by Morag
December 28, 2017

from Awakening5dHealing Website

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There has been an Awakening - Have you Felt It?

We're in a holding cell, caught in a cosmic storm.


A giant pause button on our perception of time space continuum has been pushed. We are caught in the eye of the storm. We're waiting. Heightened consciousness people are waiting and watching, breath held deep.


Big steps have been taken towards disclosure of our intergalactic community. Exposure of the depraved cabal is unfolding.


What happens next? Do the dominoes keep falling one revelation after another, triggering mass awakening?


No more ignorance. No more arrogance. No more turning a blind eye. No more religious dogma.

Who gets their head round this jumps on the cosmic rollercoaster to expanded universal consciousness? Exit the Matrix stage left.


Welcome to 5d.

  • Are these moments timeloops?

  • Chances for us to change direction?

The Solstice marks the close of 2017.

  • What have we learnt?

  • Who are we now?

  • What has changed?

There is no normal anymore.


Weather, seasons, conversation, conformity it's all in flux. Nowhere to hide. We choose to reveal ourselves and so learn sovereignty through self care and self respect. Or deny the chance to look in the mirror and see truth. Each to their own path. Yet we need a tipping point for humanity.


So we believe, we hope, we pray, we meditate. And we thank the universe when she grants us respite.


When karma rises up and undoes the wrong. Karma comes a calling in these muted, pulsating, breathless moments of waiting. Truth will out. What we give is what we get.

Manifestation requires fearless belief, warrior stance and knowing when to rest. When to recharge. And how to realign. To shake off bad vibes, to reach out for help when we need it. To be strong and vulnerable is to surrender to universal love frequency. It is to trust the universe.


The unsaid quiet ever present karmic pulse of life.


Who put it there? Why? We resonate with its grooves of joy, love, abundance and peace? Is this God? The goddess, Sofia crystalline frequency? The creator or creators? The architects? It's not the who that matters so much as the how and why.


How to be a lighter frequency being. How to raise our frequencies in the matrix to alleviate the darkness and let the light in. To be a warrior of Gaia, of light, of love.


We strive for our highest path, our heart activated yellow brick road to zen bliss. To share this. To resonate with light vibration, generating high frequency ripples in a great cosmic ocean of evolution.

We are creators. We are manifestors. To learn this is to break apart matrix control. We wait. We watch. We listen. We tune up to multi dimensional wavelengths. We observe the matrix decommissioned, desperate and depraved.


Catch who you can light warriors. Be vigilant. Times are tense. It's all to play for. Keep love in every heart beat.


Fight for serenity, peace of mind. The universe will support us. She will see the effort, openness, authenticity and she will encourage fearless.


This eerie stillness could be the calm before the storm, a respite, or the eye of the storm. Be conscious of celestial events, the Solstice, super full and new moons. Be aware of your frequency and consciously raise it when it gets knocked.

The truth is pounding on our door. The veils are lifting. The skies clearing, we see a quantum world. Multi dimensional reality on our doorstep. She comes baring gifts of peace, wisdom and love.


These are profound times. Disclosure is upon us. And with it awakening. Breathe deep friends, connect and let chi flow. We are in the eye of a cosmic storm.


Light and dark frequencies fight it out all around us. We have reached a timeline tipping point. Exhale fear, inhale love. Soul tribe. Nature. Meditation. Holistic healing. Yoga… the list goes on.


Do It. Self care is Gaia care. It is the mission.


The future we see for ourselves is what matters.


Find your 5d groove and ride it cosmic friends.