by Wendy Flentri, M.A.

March 2012

from ExopoliticsJournal Website



Wendy Flentri studied Humanities, majoring in anthropology and psychology. On attaining a Bachelor of Humanities she transferred to the School of Psychology also at Curtin University of Technology to do a Bachelor of Psychology (Graduate) in 2006.



A large body of information now exists in the public domain on all aspects of the puzzle of who we really are; our heritage both spiritually and physical, as well as what our true destiny could be; a powerful truth that only the elite have known about and have keep from us thousands of years.


In so doing they have been able to continue their dominance of the planet to the point at which our bio-system is collapsing. With the end of Solar Cycle 24 crop circles are contributing to that hidden/forbidden knowledge in a very public way on landscapes as canvases.


Extraterrestrial who regard us as kin have sent hundreds of beautiful, informative and complex messages each year globally.


They speak to us in a universal language of mathematics, symbols and pictures, some thousands of feet long, much of the information correlating with what researchers have been able to discover about what the Maya knew, the pyramid builders at Giza knew and what many primitive peoples have been telling us all along.


That end of Solar Cycle 24 one age will end and another will begin. It is a time of upheaval and change.


By the end of it the old families will no longer dominate, and a new golden age will begin, one in which we will publicly acknowledge our galactic neighbors and our true power as a species.



Crop circle researchers are endeavoring to discover the truth and meaning behind the crop circle phenomena.


Working with authentic circles, which appear to be made by conscious intelligent beings capable of interacting with humans, researchers have attempted to answer important questions; who is creating them, who are they for, and what are they saying generally and about Solar Cycle 24?


Answering these questions will help us understand why these messages are given in fields of wheat, rice, and other vegetation as well as in ice, snow and sand; in short their slate is a suitable landscape. Does this fact relay a message in its own right?

While crop circles are often associated with extraterrestrials, foremost crop circle researcher Colin Andrews has concerns that many formations in Southern England are made by humans. Crop circle maker Matthew Williams claims to have made many complex circles with his group Circle Makers, but has since retracted claims on several.


Williams was the first man to have been prosecuted for this activity by trespassing onto farmers’ land, destroying valuable crops, which then enticed swathes of crop circle tourists and researchers after them.


Their illegal activities frustrate farmers and researchers alike with the possibility of wrong messages being conveyed to indigenous peoples worldwide.1

Williams justifies his group’s activities by claiming it is good for local business by stimulating the tourist industry. He and his group feel compelled to go out late at night and spend five or so hours creating a crop circle with board, strings and roller. Why is he compelled; he has no answer for that. Researchers should bear in mind that they may be compelled by mind control agencies or extraterrestrials, especially since it seems the British Military are also creating circles according to Delgado and Andrews.2


This possibility is given further credence by Dr Michael Salla, international political scholar who reports that the military are interested in crop circles and their extraterrestrial connection but downplay their official interest.3

Apart from Williams and his group who say they feel reverent about the process of creating circles, there were those who appeared to do it for a lark. Civilian hoaxers Doug Bower and David Chorley claimed to have made most circles in Southern England between1978 and 1991, using a tamping board and string attached to a cap.4


Amateurish and simple, they were easy to spot, often with mistakes and clear boarding marks.


Colin Andrews like fellow researcher Dr Michael Glickman 5 only have an awe and fascination for real circles; those created by non-humans, which some say are UFOs and others light bodies.6


Colin Andrews (Left) and Pat Delgado

during the launch of their book Circular Evidence in 1991


Andrews has been a crop circle researcher since 1983.


He and his friend Pat Delgado (who passed away in 2009), both electrical engineers, extensively studied crop circles and have coauthored several books on the subject.


Andrews was working for the Test Valley Borough Council, UK, when he spotted his first circle; a quintuplet set forming a pattern in a wheat field at Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire, while driving along a major highway near Winchester in 1983.


