by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
Kona, Hawaii
from Exopolitics Website

On October 8, 2008, I met with the original source that disclosed that a secret meeting had been held at the United Nations headquarters in New York City on February 12 to discus UFOs and extraterrestrial life.


The original source, Source A, discussed the most recent developments concerning secret meetings conducted under UN auspices to discuss UFOs and extraterrestrial life. The October 8 meeting was attended by Source A, Clay and Shawn Pickering (who kindly set up the meeting) and Bob Vanderclock. I spent a total of 4.5 hours discussing the UN meetings and related issues with Source A, and others present.


Source A was dressed in full US Navy uniform with identifying insignia including name and rank. He showed me his military I.D. which confirmed his name, rank and pay scale. His I.D. card was valid for a three year period and had a vertical barcode on the left hand side next to his photo.

He subsequently showed me an album filled with photos, military patches and cards that represented his various assignments and awards since first joining the US Navy in the 1960s. He explained each of the pages inside of his album to all present. The material he showed conclusively proved that he was an electronics warfare specialist with the US Navy.


With all the documentation presented and his full dress Navy uniform, it was clear that he is a serving US Navy officer willing to discuss sensitive information concerning UFOs and extraterrestrial life. From his careful and precise choice of language, clarity of expression, demeanor, eye-contact and other non-verbal cues, Source A appeared very personable and sincere in the information he was disclosing.

Source A said that as far as his military superiors in the normal chain of command are concerned, they are aware of his role in leaking sensitive information. They have a tacit policy of not wanting to know what he is doing, and are not taking action to prevent him disclosing the sensitive information. It was understood that getting national media exposure would force the Navy to take disciplinary action.


That is one of the main reasons why the identity of Source A has not been publicly released. He has however agreed to be physically interviewed and shown his credentials to the following researchers:

  • Clay and Shawn Pickering

  • Bob Vanderclock

  • Robert Morningstar

  • Dr Bruce Maccabee

  • two other unnamed researchers,

  • most recently myself on October 8

During the meeting, Source A disclosed that he continues to work under the direction of a US Navy admiral who is in command of the controlled leak of the meetings occurring under UN auspices. This admiral was unnamed and is not part of the official chain of military command for Source A, but is his superior in covert operations that have need-to-know security status.


Thus it's important to emphasize that Source A's disclosures are not part of official US Navy policy, but is orchestrated by a covert operations group comprising senior Navy officials (admirals) and others.

In this article, I will discuss three aspects of what Source A revealed concerning the UN meetings at our October 8 meeting:

  • continued meetings under UN auspices

  • physical threats to prevent diplomatic disclosure of the UN meetings

  • role of international corporations

Further UN Meetings


  1. After the initial meeting on February 12, 2008, disclosed by Source A (not including the February 13-14 meeting disclosed by Gilles Lorant) there have been an additional three meetings attended by Source A. Another two meetings were held without Source A after he had been reassigned. Source A was replaced by another military officer who he has yet to meet.


    The same US Navy admiral remained in control of the US delegation even though he didn't attend the additional meetings. All five additional meetings (point 2 to 6 below) involved military representatives from member UN nations that attended the February 12 meeting with important additions and changes in personnel in attendance. All but the first were held outside of the UN headquarters and involved military officials.


    The composition, origin and diplomatic briefing responsibility of those attending the meetings does invite referring to them as a series of 'UN inspired meetings concerning extraterrestrial life'.

    Four additional meetings were held in Upstate New York. Upstate NY was chosen in order to have a more secure environment to that available at the UN due to the sensitive nature of the material discussed. Upstate NY also provided a more conducive environment for reaching consensus on issues that proved to be contentious at the original February 12 meeting.

    According to Source A, the February 12 meeting was a diplomatic fiasco.


    There were too many senior diplomatic officials involved and discussions quickly became politicized. The US Navy admiral in charge of Source A's controlled leak of information on the UN meetings, along with other senior diplomatic officials at the ambassadorial rank and senior military officials attended the February 12 meeting. The admiral continues to be in charge of the US delegation to all subsequent meetings emerging from the first UN meeting.

    Source A says he travelled to Europe after the February 12 meeting to find the right military people for the forthcoming meetings to be held at Upstate NY. He went to every country in Europe in order to find out who was hostile and who was ambivalent concerning disclosure of extraterrestrial life.

    It was decided that no further meetings were required at the UN since key players were known, and they could be invited to Upstate NY for additional meetings. All invited to the Upstate NY meetings were military liaisons of UN member states. These involved middle ranking officers since consensus was more likely to occur without senior diplomats who had the tendency to politicize discussions.


