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Part 1
by Ervin Laszlo
July 10, 2015


I  was delighted and honored to have the following article (Quantum Consciousness - Our Evolution, Our Salvation) posted in HuffingtonPost and in Pathways to Family Wellness magazine Spring 2012 issue, article printed in the New Edge Science section of the magazine.

Pathways to Family Wellness is a non-profit quarterly print and digital magazine with a mission to support you and your family's quest for wellness.

I call it "quantum consciousness":

the consciousness we access when we use the potential of our quantum-computer brains. The brain is a macroscopic quantum system, yet we use it as if it were exclusively a classical biochemical system.

With its quantum-system functions, our brain can receive information not only from our eyes and ears, but directly from the wider world with which we are "entangled"-nonlocally connected.


Insightful people throughout history, whether shamans or scientists, poets or prophets, have extensively used this capacity, innate to all human beings. Today it is widely neglected. This impoverishes our world picture, and causes a nagging sense that we are separate from the world around us.

I believe that quantum consciousness could be the next stage in the evolution of our consciousness - and that this evolution could be our salvation.


Let me explain...

The first thing I ask you to note is that human consciousness is not static, fixed once and for all. It's the product of a long evolutionary development, and is capable of further development.


In the 50 thousand-year history of the species we proudly call homo-sapiens, the human body didn't change significantly, but human consciousness did. And it can change again.

In a variety of "alternative cultures," a new consciousness is already emerging.


The members of these cultures - the green movement, the peace movement, the sustainable living movement, the movement of cultural creative's, and others - share similar social values and are open and interactive with the larger society; they don't seek isolation or indulge in promiscuous sex.

They aim to rethink accepted beliefs and values, and adopt a more responsible style of living. They shift from matter - and energy-wasteful ostentation - toward voluntary simplicity and the search for sustainability and harmony with nature.

A new consciousness is now struggling to be born.


Does this mean that the consciousness of humanity itself is evolving?


Some famous thinkers have said so.

The Indian sage Sri Aurobindo spoke of the emergence of super-consciousness in ever more people, and this, he said, is the harbinger of the next evolution of human consciousness.


In a similar vein, the Swiss philosopher Jean Gebser spoke of the coming of four-dimensional integral consciousness, rising from the prior stages of archaic, magical and mythical consciousness.


The Canadian mystic Richard Bucke called the new consciousness "cosmic," and in the colorful spiral dynamics developed by Chris Cowan and Don Beck, it's the turquoise stage of collective individualism, cosmic spirituality and Earth changes.


For philosopher Ken Wilber, these developments signify an evolutionary transition from the mental consciousness characteristic of both animals and humans, to subtle consciousness, which is archetypal, trans-individual and intuitive, to causal consciousness, and then, ultimately, to "consciousness as such."

Psychiatrist Stanislav Grof summed up the characteristics of the emerging consciousness as "transpersonal."

There is remarkable agreement among these visionary concepts.


Super-consciousness, integral consciousness, cosmic consciousness, turquoise-stage consciousness, and consciousness as such are all forms of consciousness that transcend the divide between you and me, the individual and the world, the human being and nature.


If these thinkers are right, this kind of consciousness will be the next stage in the evolution of the consciousness of our species.

Quantum consciousness - QC -could perhaps be the next stage in the evolution of the mind of humanity, but why would it be our salvation?

The answer is simple common sense:

because QC is a consciousness of directly intuited, felt connection to the world.

It inspires empathy with people and with nature; it brings an experience of oneness and belonging.


Quantum consciousness makes us realize that, being one with others and with nature, what we do to them, we do to ourselves.

Not only will QC make us behave more responsibly toward other people and the planet, it will also encourage us to join together to cope with the problems we face.

Most of us cooperate with members of our own families and communities.


But cooperation has now become vitally necessary on the global level:

It's in all our best interest to cooperate with our fellows in the global community.

Without such cooperation we'll be hard put to overcome the global threats and problems that face us. Without cooperation we risk joining the countless species that became extinct because they couldn't adjust to changed circumstances.





With dedicated and purposeful cooperation we can meet the challenges of human survival:

We can have 7 billion or more people living peacefully and sustainably on the planet.

We have the technologies, the skills and the necessary financial and human resources.


Abject forms of poverty can be eliminated, energy - and resource-efficient technologies - can be made widely available, water can be recycled and seawater desalinized, and sustainable forms of agriculture adopted.


