by Angelico Tapestra
An Editorial Staff Compilation


Secret Shadow Government -- Illuminati -- Black Nobility -- Freemasonry -- Trilateral Commission -- Bilderbergers --Council on Foreign Relations -- Secret Societies -The Money Mongers Committee of 300 -- Satanists -- The Anti-Christ -- Knights of Malta


Look again at the table above. Have you seen it before? I’m sure most people haven’t. It was exposed in a book by David Icke called, And the truth shall set you free, in addition to Bill Cooper‘s, Behold a Pale Horse, and Dr. John Coleman‘s Committee of 300. This is the real power structure on planet Earth. It’s also the "chain of commands" which is valid today and has been for quite some time now.

This whole scenario might appear surreal to most people, but nonetheless we ask you to consider it. Most of us can agree on the fact that something is very wrong with this planet. Civil wars, diseases, famine, ethnic cleansing, religious wars, different violations of human rights... the list is long and it just goes on and on. Are all those bad conditions totally separated from each other or do they have a common source or denominator?

All we ask from you is to think for yourself. Throw away everything you’ve been told, things you’ve learned in school, what you’ve heard on the radio, what you’ve seen on television, what politicians have told you, etc. Just for a few moments, let’s start thinking for ourselves. How often does this opportunity present itself? We are constantly assailed with propaganda, bad news, opinions and lies, and dark, covert secrets are held in abeyance until some brave soul ventures forth to reveal them. Many of these falsehoods are perpetuated through the media --- that which is owned by a few people who sit at the very top of the mountain. All and everything on earth today is designed to align with these elitist people’s intentions and well-orchestrated goals.

The following information most definitely carries a certain purpose. First of all, we will try to brief you on the current scene in today‘s world, focusing on the political agenda, in particular. When this has been covered, we will try to convey what is really happening----not the false data you receive via your nightly TV news or daily local newspaper. We will also comment on vital info that is presented to the public-at-large, explaining the intricacies of the information and perhaps debating it. All this is predicated on facts which we are going to present rather expeditiously.

However, to fully comprehend it all, you have to be apprised of the past and present circumstantial facts that have prevailed on this planet for a very long time. This will be the version that you were never intended to receive, that veritable truth certain people don‘t want you to know.

Illuminati means "the enlightened ones" or "bearer of light", which can also be names likened to Lucifer or Satan. Those top players---in their international playground---are called the Illuminati or Moriah. They belong to thirteen of the wealthiest families in the world, (see attached) and are the men who really rule the world from behind the scenes. They are the "Black Nobility", the Decision Makers who make up the rules for presidents and governments to follow and by which they govern.

These groups of people are always behind the curtain and veiled, withdrawn from public eyes because their actions can’t bear too much scrutiny. Their bloodlines go back thousands of years; these families are very careful to keep their "elitist“ bloodlines propagated from generation to generation; no contamination is ever entertained.

Their power lies in the occult and in the economy; money creates power. They own all the International banks, the oil-businesses, the most powerful businesses of industry and trade; they infiltrate politics and they own most governments, or at the very least control them. An example of this is the American election for presidency. In most instances. the candidate who gets the most sponsorship in the form of money usually wins the election. This enables him to reinvent himself and empowers him to trivialize his opponent.

It has also been said that there has not been one US president whose lineage didn‘t revert back to the lineage of old European royalty, and George W. Bush certainly exemplifies this principle.

And who sponsors the "right" candidate? Why, the Illuminati does, of course. Sometimes they sponsor both sides to have a game going. They decide who will be the next president, and they see to it that their man wins. Most presidential campaigns are financed with drug money, which is understandable if you know that the Illuminati runs the drug trade industry as well. Bill Clinton is a perfect example of one who has been trained ---from early youth--- by this cabal and was well prepared for his "mission" when he took over the presidency.

For years the rumors have run rampant about the circumstances surrounding Mr. Clinton‘s birth. Indeed, it is purported that he is the illegitimate grandson of a great power monger, making the Blythe lineage completely erroneous. Many claim it is only common sense to comprehend the pieces of this puzzle. At the time of his birth, Arkansas was considered to be a wild and woolly state, flaunting gambling and prostitution as a frivolity very easily attained. In those days, many New Yorkers traveled south to avail themselves of weekend fun and games; the elitists were no exception.


