New financial institutions like the IMF, the WORLD BANK and the BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENT were set up to spread the predominance of industry and commerce over the whole planet. The immense yearly membership fees payable by the nations amount to billions. If a nation cannot pay up, the workers and the poor among its people will feel the crunch.


At the moment and on behalf of the international bankers the IMF searches for ways to control the entire world economy.

HAROLD LEVER of the Committee of 300 proposed what came to be called the DITCHLEY PLAN. According to this plan the financial and monetary politics of the U.S. would be usurped and put under the control of the IMF. This plan would allow the IMF to unite the central banks of different nations in the WORLD BANK.

In 1982 the leading banks of Wall Street and the U.S. government together agreed to set oppressive repayment conditions for each indebted nation which then was arranged by KISSINGER ASSOCIATES INC. (on the board of which are the oil magnate and chairman of the Aspen Institute Robert O. Anderson, Thatcher’s former Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington and the director of the Bank of England and the S.G. Warburg Bank, Lord Roll of Ipsden)

The IMF, the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of England are planned as a kind of “world police” to recover debts. The idea to put the IMF and its oppressive conditions at the center of all negotiations of debts stemmed from America. The conditions of the IMF are laid before the different nations as a kind of lure. One knowledge about a country and its difficulties has been gathered, that country is then told what definitely has to be changed.

Then the debtor country is told if it ever wants to get any credit with a foreign bank, it will have to limit its imports to the absolute necessities, lower state expenditure and above all stop subsidizing staple food and other support programs for the socially weak. The most important demand was to devaluate the currency.


Apparently this would make exports cheaper and hence more attractive on the world market. In fact though imports got more expensive and thus debts were increased. This was the first step. The second step was the country’s agreement to an extensive redistribution of debt. Thus the creditor banks could largely secure far-reaching future rights over the debtor country. At the same time outstanding interest payments and repayments were added. The IMF became the international economic police on behalf of the large private banks. One country after another had to negotiate repayment conditions with the IMF and the banks of the Ditchley group.


[H: And that was two decades ago!]

The interaction of excessive interest charges and fluctuating exchange rates had developed for the private bankers a wonderful and inescapable maelstrom of indebtedness.


[H: Surely, you don’t think that possibly the heads of states of the various nations or the central banks might be somehow “paid off”? It is a nasty world you have allowed, Pilgrims. Those “black hats” also stole your gold and ran, leaving you with nothing but foreclosures and worthless paper which you also pay for the privilege of using to further enslave yourselves.]


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The Bavarian Illuminati started already at the time of the French Revolution to disseminate their propaganda in reading societies in order to shape public opinion to their objectives. Later, during the 19th century, when Rothschild had already taken over the Bank of England, they started using the Jewish REUTERS news agency to that aim. News agencies like the WOLFF in Berlin and the French HAVAS had the same goal: to build an international news monopoly.

The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and the RIIA (Royal Institute for International Affairs) both were founded by the Round Table to widen its sphere of influence. The RIIA had been a brainchild of Cecil Rhodes (British-South African statesman and diamond millionaire) who wanted to extend British sovereignty all over the globe, but especially to the

A possibility to control the masses is the “social conditioning” of the RIIA mentioned previously. They trained the military technician JOHN RAWLINGS REES who later opened the TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN STUDIES in Sussex, England. The Tavistock Institute is the center of England’s psychological warfare, Tavistock methods have been used, as mentioned, in England and in America. Besides the press, radio and movies have been used for mass manipulations that – as they have been utilized for decades already – can now be called brainwashing.

The CFR shares responsibility for the founding o the UN which serves the former as a tool for reaching the New World Order, the One World Government. According to documentation held by SPOTLIGHT and other sources I have mentioned in the course of this book, today the CFR – together with the Trilateral Commission – controls the U.S. government 100%. The leading positions at all news agencies and most news media are occupied by CFR members. These are Reuters, Associated Press, United Press, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS and RCA.

Most newspapers everywhere use these as their sources. The German equivalent of the CFR are the Bilderbergers and the DGAP (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Auswartige Politic) – (German Society for Foreign Policy). Through them the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the Bild-Zeitung and Die Zeit are also part of the system, certainly others, too.


The CFR who is linked with the RIIA and the Committee of 300 has its members also in leading positions of the largest energy combines, in the military and the government of the U.S. Thanks to the influence of the Round Table, the Committee of 300, the Bilderbergers, the RIIA and the Club of Rome, the same thing hold true for Europe. The Illuminati order Skull & Bones forms the inner circle of the CFR and thus brings more media on line: Time-Life, National Review, Minneapolis Star, Atlantic Monthly, Fortune, etc.

In 1880 the Skull & Bones had already gained considerable influence on the educational and schooling system. Timothy Dwight was the first president of Yale University: both the Cornell and Johns Hopkins Universities were also headed by Skull & Bones members.


So was McGeorge Bundy who as security advisor of Kennedy and Johnson helped to run the Vietnam war and was dean of Harvard University. Every historical information that goes against the guidelines of the American History Society and thus against the Skull & Bones is not admitted for teaching. The same, of course, also happens in Germany and in every other country of the world.

In Russia, and the GDR the teaching followed communist, i.e. illumined, lines in Arab and Jewish countries according to their respective interests. The main thing was not to educate people to themselves, to independent thinking, judging and acting.

In 1946, the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION had spent 139,000 US$ to present an official version of the Second World War that covered up the building of the Nazi regime by the Khazar-Jewish U.S. bankers. One of the main sponsors of the funds was Rockefeller’s own Standard Oil Corp.

