by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

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Part 1

UPDATE! July 20, 2003: Maynerd Most - Alvin Wiley Scam Alert!

Maynerd Most

At the present point in time, Spring 2003, when the Quantum Future Group Websites are getting a "face lift," there has been some discussion as to whether or not to retain this report onsite. It has been, to understate the matter, somewhat controversial. It has also made us a target for ongoing attacks from the individuals discussed herein. It could so easily be deleted. Things certainly might be very pleasant if we did so.

But, the "easy way" is not always the right way.

As we discussed the matter of the "Most Dossier," we realized that it was through the "lesson" and example of Maynerd Most and friends that all of us were prepared to SEE through George Bush and his gang of warmongers.

The chief question we are concerned with is its value as a teaching tool. The Cassiopaean group and the Quantum Future School Members all agree that the dynamics of this "experience" did more to advance them on the path of esoteric understanding than any other single process.

Added, Spring 2004: While in the case of Maynerd Most, we are not discussing a murderer, the following remarks from Bad or Mad? published in New Scientist vol 181 issue 2439 - 20 March 2004, page 38, have a direct bearing on the subject - it is only a matter of degree.

WHAT is evil? In todayís largely secular western society we may find it hard to define. But, historically, the question of evil has been a theological one. Generations of apologists have searched for ways to justify God in an imperfect world. In the Christian tradition, Saint Augustine distinguished between two forms of evil: "moral evil", the evil humans do, by choice, knowing that they are doing wrong; and "natural evil", the bad things that just happen - the storm, the flood, volcanic eruptions, fatal disease.

Whatever your views on God, the distinction is appealing. In our secular world, where crimes are punished, we need to believe that someone who commits an inexplicable act of violence or physical cruelty, such as torture, child abduction or murder, has freely chosen to do so. We accept that there may be mitigating circumstances, including diminished responsibility or mental illness. What we find most chilling are crimes that are planned, where offenders have a goal in mind and demonstrate control. Like Uma Thurmanís character in Quentin Tarantinoís film Kill Bill, people who commit such crimes are seen as unambiguously morally evil. "Itís mercy, compassion and forgiveness I lack," she says, "not rationality."

Thurmanís character "The Bride" can be seen as possessing what is now recognized by psychiatrists as a severe antisocial personality. Such people are not clinically mentally ill, and they usually know when they are doing wrong. But are they really evil? Neuroscience is beginning to tell us that while the cognitive, planning part of the brains of severely antisocial people works normally, other neural centers do not. [...]

Whether violence is impulsive or premeditated, we want to know what makes people do it. Here science can move beyond the theological explanation of free will. Starting in the 1990s, Adrian Raine, a British psychologist at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, pioneered the use of brain imaging to study people with antisocial personalities. His brain scans of impulsive, reactive killers show that these people have reduced activity in frontal regions of their brains, including an area called the orbitofrontal cortex. This area sits at the head of a chain of connected brain regions, including the amygdala, hypothalamus and peri-aqueductal grey, which are activated when we are threatened. People with damage to this area often display loss of control. They are inappropriately irritable and aggressive when crossed, and they find it hard to alter their response to a situation when circumstances change and it would be in their interests to modify their behavior.

This last sentence above is the key to the behavior of Maynerd Most as the reader will soon see in this presentation of the "Most Dossier." Additionally, the following excerpts from our research on psychopathy will serve to make the report on Maynerd Most more comprehensible.

Alvin Wiley and Maynerd Most

The reader should note that, when the Perseus Research Team - now the Quantum Future Group - began its investigation of Mr. Most, the results - coincident with Mostís behavior - were almost incomprehensible to us. While Most seemed to be in full possession of reasoning ability, even a superior intellect, he repeatedly demonstrated a complete inability to comprehend the meaning and significance of his behavior. He was described by one of his earlier victims (who contacted us as a result of this investigation) as a "spiritual terrorist." As time has passed, other victims have contacted us with their stories and it has become increasingly clear that our assessment has been correct though we are unable to publish most of this personal information because his victims are still so traumatized and frightened of his "aggressive response when crossed" that they are unwilling to expose themselves to further "spiritual terrorism."

One of the primary things the research team learned in dealing with Most was that the normal rules of etiquette simply do not apply. His inner landscape seemed to be so radically different that we began to think that we had landed on another planet and were dealing with a completely different species even though outwardly, he looked like a regular human being. On the one hand, he wrote many fine literary pieces that - on the surface - seemed to express a well-organized emotional state, while in real life, he seemed to have absolutely no comprehension of the effects of his actions on other - usually innocent - people. This was disorienting to all of the research members - about a dozen people - and we struggled to understand someone who knew all the right words about emotion, but didnít seem to have any ability to apply them to real life and real human relations. This problem is exemplified in Lauraís reflections in The Taste for Things That are True:

During the past week or so, we have had to sit down with our children, show them the terrible, hurtful lies that are being written about us by these contemptible, solipsistic, malignant, and lawless people. We have had to show them that these people have no compunction about writing about the children themselves, using their names, possibly endangering them, certainly embarrassing them, and most definitely hurting them psychologically and emotionally.

