by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
Kona, Hawaii
August 26, 2007
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A note of gratitude to Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan from Project Camelot who made freely available to the general public their recent interview with (Dr) Dan Burisch. For those wanting to support Project Camelot in their important work of documenting whistleblower testimonies for the general public, please visit: 




In a recent two hour interview conducted by Project Camelot, (Dr) Dan Burisch speaks about stargate technology, both natural and artificial, and how this has been used by both extraterrestrials and various government entities to travel or send information through time.


A 'natural stargate' is similar to an Einstein-Rosen bridge or 'wormhole' which has been theorized to form when space-time is distorted by the intense gravitational fields generated by collapsing stars. Collapsing stars compress to the extent that they form a point of singularity wherein time slows down in relation to outside observers.


Singularity points have been hypothesized to exist at the center of black holes, and it is possible that they exist in other locations wherein space-time is significantly distorted by an intense gravitational field.


At a singularity point, time would effectively stop as it dilates to infinity as predicted by Einstein's General Theory of Relativity. This would make it possible for anyone able to survive even briefly, the intense gravitational fields accompanying a singularity point, to emerge into whatever future date they desired. Physicists also consider it theoretically possible for an Einstein-Rosen bridge to form wherein one could travel backwards in time. So a singularity point, at least in theory, offers a means to travel forward or backward in time.

Singularity points, however, are highly unstable and require enormous quantities of energy to keep one open if travel through one was viable.


Kip Thorne from the California Institute of Technology has argued that as long as an exotic form of matter could be deployed to keep the singularity point open, then a "traversable wormhole" or stargate was theoretically possible. Consequently, in theory at least, a singularity point that is kept open offers a means for objects or life forms to move through time.


According to Professor Paul Davies, it would be possible to create a time machine if a singularity point could be found, and technology existed to keep it open for the time traveler.


Davies also describes a process whereby advanced civilizations might control such a natural stargate or wormhole:

"wormholes may have formed naturally in the big bang, so that an advanced space-faring civilization might expect to discover one in the galaxy and commandeer itů"

(How to Build a Time Machine, p. 69)

So the principles behind stargates as a form of time travel technology are generally well known to scientists and feasible, albeit for advanced technologies that are not yet available to the general public.


The question is do such technologies secretly exist in the classified world of extraterrestrial related projects? That is where Burisch's testimony becomes significant since he claims to have been involved in such projects.


In what follows, I first describe Burisch's claims and then evaluate these. Given the intense controversy surrounding earlier public revelations by Dan Burisch case, it's important to consider the merits of his claims concerning stargate technologies without being drawn into the contrasting polemical positions on his authenticity and significance.

In the recent interview, Burisch argues that stargate technology basically allows its users to physically enter or move material through time and into different time streams. Burisch claims that artificial stargates are instruments that tap into 'natural stargates' in order to operate. He believes there are approximately 50 artificial stargates present on the planet with an undisclosed number of natural stargates.


He argues that information for the development of artificial stargates came from 'cylinder seals' extracted from Iraq from both the first (1991) and second (2003) Gulf War military interventions by the US and its allies. The cylinder seals contain extraterrestrial information given to the ancient Sumerians who faithfully replicated this information on cuneiform texts.


Burisch's information gives plausibility to the thesis that U.S. military intervention into Iraq was motivated by the desire to discover and control stargate technology. At least one other recent whistleblower interviewed by the Project Camelot team, who uses the pseudonym 'Henry Deacon', claims that Burisch's information on stargates is correct.


Burisch claims that an offshoot of stargate technology is Project Looking Glass, a window into different time lines. He claims that Looking Glass technology was reverse engineered from artificial stargates. Burisch argues that Looking Glass technologies give the user a direct view into different probabilities of future events or different time streams. So while stargate technology enables one to travel or send material back and forth in time, Looking Glass enables one to view probable future events or what is occurring in a different time stream.

