The Letter


We are a group of French scientists. We have read Dr. Greer's text on the Disclosure Web site and have been impressed by his remarks. We are convinced, as he is, that certain nations, and chiefly the US, have been able to derive from the UFO files, from crashed UFO retrievals and from possible contacts with aliens, information which has led to entirely new scientific knowledge. We shall farther discuss the assessment of developments achieved on the basis of these information.


The question is: "how far have they reached?". We hold accurate information about the American black programs linked with hypersonic planes, be it the satellisable Aurora spy craft or a hypersonic long range bomber for which the B2 is but a cover-up. Technical data in our possession allow us, in this particular case, to sustain our assertions.


These technologies were directly derived from the analysis of the wreck retrieved at Roswell, which was a hypersonic space shuttle and not an interstellar vehicle. We deplore the fact that this reverse engineering has only been applied to military ends, since these techniques could have found better use, the one as a completely re-reusable space launcher - much more efficient and cheaper than the customary rockets - the other as a hypersonic commercial plane.

Possible antimatter synthesis

Besides the above, it is highly presumable that the Americans have mastered a massive antimatter production technique, this - and not the "void energy" - being the near magic, inexhaustible future energy coming out of nowhere; unless one considers the transformation of matter into antimatter by thermonuclear compression as a means of "extracting energy from the void".


I shall ad that once antimatter has been produced in this way, it can farther be used to produce more. No nuclear explosion is needed at every start. However this technology lays in the hands of humanity incredibly more destructive bombs than the most powerful thermonuclear weapons presently available. It also generates a potential straightforward war hazard through the fact that very small quantities of antimatter can be stocked in crystals under very stable electrostatic confinement; this allows the production of tiny bombs - "bucky balls" - , the size of an egg, thermal shield included, of 40 ton TNT power.


Thanks to their relatively limited power and the fact that no waste is produced, these bombs could readily be used. Instead of dropping high power bombs on isolated targets, which would throw up great quantities of pulverulent matter into the high atmosphere and generate nuclear winter effects, it would be possible to scatter a great number of these mini antimatter bombs and cause equal damage, whilst avoiding that the dust should rise at high altitudes and generate a nuclear winter.


We believe that the US already possess a considerable number of such weapons with which they would be capable of reducing whole countries to ashes, and we fear that these devices will soon be discreetly brought into action on more restricted scales. This takes us far out of sight of the positive applications of which Humanity could benefit from such a technology and thus produce, as Dr. Greer rightly puts it, "flowering deserts".

The raw material and waste problem

We believe that the ET vehicles visiting us use antimatter, stocked on board or synthesized, as primary source of energy. This basic energy could be put to a wide range of uses. One of the most useful is to master the transmutation of materials and be thus able to synthesize at will any type of atom. Coupled with a very advanced nano-technology, this would allow the most complex systems to be synthesized without human intervention, i.e. without "work".


Inversely, any system composed of atoms could be converted into neutral waste such as helium, the typically ideal waste. If we survive the next century, this is the picture of our future technology. If such a set of techniques were completed with a more comprehensive approach of biology then that which is practiced on Earth today, the Human being would have the keys of a Golden Age within arm's reach.

Present state of technology on Earth

We do not know how far these technologies may have been developed on Earth. To this date we may only strongly suspect that antimatter synthesis through thermonuclear compression has been obtained in the US towards the end of the sixties; we shall farther come back to this. Another problem raised by Dr. Greer is machine weight reduction, suppression or even inversion (anti-gravity). We consider this as feasible.


This is the technique used by UFO's when they hover without any air displacement. In our opinion this can only be understood via an important paradigm shift, a different way of comprehending space and matter. But this is still speculative and we suggest also coming back to it farther on. Anti-gravity control could obviously be applied to civilian transportation, but far beyond this, we think it would open the way to outer space travel. Here again, we shall postpone the subject to the end of this paper.

Our comments on the Space Energy Access Systems

However commendable the feeling from which this project arises, we are doubtful as to its chances of success. We think that its applications (unlimited energy production, anti-gravity), even though physically conceivable, would call for very expensive advanced technologies. By comparison one could imagine the Foundation offering men of the Antiquity a full purse of gold to whomever would fly a plane with three passengers over more than six miles.


