by Paul Lenda
January 23, 2019
from Shift Website

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Paul Lenda is the founder & director of SHIFT>, a conscious evolution guide, author of The Creation of a Consciousness Shift, intentional evolutionary & celebrator of life working to provide an integral role in the positive social transformation of humanity.


It seems we have fundamentally divided our way of seeing the world, and left a large portion of mystery in charge of things that are actively playing out.


We have created a history respective to, but a fraction of, what is actually happening, in order to frame what "Life" is. This is a crafted methodology designed to limit your participation.

Physics, in all the research into the complexity of describing the material world, is adequate at describing the dynamics of formation, and describes well the shell of our observation.


In the various sciences, biology, geology, particle and astro, makes inroads to a shared understanding, of observer moments.

All physical objects are the composite frame of reference.


They do well to describe constants, or things found in natural phenomena that have re-occurring events. They proportionally represent how we obtain the ability to understand them, but do absolutely nothing to give reference from where this understanding emanates.

Physics will only ever describe our observations.


In this, it is the act of observation that creates the data. If we were only focused on data being empirical, than our observer states would have long ago given insight to our true function, of energy having a human experience.

Somehow, crafted into our material presence is a record.


It is a multi generational physical document of friction events that lead to boundaries. These boundaries give form, but also provide another curious by product, and that is the T.I.D.

The T.I.D. is the Terrestrial Information Device.


It is foundationally the EGO on steroids. We observe the EGO as the system of Identity, but the ego can only function in the world of Physics, because it is described as an internalized identity device.

To say that our vessel, and our perception of it is all that is, simply discounts far too much information over a 100 years old.


We have respectively learned that the Physical world of Physics, crumbles in the micro. When we go beyond what our seven senses can reason, the rules of those observations are no longer rules, but ideas.

This is where the T.I.D. becomes far more adequate at describing what is really taking place.


You are not separate from the world, but interactive. The act of observation generates field dynamics, so when you act or think something, you are creating a point of reference that the rest of the world responds to.

There is no delay in this response; the entire process is instantaneous. You generate and react to field information, creating reality.


This is the function of your T.I.D.; it creates a stable place from which you can generate experiences.

Now, if that were all, you would be trapped in a linear reality. Cause and effect would be the only aspect of the human condition, and all that you ever were destined to be would be the end result of all your interactions, or recordings of friction.


The material realm is the end result of causality, but that does not fully describe your participation.

The life force that inhabits your physical structure is also alive, and the integral device that give purpose to being. It is an abundance generator, in that its purpose is emotion, and transferring from simple existence feelings.


The life force is the voice you find within you when you begin to do the soul work that liberates the possibility of these intentions.

If you have made any headway into awakening, you realize that beyond the T.I.D. lies another completely separate channel that is communicating information with you.


This in humanity is called many things:

the higher self, or even the voice of God,

...but it is something that exists in every life.

Energy, to just create and destroy objects over billions of years, could never find fulfillment. In that transacting the informational responses of assembly and disassembly only give rudimentary information.


Energy, could only find value by creating something uncontrollable, and that is emotional responses to creation and destruction.

This is most likely how Galactic evolution decided to make toroidal bubbles to give material presence stability to generate these potentials. From its most entropic state it was energy looking to describe itself, with every possibility already recorded into itself.

Every element, particle, and life form already existed in the entirety of its information. What it needed was a vehicle to give reason, and to give within those acts of creation sustenance. There needed to be motivation for states of advanced presence.

These motivations are experienced in life force.


I was having a discussion a while back with others about what a black hole is. It is an object, it appears to have a boundary, yet functionally it is a form of energy. Not energy like the sun that emits photons, but it functionally reconstitutes those suns and planets back into potential outcomes.

We see the net results of these outcomes in the thin line of material or physical presence, yet the jets spew something, somewhere, and it seems to have an abundant supply within these toroids, somehow it acts as an engine, yet it is simply reconstituting what it already had produced.

It is extracting life force. It separates in real time previous versions of self, that it can provide the building blocks for new versions of itself.


This process, remade billions of times, created a foundational set of principles that allow matter to have emotional responses to existence, that in those absorption’s of T.I.D. take life force data back to the place.


The place of source code, you call it what ever you want...

The senses we have now are limited to the framework we observe from. The material world is a byproduct of fractional representation of your true state. You are Source coming to terms with existence.


When we cumulatively give the value back to what a life on Earth really is, we will begin to activate senses that give reference to this undiscovered reality...