by Robert Cinque
May 03, 2020
from CinqueTerra Website

Spanish version

Aztec rituals of blood sacrifice existed because the priests were able to convince the people that eclipses of the sun or poor harvest seasons were because God was angry at them for their sinfulness and demanded living human sacrifice as compensation.

Countless innocent people volunteered to be slaughtered on the altars, their beating hearts ripped from their chests.

American rituals of vaccine injections exist because the doctors were able to convince the people that,

viruses are the sole cause of disease and demanded that everyone be quarantined, tested, and vaccinated...

Fear of pain and death drive such rituals.

People become pathetic caricatures of themselves when they do not overcome their fear and substitute bone head beliefs for reality.

Who says God is mad?


Who says viruses cause disease?

Show me the proof...

Viruses are cellular excretions, not invading armies. They appear when the cell is under stress. Any stress...

They are dumped into the lymphatic fluid and into the blood, flushed out by clean water, sanitized by sunlight, and purified by the production within the cell of chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, ozone and other super powerful oxidizers.

They appear as an effect of a cause:


The monsters with needles and scriptures are able to convince the people to volunteer for blood rituals of torture and death because the people are weak and lazy.

The people find it too difficult to think clearly, so they pass the job to the experts. Sitting on the couch watching Netflix.


Just got my stimulus check, soon to be a monthly guaranteed income. I've got my mask on, will soon get vaccinated so that I can be immune from the dreaded virus.

Mr. Gates said,

he can give us a tattoo which will prove we are members of the club and can now go to parties and restaurants.


No more social distancing for us!


This is awesome...!

The gleeful enthusiasts who laid down on the Aztec altars, as well as the hapless fobs who allow themselves to be vaccinated by doctors with,

the pus from infected monkey kidneys, mercury, aluminum, gene altering, programmable nano bots, and who knows what else,

are committing a crime against themselves and their children...


By refusing to be responsible for what is true, we become slaves to the lie and allow our blood to be set on fire in ritual, satanic sacrifice.

We have been controlled by those who lay claim to our blood.

Our life was given to us freely at birth, but now, we are told it belongs to Anthony Fauci and the NIH and the WHO and the CDC.

Says who...?

I'll tell you what really scares me:

Its not the virus or even forced vaccines, the police state or the global syndicate which seeks to crush us all. Its not 5G or GMOs or digital currency or lockdown.

What really scares me is that look in my grandchildren's eyes when they ask me,

what I was doing when this shit was coming down...