We are skeptical as to the compatibility of such techniques with soft technologies within reach of amateurs and moderately sized laboratories. Such developments may, to our mind, only be envisaged by large scale laboratories with considerable funds for which a million dollar prize would seem but a derisory sum compared with the cost of such research. Consequently, laboratories of that size would inevitably be part of the military-industrial lobbies.


At best would the supporters of such a project be rewarded with interesting theoretical ideas, but no exploitable practical results. Such is our opinion, but of course we may be mistaken.

Our answer to the Disclosure Manifest

Whilst we are not in a state to submit to Dr. Greer plans for an unlimited energy producing machine or one that could suppress the force of gravity, we are, on the other hand, able to present strong arguments in support of his campaign against the diversion of technologies by military-industrial complexes elusive to American political power and dedicated to serve a few who seek world domination by force.


The elements we are in a state to produce are related to underwater high velocity propulsion and construction of very long range hypersonic planes, both these techniques being based on what is called magneto-hydro-dynamics, or MHD.

General remarks about MHD

MHD has been the object of sustained research in the sixties, the civilian sector only having obviously been accessible to the public. The purpose at the time was to produce electricity through direct MHD conversion, using as primary energy either fossil fuels - so-called "open cycles" -, or energy produced by high temperature reactors (HTR).


In both cases, research teams came up against the fact that gases at "technological" temperatures, even when seeded with low ionization potential substances such as cesium, are not sufficiently electrically conductive. Below 3000°K, their electric conductivity is too low. The Russians have led this technique of MHD electricity production as far as possible with their U-25 generator, which burns a mixture of hydrocarbons and pure oxygen.


But this civilian oriented research was finally abandoned. Another trial took place where two-temperature gases were used (in which the electron gas has a higher temperature than the atom gas). This was not possible in a molecular environment which contained a lot of carbon dioxide (as a result of combustion). Indeed, this molecule is readily excited by the chocks with electrons. The result was a great loss of energy through radiation (radiative un-excitation).


This two-temperature system was thus limited to closed cycles where the conversion fluid was a rare gas: helium, seeded with cesium, used to cool down the heart of a reactor working at high temperature (1500°K). Let us point out that these reactors were neither built nor tested. Atomic scientists only thought they might be constructed and, thank God, they never were.

This research came up against something which completely annihilated the generators' performances by making the plasma very non-homogeneous: it was an instability discovered in 1964 by the Russian Velikhov. These preliminaries may seem strange, but they explain why civilian MHD research was abandoned in many countries, except in the US and Russia, where military MHD was at the same time being developed in great secret. In Russia, the father of military MHD was Andrei Sakharov. His pupil was none other than Velikhov, innovator of the soviet style star war, and Poutine's chief consultant for leading edge weapons.

Description of high velocity US and Russian MHD torpedoes

Since a long time ago, the USA and USSR possessed indubitable evidence that UFO's were of extraterrestrial origin. The US had retrieved at least one crashed hypersonic vehicle at Roswell and it is highly probable that the Russians also collected an equal supply. It was not until the seventies that the Americans understood that one of the key operating elements of the Roswell shuttle was MHD.


They also grasped that military MHD was of prime strategic importance and they launched an intense disinformation campaign, at home and abroad, to lure researchers away from what they declared to be a dead end subject. I hold this information from the fact that I was closely implied , since 1965, in French civilian MHD projects. I built a Faraday linear generator, based on a combustion shock tube, producing a power of several megawatts during 200 microseconds; with a two tesla magnetic field.


The Velikhov instability having been overcome, we succeeded in obtaining the first two-temperature stable running conditions, and this was presented at the 1967 Warsaw international colloquium. But notwithstanding this success, in the early seventies, in our own country as in others, this research was abandoned.


It is worth mentioning that our team obtained a gas blast speed gain of 5,500 m/s over a distance of less than 4", with argon fluxes at 10,000°K input into a Faraday accelerator at 2,750 m/s under a one bar pressure. But at the time nobody in France realized the military implication of what was to become, elsewhere, an MHD propulsion with high specific impulse.

If I remember correctly, I traveled to the United States in 1984, to take part in an international MHD meeting in Boston. The Russians presented their Pavlovsky generator, one of the various versions of the flux compression generators tested in the early 50's by Sakharov's team, which was later to become the typical feed system to their directed energy weapons (electron and laser beams).


