by  Eric Julien





"There is not a crisis of Energy,

but a crisis of ignorance"





























The world of ufology has been wondering about the reality of UFOs for more than fifty years. Testimonies are legion but the explanation is missing. Therefore, the phenomenon is denied. The testimony which follows should reconcile the logic of scientific fact, which we deny, with these appearances of high strangeness. The answer proposed here will not fail to challenge many established certainties. The professor Joseph Allen Hynek, the famous American ufologist, who was at first very skeptical then wildly in favor of the reality of UFOs wrote:

" when we have the solution of the UFO enigma, I think that it will be revealed to be not just one step more in the advance of science, but a powerful and unexpected quantum jump."

This sentence is known worldwide! There are dates in History which, I believe should not be missed. This article proposes an unexpected solution. Even better, a metaphysics! That is to say a physics containing all the physics: time has three dimensions !

  • Direction

  • Density

  • the Present

You certainly remember the film 'Matrix' in which a small group of men and women succeeded in getting out of the illusory reality of the world. It is exactly what we are going to do, at least by our thought. We are going to get out of the matrix for a moment , just the "time" to understand the universe in which we live, such as I perceived it during a deeply moving, transcendental personal experience.

One cannot explain UFOs and paranormal phenomena with our current means of investigation, nor even with the present interpretation which we have of the universe which surrounds us. I pay tribute to the scientists of the planet who, every day, experience the anxiety of the subject to be resolved and who, when they turn around, find nobody to whisper them the solution. Yet they pursue their research with patience. We are going to discover together what they call a new paradigm without which it is perhaps useless to search.

Before leaving our 'world' to grasp the incredible exploits of UFOs, and the no less disturbing aspects of parapsychology, I think it would be useful to share with you a series of surprising sightings. But before, here is a brief presentation of my career.

My main profession has been in aviation, and I have never been brilliant in scientific studies and have an ordinary intelligence. After five years in the Air Force as a military air-traffic controller (tower and radar), I earned my living in the world of specialized media (economy and stock exchange) to finance studies to become a professional pilot. As soon as I obtained my license, I went into commercial aviation, at first on twin-turbo-propellers then on twin-engine jets. With the Gulf war, some airline companies disappeared, including mine. I then went to university and obtained a diploma of specialized higher studies in economics (new technologies). Immediately an airline company hired me as on duty station manager. Four and a half years and a promotion later, I was co-opted by the airport in which I worked. After being In charge of airport resources, in the operations dept, I had a two-year break on the (French) Island of Reunion (Indian ocean near Mauritius) and then returned to a bigger airport where I am working at present.

My contacts with UFOs were relatively numerous, either directly or indirectly, but especially in very varied ways. Here, I shall just make a short list:

  • 1977 : Appearance of an orangey brilliant ball in the sky over Toulon, prodigious acceleration, an angle of 90 then disappearance (in less than three kilometers - two miles)

  • 1983 : Appearance of a radar echo flying at 28 000 kph (17500 mph) from east to west, in the North of Reims, on my panoramic screen (at a distance of about 25 kilometers).

  • 1984 : Appearance of a saucer on the air base of Reims where I was living, (reported by a colleague controller - less than 200 meters distance away).

  • 1990 : Appearance, during a day-dream, of a technical design of an UFO, surrounded by three non-human creatures (see further on).

  • In December 2001 : appearance of saucer 300 meters away from our holiday resort on the Isle of Mauritius (reported by my daughter).

  • In February 2002 : appearance of a very fast light (less than 200 meters away) right above our house on the island of Reunion.

  • In March 2002 : a transcendental experience preceded by a loud noise, identical to one of my wife's UFO sightings. The noise was right above the house. It is the results of this experience that is reported in this article.

  • In October 2002 : a ballet of lights (between ten and fifteen), between our two houses, (during a house move), at the west of Arras which seemed like a silent air battle with erratic movements lasting for twenty five minutes. The passage over one of our houses of a triangular craft, with a light in each corner, twenty meters (60 feet), from the roof. Approximate size of the craft: fifteen meters (45 feet) (reported by my wife and two of my children).