We can be more efficient and effective in harvesting the vast stream of energy that flows from the sun to our planet. And to finance these projects we would only need a small part of the enormous sums of money that we now commit to speculative, self­serving or downright destructive ends.

Cooperation on the global level is a new requirement in the history of our civilization, and we are not prepared for it.


Our institutions and organizations were designed to protect their own interests in competition with others; the need for them to join together in the shared interest has been limited to territorial aspirations and defense, and to economic gain in selected domains.


The will to cooperate in globally cooperative projects that subordinate immediate self-interest to the vital interests of a wider community is still lacking in the political and economic domains.

When all is said and done, the fundamental need of our time, the precondition of creating a peaceful and sustainable world, is the spread of a new and more evolutionarily adaptive consciousness - the quantum consciousness of oneness and belonging.

Forms and intimations of the new consciousness are already emerging in the world, but they haven't yet reached the mainstream.


When QC becomes mainstream, humanity will have reached a higher stage of maturity.


It will have become a species that has not only the technologies and the skills, but also the wisdom and the will, to survive in the world it has itself created.




Part 2
by Sean M. Akers
August 01,2018

Consciousness is an odd phenomenon.

No one knows how or WHY we are here.

Oh sure, you could say that

your mom and dad

"wrestled" aggressively one night, day

or during an episode of "afternoon delight,"

but that's more of a physical explanation

for how your actual body, your consciousness host,

came into being.


What we're talking about is consciousness specifically, not your experience in a body.


Your body is awesome. I  love my body. I  mean, I love it the way it is now, at least I think I do. Maybe I would not love my body if I knew that my present body were somehow handicapped, and then knowing that, I would say, I don't love my body.


I want my body to be fixed! Someone help me please...!

So, what is consciousness?


It's a specific frequency only you get to experience because it's who you are. My frequency is specific to who I am and only I get to experience it. Now, reflect on those past two sentences, and you would say that is correct.


Let twenty-five years pass though, and who's to say that advances in virtual reality, haptic feed-back suits, olfactory and taste replicators, high definition multi-dimensional sound reproduction and voila, you have yourself the ability to immerse your full perspective INSIDE another person's perspective.


You could BE another frequency without having to change your own frequency.


Come to think about it, your frequency would likely adapt, at least temporarily, to the frequency of the virtualized experience.


Much in the same way that a motionless tuning fork will start to vibrate to the same frequency of a struck tuning fork within close proximity. This phenomenon is called entrainment, and it's not a new concept.

Others might black-wash it and call it brainwashing, mesmerizing, or hypnotizing.


I guess those could be accurate portrayals, but that's all dependent on what a person intends to do to another person if they're the ones that are in control of what is coming next to a person that has been entrained, brainwashed, mesmerized, or hypnotized.

Here's the thing though.

So far what we have been taught, and for good reason, is that you only live "once." You are born, you grow old, and then you die.

What happens after you die?

No one knows....

There's lots of speculation of course.


Hell, entire religions are built around this very mystery to cull a population into their folds of influence. Quite a lucrative opportunity as recognized by some. I 'm talking on the order of trillions of dollars.


You know who I'm talking about *cough* CATHOLIC CHURCH *cough*... Damn... I'm going to have to get that cough checked out soon.

So, if you die, and your memory of your physical experience here on Earth gets wiped,

  • What happens then?


  • Do you go to meet Jesus, or is there just blackness and void ?


  • Do you reincarnate as something else?


  • Or do you maybe continue onto another dimension with your prior experience intact, but your body and state of living appear as though it has disappeared to others through the process of the death of the body as we know it, right now?


This entire thought experiment is inspired by the idea of certain behavior of quantum mechanics.


You see, when an observer moves to the level of the quantum, weird stuff happens. Electrons tend to sort of appear and disappear at random, like they're some sort of ghost and we were to anthropomorphize an electron. It's a crazy soup of energy in which particles just come and go out of existence. And that's exactly what I think consciousness might be.

You see, we are all very much familiar with the four dimensions of reality.


You have the three dimensions of height, length and width. Absent the fourth dimension, those three provide a STATIC point of reference to an observer within a box, or a three-dimensional space.


If you add the fourth dimension, motion within the box is what is observed. You have a KINETIC point of reference.


Things start moving.

"Whooaaa man! The walls are breathing, they're MOVING MAN! I don't know if I can take this!"

Relax, it's just a trip. A life trip. Reality within the four dimensions MOVE. You're not tripping. You're living...

So back to those quantum particles or electrons.


They blip 'in' and 'out' of existence.