How else could an unknown entity from a tiny little town in a poor, unsophisticated state achieve such high acclaim and notoriety? He most surely needed some "leverage“ to become the recipient of "The Rhodes Scholarship“, (this gift funded by a very powerful illuminati member: Cecil Rhodes of South Africa) this feat not easily garnered by a "commoner.“ From that moment on, it was onward and upward; the speculation still rears it curious head today.

What precisely are the goals of the Illuminati?  To create a One World Government and a New World Order with them at the top, ruling the world by fascism and banishing the little guy into slavery! In actuality, this is a very old goal and to fully understand the machinations of it all, one must comprehend that these power mongers‘ philosophy has been, ”Rome wasn‘t built in a day‘. In other words, their goal had to be done incrementally within the context of several decades and many lifetimes. It has been the major goal of the centuries.

This major scheme has been conducted under the cloak of secrecy with no official ties. It has been plotted and planned within the Global Secret Societies. All Secret Societies, with secret grades of initiation, are owned and controlled by the Illuminati, but Freemasonry is probably the most commonly known. The persons who control the societies and the Illuminati are on a high par with those who practice Black Magic. Some suggest they are Satanists; their only God Lucifer, and it is by occult practices that they manipulate and influence the masses. In their eyes, it doesn’t matter if you and I believe in the validity of these practices or not----as long as they do. And they take it very seriously.

Is it not a thrilling thought that this planet is matter-of-factly run by Black Magic, this global world where dark practices are not supposed to exist--at all--in any shape or form? And! If anyone dares to contradict this, he/she will most certainly be ridiculed. From this occult "science," mind control and Intelligence have developed. By taking over the movie and record industries, and by their control of the Fine Arts, they know how to influence the teenagers to dance to their own tune and accept their kind of reality. This makes sense if you look at what kind of "entertainment" has been forced upon us. Where did all the Great Masters go? No doubt, forced into underground oblivion.

Music for today‘s teenagers is often without quality, yet still cajoling this younger generation, leading them into robotism and apathy, violence and drugs. It’s also used for mind control, as we shall see later. Real quality music is rejected by the big record companies in favor for those with the 1970s talent, the era which produced the heavy rock group Black Sabbath and the Rolling Stones before them. Satanism has been continually promoted through the music industry and many more musical groups followed in their footsteps with a tremendous amount of monetary success. Today, the very dark group Marilyn Manson comes to mind, not to mention the repetitive beat of the hypnotic rap "music“ with its obscene expletives.

Similar influence is found in Hollywood today, a culture also controlled and created by the Illuminati. The "E.T." movies, doom‘s day films and catastrophe movies all align with the purpose to influence and move us in pre-determined directions. Satanic movies have also been heavily promoted ---all designed in preparation for days to come.

To reiterate, the men who control the Illuminati are members of thirteen wealthy families. Who they are has been very secret and the leadership has been passed from generation to generation, man to man. Nevertheless, no secrecy can be kept forever and sooner or later there will be leaks. Very few people know these families‘ identities, but due to ex-Illuminati Order members, some of the most remarkable data has been revealed. It‘s time to announce the names of the 13 families, these members chosen and set up by extraterrestrial influences to rule this planet behind the curtains. These families comprise what is known as THE SECRET GOVERNMENT, the rulers behind all other governments and powers on this planet.



In addition, the following families are considered to be the key $ system families of International Banking.



The Secret Societies have been present in the history of man for a very long time. It all started thousands of years ago with the "Brotherhood of the Snake," a secret society set up by an alien named Ea or Enki. This story is very carefully told in the Sumerian Scriptures, which go back at least 6000 years. In these scripts it says man was created by draconian aliens, who came to this planet to exploit its resources, especially gold. But because the work was heavy, the alien race wanted someone else to do the hard work. Thus Ea, who was a brilliant scientist, created Homo sapiens as a hybrid between a primitive earth life-form and the alien race.

