by Kit Walker
October 09, 2018

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Turning Beyond

All around us, things seem to be breaking down.


Many of us, who are seeing the hopelessness of trying to effect change in the outer world, are turning within for solutions. But somehow the whole idea of turning within rings a little hollow, knowing all the suffering and insanity that is going on all around us.


We still keep thinking there must be a way to help "out there", to bring about positive change in the world. So we keep struggling with the outer world, because turning within is considered "selfish".


And indeed it can be, if not done in the right spirit.

So my question is,

  • Is there another alternative?

  • How about about turning beyond?

  • How would that be?

  • Is there a way to transcend, AND be effective in the relative world?

  • To truly be in the world but not of it?

  • To stand before it arises, with eyes wide open, and to see right through all of it?

  • And thereby be a fire that effortlessly burns the false?



More Here than Here

And by "beyond" I mean what is even more here than here.


This "Beyond" is not somewhere else. And, the word "turning" is not really accurate, either, because Beyond has no direction, it is All-Pervading. "Turning" implies focusing attention, but Beyond is the realm of No-Attention.

The "outer" is a field of attention. The "inner" is a field of attention.


But the Beyond, the Eternal, is the field of No-Attention. It cannot be reached by any method or mode of attention. So to access the realm of No-Attention requires a paradoxical understanding and method.

Perhaps when we are "turned beyond" we will be equally at home and effective within or without, because then we are grounded in the great integrating Radiant Force of that which is beyond all opposites, and which reveals the hidden unity behind all apparent polarities.


For me, "non-duality" is not complete, until all seeming opposites are integrated, viscerally, in the body, not just transcended.



Butterfly Effective

But what if this slight but profound adjustment from "within" to "beyond" is actually way more powerful than we think?


Perhaps if we can truly be total about it, our entire world will turn inside out, and this will open up an immense storehouse of energy and insight that we can share with the world, just naturally, moment to moment. Perhaps this is the only way to be truly effective, even.


When we meet our true expression, is when we begin to become truly effective, even when apparently doing little more than simply existing. We could call this being butterfly effective.


Things begin to work on their own, in mysterious and synchronistic ways you never could have imagined.

And this turning within/beyond is also spiraled. It is in the shape of the torus, and has the irrational infinite harmonics of the Fibonacci series. It is not as simple as gazing at one's navel. But it is our natural state, so it is also effortless.


We have to engage it with precision and delicate insight, and persist with love, and moment to moment surrender into the current, and we WILL distill the nectar - ananda or bliss.


Note in this picture

the unity point at the center of the torus

The term 'bliss' has been so abused that most of us have a complete misunderstanding of what it is, and have lost connection to how to access it.


I believe that the work of resurrecting our bliss process is the single most important and effective thing we could do, both for ourselves and for the world, and in this essay I would like to explore why that is, and how to re-member it, in other words, how to actually re-embody it.


Bliss is Parasite Repellent - True Protection

We have seen a lot coming into the collective awareness in the last few years about the Parasite.


The astrological configuration of Uranus square Pluto since around 2010 has given many of us a chance to see through the veil much more clearly, and those of us with our vision intact have been seeing that there is an extra-dimensional parasitic agenda going on.


This was introduced to us also in the 70s in the works of Castaneda, and his stories of the shaman Don Juan who referred to "the Flyers", invisible parasitic beings who feed on our energy and light.


Of course this topic goes back millennia, as it is a major theme here on planet Earth. In fact it has most likely been with humanity since the beginning.


The ancient Gnostic teachings (the Nag Hammadi texts) also refer to the Archons, parasitic 4th dimensional entities for whom the human realm is little more than a farm, and humans are their cattle.

"I just want to know about your different lives, on this here people farm"

Jimi Hendrix

Lately it has really come out of the closet, this agenda, and is full-on in our faces.


Only those who are still fast asleep are failing to notice the manifestations and ramifications of this, at least on some level. And those of us who are engaged in this mother of all battles with these entities are going through deep and extensive changes, trying to understand what they are and how to deal with them, and how to ultimately be free of them.

Sri Aurobindo made it very clear:

"Looking at all that is and has been happening in human history - the eye of the Yogin sees not only the outward events and persons and causes, but the enormous forces which precipitate them into action.


If the men who fought were instruments in the hands of rulers and financiers, these in turn were mere puppets in the clutch of those [occult hyperdimensional] forces.


