by David Wilcock

Spanish version

March 2008
from EarthTransformation Website


2012 is NOT about doom, disaster or cataclysm.


Real changes are affecting us in body, mind and spirit. New scientific breakthroughs prove that consciousness is not a dead, isolated spark of electrical activity in our nervous system, but rather part of an energetic field throughout the entire Universe.

Mainstream Western scientists are only beginning to understand that they missed out on one of the most basic energy fields of the Universe — a field that can be scientifically measured, and also has direct effects on how we think and feel, each moment of the day. Evidence proves that a "global brain" is forming on Earth where our thoughts are increasingly affecting the behaviors of others around us.

Ultimately this “consciousness field” appears to be a living, intelligent energy source throughout the entire Cosmos. Many people’s idea of "God" is a preliminary step towards understanding that this Field really does exist.



This field appears to be responsible for the creation of physical matter AND biological life. It is the chicken AND the egg. Both already exist, in potential, in the Field!

The DNA molecule appears to originate as an energetic wave in this Field. These waves, loaded with information, surround you right now as you read these words — just like radio, satellite TV and cell-phone signals.

When water runs down the side of a mountain, it captures loose rocks and rolls them into the bottom of the stream bed. Similarly, waves in the Field may be gathering up whatever atoms and molecules they find in a given area – particularly where there is liquid water – and then push and nudge those little pieces into forming DNA molecules.

Little living critters have already been generated spontaneously, in an utterly sterilized environment, from nothing more than distilled water and beach sand that had been super-heated to white-hot levels, where no living thing could possibly have survived within any conventional scientific models.

Furthermore, Russian scientists have already proven that plants, animals and amphibians can be completely re-arranged into other species — particularly if you catch them in embryonic form. This has nothing to do with cloning or gene splicing. All they do is zap the DNA in the embryo with a beam of light. The light beam carries the ‘wave’ of another organism in it.

In one example, a frog embryo was completely re-arranged, with nothing more than a beam of light, into a salamander. The salamander grew to full adulthood and showed no signs of ever having started as a frog. Its babies emerged as salamanders, not frogs. Our little friend never got sick or died prematurely like normal clones would.

How could a solid, real DNA molecule shift around enough to create the codes to build an entirely different body?


The key is that DNA is not a fixed, hard structure. There are indeed many small ‘pieces’ that can break off from one part of a DNA molecule and move around to another part. Scientists call these little pieces ‘retrotransposons.’

If you ‘energize’ a creature like a salamander with a beam of light (or other forms of energy), and then re-direct the beam into the embryo of a frog, the ‘wave’ will re-arrange the frog’s DNA to create a salamander. This is somewhat akin to how rocks will gather in a new area if the stream of water shifts on its way down the mountainside.

This mechanism drives life to evolve on Earth spontaneously, in very short periods of time. All the clues to explain this process already exist in the fossil record and in groundbreaking Russian laboratory experiments with DNA.

Darwin was wrong. Evolution is not random.


Evolution is part of an Intelligent Design, and we have not seen the end of the story on Earth yet by any means.



In our presentations we also lay out comprehensive evidence that each galaxy is naturally divided up into regions with different levels of energy "charge", and our entire Solar System is now moving into a more energetic area. We can visibly measure this change by what is already happening throughout the entire Solar System.

Various ‘whistleblowers’ have said the Soviet and American governments knew about this since at least the 1950s, and decided not to share it with the public in order to avoid panic.

Just like the frog embryo is zapped by the laser beam that has the ‘salamander’ code in it, each planet and moon in our Solar System is now being zapped with a higher intensity of energy that is creating measurable changes in temperature, brightness, magnetic field strength, storms and even the speed of rotation in the case of Saturn.

All the evidence to prove this already exists in NASA studies — it just has never been put all together until now. It explains, for example, why Pluto is getting hotter and hotter even as it drifts farther and farther away from the Sun. We have gathered well over 100 different mainstream scientific references to make the case.

Global Warming’ on Earth is certainly being made worse by our widespread industrial pollution — but there are greater energetic causes at work that are creating "global warming" on the Earth AND on all the other planets, where no SUVs (sunlight-ultraviolet) exist.

This same instreaming energy is also affecting — and changingour DNA, as it has in many other periods of Earth’s history. This can be measured in the fossil record. This new energetic influence is awakening dormant brain potentials and abilities we would never have dreamed of — including the "Law of Attraction".

Real scientific evidence shows that all of this is building up to a stunning conclusion in the year 2012 — as the Mayan Calendar and other sources predicted.