We have had to explain to them about people who choose conscious evil; people who are malicious, evil-minded, envious, obnoxious, and loathsome. We have had to explain to them about people who are so twisted that they derive gratification from deceiving other people and hurting other people. And we have had to explain to them that these people pose as "good and helpful and friendly" when they meet you and when you have something they want, or something they wish to destroy, whether they are being directed by some nebulous Control System, or their own internal deficiencies and general failure at life.

What is more, we have had to explain it to ourselves.

And of course, the children have asked us: Why do you even do it? Why not just walk away from the world such people inhabit? Why not just go back to "normal life," and forget about it. Let the world do what it wants to do, let everybody just go away and leave us alone?

And frankly, as I write this, I am hard pressed to answer that question. Why, indeed?

The emotional, psychological and physical cost of the attacks of Maynerd Most and his gang of cyber-terrorists on Ark and Laura, their family, friends, students and work, have been high.

When normal people are shown pictures of peopleís faces expressing distress, the amygdala is activated. It sends signals to the hypothalamus and other brain regions that prompt our bodies to react with the characteristic racing heartbeat and sweaty palms. Only later, when the brainís higher cortical regions are engaged, does the emotional response become conscious. Ray Dolan from the Institute of Neurology in London has found that we respond even when our attention is diverted to other matters and we see pictures of distressed faces only at the periphery of our vision. Empathy, concludes Dolan, is automatic and visceral. It is beyond our control. When we feel a wave of emotion at someoneís suffering, or revulsion at the sight of their wounds, we are communing with them, whether we like it or not.

But violent individuals do not react in this way. Is their lack of empathy a cause or an effect of their behaviour? Do such people start life without empathy, does it fail to develop, or do they lose it through wrongdoing? Opinions vary. Raine and others have found that children who later grow up to be violent have abnormal visceral responses such as a relative lack of palm sweating. Twin and adoption studies point to a substantial contribution of heredity to criminal, antisocial conduct, although the genetic effect is stronger for acquisitive and impulsive crime than for premeditated crimes against other people. [...]

Some commentators have suggested that the architects of the Holocaust and other genocides must have been abused as children - why else would they have committed such appalling acts? But all the available evidence contradicts this. James Waller at Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington, has trawled the literature on what he calls "extraordinary evil". He and other social scientists find perpetrators of evil who look remarkably normal in psychiatric terms. [...]

Aristotle said:

"Men become builders by building and lyre-players by playing the lyre; so too we become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts."

Modern thinkers agree with the idea that, in part, we create ourselves through our actions. The way the antisocial brain is configured may limit a personís choices from the outset, but, argues forensic psychiatrist Paul Mullen from Monash University in Victoria, Australia, it is by choosing evil that we seal our own fate. Mullen sees the antisocial personality as the outcome of a developmental disorder of ethical action. Someone who does not reflect upon the consequences of their actions while growing up - or who is not provided with a parent who will do so for them - creates their own antisocial destiny. [Bad or Mad? New Scientist vol 181 issue 2439 - 20 March 2004, page 38]

The terms sociopath or psychopath often bring to mind images of sadistically violent individuals such as Ted Bundy or the fictional character of Dr. Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter in the book and movie The Silence of the Lambs. But I believe the defining characteristic traits of sociopaths actually cover a much broader spectrum of individuals than most of us would ever imagine. The sociopath is that truly self-absorbed individual with no conscience or feeling for others and for whom social rules have no meaning. I believe that most all of us know or have come in contact with sociopathic individuals without even knowing it. [Wendy Koenigsmann]

Maynerd of Arabia?

CHARISMATIC PSYCHOPATHS are charming, attractive liars. They are usually gifted at some talent or another, and they use it to their advantage in manipulating others. They are usually fast-talkers, and possess an almost demonic ability to persuade others out of everything they own, even their lives. They are irresistible, persuasive, eloquent, and seemingly full of the milk of human kindness and concern for others.

While the psychopath has likes and dislikes and fondness for the pleasures that human company can bring, analysis shows that he is completely egocentric, valuing others only for their enhancement of his own pleasure or status. While he gives no real love, he is quite capable of inspiring love of sometimes fanatical degree in others.

He is generally superficially charming and often makes a striking impression as possessed of the noblest of human qualities.

He makes friends easily, and is very manipulative, using his ability with words to talk his way out of trouble. Many psychopaths love to be admired and bask in the adulation of others.

With the lack of love, there is also a lack of empathy. The psychopath is unable to feel sorry for others in unfortunate situations or put himself in anotherís place, whether or not they have been harmed by him. [Gordon Banks]

How Psychopaths View The World

Not only do they covet possessions and power, but they gain special pleasure in usurping and taking from others (a symbolic sibling, for example); what they can plagiarize, swindle, and extort are fruits far sweeter than those they can earn through honest labor. And once having drained what they can from one source, they turn to another to exploit, bleed, and then cast aside; their pleasure in the misfortune of others is unquenchable. People are used as a means to an end; they are to be subordinated and demeaned so that the antisocial can vindicate themselves...