Unbeknown to him at the time they were very similar to those spotted in Australia and Canada from about 1965 into the1970s:

  • In 1966 farmer, George Pedley, from Euramo, Queensland claimed to have seen a flying saucer rise into the sky from Horseshoe Lagoon, leaving behind a woven bed of reeds. He called them “Tully Nests” being also near the town of Tully. Though there had been earlier circles in Australia, the “Tully Nest” was well documented and reported in papers, awakening of the public about their significance.7

  • Edwin Fuhr reported seeing crop circles being made by UFOs on 1 September 1974, at Langenburg, Saskatchewan, Canada. These were again in a group of about five circles, in an arc configuration which showed still living wheat elegantly swirled in a precision pattern.8

In each of the above two reports, crop circles were confirmed to have been made by UFOs, without damage to the vegetation.

After 1990 the crop circle phenomenon in Southern England became a great deal more complex with many more hoaxers getting into the act and with business interests jumping on the bandwagon. Crop circle patterns became much more complex but it was a frustrating time for researchers to the delight of the hoaxers.


In 1999 Laurence Rockefeller offered Andrews funding towards determining how many, if any crop circles were authentic and how they could be differentiated from the fakes.


Andrews was then able to hire forensic detectives who uncovered tell-tale signs of boarding and rolling of vegetation, stake marks, foot prints, etc. Between 1999 and 2000, 20% in Southern England were determined to be authentic.9

Dr Eltjo Haselhoff, a crop circle researcher from the Netherlands with a PhD in theoretical and experimental physics, has lectured to both lay and scientific audiences.


One of his contribution is the book ‘The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles: Scientific Research and Urban Legends’ (2001), which while appealing to traditional scientists has approached the subject from a unique perspective. Haselhoff gives readers the skills to “systematically, efficiently and critically” analyze circles.


In regards to Colin Andrew’s dilemma Haselhoff reminds us that hoaxing is uniquely a problem in Southern England.10 The Crop Circle Facts Website names 29 different counties in which crop circles are found, with 10,000 formation counted; that is well over 100 new circles each year.11

Crops taken from authentic circles have exhibited many unique properties missing from those made by humans.


Delgado and Andrews in their investigations have noted that it is as if a tubular shield initially forms vertically and protectively around the area in which the circle is formed as there is no dissipation of energy around the edges. Formations are then being created by an energy force that seems to emanate from a point source above the ground, which spreads out to form a rotating conical spiral.


The patterning action then begins from the center, swirling outwards, and terminating in one upward sweep. The force seems to be selective and capable of 21 different actions, including high bursts of energy, which are directed to small areas.


The crops then appear to grow into the new formation from their first node above the ground.2ii

In support of this view biophysicist Dr W. C. Levengood, working with the BLT team in Michigan since 1989 has discovered microscopic blow-holes in the cell wall pits of plants from circles. He believes plants undergo a process called “vapor cavitation” where they are heated from the inside out, which for a fraction of a second creates localized temperature increases of hundreds of thousands of degrees.12


That first node, as well as bending over at right angles, also lengthens.


Haselhoff observed plant nodes lengthen less and less from the inside of the circles out, which was proportional to the amount of microwave energy they had received. He concluded heat from a spherical electromagnetic source, 4.1 meters above the ground was creating the circles.14


Also unusual are the millions of gallons of missing groundwater below formations, which Freddy Silva, a Portuguese born Brit also seriously involved in crop circle research, discusses in his article ‘Crop Circles and the Music of Spheres’.


He also makes a very convincing argument for the science of cymatics believing crop circles are created by sound vibrations and has noted that those who witness a crop circle forming will often report hearing,

‘a trilling sound, then the banging together of wheat heads in a windless field’.15

Swiss scientist Hans Jenny observed how sound frequencies produced geometric shapes; tetrahedrons and Mandalas and other sacred forms.


As frequencies increase they become more complex. He referred to these complex geometric shapes as “frozen music”.16 These resemble the Mandalas seen in crop circle formations.

Silva also cites researcher Andrew Gladzewski who concluded from his work into atomic patterns that,

‘…atoms are harmonic resonators, proving that physical reality is actually governed by geometric arrays based on sound frequencies’, and that geometric rhythms lie at the center of atoms - [differentiating them?].

