearly want the public to know about and peer into the competing, partly compromised factions in the UN meetings story (if we look at it from an if-then perspective) shows that we aren’t alone in perceiving stark dangers in those who are trying to thwart competent public knowledge of this process.


It’s a question not only of disclosure, but WHAT KIND of disclosure is in the offing...


As US imperial influence wanes and other nations begin to see the potential for a less filtered, less murderous/corporate kind of public awareness, we should expect to see potentially dangerous moves by the compromised parties.