The psychopath is a manipulator, who knows exactly what makes us tick and knows how to manipulate and influence our feelings. They have the talent to spot ďkind, caringĒ women.

Mimicry of emotion by word or cleverly produced effects (including tears, sighs, and highly dramatized emotional appeals) is often used to convince others that the psychopath is a normal human being. He does this to create a false empathy with his victim. The psychopath will try to make you believe he has normal emotions by spinning some sad tale or professing profound, moving experiences; the truth is, most psychopaths go through life as in an incubator, touched by few and having no real compassion for others; but they will lie to convince you that they have normal emotions. The pity factor is one reason why victims often fall for these "poor" people. [...]

Maynerd Most as "Nostradamus Expert" (at right)

Lying is like breathing to the psychopath. From personal experience with psychopaths, I can relate to this. When caught in a lie and challenged, they make up new lies, and donít care if theyíre found out. As Hare states,

"Lying, deceiving, and manipulation are natural talents for psychopaths...When caught in a lie or challenged with the truth, they are seldom perplexed or embarrassed -- they simply change their stories or attempt to rework the facts so that they appear to be consistent with the lie. The results are a series of contradictory statements and a thoroughly confused listener."

[Hare, 46].

Often, their behaviour serves to confuse and repress their victims, or to influence anyone who might listen to the psychopathís side of the story. Manipulation is the key to their conquests, and lying is one way they achieve this.

When dealing with a really good psychopath, even the most astute observer can be fooled. And, the ones most easily deceived are those with real emotions which the psychopath engages, blinding them to objective facts. If you are a person with a highly developed empathic nature, you are more likely to be fooled by a psychopath than someone who operates at only a minimal level of human empathy.


As noted in the introduction to the Cassiopaean Experiment, from the very earliest days of the Cassiopaean contact, Laura had been urged to "network" via the internet. Following this direction was, in fact, the means by which she and Ark were brought into contact with one another. However, networking is problematical.

The internet is a double-edged sword. Not only does it offer the possibility for contact between like-minded individuals separated by vast distances and even belonging to different cultures, it also provides the opportunities for individuals of a predatory nature to seek out prey for any number of nefarious reasons. Never before have the possibilities of networking been so enhanced, and the dangers so prevalent.

In the case of Ark and Laura, there were certain safeguards in place. Ark was a prominent physicist in the European community with a public presence that could be easily verified. As Tom French wrote in his article in the St. Petersburg Times:

Ark seemed perfect for Laura. In fact, he seemed almost too good to be true. So I checked. I did not want to see Laura crushed into oblivion. I did not want to learn, six months down the line, that this soul mate of hers was actually a 14-year-old boy in Philadelphia, doing what any 14-year-old boy would be doing on the other end of the computer line. I asked one of the Timesí researchers to see if Arkadiusz Jadczyk was real. Indeed he was; in 1995, he had even won something called a Humboldt Award, which if I understood correctly, was a respectable achievement in the world of physics.

Ark had similar assurances about Laura. Not only had Mr. French spent over five years following Laura and her work, and was available for contact, Ark and Laura also had a mutual acquaintance - another physicist, Dr. R. Santilli. In a similar way, Maynerd Most had certain "bona fides" published on the internet that assured Laura that he was who he said he was. What she did NOT consider was the fact that such bona fides were "manufactured."

Itís not only 14 year old boys on computers that we have to worry about. Anybody with a computer can claim anything they want to claim, create websites to "validate" their claims, and proceed to con anybody in any manner they choose.

Internet fraud generally refers to any type of fraudulent use of a computer and the Internet, including the use of chat rooms, email, message boards, discussion groups and websites, to conduct fraudulent activities. The attributes of internet technology - low cost, ease of use, and anonymous nature, among others - make it an attractive medium for fraudulent scams, child sexual exploitation, and increasingly, a new concern known as "cyberstalking."

In spite of the dangers, of which both Ark and Laura were aware, the official Cassiopaea web site was launched in 1998, giving the experiment an expanding public presence. Many readers began to join in the research process and widespread sharing of data and experiences served only to confirm - again and again - many of the concepts and clues provided by the Cassiopaean material.

The publishing of the Cassiopaean communications and the establishing of the network of dialogues among those interested in this material was followed by numerous extremely unpleasant events for Ark and Laura. Most of this consisted in ad hominem attacks on them by "true believers" of many kinds from Christian Fundamentalists to New Age promoters of "the aliens are here to save us" ideas. They took it in stride, considering that the sharing of the information was worth the risks even if the Cassiopaeans had once said:

Agents and agencies are omnipresent. You were moving in a direction whereby the knowledge gained would be most compromising, if shared. We have suggested before that this forum was better served as an educational realm for you, rather than one from which to launch upon an effort to educate all others.