The first Sapiens were only meant for slave labor and couldn’t breed. Later on, this was changed. However, Ea didn‘t like how his created race was treated and wanted to enlighten them by telling them who they were and from where they originated. He also wanted to teach that each individual is a spirit inhabiting a body and that after body death the spirit lives on and reincarnates on Earth.

Ea’s superiors didn’t agree to this, afraid of the chaos and turmoil that might ensue. However, Ea told them anyway. The early Homo sapiens revolted against their Masters, but were forced to retire. Ea then started this secret society --- The Brotherhood of the Snake --- to enlighten people surreptitiously. However, his ploy was discovered and he was judged according to alien laws. This meant that Ea was deported to Earth for eternity --- to die here and be reborn here in endless cycles --- using fragile, short living human bodies. If this information is correct, he might very well still be here.

As time moved forward, "The Brotherhood of the Snake" was infiltrated by the Draconian Master aliens and the knowledge was distorted to trap man instead of enlighten him. The Egyptian era was, in fact, real space opera with aliens walking among us, even taking the throne as pharaohs. By that time, The Brotherhood was well infiltrated, its purpose to manipulate the masses, making them believe in false gods and masters.

Throughout history, secret societies have existed, their powerful force operating in the background. The original Brotherhood soon split up in cults, when certain top dogs disagreed with each other; consequently different powers of control developed. Even in-fighting still existed (which is still the case today); all this in total oblivion to an ignorant population. They invented the religions, sects and cults so man‘s attention would be focused elsewhere, in ignorance as to what The Brotherhood was doing. This also served as a way to control people; by not telling the truth about God and Jesus, people would thereby miss the point and never be set free in their intellectuality. Religion has always been connected with guilt and punishment, which is NOT the way it was intended to be. They put themselves in charge of the churches to entrap people and to continually perpetuate the differences in belief systems, thus stirring up the pot of conflict continually. Most wars throughout history have been religious wars.

Out of the original Brotherhood came,

  • Freemasonry

  • the Rosicrucians

  • The Knight Templars

  • Ordo Temple Orients

  • Knights of Malta

  • and more

The upper echelon of the Hierarchy knew the truth about the origin of man, that we all are spiritual beings and thus immortal. They knew God was the REAL and the only SOURCE, but they distorted that power, deceiving us as they used this knowledge for their own evil purposes. This wisdom was a very well kept secret, and since then, they have done everything in their power to hide the truth from people. One can readily surmise that they have been quite successful in their deception. Some persons, who for some reason or another have stumbled upon the path to enlightenment (the real truth), have either been ridiculed, slandered or even killed. In many circles, it is believed that the Freemasons are simply a charitable organization, even Christian in its belief. Yes, that’s what we’re told and that is what most members of this secret society believe. Most people involved are good people, completely ignorant as to what‘s going on at the very highest levels. Up there at the pinnacle, the evil, foreboding one is found, along with the worship of THE ACCOMPANYING DARK FORCES. These overseers have no affinity with God; they serve the Luciferian forces, and that, my friends is exactly what is happening in today‘s world --- right here, right now.

Adam Weishaupt (1748-1811), basically a Jew, converted to Catholicism, became a priest and ended up starting a "new" secret society called the Illuminati. In actuality, this group had existed long before Weishaupt‘s intervention, but it was during his lifetime that the organization was revealed publicly. It’s unclear as to whom was the master-mind behind his group, but most researchers believe that Weishaupt was merely a puppet for the Elite of the Freemasons.

The Freemasons initiated a new branch of Freemasonry called: 'Freemasonry of the Scottish Ritewith its 33 degrees of initiation. Today, it is still one of the most powerful secret societies, its members representing high politicians, religious leaders, businessmen and other "useful" persons. It has been divulged that Adam Weishaupt was sponsored by the Rothschilds, who were then (and are today) the heads of Freemasonry.

The Illuminati had levels that ranked ABOVE (or rather beside) the 33 degrees of Freemasonry; even persons who were initiated in the higher degrees had no knowledge of these elevated Illuminati positions. It was that secret.

