by Fintan Dunne, Editor

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A summary transcript of the March 6th Internet broadcast by Prof. James McCanney on
This live partly-paraphrased transcript is not a literal transcription.


First tonight I would like to turn to the speculation about an imminent March 10th contact with the so-called Enigma. This may be part of a tactic to saturate the public with speculation about what is coming in to us.

Weíll see if this thing comes whizzing by the Earth, or is just another Government disinformation ploy - that then will be touted in the newspapers by the "good guys" on the Government astronomy side, who claim to wear the white hats.

If Enigma were real, given the properties it has - many times the mass of Earth, but smaller than our Moon, meaning it is very dense - then it would already be a huge comet with a comet tail and we would be watching it already.

So, if Enigma came by us, say between us and the Moon, then yes it would cause some damage. It would generate magma gravity waves in the Earth and there would be massive electrical discharges between it and the Earth which would excite exaggerated weather activity. It would cause what I call "Himicanes" - that is, hurricanes on land moving east. Of course hurricanes are fueled by the electron belt that wraps around the equator.

But, my guess is that Enigma is not real. And where did this story come from? Well you make your own decision. By next broadcast, either we will be discussing the effects or we will see Phil Plait rubbishing the Enigma story. So, enough about Enigma.



On to Europa, moon of Jupiter. Europa is a big torus - like a giant inner tube. Itís like a mini solar system there. And like Io it has a lot of sulfur dioxide.

These moons are moving in a non-uniform electric field around Jupiter. The torus is of neutral atoms and was viewed by Cassini spacecraft on the way to Saturn.

Europa is large enough to be a minor planet. NASA says the material around it is being sputtered off the surface of the moon by impinging high energy particles. And this somehow stays in a ring around Jupiter. But really, it wouldnít last long in the solar wind, which would simply blow it away.

Actually these are comet type activities around these moons - pulling in material and then this tail follows them in their orbit. These ions are neutralized by available free electrons. So electrical forces are active in the solar system.

All this is consistent with the Plasma Discharge comet model and they are certainly are not dirty snowballs as defined by NASA. Itís proof of an electrical condition. If it were sputtering - that torus would blow away. If not generated continually and being drawn into Europa with powerful electrical forces.

But people think, "Well, NASA has all these Phdís, so how the heck could they be wrong."

Thatís because anybody who ever did speak up there in NASA, were axed.

According to the established view, the moons of Jupiter are covered with ice. But if that was so then every night we see it in the night sky, that moon should be a blazing comet. So what is wrong with this picture?

Imagine this dirty snowball starts sublimating, gasses come off and thus it develops a huge opaque shroud around it. We cant see in and the nucleus canít see out. So then the Sun canít get in to do itís thing of sublimating!

It should have been clear from the get-go that this dirty snowball model does not work. But in the 50ís they did not have the technology we have today. However, later when we got out with Voyager etc., the data clearly showed something was wrong.

In the last few years we just had two new planets NEAT and Hale Bopp. I was thinking of renaming Hale Bopp "Aphrodite" - the companion to Venus.

You see, Planet X came by 42,000 years ago, with an entourage of smaller objects - one was Venus, which took 600 years to nestle into itís current orbit, passing Earth twice about 36,000 years ago.

The other companion which was ripped off was Hale Bopp. So one member of this Planet X entourage became Venus and the other Hale Bopp. And of course we had the calendar changes because the earth had itís axis altered.


Now NEAT-C2002v1 which just came by had a nucleus, probably about the size of Mercury. No way was that nucleus half a kilometer wide. This was a huge comet.

And of course, we now know it should have been called NEAT 2001, because SOHO is watching that since 2001, and it was seen by Hubble and other telescopes

By the way, Hale Bopp was supposed to be 40 kilometers wide, but it was half the size of our Moon - and the same size on itís way back out again, with about a 26,000 year orbit.

Friends in NZ and Australia, pleas start tracking NEATv1, because the orbit has changed.

I canít believe all the garbage on the Internet last week about NEAT. The Disinfo was glowing. And the NASA cover-up is bunk. NEAT was a huge very excited comet, seen with the naked eye. So, how come it was not announced?

Because if people had looked at this they would say - Wow thatís big! One woman came out of her office and thereís this huge comet and next to the sun so bright. And I know a lot of people viewed it in UV. This was one of the "blue ones" referred to by the Hopi Indians - it was so charged NASAís SOHO even saw the shimmer in the tail from the electrical action.

Nevertheless, in a little little pre-announcement on the NASA SOHO site someone said they were expecting a nice solar flare. I nearly went into orbit myself, when I read that. I have pics of two comets in 2000, one was accompanied by one of the largest flares ever, and back then NASA said it was "totally unrelated."

Now all of a sudden they are EXPECTING as solar flare.

But then, all of a sudden the feed stops. For a day and a half itís not there. When the feed comes back itís very clear that NASA has faked the photos. And the story going around is "some grad student" had ENLARGED it with Photolab and pasted it in. Well Mitch showed his true colors with that story, also Michael Mandeville.

Then on Feb. 28th here comes the final disinfo - Phil Plait complains the alleged cover-up was insulting to the NASA community. And he says three people canít even keep a secret, so how could this be kept secret? Well, what if two of them are dead? And heck they could be Richard Harrison and Gene Shoemaker. Two astronomers circa 1991-93 who had info and now are dead.

Another point. Who talks for NASA these days? NASA through this entire process never once made an official NASA news release. They got some guy - a social anthropologist in the article. NASA never has to say one word. How convenient.

They had cut the feed and they had altered the data and people know this. But in this article Phil is quoted about "neo-catastrophism" sites. Phil Plait says "I donít work for NASA, no affiliation." But who butters Philís bread? Who set up his homepage? Who arranges his book screenings etc. Or is it all just out of the goodness of his heart.

Of course he has his Ph.D., which means he doesnít know jack-ícos, he had his nose in a textbook for 15 years. They learn how to regurgitate what was taught, and frankly that is what a Ph.D. is!

And then this Sommer guy said - representing Rand Corp which would imply high senior spokesperson - "the govt. should consider not telling the people about imminent disaster." Then he says he was misquoted. And it turns out he is a grad student!

It was so bizarre. Our news media has totally failed and that why people listen to this show. You get real news here.

I want to mention too. I got an interesting e-mail saying "Iíve gone back and done a study of the solar data and itís normal." Well, we know that NASA has gone into all the archives and rebuilt the data. Like with the sunspot count last spring and summer. The sunspots were off the charts. The live automated system would have sometimes 100ís and a few hours later the file data would show normal.

NASA has a whole program of falsifying data that would alarm the public.

Just one note in relation to Planet X. When I say I have cleared the sky in a number of areas, I mean that the immediate danger from that area in eliminated for say six months. And for maybe a 1 year period for a body of a larger size.

Soon our expedition will go down and look at the Southern Hemisphere. We are going to clear the immediate future there as well.