Even though the above comment from "us in the future," (as the Cassiopaean source identified itself) would seem to mandate that Laura might have been better served by NOT sharing her information so freely, it is also true that such "cautions" in the transcripts are about equally balanced with suggestions that "networking" is serving others. This "confusion" was only later understood, as has been described in: What is Laura Hiding? The Cassiopaeans Answer.

Maynerd Most first wrote to Laura in the spring of 1999. Mr. Most claimed to be writing a book about subjects which Laura had been researching for some time - alchemy and Fulcanelli - and she willingly shared all her data and answered his questions while he wrote his book. When Laura later read the book, she was disappointed to note that not only was it a shallow and juvenile treatment of the subjects, but that Most had obviously been utilizing the information Laura had freely given to him to write his book, though clearly he had either deliberately misinterpreted her comments, or had been incapable of the depth of thought required to "grok" them. The correspondence lapsed. (This correspondence is archived with all headers intact and is available to legitimate researchers upon request.)

In response to the many questions and requests for more information from readers of the Cassiopaea site, in the spring of 2000, Laura began to write the Wave Series. This attracted even more attention, mostly positive, though it also attracted the personal attention of some extremely questionable groups and individuals. Laura received a mysterious email:

From: "Christaofer Richarde"
To: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
Date sent: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 19:25:39 -0700

Oh, it is possible to even concoct the wanderings that you have concocted. Nevertheless, there is more to this story of Rennes, than meets the the king might say.

Laughed my way, wholeheartedly, through your article! Le Cercle would be most amused, in fact.

May Saturn husk hexagonal corn for you..... D-

Knowing that Most claimed to be an expert on "occult groups" from a journalistic perspective, Laura wrote to him to inquire what he thought of the above email. It was only later, after many other strange events transpired, that it was learned that Most, himself, had sent the above email with the hope that it would "re-start" the correspondence without him having to appear as the initiator. This is a typical tactic of the psychopath - to "create" seeming synchronicities so that the victim will be emotionally "ripe" for manipulation.

After a few exchanges, Most launched a discussion with Laura in which he claimed to be a struggling new publisher needing good authors - with an offer to publish her work and promote it with a "conference."

Laura, overwhelmed with the task of keeping up with the discussion group, answering questions, editing and arranging the transcripts, researching clues from the material, and writing articles for the site, thought that Mr. Most was a godsend! Having "known" him for almost two years - including being aware of his "credentials" published on the internet, as well as having a book in her hand that bore the imprint of his claimed publishing company - Laura felt she could trust him, and she turned over to him unpublished material, confidential materials that he suggested he would help to edit, and believing that her lifeís work was in good hands, she settled down to concentrate on writing.

There were, of course, differences in opinion regarding the material and its possible interpretations between Ark and Laura and Maynerd Most, but Laura was confident that, given time, Most would prove to be amenable to a more open-minded approach. As one observer of the dynamic noted succinctly: "If other people are so knowledgeable about what Laura is doing so that they are qualified to pass judgment, then why arenít they conducting their own successful "experiment?" Why havenít their lives changed dramatically - and for the better - as Lauraís and Arkís have because they have actually APPLIED the things they have learned?"

The fact is, Maynerd Most did try his own "channeling" and the reader may like to have a look at a discussion between Dan Winter and "Dr. Strange" on the results. We were not impressed.

Most of the dynamics of the interactions between Most and Ark and Laura are described in the series of Zaca Lake articles, but the bottom line is that, in the summer of 2001, Laura experienced a direct visual representation of Maynerd Most. What she saw stunned her. His "mask" was so effective and convincing that Laura could hardly believe that what she was seeing was true. After all, this was not just a matter of deciding you didnít like someone and didnít want to associate with them for one reason or another. The fact was, Laura liked Maynerd Most very much and had spent several enjoyable hours in conversation or correspondence with him.

Laura had many, many doubts about what she was seeing. It was actually painful to contemplate the necessary response to the understanding of Maynerd Mostís nature and malefic intent toward her. Laura realized that if knowledge really did protect - but only if applied - Ark and Laura had to apply what they now knew.

Ark and Laura discussed the matter for weeks seeking hard data - evidence. It was not lacking, certainly, but it was always possible to "give the benefit of the doubt" and overlook the subtle clues. A hypothesis was formed, a series of tests were devised, and with dismay, Laura saw that Maynerd Most failed every test of honesty and sincerity.

As mentioned above, Ark and Laura had agreed to speak at a conference Most had said he was organizing. At this point, knowing what they did about Mostís "character flaws," they felt it was simply the best course of action to cancel the conference appearance and terminate any further business relations. Most had a number of other presenters lined up, and the cancellation was made more than six weeks in advance of the conference so there was no idea that this would produce any problems other than a mild upset that is normal in any parting of the ways. Ark and Laura were NOT prepared for the vicious and extreme attacks Maynerd Most launched against them in public. Laura tried to understand it as "hurt feelings" - non-professional, certainly, but understandable - and even though she knew that they had done the right thing, she still felt a great deal of sympathy for Most who obviously had his heart set on the money he could make, and the prestige he could achieve as their publisher and associate. It was certainly these two things he targeted particularly in his months and months of virulent slander and defamation against them: their reputations and consequently, their ability to earn their livelihood and support their family.