Besides this novelty, representatives of various countries, American researches included, (the colloquium had been organized by J.F. Louis of AVCO), deplored the loss of interest of their governments. And yet we were ignorant of the fact that, three years earlier, the Americans had operated their first MHD torpedoes at 1,000 knots; we got wind of this many years later.


Today, in countries possessing leading technology, propeller torpedoes have been abandoned since exactly thirty years. The powder rocket propulsion was soon found to be more efficient and gave rise to such machines as the American Supercav or the Russian Sqwal.

The russian Sqwal rocket torpedo (250 knots)

The British today possess a similar weapon, the Spearfish. In these torpedoes, hot gas is ejected from the machine's nose and vaporizes the neighboring sea water. The torpedo then moves in a sheath of water vapor; the resulting friction reduction allowing speeds of 200 to 250 kn. Course control is achieved through the protruding pole which telescopes out of the nose after launching.


Steering is obtained by modulating the exhausts of nozzles which encircle the main propulsion nozzle and are fed by the forward situated gas generator. Today however are such machines quite out of date, even though countries such as France do not even have them yet. American and Russian MHD torpedoes also have a solid propellant rocket engine. The divergent works like an MHD convector, producing a large amount of electric energy.


This energy feeds a wall accelerator of which, for the sake of lightness, the principle description is appended. Such a system sucks the water in very strongly; hence is the viscous drag concept no longer appropriate since the wake is not only suppressed, but even reversed; which opens the path to very high speeds. Such speeds, reckoned today to be able to reach about 1,600 to 1,900 kn., enable the torpedoes to reach the targets in matters of seconds.


It is easy to see the major strategic asset brought to any nation possessing these torpedoes, since it would enable the destruction, in a few seconds, of the enemy's strategic nuclear submarines, which are the most dangerous of all weapons. They are generally positioned as close as possible to their potential targets in order to reduce the range of the ballistic flight, hence the chances of interception. In fact, the destruction of these missile loaded submarines would probably be the very first act of war of any nation with a high technological level of equipment.


The Chinese do not possess such an equipment yet. In 1996, the Russians attempted to make a demonstration of their machine nicknamed "the Fat One", of a one meter caliber, because they were hoping to sell them the torpedoes. Such a technology transfer would, in the long run, have meant a great menace to world security and, informed of the transactions, the Americans boarded and sank the Koursk which was due, in presence of a Chinese general, to make the demonstration.


Fearing this should be discovered, the Russians closed all of the submarine's hatches (by remote sonar order issued from the Peter the Great cruiser, flagship of the maneuvers), letting the entire crew perish and recovering the wreck later.

The MHD torpedo and its parietal accelerator propulsion is thus one of the first applications of the military MHD derived from the close analysis of the Roswell wreck.

American hypersonic machines - Aurora and the antipodal hypersonic bomber

Air traveling machines remained, from there on, to be designed. From Mach 3 up, the air compression aft of the chock wave generates an important heating. By shifting to stato it is possible to go up in Mach levels. One can then, around Mach 6, envisage a scramjet functioning (hypersonic combustion), where fuel and oxidizer (hydrogen and liquid oxygen) circulate in the leading edge to cool it down.


But the examination of the Roswell vehicle was to yield a much better solution, which would lead to the Aurora machine, which took its first flight in 1990 at Groom Lake. This very clever craft can take off by its own means, pick up speed and altitude, reach 6,000 kn. at 180,000 ft., then become sattelised with conventional rockets. Two very different successive operating modes are then called upon.


At the start, Aurora - of which Ajax, the Russian version designed by Fraistadt, was never built through lack of funding - looks like a conventional jet plane. Four turbo-reactors without post combustion are suspended under a very cambered wing with a completely flat top and a sharply lifted "duck tail" trailing edge.

Aurora in subsonic and moderate Mach flight

Aurora then reaches Mach 3 and the motor air feed changes. The bottom air intakes close up. The plane then flies in low pressure air which ionizes more easily. An air inlet opens on the top side, in front of which a set of parallel electrodes form an MHD wall generator.


