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"Oh, Mr. Egg Man, I love you!"

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In order to duly commemorate the upcoming Centenary of the Cairo Working, we shall be reissuing "Crowley’s Egg?" throughout the Version Five season, and finishing what we originally set out to write, four years ago. How time flies.

We can honestly state that in all reality, precious little of this story really relates to Aleister Crowley. Just a small portion of it. Perhaps we will be expected to justify ourselves, as to why we would say such a thing about one of the future "great men" of all history.

In pursuing the themes and ideas that exist, in the Book of the Law, in various workings that Crowley engaged in, such as the Vision and the Voice; the Abuldiz and Amalantrah Workings, we get things that pertain not to such all-important things as the New Aeon "Qabalah", or the various Children of the Prophet, future incarnations of Crowley, interpretations of whether or not Tzaddi is really the Star or the Emperor, or any of the other stuff that occupies people. What has come down to us is, like we have stated in other parts of our work, a secret ritual, a Contact, a Communication.

The Truth lay buried in the desert of the Thebaid for 1600 years. This is something that came to light after the discovery of the now famous Nag Hammadi Library. Crowley did not know anything about this at the time the Book of the Law was written, or at the time the commentary to Liber 65 was written, or at the times of any of the workings above-mentioned.

Nor did he know about the events that would take place in Orange County, California, during the mid-1970s, around the person of Philip K. Dick. Nor, do we believe, was Philip K. Dick cognizant of Crowley’s writings or workings at the time, at least cognizant enough of those writings that lay buried in the archives until the Internet released them to the public at large.

This is important. Why? Because this is Prophecy. Or a test of same.

Did Crowley "receive" the Book of the Law, or was it merely a product of his subconscious mind? That is a tricky question to answer. If we answer that it is merely a product of his subconscious mind, then we would be guilty of lying to ourselves. Yet, if we were to answer that he indeed received the Book, then we would be guilty of lying to ourselves. Catch 22. Or is it Catch 93?

We are convinced that Crowley was a continuation of the Prophetic cycle that includes Hebrew Prophets, Egyptian Prophets, Prophetesses, Christian Mystics, Jewish Kabbalists, such as Shabbetai Zevi and Jakob Frank, and many others.

Yet, every time he received something, he tried to use the circumstances to inquire of the communicator(s) as to whether he was going to get paid, get more drugs, or get laid. Not the best use of such a contact. It happens.

We are convinced that he was not fully aware of the significance of what was happening. Then again, if he was, as some have suggested, a tool of the British MI5, all along, then, perhaps he did concoct everything, in order to lure British spies, German spies, and all the other riff raff. He certainly had his share of that class of the populace, that much is true and duly set in stone.

So, now, what do we set out to do here?

There is a certain page in the manuscript of the Book of the Law, Chapter III page 16, the famous "Grid Page". Of course, the line and grid on that page only points to a secret cipher, the New Aeon English Qabalah, and we should look no further. How dare we for even trying. Oh well, tell us to go to our room, too. Just shut up and read on.

It all starts with the stories told: The Johannite Legend of the Templars, the Qadosh Fathers, ORMUS and the Grail Chalice. The Stone that Fell To Earth, Part The Third, also comes to mind.

There was knowledge lost in Egypt. This Knowledge was rediscovered in the 1940s of the Common Era, just two years before Crowley took the Greater Feast. Such is life. It would not be until much later that it would be appreciated, however. The first to do so, would be Jean Doresse, in his excellent book. There is much in there to quote from.

There is a Secret Worship implied in the Book of the Law, and it really has to do with the Grid Page and the Map of Upper Egypt. See, that line is the Nile. And, it lines up with certain important locations. All we have to do is look at it superimposed over maps. We tried to present maps in the first version of Crowley’s Egg? but now we have better maps and graphics programs to work with, and these shall be corrected, all in due time.

This Secret Worship has to do with the originals for Nuit and Hadit. See, Nuit and Hadit are not real names for deities, are they? Nuit is Nut, and Hadit is Behutet. Nut and Heru Behutet. But Heru Behutet did not consort with Nut, but with Hathor of Denderah, the Lady whose Nome was in the region where the Nag Hammadi Library was buried.

Buried at a key time, by people associated with Saint Pachomius who died in 346 c.e., around Easter, of a plague that hit the region.

Saint Pachomius was originally a monk of Serapis. For more on this, we recommend the interested reader consult ORMUS and the Grail Chalice, during the present season, as it is completed.