Observing this behavior was astonishing. Maynerd had seemed to be a truly civilized man - even a Renaissance man - and to witness and experience him acting like a street gang member or an uneducated guttersnipe, was truly puzzling. It was this puzzlement that compelled the questions that lead to this report.

On a practical level, Lauraís doubts about the matter were put to rest when The Perseus Foundation research group undertook an investigation of Most - including a professional private investigatorís report - in the fall of 2001. To Lauraís chagrin, it was revealed that Most was little more than an ordinary con-artist. Not only was his entire published "resume" a complete fraud, he had a history of attaching himself to individuals - to ride on their coattails, so to say - in hopes of stealing their work, their money, or both.

Even though there was a history of fraud, Ark and Laura were reluctant to publish the report on Most. However, after three months of exhausting attacks including public defamation and cyberstalking, it became necessary to respond publicly. The results of the initial investigation were published on Thanksgiving Day, 2001.

Mr. Most reacted to the data presented in this report as expected: at all costs he wanted it removed, and since he could not force us to remove it legally, (according to U.S. statutes, truth is not libel or slander), he resorted to attempted blackmail and extortion to try to force us to remove this report.

We learned later that in addition to what we knew about his public activities, that Maynerd was up to a lot more nefarious things behind the scenes. The reader may want to have a look at the data - including evidence - that Maynerd Most was hacking into the computer of a member of our discussion groups and stole her passwords and used her internet account to the tune of about $800.00 over a period of three months.

In January 2002, a former member of the Cassiopaea group, Frank Scott joined forces with Maynerd Most to discredit the experiment, to label the members of the Cassiopaea discussion list as members of a "cult," obviously in a concerted effort to put an end to the experiment itself, to further destroy Ark and Lauraís reputations, and thus to deprive them of the means of earning their living.

Laura had to acknowledge the fact that two people she liked very much, whose companionship she had enjoyed immensely, and who she felt could have been the most marvelous of co-experimenters, were simply not what they had presented themselves to be. She had, in short, been victimized by a psychopath.

Day after day Laura struggled to make sense of what was happening in her life. She was heartbroken. Her health deteriorated rapidly, and in January of 2002 she suffered a life-threatening illness.

After she had recovered enough to sit at her desk, Laura did the only thing she knew to do with what she had learned: she sought daily to understand the dynamic she had experienced and then, shared it with others by writing the Adventures Series, an account of the events and dynamics.

As it turned out, Lauraís act of converting her suffering to sharing led to some of the most profound revelations brought forth in modern times regarding the nature of our reality. Seeking to understand the inexplicable perceptions and capacity for deception of Maynerd Most, Frank Scott, and others involved in the attacks, Laura searched and probed and "tested" on the daily public stage of the internet. The search for answers led to revelations about psychopaths, which opened the door to our understanding of Organic Portals. Without this understanding, it would be almost impossible to comprehend the events on the World Stage, including the behavior of George Bush and his gang.

Maynerd Most is a man who claims to have such extensive knowledge of conspiracy theory, mind control, Satanic ritual sex abuse, psychology and related subjects, that it seems amazing that he has not been assassinated by any of those people whose secrets he claims to hold. That, in itself, is a clue to the nature of his backers, though not the only one.

Most is one of many such individuals who have taken advantage of a special "market niche" in our reality - individuals who claims cannot be checked because they deal with an underworld of mystery - a field ripe for con-artists to move in, set up shop, and take advantage of a lot of people who have the idea that something strange is going on in our world - but that it is all hidden behind a veil.

In the time since the publication of this report, Maynerd Most has altered his websites, changed his "bio," and generally "cleaned up his act" in public. The Perseus Foundation, which has transferred its assets and records to the Quantum Future Group, Inc., archived the original sites and any researchers who wish to see the pages as they originally existed may write with their request.

Let us look first at the credentials of Maynerd Most as they existed on the Laura Lee Website at the time Most began his correspondence with Laura.

From the Laura Lee website, these are Maynerd Mostí claimed credentials:

Maynerd Most currently practices a form of psycho-acoustic therapy, a trauma abreaction technique using light and sound entrainment of brain frequencies, in the Uwharrie Mountains of North Carolina.

His academic background includes (at the University of South Carolina and North Carolina) English, History and Classical Studies with graduate research into the Hermetic origins of the Renaissance; other fields of intensive research include: ancient cultures and their shamanic practices, the history of language, cultural anthropology, Egyptology with extensive research into the El-Amarna Era, comparative religion, mathematics and sacred geometry, brain physiology, psychology, theoretical physics and psycho-acoustic technology.

He is also a consulting geomancer or earth grid engineer and the Director of the Fifth Way Mystery School, an international group of Ophanic researchers.