And further support comes from Mary Measures and Pearl Weinberger from the University of Ottawa who found accelerated growth in plants when they applied sound frequency that produced a resonant effect in their cells.


This is similar to that observed in the elongated plant nodes from crop circles.17

Yet another unique property crop circles exhibit is a magnetic imprint left above and below the landscape. Andrews has on a few occasions conducted magnetic field data analysis of circles and found that only authentic circles give significant readings of this residue energy within 10 to 20 meters above and below ground level and in the approximate shape of the formation.18

However if intelligence agencies are using hyper-dimensional technologies to create circles, as Richard Hoagland has suggested the problem of who is making them becomes even more complex.


Hoagland believes the Military could be working in collaboration with Grey extraterrestrials, or at least may be using their technologies to create them. He cites the Chilbolton glyph that appeared in a field in 2001.


This formation appeared to be a reply to the Arecibo Message conceived of by Frank Drake and Carl Sagan sent towards the Constellation Hercules in 1974, for anyone out there.19 In it encoded in binary were several pieces of information about who we are and where we live, etc.


The reply showed a Grey alien type being, one of the extraterrestrial groups believed involved in the frightening human abduction phenomenon.20


Chilbolton Crop Circle (left) appeared in 1991

as a possible response to the Arecibo radio transmission (1974) represented on right.


Hoagland applied James Deardorff’s criterion 21 ‘On the Accumulation of Probabilities’ for testing the authenticity of a crop circle; the Chilbolton glyph passed with flying colors; probability of being made by humans = P = 7 x 10-11.


Hoagland was not satisfied for good reason.


It is his belief as it is Andrews’, but for different reasons, that the Chilbolton glyph was most likely created by the Military. Hoagland, who noted the Chilbolton reply was received 27 years later, believed it may have been created by an intelligence agency, possibly endowed with some sophisticated hyper-density alien technologies.


Hoagland also noted that the field was a stone’s throw away from Military of Defense grounds, and believes someone there wants us to consider, at this “timeline towards disclosure”, important information ‘about the entire field of “extraterrestrials” - and who has known what… and for how long’.


Andrews requested the farmer of the field harvest one inch above ground, which thus exposed an underlying grid construction including stake holes. Apparently, he said, it had Military precision written all over it.22

The following year, 15 August 2002 a very important crop circle appeared in a field at Crabwood showing a stern looking “Grey” type alien with three military stars on his shoulder and a 1368 bit binary message, which has been translated to English using 8-bit ASC II code (developed by American Military in the late 1960s - American Standard Code for Information Interchange).23


It is also important because it marks the 50 years since the Grays flew over Washington D.C. in 1952, terrifying the public.24


The extraterrestrials who made the Crabwood glyph are believed to be a different group reminding us about their warnings to us in 1954 regarding the Eisenhower Government’s treaty with the Greys,25

“Beware the bearers of false gifts and broken promises - much pain but still time - believe there is much good out there - we oppose deception - conduit closing”.23


2002 Crabwood Crop Circle


This was likely a response to the Chilbolton glyph of the previous year from extraterrestrials to intelligence agencies still associating with Grays.


Two weeks earlier a message appeared at West Overton showing a star map indicating that our friends come from the Epsilon-Hercules Star System, 160 light years away.26



Why would they choose crop circles as a way of communicating?

The evidence suggests most crop circles worldwide are created by intelligent non-human beings that are choosing landscapes as a medium for communication.


We have learnt a great deal about our extraterrestrial friends and visitors over the past few decades. Contactees and channellers have received information consistent with many other puzzle pieces that make up the big picture.


The RA Material is one such source of exceptionally good channeled material presented as five books.


Between 1981 and 1984 Carla Rueckert, James McCarthy and Don Elkins, who has since passed away, were responsible for sourcing the material as a monograph of a dialogue between a questioner, Don Elkins and an extraterrestrial called RA, believed to be an ancient astronaut from Venus, through the medium Carla Rueckert.