The temple alignments of Denderah and Edfu intersect in Thebes. The North-South Axis of the Denderah Temple lines up directly with the Hathor compound at Serabit-al-Khadim, too. Remember that one? Sir Laurence Gardner wrote about it with enthusiasm in Genesis of the Grail Kings. Starfire factory, after all.

We shall provide the required maps, as time permits.

Now what of this Egg? A clay jar to hold papyrus codices bound in leather? Possibly. A meditational position that allows one to contact LAM? Possibly. A Position that is used to perform the Merkabah meditiations? Yes, too.

At the time the various factions were going at it -- those successors of Crowley and his early disciples, in Northern California, in New York City, in Brasil -- there was, starting on 03 February 1974, a communication that lasted one year, with Philip K. Dick as the recipient. The result, was called VALIS, was called "The Exegesis." Well, we know for a fact that Orange County at that time was getting something. We got something. We have written of this. The play was between Fullerton and Santa Ana. And between these two cities is Garden Grove, where we lived. So naturally, we would have absorbed some of it. We were scarred for life, changed for life.... much as we were three years earlier at the time of the Sylmar Earthquake... when our first contact with the Ancient One took place. At that time, we were merely six years of age. So, if some people are whining about getting their Adeptus Minor initiations at the age of nine years, in 1991, we got our Ipsissimus Initiation three months in the womb, for sure. Get a life pretended adepti!

Also, 12 August, is not only the 100th anniversary of the marriage of Crowley to Rose Edith Kelly, it is also the 60th anniversary of the Philadelphia Experiment, an event which, if it took place, (it doesn’t really matter, after all if that is what really took place, after all) -- had an effect upon the entire fabric of space-time going back at least, to the time of Dee and Kelly. Dee and Kelly.... Rose Edith Kelly.... Parsons did Enochian stuff, too, and he and Ed Forman were there testing rocket ordnance for the Navy..... hmmm... and 39 years ago, on 12 August, Ian Fleming died of a heart attack (mysteriously, so it says, though he did eat a lot of rich foods after all)....... Yes, so this is a day to celebrate, and with this in mind, we re-issue this piece, with the statements given in this preface, and with the commitment to finish it throughout the 2003-04 Season, of Antiquities of the Illuminati, Version 5!

Fall To!

E.’. I.’. A.’. E.’.

A few more remarks: We have, for the Fall Equinox 2003 c.e., added but one item to this article series: The Lines on the Map, showing the relationship between the line on the Grid Page and the 15° Northwest Axis of the Temple @ Denderah. More is promised, as we can get it completed.

Originally, we wondered if the Grid Page in Liber AL vel Legis might not be a reference to a map. We still hold that this may be the case. After all, in Crowley’s Commentary to Liber 65, he refers to AL.III.47. The verses in Liber 65 are:

Chapter 4, verses 61 - 63:

61. I too am the Soul of the desert; thou shalt seek me yet again in the wilderness of sand.

62. At thy right hand a great lord and a comely; at thy left hand a woman clad in gossamer and gold and having the stars in her hair. Ye shall journey far into a land of pestilence and evil; ye shall encamp in the river of a foolish city forgotten; there shall ye meet with Me.

63. There will I make Mine habitation; as for bridal will I come bedecked and anointed; there shall the Consummation be accomplished.

Here is the Commentary to Liber 65:


The Angel declares Himself to be the Soul of the Desert. This remark may be taken generally as a reference to His attribution to the Path of Gimel which joins Kether and Tiphereth crossing the Abyss or Desert whose essential characteristic is the absence of a soul. See Liber 418, 10th Aethyr. Choronzon is defined as soullessness. Protean as are the forms of his appearance this quality is common to them all that there is no essence behind them. They are the Qliphoth (shells or husks), devoid of meaning or substance because mere categories uninformed by any individuality. Gimel incidentally means a camel ’the ship of the desert’. Cf. Liber VII VII:22 - 23, and Liber 333 Chapter 73:


Death rides the Camel of Initiation.
Thou humped and stiff-necked one that groanest in Thine Asana, death will relieve thee!
Bite not, Zelator dear, but bide! Ten days didst thou go with water in they belly? Thou shalt go twenty more with a fire brand at they rump!
Ay! All thine aspiration is to death: death is the crown of all thine aspiration. Triple is the cord of silver moonlight; it shall hang thee, O Holy One, O hanged Man, O Camel-Termination-of-the-third-person-plural for thy multiplicity,thou Ghost of a Non-Ego!
Could but Thy mother behold thee, O thou Unt!
The Infinite Snake Anata that surroundeth the Universe is but the Coffin-Worm!