When one is habituated to see the things behind, one is no longer prone to be touched by the outward aspects - or to expect any remedy from political, institutional or social changes.


The only way out is through the descent of an [embodied] consciousness which is not the puppet of these forces but is greater than they are."

That "descent of embodied consciousness" is our bliss, and is the true protection.


Our Magic Tortoise

Recently, while listening to the brilliant scientist Dan Winter, he made a comment that struck me. And that is, that we are ALL parasites, IF we are looking to the apparent outside world for our bliss.

Our bliss is our Pure Consciousness, and is the fountain of eternal life. It IS eternal.


We have access to it, always, as we let go into the Luminous Field in which our own body/mind is presently arising. But it is SO innate to us, even closer than home, that we miss it.


It is like failing to notice the space in which everything arises, because we are so mesmerized by what is arising in that space.

But as long as we persist in trying to access this bliss through situations and beings in the seeming "outside world" (which sages throughout history, and lately even scientists have determined is an illusion), we fall into the trap of the Parasite, which monitors this world, like a hidden master, manipulating the levers of this "reality".


Through the program of the Parasite, we are convinced that there is a way to access this Unconditional Happiness, somewhere "out there" in conditions, in the hologram.


And that is precisely how our energy, is harvested.

The I Ching alerts us to this dilemma:

Hexagram 27, "Providing Nourishment, line 1:

Nine at the beginning means:
You let your magic tortoise go,
And look at me with the corners of your mouth drooping.

The magic tortoise is a creature possessed of such supernatural powers that it lives on air and needs no earthly nourishment.


The image means that a man fitted by nature and position to live freely and independently renounces this self-reliance and instead looks with envy and discontent at others who are outwardly in better circumstances.


But such base envy only arouses derision and contempt in those others. This has bad results.

So, the best way to combat the Parasite is to cease giving it our energy, by allowing our attention to fall back to its source, the Infinite Well of Being, the portal to which is in the heart.


To be free of the Parasite, STOP BEING A PARASITE!


We each have our own source of infinite power and energy, and we are required, sooner or later, to wake up to this fact. This will eventually lead us to the process of initiation, into the Great Work.


The change is very simple, almost nothing, but, paradoxically, it is also an ordeal which requires our innate superhuman intelligence and skill to pass through,



All Roads Lead to Our Uniqueness

Everyone's spiritual awakening process is unique.


Due to our different conditioning and conditions of life, each one of us will have a particular way to proceed with the unwinding of our conditioning, and once realization happens, we will each have a unique expression of that awakening. I believe that the astrology chart can be helpful in this respect.

It is important to note, too, that spiritual awakening, or enlightenment, will dissolve the sense of separate self, or ego, but will NOT destroy the individuality. In fact, it will be the first time our true individuality will be able to manifest. This is an important point to be very clear on. Also, there is no end to the initiations that one passes through.


But clearly there is a "point of no return", a threshold.

There is a New Age assumption, quite probably based in social engineering, that once we realize enlightenment we will just be blissfully happy all the time, in a positive emotional state, all our problems will cease, and we will dissolve into this cloud of nebulous groupthink where we will no longer have a unique expression or point of view.


Often, this state is described as being "blissed out".

This kind of bliss, which is on sale at new age festivals and the like, is NOT what I am referring to. It is not some kind of "enlightened behavior" that one cranks up when "on the scene".



Aquarius Leo Polarity

This is the Aquarius without the Leo, in the Aquarius/Leo polarity.


But like I've said before, only when a polarity like this is resolved and integrated, do we really see the positive sides of both signs manifest.

Aquarius without Leo is a crowd of people, keeping their heads down, not wanting to stand out, following along without questioning the narrative (however "revolutionary") of the crowd. Leo is the one who stands out on his own, goes his own way, and finds his own unique expression.


When these two polarities work together, this is when we have a balanced awakening, for the individual, and the society. A society of awakened, creative, and sovereign individuals. Has that ever happened before? Doesn't look like it, but there's no time like the present.

More on the Leo Aquarius polarity here,


I like the word "individual":

"late Middle English (in the sense 'indivisible'): from medieval Latin individualis, from Latin individuus, from in- 'not' + dividuus 'divisible' (from dividere 'to divide')."

So an individual is someone who is undivided, and not separate from Source, and from All.


But also, (or perhaps I should say, because of that,) an individual is someone who is unique, unlike anyone else. It is a paradox that the mediocre mind just cannot contain.

