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A meteor that entered into the atmosphere and that would possibly wreak havoc on earth was broken into pieces and rendered ineffective by a UFO before it hit.


Extraordinary development about the case of unidentified luminous objects that was witnessed and reported by several pilots on November 1, 2002 in Turkey

A meteor that entered into the atmosphere and that would possibly wreak havoc on earth was broken into pieces and rendered ineffective by a UFO before it hit.

The incident which could be considered as one of the most prominent events in history of mankind, was witnessed by a total of 6 different airliner crews (4 in the air, 2 from the ground) and several people from the ground and was filmed by an amateur camera.

This historical event which discloses the reality of the existence of extraterrestrial life has been subjected to in-depth analysis by our research center for 15 days.

The details about the incident, written testimonies by pilots and the other witnesses involved, drawings. animations, video footage and the analysis of this incident.

The details of the sighting witnessed by a total of 6 different crews, the reports that were submitted to our research center and to the flight safety department by pilots are as follows:

  • DATE: November 1, 2002

  • TIME : 05:30 - 05:45 local

  • ALTITUDE: between 22.000 and 36.000 feet

  • LOCATION: between Afyon and Yalova



  • 1. AIRLINER (The Airliner which was nearest to the UFO fleet)
    Sun Express Air - Flight No: 590, Boeing 737-800
    Capt.Pilot : Ercan Eken
    First Officer: Sinan Yilmaz
    Please find below the written reports by the Captain and the 1st officer.

  • 2. AIRLINER (The aircraft following the first)
    Sun Express Air - TC -SUA B737-800)
    Capt.Pilot : Yilmaz Atli
    First Officer: Bulent Demirturk
    Please find below the written reports by the Captain and the 1st officer.

    Captain: Salih Gonuc
    First Officer: Fatih Aksoy
    Please find below the written reports by the Captain and the 1st officer.

    Hapag Lloyd Airliner
    The pilots of this aircraft reported the UFOs that were also picked up by their radar to air control and they asked for information.


    Capt.Pilot : Muhsin Aktar
    He has witnessed the incident at Antalya Airport together with his crew as he was preparing for departure for Antalya-Stutgart flight.
    Please find below the written reports by the Captain .

    Capt.Pilot :Vedat Gurbuz
    Cabin Supervisor : Bilge Yilmazturk
    Stewardess :Hatice Inceler.
    Please find below the written reports by the Captain and the crew.

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On November 1, 2002, at 26.000 feet between Afyon and Yalova, after flying 10 nm in the direction of Yalova, a bright light caught my attention. It looked like an aircraft with its headlights on (at times, aircrafts switch on their headlights when they have close passes). I recalled the view of Comet Hale-Bopp, because this light was leaving trail behind it. I asked to first officer Sinan Yilmaz what this thing might be. He said it might be an aircraft with its headlights on. I said "its altitude might be 41.000 feet in this direction, but it appears to be higher". The course of flight of the object we saw was about 060 degrees.

When the object got closer, I saw a flashing light. As I was trying to figure out what it might be, I saw several steady lights. Then the light which I previously presumed as headlight, started to change and get smaller. As I was trying to find a plausible reason for that, the object approached and got the position of 12 o'clock.

10 or 15 small objects, when measured taking the distance into account, about the size of a Boeing 747, were flying at 1-2 nm distance between them. This lasted for about 1.5 minutes. As they were getting out of sight, we reported these UFOs to air control at 5.44 local time.

Ercan Eken



Date : November 1, 2002
Time : 05.44 UTC
Location : Turkey, 15 nm Northwest of the city of Afyon
Subject : UFO Sighting

I, Sinan Yilmaz, was the first officer in Boeing 737-800 aircraft of Sun Express Airlines, flight No: 590, departing from Antalya for Salzburg, Austria. We took off at 03.38 UTC from Antalya with my colleague Captain Ercan Eken in charge of the aircraft and headed towards North in comply with our route. We ascended up to 36.000 feet and we engaged autopilot. After passing our checkpoint over Afyon we made a turn of 360 degrees towards Yalova. At exactly 05.44 UTC, where we were at a distance of 15 nm from KFK checkpoint, our Captain noticed a huge light to the left hand side of the plane. Our conversation was as follows:

Captain Eken: "Is this an aircraft?"
1st Officer Yilmaz: "Yes, it looks so"
Captain Eken: "What altitude is it flying at?"
1st officer Yilmaz: "41.000 feet I suppose"
Captain Eken: "Why has it switched on its lights?"
1st officer Yilmaz: "I don't know"

We kept watching it while it flew at higher and stationary altitude from right to left. We then realized that it was not a conventional aircraft but certainly a UFO. As a matter of fact, I saw 10 or 15 constant lights flying very close to each other, and there was a blinking bright white light underneath. These white lights were leaving yellowish trails behind them. Then they started to move away from each other. We observed them for about 40 seconds until they disappeared, so I concluded that they flew faster than the speed of light.