The Ford Foundation originally was set us with funds from the Ford Motor Company but eventually it, too, was infiltrated by Skull & Bones members who used the Foundation’s funds for the stupefaction of both school system and the public. The present school systems of the Western nations are controlled by the Illuminati and their branches. Most organizations publishing schoolbooks are indirectly financed by the Illuminati. McGeorge Bundy, national security advisor during the Vietnam War, became president of the Ford Foundation in 1966 and chose Skull & Bones member Harold Howe II for vice-president. The latter was responsible for the research and education sections. The abnormal expenditures forced the Ford family to resign.

The psychological warfare techniques that were instigated in WELLINGTON HOUSE and perfected at the TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN STUDIES are described by Edward Bernay as follows:

“The population growth was paralleled by the Illuminati’s efforts in the area of control of mass consciousness. Thanks to the news agencies, the press, newspapers, telephone, radio and aircraft that are all controlled by the Illuminati, ideas and opinions can quickly be spread over the whole country. The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the behavior and opinion of the masses is one of the most important elements of the democratic society. Those who use these mechanisms are the powers actually ruling the world.”

There can be no doubt about the importance of the role the media plays today.

Television, for instance, shows clearly how negative messages like the new horror and violent movies influence the behavior of the viewers. Predominantly though television is used to influence opinions about how to think, to act and to look. Also is what to have to be “in”, and which political orientation to follow, Hussein is bad, Bush, Clinton and Kohl are good. Astrology, the laying on of hands, UFOs and bending spoons are rubbish it seems, but sex movies, football on Saturday night and boozing over the weekend are OK.


Most dare not say that quite the opposite is true because others who are brainwashed might laugh at them. (Please excuse my harsh words, but the word brainwashed cannot be softened here because after decades of manipulation of the masses – my research had uncovered frightening instances – it cannot be called otherwise). The trouble is that today one is ridiculed or looked at askance if one has a personal opinion that is perhaps contrary to the mass consciousness when actually one should be commended for it. The seeds bear fruit!

The best example though is the music and recording industry. For decades the listeners have been influenced by “backward masking”, high frequency recording and magic rituals. In high frequency recording the message is added at frequencies that the ear can no longer hear but that are still subliminally understood by the subconscious.

In backward masking the messages are recorded backwards and can again be integrated by the subconscious. If the tapes are played backwards, the messages become audible.

Some examples:

  • KISS (Kings in Satan’s Service”
    Song: God of Thunder
    Message: The devil himself is your God!

  • Madonna
    Song: Like a Virgin
    Message: I walk in sin!

  • Queen
    Song: Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    Message: To hell with the bible! All I want is magic!

  • Police
    Song: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic!
    Message: The evil have power!

  • Rolling Stones
    Song: Tops
    Message: I love you, says the devil.

  • Prince
    Song: Purple Rain
    Message: Heaven is about to split open!

  • Cindy Lauper
    Song: She Bop
    Message: You are helpless against evil, against the backward playing, Ha ha ha.

  • The Beatles
    Song: Revolution No.
    Message: Start smoking marihuana, and: Turn me on dead man. (dead man = Jesus)

Although not strictly belonging to the subject matter, it is interesting to note what in 1962 John Lennon said to Tony Sheridan at the Hamburg Star Club:

“ I know that the Beatles will have success as no other band. I know it because for that success I have sold my soul to Satan!

Few knew about that, true?

Another interesting example from the recording industry:

JOHN TODD who claims to be a former initiate of the highest occult power circles of the Illuminati (Council of 13) calls this a satanic organization that wants to institute a world government by any means. Youth above all are the aim of the Illuminati, because – as already Hitler knew:

“Who owns youth owns the future.”

John Todd was the head of the largest amalgamation of recording companies in the whole U.S., ZODIACO Productions. He says that the original matrices of every recording – classical, country, rock, standards, meditation music, disco, folklore…anything (not just rock and heavy metal) – were subjected to a black magic ritual conducted by thirteen people and beset by demons.

These people don’t do this for financial gain but to control the spirit of the people. Many will call this superstition or devil’s work, but here I speak of the largest recording company of the U.S., with the richest people on this planet backing it. Whatever these people do, call it what you will, it brought them riches and power and has plunged the people and nations of this planet into the state they find themselves today and thus has a strong influence upon every listener – you included.

From the ZODIACO later emerged a second company in California called MARANTA. This project was aimed at catching also the young Christians and people of other faiths. So band-names with positive allusions were chosen, and positive lyrics, but the matrices were nevertheless charged with satanic and destructive messages. Their first project was Jesus Christ SUPERSTAR.

As you can see names don’t mean a thing, and the subject of music cannot be treated superficially. It does not matter whether the messages are satanic or urging to buy, the fact is that these people, and there are lots of them, act against the free will of others. But there are ways and means to protect oneself and to learn how to handle this problem. For people still have the freedom to choose the music to which they are listening.


The mass media are the premier tool for keeping the public ignorant. That is the reason why practically nobody knows the true stories behind politics, economy and religion. This same goes for the history of man, his true origins, the structure of the Earth (especially the inside), the actual state of the Moon and Mars, the real space program, free energy, natural healing, spiritual healing, the true life of Jesus, the body of light of man (his soul and aura), his geometric magnetic field (the Merkabah) and extraterrestrials with their technology. Not even one per thousand of all Germans ever hear about the construction of flying machines in their own country!

Think about this, seriously!