James McCarthy recorded and transcribed the material. What they got was an elaborate philosophy based on the ninth “Universal Law” that all life in the universe is from one consciousness.28


The books explore this;

‘…premise in relation to many aspects of life including philosophy, religion, spirituality, cosmology, anthropology, history, physics, biology, geology, and the paranormal’.29

It extensively discusses up and coming density changes to Earth at the end of Solar Cycle 24 and the “Harvest” of souls.29,30


Wilcock’s interpretation of the “Harvest” is good, and he adds his own thoughts [Ed. Paraphrased as follows]:

“Approximately 4.8 billion people will transmute into a lucid dream stage where they will construct their world as they remember it from the collective consciousness and they will not realize anything is different, except they will begin to see things and do things they never thought possible, such as; levitation, telepathy, etc., as they evolve along with the Earth into fourth density from third, which corresponds to the rate at which a being vibrates and is measured in octaves.” 31

Those who are not ready to move up will eventually be moved to another planet just like Earth.


Yet there will be others who choose to ascend and will be given not just this life’s review but all their lives will be reviewed in regards their next placement. The process will take about 100-700 Earth years.32


And will be facilitated by the Arcturians according to Clifford Stone, who worked as a telepathic translator in the US Army between humans and extraterrestrials.33


The RA Material also discusses the concept of service to self” individuals as being distinctly different to “service to others who practice a non-interference policy towards other beings. “Service to self” individuals may give assistance to another group of beings who are in danger of being destroyed from natural events, for example but they cannot interfere in their lives.34

Why are these beings using landscapes of crops, etc., to communicate their messages to humanity rather than more convention means? Several ideas are as follows.


Crop circles are:

  1. A way of indirectly touching us without interfering and so deemed permissible by “service to others” groups

  2. Very obvious and with the help of aware humans photographing circles, they may be accessed by anyone interested through the Internet, thus circumventing governments

  3. Temporary and cause no damage to the environment or the crops - a lesson for us; extraterrestrial groups are often reminding us about the degradation of our planet;

  4. Beautifully intricate; a wheat fields is an original and striking medium by which to give messages of importance and prophecy;

  5. Associated with fields of wheat in Southern England; wheat creates bread, the biblical staple of life, which also gives emphasis to their messages’ importance;

  6. Literally written on the body of our mother - Earth, they are sending another message - You are junking your biosphere and Mother Earth is of central importance here;

  7. Huge, some of them are over 1,000 meters long, they literally shout their messages;

  8. Written on a landscape giving messages an awe inspiring majesty analogous to a Cathedral. Silva suggests this idea with their location on Ley Lines near other sacred sites adding emphasizes;35

  9. Written on a landscape where we may feel at one with GOD and all others; makers are hence giving emphasis to the Universal Law of One;

  10. Making use of tractor marks, boundary lines, underground archaeology, etc., when placing circles showing us they are very aware and know us better than we know ourselves;

  11. Placed near or on Ley Lines in Southern England, which are also near sacred sites, they may be making use of Earth’s energy grid during formation;

  12. Placed into some landscapes such as thin ice, marshlands, tops of trees, which are obviously not accessible to humans and thus stresses authenticity

  13. Placed in wheat fields nearing harvest, as souls are nearing their time of “The Harvest.”

While all the above may be relevant to Earth approaching Solar Cycle 24, the last point regarding the “Harvest”, may be the most meaningful.


Point two is also important, which suggests crop circle makers are dispensing with the protocol of going through governments to reach the people, possibly indicating they believe our governments have failed us and have not been “keeping us in the loop” so to speak.

What is their main purpose or goal in communicating and who are they communicating with?

Over the past few decades more and more people are beginning to believe that we are likely part of a much, bigger Galactic picture. Though non-scientific, a news poll conducted in Australia 4 June 2011 found that of the 2,000 participants about 78% believe we are being visited by extraterrestrials.


