by Dave Cullen
June 01, 2021
from Principia-Scientific Website






Dave Cullen's latest video throws further light on concerns about the Fourth Industrial Revolution:


Smart cities and VR matrix style existence is likely not the plan set out for us by the globalist elite.

The vast majority of humanity is being rendered obsolete. The fourth industrial revolution is a further indicator of this.


Humans are assets only as long as their labour has production value.


As the fourth industrial revolution takes hold, the production value of humanity will reduce to zero, and therefore,

humanity will become a liability...

Cullen indicates that the globalist billionaire class are not going to build smart cities for us "liabilities".


They will not plug us into a wonderful new matrix.


The media and government are engaged in mass deception of this agenda:

it is all smoke and mirrors covering the most probable outcome, which is the mass culling of liabilities.