Here I would like to quote a passage from Hesemann’s UFO – The Contacts, where he explains why the subject of UFOs is still treated by the media as nonsense:

“The number of sightings was steadily rising, and it looked as if the invasions was never going to end. In June 1952 alone 250 sighting had been reported to the Air Force. The UFO investigation project of the Air Force, BLUE BOOK, had now 2,000 cases documented of which 25% are classed UNKNOWN. Thus the phenomenon has reached a dimension that became interesting for other agencies, too.


By September the almighty and infamous CIA joined the official investigation, to “check” whether the problem of flying saucers was endangering national security and whether upon this question appropriate research and investigations were necessary. A number of documents from that time have been released in 1977 by President Jimmy Carter (see: UFOs – The Proofs).


On September 11, 1952, Marshall Chadwell, vice-director of the scientific department of the CIA, told the director that a worldwide reporting system had been ordered to intercept unknown flying objects. Flying saucers bear two kinds of danger. The fires is the psychological effect upon the masses and the second the vulnerability of the U.S. air space. For practical reasons ‘we recommend to define a policy about what the populace may be told about these phenomena.’

In the words of Major Kehoe this meant ‘a cunning and ruthless censorship to stamp out public belief in UFOs’. To this end the CIA arranged a meeting of Air Force personnel and scientists at the Pentagon to secretly analyze the material proving the UFOs. This meeting took place on January 14 to 18, 1953, headed by Dr. H.P. Robertson from the University of California, after whom it has been named the ROBERTSON PANEL.


The time was well chosen. In the previous November a new, Republican President had been elected, General Dwight D. Eisenhower. At the end of January, Eisenhower was going to be sworn in. Until then they had to recommend to the President a new successful policy.


On November 18, 1952, already CIA director Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter had declared in an instruction paper for the President-elect about the subject of UFOs:

“Implications for national security are mainly given by the fact that motive and final intentions of the visitors are still completely unknown. This is compounded by the marked rise of reconnaissance flights by these ships in the time between May and autumn of this year which have led to the concern that something new might be afoot. For these reasons, but also for obviously international and technological reasons and the utmost necessity to prevent panic at all cost, the Majestic-12 commission univocally maintains that severe security measures will also have to be implemented without interruption by the new administration.

“…On the last day the panel adopted a ‘public education program’ supported by all government agencies concerned with two main objectives: Educate and trivialize. The aim of trivialization was to reduce public interest in ‘flying saucers’ and could be accomplished via the mass media like television, movies and articles. The basis would be actual cases that would first cause confusion, but would then be explained. And as with magic tricks, there is scant interest once the trick has been revealed. The national security council was to start immediately the necessary action to strip the unidentified flying objects of the special status, the aura of the mysterious, they enjoy.

’We have been ordered to collaborate in a country-wide disclaiming campaign,’ Air Force speaker Albert M. Chop said, ‘to publish articles in newspapers and to give interviews to ridicule UFO reports.’

Captain Ruppelt adds:

‘And that was not the worse. We were ordered to keep sightings secret, if at all possible, or, if a story had got out prematurely, to explain it away (weather balloon, meteorite, cloud, forgery… the author) – in any case to do everything possible to remove it. If we could not find a plausible explanation, we were just to ridicule the witnesses.’

During the following months both Chop and Ruppelt resigned from the Air Force.

“The CIA policy of trivializing or ridiculing was only too successful. Just how successful we learn from an open letter by the initiative ‘Justice for Military Personnel’ (J.M.P.) of September 4, 1987 to then President Reagan:

‘The national UFO trivialization campaign ordered by the CIA in 1953 fabricated books and infiltrated the press with hundreds of articles to surround the subject of UFOs with an aura of ridicule through false contacts and obvious UFO swindles. This ongoing campaign had CIA agents infiltrate civil UFO research groups to ridicule them by certain manipulations or to guide their efforts towards ‘other explanations’.

This cover-up policy was more successful than the CIA ever expected, thanks to the brilliant manipulation of the press with the strategy of ridicule. The established press, for fear of ridicule, proved to be only too gullible towards ‘official statements’.”

NATO Major Hans C. Peterson writes about the reasons for this massive policy of secrecy:

The monetary system would collapse – no power group would allow that. All religions would have to ‘rethink’, for truth is much simpler than the churches have taught us. This would mean the loss of power and influence by the churches and their religious leaders. No church wants that.

Our energy supply would change, for we would get to know energy sources that don’t pollute. At the same time though the multinational oil conglomerates, the nuclear lobby etc., would lose their customers and hence their power. If one considers how for reaching the control of these companies is then one can gauge the power of the opponent.


Our politicians themselves – for people on this world would realize that there is only one humanity and that national borders as relics of an oppressing past have no more meaning. Who will trust political leaders any more once it becomes clear that they have been lying to us for decades just to keep their power?

Mathias Becker of the Berlin daily TAZ put this very succinctly in an article about the Frankfurt UFO Conference of 1990:

“…today as then the governments of the world have no interest for reasons of self preservation to acknowledge the presence of a technically and spiritually superior cosmic authority. Who would sill listen to an earthly lump like Helmut Kohl, or to our Nobel prize recipients and arrogant experts, if suddenly a small heavenly Grey begin talks on television about the laws and rules on Reticula and of the history of the cosmos?


Not a soul, and therefore UFOs will have to be treated on a level with the Loch Ness monster – the existence of extraterrestrials is subversive and radical and overturns everything that 2,000 years of scientific endeavor and evolution research have gathered as ‘bare facts’. And who of the so-called ‘crown of Creation’ wants to accept that the supernatural perhaps is not so supernatural after all, but plainly and clearly subnatural.”

To end with the subject of UFOs I can just repeat:

Find the truth, for the truth will set you free!