    It was decided that having middle ranking military liaisons would help keep a low profile on the difficult negotiations required for a coordinated international response to extraterrestrial life. All military liaison personnel at the Upstate NY meetings would brief senior officials in their respective diplomatic corps at the UN.

    Source A said that that various nations were either in favor or opposed to a coordinated international disclosure effort.


    1. Source A emphasized that the US Navy has always been pro-disclosure and due to its leading role in policy issues concerning extraterrestrial life and the UN meetings, made the US pro-disclosure.

    2. The French along with Britain was also in favor of disclosure. Britain, however, asked that the US should lead the effort.

    3. Germany, Saudi Arabia and Islamic countries more generally were hostile to disclosure.

    4. Source A said India was "impossible to deal with".

    5. Military liaison(s) from China attended all the Upstate NY meetings (though not the original February 12 meeting) and said that the US should "pay for disclosure". According to Source A this was a considerable point of contention.


    The subsequent meetings at Upstate NY were chaired by different countries.


    Source A was the highest ranking US officer at the first three post-February 12 meetings held at Upstate NY until he was replaced for the last two which were held respectively in Upstate NY and an undisclosed location in Europe.


  1. The second UN UFO/ET meeting (the first held at Upstate NY) was held from March 24-26 and was chaired by the military liaison from Britain. Source A revealed that this was very productive in terms of consensus, goals and vision. A table of contents concerning key issues to be discussed was produced which presumably would help guide future discussions. This meeting lasted the full three days that were scheduled. China was present at the 2nd and subsequent meetings at Upstate NY and Europe.


  2. The third UN UFO/ET meeting (second at Upstate NY) was chaired by the senior military liaison from France. According to Source A, this meeting was a disaster. This meeting ran from May 19-21 and focused on economic issues that was revealed in an earlier communication released by Clay and Sean Pickering. This meeting lasted three days.


  3. The fourth UN UFO/ET meeting was chaired by the senior US military liaison which was Source A. An attempt was made to find neutral territory, but was unsuccessful. This meeting again, according to Source A, was a disaster. It lasted only one day from the three scheduled. The meeting occurred just prior to Source A leaving for another covert assignment at the end of May 2008.

    Source A emphasized that the US Navy (and Marines) has always been focused on overall policy issues concerning extraterrestrials, while the USAF handled contact with extraterrestrial life. The US Army, Department of Energy and Department of Homeland Security have been responsible for security and bases. This is corroborated by reports that extraterrestrials had in the past showed up USAF bases to deal with representatives of the Eisenhower administration.


    Also, whistleblower reports confirm that Army forces have been involved with enforcing security at bases involving extraterrestrial related projects.

    Source A said that USAF has handed off to the US Navy responsibility for a specific contact project involving the extraterrestrials discussed in the February 12 meeting. That means that US Navy has begun to play a role in both setting policy and contact with at least one form of extraterrestrial life.


  4. The fifth UN UFO/ET meeting was attended by the replacement of Source A whose identity has not been revealed. This meeting was again held in Upstate NY. According to the US Navy admiral in overall charge of the US delegation (led by Source A's replacement) the meeting was cordial.


  5. The sixth meeting was held outside of the US (in Europe) for security reasons. According to the admiral, those involved in the European meeting were "doing good work"

    Source A emphasized that the military liaisons at this series of UN inspired meetings were trying to get agreement on how to nations ought to respond to the prospect of extraterrestrial vehicles appearing over countries. It's worth pointing out that this is the same scenario that was debated in the Japanese parliament in December 2007.


    It led to the Japanese Minister of Defense making a statement (see below insert) concerning how the Japanese self defense force might respond to such a scenario.


Defense Minister troubled over legal issues if UFO arrives

from JapanNewsReview Website

Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba said Thursday that he was troubled over potential legal issues if a UFO arrives in Japan, requiring action by the Self-Defense Forces, Japanese media reports.

The subject was triggered by a question from oppositional lawmaker Ryuji Yamane, who argued the government should attempt to confirm what UFOs are because of “frequent observations” of them in Japan.

“There are no grounds for us to deny that there are unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and some life-form that controls them,” Ishiba said at a news conference. “Various possibilities should be considered.“

Ishiba noted that in the classical Godzilla movies, Japan deployed its military against the monster.

“Few discussions have been made on what the legal grounds were for that,” the minister said, drawing laughter from reporters, according to an AFP report.