I'm 100 percent certain that the object I saw was not a conventional aircraft, an asteroid or a comet. It was definitely a UFO.

Best wishes,
Pilot Sinan Yilmaz










To the Attention of Mr.Haktan Akdogan and other officials concerned. 5.11.2002

As we spoke on the phone today, I also spotted those strange objects on the same day like the other pilots flying over Afyon. That day (November 1, 2002) when we were 50 miles away from Afyon, our first officer warned me about a blinding light looming from left and I attempted to disengage autopilot fearing that it might strike us. It took the strange object to fly from one horizon to another about 100 seconds. During its fly-by we had a chance to observe it. We also called the cabin supervisor in to watch.

The object which appeared to be a mass first, when it came in front of us, splitted into units just before it vanished into the horizon to the right. I was so excited that I couldn't take any picture in that moment. But then, I was able to picture the trails they left behind at 10.000 feet.
Best regards,

Yilmaz Atli



On November 1, 2002, we took off from Antalya at 05.29 for AYT-DRS flight. As we were climbing up to 24.000 feet, at 22.000 feet and 20-30 nm from Afyon, just before dawn, in the direction of 10 o'clock, we spotted a mass of light moving from West due East. Originally, we couldn't understand what it was. As we were watching its movements we thought that it might be an asteroid. But then, taking our previous observation into account, we thought that a shooting asteroid would dissolve in atmosphere in 1-2 seconds. As time passed, we noticed that the movement of this mass of light was quite slower and the mass was too enormous to be an asteroid. It flew away in a straight direction of West-East in a minute.

When it got closer to 12 o'clock, we realized that it's quite unlikely for this thing to be an asteroid. From the reddish colour emerging from it, we thought that it might be an airplane in some state of emergency or even about to crash . When it came to the position 12 o'clock, we saw a mass of red light in front of it, small light formations stretching back behind it and one more blinking light on its rear edge as if it were the beacon of an airplane. This thing was definitely not an airplane or an asteroid. It was something like glowing light formations moving together in a bigger mass of light. When it came to 1-2 o'clock position, the mass of light disappeared and the small bright formations moved away. Then they dissolved casting lights. In 5 minutes we saw the trail the object left behind and were able to take picture of it with a digital camera.

My personal view is that this was certainly not an asteroid. Considering what I've observed in the direction of 12 o'clock I can say that they were unidentified bright objects and formations flying together.

Bulent Demirturk
Pilot, First Officer


On November 1, 2002, 14 minutes after we took off from Antalya Airport for Munich at 03.30, when we reached to 30 nm from Afyon, at 30.000 feet, a light approaching from West caught our attention. At first, considering that it was an airliner drawing near to us, we started to look out the window with extreme interest. As it got closer it got bigger allowing its huge mass to be seen. After looking at each other with amazement we kept observing the large mass in a stunned manner. This mass was 10.000 - 15.000 feet higher and 2-2.5 times faster than us. At first sight it appeared like a single mass, but as it came nearer we saw a huge mass (with a larger light compared to others) in the middle surrounded by tens of plane-like objects. I, first thought that they had been carrying out some kind of fuel transfer in the air. But that wouldn't be possible with so many airplanes.

We couldn't grasp what was happening. We asked to the radar station in Ankara if they picked up any signals. They said they had not seen anything on the screen. Sun Express pilots also stated that they had seen UFOs. There was no signal on military radar indicating presence of an unknown object as well. The interesting part of it was that the mass of light vanished suddenly as if it eavesdropped on us.

What was peculiar to the object was that the front side was brighter and bigger, there was a number of light formations on both sides and it extended to the back in cone shape.

Best regards

Fatih Aksoy
Pilot, Inter Air



On November 1, 2002, just before boarding at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, we observed 4-5 flying object due Afyon with trails behind them.