Another example is the very secret CIA project MK-ULTRA which has been used in the Fifties by American psychologists and sociologist to ascertain the effects of mind-altering drugs.

They now no longer experimented with guinea-pigs, but with students at U.S. universities. Scientists on the state payroll gave these – sometimes with and sometimes without their consent – narcotic and psychedelic drugs. Such experiments conducted en masse brought about the breakthrough of the hippie movement in the U.S.

H: With taking exception, please, to the weary old saying of “Find the truth, for the truth will set you free!” is nice but not so. If you find the truth, you are a long way toward being able to DO SOMETHING WHICH MAY VERY WELL SET YOU AND YOUR BRETHREN FREE! Unfortunately, JUST “knowing the truth” is only the FIRST STEP on that journey to freedom.”]


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Almost everyone has heard of psychological warfare. In the case of war you, for instance, poison the water supply of the enemy and disseminate viruses or bacteria. That is not new, but have you ever considered where these warfare agents are tested?

I will cite a few examples:

In 1950 a U.S. NAVY vessel testing the attacking and defending possibilities of biological weapons had San Francisco (U.S.A.) for six days befogged with the bacterium Serratia. Almost all of the then 800,000 citizens felt some of it. Today, it is known that Serratia bacteria causes a kind of pneumonia that can be deadly.

The army further disclosed that between 1949 and 1969 a total of 239 tests in the open had been carried out, eighty of which were with germs, that makes four attacks per year on American cities, and that for twenty years! According to CIA reports, during the same period and independently, the agency also bombarded towns with bacteria and germs. Apparently they stopped after 1969.


[H: No, they did NOT stop.]


The Americans were not only bombarded with germs, but also with something much more effective. As the NBC announced on July 16, 1981, the Northwest of the U.S. had for several years been subjected to low frequency wave attacks by the Soviet Union. These radio waves were set to the biological electric frequencies.


They are known as ELF (extremely low frequency) waves and had been discovered at the beginning of this century by NIKOLA TESLA. In 1884, Tesla came to work with Edison, but they soon parted ways because of differing views about the production of electric energy and Tesla decided to work of Edison’s competitor Westinghouse.


In 1892, the first power station for alternating current, designed by Tesla and constructed by Westinghouse, was put in operation in Niagara Falls. A short time later, Tesla catapulted into a “scientific super-space” where, as far as we know today, no scientist alive then was able to follow.

Only the banker J.P. MORGAN (J.P. Morgan and Co. was the representative of N.M. Rothschild and Co. in the U.S.) who had financed Westinghouse seems to have understood what was afoot. Tesla had started to tap into the energy field that surrounds the Earth and fills space, then called ether, and draw out energy – for free, of course. At the same time he used the energetic field of the ether for several forms of communication and energy transport.


Energy sources like coal, oil and water would become obsolete, as would electrical high tension power lines. Ships, and automobiles, aircraft factories and houses could draw their energy directly from the energy field of the ether. By the end of 1898, at his Colorado Springs experimental area financed by J.P. Morgan, Tesla came very close to the technical solution of collecting energy from the ether. Today this technology is known as the conversion of “gravitational energy” or of “tachyon energy”. Morgan understood very clearly what this development meant.


The control of electricity, oil, petrol, coal, etc., would no longer have been assured. Therefore he ordered work to cease and Tesla’s Colorado Springs center to be destroyed. But Tesla did not give up. Until his death on January 7, 1943, he brought forth a staggering number of inventions, some revolutionary and some whose implications can even today only be guessed. His inventions could in a short time turn the Earth into a paradise, but – as you now know – this is not what our manipulator’s want.

Among those developments were machines that can gather energy from the ether (today the tachyon field) and transform it into useable energy and a “solid state converter” (1931) which drove a special electrical motor that was installed in a heavy luxury limousine and gave the latter a performance similar to the petrol engine. The car was test-driven for a week at 130 km/hr – fuel cost ZERO! (This appliance the size of a wine box produced enough energy to run a whole household!)


He further succeeded in starting artificial earthquakes by a vibration induced in the tachyon field that then was transferred to all matter. He once subjugated a whole block in New York to such a quake. Apart from having a patent for the remote control of vehicles (1898) he also had developed energy transmission without cables.

H: An interesting thing flows from such a device as mentioned above and one which is contained in a device no larger that a fist, a counter to earthquakes. If you interrupt (counter) the frequency build-up in the Earth building to a quake, you can stop the major damage as an outcome.]

But what concerns us in this book is his discovery of standing waves (which we will look into a bit later) and of extremely low frequencies known as the “Tesla-effect”. These experiments formed the basis of all modern research in the area of ELF communication. If the tachyon field is subjected to an ELF wave and is then aimed at a human being, electrical functions in the brain are disrupted which causes severe disturbances in the waking consciousness.


The neurological and physiological functions are interfered with by a diminution of the mental functions and thus make the person more susceptible. From an article by the “Associated Press” of May 20, 1983, we learn that this is intended, for apparently the USSR has used a device called LIDA from about 1960 onwards to influence human behavior with low frequency radio waves. In the USSR, LIDA was used to calm people and to induce a trance-like condition.


Psychic problems, neuroses and hypertension can be thus treated, but states of aggression or depression may also be caused. Large LIDA units had been used to irradiate with aimed beams individuals, towns and even whole areas of the USSR and the U.S. to effect certain modes of behavior. According to the U.S. defense intelligence agency it is possible to have sounds and even whole words ‘appear’ in the brain of a human being, but also to cause strokes, cardiac arrests, epileptic fits and other illnesses by remote control.

