Las Vegas, July 2006
Shot, edited and directed by Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Dan Burisch talking to Kerry Cassidy
from ProjectCamelot Website




Most students and researchers of the UFO/alien phenomenon need no introduction to Dan Burisch.


Articulate, provocative, human, compelling, and as some insist challenging to believe, Dan and his story are integral components of our efforts to understand and come to grips with the bewildering labyrinth that is the mystery of who the aliens are, why they are here, how we interact with them, and what may be at stake.

When Project Camelot was granted an interview with Dan, we traveled to Las Vegas not knowing what to expect. In Dan and his colleague Marci McDowell we found two very human people whom we quickly came to like. We built an excellent relationship with them, and shot over two hours of video which we present here.

Whatever you currently know, believe you know, or don't know about Dan's experiences, we think you will find it of significant interest.

Dan discusses

  • his experience in Area 51, where he befriended a captive J-rod called Chi'el'ah

  • his complex relationship with Chi'el'ah, extending across decades and timelines

  • his connection with Majestic-12

  • the war between Majestic and the Illuminati

  • the race to close down the Looking Glass technology and secure the man-made stargates leading up to 2012

  • the calculated chance (19%, or 1 in 5), that 4 billion people will die from natural catastrophes triggered by the activation of the manmade stargates

  • the twists and turns of the convergent timeline paradox that affect the aliens from the future as much as they do ourselves,

...and much, much more.

In this unique interview, Dan is entertaining, humorous, serious, emotional, articulate and sincere, as he responds to incisive questions... all the questions we ourselves wanted to ask in order to better understand his experiences.

At the time of recording, it was thought that this might be his last interview. This unique testimony will give viewers a long, close-up look at the real Dan Burisch. We hope you enjoy and appreciate your time with him as much as we did.



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