The Fraser Coast Chronicle was prompted to conduct the poll after being flooded with calls by residents of Marlborough, Queensland regarding mysterious lights that appeared in the sky over a four day period. Some of the callers even claimed to have met the extraterrestrials.36


If extraterrestrials are indeed here what messages are they wanting to convey in crop circles and who are they for?

From the 1960s we have seen crop circles evolve from simple circles to,

  • elaborate and beautiful Mandalas

  • written glyphs of various kinds

  • pictorial representations of our Earth relative to the Sun

  • the Galactic centre

  • the Moon and planets

  • portraits of Grays

  • spirals, waves, snakes, ripples

  • magnetic fields

  • DNA spirals

  • DNA evolving to triple DNA

  • sacred geometry

  • pyramids

  • Platonic solids in three, four and five densities/dimensions

  • fractals

  • the Golden Mean

  • the Qabalistic glyph of the Tree of Life, well as other spiritual symbols from other beliefs, and even the face on Mars.





It is a language of symbols, pictures and mathematics, likely meant for as many human beings they will catch the attention of.

  • Alex Collier (Andromeda contactee) has been told by the Andromedans that crop circles are initial protocols between extraterrestrial groups.37

  • David Wilcock sees them as being 'informative' for humans.38

  • Colin Andrews secretly meditated one night in 1988 for a Celtic Cross crop circle near his home in Southern England shown on the front cover of his book ‘Circular Evidence’.2 He found his Celtic Cross the next morning in the field closest to his home as he explained at The X Conference in 2010.39

This is meaningful interactive communication.


Even more extreme was Andrew’s experience with 6 other researchers at White Crow - Cheesefoot Head, when Pat Delgado was dragged backwards at an angle at which he should have fallen over. By exerted effort Andrews managed to free the terrified Delgado.40

Spiritual teacher Bashar, a multidimensional extraterrestrial channeled by Darryl Anka, has stated that crop circles are symbolic communications from our collective consciousness.


Other beings as well as some humans meditating at these higher frequencies telling us that we must awaken and prepare to realize that we share our Galaxy with many other sentient beings, not just beyond Earth but also within the Earth realm and within other dimensions or densities of existence or higher octaves of our own.41


Hence Wilcock tells us that formations are also appearing that show DNA changing from two strands to three.38

Beautiful Mandalas are often seen incorporating important symbols from Earth’s ancient cultures.


Phillip Mitchell who holds a Master’s Degree in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology believes that,

‘…when we draw a mandala from the center outward, we tend to process our personal issues or challenges du jour and often gain increased clarity and energy which we can apply to our lives’.42

This same effect may be gained when we gaze at Mandalas extraterrestrials are making in landscapes, which help to activate consciousness, raising spiritual awareness in an evolving sense nudging us along our evolutionary pathway.

Yet other circles have proven to be predictive.


One in particular showed Earth in relation to other planets and predicted future solar and galactic events, at Milk Hill Circle, UK, June 2009, in three parts.43

  1. The first was formed 21 June 2009. It showed a sexton with the Moon, Earth and five planets rising from Earth’s horizon and lining up in Earth’s sky.

  2. The second, created 23 June, 2009 gives more information on the five planets; each planet has an altitude box attached to it indicating its height from the horizon, an unknown planet is seen joining the five between Venus and Mars. This unusual astronomical alignment was predicted to occur in our skies 1 June 2011, with the new moon near the horizon, Mercury was shown lower, to the right, then Venus, level with the Moon and also right, then Mars, arcing to the left and finally Jupiter high in the sky following the line of planets.

  3. On 30 June 2009 the final stage of the Glyph was completed showing Alien glyphs, very similar to the Mayan ancient script; its meaning still unknown in the public domain at least.

An astonishing crop circle, it predicted a solar event two years in advance, something beyond the ability of scientists today. Planet X indicated between Mars and Venus remains a mystery.


The beings who are making circles are for one telling us to awaken to a greater reality, one in which our Galaxy is teaming with intelligent life forms, who regard us as family - “we are one” they say.27

Why are extraterrestrials choosing crop circles a means of warning us about possible disruptive solar events and Solar Cycle 24?