Maynerdís background includes stints as a small town journalist, for the North Charleston News and the North Davidson Dispatch; rock critic for magazines such as Rolling Stone, Cream, Downbeat, Seventeen, and High Times; fiction in Isaac Asimovís Science Fiction Magazine, Hustler, Crescent Review and a novel, Walpurgisnacht from DAW Books (1981).

An initiate of many different spiritual traditions, including Voodoo, Sufism, Rosicrucianism and ceremonial magick, Maynerd lives with his wife, the artist Darlene, and their four cats in a haunted yellow Victorian house on the edge of the Uwharrie National Forest.

Altogether, quite impressive qualifications, are they not? Mr. Most is an accomplished writer, scholar, and collector of various initiations. The question is, are these statements true?

A former group member, an English teacher at the University of Wisconsin, researched Mr. Most credentials through the databases available to the university where she is employed. She discovered that Mr. Most had none of the credits he claimed. She attempted to find references to his early work. She found none. Looking for his name among the publications he had listed in his publishing credits, nothing was found under the name Maynerd Most. She announced this research to our group, and we were certainly surprised because until she started to "check up" on him, no one had ever seriously thought that his credentials might be faked. We all just took it as a given that he was who he said he was.

The same former member then began to question Mostís "educational" credits. Since she was in a position to check, Mr. Most responded to her that he had been very up-front with us about these matters. He later wrote the same in an email that he asked, at the end, to have "shared with as many people as possible." In this email he wrote:

Laura has made much of my bio listing on the LL site and its supposed errors. If she had read through her old emails and inner group postings she will find that Iíve already told the story. I went off to USC, South Carolina, as an English major. I had a few awards in poetry and playwriting to my credit and had met James Dickey the summer before my freshmen year at a poetry conference. He liked me, I already knew how to drink, and he became my mentor that fall at school. With his help, I breezed through the undergraduate English courses on advanced studies and by my sophomore year had a major for myself in History and Theatre Arts, as it was quaintly called in those days.

We did read through all the old emails looking for a clue that he never claimed any degrees.

From one of the earliest, on Fri, 7 May 1999 he writes: "as far back as Grad school in the mid seventies."

On Sun, 3 Oct 1999: "I switched from English to History, got out of undergraduate work and then went on to psychology... I went back to school, graduate work in Medieval HistoryÖ"

On Fri, 20 Apr 2001: "In the winter of 1977 - 78, I was in grad school in History and Classical studies at UNC, working part time as a freelance writer, including books reviews, etc. for the Psychical Research Foundation at Duke, part of FRNM or the Rhine Foundation."

Mr. Most is correct. He never claimed any degrees. However, he wrote in such a way as to imply them. After all, one does not go to "grad school" without having graduated. And he did, definitely state that he was in "grad school." He later "explained" this to mean that he did "graduate level work." But that is putting so fine a point on it that it begs the question: why would someone make their meaning so obscure that 99 out of a hundred people would miss the "catch?"

Since none of Maynerd Most "credits" and credentials were checking out on the briefest of inspection, another member of the group undertook to ask Mr. Most for "his side of the story." In the lengthy essay, chronicling his abuse at the hands of the members of the Cassiopaea group, he revealed that he had used several aliases in his writing career over the years. In his own words:

ďÖTwo other points here: My novel and my credentials as a therapist. First of all, the DAW books list that I find on-line covers only backstock and doesnít even go back to 1981. It is possible that there is another list I havenít found that covers every title theyíve ever published.

"All I know is that DAW paid me a small advance for a book called Walpurgisnacht, by "Roland Maxwell" in 1980 and my sudden departure in 1981 left everything hanging. If by some chance they chose not to publish it, then thatís actually good news to me. That I used it at all on my bio is a sign of insecurity and I plan to take it out. Another sign of insecurity was my habitual use of pseudonyms, Victor Sutherland for music reviews, G. Richard Bozarth for science fiction, and so on.Ē

A quick check of the internet showed that Mr. Victor Sutherland was a dead character actor. Mr. G. Richard Bozarth certainly did appear as the author of a single story in Asimovís Sci Fi magazine.

Mr. Most has earlier stated clearly that a book Walpurgisnacht, written by one of his "aliases" was published, that it "saw print, though in a heavily bowlderized (sic) form." That does seem to suggest strongly that he actually laid eyes on his work. The story certainly has morphed when he says:

"All I know is that DAW paid me a small advance for a book called Walpurgisnacht, by "Roland Maxwell" in 1980 Ö If by some chance they chose not to publish it, then thatís actually good news to me. That I used it at all on my bio is a sign of insecurity and I plan to take it out."

A "sign of insecurity?" I guess it does make people insecure when their claims donít check out. And if he had any proof of writing it, instead of "taking it out," why didnít he just produce the evidence? Donít authors usually memorialize their first book by copying the check? How about saving the contract? Questions, questions, questions...

