July 11, 2010

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Is the future of the world uncertain, chaotic, and filled with despair?


2012 is the subject of much controversy, but what is so important about 2012 , and why is everybody talking about it? Here's a closer look at what really is happening to humanity, and it's not all doom and gloom.

The ancient Maya developed a highly advanced calendar that was so advanced that it could predict lunar eclipses thousands of years into the future. The Mayan calendar is even more accurate than our own. The end date of their calendar is December 21, 2012. Many people have speculated as to whether this date will truly be the end of humanity or if it will spell out a new beginning for humanity.


In the 8th century A.D the Mayans predicted that white skinned bearded Gods would arrive from across the seas, on March 5, 1519. On that precise date Cortes and his conquistadors arrived in the new world.

Based off their prophecies the Hopi Indian also believe that 2012 would be a pevitle time in human history.


The Hopi Indian believe that the world (human race) has been created and destroyed four times. The Hopi Indian now believe that we will be transitioning into the fifth world, which according to them will not be a world based off materialism and greed, but it will be based off of Spirituality and love. The Hopi Indian do believe that humanity has the power to create it's own future, and the time running up to 2012 will be our decision as to whether we want to destroy ourselves in war or prosper in peace.

A man by the name of Terence Mckenna graphed out the Ancient Divination book of the Chinese called the I-Ching (book of changes), and found that the graph spiked up on major events in world history. However in the 21st Century the I-Ching (book of changes) begins to dip downwards, and it dips down into infinity as of December 21st 2012.


Terence Mckenna believed that because of this there will be radical changes here on earth, in terms of consciousness and the way we live life.

According to Mckenna, at the 2012 point, events will no longer happen in a linear fashion as before that point. It could be an expansion of consciousness, or new way of thinking, or time travel which destroys linearity etc.


Not necessarily the end of the world but a start of a new paradigm.

One of McKenna's ideas is known as novelty theory. It predicts the ebb and flow of novelty in the universe as an inherent quality of time. McKenna developed the theory in the mid-1970s after his experiences in the Amazon led him to closely study the King Wen sequence of the I-Ching in which he based Timewave zero which calculates the intricacies of his theory

Also in more modern times web bot technology, a particular series of programs that were invented in the late 1990's in order to predict possible stock futures was utilized to predict what would happen in 2012. The way it works is that it uses independent mini programs called spider programs or agents and combs the internet for hints of future financial news.


The concept behind the web bot is that massive scans of language will reveal a direct connection to the collective unconscious and a hint of the future.


In August of 2004 a predication was made about earthquakes it was predicated that 300,00 would be dead, and that water would be rising, which turned out to be the tsunami of 2004. It also predicted the anthrax attacks of 2001, the massive east cost power outage of 2003, and the destruction of hurricane Katrina in 2005.


According to the web bot program major changes will be taking place in 2012.

The Web Bot ALTA report accurately predicted the BP Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe before it occurred and is now predicting that the BP Gulf oil catastrophe may one of the largest single human depopulation events in history.

A Web-Bot ALTA report dated June 21, 2010 predicts that1.289+ billion people” may die from the catastrophic effects of the April 20, 2010 BP oil spill and related environmental impacts in a period starting mid-July 2010.


The Web-Bot ALTA REPORT states that,

“The [oil volcano] subset continues to gain support in support of the [ill winds] area, and is still gaining support for those subsets indicating that 1.289+ billion people will perish as a result of the [ill winds] and the [oil volcano].”

According to Web Bot, this high death figure may come as a result of interactivity between the impact of the BP oil catastrophe and an expected global nuclear war starting around the period commencing November 8, 2010.

Scared yet? What does this all mean? Absolutely nothing until it actually happens.


Since mass consciousness can direct all activity on earth at anytime, all of these events are completely under our control. We are being tested. It is the grand experiment of earth and we are entering into what is truly the Golden Age.

A NASA press announcement on December 16, 2008 revealed that a giant breach has been found in the Earth magnetic field. The magnetic field shields the earth from the solar wind which consists of plasma energy transmitted from the sun. For the entire duration of the next solar cycle, especially during its peak, plasma energy will pour in through the breach which is four times larger than the earth.


Each individual’s bio-electrical system will become increasingly charged as the sun ramps up its outpouring of plasma for Solar Cycle #24. As bio-electrical systems are charged up, many will feel this most immediately as surges of nervous energy.


If individuals prepare correctly their bodies and nervous systems through increased meditation, clearing of specific negative behaviors and living in the present, the increased plasma energy can lead to a significant enhancement of human abilities.