Burisch claims that stargate technology was used by extraterrestrials to enter into the Earth's timeline, but was only used by humans to send information into different time streams.


He claims that due to the highly unstable nature of stargates, that it was deemed too dangerous to send humans through them. This is contrary to the testimony of other whistleblowers associated with the Montauk Project and Project Talent, that children were regularly used for time travel experiments regardless of safety considerations.


For example, Stewart Swerdlow claims that he was one of the few survivors of experiments involving children and time travel technologies.

In a private interview on January 4, 2007, Duncan O'Finioan revealed to me that one of the covert missions he served on while secretly recruited into Project Talent between the ages of 14-17, involved him entering into a stargate or 'dimensional portal' that instantly transported him to an unknown destination.


He didn't recall any markings around the stargate.


He remembered that the event horizon was smoky and that he experienced "no emotions, no fear and no joy" when going through the stargate. At the destination, an old building with stone tables and floors, he witnessed 7-8 dead bodies all wearing black uniforms identical to the one he was wearing. Most were teenagers similar in age to himself except one who looked almost 30.


None had weapons suggesting that they had been trained as he had in Project Talent to use psychic abilities for self-defense. The testimonies of other whistleblowers suggest that Burisch's claims regarding government authorities not using stargates out of safety concerns for travelers are not accurate.

Burisch also argues that as a result of events associated with 2012, that the artificial stargates have been deactivated in case they contribute to possible future calamities. He refers to events such as heightened solar activity during the next solar maximum that peaks on 2012 as part of a series of events leading to catastrophic global outcomes.


He refers to possible catastrophes as the reason for why the three extraterrestrial factions have come to this present timeline to influence current events. He argues that the Stargate/Looking Glass technology cannot be used to predict what exactly will transpire in 2012 and its immediate aftermath, and that a number of possibilities exist. These possible outcomes lead to different timelines which pertain to each of the three extraterrestrial factions he describes.

Burisch claims that Looking Glass technology was used to foresee terrorist attacks on the U.S. around the new millennium, and possible future wars with Islamic states. This is another dubious aspect of Burisch's stargate testimony since it runs contrary to the emerging literature on the 911 'terrorist attack'.


This research has conclusively shown 911 to have been an 'inside job' that required the use of number of advanced demotion technologies.


This included,

There are a number of other claims made by Burisch in the interview that are contrary to the research findings of other investigators into the extraterrestrial phenomenon.


He claims for instance that the extensive number of extraterrestrial civilizations cited by other whistleblowers/experiencers is disinformation.


This is contrary to the extensive evidence that 60 or more extraterrestrial civilizations are currently intervening on Earth (see A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races)





In the interviews, Burisch comes across as very sincere and animated in the beliefs and opinions he holds about government policies and the intervention of extraterrestrial life in human affairs.


There is little doubt from his body language and other non-verbal cues that he is telling the truth as he believes it. However, there is a difference between accurately relating true events, and accurately relating fabricated events that one has been manipulated into believing to be true.


Such a distinction is vitally important when evaluating the testimonies of whistleblowers that have been subjected to mind control procedures as part of the security protocols used for classified projects. Such security procedures very likely involve implanting a certain degree of false information or disinformation into a whistleblower's belief system in the event that s/he goes public about what they witnessed or experienced.


Burisch has acknowledged that in the past mind-control techniques have been used to remove his memories as a consequence of him releasing unauthorized information. This leads to the very real possibility and likelihood, that his current memories have been altered as part of security procedures adopted in the classified projects he has worked on.

Consequently there are three questions that need to be considered in evaluating Burisch's testimony concerning the existence, use, and development of stargate technology.

  • First, how much of the current information he reveals is based on his actual experiences, and how much is a product of altered memories?

  • Second, how much of the information he reveals, is in fact disinformation relayed to him through his superiors in classified projects?

  • Finally, what is the long term agenda of those using Burisch in what appears to be an acclimation program that presents a complex dynamic between three different factions of extraterrestrials and secret government authorities interfacing with these factions?