We are not talking about ego here. We are talking about our unique expression, which comes to full flower when we awaken to the Transcendental Truth of who we truly are.


To many, enlightenment may seem like some kind of airy-fairy pie-in-the-sky idea that could never possibly happen, perhaps some idealistic "mindset", but we only have to look into the lives of all those who have affirmed it in their own case, to see that we may not be in a position to judge one way or the other.


Just because it hasn't dawned on you yet, doesn't mean it is impossible.



Absolute Certainty

This is not the kind of thing anyone can convince anyone about.


And no one but you is in the position to confess your own awakening. But no one is going to congratulate you either, or give you a medal. You will get no "certificate", in fact, it is very likely no one will even notice.


And, quite possibly, people will hate you for it. Jesus is a good example of what can happen. But, paradoxically, your awakened nature needs to express itself, and will find the way to do so, no matter what. It becomes a kind of imperative.

When it happens, you'll know it, and chances are, no one else will even care. If you aren't sure, then it hasn't happened yet. When it happens you will have absolute certainty about it, and, in fact, more and more, it will really be the only "thing" that you do have absolute certainty about.


And the need to know anything for sure besides that, will also effortlessly fall away. It will not solve your problems, but it will dissolve them, along with their source, the I-thought.

And here's the kicker: when you become one with this "thing" that nobody notices, you most likely will become invisible. No one will notice you, either.


The Narcissus in us does not like this idea at all. But, being invisible has its merits.




In Sanskrit there is the term "sat-chit-ananda" which means "existence (and truth), consciousness, bliss".


The implication is that Existence (Pure Existence Itself), or Truth (sat), is itself bliss, or ananda. All these three qualities are one and the same. So that implies that merely to exist is blissful.


We can see this in animals way more than in humans. Animals have no problem with simply existing, but to humans, this is boring.


We need "entertainment", i.e. distraction, or at least we think we do. In my view, this need for distraction from our own completion, is due to the fear of dissolution of separate self, and the birth of true individuality.


Hence the entire entertainment industry, whose main purpose, it seems to me, is to distract you from yourself.


SAT is Truth. We will not arrive to bliss if we cannot face, and then BE the truth, as SAT = ANANDA.


Relative truth is the doorway to the ultimate truth. We will never know ultimate Truth if we cannot face relative truth, I.e. WHATEVER is true about our experience here and now.


Our love for the truth, for What IS, becomes our only motivation.

So remember, if you buy the cultural lie, in any shape or form, you will not have full, if any, access to your own bliss, your own infinite "bank account", the well of Eternal Being. Because bliss is one and the same as TRUTH. SAT=ANANDA.


And when you buy the lie, you forgo the truth, and thus you are food for the Parasite. It's that simple.


You can borrow its "power" for a time, but in the end it eats you.



The Solution to Everything is Closer than you Think

So what this all boils down to, is that if we can slow ourselves down, relax, and free our attention from all the ways it is bound, we will begin to become blissful naturally and spontaneously, because it is the very substance of our pure existence.


There is nothing that can be done about it. It is more a question of stopping doing, although that cannot be forced. Stopping doing can become a doing.


So we have a riddle, a Koan, on our hands, and the answer to the riddle is going to have to be paradoxical.



Savior Self

Ever since I was a child I always had the feeling that the Second Coming of 'Christ', the Savior, was actually going to be inside every one of us, and not some being who comes from the outside to save us.


And now I am certain of it.


There is not going to be anything or anyone in the outer world that comes to "save" us. We have to discover and remember the Christ within us.


As Osho always said:

"Be a Christ, not a Christian".

Now to many of us, the idea of being a Christ oneself is actually blasphemous.


But that is just the pollution of the church in our minds. And the church is a big part of how we were hacked, so be careful. Because if you resurrect the Christ within you, they are OUT OF A JOB.


So, much as they go on and on about Christ, God, and the like, for you to realize your eternal Christ-nature is the LAST thing they want you to do.


So they have invented elaborate fairy tales, myths, and stories, which may be symbolic hints at something, but they are all meant as entertainment, distraction, to keep your attention bound in the illusion, the Maya, of the outer world.

Yes, the program of lies always contains a bit of truth, because it knows that we will not be attracted without it. And yes, we have bullshit detectors, although they need to be dusted off, rebooted, and upgraded.