  • WHERE do they come from (like one of the original questions at the start of this article, "How did I get here?")


  • WHERE are they going (like one of the other original questions at the start of this article, "What happens when you die?")

I surmise that these quantum particles, or vibrations because they could be deduced to exactly that at their most basic elemental structure, actually are coming out of and move into OTHER unseen dimensions.

You may have read that superstring theory says there are 10 dimensions.


M-theory says there are 11 dimensions.


And even more mind bending is that Bosonic theory says there are 26 dimensions...

Sounds like a game of,

"who's baseball bat is bigger, mine or yours?"

I mean it just goes on and on.


But it might also be true that we continue to push the boundaries of potential dimensions the more nuanced we become with our hypothetical speculation.

We used to think the Earth was the center of the known Universe.


Then we though the Sun was the center.


Then we though our galaxy was the center.

And then it just goes on to ever grander scales of space beyond that to where, we DON'T KNOW what is the center.


In fact, the Universe may very well be entirely infinite with no center, or beginning, or end. If that's the case, what a wonderful gift to consciousness that is!
So, if a quantum particle, or a vibrational frequency, jumps in and out of existence into other dimensions, perhaps our consciousness can be said to do the same. Why not...?

What would happen if a consciousness were evolved enough (and that statement is very much a conjecture because perhaps the experience is the same for all beings regardless of shape or form) that at the point of "death" or when as humans define it now, when a person no longer continues with the cycles of respiration, circulation, and maintains measurable brain activity, they don't just "go towards the light"?


Perhaps their perspective MIGHT be that their reality, as they experience it, shifts in a certain way that ODD events and circumstances occur with increasing acceleration, from their perspective.


When the time is right, the stewards of other dimensions or realities beyond our present (which some might call the 3D reality) come to assist and help transport you to another dimensions of experience.


Essentially, much like the story of baby Moses when his mother placed him in the current of the Nile in a basket, the stewardship of baby Moses was released from his mother to that of "Source" or "God," who quickly placed baby Moses into the stewardship of Egyptian Royalty.


Perhaps that new world, controlled by the new stewards, could be called SD, or it could be 9D, or it could be 26D. NO ONE KNOWS...!


There's no way to tag a person with a tracker and have them report back to our present reality when they "die" of what they are seeing or experiencing.

That's what I'm getting at though. Perhaps when you die, you're not actually dying. You're moving to another reality, and not everyone gets to go to the same "dimension" that you're going to.


Just like quantum particles zip into and out of "reality" when observed at that level, perhaps OUR OWN REALITY, right now defined as Earth within the Milky Way Galaxy, is akin to what is observed by another much larger consciousness presence that's observing our reality as if it were equitable to Earth scientists "quantum scale."


Our existence comes into and out of this level of reality (birth and death).


But when they go "out," where does it go? No one knows...


Quantum particles come into and out of existence when observed at the quantum level. When the particles leave, where do they go? Scientists have NO IDEA. The quantum particles are there for one pico-second and gone the next.

Maybe our consciousness isn't a quantum particle.


Our bodily form at present is composed of quadrillions of particles. But that combination of particles gives rise to a VERY UNIQUE energetic signature, or frequency. Maybe we're a quantum CONSCIOUSNESS.


And when that time comes, when that EVENT comes, when the TRANSITION is ready for the person having the first person experience, that perspective of consciousness moves onto another dimensional reality.

Now I wonder, is it possible to steer the experiencer's conscious perspective into a specific reality or dimension? PERHAPS...! We'll just have to find out!


Remember that.

When you, or we, reach that point where the stewards, or the "Guardians of the Galaxy," or the guardians of pub, another dimensional reality come to meet you to escort you, or us, to that next phase of experience, remember what I said so that we can touch base in the next phase of experience.

Isn't that instruction sort of like one of those "Q-Anon" statements?

"The future proves the past."

Well, remember what you're doing right now, and retain your present memories of reading this article so that when we get to the other side, you and I can touch base and say,

"Hey, remember reading that one article on a computer screen and it said something about Quantum Consciousness, and that maybe we don't actually die, but we just SHIFT into another dimension?"

"Oh yeah! Hey man! Did you write that?"


"No, I thought you wrote it."

"No, man. But we're here aren't we?! The idea seems like it turned out to be true."


"Cool man. So what dimension is this?"

"I  don't know. We'll have to talk to the alien guys over there first and get briefed on our situation. This may sounds crazy, but I think the journey is just starting..."