V.V.V.V.V. is the Motto of 666 in his Grade of Magister Templi. See Liber LXI 29 - 30. The function of the Magister Templi is to cause the desert to blossom by transmitting the Logos of the Aeon to those that are below the Abyss.

Apart from this general signification there is a personal allusion to 666 who is Alastor, the Spirit of Solitude. Foolish Rabbins have included this symbol in their list of demons. To the well-fed Pharisee as to the modern bourgeois nothing seems more frightful than solitude in which the mind is compelled to face reality. Such people fear nothing so much as the wilderness. The very legend of their tribe deals with the "land of milk and honey’’, the Promised Land, the wish phantasm of the sensual.

Observe that this is merely a matter of point of view. V:59 - 62. What is to the smug Jew with his Oedipus complex the extreme abomination is to us a ’’land beyond honey and spice and all perfection,’’ though we call it ’Naught.’ We consider them ’weary ones’ and their ideal of comfort and civilization as ’old greyland’. De gustibus non est disputandum. But there is a criterion in this case by which we can determine whether we or they have chosen the better part. For it is evident that no condition of existence can be really satisfactory if its joy is liable to be disturbed. The question is whether its nature is harmonious with that of the Universe. For stability depends thereon. We should find consequently that the ideal of the bourgeois is repose and his conception of the Cosmos static.


Now we find that this is not the case. The Universe is a constant flux. To desire repose is thus contrary to Nature herself. We accept this fact and define the Black Brothers directly as those who seek to check the course of events. The bourgeois is for us therefore a clumsy ignorant amateur Black Magician. Our idea of joy is unchecked free motion, and the stability of our joy is assured by our very conception of Yesod. We find the change the more fixed we are in our joy. (Refer to the ?th and 3rd Aethyrs, and several similar passages in the Holy Books.) We are guaranteed by the nature of things in themselves whereas the bourgeois is constantly upset by such trivial matters as the efflux of time and the rate of exchange.

The hardships of desert life and in particular its psychological horror indicate the correspondence emphatically.

Apart from this reference to Alastor the word again recalls the historic events of the 3rd of December, 1909 E.V. at Bou Saada when 666 ceremonial underwent the Initiation into the Grade of Magister Templi. This points the allusion. From this it is evident that the import of these verses is entirely practical. They are not to be taken in a mystical sense, but as definitely predicting a Great Magical Retirement, to be undertaken by 666 at some period in the future. There do not seem to be any clear indications as to the date of this journey, but its conditions are laid down with considerable precision and the actual place the ’consummation’ is described in terms which should leave no room for doubt.

The student should refer to the accounts of such events as the finding of the Villa Caldarezzo if he would learn to interpret the instructions communicated by means of visions and oracles.

I have always taken this passage in this sense. I have expected to find sooner or later that my circumstances were such that afterwards it would be found to have been a precise and exact fulfillment of this prediction. At the moment of writing this Comment some such journey is actually in contemplation and it may be part of the preparation for that journey that I should have been moved to devote my energies to the analysis of this Book. It is therefore immediately pertinent to my own work and should be exceedingly useful in the most practical way to the student to trace out as minutely as possible the probable bearings of the symbolism of the text.

In view however of the extreme importance of this Great Magical Retirement it would be in the last degree improper to discuss it coram populo while yet inchoate. Moreover it is a well-known characteristic of all true prediction that while some of the allusions should be intelligible at the time of utterance so that its general bearing should be unmistakable there should be other passages altogether beyond the possibility of interpretation until the occurrence of the event foretold. In Macbeth and Part II of Henry VI, Act I, Scene 4 and Act IV, Scene 1, lines 30 - 35, and Act V, Scene II, lines 67 - 69 illustrate this condition. The student is also referred to the interpretation and fulfillment of CCXX III:47.(Put in a short account.) No amount of investigation would have enabled me to say in what sense the words of the prediction would justify themselves.

However, the BEAST 666 is thinking of this in terms of a Magical Retirement, when he should have considered this as work of physical discovery, i.e., archaeological work. Archaeological work that would have provided a solid foundation for the particular strand of the Authentic Tradition that he was a bearer of.

In the case of the Great Magical Retirement indicated in these verses the data are singularly precise. Even in the matter of the effect of the Work, verse 63, there are a number of unusual expressions -- ’bedecked’, ’anointed’, ’Consummation’ -- which are at present and must be, until the event, perfectly obscure.

