by Ed Komarek
25 May 2005

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We the citizens of the world have embarked upon a worldwide exopolitical cosmic civil rights movement. (Exopolitics is the politics of the Universe.) This cosmic rights movement is necessary in order to liberate and free our minds as well as our bodies from the tyranny of the unethical, the unscrupulous, the greedy, the fearful and the hateful. It is no longer enough for those who desire dominion over us to enslave our bodies through corrupt economic and military institutions but the unethical now seek to enslave even our minds as well. It is our own human weaknesses that make this mind control possible. It is up to us to free ourselves from political and exopolitical external controls imposed by force through a cosmic rights movement while at the same time work to become more ethical human beings. We the ethical, know that both the means and the end are one so we can only use ethical means to free ourselves from the tyranny of the unethical.

The slowly emerging cosmic civil rights movement must not only be built upon a strong ethical and moral foundation it also must be founded upon a exopolitical model that best approximates exopolitical reality. We have to have a road map in order to properly navigate the difficulties ahead. Those that see clearly and think rationally, know, based on the evidence available, that the universe is teeming with technologically advanced intelligent life. This life has and is very involved on, in and about earth right under the noses of us all, yet unobserved and unacknowledged by many. This intelligent life is not only technologically diverse but also ethically diverse as well. It is this very diversity that allows humanity the freedom to choose its future. We collectively vote our future with every thought and action we take every day of our lives. None us can avoid our responsibilities even if we do nothing, for that is a vote for the destruction of our emerging space faring civilization. The current situation is that serious.

While there has been a informal sporadic struggle for our cosmic rights ongoing around the world for decades, now is the time to give the movement a name and begin formalize and plan for a much more organized disciplined struggle. Once we create the proper ethical and exopolitical foundation for a more formal cosmic rights movement we can move to plan and execute strategies of liberation on a massive scale if the people are willing.

Our first strategy should be to improve our ability to communicate and synergize amongst ourselves worldwide in spite of the geographical, cultural and language barriers to the free flow of information. The internet provides us with a powerful and effective tool to do this. We need to build up a worldwide network of bi-lingual individuals who can translate and distribute the exopolitical foundational thought and the now developing exopolitical actions into their respective native countries. This can be done through individual effort and through machine translations.

The most eloquent and moving appeals should be well translated by individual effort so as to convey the eloquence and inspirational nature of these appeals. The day to day material can be translated through machine translation. I would hope that those from around the world would contact me in the English language if possible or find someone who is bi-lingual in English in their own land to communicate with me if they recognize the importance of this work. For myself I will attempt to get a machine translation program off the internet so that I can translate emails directly to me into English.

My vision of the organization of a worldwide cosmic civil rights movement would be to grow a organizational structure following the example of natural processes. Groups of regional and local organizers around the world networking together through the internet united in a common vision could cover the whole globe and reach out into space as well. Anyone can be a organizer provided they strive to maintain high ethical and moral standards and get along well with others. The organizers must have personal agendas that are in harmony with the overall vision of the networks and should be routed around and displaced if they impede or disrupt the free flow and synergetic interactions amongst individuals because of personal weaknesses or lack of motivation. In this way leaders are continuously being chosen and removed from leadership positions within the network based upon the collective decisions of the individuals within the networks. I can foresee that such highly ethical networks of liberation could then morph into a new advanced enlightened social political world government in the future.

My advice to those who wish to become leaders in the emerging cosmic rights movement is to just communicate and experiment without fear of making mistakes. Mistakes are just the product of the learning process. The important thing is learn from mistakes. Don’t overestimate or underestimate your abilities, just move! Sitting in place and talking, wanting to do something is not going to get the job done. What really matters is that we sincerely wish to change things for the better and discipline and focus our efforts to see that the job gets done. We have to always keep focused on our goal to maintain and expand on our basic freedoms, liberties and responsibilities.

Our goal is our most fundamental human rights and liberties.

  • We have the right to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about exopolitical realities.

  • We have the right to assemble freely and willfully with ethical celestial beings with no interference or disruption from any institution, individual or group.