The details of these observations and events have already been reported in other medias or web sites, so it is not necessary to extend on them here. I suggest we enter the experience, or rather both major experiences from my point of view.




In 1990, during a nap, I found myself projected into a strange environment where there were three non-human entities, i.e. not belonging to our race. Although I could not see them, I somehow knew they were extraterrestrials. This environment consisted of a projection of a diagram which seemed alive and whose parts were active. There, I saw four parts of technology:

  • A rotor turning at a speed close to the speed of light, inside a container.

  • A super-conductive network which formed a part of the airframe cell, and the internal connections.

  • A peripheral torus (ring of circular section) in which something circulated that was probably plasmatic in nature, in a closed loop and at very high speed.

  • A crystal in the centre which shone powerfully and tuned the frequencies of the device.

Here is the simplified diagram:

Along with this vision, there was some strange information:

  • Time is intermittent (not linear).

  • It is a "sub-state" of matter.

  • Vehicles can come from the "FUTURE" as from the "PAST" .

  • They navigate the crystal either "mechanically", or "psychically" (possible appearance of human interference in this last case).

The pilot of the vehicle manipulates two commands :

     a. a frequency (mega-wave of the CRYSTAL)

     b. an "energy trajectory"

The torus provides the temporal coherence to the craft. The crystal gives the wave coherence in the field produced by the torus and within the physical limits of the airframe unit. The appearance of the variable force field around the craft locally precedes the craft (a sort of projection of space-time). The rotating disc is extremely light. The initial rotation of the disc is supplied by the torus. The disc then restores its energy to the torus once the threshold of a certain speed is exceeded. The vacuum is the key in the "mutation" of the state of matter, and hence its "location".

VERY IMPORTANT: the vibratory level (consciousness) of the pilot and the occupants is crucial (risk of accidental decorporation – leaving the body, OBE).

What is important to remember in this experience, what I qualify as an encounter of the fifth kind, is that communication was made by telepathy. The information is immediate, powerful and more-than-real. It is not easy to translate it with simple words as our state of consciousness is so expanded at those moments.

This close encounter of the fifth kind, or CE5, provided me with technical information of great importance. It is common but often badly interpreted by those to whom it happens as is often the case with extrasensory perceptions.

To these technical aspects, it is necessary to add this :

  • UFOs master the technologies of time and anti-gravity.

  • Those UFOs said to be ' psychic ', are of the same nature as the material UFOs but in a different state.

  • The UFO phenomenon is of extraterrestrial origin.

  • There are numerous extraterrestrial races.

  • Among these races, few have come to visit us.

  • Among these, some have a luminous and altruistic purpose, others do not.

  • There will be an extraterrestrial threat when we have mastered time.

  • This threat is related to our belligerent behavior.

  • Fraternity of people should become international.

  • This threat will be lessened by collaboration with the benevolent entities.





A strange phenomenon occurred on March 7th, 2002, quite late (11.30 pm) on a Thursday evening in the house where we lived on the island of Reunion. While I slept, my wife heard an intense noise followed immediately by the barking of the dogs in the area (a quiet country area). This noise sounded very similar to what she had heard during her UFO experience near Gap (France) like a wire spinning very quickly with sudden banging or cracking sounds. The sound was so loud that she thought at once of a helicopter which was going to crash down on us. However, the "volume" of the noise was so great that it was far louder than the blades of a helicopter. So she was expecting a terrible crash but it didn't happen. The sound rapidly disappeared. She went to look through the window but no neighbor showed the slightest movement. Then the barking stopped.

My wife told me all this the next morning at about 11:00. I got up at 4:30 and began writing for three hours. In fact, the visions which I had had in 1990 resumed their intensity in understanding without the actual images being seen. I felt a compelling order to pass on this information.