One of the earlier cases of the “invisible war” that became known was the so-called “Moscow signal”. When the U.S. embassy was checked for “bugs” in 1962, a microwave beam aimed directly at the embassy was detected. Under the CIA project “Pandora” the motives for the microwave attack were investigated. It was found that headaches, eye aches, vomiting, tiredness, general weakness, nausea, irritability, fear, depression, disturbed sleep, tension, inhibited intellectual functions, reduced memory and cancer were among the effects caused by the microwaves.


According to security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski the U.S. personnel of the Moscow embassy has the highest incidence of cancer in the world. After a short respite due to demands President Lyndon Johnson placed with Prime Minister Aleksei N. Kosygin, the microwave bombardment of the embassy war resumed.

Through the so-called psychotronics with Tesla weapons that are relatively east to build, it is possible to disengaged the waking consciousness in soldiers and thus stop their will to attack. In an article in Magazine 200, No. 97 of December 1993 we read:

New psychotronic weapons:

- Do you remember the images from the Gulf War where thousands of Iraqi soldiers who capitulated, came out of their trenches and surrendered even to journalists, were welcome cannon fodder for the American artillery, despite the white flags? More and more military experts are now convinced that this sudden and lemming-like surrender was not due to the poor supply situation of Saddam’s troops but to psychotronic mind-control weapons of the U.S. Some of these high-tech super weapons use the effects of radio waves on the human brain.


The January 1993 edition of Aviation Week and Space Technology reported that the U.S. Defense Ministry was now equipping rockets with devices that could create electromagnetic impulses (EMPs) to “paralyze’ the enemy without having to resort to atomic, biological or chemical components. This type of weapon was mainly aimed at disrupting the enemy’s electronic systems. Other devices use supersonic sounds of ELF (extremely low frequency) waves that cause nausea and vomiting and seriously interfere with the sense of direction of those attacked. These weapons have a range of at least 2,500 kilometers.”

Just as the aggressiveness can be diminished, centers of aggression can be produced of which civil wars, unrest, collective suicide, hatred, etc., may result.

In insider publications one often reads about the so-called Tesla weapon. These are very effective devices that use the unlimited energy potential of the tachyon field in space for power.

The best-known authorities in this sector are the U.S. army colonel and physicist Tomas E. Bearden and the American physicists Sidney Hurwitz and Guy Obelensky. The latter two have for years been actively working for Israeli defense. In 1969 Hurwitz had constructed a Tesla weapon that in a radius of 300 meters drastically raised or lowered the gravitational acceleration of ferrous metals. So Hurwitz could, for instance, make a tiny pistol weigh many kilograms and change the dimensions so that the ammunition would no longer fit.

With stronger influencing he had the arm’s metal rip to pieces “like dough”. (These tests were filmed and are shown in the video trilogy: UFOs: From Legend to Reality – Top Secret - The Contact by Royal Atlantis Film GmbH, Munich, Germany, Tel. 089-850 5494. There is also an interview with Thomas E. Bearden)

WEATHER WARFARE is another subject most people don’t know about. Before we look at it though, let us deal with the weather in general.

We assume that the main problem causing today’s weather anomalies is the fact that the Earth gradually cools while the doubling up to now of the CO2 content of the atmosphere causes a warming up (greenhouse effect). An article in the Neue Solidaritat (New Solidarity) of February 24, 1993 adds:

“Recently one could read in the well-known magazine Nature that there is a vast discrepancy between the ‘climatic breakdown’ predicted by the most expensive mainframe computers and reality. In the January 28 issue we published an article by Jonathan D. Kahl titled ‘The Absence of Any Signs of Greenhouse Warming over the Arctic Ocean over the Last Forty Years’.”

The beginning of the article shows already what this is all about:

It states that the general circulation model of the atmosphere predicted an increased greenhouse warming in higher latitudes. They published temperature measurements in the lower troposphere over the Arctic Ocean made between 1950 and 1990. They had analyzed more that 27,000 temperature profiles. Most trends were statistically not significant. In particular they had not noticed any large-scale warming of the surface as predicted in the (climatic) models; indeed they discovered a marked cooling for the seasons of autumn and winter over the western Arctic Ocean. This discrepancy suggests that today’s climatic models do not correctly represent the physical processes that influence the polar regions.

Moira Timms writes in The Six O’Clock Bus (Turnstone Books, London 1979) that observatories at the polar circle report that during the last thirty years the temperature had fallen by about 6 degrees C.

The Neue Solidaritat goes on:

“It would be hasty now to conclude that the greenhouse models were proved wrong, and this for a very simple reason: The greenhouse models cannot be disproved by any measurements or any other scientific facts. They are irrefutable because they have nothing to do with scientific statements. Climatic models are sociological manipulative instruments that allow to construct from a sufficient number of external parameters and arbitrary observation data disaster scenarios with a maximum political ‘potential for being put through’.


Therefore we predict that the very data from Kahl’s study – which today apparently contradict the climatic models – will in just a few weeks belong among the best confirmations for the greenhouse theory. The flexibility of those models should not be underestimated.”

A subject that never appears in the media is that of a possible new ice age. After studying rock and soil samples over decades many reputable meteorologists and geologists have come to the conclusion that during the next fifty years an ice age should establish itself. According to their views an ice age is independent of the greenhouse effect caused by the pollution of the atmosphere. In only a few decades the cooling would equal the warming presently occurring.

It is even more worrisome when we consider that only 1% less sunlight could cause the next ice age. The reduction of irradiation through environmental pollution is less disturbing than the fact that a gigantic volcanic eruption could diminish sunlight considerably. Clouds of fine ashes from such an eruption can stay in the stratosphere for years and lower the temperatures on the surface by several degrees. Very little of this ever appears in the media. You should not believe everything appearing in the media about environmental pollution.


