by Peter Koenig
June 04, 2023
from GlobalResearch Website


Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he worked for over 30 years around the world.

He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America.

He writes regularly for online journals and is the author of 'Implosion - An Economic Thriller about War', 'Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed'; and co-author of Cynthia McKinney's book "When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis" (Clarity Press - November 1, 2020).
Peter is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).

He is also a non-resident Senior Fellow of the Chongyang Institute of Renmin University, Beijing.


Image is from WHO

The World Health Assembly (WHA) is a meeting of over 190 WHO Member States where health decisions are made that impact the global population.

The 2023 WHA conference started on 21 May and closed officially on 30 May 2023...

Despite all expectations that crucial decisions would be taken during these ten days on the revised International Health Regulations (IHR), plus the appended "Pandemic Treaty" - an absolute WHO Power Grab never heard of in recent civilization - no such decisions have been taken, yet.

The reasons are presented purposely in a confusing fashion, so that people may not quite understand what is really brewing behind the monster scenario, behind the elite's lies and manipulations.

At the outset, it appears like there would have been enough votes to make the WHO's constitutionally needed two-thirds majority for this type of decisions.

Yet, there was "insecurity"...

What if WHO is suddenly considered as an "under-agent" of the United Nations and does not have the power to implement what they truly want to embrace as their constitutional right... a Health Tyranny, abolishing all 194 member countries' health sovereignty?

What if the overarching body that may have this power, though neither written in any of the international nor UN laws, is the United Nations themselves?

What if some countries, notably the United States, have been "smelling a rat" over the last year, while the non-mainstream media were relentlessly reporting of the dangers of the WHO deadly power grab?

Some politicians in the US did wake up to the ever-stronger light shining on the crimes of the "underworld", responsible,

  • for the COVID fraud

  • for the worldwide election frauds

  • for the genocidal agenda of massive worldwide population reduction

  • for the "vaccination" murders

  • for the demolition of western economies, notably that of the US and the European Union

  • for the plan of rebuilding it under a newly introduced 'all-digital panorama'

  • for converting surviving humanity to "transhumans" to be directed by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • for the abolition of international laws to be replaced by the elite-invented so-called "rules-based orders"...

Yes, some people did wake up...


Notably US Republican Senators, who are basically nationalists, anti-globalists, who in their healthy conservatism worship personal freedom, free-speech, free-expression, and private entrepreneurship.

They have noticed that under their so-called "left-leaning" Dems, a small insanely wealthy elite, would run the world - with the surviving, chipped-transhumans as disposable slaves.

They say: no way...!

Sounds horrifying?

Yes, people. Wake up. It is horrifying...!

That is their Plan...!

Read the "Covid-19 - The Great Reset" and the "Shaping the Future of The Fourth Industrial Revolution", both by Klaus Schwab, WEF.


Take the time and study "UN Agenda 2030" profoundly, not just at the surface.


Read and talk to each other about your new discoveries, make it known to colleagues, friends and foes alike, BEFORE it is too late.

It is a monstrous plan.

The worst our civilization has known.

It spans the entire globe.

There is nowhere to escape.

This is not to scare but to make aware...!

Those aware do not need to be scared.


Awareness is stronger than the evil underworld of lies and fear.


You must know that the single most self-assumed "powerful" group within the United States, the official Democratic Party of the United States, led by front-man President Joe Biden, but really directed by the overarching, financial establishment behind him, have been pushing this WHO tyranny-surveillance agenda from the start.

Washington is one of the main "powers" behind the Great Reset and the treacherous UN Agenda 2030, to culminate in a One World Order (OWO) - which, in turn, would be led by the assumed "kingpins", the "New Left" - the globalist-corrupted US Democratic Party, as the mastermind behind the OWO (aka NWO).


They are equivalent to the worldwide globalist (World Economic Forum - WEF)-corrupted Socialist Parties.

Republicans have a Senate majority in the US Congress. They are filing motions to stop this WHO onslaught. If they succeed, the WHO plan may fail worldwide since the driving force behind the WHO "Power Grab" plan is the US, the Biden Administration.

That is why President Trump had to go, was booted out by suspected election fraud.

That is why the corrupted west and their corrupted mainstream media (MSM) will do whatever they can to smear former President Trump, to diminish his chances of winning the US elections in 2024.

That is also why Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the nephew of assassinated President Kennedy (JFK) and the son of also assassinated JFK's brother and Attorney General, Robert Kennedy, who recently declared his candidacy as a candidate for the Democrats in the 2024 elections is literally ignored, if not smeared, by the MSM.

It is time that we all understand, in the "Globalist World" there is no "left" and "right".

There are only Globalists.


They are an all-embracing any subordinate party structure.

For the common people, who have known "democracy" as a system of different parties, it is difficult to understand that suddenly the traditional party system is silently oppressed for a "Globalist Super-Power" (GSP).


So, this assumed GSP gets away with it...


What may have woken up some Republicans is Health and Human Services Secretary, Xavier Beserra's White House proposal for the 2024 Health Budget:

US$ 1.6 billion for "Global Health Actions", meaning supporting the newly revised WHO International Health Regulations (IHR) and the intimately related "Pandemic Treaty".

In addition to this extra budget, there are another US$ 250 million proposed for a "global pandemic fund" (not further defined), plus the previously committed funds of US$ 450 million, totaling US$ 2.3 billion.

No wonder, US Republican Parliamentarians started smelling a rotten fish.