Nevertheless, there was a listing of G. Richard Bozarth, and Victor Sutherland in an index! (Or so it was claimed.) Whatís more, the explanation about Walpurgisnacht was now seen as reasonable by some who were taken in by poor Mr. Mostís charming and self-effacing way. We could all sleep well now. Mr. Most was just a tragic guy who needed real friends and supporters in his time of trial. It is utterly amazing how effectively psychopaths play the pity card.

And, so it was, in the course of reading the many posts by Mr. Most and his followers in order to find clues to understand his outrageous behavior, his stalking and relentless defamation of Laura and Ark, that Mr. Mostís entire life rose to the surface demanding answers.

How was it that a man could claim to be a "New Age Guru" and to make so many "sage" pronouncements and present himself as a "purveyor of love and light," and be such a LIAR?

It wasnít even just being a liar: it was the kinds of lies he told. The filth that poured out of his mouth and pen was shocking. Here we arenít talking about differing opinions. We are talking about outright, objective lies. Lies about facts and dates and doings that were witnessed by a sufficient number of reputable people whose concensus was that Mr. Most either had to be stark raving mad - a delusional psychotic - or something very serious was going on.

Once the question about Mr.Mostís sanity was raised as a result of observing his behavior, the next question was, of course, how much of all the things he had EVER said before, the things we assumed to be true, actually WERE true?

Had something just suddenly happened to the man to make him go off the deep end?

How can a person lie so blatantly and viciously and not even think that anyone will notice, nor that anyone will bother to check?

Only a crazy person would lie that way with no concern for being exposed.

Examining a large selection of Mr. Most contradictory remarks about channeling, as well as numerous postings on the internet regarding same, even including some of his own claims to have channeled "Ophanic Intelligences," and to have received profound "insights" of a dubious nature, we came to the realization that, again, something did not quite fit. Even an amateur could see that the material he "received" himself was highly questionable. It also raised the question as to why he undertook such a long process of insinuation into our group (an overview of his emails clearly indicates this process as is being revealed in the Adventures Series) if he had his "own source."

Since he was claiming, by virtue of his extensive credentials, to be the expert of all experts on channeling, and having these enormous questions about his sanity being brought to the fore due to his actions, we decided to have a look at one or two of these claims in order to be better able to assess his condition.

Was he lying so boldly and viciously because he had simply gone crazy? Or had he been lying all along and were we now seeing the REAL Maynerd Most?

What we are presenting here needs the caveat that we have used due diligence in gathering our information. We are making no claims, we are just reporting. Any other person who follows the same procedures we have will find the same things. We have undertaken to contact all of the parties listed in Mr. Most resume, as well as the many "notable" people he has mentioned in his many emails describing how he came by his expertise. Our initial inquiries were neutral.

After these initial neutral inquiries to determine if we were in contact with the appropriate parties, Mr. Most claims in regard to his interactions with the many and varied people have been forwarded to them for review and commentary. When the results came back, if necessary, we sent follow-up inquiries so that the individual checking the records would be apprised of all the particulars that needed to be checked. We wanted to be fair and to include all the different aliases Most had claimed to use in the event the person may have known him under a different name. We include here only the final results.

All contacts and emails have the transmission codes and headers on them, stored in several places so as to verify their original status. Any claims by Most that we "manipulated" the results can be shown to be false. However, we consider it to still be "open" that one or more of the respondents to our inquiries could have missed something or may even have an agenda to harm Mr. Most. If Mr. Most can provide certified true legal copies of any proofs that he has to back up his claims, we will be more than happy to investigate if they are genuinely certified, and if so, to publish them here.

[Note added July 2003: to date, Mr. Most has NOT produced anything to certify any of his prior claims. He has said that he "made two little mistakes on my bio," and that he has "apologized" but that we, here at QFS, refuse to acknowledge his contrition. Even though he has cleaned up his false claims from his websites regarding his credentials, its clear that Most continues to lie.

Most has produced a set of images showing that he was a contributor to several free advertising circulars in the area where he lives, but this in no way corrects his previous lies about his major publishing credits.

He has also had his friends post comments about his "writing credentials," stating that he has actually "published far more than he originally claimed." It should be noted that these "publications" consist of articles and posts on internet sites, forums and groups and in no way can be considered to address the issue of previous, falsely claimed, major publishing credentials such as we address in this report.]

Some of Mr. Most claims are in regards to people who are now dead, but we have expectations that the heirs, associates, and/or executors of estates will be able to answer our questions, and we have forwarded the relevant material to them with requests that they inquire of any and all concerned parties so as to discover if there is any possibility that the claims are true. We certainly want to deal with Mr. Most in a fair and objective way.

As it happened, the to-date return on his claims and credentials from the various parties contacted has been 100 percent negative.

We realize that the likely explanation that will be given by Mr. Most for this factor, taking into account his previous postings, will be that of a "conspiracy." Somebody is "out to get him." (Probably us.) They have "erased" his life. He is really the only one who "knows the truth" and somebody wants to destroy him and they are using us to do it. That was, after all, what Ira Einhorn claimed when the authorities found Holly Madduxís mummified body in his closet. Curiously, Most once claimed an affinity for Ira.