It is advisable to also lend an ear to the other side.

But there is a completely different side to the subject of weather about which the media also keep silent:

That today’s weather situations cannot always be dismissed as “capriciousness” and that natural disasters, earthquakes, storms and drought periods are everything else than “punishment of God” is shown by the following quote from Moira Timms


The Six O’Clock Bus:

“Without a complete theory about why the climate is changing, all attempts of man to alter it are certainly dangerous (similar to a therapy with drugs that fight the symptoms without attacking the cause). Is this what Johann Friede was alluding to?

‘Not everything will be the result of natural causes, rather humanity will reach for the clouds and thus endanger its very existence’.

In 1975 in the U.S. alone nine programs for weather modification by the government and sixty-six programs by other agencies were conducted. These programs contain a plethora of climatological experiments like the seeding of clouds with particles for condensation to produce rain, to suppress hail, to disperse fog, to influence hurricanes, to divert blizzards or snowfall, the production of earthquakes and tidal waves, suppression of lightning, etc.


If today’s trend of unpredictable and cold weather persists, North America, Canada, Northern Europe and Russia will suffer most. Weather theft aided by complex technological means where weather is diverted from poor countries could be a very real problem in the near future when ‘natural’ disasters, famine and drought hit the less developed nations. This could even lead to war. As all attempts to harness natural forces this will also lead to manifold repercussions. So far no international laws have been passed that limit the ‘weather monopoly’ which in itself seems to be very lucrative. To create ‘weather’ in one place is only possible by affecting its potential in another place.

“In 1973 Honduras accused the U.S. of stealing its rain and causing a severe drought when the U.S. diverted the hurricane ‘Fifi’ to safeguard the Florida tourist industry. This hurricane caused the severest damage in the history of Honduras. El Salvador that suffered severe droughts had leveled a similar complaint against the U.S., like Japan which thinks the seeding of typhoons off Guam deprived it of the scarce but vital rain. Rhodesia and Israel had both been accused of rain theft by their neighboring states. The UN worked on a ban of environmental war, but that is a complex and difficult matter and it is well nigh impossible to seal that tight.


In The Cooling, Lowell Ponte cites military men who admitted that aircraft of the U.S. government had ended droughts on the Philippines and the Azores to safeguard U.S. military interests, but that they had declined to answer pleas by several nations in the African Sahel zone suffering from drought and hunger on the grounds that American private companies could be approached. Ponte also describes Soviet plans to change the normal weather structures within the USSR drastically to increase agricultural production.”

There is also proof that the massive destruction caused by El Niño in the Pacific Ocean during 1982/83 was deliberately caused by the Soviets by an interference in the ionosphere. The phenomenon known as El Niño is an ocean current that disrupts weather by natural changes occurring about every ten years. Usually this causes heavy rainfall over parts of Peru and a limited area opposite the South American west coast.


But the 1982/83 Niño effects were drastically different: The trade winds over the equator which in the southern hemisphere normally blow from east to west somehow were subjected to a barrier effect and thus caused the water currents that normally flow towards Asia to flow back and to build up before the west coast of South America. For reasons unknown to the meteorologists, the trade winds then reversed direction and thereby cause cloudbursts in Peru and drought in Australia. Further this caused earthquakes, mud avalanches and tornadoes in Southern California, over the west coast of North America and in Alaska.

This example exactly explains the effects of ELF waves that are beamed with a Tesla amplifying transmitter through the earth into the ionosphere to produce gigantic standing waves. These in turn serve as a weather blocking mechanism producing a sudden and unexpected barrier effect in the east-west trade winds. Dr. Michrowski of the Canadian State Department wrote already in 1978 that in the winter of 1976/77 the Soviets succeeded in determining the resonance of the earth and thus were able to produce relatively stable standing waves fixed to a location with which the flow of the jet streams in the northern hemisphere could be checked or moved.

Not only do the purposeful changes to the weather by ELF waves have a detrimental effect on natural weather structures and the rhythm of the tides, they also have a pathogenic effect on humans and a negative influence on animals who depend on warm wind and ocean currents of are guided by them, by disturbing their natural rhythms and thus sentencing them to death.


Flights of birds cannot find the island on which they normally breed and whales lose their orientation because the currents have changed. (Very valuable information about changing the weather and about psychological warfare can be found in the book Nikola TeslaFreie Energie statt blut und Ol!, VAP-Verlag Wiesbaden, Germany, 1991).

The reader is here reminded of the fact that in the case of an ice age or the worsening of the effect of environmental pollution there are only a few or even no alternatives and solutions available. For the elite though who since 1957 know about our disastrous environmental conditions the case is quite different.

At that time prominent scientists met at Huntsville, Alabama to monitor data and information from the newly installed satellite program. One of the persons present, Dr. Carl Gerstein, predicted that the pollution in the upper atmosphere and the hundred billion tons of CO2 that had settled there would have disastrous effects by the end of the millennium. They reached the opinion that during the coming century human life would no longer be possible on the Earth’s surface due to the effects of this pollution. Therefore they developed a plan that today most UFO-logists are familiar with and whose publication had cost the lives of several persons already.

The plan was as follows:

  • ALTERNATIVE 1: Detonation of a nuclear device in the stratosphere to enable the CO2 to escape into space.

  • ALTERNATIVE 2: Building vast subterranean self-sufficient cities where the “elite of society” would be sent and where they could live until life on the surface would again be possible.


  • ALTERNATIVE 3: Colonialization of another planet, e.g. Mars.