By the way,

Xavier Beserra is a non-elected US government official; he is also one of the US delegates to the World Health Assembly.


He is not accountable to the people...


Further analyzing the revised WHO's IHR indicates that Article 18, Communication and Public Awareness, is language in disguise for high-ranking censoring.


This would be "legalizing" from a WHO point of view, what has been going on for the last three+ years in WHO's absolute censoring of anything and any science that does not match the going MUST narrative.

In this context, you may also want to know that WHO allegedly eliminated or censored about 60,000 pieces of information and texts since the beginning of 2020.


This data once available on internet under "fact-checkers" has since been eliminated.


Since "proof" has gone, let us call it, WHO allegedly eliminated or censored…


Under the new IHR Article 34 - Protocol WHO - there would be no way out, worldwide, for any (tyrannical) "measures", once WHO's WHA has a two-third majority.

It represents an unheard-of global overreach by a "specialized" UN agency, an agency under the aegis of the UN system. Nobody seems to ask how that fits within the overall UN Constitution.

This new measure, or self-given power, contrasts drastically with the 2005 original IHR, which was "giving advice" but leaving actual measures up to sovereign countries.

The Biden Administration is now proposing reopening the IHR and drafting new "packaged" texts that would facilitate and lend WHO powers to declare "public emergencies" at global and regional levels, bestowing WHO's Regional Directors with similar powers for their respective regions, as the WHO DG, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, may assume.

But even that is not "power grab"-secure enough...


There is an ever-growing opinion and sentiment in the US Senate to exit WHO.

Indeed, there are several movements already around the world of 'Exit the WHO Now.'


Such movements exist already in Canada, Australia, are in the process of being initiated in the US, as well as a People's Initiative to this effect is being launched in Switzerland.


Other countries are also gradually waking up to this new reality.

Then what?


Should such movements succeed, the entire WHO "Power-Grab" plan is worthless, down the drain.

Globalists in the US (and elsewhere) are nervous about ever growing anti-tyranny, anti-WHO movements...

For starters, in the US they do not call the "Pandemic Treaty" a treaty anymore because treaties must be ratified by the Senate.


Looking for ways around it, they are calling it "instrument" - just imagine, from the Pandemic Treaty to the Pandemic Instrument.

George Orwell would be flabbergasted about how humanity has overtaken his brilliant "1984" vision of the future.

Yes, humanity is even more deranged than author Orwell foresaw it to be in "1984"...

This confusion, risk of WHO disappearing, may have been a key reason for not voting now, during the WHA that closed on 30 May 2023.



it may be postponed to a year from now, to the next WHA, most likely with invented interim occasions for votes or adjustments...

Some WHA delegates are already talking about September and even October 2023 - as new dates for debate - though, not mentioned specifically, target dates could be during the 2023 UN General Assembly (UNGA) from 12-29 September 2023.

During that period, a 2023 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) high-level political forum is foreseen for 18-19 September under the auspices of the UNGA.

These would be perfect dates for discussing "emergency health measures".



  • first, SDGs are basically identical with UN Agenda 2030


  • second, it would provide the power elite behind the WEF - the Death Cult - with the opportunity for choosing a fallback, in case the faltering WHO could no longer guarantee a set of "emergency health measures" - namely, the UN itself...

However, the UN has its one fallacy, when it comes to declaring "emergency situations" and emergency measures.

This falls under the auspices of the UN Security Council (UNSC)...

The UNSC is a delicate mechanism as it consists of 15 members, of which five are permanent members with veto power.

The western OWO gamblers would not likely trust Russia and China not vetoing the west's dictatorial emergency measures...

The UN Director General has, therefore, vaguely suggested, creating an Emergency Platform, just in case there is what they would call a "Global Shock", which has also been vaguely described as,

  • Climate change calamities

  • Pandemics

  • Biological warfare

  • Supply chain disruptions

  • Cyberspace disruptions

  • Event in outer space

  • Unforeseen "Black Swan" events...

Such an Emergency Platform, NOT YET CREATED, or whatever they may call it, would be superseding the UN Security Council, at least in power.

That is the vague idea...

How well that would fly with ever-more alert UN members is far from being clear.

No doubt, the powers behind the UN want the right to declare such emergencies for,

anything that suits the occasion to call a dictatorial tyranny... in other words, anything might suffice.

With or without WHO, they will not let go. Not voluntarily.


The powers and money that rule the world, they believe, are almighty so that this nefarious, criminal plan MUST be implemented by those bought human stooges who implement it being part of the "selected" favorites, assumed to be sufficiently liked by the elite, to be bestowed with privileges to escape the hangman of the common folks.


But look at history, the elite has never stuck to their promises, implied or otherwise.

Be sure, We, the People, will not allow the monster plan to be executed.

In their usual "Dark Cult" practice, they tell us what they are going to do.

We must listen - and we may not stay silent.


"Silence equals consent"...

The modified International Health Regulations and the Pandemic Treaty contain the most egregious breaches of our human rights.

Increasing number of people becomes aware.

There is a growing pushback from countries around the globe.


This may well be the reason for not voting officially on the revised IHR and the Pandemic Treaty during the 2023 WHA.

And remember the ongoing and growing movement of Exit the WHO Now. Consider this a "win" for the people.

Let us NOT give up - EVER...!





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The World Health Assembly

is a meeting of over 190 WHO Member States where health decisions are made that impact the global population - including viewers like you.


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