Ishiba said it would be difficult to determine on what legal grounds the Self-Defense Forces could be mobilized if a UFO violating Japanese airspace is not hostile.

“Would that be mobilization for an act of defense? That would not be the case if they say, ‘Everyone on the Earth, let us be friends,”‘ Ishiba said. “Or what can we do when we can’t figure out what they’re saying?” Ishiba was quoted as saying by Kyodo News.

The minister added that he was strictly speaking his own views and that the ministry was not actually working out ways to deal with UFOs.

The government officially took the position Tuesday that the existence of UFOs are unconfirmed.


Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura drew headlines around the world when he after the conference stated he was a firm believer in UFOs, citing Peru’s Nazca Lines as evidence.


Source A said further that the admiral in charge of the covert disclosure process revealed the talking points for the last two meetings held without Source A's attendance.


These included the following:

  1. "What if [extraterrestrial] spacecraft start making demands?"

  2. "If they [extraterrestrials] do make demands, what should be our responses as a collective people?"

  3. If the craft appear without any hostile intent, there should be agreement that no hostile action is taken by any nation.

  4. That NATO should take whatever measures necessary to ensure no hostile response is taken in response to the appearance of any ETV occurs.

  5. International Banking systems should keep operating with minimal disruption to economic systems.

  6. How to ensure the global distribution of extraterrestrial knowledge and technology.

According to Source A, point six was the most difficult issue in the discussions.


Threats to UN Diplomatic Community

I raised the issue of two independent reports that diplomats had been physically threatened to remain silent about UN discussions on UFOs and extraterrestrial life. I emphasized that one of the sources involved a senior European diplomat that had relayed that the physical threats were genuine and diplomats were being silenced.

Source A mentioned that one of the reasons that the UN had been chosen was that the diplomatic community is very good at leaking information. This was an important consideration in the controlled leakage initiated by the admiral and other senior Navy officials "to gauge the responses." In particular, they wanted to see the public response to the UN disclosures, and also the media response.


The choice of UN ambassadors to receive the information was a strategic choice to help move forward the disclosure process. All ambassadors were fully briefed by their military liaisons on what transpired at the Upstate NY and European meetings. The Ambassadors were therefore an important part of the controlled leak and the covert Navy group is very interested in any threats made against them that impacts on the disclosure process.

Source A said that the world is hostile to extraterrestrial disclosure, that's what the US Navy's covert group is finding out. They are trying to find out where the hostility is coming from and whether it can be neutralized and reduced.

Source A confirmed the independent reports that UN diplomats were being threatened not to reveal to the public anything about the secret UN meetings discussing extraterrestrial life. Source A got his confirmation from unauthorized sources that he pointed out were more accurate than authorized sources. Unauthorized sources involved covert intelligence operations, and that Source A's counterparts from the British M.O.D. were involved.

The covert Navy group behind the UN disclosures is trying to track down the source of the threats to the UN diplomats.


So far these have been traced to international corporations.


The Role of International Corporations

I asked Source A if he was familiar with the Admiral Wilson incident where in 1997 in a meeting with Dr Stephen Greer and Dr Edgar Mitchell, Wilson was given codes to classified extraterrestrial related projects.


Dr Mitchell recently commented in an interview (see below insert) about the incident substantially confirming what Greer had earlier disclosed.


Admiral: Never looked for UFO data
by Billy Cox
Published: Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at 4:07 p.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at 4:14 p.m.

from HeraldTribune Website


A former high-ranking military intelligence official rumored to have been snubbed in his attempts to obtain sheltered UFO data insists he never even bothered to look for it.

“Never,” retired Rear Adm. Thomas R. Wilson replied Tuesday when asked if he’d ever been barred from retrieving classified material, exotic or otherwise, during his career.

Wilson, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, was head of intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1997 when he agreed to meet at the Pentagon with advocates of UFO declassification.


Among them, he confirms, was Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

The driving force behind that meeting was North Carolina UFO researcher and emergency-room doctor Steven Greer. Greer founded The Disclosure Project in an effort to grant amnesty to government whistle-blowers willing to violate their security oaths by sharing insider knowledge about UFOs.

At least seven years ago (http//, Greer was telling audiences about extracting a pledge from Wilson during that meeting to investigate special access projects involving UFO technology. But shortly thereafter, Greer claimed Wilson reported that he didn’t have the proper security clearance to inspect those files.