Time of sighting: Between 05.40 - 05.50

Vedat Gurbuz, Capt.Pilot
Bilge Yilmazturk, Cabin Supervisor
Hatice Inceler, Stewardess


Subject: Unidentified Flying Objects
I've been working for an airline company located in Antalya as a captain pilot. On November 1, 2002, when we were preparing for departure from Antalya for Stuttgart at about 05.35-05.40, I spotted a flying object that we couldn't identify.

Below is how the incident happened in details:

We had completed all preparations and were waiting for the passengers to come on board. When I stepped into the cabin to confirm and make sure that everything had been done for take-off, one of our cabin attendants called and said "Captain could you come over, there's something I like to show you". Our plane stood towards West. When we had a look towards North/Northwest, I saw that bizarre flying object. I couldn't estimate how high it was flying.

It was faster than an airplane but still slower to be a shooting star or asteroid. It was more like a ball of fire leaving trails behind it, flying from West to East. As it was getting out of sight, its glow was phasing out. It then disappeared into the horizon. I observed this object for about 30-40 seconds.

I think it became observable 15-20 seconds before I spotted it. I then learned that some other colleagues had watched the same object and what they saw confirmed my observation.

This is for the information of officials concerned,
Best regards,

Muhsin Aktar



FROM: Sukru Celik
TO: Sirius Research Center/Mr.Haktan Akdogan
SUBJECT: The strange object I observed on November 1, 2002

I reside in Antalya but, I work for a hotel located in Bodrum Turkbuku as General Manager for the season 2002. My wife and my children reside in Antalya/Manavgat. For that reason, I travel between Bodrum and Manavgat every 2-3 weeks. I set out for Manavgat on November 1st, 2002.

At 04:59 I took a break for breakfast. Then I took the precipitous Kale road. I was driving very carefully and slowly because I always had problems with traffic control points. When I was driving downhill around a place (I can't remember its name) near Gazeller district, I saw a marvelous shooting star that made an angle of 90 degrees down to the ground. At exactly the same time I watched that magnificent view, I saw a cluster of light moving on my right.

I tried to comprehend what was happening. What I saw was violating the laws of physics.

As an environmentalist, I felt upset supposing that it was an airplane about to crash into the forest. But then, I realized that there was no sound of explosion or smoke of a blast. When I saw the object keeping its position at a certain altitude, I thought it might be an asteroid. But the way it moved was refuting any explanation that crossed my mind. If it were an asteroid it would crash onto the ground with an extreme speed. It kept its altitude violating the laws of nature and then moved away rising slightly from the right. The lights emitting from the object and its passing like it was burning up the sky got me more excited, but I had to keep control of the car and I slowed down. I was driving down the road when the object -whatever it is- disappeared.

I couldn't figure out what it was. Some friends warned me that I might face cynical attitudes. So I kept silent until I heard the news on November 7th, 2002. I got a few newspapers and read the news about the same I object I saw.

I observed the object until it disappeared hovering from right to left. If I were to describe it:

1) There was no sound coming from it. Assuming that I was driving at 1000 meter down the hill, it was above 15-20 degrees from my eye level and 180 degrees parallel to the ground. It moved from the left to the right over me and disappeared rising up into the sky on the right.

2) It was flashing lights. The friction it caused in the air could be easily seen. It appeared to be burning up the air around it. The heat over its center was quite visible. If I were to describe it, it was similar to the heat rising from hot asphalt. It lit up the sky, probably because of the friction. The lights behind it were red-hot color and the interesting part of it was that those ambiguous red-hot lines were keeping the same altitude against the law of physics and disappeared in the air. There was no trace of smoke.

3) The outer edges were getting more reddish while there was a clear red center in the cluster right behind the main white center.

4) In front of the object, there was a white circle center that made up only %5 of the whole view of the object. That was not extending like an arrow but it was lying right in front of the object. It was also very bright white.

5) It was rubbing the air pushing it towards back in elliptical shapes.

6) It was flying as tranquil as an eagle but hovering at great speed.

The explanation by an astronomer on the sighting is ridiculous. The astronomer claimed that it was a technologically advanced firework that could rise up to 41 thousand feet or it was an asteroid. How could an asteroid move at 180 degrees parallel to the ground and disappears climbing up in the sky violating the laws of physics. Why doesn't any astronomer or scientist come up and take this case seriously. I assure you there is something we don't know of and scientists are trying to explain it with some rubbish instead of facing the truth.