So they put the little tidbit of truth on the hook of religion, like a worm on the fisherman's hook. It is bait, to lure you in. But then you are stuck there in their system, waiting for these little crumbs, these handouts of half truths, just enough to keep you coming back, but definitely not enough to liberate you.


Have you noticed this problem? And it is in ALL the religions, but especially the "big 3", the Abrahamic ones.


Their function is to keep you lost, in the dark, and suffering. And all it takes is one blissful moment to see through the entire lie, and you will never be the same again.


So the church has a great investment in making sure even one moment like that does not happen.


(This is not to say that there are not good and sincere people in all religions, or that one cannot realize in the context of a religion. But it is clearly time for an upgrade.)

So resurrecting your own direct connection to Source is a must. And to me, this is the essence of being a true Gnostic. It is actually spiritual science.


These two, spirituality and science, at their highest expression, are actually one and the same.




JeSuis Christ

And what is Christ exactly?


Too often the Christ is conflated with Jesus, but it is obvious, (isn't it?) , that although associated, they are two distinct "things". Jesus the man may or may not have existed, but how can we really know for sure? Admit it, it's all hearsay ! None of us were there in person.

There is much debate about the history of Jesus the man, which is, once again, I feel, just to distract from the point, which is that Christ IS real, and is NOW, and is eternal and is always accessible.

To me, the Christ is the miraculous ability we all have, at least potentially, to actually BE the Divine, Pure Infinite Conscious Bliss, here and now, in this seemingly limited form, this body.


A Fractal of the Whole, which contains it ALL. Think hologram. Christ is the holographic CRYSTal within us. To be Infinite and finite simultaneously. The "Son (Sun) of God".


It is such a perfect Miracle, that simply to recognize it as your True Self is ecstatic (another totally misunderstood term).


It is the ultimate paradox, but there is nothing religious about it. It is actually part of our natural capacity here, but like I said, it has been hacked and disconnected in us, and then couched in a lot of obscure mysticism, to keep us enslaved.

We can see this described in a different way here:

Rudolf Steiner on the Etheric Christ:

"Almost a hundred years ago, as if peering into a crystal ball and predicting the future, spiritual teacher and clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner prophesied that the most momentous event of modern times was what he referred to as the incarnation of the etheric Christ.


By the "etheric Christ," Steiner is referring to a modern-day version of Christ's resurrection body, which can be conceived of as being a creative, holy and whole-making spirit that is inspiring human evolution as it operates upon the body of humanity through the collective unconscious of our species.


Involving a radically new understanding of a timeless spiritual event, the etheric Christ, instead of incarnating in full-bodied physical form, is approaching via the realm of spirit - as close as this immaterial spirit can get to the threshold of the third-dimensional physical world without incarnating in materialized form.


To quote Steiner,

"Christ's life will be felt in the souls of men more and more as a direct personal experience from the twentieth century onwards."

by Eric Levy - to read the whole article click here.

Bliss as Electricity

I have been happy to come across the work of Dan Winter recently, and it has helped me connect a lot of dots on this subject.


He has given us a beautiful understanding of the bliss process as being actually an ELECTRICAL phenomenon, really quite a scientific explanation, with none of the religious baggage attached to it.

I do not have the scientific background he has, in particular his background as an electrical engineer, so I recommend studying his work. But one thing that he says that resonated immediately for me is that bliss is an IMPLOSIVE process, and he has the science to back it up.


Now this is a word I never would have thought of to describe it, but the minute I saw that it was a total AHA! Of course.


To me, that is exactly how it feels.


Dan also associates bliss with gravity, another insight that I never would have thought of, because it is also pure grace, but nonetheless, to me that also makes perfect sense.


He calls it a centripetal force, which is the opposite of centrifugal. So it is the tendency for everything to move towards the center, rather than away from it. And then, my favorite, he also says that it is a NEGENTROPIC force, which is something that goes against entropy.


We could say, it is the force that makes things "come together". In other words, LIFE !

Check out Dan's work here:

Seems to me an essential component if we are to "come together as one", which so many of us seems to want to see happen these days. And of course, no one is going to "do" your bliss process for you.


This is your responsibility, and yours alone.

In my previous article, "Freedom is an Inside Job", I mentioned entropy:

"Imagine the possibilities! Imagine a reality without entropy, that pesky tendency that everything seems to have to eventually gradually fall apart, die and decay."

Therefore it seems vital, quite literally, that we recognize the difference between entropy and negentropy, and align ourselves accordingly.



