by Jonathan Sellers

from Antigillum Website


This section of our Timeline Project deals with the (conjectured, but fairly well-proven) Transmission of Ideas from Sumer (at a time which roughly corresponds with the First Year of Babalon in Jack Parsons' dating in the Babalon Working) -- to Northwest India, and from there to Central Asia, and Tibet, and back to the West. For the present purposes we shall present the two completed sections of the Graphic Timeline, namely, the Authentic Tradition in India, and Fundamentals of Lamaism. This shall be joined later by the standard Text Timeline, as we have presented in earlier versions of the Timeline. From Sumer to India, then is our quarry, and tracing the developments from Sumerian Science and Religion (Sacerdotal Religion), to the Indian versions, through various sects and schools which later came down to us in certain forms of Buddhism and Tantrikism.

While these works are part of the Timeline of the Authentic Tradition series, in progress, they also form the subject matter for Volume One of Readings in the Authentic Tradition (which is for the most part complete, but still in Manuscript stage, at 272 single spaced hand-written pages, written over a month during El Niņo). Ultimately, they form the historical background to the technical material presented in the forthcoming project, entitled The Code of the Eternal, in which we have reconstructed the Calendar, based upon the Original system handed down to humankind from the Anunnaki, our real ancestors!

The Authentic Tradition in India

Fundamentals of Lamaism