From his elevated throne, Weishaupt planned the takeover of the planet, and he pinpointed exact targets for a One World Government and a New World Order. All this was documented in what was called the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," a devious plan with the evil purpose of blaming the Jews, if this plan leaked out.

It was in the 1770s that it did indeed leak out. Its intent and purpose was accidentally revealed when an Illuminati courier was struck by lightning, keeling over in a field. The Protocols were found and the shocking, detailed, takeover plans were carefully outlined in his parcel. Consequently, Weishaupt and his Illuminati "Brothers" had to flee and work underground, their organization banned. It was then decided that the name illuminati would never again be officially used. This is not to say that front groups would not be useful to fulfill the purpose of world domination, with the rest of the population made into slaves.

One of the front groups was the Freemasons; this particular group enjoyed a better reputation. It is believed that Weishaupt was killed by his Freemason Brothers because he was unable to keep his mouth shut and still continued to use the name Illuminati. However, there could also have been other reasons a well.

Yet, the ultimate goal survived; Weishaupt and the Rothschilds were now recognized heads of the Illuminati (and still are today, together with David Rockefeller). One of the greatest helps toward meeting that end goal came in the embodiment of Freemason, Cecil Rhodes. It was in the 19th Century that he tried to build a One World Government with the British Empire at the top. This was, of course, sponsored by the Rothschilds; it was also Rhodes who created the Round Table, a secret society in itself named after King Arthur’s Round Table where the Brotherhood Elite are still gathering to this very day.

World War I and II were both attempts to affect a takeover. After World War II, people were so tired of all this killing that they welcomed the newly formed United Nations. The UN‘s official policy was to safeguard the peace, so nothing like WW II would ever happen again. However, the UN was another important front organization for the Illuminati. Its purpose was the consolidation of all world countries into one singular unit. This led to the EU project, which anyone with open eyes could ascertain that scheme was moving in the direction of the biggest fascist state ever known to man --- that where each country got less and less power and sovereignty.

By galloping inflation, the International Bankers have succeeded in making us believe that the only solution is a One Currency --- the EMU. When that project is safeguarded, the Central European Bank (Illuminati) has all the power over Europe‘s economy and can lead us in whatever direction they want. Some politicians are merely ignorant of this fact, while others are very much aware and work for and with the Illuminati. The innocent people are the ones being deceived, and will suffer the most. This is a betrayal beyond comprehension.

The EU then will expand into the United Nations of Africa, Asia and South America and the end phenomenon will be that all those United countries (states) will be united into one big fascist state, which will last a thousand years ---according to their occult beliefs. It’s their Golden Age ---the Age of Anti-Christ.

The secret societies and the Illuminati believe in the power of The Dark Forces. The world is full of their black magic symbols. The problem is, we are so used to seeing them all over the place, that we don’t even think about it. The Illuminati believe that the more symbols around, the more magical power is available to them. The insignia of the illuminati and the New World Order is the "Pyramid with the All-Seeing- Eye", which you can study on the back of the US dollar bill! A few years ago, this symbol was also on a series of stamps coming from the Vatican --- the All-Seeing-Eye is the Eye of Hours, which is the Eye of Lucifer, which reverts directly back to the Egyptian era. Other common symbols are the Pentagram (five-pointed star), the hexagram (six-pointed star -The Star of David), the Swastika reversed (the way Hitler used it) and the pyramid in general.

The secret societies controlled by the Illuminati have secret grades of initiations. Freemasonry does not allow one to just sashay up to them and join their group; one has to be recommended by at least two existing members. After this, the potential member will be examined and investigated before he’s allowed to join. If only one person in the council votes nay to the membership, then that person is not permitted to join. Obviously, they are very discerning when they gauge a person‘s usefulness to their group.

For official public consumption, most societies are represented as charity organizations, nothing of which to be wary. However, these groups are esoteric in nature with grades of initiations, every member has sworn his utmost loyalty---first and foremost to the Brotherhood. This means that if a person has a specific post in society (like a company President for example), his first interest and loyalty is to the Brotherhood and secondly to his post as President. A Brother in good standing is always to be protected and cared for as long as he is useful to the organization and follows its rules. If he doesn’t keep his oaths or reveals any secrets, he will be used as a horrible example (even killed). It’s very important that the secrets are kept.