The Key to Our Resurrection

So I was thrilled to find this scientific confirmation in Dan Winter's work, that this "fractal implosion" of bliss, is in fact negentropic.


This means that yes, Eternity exists, and is real, and can manifest in this dimension. And that in fact, it is a fundamental, if not the fundamental component of our existence here.


We ARE eternal beings, and our bliss process is the key to our resurrection, to the resurrection of the Christic capacity within each one of us.

The implications go on and on. With negentropy, the whole paradigm of death and decay and falling apart of everything, the centrifugal force, is counteracted. So this means that awakening and stewarding our bliss process is the single most important "thing" we could "do" for ourselves, AND the world.


Yes, it looks like nothing, but that's the paradox. It is everything.

So first, you resurrect your bliss process, and then it resurrects YOU, resurrects the Christ within you, so that you may lead a new life, the life eternal. And then it begins to work through you spontaneously on the world around you.


And this is something really worth investigating, because for the first time, it means we can become truly and effortlessly effective here.



The Bliss Beyond Bliss

I'd like to make some distinctions about bliss, at least in my experience, as I feel we need to sharpen our understanding of just what it is.


Like I said, I feel that it is the root of the solution for our world, that each one of us be able to access, to resurrect, if you will, our own bliss process. But we've been sold a kind of starry eyed, rose colored glasses version of bliss that completely avoids its transformational fire.


Hence, we may be missing what is right under our nose, because we are looking for something different.

First of all, my feeling is that the quality of the "experience" of bliss changes considerably when one graduates to a consistent connection with it, rather than something that one accesses only once in a while.


Perhaps a better way to describe it is that moment when one's "center of gravity" shifts, for good, to the constant awareness of oneself AS one's essence, or pure Existence.


Once again, this observation comes from my own direct "experience". It could be argued, and probably has been, that it is actually a different kind of bliss, the "bliss beyond bliss". Either way, in my view, there is a distinct difference. And this "bliss beyond bliss" is not about "getting high" or escaping in any way.


On the contrary, it is Absolute Gravity, in the Eternal Here and Now.

Inhabiting a Lightning Bolt

For someone who rarely has access to it, it can be an incredible relief from the self-contracted existence.


We have a momentary glimpse into our eternal Nature, which can be a powerful experience that even if we cannot sustain it, we will certainly remember as a kind of milestone, and can give us the impetus we need to continue in the process of reconnecting and re-membering it.


So it can feel intensely pleasurable, in contrast with the tight and limited perspective of the small and separate "self".

However, once the bliss current awakens permanently in one, once it becomes one's everyday reality, I'd like to suggest, that the quality of how one experiences it changes. Because in order to awaken the bliss current to a sustainable condition, one has to transcend oneself, and the whole world of opposites, including positive/negative, good/bad.


And this is an ongoing, moment to moment process which can be very intense at times because the current can be relentless.

Whereas before, one can experience a momentary opening into bliss as a very "positive" experience, when one enters into the current as an ongoing state, now one no longer experiences it as positive or negative, or even as an experience.


Could you call your True Nature, who and what you truly ARE, an experience? If anything, it is who or what is aware of experiencing AND participating actively in the creation, through the imagination.

A good analogy is that of electricity. Electricity by itself is neither good or bad, positive or negative (although it works in polarity), but it can be experienced in either way depending on the conditions.


So embodying the bliss current is much like conducting an electrical current. In fact I think that this is not really a metaphor, but rather exactly what happens.


Bliss is an electrical event, just as, we are beginning to notice, the entire universe is.

Dan Winter also refers to it as inhabiting a lightning bolt. Does that sound like something "pleasurable"?

"The day when we shall know exactly what 'electricity' is, will chronicle an event probably greater, more important than any other recorded in the history of the human race. "
Nikola Tesla


A Continuous Orgasm

So when one is in continuous union with this current, one can go through a myriad of interpretations of it, from intensely pleasurable to painful even.


Another good analogy is that of an orgasm, which for most people is the closest to bliss that they can attain in this life. In orgasm, one dissolves in a kind of momentary death (petit mort in French) that is intensely pleasurable, but so much so that it also almost hurts as well.


After all, it's a death!

Imagine being in an orgasm constantly. Yes, pleasure, but also pain. The two merge in an enigmatic sensation that is often not what I would call enjoyable, in the conventional sense. It is beyond any description like that.


You will find, that your attempts to describe it will circle around it, without ever being able to touch it.