Best regards,

Sukru Celik
Hotel General Manager


Attention to Mr.Haktan Akdogan and the officials concerned,

  • I perceived a line of light speeding down the sky to be a shooting star.

  • This light which appeared to be a shooting star first, suspended in the air then changed into a mass of light shining incredibly bright. It was something that I can't even dream of. It got tremendously bigger and started to hover magnificently in the night sky heading the hills. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I was fascinated by the scene.

  • I noticed some kind of energy-light motion at the back side of the mass. (It was functioning like the exhaust of a car).

  • I could see the circular lights resembling to light bulbs on the object.

  • It left traces of smoke like an airplane leaves behind. That trace remained visible until dawn.

  • There was another star-like light flying over that mass.

  • It disappeared over the hill no:8. Front part of the object was disappearing in an extremely straight way. When the mass got out of sight, I saw strobing lights right over the hills. (it was like you're exposed to light after darkness). Then I observed the red light no:7 again and it also disappeared to the left making circular motions exactly where the mass vanished over the hills before.

  • I would say that the incident I observed early in the morning on November 1st, at about 05.30-05.45 (it lasted 3 or 4 minutes) impressed me very much. Now I more frequently ask to myself whether there is an extraterrestrial life out there. If they exist, I'm sure they possess more advanced technology than us.

Hayriye Oztuzun


Hasan Huseyin Yavuz, a local imam (prayer leader) in Kutahya-Altintas claims seeing a UFO. Yavuz, imam of the Konak Mosque, stated that when he was going to the mosque for prayer early in the morning, he spotted flashing bright lights in the sky.

"I saw luminous objects looking like long minarets. They disappeared into the direction of the city of Usak".

Another witness Ulvi Sarikaya, residing in Altintas, also said he observed the same bright objects.

"A little while before the prayer-call we saw a number of objects in the sky. The objects then formed a cluster of yellow light. It was glowing all around. I wouldn't believe if I didn't see it with my own eyes."


Press "oynat" to start viewing


This amazing images were taken by Halil Yalcin at 5:38 AM on 1 NOVEMBER 2002 while driving with his wife Emine Yalcin between Balikesir and Susurluk.

UFO Rounded With a Circle Version



  • Meteors burn up and scatter in mesosphere between 70 and 100 kilometers altitude. But in this incident we are talking about 15-20 objects that were 30-40 m in size and that had reached 40.000 feet. As a rule, such meteors must have hit earth wreaking great havoc.

  • Meteors can not fly horizontally and they hit the ground at least at an angle of 45 degrees in comply with the laws of gravity.

  • Logically, meteors never have lights pulsating in a regular way like those observed in our case.


One of the claims that has been put forward by some circles is that the object was the 2002-050b decay that broke up from Soyuz rocket launched on October 30, at 03.11 heading International Space Station (ISS).


The empty rocket body weighs 2350 kg, 2.7 m in diameter and 6.7 m long. (We are confident that examination of the footage and the related reports will help them change their minds).


  • A rocket fragment 2.7 in diameter and 6.7 m long would have burned up and scattered in mesosphere between 70 and 100 kilometers altitude.

  • Let's we suppose that it had kept its original size (by miracle) until it reached to 40.000 feet. How can we explain its splitting into 15-20 pieces, each 30-40 m in size and they were still so bright?

  • And how did this piece fly horizontally violating the laws of gravity?

  • The rocket debris was traveling 256,000 feet from southeast to northwest, and the UFO was traveling between 20,000 to 40,000 feet from west to east.


  • Simulations of the UFO's flight in front of the airliner clearly show that the UFO and the rocket debris were different objects, traveling in different directions and heights


  • Rocket debris was traveling southeast to northwest, the same general direction as the airliner, thus it could not have flown across (intersected) the airliner's path. The rocket debris was at least 229,000 feet above and traveling in the same direction as the airliner. Harro Zimmer, reports the "satellite" (debris) was at 78+ km, and 78 km converts to 255,905 feet.

  • And finally how come another luminous and flashing (in a regular way) object appeared behind it.


6 different crews with profound experience on aerial phenomena have stated that these objects were flying independently in horizontal way, were 10-15 in number and as big as a Boeing 747. What's important is that there is no contradiction between the statements of different crews.