The real governing powers of nations (the "powers that be" or the one's that think they control humanity) know very well that this time is coming. In their desperate attempts to continue to enslave humanity through incrementalism, they will fail.


A time is coming when all of humanity will see past all the lies, deceit, greed and artificial power structure that has governed the earth for thousands of years. A time when there will be no more secrets and humans will gather and embrace who and what they really are. The universe will assist us in this process.

The physiological effect of an increase in solar plasma energy in the Earth’s electrical environment upon the human nervous system is unknown. Its effect on human relations and society is even less known. It can be predicted, however, that the surge in electrical energy on the planet and human bioelectrical systems will directly influence relations and communications between people.


This arises from the tiny bio-electrical signals that enable the brain neurons to communicate. Brain cycles represent the dominate ways our neurons communicate when organizing sensory data about the world around us.


During waking time, we typically operate using two brain wave states.

  • Beta is where our brain’s electrical signals operate between 14-40 cycles per second or Hertz (Hz) and represents a state of high mental activity typically associated with stress.

  • Alpha brain wave states operate at 7.5-14 cycles per second and represent a relaxed state of mind.

Lower brain wave states, Theta (4-7.5 Hz) and Delta (0.5-4) are physically inactive states such as deep meditation and sleep.


The highest recorded brain wave state, Gamma (40+Hz), represents bursts of insight and has been increasingly observed in the use of higher cognitive abilities by children.

As the plasma energy pours into the earth, people’s brain wave states will be affected. For some, this might be experienced as communications and interactions becoming more intense as more beta brain wave activity takes place. An analogy would be someone who has lived all their life in a relaxed small town in the American mid-West, suddenly being transported to a busy New York City.


Alternatively, others may find that their body lacks vitality due to a rapid build up of static electricity in the Earth’s environment.

Those able to express the body’s increased nervous energy in constructive ways, will find it much easier to start and complete projects they previously put on back burner of life. The ability to easily switch between Gamma and Alpha brain wave states will lead to greater creative insight as individuals need to calmly respond to a more challenging socio-economic environment.


The key to benefiting from increased Gamma brain wave activity is to keeping a positive and open mind where new insights are integrated. Once the brain’s higher cognitive skills come on line, then it’s vital to be able to calmly integrate new insights into our lives.

By keeping an open mind and having a positive outlook individuals are most likely to succeed in dealing with the solar waves pouring through the giant hole of the Earth’s magnetosphere. They will be prepared for the rapid increase in plasma energy that will increases levels of electricity in the environment, and alters human bioelectric systems and brain wave patterns.


Individuals who adequately prepare themselves will literally become solar wave riders able to ride the waves of incoming solar energy to higher levels of creativity and life fulfillment.

The next solar maximum will last for several years with one peak expected to be the year 2012.


The giant breach in the Earth’s magnetosphere means increased solar activity will directly impact people’s bio-electrical systems and brain wave states. As the current global economic meltdown proceeds with lost jobs and increased uncertainty, this is a good time to explore options in how to best express one’s creative energies.


By keeping a calm open mind while being creative in a changing socio-economic environment and integrating information about extraterrestrial life, individuals can become solar wave riders where they creatively deal with waves of solar energy pouring into the planet up to 2012 and beyond.

We are right now living through the end of the Mayan Grand cycle which is culmination of a 5125 year wave of history. Many cultures have spoken of this period throughout history and it's not about what is going to happen in December 2012. It's about looking at our lives right here and now and knowing that every one of us is contributing to the outcome through our vibrations, intentions and actions.

Every one of us is an instrument of culture and we are all fitting into the one planetary equation on earth. We need to realize that conscious, harmonious interconnectedness is the only way to solidify our new state and culture as that we can continue to live on this beautiful planet peacefully.

Although it may be very difficult to comprehend at this time, we are entering into a Golden Age of global healing.


We must arise as the medicine warriors and each one of us has a contribution. Every single person living on earth has a role that they will play out with their unique abilities, gifts and skills. We all have a purpose and the only way to discover them are by following our passion, inspiration and joy.

We can respond with great fear or with great love.


We will no longer have linear minds beyond 2012 so we must prepare our bodies for their new energy. Our hearts hold the key in finding our direct connection to the earth and the universe. A time on earth is soon coming where we will experience such chaos that it will be necessary for agents of calm to act as leaders to help humanity through this phase.

All that has been unconscious is becoming conscious. All that has been hidden is being revealed. All the light that is now being exposed will be challenged by darkness. Life is never without the ying and the yang.


Know that this too has a purpose and we are about to receive a huge boost from the universe to help us through 2012 and beyond. We will prosper and the light can no longer be suppressed.


It is our destiny.