So imagine trying to function in the world while in a constant orgasm. This is going to make some things very hard to do. Imagine going shopping at a mall, driving in traffic, walking through an intense city, or going to work, especially to a job you do not like, in a state of continuous orgasm.


We are going to have to learn to function at a whole other level, and we are going to find that there are many things we used to do, that we just cannot do any more. And we are probably going to want to live in a natural and peaceful environment as much as possible.


Eventually our "circuitry" adapts to it, but not without a complete overhaul of our life and priorities.

I believe this is part of the reason people are so afraid of truly accessing their bliss. To be sure, it will change everything about your life. If you have ever tried to interface with "the world", i.e., everyday life, while on LSD or some other psychedelic, you can have some idea of the challenges.


You have become super sensitive to "vibes", you instantly see beneath the surface of people's motives, you feel the energy behind phenomena, you feel the suffering of all, and you become very careful about who and what you expose yourself to. Because you see clearly, how the "world" is really set up to crush this impulse, rather than support it.


You gradually begin to notice there is a war going on here.



Ecstatic Electricity

So, when bliss is not always available, we tend to make it into some kind of extraordinary state, a "positive" kind of "experience" that we can "have", and later collect as a memory.


And we can even turn that memory into a substitute for the bliss process altogether.

But when we become established in the bliss process, it slowly but surely erodes all sense of stability in the physical world, while at the same time reconnecting us with the true stability, that of Being itself.


Once one starts to embody this stability, it can be felt in the body as absolute solidity, even a physically palpable kind of thickness or pressure, way more solid even than the physical "reality".


This is the bedrock of existence. Its solidity is eternal.

The electrical current finds its True Ground in a force field that is beyond solid. When this level of solidity begins to integrate into the body, the sense of being grounded can be nothing short of ecstatic.



Passing through the Eye of a Needle

Remember, Sat-Chit-Ananda. Truth, existence, bliss, are all one and the same.


Bliss is the very nature of our being, and inseparable from Truth itself. That's why one cannot attain any kind of stability in bliss if one is in any way living a lie. Lies and bliss cannot coexist.

As Dan Winter so eloquently puts it, only "shareable ideas" can pass through the zero-point into infinity (this is my paraphrasing of Dan Winter, of course). Lies are not shareable ideas.


They are not of the right frequency to embed into the bliss current, and if we cling to them, they will obstruct our passage through the Zero Point into the Infinite Genius of our True Nature.


So, seems to me, step number one would be, to be honest, especially with yourself.

I believe this is the true meaning of Jesus' saying about passing through the eye of a needle. One who hoards, and cannot share, will not be able to make this transition to blissful existence.


It is really just physics, nothing mystical about it at all. The zero/infinity point at the center of the torus IS the eye of the needle. Only shareable ideas can pass through.



Consensus Nodes

Another thing to be aware of, and once again, this is from my own experience.


As one "comes online" with the bliss current, one begins to notice that one is part of a network, and this network is increasing in power daily. I would call this being a "consensus node" in this network of supernal light, Conscious Light (as Adi Da calls it - the "Organic Light" of the Gnostics,) that is being established here on Earth.


It is to really become an "earth assistant" if you will.


John Lash's term for someone like this is from the Gnostics:

Telestes, which means "one who is aimed".

I borrowed this term "consensus node" from the blockchain, as I feel that blockchain technology is a kind of outer reflection of something new that is happening within us.


In blockchain technology, all the computers on a network reach consensus nearly simultaneously, in other words, every computer on the network shows the exact same information, about any transaction. This is what makes it unhackable.


There are several technologies being developed now, in which any user at home can host on their computer one of the "consensus nodes" on the blockchain, which means that their computer's extra processing power can be used for the overall work of the network, as one of the nodes which comes to consensus with all the other nodes.

So when we connect with this bliss network we all automatically come into unhackable consensus with Life Itself.


The Parasite has no access to this Domain. It is the best protection one can have. All those of us in the bliss process are on the same page, even though we are simultaneously unique individuals (Aquarius/Leo). It is an instant understanding, an intuitive consensus, that needs no outside confirmation.

So what we notice, is that now we can allow our "processing power" to be used by the entire network, which is powering up the new vision, and resisting the archontic disruption of the web of life on earth.


We can donate our consciousness to the pool, and it will expand exponentially.