Based on evidence presented and the investigations conducted by other researchers, Burisch has been involved in classified projects concerning extraterrestrial technologies and biological entities.


The most helpful collection of documentation supporting Burisch's claims to having worked in classified projects is veteran UFO researcher Bill Hamilton's book, Project Aquarius. Due to Burisch's psychological tendencies, it is very likely that he was at some time earmarked as an individual with a high propensity to become a whistleblower.


Such a scenario in fact was described in a letter received by Hamilton.


Ostensibly written by a member of the MJ-12 Special Studies Group setting policy on extraterrestrial affairs, the letter describes how Bob Lazar and Dan Burisch were both earmarked early in their careers as psychologically most likely to become whistleblowers. They would subsequently be used to acclimate the general public to the reality of extraterrestrial life and technology.


Lazar apparently became too much of a loose cannon and was released from the acclimation project soon after becoming initially involved. In contrast, Burisch was deemed to be more psychologically suitable for a long term acclimation program where he would reveal classified information in a manner that was in alignment with the goals of MJ-12 Special Group.

It is Burisch's psychological make up that makes him suitable for an acclimation program that mixes factual information concerning events he has directly experienced as part of his classified research, and disinformation relayed to him designed to throw the public off track. Burisch himself acknowledges he has difficulty with the disinformation he has been fed in terms of deceptive statements by the MJ-12 leadership.


Such disinformation and the public disclosures they accompany would enable a long term agenda promoted by the MJ-12 Group. It is very likely that this agenda most pertains to public disclosure of the extraterrestrial life and events concerning 2012. The disinformation and inconsistencies surrounding Burisch's disclosures has been the most common source of the intense criticism leveled towards his authenticity as a whistleblower.


It is therefore important in considering Burisch's testimony that a significant proportion of it is likely laced with disinformation. Another significant part of it is likely an accurate description of events, procedures and personnel associated with MJ-12 Group classified technologies. Therefore there is valuable data to be gleaned from the Burisch interviews, though much work has to be done in identifying possible disinformation.

A helpful method for dealing with the inherent challenges posed by Burisch's disclosures is to separate information that he has directly experienced or witnessed that directly pertains to his classified activities, from information he was told that is not directly pertinent. It is more likely the case that non-pertinent information is laced with disinformation.


For example, Burisch was told that he was temporarily recruited into the MJ-12 Group as MJ-9 for a short period given the delicacy of negotiations with extraterrestrial visitors over stargate technologies. It is likely that circumstances surrounding Burisch's 'promotion' to MJ-12 was possible disinformation designed to influence his beliefs concerning the importance of his classified activities.

In evaluating Burisch's testimony concerning stargates, one has to consider the degree to which this was relevant to his alleged biological research in Project Lotus which examined the feasibility of cellular regeneration using an esoteric particle describe as the Ganesh particle.

  • If it was pertinent, which his training and circumstances appear to warrant, then it is likely that the information concerning stargates and Looking Glass technology is based on factual events.

  • However, other aspects of his testimony concerning the motivations of different extraterrestrial factions, the intent to educate the general public about events concerning 2012, and his continued role in MJ-12 Group operations is more likely laced with disinformation.

In conclusion, the Burisch case will undoubtedly continue to raise controversy due to the polemical positions taken by supporters and critics of his public disclosures.


There is a need to discern what is valuable in Burisch's disclosures of classified technologies, and to separate it from disinformation designed to distract and confuse researchers.


This is especially important when it comes to the topic of stargate technology and likelihood that such technology drives geopolitical events such as the 1991 and 2003 military interventions in Iraq. If stargate technology exists to the extent Burisch describes, and this is technology that he directly experienced, it is important to consider his testimony on its merits.


The growing scientific interest in the feasibility of 'traversable wormholes', time travel or stargate technology, makes it important to consider whistleblower sources from the classified world describing the existence of such technologies and their varying applications.