Alternative 1 was later declared too dangerous and removed from the program. The other two alternatives however, were steadily put in action.


ALTERNATIVE 2 comprises – according to my research – already seventy-five subterranean cities, sixty-five of them on the North American continent, one in the Swiss Alps, one in the Transvall, South Africa, and one in Pine Gap, Australia. (The others I cannot remember because I was only allowed to look at a relating list for a short moment.)


Among the American underground cities are the subterranean bases Dulce Base, New Mexico, Area 51, Groom Lake, Nevada, the “Country Club” in Maryland and Los Alamos, called “Dreamland” in California in which genetic experiments of humans (cloning), test flights and copies of crashed saucers are made as well as developments like pulsar drives are tested.

In April 1992 I interviewed a lady in Sydney, Australia who does not want to be named. She had worked for an Australian “cleaning brigade” and on their behalf had also entered the underground air base PINE GAP. She said, despite the threat of severe penalties – that Pine Gap was about thirteen kilometers deep, functions on the basis of free energy, had lakes, suspension railways, its own fruit and vegetable gardens, etc.


According to official information Pine Gap can withstand a direct nuclear hit without problems. (More about Pine Gap in Stan Deyo’s Cosmic Conspiracy).

ALTERNATIVE 3 apparently was begun in 1959. In the late Fifties already American saucers had been built with the aid of German scientists who had helped build the German saucers – Viktor Schauberger (VRIL 7) among others - and by using the technology of UFOs crashed in the Western U.S. A secret program parallel to the official space program was started where the moon’s surface was explored using saucer technology.


Beginning in 1960 two moon bases run conjointly by Americans and Russians were erected on the eastern edge of the MARE IMBRIUM. Those were the ARCHIMEDES BASE and the CASSINI BASE, named after the craters in which they were set up. The moon bases were planned as stop-off places on the flight to Mars.


On May 22, 1962 the first manned landing on Mars is said to have happened. This landing as well as the flight across the Mars surface with commentaries by the American and Russian crew was recorded from the saucer.

In January 1977 this film was given to Sir William Ballantine, a renowned radio astronomer, by Harry Carmell, a NASA staff member.

On February 6, 1977 Ballantine had planned a meeting with John Hendry, the manager of a daily newspaper, to discuss publication of this film. On the way to Hendry he died in a mysterious car accident. Aided by Ballantine’s wife and Carmell, the film finally reached the hands of the Science Report team of the English Sceptre TV station and was broadcast in the next installment of the Science Report. The station then received the tip that they would lose their license if they would continue to report on this subject. The film shot from the cockpit of the flying craft shows a brief view of the instrument panel where the outside air pressure registers with 700 millibars and the outside temperature with 4 degrees C.


The astronauts, whose voices had also been recorded, cheered and shouted:

“It is the 22nd of March, 1962, we are on Mars – and we have air!”


If I have so far held back with my personal hypotheses, I would nevertheless like to state one here. I hear the reader say: “What a lot of nonsense, we know that life on Mars is impossible.”

My question to you then: Do you actually KNOW? Let’s be honest: the only thing we know about Mars is what has appeared in NASA reports or what is published in the common textbooks. The public has been TOLD that there is no life on Mars, but that does not mean that we KNOW! You have to realize that the space programs are again monopolies, and no one except the scientists directly involved in the projects REALLY know anything.


Whatever information they choose to release we have to take for granted, since at this moment we cannot fly up to Mars to personally check it out. Let us assume that Mars is really dead; then it’s just back to square one; we would realize that we have to stay on Earth and that no adventure is waiting for us there. But if we assume that life on Mars would be possible in one form or another – perhaps under galls domes with filtered air – do you think that this would be divulged just like that?


The Viking I pictures of July 31, 1976 shot from an altitude of 1.278 miles over the northern hemisphere show the now well-known Mars face (1.5 Km long) and to the left of it the symmetrical forms of several pyramids. The very existence of these buildings is revolutionary enough to shake all the so-called world religions to their foundations by hinting that the earthbound human race is perhaps not alone after all and definitely not the “crown of Creation”.

The existence of the pyramids allows two hypotheses that destroy all previous accounts about the history of humanity. The builders of the pyramids were either out predecessors, raising the question of how they got to Mars. If that was the case, they had to have possessed an advanced technology, a fact that western religions and science denies.


Or the builders of the pyramids were not related to humans, which means that the pyramids bear witness to the existence of extraterrestrial life-forms, another fact that the aforementioned institutions steadfastly deny. Perhaps the builders have not disappeared, but have just moved a level lower? If, however, they did colonize Earth at one time they probably are one of our main races now. (Perhaps the red race, just as the name implies?)


We have enough different races whose cosmogony maintains just such an event in the past. The movement of the canals of Mars, hitherto inexplicable to the astronomers, supports the theory that Mars cannot be completely dead. If Mars was really dead as many so-called scientists claim, and if no other life exists in the universe, if we humans can roam freely – at least in our own solar system – the question arises of what happened with the Soviet probe Phobos II that landed in 1989 on Phobos.


For before Phobos II could set a landing vehicle down of the small Mars moon Phobos, radio contact permanently ceased for unknown reasons. Another enigma is the disappearance of the U.S. Mars probe Observer on August 24, 1993. It had the task of taking new photographs of the Mars face and pyramids. Curious, isn’t it?

H: More curious is that right now currently there are pictures of that Mars FACE in full detail being shown and published: May 2001.]

Make your own judgment about the Mars story. There is evidence about the first flight to Mars by the Reich-Germans on board the big Haunebru III (one third of the crew were Japanese men and women) on April 21, 1945. Further there exists a logbook of the VRIL-7 about its first flight to Mars without a landing. It describes the surface and the Cydonia region is much more detail than the photos of the Viking in 1976 showed!