New information reached me some of which is going to drastically change our vision of the world and the equations of the physicists. It gives a prodigious coherence to all UFO and paranormal phenomena:

  • The unit of time expands or contracts!

  • Parallel universes are nothing other than a different flow of time.

In fact, time possesses three dimensions ! It's not easy to read what follows without a good dose of concentration because it is a little bit difficult. But if it were easy to get out of the matrix we would have already learnt how to do it. So here is the triple nature of time:


Direction of the flow of time. It is the sequence of time that establishes the relation between causes and effects. In a trivial way, it is the arrow of time.

It describes the visible transformation of matter and events. The direction of time is not linear but intermittent. The direction of time has two directions that can be represented by a graph axis of a function. The most acceptable is therefore the natural arrow of time going from past to future. The second direction goes from the future towards the past. This one is more difficult to interpret because it occurs beyond a definite rate of flow (see the density below). The keyword of Dir-Time is: transformation. It is therefore the direction of the variation of the time units during an exchange of information or a movement.

Unit of time: temporal quantum (Qt). Notion introduced in September, 2002.


Fluidity of the flow of time. It is the relative quantity of time that affects the behavior of matter and events. It describes their speed of transformation.

The density of time is not linear but intermittent, therefore fractal. It implies that events are more or less numerous in quantities of time that are defined by convention. In other words, in a density of time D, there are fewer 'bits' of information than in a density D+1.D-time can be represented by a graphic axis describing the passage from one density to another. The keyword of D-Time is: speed (of transformation). It is a quantity of time units during an exchange of information or a movement. It is also extended as the possible quantity of information or the quantity of movement per conventional unit of time (second). The temporal density is the key of the science of tomorrow.

It is necessary to understand that in one second, there is a variable quantity of units of time. The higher the density of time, the higher the number of quantas of time (we'll come back to this later on). But all the densities of time are flowing at the same time, including in the past and the future which should not be confused with the transmitted information. The more temporal density there is, the farther one goes in the past and future.


The alignment of the Quantas in the harmonic frequencies. The variation of P-Time affects the cyclic character of events when they return to their initial point. The Present does not depend either on the direction or on the Density of time but it is the link between them. It is a common number of units of time between different time densities during a transformation in a balanced state. One passes from one density to another thanks to the present. The keyword here is : permanence (no transformation).

The present such as we usually conceive it does not exist! It is an illusion and a convention of language. It will always be only a past or an immediate future up to the time of Planck (10-43 second) because it is only a problem of scale. This big truth is to be meditated upon for a longtime. For a very long time.

To summarize, 3-D time is a hologram in which our consciousness evolves by successive jumps in three simultaneous directions. Far from being unfounded and speculative, 3-D time is scientifically verifiable. Besides, it is what we do every day thanks to computer technology ! But in my experience the intellectual side only came after...

Here are the sketches that I hurriedly drew at 4.30 that morning:

The hourglass suggests perfectly the density of time. Every graduation represents a temporal density. To simplify, we could say that a density superior to the conventional "second" would be a fraction of this second during which as many things (actions) would occur.

Let us remain on the question of the density of time, the essential key of our fate whether scientific or spiritual. Moreover, would it not be the ring of their marriage, the Ark of the Covenant ?

Future fate or destiny is partially "visible" for those who can experience precognition. One will retort that it is necessary to wait for the event to take place to declare that there was premonition. We may note in passing that the only work of scientists is indeed to describe what is going to take place with the aid of equations ! They can only be sure when it has effectively taken place but they know beforehand what will happen, with a small percentage of uncertainty. The same as with clairvoyants ! It is this "tiny" distance between premonition and fact that leaves room for the ...quantum will. The difficulty comes from the fact that this percentage of uncertainty increases AS THE DEGREE OF LIBERTY of the thing studied.

What decides if it takes place or not? Freedom ! The higher the degree of freedom a creature has, even more so with time, the less it is restricted. It is likely that it did not escape you that the predictability of mineral phenomena was superior to that of plants, exceeding greatly that of human beings. I'll leave you to meditate on what follows on from that outburst.