Many lower grade Freemasons are actually very pleased to be members. It’s a tight belonging-feeling" and he will learn a few secrets of this universe which are not taught in school. Usually, he‘s enthusiastic and fascinated with the whole picture. One Freemason said, "Besides my wife, Freemasonry is the most important thing in my life." His wife, by the way, must never know anything about her husband's secret retreats within the society. Women are not allowed into the all male societies; however there ARE a few societies devoted specifically to women, i.e. The Eastern Star.

It is now easy to understand why women are treated as "less beings“ in today‘s society with lower wages for the same job, etc. It’s a man’s world---it’s the world of the Secret Societies!

Creating a positive front is of paramount importance to the Brotherhood as they are very eager to recruit good candidates. Hopefully, even celebrities can be persuaded to speak highly of them and defend the organization when necessary. The less these persons are aware of the real agenda, the more truthful a person will sound in its defense.
With passing time, some of the members (not all, though) will enter higher and higher grades within the society --until the highest levels are attained. Once up there, however, a very careful selection takes place. Before entering the upper grades, a higher Brother demands that the apprentice spit on the cross. If the person refuses, due to his Christian belief, the higher Brother tells him he did the right thing and has showed his loyalty to his religion. But, this is a ruse. That Brother will never be permitted to enter the highest grades and will always be met with excuses as to why he can’t continue UPWARDLY.

On the other hand, if the person spits on the cross, he is showing his loyalty to the Brotherhood and is thereby deemed loyal and permitted to climb the stairway to the highest pinnacle. He will be given access to the "secret libraries" where the wisdom of the ages has been compiled. He‘s also permitted to take part in its magical rituals. He will be more and more involved in Black Magic/Satanism and prepared for the "Big secrets" which, among others, incorporates the following:

1.   The secret society is in communication with alien life forms which are the real powers behind the society
2.   The purpose of the society is to create a One World Government, with them in charge over mankind, but above them in the Hierarchy is the Luciferian, alien force
3.   The way to control the masses is through mind control, the occult, and satanic power, used with the intent to manipulate
4.   The reward will be power and money
5.   We are all spiritual beings, inhabiting a body and are thus immortal as spirits

In 1922, Lucifer’s Trust was created in London, but later changed its name to Luci‘s Trust, as the first name was too obvious. The Trust is non-governmental and officially recognized by the United Nations. It’s also an extension of the Theosophical Society. Luci’s Trust is sponsored by, among others, the ”alleged‘ Satanist Robert McNamara, former USA Minister of Defense, President of the World Bank, member of the Rockefeller Foundation, and Thomas Watson, (IBM, former ambassador in Moscow). Some of the organizations that Luci’s trust sponsors are the following front organizations:

  • UN

  • Green Peace International

  • Green Peace USA

  • Amnesty International


Luci’s Trust has its only "religious" chapel --- the Temple of Understanding --- where Satanism is in practice --- in the UN headquarters in New York, USA. (source: Police High School Library, Satanism, A 205 Basic Course II --police High school autumn 1991; authors: Angela Grandson and Lena Martinsson, Sweden). It is Interesting to note that Luci‘s Trust openly declares that a secretive group of illuminated‘ New Age‘ notables are now running the planet from behind the scenes.

The reason good intentioned people remain members of such destructive organizations is probably because of its non-democratic structure and chain of commands. The lower-grade brother is not entitled to know what’s on the grade above and curiosity drives him into the mystery. Also, the discipline and secrecy is very strict and punishment can be hard, if one fails to comply. In this manner, the very few evil men at the top can control the many innocent and ignorant people below. It’s probably that simple, and of course, a basic form of mind control.

