by Dr. Vernon Coleman
August 31, 2020

from TheNewAgora Website

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It is abundantly clear that the whole coronavirus hoax is being organized and scripted by psychologists who specialize in brainwashing and what are known in military circles as psychological warfare...

The statistics show clearly that the coronavirus is no longer an 'epidemic'...

Doctors everywhere admit that there are now very few deaths from the disease.


Indeed, many doctors are admitting that there never was an 'epidemic'.

The whole thing was a sleight of hand trick:

a massive manipulation...

Doctors and nurses have been told that they will be fired, and probably never work again, if they speak to the media at all. A few have spoken out anonymously and have admitted that hospitals have not been busy.


There have been very few cases of Covid-19.


I've been told that the few patients who were found were tested many times - and on each occasion the test was submitted as though it related to a new patient.

So each patient who tested positive became 10 or 12 cases of coronavirus...

The whole story has been created and we have been tricked, conned and manipulated. In some hospitals, doctors and nurses apparently wore masks only when members of the public were around.


Social distancing rules were never obeyed unless there were cameras around recording doctors and nurses dancing and clapping themselves.

In the UK, GPs surgeries have been effectively closed - with patients forced to telephone if they wanted to speak to a doctor.


Now accident and emergency departments are going to be open only to patients who have telephoned and made an appointment.

'I shall be breaking my leg next Wednesday afternoon, so could I have an appointment, please? Around 3.30 pm should be the right time.'

'I think I will be having a stroke on Thursday evening. Could I have an appointment for 10.45 pm please?'

GPs surgeries and hospitals will soon be accessed via the internet only.


Face to face medicine will be a thing of the past.


Artificial intelligence is taking over.


Telemedicine will replace traditional medicine.


Operations, when they are essential, will eventually be performed by robots.


Doctors and nurses haven't understand it yet but they will be redundant.

It is no accident that shops are struggling.

Forcing everyone to wear masks and forcing shops to put social distancing tapes on the floor is designed to make shopping such an unpleasant experience that everyone will do their shopping online.


Telling shops not to take cash is utter nonsense - it seems designed to put small shops out of business by making the whole experience unbearable for many.


The current system seems designed to destroy High Street shops.

Similarly, pubs and restaurants are being destroyed by social distancing rules, by forcing us to wear masks and by insisting that everyone leave all their personal details with the pub or restaurant staff.


The psychologists know that although one or two people will visit pubs and restaurants for a while, most will soon tire of the system that has been put into operation.

Advised by the brainwashing specialists, politicians are teasing us and controlling us by giving a little freedom, and then taking it away.

We are told that we can take holidays abroad without having to spend two weeks in quarantine when we return.


But the rules may change while we are away, in which case we will have to go into isolation for two weeks.


And the list of countries which we can visit without quarantine is changing all the time.

You'd have to be mad to fix a holiday abroad not knowing what the rules will be while you are away or when you arrive back.

The plan is to disconcert us, to keep us on edge, depressed and fearful.


That is what our governments are doing to us - deliberately.

Governments always lie to us.


Remember Vietnam? Cuba? The twin towers? The weapons of mass destruction that didn't exist?

But the lies have been elevated to new levels.


They now want to control everything.

We are constantly being told of draconian measures being introduced in other areas.


And since the rules change from one area to another, we never quite know what punishments to escape.

In one part of America you can be sent to prison for a year if you fail to wear a mask.


In another part of America you have to pay a 2,000 dollar fine but there is no prison sentence.


In Texas, some people have been told that they should wear masks in their own homes.


In one shop, a guard pulled a gun on a man who was not wearing a mask.


In California, people have been telephoning the police if they've heard a neighbor coughing or sneezing.

The snitches and sneaks, eager to please the system, are part of the mass surveillance system.

And yet if you buy a boxful of disposable masks you will probably see, printed on the side of the mask, a warning that the mask does not provide protection against viruses such as the one which causes Covid-19.


Of course it doesn't...

The viruses go straight through the mask, like a bluebottle fly through chicken-wire.

If you are beginning to feel as though you are being treated like a prisoner of war then you're beginning to understand the situation.