Of course, this may have been referring to the kind of Initiation we allude to in the body of our own work. Contact, Communion, Communication.

The verse is superficially the maximum of vagueness. These expressions might apply to almost any form of intercourse between Aiwass and the Beast. When the Retirement is a matter of history it will appear that these express with the almost mathematical precision the nature of the orgia, and that no other words exist which could replace them adequately. This circumstance should be irrefutable proof to those who understand anything of the laws of Nature especially in regard to the doctrine of probability that Aiwass possesses the power of foretelling future events and bringing them to pass in conformity with His plans. The vagueness of the expression at present is evidently an essential part of this proof. For if I were able to interpret them with certainty in the striking and convincing way which time will permit me to do, I should be able by the exercise of prudence to arrange for the fulfillment of the prediction and thereby destroy its evidential character.

This paragraph was dictated by me to Frater O.P.V. on the evening of 17th July, 1923, E.V. (In fact 10-10.20 p.m. Tuesday, 17th July, 1923, at the Hotel Au Souffle du Zephir, Marsa Plage, Tunisia). (An XIX, Sol in 24º Cancer, Luna in 14º Virgo). The passage will be shown for confirmation to Eddie.


Pay special note to the passages emphasized in Red. AL.III.47 -- that is the Grid Page, on page 16 of the Holographic Manuscript:

Remember, too, in the Amalantrah Working, Crowley was told to go to Egypt to find the egg?

Extracts from The Amalantrah Working:

[Monday] January 14, 1918 [e.v.]

"...I then asked again for a message and saw an egg in which were many tiny convolutions of some flesh-like substance which would form something. The egg was placed in an oblong as in a picture. Around it were clouds, trees, mountains and water, called the ’four elements’. A camel appeared in front of the whole picture. I next tried to find out who the king was. He looked more like Prof. Shotwell than any one else. That is, he was ’simple, democratic’ and very learned and fine. He was certainly not a king belonging to any kingdom limited by a country’s borders, but was a king of men, or a king of the world. I asked his name and the word ’Ham’ appeared between the egg in the oblong and the soldiers around the king. [i.e. King of Egypt?]

"The king went out to one side and a wizard linked his arm in the king’s as they disappeared. The wizard looked at me significantly as they left. It was a sort of look as if one would almost wink. He was an old man, with gray beard, dressed in a long black gown. He was infinitely wise. They seemed to go to a cave in the base of a low mountain on the shore of a large body of water. A spring of sparkling cool water bubbled up through a barrel near the mouth of the cave..."

Compare this with Gebal al-Tarif, the place where the Nag Hammadi discovery was made. The low mountain is Gebal al-Tarif, with a funeral ground adjacent, as well as caves. The large body of water would be the Nile. Is there a spring of sparkling cool water near the mouth of the cave? We haven’t been there.

"The wizard was very happy and satisfied looking. He sat down and reached out his hand to me and had me sit down beside him. As we watched the boy he put his left arm around me tenderly and placed my head on the left side of his chest near the shoulder.

"He said, ’It’s all in the egg.’

"The end."

[Sunday] January 20, 1918 [e.v.]

"I asked for the message and he put me off in all sorts of ways with small visions. Once he said ’Go,’ which I took to mean to go to some place. Later he said, ’Egypt.’ He did not seem very friendly toward me and seemed worried at times."


[Sunday] February 3, 1918 [e.v.]

I see the egg on the pylon. I ask who the egg belongs to. The wizard shows me a hen laying an egg and says ’Whose egg is this?’ I ask him what his opinion is of us. He respects T., but pays little attention to me. ... He now shows me a mirror. I have on a travelling hat. T. in a robe in a hotel room. This means something about a home. We are to go to Egypt for the key. The key might be in center of egg when it is broken. It is a small golden key."

The key might also be allegorical. The key to the mysteries of The Authentic Tradition.

[Wednesday] February 12, 1918 [e.v.]

"Q: ’Is T. going to do any great work at the altar we are going to set up in Egypt whence we are going to find that egg?’

"A: The wizard’s function with me is to get the truth. He knows the truth for me and is a guide to me. He expects me to go to Egypt to get the egg. He expects T. to go.

"T’s work is some great work.

"Q: ’Is it expedient to start to find the egg and when should we start?’

"A: The egg is a work which must be done -- the great work. By doing the work we get to the key.

"Q: ’Is it the same vision as in the Virakam vision?’