I believe this is why those of us who awaken can at times feel exhausted for no apparent reason. We are working on another level, processing the liberation of the planet within this radical (root) network, even while sleeping. But to someone who is not awakening their true potential, this idea can seem completely preposterous.

Once again, this is what I would call being "butterfly effective".

In the past it used to be very few people working at this level. Hence the renunciates living in hermitage, working on humanity on an invisible level.


Nowadays, with so many people beginning to awaken, the power of this network has gotten formidable, and it will only increase exponentially from here.

That is my take on it, at least, for what it's worth.



Kabir Das Sant

I want to give you an example of the butterfly effect.


Could it be that the reason humanity has not destroyed itself yet, by nuclear war or whatever other catastrophe, is because of this man? Have a listen here, he starts around the 2 minute mark:





If you ask me to prove it is so, well, I would ask you to prove to me, that it is not so. We're still here, aren't we? That's my proof, what's yours?

This is how the butterfly effect works.

To the caterpillar, the butterfly effect seems impossible, but to the butterfly, it is obvious.




Bliss is Contagious

Another thing about bliss is that it is contagious.


This is how Dan Winter has described it. Hence the tradition of Satsang, with a master who embodies it. The student can attune himself to the teacher/master, and then the spark can jump, the circuit can reconnect.


I can attest to this in my own case. In only takes a moment of mutual recognition, as really it takes place outside of time.

But perhaps in an expanded and "enhanced" version of the student/teacher paradigm, we can explore the mutuality of respectful friendship as an equally valuable way to pass it on.


If you can sit in silent communion with friends who have awakened the bliss current in themselves, then perhaps you can pick up the "knack" yourself. It is a matter of sympathetic resonance.


And together with others, the current can be magnified exponentially.



Of course that is going to require your ability to discern and feel whether someone is in communion with this condition or not, which means you will have to already know it.


And guess what: you do. In short, it takes one to know one. It takes oneness to know oneness. You will not receive anything from anyone else, this is in you already, and has to be awakened within YOU. It only need take a moment, if you are ripe.


If not, it will take as long as it takes, if you believe in time.

It is like if you sing with others who sing in tune, perhaps you will sing in tune too. It is a matter of tuning yourself, like an instrument, and like a radio. Adjust the tuner, to receive the frequency, and then the communication. And when you begin vibrating in this frequency, then you become contagious too.


And this is Satsang, the company of Truth. Good Company.


Be with those who raise your vibration into one of bliss, because they exist there already.




True Bliss (Ananda) is Not an Emotional State

But don't be fooled by the incomplete version of bliss.


It is not a "positive emotion". It is not an emotion at all, and is beyond positive or negative. It is not a "peak experience", except before it becomes the established condition in which you live. it is not about "feeling good", "blissed out", or comfortable, or "having fun", it is about becoming 100% real. It is often unbearable.


There is no comfort per se in it, or discomfort for that matter, unless and until you can become comfortable with free falling through space.


Eventually you will be able to relax and conduct this kind of force, but it takes the body some time to understand how to exist in this way, as it is so radically new.

The way I see it, bliss has nothing to do with self-indulgent pleasure, although it can be intensely pleasurable at times. It is more a responsibility. If you want to see the world made whole, you will, sooner or later, have to engage yourself in this process, which is, at its root, self-sacrifice, and self-transcendence.

And then, once attention is free, wherever you put your attention is made whole.

We will gradually recalibrate to it, and the entire experience of being in body will radically change. This is still pretty much uncharted territory, a whole new world of possibility.

I would also like to stress that, at least in my experience, this is an actual psycho-physical process, that is palpably felt (often very intensely) even at a physical level. It is way more than just an "attitude" or a "mindset".


In fact, it ends up obliterating all "mindsets" in pure primal Radiance without qualifications.


That is why just reading about it in a book is unlikely to bring about the requisite transformation. It requires you to do the difficult work of radical self-undoing, whatever it takes.

These are just some more of my observations in the continuity of awakening. It is a never ending process of initiations, into higher, more refined frequencies, which will eventually even release us from the need to inhabit a physical vehicle.


But while we are here, let's live the physical world with such depth and sensitivity, that it transforms from a prison into a prism.

Crossing the threshold is the first step into the new reality, in which our siddhis, our superpowers, begin to awaken. This is when the actual "fun" begins.


We then see that it is endless, this unfolding into multi-dimensional being, and that the learning will never stop, even when we pass beyond the need for physical incarnation...