Since this section works as a generator, the air is slowed down and re-compressed (by Lorenz forces). A continuous slowing down then takes place, without shock waves and with moderate heating, to such a point that the gas can be directed to the conventional turbo-reactor air intake, even though the plane flies at 6,000 kn. (11,400 km/h) at about 180,000 ft (54,000 m.) altitude. Very high tensions are generated by the Hall effect. In these parietal converters, the Americans use superconductor systems developing 12 teslas.


The Velikhov instability is mastered by magnetic confinement. The high voltage is used to create a plasma cushion which protects the leading edge. The electric power is next used to enhance the specific impulse thanks to a wall accelerator located aft of the nozzle outlets (MHD by-pass system). This is then of the "semi guided" type.

Aurora, hypersonic flight

It is designed to function with a fixed expansion coefficient at a given altitude. At lower altitudes, the expansion of the jet is too strong and it then exhibits a succession of knots and bumps, typical of "over-depressed" jets.

classical over-depressed jet

This explains the mysterious photograph taken near Groom Lake, where the plane, seen exceptionally in daylight, had not yet reached its adaptation altitude.

photograph of Aurora jet

Aurora's lift is obtained through the generated shock wave on which the plane surfs; it is a wave rider. But Aurora is not meant to function that way a long time because the formation of this shock wave generates a drag which entails a waste of energy. Rockets enable the machine either to become sattelised at an altitude of 250,000 ft., i.e. the atmosphere's limit, or to execute ballistic leaps, like a pebble bouncing on a water pond.


Under those condition it becomes a kind of pilotable semisattelite, such as the well known silver surfer. The total plasma envelope makes it also completely stealthy. Once sattelised at a speed of 15,000 kn. (28,500 km/h) it can reenter at a very slight angle of incidence without the need of a degradable thermal shield; the whole surface then works as an MHD generator.


The high tension produces a forward protecting plasma cushion; the energy being dissipated mainly through radiation. When the plane returns to its base, the whole process is gone through in reverse order; and when approaching it is propelled like a conventional plane and can land on a normal runway.

This has all been kept secret. The Americans attempt to lull the awareness of other countries by rather gross misinformation. They lead Europeans into thinking that the adventure of hypersonic flight is near at hand, whilst in fact they have been mastering those techniques for the last twelve years.

Model of Aurora X-43A slung under the wing of a B-52,

and poised in front of a large powder booster

In flight

The "pseudo-Aurora" test model.

Notice that vertical tails contradicts stealthyness. But the cut nose corresponds to the real Aurora. This is a cover-up on technological progress. The civilian version of Aurora would not be a sattelisable spy plane, but a completely reusable launcher, much cheaper than the classical rockets which depend solely on the thrust of their motors to overcome the drag linked with the generation of a chock wave.

What Occidentals ignore, and which I shall reveal in a book, is that Americans also have a hypersonic long range bomber which can fly at similar speeds and altitudes. Seen from above, these bombers look like a B2. The saw-tooth shape of their trailing edge is designed to give stability when landing.


The shape causes eddies which prevent the wing tip loss of lift to creep up towards the leading edge (short after the war, this phenomenon caused the crash of the flying wing designed by Jack Northrop). The B2's based at Whitman, supposed to have cost $2 billion each, are just decoys. The real plane is not subsonic and has neither cockpit nor any hoods above the four motors. These are completely included in the wing, so as to avoid the turbine vanes from being detected by radar's.

US hypersonic bomber

Wall convectors sit on the front parts of the wings ahead of the motors. These systems enable incident air to be re-compressed without shock wave generation and funneled into the inlets of classical turbo-reactors. The machine is a subtle combination of regions where the MDH wall converter is used to slow down the gas (as an electrical power generator) and others where, on the contrary, the gas is accelerated.


This system allows complete control over the gas flux and suppression of any shock wave and hence wave drag. If the latter were to remain, the plane could not fly a long time considering the energy wasted in creating it. This elimination of shock waves was obtained in 1997 and opened the path to the first antipodal flights.


In fact, on more than one item this bomber is more sophisticated than the Aurora. For instance, the electrical discharge at the leading edge has a better mastered geometry which gives rise to a real "virtual" leading edge.

Hypersonic long-range bomber

Thus the machine, which the B2 dissimulates, is able to take off from the US, reach any point on the globe, and come back and land again in the US all in one night and four hours, even if the target lies in the antipodes at 10,800 nautical miles (20,000 km).


