by Mark Sircus
September 18, 2019

from DrSircus Website




Actually a more accurate title could have been 'the universe according to hydrogen.'


Hydrogen is everywhere meaning all over the place.

It streams through interstellar and intergalactic space feeding all the suns with massive amounts of hydrogen to crush into helium.


All the suns in the universe eat mountain ranges of hydrogen for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They never seem to run out.

It is a hydrogen universe and now the smart people are envisioning fashioning our world according to hydrogen.


The Chinese are way out ahead building cities that will have hydrogen economies and this is wonderful because the pollution of hydrogen is pure water.

The most insane people on our dear planet prefer energy sources where the pollution is radioactive contamination that never goes away.


Take a trip through our huge hydrogen universe.

Watch the galaxies through the Hubble telescope.

The hydrogen story is only getting more exciting and more real.


Israeli researchers have recently developed efficient, inexpensive, environmentally-friendly and safe hydrogen production technology, the northern Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) reported in September.

The energy efficiency of electrolysis to make hydrogen is only about 75 percent, with high electricity consumption.


The new technology, published in the journal Nature Energy (Current Understanding and Challenges of Solar-driven Hydrogen Generation using Polymeric Photocatalysts), dramatically improves hydrogen production efficiency to 98.7 percent.


The absence of the membranes used in older processes simplifies the whole process, reduces costs and even prevents the risk of the volatile encounter between oxygen and hydrogen.

Our future, if we have one, will be based on hydrogen.


If I live long enough and there is still an economy to speak about I am going to get one of these dream flying machines...



Massachusetts startup SkaI (ex-Alaka'i) has designed a flying car that the company touts as the "first air mobility vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel cells" in a flashy announcement video.


The big promise:

ten times the power of conventional lithium batteries without compromising on carbon emissions. The hydrogen fuel cells give the five-passenger Skai a maximum range of 400 miles (640 km) with a flight time of up to four hours.

However, meanwhile, I am going to continue to breathe hydrogen right into my nose and continue to get younger.


Hydrogen, without doubt, is a perfect fuel. Just ask the sun how it feels about that.


 Many will be surprised to hear that it is also the perfect medicine.



Hydrogen in Medicine

I am one of the few who have written a comprehensive book on Hydrogen Medicine.


Below is some recent research which sustains my conclusions especially as it applies to cancer. Hydrogen is the medicine of the future and should not be ignored by anyone.

An in vivo study demonstrated that 6 weeks of hydrogen inhalation significantly inhibited tumor growth, as evidenced by decreased mean tumor volume (32.30%) and Ki67 expression (30.00%).


Hydrogen treatment decreased the expression of CD34 (74.00%) demonstrating its anti-angiogenesis effects.


The in vitro study showed that hydrogen treatment significantly inhibits cancer cell proliferation, invasion, migration and colony formation both in Hs38.T and PA-1 cells.


An important finding in this study was that molecular hydrogen could also markedly inhibit sphere-forming ability of both PA-1 and Hs38.T cells.

H2 is a small molecule that can easily dissipate throughout the body and cells; thus, it may be a safe and effective antioxidant for inflammatory diseases and cancer, since ROS usually initiates tumor progression.


Treatment with H2 may involve correction of the oxidative/anti-oxidative imbalance and suppression of inflammatory mediators.

"Overall, H2 reduces the risk of life style-related oxidative stress by reacting with strong reactive oxygen/nitrogen species in cell-free reactions.


It is easily to apply H2 in cases of oxidative stress, inflammation and tumors.


Due to the lack of adverse effects and the high efficacy for the majority of pathogenic statuses involved, H2 gas, H2 water and HS (hours of sleep) are increasingly being accepted as promising candidates for therapeutic approaches.


We hypothesize that H2 gas inhalation and oral administration of H2 water could protect against inflammation in oxidative stress-related cancer, and thus improve the anti-tumor effect in the clinical management of cancer."

"We present the case of a 72-year-old female patient with gallbladder cancer (GBC) who developed in situ recurrence and liver metastases 9 mo after irreversible electroporation ablation and oral tegafur (a fluoropyrimidine derivative) chemotherapy, which failed to control the progression of the disease.


The patient further developed metastases in the lymph nodes around the head of the pancreas. The patient had severe anemia, requiring weekly blood transfusions.


The gallbladder tumor invaded the descending part of the duodenum, causing intestinal leakage and hepatic colonic adhesion.



The patient refused other treatments and began daily hydrogen inhalation therapy.


After 1 mo of treatment, the gallbladder and liver tumors continued to progress, and intestinal obstruction occurred. After continuous hydrogen therapy and symptomatic treatments including gastrointestinal decompression and intravenous nutrition support, the intestinal obstruction was gradually relieved.


Three months after hydrogen therapy, the metastases in the abdominal cavity gradually reduced in size, her anemia and hypoalbuminemia were corrected, lymphocyte and tumor marker levels returned to normal, and the patient was able to resume normal life.




This is the first report of an efficacy and safety study about hydrogen therapy in patient with metastatic GBC and a critical general condition, who has remained stable for more than 4 months."




Treating cancer with hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide is an approach that treats the fundamental reasons cancer cells form and get aggressive.


The sicker a person is the more they will experience the benefits of hydrogen.


Hydrogen can be flooded into the body to put out the worst flames of inflammation and oxidative stress. In Hydrogen Medicine we flood the body with the three primary gases,

  • hydrogen

  • oxygen

  • carbon dioxide, a first course of action in all dire medical situations.


Same goes for any chronic or acute condition like the flu. The longer one wants to live the more one supplements with these primary gases.


The most powerful healing/medical device in the world is a hydrogen oxygen inhaler.