Allow me a convenient digression here. Scientific method is founded on the reproducibility of a phenomenon, at first by the experiment, then by the modeling of the causes generated. So equations are born with which we describe the universe. But always, the experiment precedes the model (except in pure mathematics). When an equation is officially proposed it has been closely observed and examined so as not to be contradicted. The equation does not describe reality, it describes what is acceptable.

Einstein followed Newton without removing anything from him but situating him in a relative context. It is what is proposed here. The density of time allows all the equations to be considered relatively.

But what happens with the increasing degrees of freedom? Should we remain with the "reproducibility" of scientific fact, that principle which issued from the philosophy of the 'Enlightenment' of the 18thcentury? Are not we in the 21st century? Have we not understood that increasing degrees of freedom and reproducibility are incompatible?

The factor "t" (for time) is often represented in an orthonormed line by one of the axes of an equation. The speed, then the acceleration are described with the same unit of time - the second. Now, he who measures decides on the unit of time because he is the observer. In this way, we vary the distance (and the speed of transformation of it) and not the time to quantify them. But a new paradigm has appeared in order to study mechanics and its relativist effects. To make a quantum jump (without the pun), it is necessary to introduce the notion of density of time and to transform this sacred linearity into intermittent values whenever we plunge into matter to try and understand the nature of it. The results in energy calculations will be heavily affected.

The corpuscular/wave duality of matter is at the heart of this new paradigm.

When an UFO flies away, it appears to us as terrific acceleration. But it is just an appearance! Whatever the physical make-up of the occupants of these machines, they could not undergo such lightning acceleration without injury. It is not therefore "variable spaces" that must be studied, but "variable time" . For example: if the acceleration of an object appears to us to be 100m/s2, (330ft/s2) it is really, for the occupants, 10m/s2 (33ft/s2) because their seconds change density. In other words, the first of their seconds will be the same as ours, then the next one will dilate to become one of our minutes, and so on, so that in fact, it accelerates very little. But the illusion which we have is a fantastic acceleration until their disappearance into another density of time, thus making them invisible for us AS WE ARE FOR PLANTS WHEN WE PASS IN FRONT OF THEM WITHOUT STOPPING.

Note : the information according to which energy becomes a vector in a three-dimensional time comes from Roland Lehouc, astrophysicist in the astrophysics dept. of the CEA (ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY).

These two curves represent the absolute and relative expansion of time, in other words the creation and the creature (who perceives the creation).

The three dimensions of space (length, height, depth) and the three dimensions of time (direction, density, present) form the dual perfection of creation. The relation between one and the other represents evolution. Beings migrate therefore through space-times in a brilliant genius of fractal geometry.

Nobody will have ignored that the symbol of the pyramid, common to several distant civilizations of the past, in a three-dimensional approach, for space as well as time, is a singular coincidence. Also, would not the two inverted triangles represent a "powerful" six-sided star hiding perhaps an esoterical meaning that was understood a long time ago ? Our UFOs don't seem to have appeared just yesterday, especially if they were around at the origin of these symbols. Is not the Apocalypse (also) Disclosure?

UFOs pass from one temporal density to another. One of the fundamental points of the experience was this vision of the four states of matter which dematerializes as the frequencies increase. A crystalline sound is emitted to allow the passage towards the invisible state.

The dynamic behavior of a UFO which crosses space-time can go from invisibility to materialization. But it is not always the case. Furthermore, our technologies, radar notably, interfere and sometimes provoke furtive appearances.

Two major reasons would explain the multiplication of UFOs sightings in the last fifty years.

1)The use of nuclear weapons - a real temporal seism for other beings, so attracting them towards us.

2) The use of sophisticated technologies by human beings that employ emissions of high frequencies at high energy. Contrary to all expectations, this contributes to the general rise of the vibratory frequency of the planet. The real problem is the chaotic character of these emissions. We are therefore in a stage of transition.