Bombing assignments have been enacted in Europe and Afghanistan, the latter being mentioned as subsonic 40 hour flights, necessitating six in-flight refueling, most of which took place over Russia which the planes had to cross. Considering the vulnerability of a plane while refueling, who would be gullible enough to believe such a version?


Notice also that the B2's which are shown have no bunk of any kind to allow crew members to take some rest. Could any pilot remain seated for forty hours on an ejector seat? See on my web site a file on the B2.

In numerous realms, the US attempt to disguise their military technology progress. They possess a hypersonic drone whose air intake is controlled by a similar process. On the photographs they show, the stealth inducing air intakes could absolutely not function if the plane were to move at supersonic speeds.

The X-47A

American documents are generally mute about the speeds of these planes, but even if they were stealthy, one can hardly imagine the Americans constructing subsonic combat drones!

These few elements, (but there are many more, particularly concerning microwave weapons, crowd control systems, etc.), may attract the reader's attention to the fact that the US might indeed well have acquired a considerable lead in matters of weaponry by using information extracted from UFO observation and reverse engineering of retrieved wrecks.

I agree with Dr. Greer. I think that as soon as the United States disposed of directed energy weapons, they deliberately shot down UFO's in order to analyze them.

Why the US are suspected to possess antimatter bombs

The 'flux compression" generators, such as those tested by Sakharov in the early 50's, are now reaching public knowledge. They are the generators which equipped the E-bombs and cruise missiles used during the Gulf war. Specialists are aware that these generators can also be used to compress objects at very high pressures (25 megabars in 1952) and to accelerate them at very high speeds (50 km/s in 1952).


Towards the end of the 60's, the Americans considered working these systems by using low power atom bombs (1kt of TNT) as explosive. The pressures reached were so considerable that they managed, in this kind of "laboratory", to reproduce conditions similar to the Big Bang, matter then muting into antimatter. The energy production turned out to be one hundred times greater than what was expected. This was kept secret. The Russians and the Chinese later tried to re-enact those experiences, but they failed because of lack of superconductors of adequate quality.

The Americans managed to separate the produced antimatter from matter and to confine it in magnetic bottles. They eventually used it for propulsion, for such as a disc shaped drone, operational since 2000, which can travel at Mach 10 in dense air, and which they attempt to keep secret. This object works along the lines described in annex 2.


If one excepts stationary flight without air blast, which comes under "antigravitation", and sharp angle turns, it appears that Americans have almost managed to reproduce, thanks to MHD, the behaviour of inter-atmospheric cruising UFO's. They are now attempting farther to develop this technology, which would give them access to star travel.


We do not know if they have made any significant progress in that direction, though some believe they have. If such were the case, this would jeopardize the future of humanity because extraterrestrials would probably not tolerate that such barbarians as we are should go and give neighbouring civilizations a pain in the neck.

In the mean time, Americans use small quantities of antimatter to accelerate silicon vapour up to 500 km/s in MHD accelerators used for space propulsion. With such boosters, they have been able to accelerate space probes at speeds of up to 100 km/s and accomplish a survey of the Solar System, nearly complete since five years. They have been testing antimatter bombs in which very powerful charges were synthesized in situ, at the moment of impact.


The first trials of these entirely oversized bombs, too powerful for Earth tests, were done by sending them off to the Sun. To do this, very high specific impulse MHD propelled bombs have been launched on trajectories at a wide angle to the Ecliptic plane in order to get merged with a known family of comets. Trials were continued with shots on Jupiter.


There again, the bomb modules were directed in such a way as to be mistaken for cometary debris. Initially loaded on board the military Atlantis shuttle, the modules were conveyed on site by an MHD propelled cargo which was then self-destroyed. The modules created a magnetosphere which simulated cometary degassing. They penetrated Jupiter's high atmosphere at 100 km/s thanks to their MHD shield system. Thermonuclear compressed antimatter synthesis, followed by instantaneous explosion caused the impacts to be mistaken for comet fragments.

Later launches were aimed at Jupiter's satellites, such as Io and Europa. On each of those occasions, Galileo, which had been sent into orbit precisely to monitor the trials, failed to transmit the pictures to Earth, at least according to the official version. It suffered a number of failures depriving earthlings of close images of Jupiter's satellites.