These are exciting times in our history and in the evolution of our planet. It is possible the eyes of many extraterrestrial groups are upon us as 2012 approaches.


Those who have built the extensive multi-trillion dollar Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB) globally believe we are in for a rough ride in 2012, possibly a ELE (extinction level event), and while taking trillions of tax payer dollars, have not told the public what they believe will happen.44


A Norwegian politician recently sent a letter to the Project Camelot team discussing the underground shelters globally and his fears for those who remain above ground as 2012 approaches.45


Amit describes the bases the Illuminati have built and where they are located in each state in America.46


By burying themselves deep underground Wilcock believes they are choosing a different evolutionary pathway to the rest of us, one that leads to a dead-end for some due to a degenerative nerve condition their descendants develop. Wilcock took this information from Dr Dan Burisch, a microbiologist and military whistle blower from Area 51.47

Now with the World Wide Web connecting us all and people beginning to awaken astonishing things are happening; despots and “service to self” governments are falling, we have witnessed the Arab Spring with peoples’ revolutions sweeping across the Middle East. Now we are seeing mass demonstrations in Russia and the USA in Wall Street, and Washington.


The Maya predicted social upheaval at this time centuries ago and a Universal Consciousness arising by 2012.


Ian Xel Lundgold explains the Maya Long Count Calendar (there are 12 Maya Calendars, each one for a specific time count according to different astronomical cycles) and its relevance to 2012, which he believes the Maya thought of as a time of great change on Earth.48


The information is similar to that given in crop circles and is generally forgotten knowledge in the West. Our best friends may be the extraterrestrials who are creating crop circles in an effort to raise global awareness and ready us for our next stage on the evolutionary road. But do crop circles contain warnings in regards to dangers heading towards Earth from space in 2012; dangers only world governments and the elite know about and are not telling the public?

The ancient Maya understood the nature of the cosmos and the spiritual evolution of humanity that is unknown by most in the Western world.


21 December 2012 involves our alignment with the center of our Galaxy, our cosmic center, and identifies it as a time of upheaval, transformation and spiritual growth; a transition from one World Age to another, according to John Major Jenkins, author and independent scholar of Maya culture who has connected astronomical events with the Maya calendar.


It is a time when Earth completes one full cycle, which happens once every few thousand years but this one is even more unique as the Sun will be at its Solstice.49


Thisimportant information has also been reflected in crop circles.


Two formations concerning the end of Solar Cycle 24 are explained by Red Collie, writer for; from West Kennett 1996 and from Wayland's Smithy 2006. According to Collie, Maya symbolism is illustrating galactic waves arriving at Earth in December 2012.50

Wilcock cites a third, most significant circle at Normanton Down Long Barrows, Stonehenge, Wiltshire, formed 4th July 2002.


It shows a galaxy with six wave forms emanating from its center. Within each wave is a “Yodea”; the ancient Hebrew symbol for knowing or knowledge. This circle is thus suggesting spiritual knowledge is emanating from the galactic core.


Could it be the energy of a new genetic code being emanated? Wilcock translates the Yodea into English as meaning ‘Spiritual energy manifesting’.51


The Vedic Texts, state that 2012 is a time of purification, and all sins will be burnt to ashes heralding a golden age that will last 10,000 years.52


The Great Pyramid of the Giza Plateau like the Maya Calendar, was constructed as a time line. Peter Lemessuria, author of ‘The Great Pyramid Decodes’ shows us how the Great Pyramid, created by beings with technologies far in advance of ours today, was built in such a way as to provide a timeline ending 21 December 2012.53


Thus the two cultures, a vast ocean apart, seems to share a common source exhibiting common knowledge. Change occurs periodically, and is nothing to fear. This is a time when the lucky ones move to the next level of spiritual evolution and are “Harvested”.27


Wilcock argues that periodic changes have always occurred on Earth and that 2012 is only the latest of these genetic upgrades, which come in short intense bursts contrary to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution were evolution takes eons and occurs only by accident. He cites evidence in the fossil record, which showed mass extinctions occurring in 26 million year cycles (Raup & Sepkoski 1984 54).55


If mass extinctions are occurring with regularity then how can life arise again with such regularity?


