by Michael Salla
March 02, 2024
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Exopolitics Today Week in Review

March 02, 2024




  • New Illustrated book covers Extraterrestrial Civilizations.

  • JP video on Artemis Accords and life throughout our solar system.

  • Elena Danaan webinar discusses ancient library on the Nibiru mothership, the connection with the Emerald Tablets.

  • An update on the UFO historical report that will be released soon by the Pentagon as required by the NDAA for 2023.

  • Tom DeLonge claims multiple gods are connected to UFOs and are responsible for global conflict.

  • Former Air Force OSI agent, Richard Doty, claims there are only five ET species visiting Earth.

  • Credible sources tell investigative journalist Christopher Sharp that a key office in the Pentagon is stifling further UFO whistleblower testimonies from going public.

  • 'The Crypto Terrestrials: Ancient Guardians of Earth's Secrets' - New Webinar.

  • John Warner IV responds to a video that the Pentagon has an odd shape due to happenstance.

  • Richard Dolan's video "10 Key Facts about UAP" covers worldwide UFO & USO reports, USO reports, but missing contactee and SSP reports.

  • 5 Top Remote Viewers focus on Rapture/Harvest/Event.

  • The 'Why Files' cover the testimonies of several insiders about what's going on in Antarctica.

  • A huge treasure trove of gold plates have been found & are being released to a global alliance according to the latest JP update.

  • Lloyd Austin promoting NATO war with Russia in a Deep State contrived Gog and Magog War.

  • Much speculation over this UFO sighting in Ukraine. UFOs often seen in war zones for multiple reasons.



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