Naturally, no meteor can keep its size that big at 40.000 feet altitude in atmosphere. If the objects had passed through the mesosphere without splitting off it would have caused a catastrophe on earth.

No meteor can travel horizontally. If they were ordinary meteors they would have vertical motion at an angle of 45 degrees in comply with the laws of physics and gravity.

As one can see on video footage there is a luminous object up there blinking in a regular way twice a second. This point was also mentioned in the reports of witnesses.


Initially, a huge meteor enters into the atmosphere down to the 45.000 feet and then a UFO with flashing lights getting it under control using some kind of high-frequency energy field and flying it a while horizontally, splitting it into two pieces first and smashing it in final stage, making it completely ineffective before hitting earth.

All this process can be seen on video footage, animations and illustrations . It is also covered in the written reports by the witnesses.

How can we explain that such organizations like NASA and NORAD failed to spot these objects. There may be two reasons for that. Either they covered it up to avoid sparking panic among people or extraterrestrial technology made it invisible using some kind of energy shield. One of these can possibly explain the fact that the objects had not been picked up by any radar.

What's important is that this historical event was witnessed by many credible people, documented and filmed at the same time. The evidence is clear.

We, Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center, would like to express our gratitude and thanks to all the pilots and flight crews and other witnesses for their contribution and cooperation in bringing this very special event to the knowledge of world public opinion.


Eyewitnesses say that they saw an UFO hovering above the exploded reactor Sixteen years have passed since the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear plant on April 26, 1986. The explosion happened at 1:23 a.m. Tons of radioactive products were emitted into the atmosphere. The machine shop of the plant was gripped with fire, and the fire was about to move on to the third power-generating unit of the plant. Firemen managed to extinguish the fire several hours later. Many of them died later of radiation exposure.

Much has been written about the Chernobyl disaster, both in Russia and abroad. It seems that the physical nature of the tragedy has determined, as well as the people who were responsible for it. The fourth power-generating unit was supposed to be repaired. Yet, before shutting it down, the administration of the plant decided to perform several experiments. Steam delivery was cut to one of the turbogenerators in order to discover the period of time that electric power would still be generated due to the rotation of the rotor. The experiment was not well-organized. There was another test conducted simultaneously: the study of turbine vibration.

They started decreasing the capacity of the generating unit at 1 a.m. on April 25. The emergency cooling system of the reactor was shut down at 2 p.m. This was supposed to stop the reactor.

However, the Kievenergo energy company did not know anything about these tests. An energy control officer did not allow the fourth generating unit of the plant to be stopped. These were the prerequisites of the tragedy. Many people are still suffering.

The explosion was very large, but, luckily, it was a thermal blast. The fourth power generating unit was basically destroyed by overheated steam. There was no nuclear explosion. Roughly 180 tons of enriched uranium were in the reactor. If a large blast had happened, half of Europe would not currently be depicted on any maps.

There are many theories to explain such luck. One of the theories is that there was help from an Unidentified Flying Object. When troublesome events started to occur, some people saw a spaceship hovering above the fourth generating unit of the Chernobyl plant. Eyewitnesses say that an UFO was there for six hours and that hundreds of people saw it. People started writing about it only two years after the catastrophe. Of course, such event appeared in magazines on ufology. As it is generally believed, serious people don't read such magazines and journals.

Here is what Mikhail Varitsky had to say:

"I and other people from my team went to the site of the blast at night. We saw a ball of fire, and it was slowly flying in the sky. I think the ball was six or eight meters in diameter. Then, we saw two rays of crimson light stretching towards the fourth unit. The object was some 300 meters from the reactor. The event lasted for about three minutes. The lights of the object went out and it flew away in the northwestern direction."

The UFO brought the radiation level down. The level was decreased almost four times. This probably prevented a nuclear blast.

Three years later (on September 16, 1989), the fourth power-generating unit emitted radiation into the atmosphere. Several hours later, a doctor saw an object in the sky above the Chernobyl plant. Doctor Gospina described it as "amber-like." She said she could see the top and the bottom of it as well.

In October of 1990, a reporter from the newspaper the Echo of Chernobyl, V. Navran, was photographing the machine shop of the Chernobyl plant.

"I photographed the top of it, including a part of the hole above. I remember everything very well; I did not see any UFO. However, when I developed the film, I clearly saw an object that was hovering above the hole in the roof."

The object looked like the one doctor Gospina saw.