One isn‘t necessarily sure that democracy is the ultimate structure of a society, but the hierarchy of a dictatorship must be worse. True democracy, though, has always showed to fail, as it requires political involvement from the citizens, who are the real power. However, groups of people have been shown to be easily manipulated and controlled through history and made to believe they live in a democracy. The real power has been given "invisibly" to the politicians, who are actually elected by the people to substantiate the taxpayers‘ needs and desires. This seems to have been all but forgotten.

The UN is nothing but the World police of the Illuminati, founded to give that organization the ultimate authority ---a carte blanche account to issue military control over a country or region which is counteracting their preconceived plans. Please don‘t be naive in thinking it‘s a mere coincidence that the Temple of Understanding is positioned right in the UN headquarters in New York City, USA.

Socialism is nothing but the political body which the Black Order uses to enslave the people of Earth. The red banner is the symbol of their biggest sponsor and their economical protector’s family-banner who ---since the 1700’s--- has worked laboriously to bring about socialism. The banker, Meyer Michel Rothschild (1743-1812), was the first member of his family who not only advocated this plan, but also financed it. Today, the Rothschilds own the E-U Central bank, but what many people do not know is that many of the European Banks were founded by the Rothschilds and are also owned by them. Central Bank is a basic thesis for the advent of socialism.

For example, the Rothschilds have invested plenty of money into the Environmental Movement to counter the nuclear-power industry. Hypocritically, they wanted to build up their own free energy through nuclear power. To meet their end goals, the national independence was very important to stop in its tracks. Even more so, when the oil resources came to an end, nuclear power would replace it, and the Rothschilds will have bought 80% of the world assets of Uranium. In this way, they will have world control over energy, meaning it will never be free.

So what is the esoteric knowledge taught on the higher grades of the Illuminati?   Well, to the uninformed, it might make no sense at all, or at least it will be hard to understand. Some data will be included here, though, at least for the purpose of general information.

Part of the New World Order Agenda calls for the uprising of the prophesied Anti-Christ. Rumors have spread that he already is here in the world. Some say his name is the Maitreya Buddha; others disagree with this. In his works, Benjamin Creme has been lauding the virtues of a man he says represents the energy identified with The Maitreya, that he is indeed, the Second Coming in full physical manifestation. In earlier years, Creme suggested that as soon as the media acknowledged this man as the Second Coming, this self-appointed, ordained one would announce his presence to the world; his words would be heard by all persons on the earth in all languages. One has to speculate that perhaps the perfect forum for this "revelation“ would be on the open floor of the United Nations with its television cameras and language interpreters. And!!! no doubt CNN would have exclusive coverage.

Creme has reiterated this message since the early 1970s, traversing the world and telling his tale far and wide. For many researchers and "sensitives,“ Creme‘s man does not represent the one who might be the second coming, nor are they convinced that he fulfills the composite pre-requisites of the anti-Christ, either. What exactly do we know about Creme?

Creme is a devotee of the Ascended Masters material, much of this information channeled through a woman by the name of Alice Bailey, published by Luci‘s Press (Greek word for Lucifer); he‘s an outspoken proponent of the UN, purportedly, advocates the destruction of the U.S. so that "all the world‘s poor can be fed.“ He has been, in his own words, "A card carrying member of the Communistic party for over 30 years.“ Having trained extensively in Moscow; his message of global peace on Lord‘s Maitreya‘s terms has raised many red flags across the Globe. A second and perhaps third look at Creme‘s veracity and that of his protégé is in order.

Who is actuality knows the identity of the antichrist? Perhaps no one can verifiably point a finger at any one certain man. Both Nostradamus and the late devout, Catholic seer, Jeanne Dixon agree on this man‘s birth date: February 5, 1962.

Let us study Nostradamus‘ words:

"After many evil men have been retired, the anti-Christ will be the infernal prince, again, for the last time. All the kingdoms of Christianity will tremble, even those of the infidels, for years. By means of Satan, Prince Infernal, so many evils will be committed that nearly all the world will find itself undone and desolated. Before these events, some rare birds will cry in the air: TODAY, TODAY! and some will later vanish. After this... a GOLDEN AGE. God will command Satan be cast into the bottomless pit and bound there. Then a universal peace will commence between God and man, and Satan will remain bound for around a 1000 years, and then all unbound.“

We can only hope that with this unbinding, the dark forces will have been stripped of all power, rendered null and void and deposited to a place of non-existence. In the meantime, we must not let down our vigilant watch; all peoples must remain as spiritual warriors, so indeed, the prophesy may be fulfilled.