A film exists of this flight (shots inside the saucer and out, from the cockpit), but I cannot provide any leads to it except that it is said to be in the hands of the Societas Templi Marcioni. I just cannot believe the Americans and the Russians are not able to build an anti-gravity drive, too, as the Australians have already done, according to Stan Deyo.

ALTERNATIVE 2, the underground cities, however is a reality. So, if the second alternative was carried out, why not also the third?

The complete story of Alternative 3, the alleged state of Mars, its atmosphere, the suppression of information, the construction of bases, the measures of protection and camouflage, the housing of personnel, transport, the brainwashing of personnel and the difficulties that apparently arose and perhaps are still existing are to be found in Leslie Watkins’s book and video Alternative 3.

As you can see, the subject of UFOs had often a much more terrestrial and realistic meaning than is generally reported. It is also easier to understand how just why huge sums of money are spent to go against researchers who approach a solution in the construction of flying craft that fly with a kind of fuel no conglomerate of the world can monopolize of tax. In the meantime, however, some people have privately built and flown such flying disks, a fact the multinationals don’t like at all.


Not all scientists are venal and many have found out that inventions like these should not be patented but put into production directly. Yet I am certain these people, some of whom I know personally (all Germans and Austrians), will never come out publicly with their inventions, rather they will build more of their crafts and give them to the Reichs-Germans. They will try everything they can to prevent that their inventions end in some Illuminati companies’ hands. The time will come soon when the Illuminati will discover that they have not been as powerful as they believed.


Then all these and similar inventions will become available all over the world to everyone. If you submit such an invention to the patent office, you will have, almost immediately, somebody knocking at your door who wants either to purchase the rights to your patent to have it disappear for ever or to threaten you with trouble since such products are undesirable for the elite.


[HATONN COMMENTS: Yes, it does become obvious that the author of SECRET SOCIETIES has a lot to do with, relative to, or comes from Germany. It is, however, not necessarily so – for in an attempt to allow shelter and protection, we make every effort as well as himself/herself to keep privacy. Readers, a researcher and investigator goes to where the INFORMATION “IS”.

However, as in the upcoming “Chapter” regarding Energy as a weapon, the facts are GLOBAL in every instance. Energy problems are controlling the entire of the Southeastern Asian area, while the very fuel you use for all production of travel, electricity production, etc., IS KILLING YOUR VERY SPECIES AND YOUR WORLD.

Can’t you even imagine that with volcanoes as PROBLEMS in a society such as the Philippines that there is enough thermal energy to run the world electrically? In addition, in cleaning up the trash and garbage you could have,

1) methane gas production

2) co-generation from incineration

3) production of heat from toxic waste cleanup and, indeed

4) recycling of plastics, metals, etc., into new products

But until YOU are ready for taking a bit of care of your environment, you will have destruction, for you demand your own convenience above your own good health and freedom.

What of the new circumstances in the Philippines where more hostages are taken? What of it? The game worked before and watch how it works out again. Until you solve the PROBLEM allowing and precipitating such games, you will have them over and over again. Do I play to the Islamic crowd instead of the Christians? Christians? Who and where are “Christians” in this game? No balanced-based goodness group or religion approves the heinous activities of the few who break the laws of “a” “Christ”-based group. SATAN is the ONLY “God ” demanding violence and greed-based, ego-driven activities – NO MATTER WHAT YOU CALL THAT ENTITY AS IN “NAME”.

But Islam? Whether you call the “book” of Islam the Que’ran, Quir’ran, Koran or the Book of Laws, or Mohammed’s Laws, it is based on Christ-ian principles of honorable behaviors. And, furthermore, when you revert to violence, war, destruction and guns against anyone, you are practicing the OLD TESTAMENT doctrines of a very harsh God of negative presentation.

“But it is written in the law,” you say.




So, man changes his perception to suit his wishes. Let us look at oil as a for instance, as you sort the possibilities for energy production and transportation fuel. Would the owner of oil want you to have free energy? Of course not, and it is the same as having a fox inside your chicken coop to guard the chickens.





If I seem to focus on the Muslim “capability”, it is because they have the BASIS upon which freedom can be built if they demand their own banks. I wrote for days on the topic of Islamic Banking which HAS NO USURY (INTEREST) AND HOW TO STRUCTURE THAT WHICH IS ALREADY IN PRESENTATION IN MUSLIM SOCIETIES.

I have written endlessly on value-based currency and trade money. You MUST have something of value backing the exchange token – and the world itself has chosen gold for that representative foundation.


If a nation has gold assets, HOW CAN IT BE POOR? Easy, the citizens succumb to the rule of the ELITE who pass out empty pieces of paper and force you to use same if you are to eat or have shelter. You have put the clowns and crooks into the highest seats of your governments and over your very selves.

So be it, for while the Thieves of your very world have manipulated – you have been brought to your knees.

If the Islamic countries would turn again unto God and demand that their nations be run on the principles of their already established economic structures, AND GAIA SUPPORT, that ALLIANCE could bring freedom, abundance, PEACE and ‘order’ to the chaos of the LIE.

I ask that this writing get to parties who represent possibilities to these friends and coworkers. When the leadership is in knowing and understanding, the project SHALL PRESENT WONDROUS SUCCESS.

I want this message to now go as is with the short chapter on Energy. The Islamic people can understand “oil” and know that the wealth has been stolen by the very manipulators sucking them steadily into slavery.

Thank you for your attention.


Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn


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