Wilcock discusses Dr James Strick who supports an Intelligent Universe Model in his book ‘Sparks of Life: The Darwinism and Victorian Debates over Spontaneous Generation’. Strick believes a disinformation program in the Nineteenth Century was responsible for Darwinism being widely accepted over Spontaneous Generation.56


Wilcock also cites Professor Ignatio Ochoa Pacheco’s experiment:

‘Ultrastructual and light microscopy analysis of SAPA bions formation and growth in vitro’.

DNA formed in a sterile environment of water and sand where a scum grew after five days.


It was then scooped off and examined under a microscope and found to be rich in a myriad of life forms giving support to a Spontaneous Generation Model. And then there is the Italian Wall Lizard’s astonishing physical adaption to a drastically different environment in 32 years.57


This again supports the idea that we live in an intelligent and interactive universe.58


Experiments have shown life does spontaneous generate over and over again, and that the energy and information for the various templates of life come from an intelligent and interactive flux, which physicists at CERN, Switzerland call the GOD Particle. This flux constantly flows into every little corner of space/time. Without it everything would disintegrate and time would stop.59

Is it even possible that “service to others” extraterrestrials and even Celestials are very much involved in this process of sudden evolution on Earth.


Do we not ourselves give nature a helping hand? There are many examples of humans cloning and genetic engineering of different animal and plant species, the seeding and landscaping of waste land, and of the creation of aid programs for those in need.


Therefore, it is not that difficult to accept Dr Michael Salla’s article “Are 'Celestials' assisting Humanity in Relations with Extraterrestrial Life?’ about the role extraterrestrials and Celestials play in seeding planets and assisting humanity at critical times,

‘Celestials can help minimize unnecessary stress and conflict in this transition, and ensure that humanity’s evolution to a galactic culture is harmonious and peaceful’.60

And are not crop circle messages more of the same, warning us to prepare spiritually for big changes soon to come.


Stone who wrote ‘The Arcturians’, which is about an extraterrestrial race he and Edgar Cayce call one of the most advanced in the Galaxy explains that,

‘The Arcturians are here to assist humans in entering the fourth and fifth dimensions [densities] of reality and in raising their vibrational frequencies. They stand as the guardians and protectors of higher consciousness in the universe’.33

These are the sorts of astonishing and wonderful things crop circles stand for as we approach Solar Cycle 24.


But best of all they tell us that we are not alone!




Living crop circles are being created by non-human intelligences.


Barring the Military coming up with powerful new hyper dimensional technologies, they are easy to discern from fakes. Their messages though cannot be hoaxed and constantly surprise and delight us with their specific array of interconnecting themes relevant to humanity approaching 2012, the next step in our evolutionary progress.


Using as their canvas, landscapes of crops their makers are relaying important messages our governments, powerless to prevent, are not, including information about our nurturing extraterrestrial/extra dimensional “family”, who will be acting as our planet’s “galactic midwives” in the transition from third to fourth density.


They shout their beautiful messages, some of which are over 1 000 meters long, of many exciting concepts, some of which are new even to our mathematicians and astronomers and are for anyone willing to listen, accept the information and benefit from it. Watching our progress for many thousands of years they regard us as a fledgling group undergoing rapid transformation and are here to help facilitate that change.


Their joy and enthusiasm is apparent as is their love for humanity.


Among their many messages they tell us that our galactic center periodically sends out waves of transformative energy and that the end of Solar Cycle 24, 2012 marks a transition time to an amazing new world, one in which some of us will be graduating as active members of our Galactic community.


John Major Jenkins tells us it is a time when,

‘…a door into the heart of space and time opens’.49 While Colin Andrews believes the crop circles, ‘are all about us and the future we are creating for ourselves’.39

Is it possible they are both right?




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