As Greer informed a Portland, Ore., audience in 2001, Wilson said,

“ ‘I am horrified that this is true. I have been in plenty of black projects, but when we tried to get into this one,’ he was told, and I quote, ‘Sir, you do not have a need to know.’ The head of intelligence Joint Staffs. You don't have a need to know. Neither did the CIA director, and neither did the president.”

This story has been circulating on the Internet ever since, and made it into Greer’s book “Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge,” last year. But the thing didn’t sprout legs until Mitchell began discussing the meeting during what turned out to be a media blitz in July.

Mitchell avoided all mention of Wilson’s name, but in a July 4 appearance on "Larry King Live," the moonwalker told CNN audiences he’d learned the admiral,

“had found the people responsible for the cover-up and for the people who were in the know and were told, I'm sorry, admiral, you do not have need to know here and so, goodbye.”

Now an executive with a Minnesota-based defense contractor, Wilson told De Void he accepted Mitchell’s 1997 request “because he was a former astronaut and maybe had more credibility than some person off the street.” Wilson says he doesn’t remember who else attended that meeting, but he admitted “a certain amount of curiosity” about allegations of deep-black UFO projects.

“What is true is that I met with them,” Wilson said in a phone interview.

“What is not true is that I was denied access to this material, because I didn’t pursue it. I may have left it open with them, but it was not especially compelling, not compelling enough to waste my staff’s time to go looking for it.”

Mitchell told De Void he never heard directly from Wilson after their initial meeting, but he says he trusts the veracity of the unnamed sources who told him of Wilson’s inability to penetrate security.

Mitchell said he was

"shocked" by Wilson’s response to De Void, but added, “I do not wish to engage him on this matter.”

Steven Greer refused to back down.

“I was there and know what was said,” he stated in an e-mail. “I was also informed prior to the meeting that, after sending him a secret document with UFO-related code names and numbers, that he located one of the compartments but was specifically denied access to the operation.”

I pointed out that Admiral Wilson was apparently denied access by the attorneys of a corporation.


Source A said that many defense projects are subcontracted out to corporations. While DARPA may have started as the lead agency, they then subcontracted out to US and international contractors, e.g., SAIC, Lockheed, BAE, Airbus, EADS, etc.


He pointed out that Corporations are much better at keeping secrets than the military. Small companies often chosen to do black projects, e.g., 300 employees. They can more easily enforce discipline to keep the projects secret. The US Defense Industry is filled with projects given to corporations.


From our discussion, it was clear that there was much concern over the prominent role played by corporations in controlling information and access to extraterrestrial related projects.



There has been partial confirmation for the original meeting on February 12 from a number of independent sources. Due to the anonymous nature of these independent sources, there still has not been any significant media interest in the meetings conducted at the UN on February 12.


Only the UFO/exopolitics community has shown any sustained interest in Source A's disclosures and have attempted to verify these. Most of these efforts have occurred in association with members of the Open Minds Forum that has devoted considerable time and energy in investigating various aspects of Source A's disclosures. The continued meetings in Upstate NY and Europe revealed by Source A require independent confirmation.


Further investigation is required to confirm the meetings themselves, as well as their content and nations involved.

My impression of Source A is that he is sincere in his disclosures and genuinely involved in an effort by a covert group comprising senior US Navy officers to disclose information concerning extraterrestrial life. His willingness to have independent confirmation of his credentials and to be interviewed by different researchers does give confidence in his disclosures.


While this is no guarantee that his disclosures are accurate, it does help inspire confidence that he is part of overall disclosure process sanctioned by senior Navy officials involved in covert operations.

There appears to be genuine concern over the way in which covert projects involving extraterrestrial related information is being run and the role played by corporations in controlling this. The extent to which the US Navy and other military forces have been sidelined in the internationalization and corporatization of extraterrestrial related projects is a major cause for concern. This is especially important insofar as threats to the diplomatic community to remain silent about the UN UFO/ET meetings have been traced to corporations.

It does appear that an important convergence of interests has led to senior US Navy officials in covert operations embarking on a controlled leak of information to the UFO/exopolitics community. This is a promising development given the nature of the privatized control system that has emerged to manage extraterrestrial related information.


The lack of oversight and transparency of such a control system is not only a major cause of concern for the general public, but also for senior military officials who take seriously their oath to uphold and protect the US Constitution.

[Note: I wish to thank Clay and Shawn Pickering and Source A for their help in clarifying issues raised in this paper. For those wishing to ask questions or discuss the above issues, please visit the Open Mind Forum, click here]