An open question

The purpose of such firings remains mysterious; are they meant to be anti-comet weapons? Some astronomers believe that, when the Solar System was formed, a telluric planet has been ejected by tide effect on a very eccentric, long period orbit (2000 - 3000 years), at a wide angle to the Ecliptic. This planet would in addition have been reduced to a vast number of fragments while passing inside the Roche sphere of the object from which it was ejected.


The periodic return of this swarm of fragments, the size of comets or asteroids and thus undetectable at any greater distance than that of Jupiter, might cause some problems. Would aliens have delivered to the Americans means of accelerating their scientific and technical know-how in order to enable them to master the destruction of such objects between 2020 and 2030? Would the Roswell wreck have been a fake, purposely abandoned to trigger off this acceleration?


Every hypothesis may be considered. One must bear in mind that if such a risk were to exist it would be necessary to launch on a collision course with an object moving at 40 km/s; a conventional propulsion would be useless because the shot would next have to turn around to travel in convoy with the target. It would then have to bore a pathway with an antimatter spurt of several kilometers to go and explode a payload of several thousand megatons at the centre of the object in order to transform it into debris each less than one meter in diameter, which would burn out in the atmosphere. Are the shots fired at Jupiter and Io and Europa part of such a plan?

As a matter of fact, we know nothing about our Solar System and the future of our Earth. Here in France, our group has received more than one telephone call warning of approaching comets, the messages each time including accurate perihelion dates long before the objects could be detected by Earth-bound telescopes.

About anti-gravitation

Research in theoretical cosmology which we have published, inspired by information received through alien contacts, has led us to build a cosmological model based on two universes, which develops ideas put forward by Andrei Sakharov in 1976: the twin universe cosmology. We believe the latter also to have been in contact with aliens. Just read the strange end terms of his speech, which was read by his lady friend Helena Bonaire in Sweden on receiving the Nobel Prize.


This model consists of a two-fold universe or double-universe. Australian researchers Foot and Volkas today follow a similar path, calling it "mirror-universes" (papers published in Physics Review). We have shown that the "apparent mass" of the "twin universe" was negative, i.e. twin matter repels ours while two particles of twin matter attract each other, in accordance with Newton's law. This repulsion explains the re-acceleration of the expansion of our universe, while it slows down the expansion of the twin.

When interstellar vessels cruise over huge distances, they use the twin as a sort of "express subway". In this universe, which is extremely rarefied in regions adjacent to ours, distances are shortened and the speed of light is high. This makes space travel possible, subject to the principle:

"it is illegal to exceed the speed of light of the universe in which one is travelling".

One American research team is working on an idea based on attempting locally to modify the value of the speed of light; the "warp driving concept". Our approach is different and far more advanced. With the help of aliens, it has taken us years just to begin understanding how it works and it would require pages to describe. In principle, the vehicle's mass must be transferred to the twin universe.


When this operation takes place near the Earth, the latter becomes invisible to the craft but acts on it as a negative, repulsive mass. If the stations in our universe and in the adjacent region if the twin are rapidly alternated, this is not detected by an observer, however in one phase the vessel drops under the Earth's attraction, while in the other it rises under the Earth's repulsion. Globally this amounts to an apparent cancellation of the vessel's weight, whichever it's mass may be.


This is our interpretation of what people call anti-gravitation. We do not know whether aliens have given earthlings the tip about those techniques.


Let us stick to what we know already; we feel highly concerned with Dr. Greer's text. It seems clear that a group of humans are holders of elements of science and techniques which are far ahead of the rest of the world.

  • How did they acquire this knowledge and why?

  • Is it just a consequence of the crash of an alien craft at Roswell?

  • Is there some much more complex plan behind all this?

  • Have there been contacts between aliens and this group?

  • What is the agenda of the ones and the others?

  • Is the hegemony and domination of this group of humans over the rest of the planet just the consequence of an attempt at helping Humanity to survive the next passage of a swarm of planet fragments?

We care to know. Becoming conscious, at last, that they are not alone, would men acquire some wisdom and, using the technology which makes it possible, turn their planet into an Eden?

Whichever way, we think the time has come to bring those who hold the secrets to come clean and such is the meaning of our approach to the Disclosure Project.


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