There has been a global coup, led by,

...and a variety of other billionaires...


Their aims are quite straightforward:

They want to reorganize the world.


They want a world government.


They want to destroy everything which we regard as 'normal'.


They want to destroy our history (they are using the Black Lives Matter campaign to help with that).


They want to force us to use the internet for everything.


They want us all vaccinated, regularly, and they want us to carry immunity passports if we want to leave our homes, buy things or obtain medical assistance.


They want us tracked and traced every minute of the day.


They want us to use self-driving cars because they can be controlled from afar.


They want us to have smart meters installed so that they can turn off our electricity supplies if we misbehave.


They are creating so-called smart motorways which seem deliberately designed to create more queues.

Ever changing speed limits cause more traffic jams and plenty of fines.

They want us to use telephone apps for all our purchases and they want us all to be dependent upon the State.


They want to eradicate small companies so that large multinationals can satisfy all our needs.


And they want to replace people with robots.

The future they have planned for us bears very little resemblance to the world to which we are accustomed.

The coronavirus is a key part of the plan.


It is the virus which is going to terrify us into obeying their orders without question.


And they are using psychological warfare techniques to keep us under control.

The only plague around is a plague of corruption.


The individuals who are helping with the compulsory testing and tracking are today's concentration camp guards.

There has been a global coup and our lives are being micromanaged by a group of very evil people and organizations which are determined to take control of the world in order to redesign it to suit their own selfish, commercial and political interests.


Our political system has failed us all completely...

They want to get rid of the elderly, the middle classes and schools.


They want to get rid of anyone who isn't deemed to be an asset to the State.

They want children to be educated via the internet and they aren't terribly interested in how well educated they are at the end of their schooling.


Forcing children to follow social distancing rules is completely unnecessary and so cruel it can only be described as evil.

It will create emotionally damaged children who are germophobic, suicidal, homicidal, neurotic and psychotic...


Many will become psychopathic. And I now believe it has been planned by the numerous teams of psychologists and military mind control specialists in countries everywhere who are helping to mastermind our new global world.


I wouldn't be surprised to see children forced to wear masks.

At first I thought that the social distancing in schools was being imposed through ignorance but I no longer believe that.


This is being done to destroy and it is evil almost beyond comprehension.

What sort of people deliberately use CIA torture techniques on children...?

Psychologists, politicians and teachers all around the world are guilty and should be tried at the war crimes court.

They want to reduce the global population.


They know that forcing us into isolation, making pubs unbearable and closing nightclubs will help stop boys meeting girls and vice versa.

It is no coincidence that the authorities have for the last few years been encouraging homosexuality, transsexuality and gender reassignment. Fewer babies that way...

This is all a question of power, control and money - but not necessary in that order.

Our food supplies are being controlled.


They are planning shortages that will lead to panic and mass starvation - particularly in the underdeveloped parts of the world.


All around the world farms and food packing and distribution centers are being closed down because employees (usually asymptomatic) are tested and shown to be positive.


Why, you might ask, does it seem that food workers are being targeted for testing...?

Thanks to the climate change nutters, who have been manipulated very successfully, there are going to be massive shortages of energy.

There will be no electricity for long periods of time.


Heating and cooking will, for many, be nigh on impossible.

The recent Black Lives Matter demonstrations have been manipulated to call for the defunding of the police.

The plan is to replace the police with the military and with drones and robots.


It is quite remarkable how easily the Black Lives Matter demonstrators were manipulated into helping the coup that will wreck their lives.


They want to control everything.

They want our bodies, our minds and our souls.

And unless we fight back we will soon be nothing but slaves of the system.


We are fighting a war of terror - but our enemies are our governments and international organizations such as the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

We all have to stand up against the system.

Doctors could help protect us all by making it clear to everyone that the so-called pandemic never existed and that it was a trick designed to prepare us for the takeover, the coup.

Once the Covid-19 hoax has been properly exposed for the sham that it is, the whole plan will fall apart.


And it will be impossible for the manipulators, the plotters - the enemy - to try the same trick again.