"A: ’The work must go on and there must be an altar, created in Egypt -- starting in Egypt.’ I see the Arab, the one that was at the well some time ago. He will be at one of the corners of the altar. The king is there.

"Q: ’Who is the king?’

"A: I see O.I.V.V.I.O. T. is the High Priest.

"Q: ’Who is the High Priestess?’

"A: I see a tall rather beautiful woman, i.e., her face had a beautiful expression. She has dark hair. [[P.S. Might well be 31-666-31.] T. knows his work, his special work and this is only the means of doing it, like speaking of the cosmos, but the egg is the special work."

Sunday [February 17, 1918 e.v.]

"Q: ’Will I be of great assistance to T. in his work in Egypt?’

"A: I see the temple full of many boxes as in a factory -- there is an apparent confusion. Some boxes could be set aside and lost; some could be sent to the wrong place; and some could be sent out and reach the right destination. ’Yes, in so far as T. uses only gold.’"

[Sunday] February 24, 1918 [e.v.]

"Now I am wandering up the mountain path with the w. We are a little way up. He looks like an Arab, has on a white turban. I have on a brown cotton crepe dress. He is stopped and is standing in the main path while I am to one side on the beginning of a large level place on the mountain side. Some distance away and further out on the level space is a dark haired young man. Both the young man’s head and my back are turned this way. The w. is almost facing this way. I see a confused sculptural group or figure on top of which there is a brilliant red four-petalled flower. The ends of the petals droop down which gives it a cross-like appearance. The w. looks at me with a kind of admiration and sympathy or friendliness. An animal like a fox (really a chamois, I believe) comes from around the mountain towards me. There is a small snake at my feet. Now the place where I am standing is isolated with 20 - 25 feet between us and the rest of the mountain. A sort of crevice is all around me. I ask the w. what it means and see ripe corn. Now I see myself with green corn in my lap preparing it for cooking. This means that I am at Nepta. A. admired me because I was climbing up seeking truth. This stopping on the way is a sort of being side tracked in what Nepta would be. That is I would stop and back in the sunlight of sensual pleasures or emotional enjoyment of such a life. (I do not like this thought. It makes me think of what it would mean in sacrificing real work.) As I keep looking at myself on this isolated spot, I am sometimes all alone as at first, and then there are many people and many confused things all around me. A. explains that my going to E[gypt] in face of objections and obstacles is represented by my being alone. It is then that he admires me. The confused mass of things and the people around me are the remnants of illusions, etc., etc., I have not yet broken clear of. I ask A. if he has a message for T. We come down from the mountain to the woods. I see a fruit packing house, a bin for tomatoes, some straw in the bin and an egg in the straw. ’T. must work for the egg.’"

That is all we shall quote for now. It should be enough. This is an ongoing work of investigation, as it seems to have yet to be truly revealed.

Let us now turn to the illustrations.

1. The grid page from Liber AL vel Legis (shown above).
2. The line, circle, and cross highlighted.

3. A map of Upper Egypt

(provided by Map Server)

4. Taking the area around Nag Hammadi, and tilting it 20°, and superimposing the line, circle, and cross, over it, we get the following. Note that the circle, which is really an ellipse, or egg shape, matches the top of a mountain, along the western bank of the Nile. We placed the ending of the line at Nag Hammadi. This is our own personal interpretation, but to us, it all makes a lot of sense.

We shall be continuing this exploration as we find out more information. In the meantime we would appreciate comments, feedback, information, leads, etc.

The line and circle in the grid page now have been revised to point to other places.

[NOTE 23 Sep 03 c.e.: this has been revised, and is in the process of being corrected. The directions are actually reversed. Edfu being northeast and Denderah being northwest. This changes everything.]

Notice that the line from the Grid Page ends at Edfu, and the circle/cross is on the Denderah Temple Axis. The Edfu axis goes 15° North-west, while the Denderah axis is oriented North-east. The second red line runs from Edfu, thru Jabal al-Lawz, the real Mosaic mountain in Arabia, all the way to Mount Ararat, crossing an important location in Yezidi territory as well. The Denderah and Edfu lines intersect in Thebes. Also, when we place the end of the line in the Grid Page at Denderah, the circle is over the Gebal al-Tarif / Tebennisi area. Is this a mere coincidence? Also, notice that the Denderah axis meets Serabit al-Khadim, exactly. So, there might actually be something right outside of Edfu, where the Denderah axis runs. We know that something of great importance was discovered in the vicinity of Gebal al-Tarif.

23 September 2003 c.e.
Twin Cedars Lodge

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