  • We have the right to speak openly and freely amongst ourselves with no strategic deceptions of denial, fear or ridicule imposed upon us by anybody terrestrial or extraterrestrial.

  • We have the right to develop and practice freedom of religion with cosmic visitors without any interior or exterior interference or disruption.

  • We have the right to create a peaceful ethical future on earth and in space.

The question is do we have the will and the motivation to become a civilized space faring civilization? We will each answer this question with our own thoughts and actions one way or another.

Exopolitical: Second Communiqué To The World
by Ed Komarek
29 May 2005

The United States of America has been primarily responsible for the creation, maintenance and the orchestration of the UFO/ET coverup. This has been accomplished not only through a series of strategic deceptions perpetrated upon the American public but upon the world body as well. It is known that after World War II unethical fascist elements within the United States government imported into America fascists from the defeated Germany though programs like Operation Paperclip. While these unethical groups have subverted American democratic ideals in private they have as a strategic deceptive cover preached democratic ideals and ethical values to the rest of the world. The most damaging of all these strategic deceptions is the denial to the peoples of the world their rightful cosmic heritage.

Exopolitical investigators and activists around the world have begun efforts to persuade their respective governments to come clean and tell the truth about exopolitical realities to their citizens. This has been going on in the United States as well. It is my opinion that we should engage our unethical adversaries not where they are strongest here in the United States but where their influence is the weakest. This would be in other countries that have been catching on to the machinations of the United States. All it would take to end the exopolitical coverup would be for a few countries to break from the world wide cabal lead by the United States and Britain. Already we see signs where exopolitical activists in Brazil, Peru, and Mexico have persuaded their respective governments to respect moral and democratic ideals and begin to tell the truth to their peoples.

In Brazil it seems ET contact has been negative yet the cooperation between civilians and military seems to have caused the unethical ET’s there to back off. In Peru the ET contact has been mostly positive and has resulted in many prearranged flyovers that have been filmed by the mass media in Peru but have not reached the rest of the world. Reports form Russia indicate a strong desire by the public for ethical ET contact. American activists should come to the aid of their counterparts around the world to help them in every way possible.

We here in America are developing a powerful conceptual framework called exopolitics that will help to liberate ourselves from the mind control programs and strategic deceptions placed upon us. This conceptual framework will not only help free us from the UFO/ET worldwide coverup but it will protect us from the sure to come negative unethical spin to militarize space after the coverup ends. We in America need to do everything we can to export this exopolitical conceptual framework to our fellow citizens around the world. We are in need of translators to translate our exopolitical thought as well as others who can assist in distributing this important knowledge to exopolitical activists all around the world through the internet.

One of the toughest obstacles to the free flow of information worldwide is the language barrier. Thanks to machine translation
programs and the internet we here in America are beginning to interface with our counterparts all around the world to break through the language barrier. Exopolitical investigator Steve Moreno is breaking new ground using machine translation programs to discover contact networks worldwide. (Here is the program that Steve uses. We will soon be able to communicate and link up with these other contact networks like our own through a discussion board that automatically translates posts. I am at present trying to get Steve in touch with Dr. Michael Salla to see if such a board is immediately feasible at his web site.

Through conversations with Steve both he and I now realize that other contact networks in other countries are coming to these same realizations and are extending their networks to reach out to us. This organization structure appears to mimicking the processes of the brain where individual nerve cells come together to form networks then connect and grow into even larger networks. The advent of the internet makes this advanced organizational process possible.

As this post makes it to other contact networks like our own around the world I hope it stimulates interest to respond in kind so as to improve all networks through shared information and synergies. I am presently getting Steve to help me understand machine translator programs and am trying to get him to post what he is learning to the rest of us. Steve is way ahead in reaching out to the rest of the world and we have some catching up to do.

As the exopolitical contact networks come together in some unified fashion worldwide we also begin the process of interfacing and guiding other earth human groups and institutions. Simultaneously the earth based exopolitical agenda integrates into the universal exopolitical agenda contacting and integrating into ethical celestial networks. This appears to be a most elegant and sophisticated process most likely repeated elsewhere in the universe for emerging stellar space faring societies.