"Just the facts, Maíam, just the facts..."

In the late 1960ís there was a very popular American TV show about the Los Angeles Police Department called "Dragnet". One of the lead characters, a terse and laconic Sgt. Joe Friday, became famous almost overnight for saying "Just the facts, Maíam, just the facts...". Anytime he would interview someone and that person would start to embellish his or her story, he would interrupt them and remind them to say - "Just the facts."

What Joe Friday understood all too well was that whenever someone tells a story, they are giving their "interpretation" of the facts. The facts of a situation never change, but itís crucial to understand that how they are perceived, and then spoken about, depends very much upon who is telling the story. But in the case at hand, we are not merely dealing with an "interpretation" of the facts, we seem to be dealing with an appropriation of facts to the use of a single individual who does not seem to be entitled to these facts.

Magicians are very popular these days. One only need look at the soon to be billionaire J.K. Rowling and her cottage industry of Harry Potter books, with their associated tie-ins to marketing companiesí dream lists of products that can be sold with the cache of her invented name. The Harry Potter movie alone is set to break all records and become the biggest grossing movie of all time. Harry Potter is a legitimate phenomenon and success story.

Which brings us to the antithesis of young Harry Potter, and the subject of this report - Maynerd Most.

Maynerd Most: a real, honest-to-goodness magickal (with a "k", gotta have a "k" in magick or the spell wonít work!) "Magician", who practices his questionable art on the edge of the Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina.

How do we know that Maynerd Most is a real Magician? Well, he says so.

Maynerd Most is the co-author, with Alvin Wiley, of a book entitled ďA Monument to the End of TimeĒ. Due primarily to the authorship of this book, certain doors were opened to both Most and Wiley Ė an interview on the Laura Lee Show, an appearance on a Discovery Channel television program, and so on. This, along with the articles published on his own website,, has given him a certain status in the New Age/occult/magic community. People look up to him. People go to him for advice. People go to him for hypnosis sessions. They go with him on trips to see the mysteries of Egypt and the secrets of Rennes-le-Chateau. They trust him, and they assume that he is who and what he says he is.

In addition to the credentials from the Laura Lee website, quoted at the beginning of this report, in an E-mail on Sun, 11 Feb 2001 19:29:46 -0500, (repeated later in a mass mailing) Maynerd Most claims:

ďI have been initiated into five different traditions. I hold a 3rd degree in traditional Wicca, I am a Christian minister of a gnostic and non-demoninational variety, and I am one of the highest ranking initiates of anything that passes for the Golden Dawn, also I have the barakah of the founder of the Abu Al Hagagg Sufis of Luxor Egypt and I am part of the Medicine Buddha and Kalachakra lineage of Tibetan Buddhism as well as a terton or terma treasure holder, of the Nyngma-pa tradition.Ē

Altogether, quite impressive qualifications, are they not? Mr. Most is an accomplished writer, scholar, and collector of various initiations. The question is, are these statements true? Well, letís see what we can find out.

Weíll begin with the easiest claim to check, the writing. We know that he and Alvin Wiley did, in fact, publish ďA Monument to the End of Time.Ē Not only that, but we are told that Maynerd Most is a real honest-to-goodness published writer even before this book. How do we know? Well, he says so.

On Fri, 20 Apr 2001 10:58:57 -0400, regarding the book Walpurgisnacht, Mr. Most had written:

In a very weird way, I was sort of assigned to write a novel about Aleister Crowley, Hitler and the more unsavory aspects of WWIIís black magick. I was paid for it, although it took until 1981 to see print, and then in a heavily bowlderized form. To do this, I was "given" access to every bizarre Nazi document in existence. One of my friends in the group even got me access to the archives in Washington to look up certain strange practices of the SS. Again, I didnít question any of this, it just happened, so go with the flow, donít think too much, have a good time.

We are going to ignore the questions about being given access to archives of bizarre Nazi documents because we simply have no way of investigating such a claim. So letís look at this novel, ďWalpurgisnachtĒ. Daw Books still exists, and in contradiction to what Mr. Most notes above about their list of books, the on-line list goes back to their beginning. None of Mr. Mostí aliases was listed in their on-line directory of published works, recent or otherwise. But that doesnít negate the possibility that they made arrangements with him to publish the book (as indicated by his statement above about receiving an advance) but never published it. If an advance was paid, accounting records would still indicate it. So we wrote directly to Daw and asked if they had ever published or contracted for anything written by any one of the known aliases. The following reply was received from them:

From: "Fodera, Sean"
Subject: RE: Maynerd Most
Date sent: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 16:05:00 -0500

Thank you for checking this with us. According to our records, we have never had any contract with Mr. Maynerd Most (under the "Roland Maxwell" pseudonym, or any other) for any title. Nor have we ever published any novel titled Walpurgisnacht. Mr. Most claims of a business relationship with DAW Books appear to be false.

Please contact us if you require any further information.


Sean P. Fodera
Dir. of Contracts
DAW Books, Inc.

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