Annex 2 - Other weapons and speculations

In the annex 1 we presented some ideas about hypersonic flight. Although it is not possible to bring the absolute proof we really think that American own hypersonic spy planes and hypersonic bombers. They do their best to keep secrecy as long as possible about it. Anyway the world begins to hear about many new weapons.


Some are based on microwaves techniques. Such weapons can be carried by cruise missiles and many people think they have been already tested during the Gulf War, in 1990. Many people, who discover these "new" pulsed generators, ignore that they were invented and tested in Russia half a century before. Hereafter the reader will find the system, that everybody can find in many websites today, which can provide very strong electric intensities, magnetic field and electric field.


The next figure, which refers to compressed magnetic flux system comes from the English edition of,



Collected Scientific Papers

Marcel Dekker Inc.
270 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10016

1982 ISBN 0-8247-1714-7

In such device a condenser creates a strong magnetic field inside the solenoid. Along the axis lies a tube of copper filled by an explosive. When fired this last expands the copper tube which short-circuits the spiral of the solenoid and reduces the inductance. The conservation of the energy implies an enormous rise of the intensity. 107 to 108 amperes were produced in the sixties with such a simple system.

A similar system produces the compression of a "magnetic flux". In high magnetic Reynolds number conditions the magnetic field behaves like a gas. On the figure, below, this tends to push the black ring on the right at large velocity. The strong induced electric current transforms this ring into a plasma.

In the sixties pressures as large as 25 megabars were obtained, with velocities reaching 50 km/s. Such objects were called "plasmoids", plasma bullets. Military thought to use it to destroy distant targets in what would called later "Starwar".

Presently developed countries continue to test this systems, using small A bombs in underground nuclear explosions. American use their classical test site of Nevada. Russian have their own near Semipalatinsk. British can use some places in Australia, or Nevada. As the French have stopped their underground experiments in Mururoa, south Pacific, in 1996, the French army continues this research in France, in different places.


Officially France is supposed to develop next nuclear weapons through "computations" and simulation, near Bordeaux, in a center where they are building a laser fusion system (with 260 lasers). This should begin to work in 2010. Only naive people believe that and very few people are able to imagine that the French army could have experienced more than 100 stealth underground nuclear experiments in the country. Sometimes the things are so big that people just cannot believe it.

Very soon American tried to see what pressure and velocity could be gained with such system, using nuclear explosive and supra-conducting material. We believe (and we have also some information from some "exotic source") that the obtained pressures were so high that the condition of the so-called Big Bang were locally achieved.

In 1967 Andrei Skaharov suggested that the singularity called "Big Bang" could link two universes, one made of matter and the second one of antimatter. As a consequence the fantastic compression acting on the ring of matter transformed it into an equivalent amount of antimatter. That is the schema of antimatter synthesis through nuclear compression.

If it is true, and we think it is, American master massive antimatter synthesis. They know how separate and store it, in magnetic bottles. Later, small amounts of anti matter (anti-hydrogen) can be extracted from these bottles and sent on peculiar crystals. The anti electron annihilates with an electron of the crystal lattice. Then the antiproton becomes the prisoner on the crystal, kept in place by electrostatic confinement. It is then possible to "seed" crystals of matter with very small amounts of antimatter and to get very small power bombs ( 40 kT) called "Bucky balls", egg's like. We think that US would like to test such new weapons against underground Iraqi facilities.

American store enormous number of such "nuclear eggs", very simple. Very easy to store. They stand almost anything except a violent shock. A shuttle can drop thousands of such eggs, surrounded by a thermal shield, over a country. They just explode by contact or after the explosion of a near by egg.

Stored in magnetic bottles the antimatter can be used to feed MHD accelerator with very high specific impulse. Ejection velocity: 500 km/s. With such propellers space probes can reach velocities as large as 100 km/s. They can carry 10,000 megatons antimatter bombs. Such bombs could not be tested on the Earth. The antimatter is produced by thermonuclear compression, just when the probes gets the target. Such weapons and very fast probes could correspond to a project of destruction of asteroids and comets. If this project is real, who runs it?

A possible hypothesis corresponds to a collaboration between American and aliens, these last having accelerated the technological progress of the most developed country, at the end of the forties. Following this idea the machines "crashed" in Roswell in 1947 could have been conceived to bring the necessary knowledge, but no more.

Earth lives very important moment of its history. Men have gained new technologies, with which they can do the better or the worse. The worse is ... evident. As shown in this report the main activity of people, when interested into UFOs has been to build new weapons. The imagination of men looks very limited.


Another idea could be to say:

- Aliens visit us since half a century, and probably more. Why aren't we already their slaves, working for them? Why did these people do not tried to get our mines, materials, territories?

It must be an explanation. A possible one is that they are not interested in. Why? Because they master unlimited energy production. With atomic bombs we can produce amounts of antimatter. But with this antimatter we can pilot new plants and produce more au more. This energy is free.

Furthermore who masters antimatter mass production can use it to make transmutations, change any atom into another one. This arises two consequences.

- We can produce anything we want: nickel, gold, carbon, and so on, from.... anything.
- With energy wastes can be converted into helium, released in open air.

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