One of the most powerful front groups of the Illuminati, which also works as a secret society in itself, is the Bilderbergers. This is a group which was created in the early 1950s by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (former SS-officer) and the Polish socialist Joseph Retinger, one of the founders of the European movement. These two persons initiated scheduled meetings on a regular basis for the European foreign ministers. Their first meeting occurred at the Hôtel Bilderberg in the Dutch Oosterbreck on May 29, 1954, thus the name of the group.

The core of the group, called the Steering Committee, had an original count of 39. To reiterate, they were originally led by Prince Bernhard, a close friend to the British Crown.

Since 1954, these meetings have taken place annually at a secret location with a different geographical locale every year. Currently, the membership is around 120, many participants representing the high finance circles of Western Europe, the USA and Canada. Although the details of these meetings are kept very hidden and nothing leaks to the international media (which is natural, as most of the ”media moguls‘ are much for free press), the independent news-magazine, ”Spotlight,‘ has managed to report not only the locale, but other interesting tidbits of information concerning these gatherings of the ”elite‘.

In addition to the above noted financiers, political leaders from many different countries are also invited. Their flight-tickets are paid by the Committee, and once in attendance, free food and drinks, etc. can be found in lavish abundance. The purpose of the group is to implement a World Government by the year 2012 with a global army filtered through the UN.

As to how they plan to implement this goal, the major part of the take-over plan will, of course, involve computers. Because Bill Gates is now the richest man in the world (he fluctuates between the first and second slot), his participation in recent years has taken on a paramount importance–not to mention the fact that most computers in the world are now operating on his Microsoft Windows system. If there is some sort of a computer break down by the year 2002, one wonders about the implications of this. In any ensuing chaos that would follow, the Illuminati will take full advantage of the situation and put in a "stable datum". Thus, the calm unit in the confusion is given the opportunity to jump in to instigate a complete takeover.

This same group is also referred to as the "Invisible World Government." Because of the nature of these meetings, it’s clear that bribery is involved on behalf of the involved politicians. Here, they are petitioned to betray and deceive their own countries and its peoples, selling out their sovereign states to the EU. We the very people who elected these people to office, pay their salaries with our tax dollars, are being bamboozled behind our backs with crimes that can be equated to high treason.

The Trilateral Commission was officially founded in June of 1973 by David Rockefeller (Illuminati) and Zbigniew Brzezinski (illuminati). It was created because the already established organizations, like the UN, etc. were too slow in establishing a One World Government. This commission consists of the industrial and commercial giants of the "trilateral nations“; the USA, Japan and Western Europe. They are all members of the Elite, coming from different branches of the world‘s Freemasons, thereby giving the Bilderbergers a broader political basis. There are 200 permanent members in the Trilateral organization ---a group separate from the Bilderbergers--- who are invited to join all the same, with the exclusion of the Steering Committee.

Through the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) members, The Trilateral Commission controls the whole U.S. economy, politics, military, oil, energy and media lobbies. The members are Chairmen of various corporations, bankers, real estate agents, economists, scientists, lawyers, publishers, politicians, union leaders, presidents of Foundations and newspaper columnists.

This semi-secret organization was established in 1921; the members of this society are exclusively Americans and Canadians. Today, the council holds a tight control over the countries of the Western World, with help from sister-organizations and its mother-organization in Britain, the "Royal Institute of International Affairs" (RIIA) with Queen Elisabeth II at the top. The CFR is, in turn, (controlled by the Rockefellers) also works at establishing a Global Government.

This is a very old secret society, founded in 1729 by the Black Nobility through the British East India Company, established to deal with international banking and trade problems and to support the opium trade. It is run by the British Crown and comprises the whole world banking system and the most important representatives of Western nations. Through the Committee of 300, all banks are linked to Rothschild empire. The committee is, of course, a part of the Illuminati.


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